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Stoicism 101: A Primer on How to Be (self.

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Stoicism is an ancient Greek school of philosophy founded at Athens by Zeno of
Citium. The school taught that virtue, the highest good, is based on knowledge,
and that the wise live in harmony with the divine Reason (also identified with
Fate and Providence) that governs nature, and are indifferent to the vicissitudes
of fortune and to pleasure and pain.
That's the textbook definition. But it's more functional to get to thehow.
Doing is the best way to learn.
Stoicism keeps the following beliefs: **

If you are unhappy, it is your fault.

Everything is temporary

We are social beings with a social duty

Hedonism is not the path to happiness

Fame & Fortune are overrated

A philosophy of life must be lived

Do not long for an ideal situation

Maximize positive emotions and minimize negative emotions


Rephrase goals so that they are entirely within your control

Have nothing you are not prepared to lose

Live simply

Negative visualization

Exercise self-denial

Resist materialism

Accept what cannot be changed

Refuse to consider yourself the victim

Practice misfortune

Live in accordance with human nature

Stoicism 101
If you are unhappy, it is your fault
You and only you can make you happy. Other people and other things
cannot make you happy, but you can find happiness through their medium.
Wood does not make one happy, but cutting, sanding, and assembling wood into
a piece of art or furniture can bring happinessthrough the actions you take with
it.Your girl may not make you happy, but being a leading force in your life, and
by virtue hers, you can find happiness through the actions you take with her.
Inversely, you cannot, and should not expect to, make others happy. It is their
responsibility to find happiness through the actions they take with you.
Everything is temporary

Life, relationships, your car, your relationships with women, are all temporary.
Entering into the idea that I have a girlfriend is an easy way of saying, I don't
have to try to do better because I locked down my girl This is laziness and sloth.
Nothing is forever, but the longevity of things and relationships, and people can
be extended through positive actions and regular maintenance and
We are social beings with a social duty
You are a social creature, and as such, you crave the interactions with other
social creatures. You have friends, a girl or two, maybe children. These people
comprise the network of which you have a social duty. You also have a social
duty to those you work with, and your town, and your state, nation, and the
world. Everything you do should be for the betterment of your circles of social
duty. Social duty can lead to gaining AMOG status in a group.
Hedonism is not the path to happiness
Hedonism, a defining trait of the me generation, is the constant search for selfindulgence. Hedonism thrives on instant gratification and makes one dependent
on the false idea that other things and other people can and should make them
happy. Hedonism is being a spoiled child; hedonism is looking to lose weight
without the effort; hedonism is wanting girls to fuck you without trying to be
someone she actually wants to fuck. Hedonism is probably the main counterpoint to Stoicism.
Fame & Fortune are Overrated
Fame and Fortune tie into hedonism; with these things, the ability, and
temptation to have more and get more becomes overwhelming. Fame brings a
false happiness because it depends onother people. Since only you can make
yourself happy, the requirement of other people fame has nulls this ideal.
Fortune is the more useful of the two, by itself. If the fortune you've accumulated
is the result of fame (considering that everything is temporary, and the poor
effects of hedonism) then consider that you haven't a fortune, but instead an
amount of wealth that should be used to consider the future, your social duty to
your family and community, and as a buffer to the temporary nature of
A Philosophy of Life Must be Lived
Red Pill is not a philosophy; it is apraxeology; a science of human actions. Red Pill
incorporates many concepts known through evolutionary biology, sociological
and psychological studies of macor and micro groups, and some philosophies,
mainly Stoicism.Stoicism is not something you are able to wade into, as with all
philosophies, it must be lived to be understood. You can't know it unless you
experience it, you cant' learn unless you do it.
Do Not Long For an Ideal Situation
This plays into the old axiom of, "The grass is greener on the other side." To be
clear, it's the idea of thinking, "my life sucks, girls won't fuck me." Wishing and
talking about it does not make it so. Doing, makes it so If your grass is dead and
dying, standing outside and talking about how it needs to be watered doesn't
actually make the ground wet. Instead, remember that "The grass is greener
where you water it," and then go out and water the grass. Don't imagine a better
life... make yourself to better to provide a better environment for your
relationships to improve.
Maximize Positive Emotions and Minimize Negative Emotions
Negative emotions (anger, hate, resentment, etc.) are contraindicated when
trying to make something better. Resenting your girl for whatever reason won't

make her change her behavior, and it will kill your mood, and by extension, hers.
Instead, know that: If you are unhappy, it is your fault and that youShould not
long for an ideal situation. Be happy with what you have, happy that you know
how to improve it, and happy that you know you can improve it. Maintaining a
positive, optimistic outlook on what is happening allows you to see the
possibilities that are hidden by negative thinking. If one is resolved to not getting
rescued, he will not find much use in starting a fire.
Now let's examine how we can bring these beliefs to fruition through practice.
Rephrase Goals So That They are Entirely Within Your Control
Let's pretend you want to run a 5K race. You don't know how to run well, and by
extension, you don't know how to train. You get out and run, haphazardly,
whenever, and however. Race day comes and you turn in a paltry time of 26
minutes. You resolve to be faster so you say, "I will be faster next time."
This is garbage thinking. There is only an immeasurable "faster" and an
immeasurable "next time." That's anything over your previous time from 1
second or more for a length of time from no until whenever. Use SMART goals:






A SMART goal version of this example: "I will run a sub-25-minute 5K time in 12
weeks at the next scheduled race."
Apply these types of goals to everything, for Red Pillers, the best is to start with
the gym: I will lose weight... I will lift x amount of lbs, and turn them into SMART
goals. Once you have SMART goals, you have a time frame within you can apply
a schedule and plan.
Have Nothing You Are Not Prepared to Lose & Resist Materialism
As Tyler Durden said, "You are not your fuckin' khakis."
Your car, your house, you clothes. These are things, material and simple. They
are the product of your time, effort, and ability -the things you cannot live
If your car, house, and all your belongings burned to the ground tomorrow, you
would still have the tools to bring those things back in some form. Your work
allowed you the ability to pay for insurance to get new things when everything
burns. Your work is the combination of your time, effort, and ability. These three
things are the basis for all other material things you own. These are innate to
you. Your house is not.
Live Simply
Living simply, or with austerity,allows you to appreciate the things you have. This
does not mean livecheaply... or even frugally. One can own quality while living
simply. Simple living leads to an uncluttered environment which extends to an
uncluttered life. Your living space is a manifestation of your mind and your mind
can be influenced by that living space. A simple living space has limited
Negative Visualization
Imagine a scenario where your house has burned down. Your family has no place
to live, sleep, eat, etc. What do you do? Negative Visualization allows you to plan

