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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Wiley Protocol, Biomimetic Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT)

The Wiley Protocol versus Other Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapies

Q: What are bioidentical hormones?

A: Bioidentical hormones are molecules that are the same as the hormones produced by the body,
called endogenous hormones. Bioidentical hormone products are usually created from natural
sources of plant hormones which match the chemical structure of hormones produced by the human
body. The premise is that the body can’t distinguish created bioidentical hormones from the ones the
female ovaries produce naturally. The term bioidentical has basically become a catch all phrase for
anything that is not a synthetic hormone. However bioidentical hormones can only be truly accurately
bioidentical if the hormones mimic those found in the body as well as the natural biological process as

Q: How is the Wiley Protocol different from bioidentical hormones?

A: The Wiley Protocol is biomimetic. In other words, natural plant derived hormones can accurately be
termed bioidentical only when they are dosed in a biomimetic fashion; that would be in a rhythm.
Wiley believes that gels, pills and drops do not pulse in our bodies. Endogenous hormones pulse.
Endogenous hormones in healthy young women go way up and way down low and trigger cells to
grow, and stop cells from growing. There is rhythm and beat. T.S. Wiley says its music. The music is
there and we need to hear it, to honor it. Pills, gels, drops and static dosing don't honor the music.
When we have enough hormones we feel good. When we don’t feel good, usually the hormones are
not in the appropriate blood ranges. Less is not more.

Q: What is Biomimetic Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT)?

A: The Wiley Protocol is the only biomimetic hormone restoration therapy on the market. Biomimetic
hormones, the scientifically accurate term, are derived from plant sources and mimic the natural
undulating or wavelike rhythms of the hormone blood levels in a normal menstrual cycle in a healthy
young woman. It is this natural rhythm that is missing from all other bioidentical and synthetic
hormone replacement therapies.

Q: What exactly is meant by “the rhythm?”

A: The body has rhythms that are governed by a master clock that works much like a conductor. It
strikes up one section of the body's orchestra as another quiets down, taking its main cue from light
signals in the environment to stay in sync with the 24-hour day. Our body's hormones surge and ebb
to this maestro's baton, controlling all endocrine function, predominantly a woman’s health for
reproduction. It is the circadian clock in our cells that measures one 24 hour spin of the planet. For 28
days the moon tracks the repeat of that cycle, and so does the body.

The Wiley Protocol uses these natural rhythms in nature to establish the proper doses of estradiol
and natural progesterone that mimic the natural hormones which would be produced by a young
female body. The topical creams and their amounts vary throughout the 28 day cycle to restore the
hormone levels of youth because young women, for the most part, don’t have heart attacks, breast
cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, or type 2 diabetes.

Q: How does the biomimetic rhythm effect a woman’s period?

A: Women on the Wiley Protocol cycle up to a peak of estrogen and let it fall and then bring it down
again for a second smaller peak. We create a progesterone peak on day 21. We have periods (those
of us who still have a uterus) and we aim to have them last for five days with a heavier flow on day
two and three. We welcome the bleeding because it tells us how the system is working. We know our
entire body is getting what it needs. We create the cycle with cream in measured syringes. We rub it
on twice a day so it goes into our fat base and wait for our heart beat to pull the hormones into our
body in pulses that are characteristic of real functioning endocrinology. We don't use pills, gels, or
sublingual drops.

Q: Why did T.S. Wiley develop this type of bioidentical hormone restoration?
A: Wiley looked at the various hormone states women have in life; 1) young and cycling 2) pregnant, 3)
breastfeeding or 4) declining hormones. She picked number1) young and cycling, and set out to
replicate that state of hormonal health because the other two templates are too hard physically and
experimentally to re-create. Wiley wanted natural hormones with natural replacement - real
bioidentical hormone restoration therapy (HRT.)

Q: Why does the Wiley Protocol use creams in syringes?

A: The Wiley Protocol creams in syringes allow for accurate measurement. They also keep the creams
from being contaminated. Hormone molecules are heavy and can settle when in a jar or tub. Wiley
Protocol Registered pharmacies are required to deliver syringes without air bubbles.

Q: If a woman is new to the Wiley Protocol, how can she get started?
A: A woman can ask her doctor about baseline blood tests to determine her hormonal health before
starting. The book, Sex, Lies, and Menopause, written by T.S. Wiley also provides the reasoning and
gives references to the science which support the hypothesis. The author encourages people to read
the original studies.

Q: When should a woman start the Wiley Protocol if they are still getting a period regularly?
A: If a woman is still cycling and gets her period on a regular basis, then day 1 of her period is day one, if
this is within three days of the moon cycle then, it is fine to move to the Wiley Lunar cycle. If she has
a regular cycle then she should stick with that to start - using the “Personal Calendar” included with
the Wiley protocol hormones from a Wiley Registered Pharmacy.

Q How does a woman know if the Wiley Protocol is right for her?
A: If a woman has not entered into menopause yet and is peri-menopausal or just having problems with
their menstrual cycle, it is recommended that they consult their doctor to see if the Wiley Protocol is
right for them. If a female is menopausal and not cycling then it is recommended that they follow the
cycles of the moon – Lunar Wiley Protocol. The peak estrogen day twelve (12) is always the full

Blood Tests and Hormone Levels

Q: Why do individuals need to get blood tests?

A: Blood tests are done to get a baseline so the doctor can adjust for accuracy. This assures that
women are getting into the ranges of healthy young women of 50 years ago who had low levels of
diseases of aging.

