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User Testimonials

NOTE to media: Wiley Systems, Inc. obtained permission for publication of each of the following user testimonials, which
are also on the Wiley Protocol website in their entirety. Should you wish to contact one of the Wiley Protocol users for
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“I have been on the Wiley Protocol for a full year now and am very pleased with it. While I never had hot flashes or lost
my figure or sexual desire (when I was ever rested), I was concerned about having lost my centered feeling and the
screaming anxiety I was experiencing for the first time. I also wanted to prevent the heart disease and strokes I saw in my
mother and other older female family members. Besides regaining my center back in three weeks, other wonderful things
happened that I didn't even know were menopausal related: the aching in the heels of my feet that had appeared over the
past two years disappeared in two months and I no longer needed gel pads in my shoes, for instance. My dry and
intensely itching skin stopped itching and became less dry. My endless insertion of eye drops decreased dramatically. A
knee injured in a fall a year previously that would never completely heal, healed in the first few months and has never hurt
again. I again experienced deeper sleep. And so on. But the most wonderful feeling was that "center" I had lost. I had
always thought I handled crises well because of my happy center that was there no matter what. When I lost it, I could not
understand why that was happening to me. In the past, I had always been optimistic and overall led a happy life no matter
what disasters lay in my path. I had always thought of that centered feeling as my "God" place, my "spirit" place; how
disappointing to find that it was only hormones.”–Edwina

“If it wasn't for the Wiley Protocol, I do not think I would be here today if I did not discover the Wiley Protocol. I was
severely depressed and went everywhere for help and tried everything and my physical symptom of bleeding for over one
year just would not stop. And I felt just like the woman described in Suzanne Somers’ book, Ageless, going from one
doctor to another and getting nowhere with no help. I was ready to commit suicide so if you ever want a testimony
regarding how this has saved my life, I would gladly stand anywhere in front of anyone to tell my story. If I could take
anything on a desert island other than my dog, it would only be my hormone creams from TS Wiley.”–Marla Mintz

"The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards. (Arthur Koestler). I am a 46 year old RN that was
started on the Wiley Protocol three months ago. It all started when I was 45. I am happily married with four boys. I have
always kept my weight down and always exercised. But around age 45 I noticed I was beginning to put on weight around
my waist which I never had before. I also noticed a gradual decline in libido and moodiness a week before my period that
my husband also had never noticed before. Around 2 PM every day I was so exhausted. I had a few hot flashes also. At
my next OB/GYN visit I reviewed my symptoms with my doctor (whom I work with in the hospital and know her well). She
said I needed to start on Premarin and an anti-depressant. I told her I wasn't depressed! I said thanks but no thanks.

I read Suzanne Somers book The Sexy Years and it was like she was talking exactly about me! I sought after a doctor in
my area that prescribed bio-identical hormones. I found one and she started me on oral progesterone and oral
testosterone. Also she started me on Armour Thyroid. It worked great for about six months and then all the symptoms
started slowly coming back and my periods were very irregular. I had to see my family doctor for a cold and when he
found out I was taking bio-identical hormones, he told me to quit taking them immediately! He said they would cause me
to have a stroke, breast cancer, etc. Now I was really confused. Who do I believe? I'm a nurse and I still don't know
which doctor to believe. He scared me into stopping all my hormones and then here came the worst hot flashes and
sleepless nights of my life. All my symptoms came back worse than ever.

That was just about the time Suzanne Somers came out with her new book Ageless. I read it and all those light bulbs
were going off again. This book is about me! I was really impressed with the cyclic hormone idea and found the closest
doctor to me that prescribed the Wiley Protocol. I drove four hours for my appointment and the doctor visit was well worth
that. I saw Dr Courtney Ridley in Dallas. She sat down with me for about two hours, answered all my questions and was
very patient with me. I never felt she was hurried to see the next patient. She explained the Wiley Protocol to me and it
makes so much sense to mimic our own cycles. She sent me home with my two bags of syringe filled creams and I
started that day. It took about 10 days for them to kick in and that was three months ago. All my symptoms are gone and I
feel great! Thanks to T.S. Wiley for all the research and pioneer work she has done.
I think people put too much faith in their doctors and believe that their doctors will do what is right for them. You have to
do what is right for YOU! Most doctors only have three to five minutes with each patient nowadays. That is not near
enough time to really listen to their patients and most doctors also don't have time to read up on the latest journals to see
what other options are out there. They just follow all the other doctors with the standards of care and listen to the drug
reps that bring in free food for their staff. You have to be responsible for your own health. There is so much information
out there if you will just take the time to do a little reading on your own. Your life depends on it. I am now reading Sex,
Lies, and Menopause by T.S. Wiley and what an eye-opening book it is. I can't put it down. Thanks again to the Wiley
Protocol! I am telling all the women I know!”–Jennifer