for the unexpected, or at least plan for the knowable problems that may arise.
Your house is gone. Can you get a new one? If so, how? This is a good chance to
exercise SMART goals. Figure out a problem that hasn't happened, and then plan
for that contingency. This will give you a level of control over your life you didn't
previously have. For Red Pillers, we do this as part of the process
of swallowing what would happen if I never had sex again? How would I live?
What would I do? How would I apply myself in a productive manner?* Negative
visualization leads to an abundance mentality.
Exercise Self-Denial & Practice Misfortune
Exercising self-denial is the physical manifestation of negative visualization. Live,
temporarily, in a way that deprives you of something you think you depend on.
Some Red Pillers, while unplugging do this with sex; we call it "monk mode." We
distance ourselves from the thing we thought we needed and from the people we
thought we needed it from. In this, we find that we survive just fine and that we
now have the energy to devote to maximizing positive emotions and working
tomake ourselves happy. One of the classic ways men practice self-denial is
through camping; we commune with nature, with very little (the bare basics in
most cases,) and if you do it backpack-style, you limit yourself even further by
way of what you carry and that you make yourself distant from society's
technological boon, the car.
Accept What Cannot be Changed
You cannot change the way others are any more than you can change the
rotation of the Earth or the expansion of the universe. In remembering that your
happiness is made only by you you recognize quickly that attempting to change
others is an exercise in futility. Instead, change yourself, as that isall that can be
Refuse to Consider Yourself the Victim
You are not the victim. Inasmuch as you cannot change others to your whim, you
need to accept that they cannot change you. If you feel the part of the victim, it
is because youallowed that person, or situation, to keep you in a state of
negativity. People do not victimize you, you allow yourself to be a target. Instead,
stand up, defy the status quo as you have allowed it to form, and shake the
foundations of what was formerly expected of you. Claiming victim-hood is
founded in laziness and a lack of personal accountability.
Live in Accordance With Human Nature
As you should accept what cannot be changed directly, you should recognize
that which can be changed indirectly. Humans are not special and different.
While there are sociopathic and psychopathic exceptions, people tend to behave
in very predictable ways. By working ourselves into that system, we can effect
the changes we want to see in others simply by changing ourselves. With
women, by simply being a better man, we find that our sexual outlook improves
because the women around us adjust, and re-set themselves in a very
predictable manner, to the new dynamic we have created. Trying to live as we
were, pre-Red Pill leads to similar predictable behavior, just manifested in a
different way.
Lessons Learned
As you unplug, lift, read, and better yourself, examine which of these basic tents
you have been following and continue to apply them, and in bettering yourself,
figure out which Stoic fundamentals you are missing and add them. We are
working to better ourselves for the sake of ourselves and ultimately our

Are you unhappy? Whose fault is that? Stop considering yourself the

Is your unhappiness permanent? It is not; Set SMART goals, Accept that

you can't change others, and improve yourself.

You have a social duty to your family and friends. Have you been living up
to that job? Start applying yourself to be better so that others can follow

Are you avoiding your problems in order to find happiness through selfindulgence? Seek happiness through self-improvement, not selfindulgence.

Do you wish things were better? That will not work;make things better.
Improve yourself, be better at what you do, set the goals to bring the
improvements to fruition.

Are you focusing on the negative aspects of your life? A negative thinker
sees only thenots, a positive thinker sees the what ifs.

Are you depending on other people and things to make your life better?
Step back, imagine a life without, practice that life without, and make a
plan for when it happens.

Get a hobby, build something, and lift!

* I have altered the language from theoriginal post to fit this sub's strategiclanguage. I have made punctuation, grammar,and spelli
ng fixes.
** I left out fatalism from the list as I don'tbelieve that the idea of predetermination isunhealthy for our purposes. I think fatalism i
san ideal from a time when men literallythought gods planned out our existence on athread. Red Pill requires existentialism inorder
to be effective, otherwise we are lookingto others to make our lives complete, godswithstanding.

"Dopamine" (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago * by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
In recent years, life has become easy and comfortable.
Want to watch a movie? Youve currently got more movies in your living room
on Netflix than Blockbusters had in their prime (what, roughly 1998-2003?).
Want to listen to music? Because of apps like Spotify and iTunes, you no
longer have to go into a Best Buy (and deal with their quasi-sales customer
service bullshit, but to each his own) to buy a physical copy of a CD. You can
reach any song or genre or artist anytime, anywhere through your phone or
tablet (Anyone else remember walkmen and CD players? What a fucking pain
those were.).
Are you hungry? What was once a market dominated by Asian food and pizza (I
was Papa Johns man, myself. Phrasing.), in recent years the food-delivery market
has opened up to subs, sandwiches, Italian, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, etc.
Bored in line at the doctors office? Why not play one of the hundreds of
games youve got on your iPhone (or Android, if youre a really cool guy like
OmLaLa) that youve downloaded like 3 months ago and never touched? (Im
willing to bet you still have Angry Birds on your phone but you havent played it
in months. Why?)
Need to go shopping? You can browse Amazon or Ebay for whatever obscure
items you need (you can buy a full suit of armor on Amazon for like $3,500
dollars right now. No lie. Go look it up. Now you can buy it for that one special
white knight beta friend youve got as his Christmas gift. The ladiesll love it.)

and have it at your doorstep the next day (usually our Amazon delivery guy is
either high or dealing drugs, so if thats your thing its an added bonus).
Want to spin a plate from the comfort of your home? So long as youre
moderately attractive (no beer gut + receding hairline combos), there are dating
sites (aside from Tinder, because honestly Tinders the final boss stage of the
dating site world) filled with desperate/wall-hitting women just waiting to be
boned by a quasi-alpha/alpha like you (POF and Badoo are, to an RPer, like
shopping at the dollar store with $500 in tow. Sure the merchandise is cheap,
expendable, mundane, brittle, dusty, expired/outdated and will probably be
trashed it in a week, but where else can you get a pack of 50 plates for $1?
Costco? They have good prices too if you willing to pay $100 a year for a
membership. It honestly pays for itself though, unlike Sams Club. Wait, what was
I talking about?)
Need to chop some wood and youve got no plates on speed dial? Porn
has evolved to the point where even people with the most obscure, odd and
questionable fetishes imaginable (like chopping to Scrooge McDuck banging out
Ms. Incredible in BDSM uniforms covered in maple syrup while Scrooges
nephews triple team Sasha Gray and that chick from Twilight in a 98 Chevy
Colorado with Blue by Eiffel 65 remixed by Skrillex playing in the background)
can have their disgusting needs fulfilled (Im looking at you Kevin. I know that
youre reading this. Yes, Ive opened that New Folder youve got hidden in your
Downloads section).
It all boils down to two things about our day and age that have turned even the
most rugged, robust men into betas:instant gratification and complacency
If I were still a beta (there are still a few things beta-esque Im working on, but
progress), Id say these are great and comforting luxuries that were fortunate
enough to enjoy.
But Im not and these arent.
What these luxuries have done to a great deal of us (some RPers are included
too. You know who you are. Kevin.) is made every asset of our lives way too
damn easy. What an easy life does is it removes the necessity to have to work for
anything because its all within an arms reach.
Dopamine is our brains natural rewards system (do something good, get
dopamine, feel good about it), but because of instant gratification through these
luxuries, most people have become addicted to dopamine. That addiction is not
natural; our brains were not designed to handle the current ease of dopamine
access. Its also the cause of multiple levels of depression (the more dopamine
you access, the harder it is to access it, so happiness becomes further and
further from reach). Dopamine addiction is the main cause of complacency.
Complacency makes you seek out and stick to whats convenient. Whats
convenient runs contradictory to RP ideologies:
You may be an RP head-nodder who agrees with a lot of things youve read on RP
and the side bar but only utilize the ideologies in the short-term because
focusing on this new mindset isnt convenient for you right now. (i.e. as long as
youre here reading TRP and MAYBE a few hours after. I was guilty of this in the
You may subconsciously be on RP looking for PUA advice and as soon as you
begin to receive female validation from your frame and higher SMV, youll
abandon RP in pursuit of pussy because Pussy-Focus is more convenient.
(Pussy is nice, but like Netflix its a luxury. You wouldnt live your life in the
pursuit of watching The Big Lebowski on Netflix, would you?)