Q: Why do women need to get blood levels on days 12 and 21?

A: By testing on days 12 and 21 we can assure ourselves that we are reproducing a normal cycle of a
younger woman. Since the basic Wiley Protocol rarely gets blood levels of more than 300 on Day 12,
the blood work is a way for a woman to justify to her doctor that she might need more to meet the
upper levels to match a normal cycle. Blood can be checked on Day 11 or 12 of the cycle, but Day 12
is better to see the estrogen peak. Both estradiol and progesterone should be checked on both days.
Day 21 is the progesterone peak but both progesterone and estradiol should be checked. This should
be done about three or four hours after applying the Wiley Protocol cream. Checking on both days 12
and 21 will show an inverse relationship between the hormones.

Q: Do women have to test the blood every month?

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A: No, it takes a few months for the receptors to come on board so many women wait until the third
month to test and then examine the results with their doctor who may change their Protocol. It is
important for women to look at symptoms too. If a woman doesn’t feel well and is showing symptoms
of being low on a hormone they should check with their doctor. Thereafter many women only test
periodically. It's good to test when feeling good to know what that looks like and also when feeling
bad. Stress can bring the levels down very fast.

Q: What are the *optimum blood ranges for the Protocol?

A: *Optimum ranges include:
Day 12 estradiol - 350 to 550 pg/dl
Day 12 progesterone should be 1-2
Day 21 progesterone 10 -22 ng/dl.
Day 21 estrogen should be 150-250.
Note: These ranges are for a healthy, young 20-25 year old. It is best to use the same lab so the
measurement is consistent.

Q: Why does the Wiley Protocol advocate high doses of hormones?

A: Because WP is biomimetic, it has been designed to mimic the hormone blood levels of a healthy
young woman.

Q: What about saliva and urine testing?

A: Wiley Protocol uses a healthy young woman’s hormone levels as a baseline. There are no baselines
for saliva in young women to compare to. Saliva testing tests bi-products and though advocates for
saliva testing will argue that it is accurate, the ranges do not apply to the Protocol. Blood testing is the
only form of external measurement for the Protocol.

Q: If an individual’s insurance does not cover blood testing, where can she get blood testing
done at a good rate?
A: There are several companies that will sell lab tests. Women can order online or call an 800 number,
then go to the lab for the blood draw. At, estradiol and progesterone tests cost $88 in
total. They contract with Labcorp - a reputable lab company used by doctors. or or and Preventive or Or go to for an Uninsured Patient Program.800.520.7010. Women must make sure
these labs work with their doctor.

Q: How do women know which Wiley Protocol calendar to use?

A: Still cycling: If a woman is still getting a period they will start the Wiley Protocol hormones on the
first day of their period, which is day one of their own cycle, and they will be on the personal calendar.

If a woman is post-menopausal or if she has had any type of hysterectomy: She will start on day
one of the lunar cycle. If she has a uterus, she will get her menses back. This could happen the first
month or it could take a few months for her uterus to wake up. Once this happens she will now be on
her own personal calendar. Should a woman bleed within three (3) days of the lunar schedule, she
can stay on it, but it is not required.

Q: Can the Wiley Protocol creams be mixed?

A: No, the Wiley Protocol estrogen and progesterone creams work best when applied separately and
should never be mixed.

Q: Where are the Wiley Protocol hormone creams applied?

A: The bioidentical rhythmic cycling estrogen and progesterone hormone creams should be applied on
separate limbs and into an individual’s fat base. Users can apply the estrogen to one limb (an arm or
inner thigh) and the progesterone to separate limb. Do not mix the creams. Use separate hands for
each cream. They can also put some cream into thin skin, especially while building up a deposit in the
fat base. Users should avoid sun damaged areas or abdominal skin. Note that the Registered
Pharmacies provide patient instruction sheets with drawings.

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Q: When and how do individuals put on the creams?
A: Users typically put the creams on two times a day, morning and night. Ideally the creams should be
applied after exercise or a shower. Otherwise wait 40 minutes to shower and two (2) hours to
exercise. It is recommended to use an arm for each hormone, meaning the estrogen, and the
progesterone, and then switch arms each month. Don't jump from area to area and apply the Wiley
Protocol on a different area every day. The goal is to create a depot so the hormones will pulse into
the body as the heart beats at various rates.

Q: Do people need to be careful about getting the cream on my partner, children or pets?
A: Wiley Protocol users should not apply the cream, then have close skin contact with others, including,
while the cream is still freshly applied. So a man and a woman on the Wiley Protocol shouldn't apply
their creams and then have sex. Long sleeves are recommended prior to picking up a child or pet
right after application.

Questions about the Period

Q: Do women have to have a period to be on this Protocol?

A: Yes. The replacement hormones must be high enough to build a uterine lining and then shed it once
a month. As we've seen in the research, this hormone action of build and shed extends all the way to
the myelin sheath encasing the neurons in the brain. If there is no evidence of this happening in the
uterus, then it's not happening in the breasts, brain, or bones, either. The blood levels and a five day
bleed with strong bleed on day two or three tell women that they have "virtual fertility". Mother Nature
protects the fertile ones.

Q: What about older women who have never been on HRT?

A: There are many older women using the Wiley Protocol. The hypothesis of the Wiley Protocol is that
reaching physiologic blood levels of youth will support a healthy cycle where we see less of the
diseases associated with aging.

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