“I am an 83 year ‘young’ woman doing well. There was an adjustment period during the first three months that was
challenging which I needed continual support through. Since then I feel wonderful. I'm on Day 14 of my 11th cycle. Earlier
this month I had a nuclear treadmill stress test (a weak one-only 4 minutes). Results showed completely clear coronary
arteries with no blockages. In July carotid arteries were checked via ultrasound. These arteries are also completely clear.
In addition the atrial arrhythmia I had at the end of July is completely healed by itself. I believe these results come directly
from taking WP hormones these past 10 months. Thought you would want to know.”–Caroline

“I attended a lecture by T.S. Wiley in 2001, but never believed I would get cancer. In May of the next year, at age 50, I
found a lump in my right breast. I decided to have a mastectomy but not to have radiation or chemo-therapy. (I ruled out a
lumpectomy because my tumor was large, 3.2 cm and I was very small breasted.) Since I was not doing chemo, I did not
want a sentinel node biopsy. Three lymph nodes were attached to the tumor so they were removed and one was found to
contain cancer. A lymph node that was enlarged in my neck was removed and was cancerous. My cancer was classified
as stage IIIC and level 9 (the worst possible). The surgery was very easy; I had surgery at 7 AM and left the hospital at 2
PM the same day. At home, I didn't need any pain medication - even Tylenol. I started physical therapy as soon as I could
and I have full range of motion and lift weights three times a week. I have not experienced any lymphodema. My
oncologist allowed me to start on the Wiley Protocol. At the time of surgery I was two years post-menopause, but now I
am menstruating again and so happy. Friends groan and say, "how can you stand having a period again?" But each
month, I am so thankful to T.S. Wiley, because after five years, I am cancer free.”–Sandy

“A Way of Life … Prior to being introduced to the Wiley Protocol, I had been experiencing debilitating hot flashes for
several years. I had been put on Premarin following a partial hysterectomy more than 15 years ago, but after reading
about the origin of this hormone replacement drug (the urine of pregnant mares) and the horrific conditions in which these
pitiful animals were kept, as well as the fact that the drug had undergone initial testing on male prison volunteers, I
advised my doctor that I would not continue with this drug. It took a year or so before the effects of low estrogen began to
seriously affect me, but when they did, they hit hard. I would experience extreme and sudden sensations of feeling so
terribly ill that it would stop me in my tracks. Day and night. Five or ten times a day. And then, after moving to Santa
Barbara and finding a new doctor, I was put on a bio-identical hormone pill. When getting my prescription filled, the
pharmacist asked me if I knew about the Wiley Protocol, and then spent a good hour explaining to me the normal
hormone fluctuations and how a single constant-dosage pill would not mimic this natural rhythm and would not provide the
needed secondary element of progesterone. As I left the pharmacy, a woman who had begun the Wiley Protocol a few
months before, spoke to me about how her life had changed. I was sold.

That was more than two years ago, when T.S. Wiley was not yet a national phenomenon and a growing cadre of Santa
Barbara women were forming the core group of ‘believers’ in the Wiley Protocol. From the outset, my symptoms were
relieved. No more hot flashes or being overcome with a diffused sick feeling as my hormone levels sank. I truly believe
that T.S. Wiley has found what the pharmacologists and doctors continue to ignore, and that is a way to combat some of
the factors that contribute to women's declining health over time with a regimen that makes sense because it mimics
Nature better than any other program that I am aware of. Thank you Ms. Wiley and all the women who support this
program and give hope to a growing population of women ready to take charge of their health independent of the tunnel-
vision and dire warnings of the drug establishment. Brava!”–Marylove Thralls

“Four years ago in September, 2003, I began the Wiley Protocol. I had been post-menopausal for nearly eight years (no
periods) and found myself rapidly declining. For ten years I had been on static, low-dose hormone replacement therapy
(HRT) but it wasn’t keeping up with the speed of my demise. My face produced a new, permanent wrinkle almost daily, I
lost my libido, and my vaginal environment was so dry and the skin so thin, I gave up on sex. No amount of external

lubrication would ameliorate my discomfort. I suffered from memory loss, both short term and long term, and fought low, to
no vitality. It was an effort to make it through my day. I felt “ill” all waking hours and slept fitfully at night. Self-employed,
single and not rich, I was on the road to poverty and an artless death.