You may only agree with some RP teachings and youve chosen which teachings
are more convenient to follow. (i.e. you agree on frame and abundance
mentality, but you may seriously still think NAWALT as you unknowingly kiss the
post-ejactulate from Chad Thundercocks midnight emissions off of WonderTits
lips. Kevin, Im sorry you have to find out this way)
You may follow RP ideologies religiously all the way through Monk Mode,
depressed state, angry state, nihilism state, and awakened state, only to fall
back into your same beta habits because theyre more convenient. (this has
happened to me multiple times, if Im being honest)
If any of the above cases are true for you, you are a dopamine addict like so
many others. Complacency through dopamine addiction has been the downfall of
all of your beta friends (scarce mentality, complacency, NAWALT and oneitis all
go hand-in-hand) and will be the downfall of you if youre not fully aware of it
and actively preventing it. Everything in moderation.
Discipline is hard. Discipline is the antonym of complacency. Discipline is
severing your ties with things, places, people that make you comfortable,
complacent, and weak. Discipline is always going against your very human
instinct that constantly seeks out order and predictability and comfort (Bernard
D. Beitman, MD, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Missouri
Columbia). Discipline is going for years striving for a goal knowing there is no
instant gratification and youll never truly be complacent with what you have.
Discipline is always wanting more because you deserve more.
Discipline is the basis of The Red Pill. You dont just swallow the Red Pill
once. You take your medication daily.
"Local Sexy Single Women" Part 1 (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
Sites like Instagram, Tinder and Facebook always seem to show tons of local
sexy single women living in your area, yet you rarely seem to see these
beauties in any of your common public venues. The way your local area is
represented on sites like these, youd expect to pass hot and single women all
the time, but on a good day you might pass maybe one or two attractive women
(and usually with a Chad or beta in tow close behind them).
Some of you luckier fellas mightve had the opportunity meet one of the local
sexy singles after weeks of online shit tests, validation donations, comfort testing
picture ratings, last-minute flaking etc. And Im willing to bet 5 cents that you
were disappointed with the result (Im not a rich man).
These local single sexy women (which will be referred to as LSSW for the
remainder of this post) are rarely as attractive as they are in their profile
pictures. Theyll try (keyword here is try) to hide all of their stretch marks, boob
sag, rotten teeth, incorrigible bodily stench, excessive body hair and sudden
morbid obesity while shit-test as if they were the WonderTits they pretend to
Unless theres some Ugly Stick wielding (The Ugly Stick, and please dont go
beating sexy people with it) BP vigilante that strikes in the night (i.e. The BP
Bandit or the The MGTOW Marauder), these LSSWs are knowingly and
skillfully portraying a faade of former selves to garner validation, attention,
admiration, reassurance, the list goes on. And we as men have allowed them to
get away with it (shame to all you dick-wielding members of society, your
ancestors would not be pleased).
So then why do these LSSW go through all the cropping and photoshopping and
filtering and lens flares and brush touch ups to pretend to be an HB9 then ACT

like an HB9 when meeting in-person when its so (very, very) clear that, in
reality, theyre unattractive?
These low SMV LSSW behave, act, pose, and shit test with the same ferocity as
an HB9 because the current online landscape has effectively deluded them into
believing their real SMV is as high as their online SMV (An SMV, I might add, that
is solely based upon a faade of false/inaccurate representations of the LSSWs
current physical appearance and endless validation from those whove fallen
prey to said faade).
Simply put, the online LSSW mindset is synonymous to the princess effect;
when women were little girls they were told they had some non-existent intrinsic
value just for being alive and female (i.e. my pussy deserves to be on this
pedestal because Im different from everyone else because mommy, daddy and
my beta buddy said so).
Also, because of the woman-catering online landscape, these women are
provided an endless supply of betas and alphas alike thatll give up validation by
the barrel-full jut for the slim chance she might open her Pearly Gates (His
mind: Ill keep chatting until she agrees to a date, Her side: I must be so
incredibly attractive and valuable to society, all these guys are chatting me up all
day). It gets to the point where the woman becomes unreceptive to all real or
obvious outside negative stimuli that may require her to change or better herself
(what do I care what OmLaLa thinks about my obesity? I have 55 messages
from guys on Tinder that tell me Im beautiful this way Big is beautiful).
Today, Ill be discussing the delusions of the sexy, local singles in your area,
the cause of this delusion deriving from a multitude of anonymous and endless
beta support, how this delusion pans out from the online dating landscape and
Ill end with a guide (with examples, because I love you all so much) detailing
how to best capitalize within the online landscape knowing everything this article
will discuss.
In order to make this argument as fluent as possible (these are very large
theologies that Im trying to incorporate), we will begin by defining the
foundation of basic TRP principles at play on the online landscape (onetis,
abundance v. scarce mentality, SMV, validation v. sex), then build towards how
these principles interact on a grand societal level when introduced to elements
exclusive to the online landscape (anonymity and collective influence greatly
separate online social interaction from personal social interaction, but more on
that later).
The key factors that we will cover to explain the basis and continuation of the
LSSW delusion are female abundance mentality (the limitless online validation
condition), female perceived SMV, the abundance of online BP scarce mentality,
and anonymity. We will first build a character archetype to better illustrate the
average LSSW and her rationale behind her decisions or lack thereof.
So then, lets start with Brenda, the Post-Wall LSSW who, on her dating site
profile, neglects to mention her 4 kids, jealous husband, cardiovascular
complications, Type-2 diabetes, a sudden 60 pound weight gain (from no fault of
her own, of course) and a Netflix/Burger King addiction.
Brenda the Overweight Post-Wall LSSW
Once upon a time in a land far, far away (lets say Virginia), Brenda was an
attractive woman. In her prime, she was roughly an HB8 (as her profile picture
clearly showed) and she had garnered tons of male validation and reassurances
due to her high SMV. She had several male orbiters who would buy her food, pay
for her gas, with one of the poor suckers even buying her a car (a 98 Subaru

Legacy, but a cars a car when youre broke and sexy). What she had and what
a lot of high SMV people have- was minor social influence.
Social influence runs parallel to the concepts behind the halo effect; the more
attractive youre perceived to be by others the more people will want to follow
you, the more trustworthy youll seem to them, the more interesting youll seem,
the better youll smell to them(sexy people just smell better), regardless of
whether or not youve actually changed at all (this is why your Adonis-blessed,
chisel-jawed, Hercules-of-a-friend Butch and you could tell the exact same joke
in the exact same way and WonderTits always laugh harder for Butch).
Its not that attractive people ARE smarter, funnier, more interesting, or smell
better; they are simply PERCEIVED that way (like all those times back in high
school where youd sit across from the WonderTitsTeens and every stupid
comment they made about their stupid cat Fluffles-or-whatever-the-fuck-theynamed-it seemed like the most interesting moment of your lifetime).
In Brendas case, the social influence she controlled would be considered minor
because she only influenced a small amount of men within a much larger society.
Keep this in mind, itll be on the mid-term.
Unfortunately, Brenda hit the wall at an early age and at the top of her prime.
She had her first kid (by a Chad) at the tinder age of 22 with a new kid following
each consecutive year (all, not surprisingly, by Chads). Almost overnight, her
SMV had plummeted (in the same general direction as her nipples). Her beta
orbiters, not yet ripe and ready for picking (marriage, also considered the
harvest day at the Beta Orchards), they ran off to orbit circles around the next
HB and left her stranded and de-valued.
Normally, a post-wall woman in her condition (the lazy, broke, 330 lbs with 4
kids type of condition) would normally scoop up the most desperate, frumpy,
bottom-of-the-bargain-bin-in-Walmart beta male she could find (the type of beta
thatll listen to some cheap its-been-inside-of you-all-along motivational crap
like The Secret by Rhonda Brynes) and settle down in mundane, frumpy bliss.
But no. Not Brenda.
A common phrase youll here echoed down the great halls of TRP is past value
does not guarantee future benefits. As an RPer, it basically boils down to just
because WonderTits thought your glorious dick would make a great choking
hazard to quell her sudden and grown need for oral affixation last year doesnt
mean that shes going to babysit your unborn children in the rocking cradle that
is her throat the following year. Brenda was fully aware of her recent decline in
appearance (more like cataclysmic landslide, but semantics). What kept Brenda
from frumpy bliss despite being post-wall and desperate- was that she had
found a source of HB9-level validation that required little to no work on her part.
Brenda could manipulate her past value (using old pictures to represent her
online SMV) to capitalize on future benefits (male attention/validation based on
false online SMV). She then rationalizes (hamsters) all of this attention as
something shes deserved because the pictures her betas are orbiting online are
still pictures/representations of her.
And so, Brenda creates a Tinder profile using her outdated HB8 pictures to
attract a collection of helpless and desperate betas. The result of combining
mass online scarce mentality and the betas/LSSWs anonymity leads to the
delusion we discussed earlier.
Lets move on to Kevin, the nice guy beta-male who desperately attempts to
hook-up with the random LSSWs he sees on Tinder/PoF/OKCupid, but always
seems to get stuck in mundane and meaningless conversations about work,
world news, weight and the weather.

