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The Circumspherical Hierarchy of the Enochian Watchtowers

Rearrangement for the Watchtower Hierarchies, Circum-tangent to the Magician

Here presented now, for any occult operative, I have prepared a reformed listing for the hierarchy of
spiritual principalities to what has been popularly defined as the “Enochian” branch of magickal
Safely stated, this diagram on it's own will not suffice for any individual to employ successfully within
their own magickal operations. It has been constructed and put forth with the understanding that
those who already posses a working comprehension of this system know how to use it properly and, as
this is the case with myself, will find that this diagram in particular supplements perfectly with one's
individual understanding of how the Angelic hierarchy is ordered and structured in a way that there
exists primary forces to be evoked, then secondary ones, tertiary following these, etc... and on until the
desired Angelic office has been reached and commanded through the appropriate conduits.
It is not the goal, nor should it ever be the goal, that any occult initiate present a piece of work for mere
intellectual fascination. Our operations are meant to extend beyond the labyrinth of the intellect and it
is thus put forth that should this piece of information find itself lending to the fantasy, fascination,
philosophy, or other distracting thing which serves to sidetrack the magician, that you have already
then gone far beyond understanding any substantial goal for using this system in the first place.
Regarding the actual diagram, some degree of explanation is owed. One will find the same names and
angelic sub-angles as you would on Edward Kelley's revised version of the Great Tablet of the four
Watchtowers as supposedly given by archangel Raphael. I have found the Great Table, although easily
understandable and workable, deserves a bit more tinkering as far as the ordering can be structured.
Nowhere in my diagram has any name been altered or anything changed from the original versions, it
has only been set up with a circle/sphere in mind rather than Dee and Kelly's rectangular tablets.
Ideally, I had the vision for the magician being at the center of the diagram (where I have
supplemented the Sigilum De Ameth) because it happens so, as a principle of occult science, that the
magician is always the center of the universe anyway. Around the magician, to each principle direction,
exists the four Watchtowers and their hierarchical structuring to parallel very accordingly in similarity
to Edward Kelley's original vision for the four Watchtowers upon the Earth.
It is traditional approach to express the tablets together in a linear, rectangular function. It is a more
radical and perhaps even feminine approach to express the same in a circular function. You will find
that since it is the nature of the tablets that their energies work chemically together that expressing
them in either way warrants no change to ritual operation and both versions remain to serve the same
function successfully.
It is my personal preference, after having used the tablets in a temple space, that to have this hierarchy
before you and maybe the actual tablets upon the walls of the workspace or temple, that the Enochian
system becomes a bit easier to navigate. That is all. It will not change the function of the system.

Note: The names derived from the Black Cross for the Angels of Command given here are of Dee's own version of the appropriate letters taken directly
from his diaries. The planetary correspondences for the 24 Elders/Seniors have been adopted from the Golden Dawn's work with this system.
The cardinal directions are given in modern, Western magickal tradition (Earth-North, Air-East, Fire-South, Water-West).
The names for the Elemental Kings have been given in both their Comuniter and Judicis forms: In the case of the latter, the last letter is swapped for the
one given in parentheses.
If you find it easier to use in any other way or different arrangements than I have put forth, then by all means do what you will in order to achieve the goals
you have set. The following charts are provided using the Roman characters of the English alphabet and also the original Angelic letters received from the
scribe of the world unto Edward Kelley. Recall from the diaries that the Angelic language is read from right-to-left, just as Hebrew. Make no mistakes.

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The Four Watchtowers
The Four Watchtowers