I read “Sex, Lies and Menopause” in a weekend. I devoured the information recognizing myself on most of the pages and
called my doctor on Monday morning telling him I wanted to get started on the protocol. He saw me, prescribed it and
within the first month, I had a roaring period! I was delighted! The first three months I experienced random anxiety, an old
familiar feeling from childhood. I figured it was cellular recall and reawakening and went through it without a problem. It
was uncomfortable, but not the least bit frightening. I understood it. The beauty of it all was within that first month my
memory returned. My original, sharp, focused, fast mind was back! I was energized, feeling sexy, had boobs again and I
got my hands wrapped around my life that was now acting like a bucking bronco! I noticed the daily wrinkling in my skin
had stopped. Stopped! Within three months, the wrinkles and lines that had burrowed in during the last year,
disappeared. My skin now is prettier, smoother and more moist than it was at fifty-five. I am fifty-nine and most people put
me at forty-eight.

These hormones are more than hormones. They are microchips with our personalities and our life force encoded on them.
My spirit is now so strong, sure and full, I am turning the heads of young men and magnetizing young women to talk to
me. Men of all ages and walks of life want to talk with me, spend time with me, take me to bed.

My life is vitally active now and packed with professional success and personal passion. I’m hitting my stride at nearly
sixty. My work is open, inspired and on an edge of uniqueness so creative, I love working seven days a week. I work out
on a regular basis, run two businesses and enjoy personal relationships. My power has arrived and it’s all me.

I adore this protocol. I think that for the first time in my life I have the right balance of hormones. At ten years of age, at my
puberty, I contracted Infectious Hepatitis serious enough to reduce my shoe size a full measure and lose my breast tissue
almost completely. My breasts never fully returned. When I was nineteen I had an ovarian cystectomy which scrambled
my ovaries and threw my hormones off balance impacting the regularity of my periods and throwing me into menopause
early. Over these last four years, I have felt better than I have my entire life. I feel vital and strong throughout the entire
month, my periods arrive like clockwork, and one of the best parts is--besides all the cleansing and rejuvenation I reap--I
can’t get pregnant! I consider myself off the charts for my age.

When the question is posed, “What if this proves to be wrong?” I answer by saying “We already know what it’s like to be
without hormones. I’d rather run the risk of feeling this good and having this quality of life for as long as I can, than suffer
for years slowly dying because going without was right. Something natural that gives me this much health, can’t be wrong.
What are wrong may be the questions we are asking and the questions we’re not asking.

Celebrating being alive like never before, I direct many a female client and friend to T.S. Wiley. I’m informing husbands
about the protocol so they can encourage and support their wives who are hitting the menopausal wall. Often it is a
worried or downright frightened husband who guides his wife to get help. It’s as much for him as it is for her.
This is true anti-aging medicine. To feel this great and have such capabilities at this stage in my life is not predicted. I’m
fabulous now and improving all the time. That is not only unexpected, it’s miraculous. I think T.S. Wiley has discovered
one of the great medical secrets of life. She did it by studying dynamic life itself and repeating its natural cycles in her
protocol. She understands Mother Nature.

I owe T.S. Wiley. Only a woman of her passion, brilliant intelligence and drive could or would create this reality for the rest
of us. She has my love, my gratitude and deepest respect for her courage, her enormous work, and her fierce
commitment to women, science and a life well worth living. Happily submitted.” –Rev. Miriam Lindbeck

“I am 54 years old and have had severe symptoms from menopause for several years especially since august of 2005
when I had to stop drinking soy milk because it was interfering with the thyroid medication that I had just started taking.
My hot flashes started getting progressively worse, to the point where I was having flashes about every 20 minutes during
the day, often so severe that I felt like my skin was on fire. Then last spring I developed severe dry eye syndrome. Even
strong prescription drugs did not work and forget every using contact lens. Even without contacts, I had to put drops in
every hour or so.