Kevin the Nice Guy White-Knight Beta Male

For Kevin, dating sites were a god-send. The only girls hed ever dated had either
approached him, hed met them through one of his friends, or hed meet them by
luck or circumstance (these encounters Kevin cherished the most, for only fate
couldve brought them together in Taco Bell that Wednesday night). Kevin was
single and didnt want to wade through another 3 months of expensive dates,
drinks and gift-giving just for a glimmer of hope to row his rowboat down some
girls Tunnel of Love. Hed heard from Chad and Butch about the ONS they were
have on a regular basis using these sites, and Kevin wanted a piece of that
Kevin posted the most sincere pictures he could find (he didnt want to give off
the wrong impression to these LSSW) and spent hours typing in great detail his
entire life summary in the dating sites About Me section (theyd want to know
how intelligent, witty, emotionally deep and caring a guy he was beforehand,
Kevin thought to himself).
Kevin wasted hours upon hours in chats and messages with multiple LSSWs,
giving them extensive details about his life goals, careers, ambitions, dreams,
opinions, beliefs and motivations (because LSSWs would definitely want to bone
a guy thats open, caring and comforting). Hed sit there for hours and soak in all
of the LSSWs woes, problems and opinions while giving them step-by-step
advice on how to fix themselves (LSSW want a problem solver and a shoulder to
cry on).
Kevin, a guy who on average- would only have about 2-3 women to hope to
date (most of which would friend-zone him after too long or dump him for
being too nice), was thrilled that he now had 15 different potential girlfriends
to choose from, each one hotter than the last. What seemed odd, however, was
that every time Kevin would try calling or texting these LSSWs, theyd rarely
answer or cut the conversation short. Hed try to call/text them multiple times
throughout his day with little to no response. When Kevin was lucky enough that
an LSSW would agree to meet him for dinner, theyd typically flake and leave him
alone waiting for hours. Kevin would temporarily grow bitter and resentful, but in
his mind dating sites were still a better option compared to his current real-world
Kevins persistence in the online landscape compared to how his persistence in
the real-world results from the combination of Kevins scarce mentality* and his
online anonymity within the online landscape.*
For the LSSWs, this online anonymity is used to gain validation from strangers
and to build an optimal faade (the online WonderTits version of themselves)
to gain as much validation as possible. For betas like Kevin, this online anonymity
is used to increase the amount of women theyre able to approach (not limited
by the fear of rejection/scarce mentality like in the real-world) and to optimize
how many women they can converse with at one time thanks to the internets
ease of access (i.e. the shotgun effect: offline Kevin could only focus on
roughly 3 women at once due to the time hed give up/money hed donate
whereas on a dating site, Kevin can converse with dozens of women at once).
What do you get
When Kevin locks arms,
With nice guys and betas
Who turn up their charms
To win over a woman,
Whose not what they think.

To put their humpf-humpf-a-dumpfers,

in her rink-rinker-fink?
What you get from a multitude of Kevins taking this same approach towards
online date is mass validation for the LSSW (the amount to which shed never
have received 15 years ago), major social influence for the LSSW over a beta
populace (as opposed to the minor social influence Brenda had as an HB8) and
the delusion of the LSSW that her actual SMV is as high as her online SMV (I
must be an HB8 now, so my pussy is worth the same as those other HB8s). Both
the betas and LSSWs may feel benefited when it comes to online dating, but the
benefits for the LSSWs are massively greater and it becomes a societal parasitic
Now lets move on to what happens when our pal Kevin meets the REAL LSSW
"Local Sexy Single Women" Part 2 (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
(Continued from Part 1)
The Humes Law Argument: When Kevin Met Brenda
Brenda, while shifting through the dozens of desperate messages shes received
throughout the day, happens upon one from someone shed consider provider
material. Hes how intelligent, witty, emotionally deep and caring; all traits shed
want her husband to have. He spends hours and hours listening to her woes,
problems and opinions while giving her step-by-step advice on how to fix them.
She agrees to meet Kevin for drinks this Saturday.
Before the date, Kevin receives a barrage of shit tests (Im not sleeping with you
tonight, I dont hook up with online strangers and you better be who you say
you are on your profile or else Im walking right back out the door and Ill only
show up if we go to [insert expensive-ass bar name here] and I dont pay for my
own drinks), but Kevin is more than willing to put up with because hell finally be
meeting an LSSW hed only dream of meeting before.
Kevin dresses to the 9s, schedules the entire date and rehearses his conversation
topics in the back of his mind all week. He arrives early and waits anxiously for
his HB8 Brenda to walk through the door.
Unfortunately for Kevin, the Brenda that arrived was barely an HB3 in even the
dimmest lighting. And what was even worse, she was rude/demanding a if she
were an HB8.
What we have here is known as the ought-is argument, better known
as Humes Law.
Brendas idea of what ought to happen is that Kevin treats her with the same
respect that he did online even though her SMV is very low because shes
convinced that he validated her just for who she was. Kevins idea of
what ought to have happened is that he met the HB8 he was convinced he was
talking to and that Brenda is expecting too much for her low SMV(Why is this fat
chick demanding so much when she looks like Grimace?).
This is the key issue with online dating; less attractive women are being overlyvalidated by a mass of beta males to the point they believe theyre worth it.
Then they will pedestal their pussy to unrealistic levels because of their
newfound abundance mentality. On the online landscape, the unattractive
womans SMV means little to nothing because it can be manipulated.
Whats worse, the uphill battle an alpha must fight to plate these women
because of all this (especially for an actual attractive LSSW, like the