I started the Wiley Protocol 16 days ago. By the fourth day, the hot flashes nearly subsided completely and I now feel
slightly warm about twice a day. By the ninth day, I attempted to wear contact lenses, and they were so comfortable, I had

to remind myself to put drops in. Then an interesting phenomenon happened. On days 13-14, which would be ovulation
days for a younger woman, I actually had mucous down below! It has been about 10 years since I had mucous during
ovulation days!”–Arlene

“Helga here, 71 now and just began the WP 31 days ago. With great reverence for science and acknowledging what
perseverance and courage it must have taken to get this on the map and to me, I want to announce how wonderfully it is
working for me despite my years. I noticed differences in my physiology almost from the start. One half day of a headache
(and I never get them) and that was it. Feeling great I faithfully followed the prescribed regimen and the last two weeks
had some nipple tenderness - not bad, just noticeable. I was not expecting at all what followed on day 28. I thought that
would happen maybe three months down the line - I began to have a regular menstrual cycle with gentle cramps and
plenty of bleeding. This feels amazing after 20 years of absence. I was lucky that I had bought the necessary supplies
right on that day, however, expecting not to need the tampons until some months in the future. Well, thank you for your
system. I am excitedly looking forward to some of the other changes as well.

Two very important facts after the Wiley Protocol. for one half year before the hormones I had such a miserable time with
sleeping, sometimes it seemed I lay awake all night, but most nights it was several hours of being awake. Since I am on
the protocol I sleep again like a baby - all night through. No need to emphasize how I love this result!!! The other thing is
that I had tremendous hair loss for the last three years - every time I ran a comb through my hair - or even my fingers ever
so lightly- I had tons of hairs come out - not breaking off, but with the little knob from the root all the way to the tip - total
length and nothing could be faulted. My diet has always been good; I use only natural and very gentle hair products, no
spray and no coloring. The hormones did it. No more hair is coming out. And all that in a mere one month of the Wiley
Protocol hormones.” –Helga

“I'm ecstatic on the Wiley Protocol! I started Wiley Protocol in June 2006 and within one month all my nasty menopause
issues were history. This is after eight years of suffering with everything from hot flashes and night sweats to foggy
thinking and vaginal dryness. I realize that Wiley Protocol may not work that quickly for some women, but I am living
proof that this well-researched common sense approach to regaining balance is nothing short of brilliant. My husband
says he notices a big difference in my moods and of course the sex is sizzling again. My periods came back, too, and my
blood hormone levels are lovely. I must say, that aside from the Bible, T.S. Wiley's work is the most life-giving writing I
have ever read.” --Denise-

“I have been on the Wiley Protocol for over a year and a half and I am doing great. I was diagnosed with stage 4
inflammatory breast cancer in Feb, 04 and was given a poor prognosis. I started on the protocol in Oct or Nov of 04 and
just got my recent PET scan back that shows no sign of cancer. I also did some chemo, but the hormones have turned my
life around in amazing ways. I don't cry and get as emotional as I used to, no hot flashes at all (I had a hysterectomy in
02), less fatigue, weight loss (I lost 37 lbs) and a whole new outlook on life. I feel blessed to have found Susie's book and
to have acted on her protocol. I love my oncologist; she has been monitoring my progress, and is a wonderful woman. I
can't say enough about the importance of balancing our hormones naturally, I am a different person today because of
them. Thank You all, I love this site!” –Vickie

“My name is Rita Bourbon. I am 54 yrs. old and have been on the WP for three years. I have all of my organs and I never
stopped my menstrual cycle. I am the mother of three beautiful daughters and have a new grandson this year and have
been married to the same man for almost 30 years. Life can't get much better! I started natural hormones years before I
did the Wiley Protocol, mainly to alleviate migraines but only after trying other ways to control them. I tried eliminating my
cycle completely one month at the suggestion of the health practitioner I was seeing at that time. That was not a good
week; I never made it to a full month. I had worse migraines and every other symptom of PMS was exaggerated because
of it. Finally, I discovered the Wiley Protocol, and I say this with great passion because when you are searching for
something that makes sense and is right for you and you find it you want to scream from the roof tops about it. My friend
and I heard about the Wiley Protocol; it made more sense than anything else being offered to women; in fact it was the
only thing that made sense.

I felt very alive the first month; I had sore breasts and lots of energy, and needed some testing and tweaking by the third
month. I actually did not realize how many symptoms I was having that were annoying to myself and to my family, and
that got addressed on the protocol. I had PMS and severe blood sugar issues and with those come anxiety attacks; those

have almost disappeared and I can address those with diet so that they are not running my life. Three years later my only
concern is what it will be like to have my period, and a libido, at 90. By the way, my husband likes the changes he's seen
in me.”–Rita Bourbon

“Before I started the Wiley Protocol, I was having hot flashes and many sleepless nights. I had not had a period in 6 years
but instead of things getting better, they seemed to get worse. Heart palpitations were another symptom that may have
had something to do with a thyroid disorder. The most critical problem was that I had lost 2 inches in height and was
diagnosed with osteopenia. After being on the Protocol for several months, the palpitations stopped and even sooner than
that, the hot flashes had stopped and I was sleeping better (although not always as well as I would like). The best news
after two years was that I was no longer considered to have osteopenia.”–Pat

“I started the Wiley Protocol one year ago. At fifty-five years of age, I was peri-menopausal and experiencing hot flashes,
difficulty sleeping, urinary urgency and some incontinence. Intercourse with my husband was becoming rare due to my
lowered libido and also because penetration was painful. I was experiencing pimples, which had been a huge problem in
my youth, and which is ridiculous at my age!

The Wiley Protocol has been amazing in every area that I described. I never have hot flashes; I don't wake up at 2AM
anymore and, in fact, sleep well through the night. I am thrilled that urges to urinate are normal and I have plenty of time
to get to the bathroom now. My husband and I are enjoying pain-free pleasurable sex again. My face has cleared up, even
during the time of my period… My periods are also pain-free. I used to have horrific cramps when I was younger, but that
is not an issue for me now. My periods were pretty heavy when I started on the program, but by upping my estrogen they
are now normal. Normal is the word to describe best how I feel. Nothing about menopause felt normal to me and this
protocol is allowing me to live a comfortable normal life. I feel great!” Thank you Wiley Protocol!”–Catherine

“My illness began in the spring of 2001 on return from a trip to Mexico. It was the first time in my life I had been seriously
ill. My symptoms were diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and gas. These symptoms continued every four to six months until
June of 2003 when my doctors performed a colonoscopy procedure, and then operated on me doing a complete
hysterectomy, an appendectomy and removing a non-malignant tumor from my abdomen within 24 hours.

The same intestinal problems continued after the surgeries with the addition of severe hot flashes that kept me awake
every night. I would sleep for two hours and then sit in front of the window for two hours to cool off. I continued this routine
all night every night. I went on the Wiley Protocol immediately after hearing T.S. Wiley speak in July of 2004. I've been on
the Protocol for almost two and a half years now. I'm not only well, I feel terrific, sleep through the night, and my hair is
growing in dark brown rather than gray!”–Betty

“For the past five to seven years, I’ve had peri-menopausal symptoms such as very dry skin, irritability, depression, achy
joints, and severe PMS. My cycles have gotten progressively worse, lasting longer and longer, with longer spaces
between them. I lost 100 pounds on Suzanne Somers’ weight loss program, Somersize, but have been unable to lose the
last 30 pounds. I’ve complained to my family doctor every year, and she’s done minimal blood work every year, telling me
that I was fine and that my numbers were normal. I never felt like she really listened to me, and I never felt “fine.” I read
Suzanne’s book The Sexy Years when it first came out and I made yet another attempt with my doctor. She ran a couple
of extra tests, and told me that she wouldn’t give me any hormone therapy of any kind until I had stopped menstruating for
at least 2 years. At this point, I was having 3 or 4 cycles a year, so something was definitely wrong, and when I did have a
cycle it was like a flood. Horrible and definitely NOT like anything I’d experienced earlier in life.