WonderTits on Tinder) makes the online landscape seem unnecessarily

But dont worry my dear sweet RPers, Ive worked tirelessly on guidelines an
alpha can follow to overcome this monstrous discrepancy. Well call this guide:
OmLaLas Art of Online War: Combating the Local, Sexy Single Women
in Your Area
(God, that title gives me the tingles. Lets begin.)
Step 1: Building Your Profile
Become attractive. Before you even begin with this guide, look in the mirror. If
your glorious reflection doesnt give you the tingles, wait until youve obtained
your Iron God Worship degree from the University of Lifting States. Attraction is
non-negotiable; you CANNOT (can-fuck-mothering-not) force some unsuspecting
woman to have tingles for you if youre not attractive. This isnt PUA.
Check out The Ladder Theory playlist on YouTube by FullofScience to learn more
on why attraction is non-negotiable and how the female/male brain interpret
attraction differently.
Be vain. Before an LSSW even begins to read through your bios or message you
about that 9 salami youre storing for her in the freezer, shell judge you first
based on your pictures. Pictures that show vanity (shirtless, pictures with other
women, pictures with multiple women) show that youre desirable
and why youre desirable. Being judged as amoral, narcissistic, arrogant, etc. is
of no consequence because no one is looking over her shoulder and judging her
based off of who she likes. Shell like what she finds attractive, makes her curious
and seems desirable.
Being vain will also help weed out the LSSWs just there for validation (another
topic covered later in the guide) from the LSSWs interested in phallically-based
amusement park rides at 2 in the morning.
Avoid being flashy/materialistic. Even if youre displaying your Adonis-like
rippling-ab-like peacock feathers to attract an LSSW mate, if she sees provider
potential in you, shell shit test to verify it. Money=Safety/Comfort and
Safety>Sex, so if youre flashing some 18K Presidential Rolex or a 2015 BMW M5
Sport on your profile pictures then you refuse to pay for her Cranberry Vodka this
weekend, shes going to feel like youre giving her mixed-messages. Its easier to
begin with her impression of you being an alpha and verifying that belief rather
than you giving the impression of being a good provider and fighting an uphill
battle. Physicality first.
Be mysterious. DO NOT put you lifes works on your profile for all to see. The
more about yourself display out in the open, the less reason she has to want to
know more. When you watch a trailer for a movie that you really want to see,
dont you hate when it gives away the entire plot? Same shit, different sandwich.
Leave her something to be curious about.
I personally just put Ask in all of the bio windows on dating sites. It works
wonders on getting the conversation going.
Step 2: Matching with LSSWs
Like/Friend/Swipe right for every woman. Yes, even the fat chicks. Being
picky and studying every profile before deciding whether or not to swipe right is
far too time consuming for the Alpha-On-The-Go. Your goal is to grow the
prospect pool as wide as you can and fish at your leisure. When the fish begin to
bite the bait, thats when you can become more selective (and if the big chicks
start bugging you, you can always block them).

Act on all notifications. Girls are coy by natural and the online landscape is no
different. Lots of LSSWs (especially the attractive ones) wont like your profile
for fear of your judgement of them being too thirsty, easy or desperate. What
they will do is view your profile (sites like PoF, Badoo, OKC) and wait for you to
message them. For reasons Ill discuss later, feed into this initiation shit test and
begin the conversation.
Only focus on women you can comfortably drive to. From the start, never
assume that an LSSW will make any grand trek across the vast desert sands to
meet with some random online stranger (unless their SMV is ungodly low). Also,
dont burden yourself with starting an interaction with someone 45 minutes out
of your way (you and I both know youre never going to make that drive). L is for
Local and if she aint that, she aint for you. Move along.
Nearby Example
Too Far Example
Avoid close-up shots and look for body shots. Not the drink, the picture. If
shes actually an attractive LSSW she WILL have a picture of her body on her
profile. If there is none, theres a reason. Point. Blank. Period. If all of her photos
are close-ups of her face, theres a reason. If her pictures are all dark/blurry and
you cant make out the details, theres a reason. All of these things are
calculated and LSSW always put up their best side to attract the most betas. If
you dont see a best side or if her face is her only redeeming quality, shes low
SMV and not worth your time.
Avoid the One-Pic Wandas. These LSSW usually just upload one very
grainy/blurry picture of themselves in their prime 15 years ago. If this is their
only digital documentation of themselves in todays day an age, avoid these
women altogether.
Dont read her bios They all say roughly the same thing. Something something
I enjoy camping and shopping and Netflix! Something something Dont
message me if youre just looking for sex! Something something Im funny,
crazy, outgoing you get the picture. What they put on there is irrelevant.
Thats for the betas. Youre aiming for nothing less than her back-door VIP access
Check her pictures for piercings/tattoos. If you really just want to get your
rocks off and want someone who will probably make poor short-term decisions in
the heat of the moment, look no further. These are the women that cheated on
guys like Kevin with the bartender last Tuesday because, he was just saying the
right things and my friends just kept buying me drinks and blah blah blah.
Usually if she has a full picture of just her tattoo and you handle it right, a ONS is
a given.
Assume the worst. If youre looking at her pictures thinking, eh, she might be
attractive, stop that shit. Its a trick or an angle or a lighting maneuver or
photoshop or shes a dude named Chuck with a crossdressing fetish. If she were
attractive, youd be able to tell by the tingles around your treestump.
Step 3: Conversing with LSSWs (Online)
Understand that you are not in control. So long as you are on a dating site,
you are acting within her frame. She is overly validated and assumes to possess
multiple options in terms of men she can meet up with. Dont assert yourself,
dont fight her frame and dont be too upfront/alpha until youve met this LSSW
in person.

Begin the conversation with purpose. The absolute worst thing any selfrespecting alpha on a dating site can do is begin a conversation in any of the
following ways:
1. Some short, bullshit intro like Hey or Hi or Sup or What u doin.
Why is this unacceptable? Youve garenteed a conversation thatll go
nowhere for at least a few hours talking about some shit you dont care
about (oh youre just chillin? What, youre hangin wit ur friends? Gee,
thats fascinating!).
2. Some clever, insightful comment on her pictures. Unless youre at some
Adonis level of sexual attractiveness to the point where women donate
their panties to the Red Cross Association of [insert your badass username
here], this comes across as PUA-level game and will be read straight
through. The idea isnt to charm, its to bone.
3. Some overly assertive response like What you doin tonight or Hey
sexy. While you may think this comes across as alpha, the LSSW will read
it as desperate. You obviously arent getting much female penetration if
you have to jump straight into sex talk like this.
Begin the conversation so that you can judge what she wants right off the bat
and neither of you wastes any time beating around the bush wondering.
*Personally, my go-to line is Whatre you looking for? or What do you want
from this? because based on her response I know exactly how to proceed with
Read past the responses she gives. Using my go-to opening response
(Whatre you looking for?) as a basis, there are typically 5 different response
types with 5 different levels of interpretation:
1. No response at all. Thisll be the most common. Shes not interested in
your lucrative door-to-door salami entrepreneurship. Time to move
on. Example- that poor sad lonely LSSW..
2. Im looking for friends and nothing more or Just friends. Shes
interested to some degree but prepare a higher level of shit tests (based
on her actual SMV). Get her number quickly; the longer you wait idly by,
the least likely anything will happen. Example
3. Im looking for friends and maybe something more. This is what you
want to hear. It means she wants the salami youre selling, youll just have
to pass her Standardized Shit Tests before she makes a purchase. Its the
most realistic answer youll receive. Example
4. Depends on what you have to offer. Shes ready to buy on the spot, but
use caution. A shit-testless green light from an LSSW means you should
tread lightly. Example
5. A fuck buddy. Someone to fuck. These come across on rare occasion.
USE EXTREME CAUTION. This could either be the luckiest encounter of
your life or a death sentence. Example Example 2
Be succinct and brief. Just like before when you were filing out your bio, dont
give too much away in a chat on a dating site. What you might interpret as a
healthy conversation or going well is actually her sucking the validation right
out of you. Most LSSW with Level-3 responses will ask all the questions; its your
job not to ask them back.

Another Example
Avoid making your sentences longer than hers. Rarely use punctuation. Use U
instead of you or R instead of are. Itll show her youre not overly obsessed
with hooking up/women in general and itll strengthen your chances later down
the line. Trust me on this.
Lots of guys are hard-wired to put You? on the end of our responses like Im
doing good. You?. Dont do that. Let her propitiate the conversation awhile. Itll
show to her that youre not like every single guy online shes met whose
endlessly/needlessly interested in what shes doing/eating/watching. If youre
going to ask her a question, ask her. Dont repeat her questions back. Thats
Be upfront but not too upfront. If she asks (which she probably will in Level-2
through Level-4 responses) let her know what you want from her in as calm a
way as possible. If you want a woman to have sex with then watch Netflix
(something I say a lot because the one things girls love more that sex is Netflix),
tell them that without sounding desperate. If youre not looking for commitment,
be upfront about that. Shes respect you for it, Ill respect you for it and if she
keeps the conversation going AFTER you specify sex and Netflix is all you want
from her, youre in the green.
Example of OmLaLa and LSSW being honest with each other from the start.
What you dont want to do is come off as abrasive. As alpha as an abrasive
approach is in person, in the online landscape your anonymity plays against you;
its far too easy for a beta male to feint an abrasive nature and youll be pegged
as a pretender.
My go-to upfront phase is friends and maybe something more for Level-2 and
3 and someone likes sex and Netflix as much as me for Level-4. My dont go-to
phrase was Someone to fuck/hang with. See how one is too straightforward?
"Local Sexy Single Women" Part 3 (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago * by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
(Continued from Part 2)
Recommend. Dont tell. Dont ask. Avoid phases that begin with Do you
want to or Can you or Is it okay if or Are you able to. These are beta
mating calls and shes peg you as one in a heartbeat.
Also, avoid being too demanding with phrases like Do __ or Meet me __ or
Give me __ or Tell me __. Youre still inside the LSSWs frame, so this could
possibly read as a beta-in-disguise.
Your best bet are phrases like Lets do __ or When youre free, lets __ or Id
like it if you could __ or We should try __. These are recommendations to her
while still being the commanding alpha she wants you to be.
A good phrase to close with would be Lets get together sometime or Lets
hang out and be friends. If she responds favorably, follow by asking for her
Yet Another Example
Another Example?
Examples fo Days, yall

Never, ever, ever double text. Dont do it. Double texting means death for
you. No matter how you mean for it to look, shell immediately interpret it as a
desperation move to get her attention, thus killing your chances. Dont do it, no
matter what you may feel.
Get her number quickly. Dont let it drag on for more than a couple
days. The longer she keeps you online, the longer shell only consider you a
source of validation. You dont exist to her until shes seen your Adonis physique
with her own beady little eyes. If you feel her interest via the way shes
responding. Say something along the lines of Lets hang out sometime. Send me
youre number. Now prepare for the hardest step.
Step 4: Conversing with LSSW (In-Person)
This will be tough, this will take practice and some of the things Im going to
recommend to you may not seem RP. Just bear with me and trust that I have
your best interest at heart.
Begin with logistics only. Once youve got her number, towards the end of
that day (wait too long and shell forget who you were) set up a meeting place
and time. Make the place convenient for you (reasons why later) and dont make
it too long of a wait (remember, youre nobody until she meets you in person so
thats your goal).
Expect the First-Date Flake and do not punish for it. This may seem
counter to RP theology, but in the framework weve defined for the LSSW
mindset, it makes sense. Here is an Adonis of a man who may actually be a
WonderDick or a creppy beta poser. She both hamsters that maybe Im not
enough and maybe this guys some creepy pervy beta and her hamster
implodes from the stress of it all. It could also be considered an high-level SMV
woman shit test coming from an LSSW filled with validation. So she bails.
How to address this:
Once the time/place have been set, do not reach out to her again. If you dont
hear from her at all before the scheduled time (for me, roughly 1 hour prior) go
about your day as if it never happened. If she calls with a where are you?, tell
her you never heard from her or that you got busy and youll raincheck (shell
love that; too bust for Brenda? Impossible). If she doesnt show, dont
message/text her for roughly a week, reach out and try again. Most times (for
me, anyway) theyll show up for the second encounter.
Show no love. Act as though you have 10 better places to be than here with
this LSSW, no matter how attractive she is. Shes showing up at this venue
expecting you to fawn all over her. Do the opposite. Look away, look at other
women, address her as if shes unattractive. Act disappointed that this is what
youve waited for. Ask her a question then act aloof/lost-in-thought when she
answers. Treat very shit test (because they will come) as an annoyance; as if she
has no right to ask you these things (now dont say these things out loud, just
show them through your behavior).
Slowly, youll notice her frame begin to drop as she tries to figure out what you
dont like about her and wondering if all this validation shed received was for
naught. Now shes in your frame.
Change venues. This is a classic PUA tactic, but it works just fine here. If youre
over 21, take here to a nearby bar (I usually meet them at a bookstore near my
apartment with a nice day bar across the street).
Be crude and make her feel prude. One fail-proof way (at least for me) to
convert a LSSW to a plate quickly is to talk crudely, be taboo and make her feel

like shes too prudent. For example, once weve moved to a bar, I ask her to
openly talk about ex, then we talk about her fucking her exes, then we talk about
me fucking my plates, so on and so forth. Use words like fuck, dick, ass, pussy
but with a stern and emotionless expression like its no big deal to you (this helps
keep any future sexual encounters casual).
Ask what her sexual fantasies are. Ask if shes ever been in a threesome. But you
HAVE to stay nonchalant about it; if you look too excited about the whole
conversation, shell mark you as a perv. Once youre done talking about fucking
other people, talk about fucking each other. Tell her how you like to do it vs. what
she might like. If she shit tests you over your fetish, stay behind it. Trust me,
shell remember what you like.
Be willing to let her walk away. Another common shit test Ive seen from
LSSWs is that they will threaten to get up and walk out if you say something they
dont like. Let them. Please. Just let them. In the back of your mind, you might
think, Damn, I followed OmLaLas guide and now Ive made it all this way! I
dont want it all to go to waste over some dick comment. Well champ, shes put
in a lot of time to get to this point too, and Ill be damned if some comment
about your glorious dick is going to make her actually walk out. Remember, most
times its just a hollow threat to see if youll flinch. If you dont flinch, youre
Grade-A beef, buddy.
From this point on, TRP should be able to guide you. A good amount of kino,
escalation and frame should close the deal fairly quickly. And if it doesnt, at
least for the next encounter shell know exactly what you want.
Online Landscape Synopsis
The guides research took place across the span of just over 3 weeks. Below is a
breakdown of various information gathered from the study:
Plenty of Fish (PoF)

Most matches to LSSW (roughly 75 matches towards the time of the

articles posting)

Above average level of shit tests (just about every first in-person
encounter was littered with them)

Easiest/most frequent ONS (within 2 weeks roughly 12 different LSSW with

more scheduled for next week)

Average LSSW to Plate conversion (roughly 40% of ONS)

Average HB rating of first encounter with LSSW (roughly between HB4 and

Highest number reception after extended online-conversation (roughly


Average ignore rate from LSSW (I dont have a number for this one, but
average compared to other sites)

Highest rate Day 1 bangs (4 out of the 12 ONS were the same day the
LSSWs number was received)

Below average Catfish occurrence (i.e. the posted pictures SMV is lower
than actual SMV)

Over-all Rating: High


Low-Below Average matches to LSSW (roughly 18 matches at time of

articles posting; few and far between)

Least amount of shit tests (surprisingly, once matched and a conversation

starts, the success rate jumps significantly)

Below Average ONS (2 ONS within the two week span, 2 scheduled for
next week)

Average LSSW to Plate conversion (again very surprising; although many

matches havent become sexual, over text a FWB relationship has been
pre-established with 5 LSSW)

Highest HB rating of first encounter with LSSW (roughly between HB7 and

Below Average ignore rate from LSSW (again, although matching is

difficult, once matched the success rate jumps significantly)