This past summer, I finally decided to find a solution. I found Dr. Chen in Capitola, and what a blessing. She made me an
appointment for several days after we talked on the phone, telling me I had to read T.S. Wiley’s book Sex, Lies, and
Menopause before my appointment, which I did. I knew a bit about the Wiley Protocol, but not much compared to what I
learned by reading the book. Within five minutes of talking, Dr. Chen patted my hand and told me she could help me feel
great. She told me that she could turn everything I was complaining about around and more, with the help of the Wiley
Protocol. I was amazed by all the things she taught me; the diagrams, the charts, it all made so much sense. She called in
my prescription and sent me to get blood work done. She didn’t just do a “few” tests, she ran 18 different tests! Wow! Six
vials of blood later, I went home. Four days later, my prescription arrived, in the mail, from Dana Nelson’s Health Plus
Pharmacy in San Luis Obispo. Opening the package, I found these cool foil containers, with cream syringes in them. I
started on the protocol immediately, and I have felt better and better each day since. I’ve had 2 cycles now, and am

starting on my third month. I couldn’t be happier so far. I know I could never go back to the way I was before I started this,
and I wouldn’t want to. I was a bit concerned about the cost, but with a Wiley-certified pharmacy, the cost is controlled, so
I am paying $75 a month, plus $6 shipping and I get my prescriptions the day after I order them! Very cool! Also, I’ve
discovered that our health insurance is just automatically reimbursing me for the cost of the program, so that’s a pleasant
side benefit as well.

I would recommend that any woman who is looking into hormone therapy check this program out before they decide on
anything else. It’s bioidentical, controlled, and it works fabulously. Life is good. Thank you so much.” –Susie

“I’ve been on the Wiley Protocol since October of 2003. At that time I was just turning 61. I had started into menopause at
46, was put on hormone replacement and couldn’t take the phony stuff (fortunately for me) so I set out to find a substitute.
I was lucky enough to find a doctor that did bioidentical hormones (realize this is 16 years ago) and so I did variations
on that theme for the next 14 years. I had my period for a couple more years and then it stopped. I was healthy except for
ongoing aches and pains resulting from a family tendency toward autoimmune problems, looked a good 10 years younger
than my age, was happily married with a good sex life and generally felt I was about as well as I could be at my age.
But that’s because I didn’t know how good I COULD feel. My chiropractor introduced me to the protocol two years ago
since one of his other patients was on it and liked it. I bought the book that day and got myself to a doctor to get my
prescriptions the next week. And the rest is history.

Today at 63, people tell me I look younger than I did at 40. I have more fat under the skin on my face giving me a more
youthful facial contour, my skin and hair shine. I have always had a lot of energy but now I’m ridiculous. My sleep, while
still not perfect, is much better. And my sex life—get your kids in off the streets!—is better literally than it ever has been in
my life (and it’s always been good). I have a livelier, healthier and generally more youthful attitude toward life. And, in a
word, I am just sexier! (I even have a larger breast cup size without being any larger in general) Funny at 63.

It’s hard to explain to someone how unsubtle these seemingly subtle changes are. When I get my period each month I
actually enjoy it because it represents my more youthful body and mind. (My husband gets a kick out of watching his 63
year old wife buy Tampax and I don’t even want to try to describe his enthusiasm at my increase in libido!) Oddly, while it
might seem to some that feeling this youthful at my age is artificial, I feel quite the opposite. The protocol has made me
more myself and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I am calmer and even more centered than I was after 30 years of
meditation. Always a happy person, I’m now even happier with who I am. I am very grateful.”–Tara

“I am 56 years old and have been on the Wiley Protocol for the past two years. My symptoms before were mind fog,
disturbing sleep patterns, low libido and aches and pains associated with aging. I take the basic progesterone and I use
two extra lines of estrogen per dose. Sleeping is back to what I enjoyed many years ago. My sex life is back to where I
like it. The amazing thing to me is the improvement in my bone density and lack of the knee pain I endured before
because of repeated injuries. I believe that the estrogen is the best anti-inflammatory there is. I have also noticed that any
new little injuries or after working out that my recovery in terms of my muscles snaps back to normal like when I was a
younger woman. This great feeling of well being is so welcomed…”–Julie

“I am grateful to now be on Wiley Protocol… I have just completed my third month. I was referred for vaginal atrophy,
post menopause syndrome. I have fibroid tumors in my uterus, and a calcified growth in one ovary. I will be 68 this
month. I could not tolerate synthetic hormones. My GYN recommended a radical hysterectomy. Now that won't be
necessary… My energy has improved. My hair is getting more body and more curl. Some blonde is coming in again.
There is still gray, but I wonder what else good is going to happen. Thanks to reading The Sexy Years I found out about a
natural protocol that could work for me. Thanks Suzanne, Thanks T.S. Wiley. Thanks Health Plus Pharmacy and Dana
Nelson and so many others who are commitment to women’s health.”–Janet

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