Below Average Day 1 bangs (Only 1 on the same day the LSSWs number
was received)

Lowest Catfish occurrence (i.e. the posted pictures SMV is lower than
actual SMV)

Over-all Rating: Average


Below Average matches to LSSW (roughly 20 matches at time of articles


Highest level of shit tests (both online and in-person by far)

Low-Below Average ONS (1.5 ONS where the .5 was a sexual act with no
intercourse, none scheduled)

Low-Below Average LSSW to Plate conversion (1 low-grade plate gained;


Below Average HB rating of first encounter with LSSW (roughly between

HB3 and HB6)

Below Average Day 1 bangs (Only 1 on the same day the LSSWs number
was received)

Above-Average Catfish occurrence (i.e. the posted pictures SMV is lower

than actual SMV)

Over-all Rating: Below Average


Low-Below Average matches to LSSW (roughly 5 matches at time of

articles posting)

Above Average level of shit tests (both online and in-person by far)

Lowest Average ONS (1 ONS)

Below Average LSSW to Plate conversion (1 plate gained; HB6)

Lowest HB rating of first encounter with LSSW (roughly between HB2 and

Lowest Day 1 bangs (it just didnt happen)

Highest Catfish occurrence (i.e. the posted pictures SMV is lower than
actual SMV)

Over-all Rating: Low-Below Average

Researcher Character Profile
OmLaLa is over 60, non-white, goes to the gym 5-6 times a week for 1 hour,
and used the same shirtless picture as his main profile picture on every dating

OmLaLa met with LSSWs every-day between 630-100AM (my poor sleep
schedule) after leaving the gym.
OmLaLa met multiple LSSWs each day including the weekends (and had sex
with multiple LSSW multiple times a day; there were no threesomes).
OmLaLa roughly met all LSSW at the same 2 bookstores (Barnes & Noble) and
escalated to the same 3 bars, all within 10 minutes from his home.
Most sexual encounters occurred either at OmLaLas residence (my roommate
thinks Im some sort of god for this) or in a public venue (i.e. stall, parking lot,
car, broom closet, locker room, drive-thru, behind a grocery store, etc.)
OmLaLa used protection for ever encounter (please do the same; theres no
telling who youre actually sticking it into).
OmLaLa did not pay for a single drink, coffee, meal or gym access throughout
the duration of this study (I had some LSSWs meet me at the gym).
*The events of Poker with Black Widows took place during the duration of this
study (Diva the Black Widow was met on PoF several months prior, so her
encounter is not listed in the results).
OmLaLa rarely mentioned his job, his income, and hid any overly-expensive
items in his apartment (for safety and anti-provider reasons).
OmLaLa did not message, sleep with, or purposely encounter any fat chicks for
the duration of this study (if I did, this study would be meaningless).
OmLaLa is very sore and tired at the time of this articles posting, so OmLaLa
will most likely be taking a long break from sex and women (it was fun for the
first week or so, but now its all just so predictable)
OmLaLa went to be tested on 5/13 for any sexually transmitted diseases
(please, please be careful guys; Ive done this so you dont have to).
OmLaLa is terrible with MSPaint which resulted in very ugly example pictures
being uploaded to Imgur (I didnt realize Imgur had its own editing software until
my roommate pointed it out. My roommate was a big help for this article. Hes
not RP, but if he becomes RP one day, I hope he see this and says, Yeah, I
helped make that with OmLaLa.)
OmLaLas roommate is not Kevin (Kevin and Brenda are not real people; they
are character archetypes built to represent a greater sub-populace).
OmLaLa visited r/holdthemoan for locale ideas (there was a post on TRP about
making porn your reality and Id always had a thing for exhibitionism; keeping
that level of fulfillment helped me slosh through the last week without seeming
End Note
There is not a woman alive right now that could tell me their pussy is worth
anything after how many different women Ive been with in just 3 weeks.
After a while, it all seems the same. The novelty of that new pussy smell fades
quickly; there were a lot of times Id have really mundane sex with an LSSW and
just wish I could visit my plates and have guaranteed good sex.
Yesterday, I has sex in the handicapped bathroom at my gym with an LSSW I met
on PoF at 7:00, left the gym, met up an LSSW Id met on Tinder at 9:30 in some
abandoned parking lot near the mall and fucked, then met up with another LSSW
at 11:30 behind a convenience store near my place and fucked. I didnt enjoy
any of it.
Ive been tempted several times to drop the whole thing altogether because I
was bored with working for something I already had an abundance of. It may be

a passing feeling, but right now Im bored with women. Absolutely bored. And the
more bored I get, the more aroused they get. It honestly fucking sucks.
What sucks more is that because I dont run off of validation from others, I dont
enjoy this victory in the slightest. It all felt like such a chore and now Ive got a
phone full of LSSWs that Ive got to figure out what to do with. I dont text, they
call. I dont answer, they call more. Luckily, I have two phones but lately Ive had
to put my personal phone on silent.
While this will be a god-send to some of you RPers out there, this has been a
hellish epiphany for me. The more bored and tired of sex I actually become (as
opposed to pretending not to want it), the more its offered. So, on that logic, in
order to have the harem I dreamed of in high school, I have to be disgusted by
the thought of it. Whats having as much cake as you want when the thought of
eating it makes you sick?
I wont be doing this again.
P.S.- Heres a gem of a woman I ran into on my quest for online knowledge.
"Such Is My Nature" (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 29 days ago * by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
This is an original tale by yours truly, OmLaLa the Machiavellian. There are
multiple TRP lessons within this parable and its message is open to your
interpretation. Ill leave it up to you, the RPer, to decide what this parables really
about. Best of luck.
Such is my Nature by OmLaLa
Once upon a time, there was a female carpenter named Lily.
Lily's carpentry abilities had been past down to her by her mother. Her father
and brothers were farmers and spend most of their days working out in the
fields. Lily had recently completed her training and felt she could now build
herself a home she could call her own.
So, when Lily became of age, Lilys mother decided to send her off into the vast,
unknown world to build an amazing and beautiful home for herself.
Lily quickly packed up her tools and left her mother's care in search of the
perfect place to build such a home with the skills her mother had taught her.
During her long search, Lily came across a beautiful and plentiful field of Clay.
The Clay was soft, formless and could easily be sculpted to support whatever
requirements Lily's dream home may have. Lily saw much potential in the Clay.
So Lily spoke with the Clay, telling the Clay of her dreams and aspirations as a
carpenter, of the extravagant home shed set out to build, and asked the Clay if
it would be willing to act as her homes foundation.
Of course you can build your extravagant home upon me! exclaimed the
Clay, I am malleable and easy to shape. You can easily mold me to best suit the
needs of your beautiful home!
And the Clay was right. Lily easily formed and molded a wonderful foundation for
her beautiful home. She was able to stack, shape and mold the Clay with little
The malleability of the Clay allowed Lily to add more and more extravagance and
beauty to her dream home. The Clay happily reformed itself over and over as
Lilys plans became more and more complex and robust with every passing day.
Finally, Lily had built the most beautiful and magnificent home she or the Clay
had ever seen. She reveled at the thought of living happily ever after in this
magnificent home for the rest of her days. The Clay, possessing no shape or form

of its own outside the homes foundation, was pleased that its malleable nature
had helped in the creation of something so beautiful.
And then the Earthquakes came.
It didnt take much for Lily's home to crumble; under the smallest signs of stress,
the Clay reverted back to its doughy, shapeless form because the Clay knew no
other way to exist. Shapelessness was in its nature.
Lilys beautiful home was gone in a matter of seconds.
This was no fault of my own, the Clay haughtily declared, had the
Earthquakes not come, you would still have your beautiful home.
I cannot live in constant fear of the Earthquakes explained Lily. I cannot
rebuild my home after every Earthquake and I cannot build upon a foundation
thats so easily swain.
Yet the Clay refused to give up its malleability. Such is my nature. replied the
And so, Lily left the beautiful and plentiful field of Clay in search of a more stable
After some more searching, Lily came across a bountiful and fertile field of Dirt.
The Dirt was tough, rich with substance and could be used for more than her
homes foundation. Lily saw potential in the Dirt.
So Lily spoke with the Dirt, explaining what occurred with the Clay, told the Dirt
of her dreams for a beautiful home and asked if the Dirt would become shapeless
like the Clay.
Nonsense! declared the Dirt. I would never falter so easily in the presence of
the Earthquakes! Worry not! Youre much better off building your house upon
Lily then asked the Dirt if she could make use of its rich and fertile nature for her
crops and gardens.
Of course, dear child! Of course you can plant your seeds here! boomed the
Dirt, confidently, Plant whatever crops you wish! My fertility knows no bounds!
Trusting in the confident words of the Dirt, Lily began building her beautiful home
once more.
The Dirt was right, it wasnt malleable and shapeless like the Clay. However, the
Dirts lack of malleability made it difficult for Lily to mold with the same ease she
had with the Clay.
Lily toiled and struggled and strained and pushed and shoveled the Dirt as best
she could, but in the end the Dirt would not form into the perfect foundation her
first extravagant home had required.
Lily was able to build a less extravagant yet still beautiful- home upon the Dirt.
She was still happier with the Dirt, for she no longer felt the constant fear of the
Earthquakes suddenly collapsing her new home. The Dirt was happy as well, for
through little effort of its own, it now had a beautiful home built upon it.
Lily soon began to plant her crops and gardens and used the Dirts rich and
fertile nature to nourish her seeds. The Dirt was compliant at first, but only for
awhile. The Dirt did not want to continuously give up its rich and fertile soils for
nothing in return.
Water! the Dirt arrogantly demanded. If you are to use my fertility to plant
your crops, I demand water!

You made no such demands before I built my home, Lily explained, shocked by
the Dirts abrupt demand. I have brought only enough water myself. Had I know
sooner, I would have brought some for you.
All Dirt requires water! Such is our nature! scolded the Dirt, Your father was a
farmer. Surely he taught you that!
Lily was displeased with the Dirts sudden and abrasive nature, but having
already built her home, she hesitantly went off to fetch the Dirt some water.
This continued week after week and the Dirts thirst for water became more and
more unquenchable. Lily became tired and aggravated, but at least she had a
home that would hold firm when the Earthquakes eventually came.
And then the Earthquakes came.
The Dirt was able to hold firm to some degree, but Lily was forced to constantly
maintain and repair the Dirts foundation with each passing tremor. And once the
Earthquakes finally subsided and Lily's maintenance and repairs were complete,
the Dirt would begin to angrily chant Water, water, water! once more.
After weeks trudging this exhaustive and repetitive process, Lily couldnt bear it
any longer.
Enough! Lily cried out one day, tossing the water aside. I have to do all of the
work while you just sit there and beg for water! You are too needy and
I need water. Such is my nature. the Dirt half-heartedly replied.
You cant even provide a stable foundation without my help! shouted the
flustered Lily.
You asked for me to be more firm and stable than the Clay. I have done this. If
you require even more stability, I will require more labor and water from you.
Such is my nature.
Frustrated to the point of anger, Lily abruptly abandoned her home in the
bountiful and fertile field of Dirt in search of a less demanding foundation.
Tired and jaded from her previous experiences, Lily came to a wondrous plateau
of Stone. The Stone was solid, unwavering and firm. Lily saw potential in the
Stone, but had now grown skeptical.
Lily approached the Stone.
I require a strong foundation on which to build my beautiful home she told the
Stone. She then explained the extravagance of the home shed planned to build
on the Clay.
I can provide you the strongest foundation possible and you will never fear the
Earthquakes again," began the Stone,"but I will not alter myself for such
unnecessary extravagance. Such is my nature.
Lily was disappointed that her homes beauty must be abandoned, but Lily
valued her homes stability overall other things. Lily agreed.
I would like to utilize your rich and fertile nature without the need of constantly
providing for you in return. requested Lily. She then explained the crops and
gardens shed been given by the Dirt in exchange for water.
I can provide you with no such luxuries replied the Stone, but I will require no
such upkeep or commitment. I am the way you see me now and I will remain this
way for decades, regardless of whether you build your home upon me or not.
Such is my nature.
Lily was again saddened that her crops and gardens would be abandoned, but
she admired the self-sufficient nature of the Stone. Lily agreed.

May I build my home upon you? asked Lily, willing to sacrifice the
extravagance, crops and gardens.
It makes no difference to me, yawned the Stone, build wherever youd like. I
am indifferent and unaffected.
So Lily built her home upon the Stone.
Her home was nowhere near as extravagant as the home shed built upon the
Clay, nor did she have the luxuries of crops and gardens shed had with the Dirt,
but the stability of her home and the Stones independent nature made her
happiest of all.
And then the Earthquakes came.
Lily's home remained completely unaffected. Just as the Stone did not succumb
itself to Lily, it did not succumb under the stress of the Earthquakes. Lily couldnt
feel the ground move beneath her feet. The Stone snored loudly through most of
the tremors.
And Lily couldnt have been more happy.
The Stone did as it pleased most of the time, but when the Earthquakes came,
Lily knew her home was safe and steadfast. Lily could have left in search of
another foundation at any time -maybe one that provided her more malleability
or one with rich and fertile soil- but for now Lily chose to remain built upon the
The Stone wouldnt have cared if shed left. The Stones had many carpenters
build their homes upon him; some staying longer than others. But the Stone
required no sustenance from these carpenters and the Stone gave them a strong
foundation through no effort from them or of its own. the Stone was just content
Such is its nature.
"The Power of Horny" Part 1 (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 18 days ago * by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
Dear RPers,
This will be a multi-part article across the span of a few weeks. They will each
cover a different topic, but are all built around a central theme. I hope you all
enjoy this one.
Ive increased my productivity at work three-fold. Ive maxed out my bench. Ive
cold approached 3 attractive women within the past 48 hours, have their
numbers, and am effectively working them into plates. I just hit on Clair from
McDonalds (I needed a cheap lunch today) and she brought me my food with
her number crudely scribbled down on a napkin.
All of this resulted from me being horny.
Ive gone the past 2-3 weeks with no sex and no masturbation and I have very
high libido. Just as TRP advises you to use your anger and fear to your
advantage, your horniness are can be just (if not more) effective.
In these articles I will discuss how complacency inhibits the full utilization of your
libido, how porn and idealization come into play, why Id advise you to stop
masturbating over limited masturbation and how to use your over-charged libido
to fuel your cold approach.
Brace yourselves, gentlemen.

In order to build a good framework around this subject and to make this article a
bit more personal, Id like to take a minute and talk to you all about my
extremely awkward and ill-informed sexual adolescence.
In my sexually-charged youth, my father never gave me what you might call a
real sex talk. We went to go see a movie one evening, he turned off the radio
and it went a little something like this:
OmLaLa, mah boy, sexwell, sex is nice. Its real nice. Son its fuckin great.
Like, damn damn son. But, eh you gotta you gotta wrap that shit bfore you
tap that shit, you know? Or youll get stuck. Stuck wit kids an a crazy ass
woman. You want kids, son?
No, Dad.
Do you want a crazy ass woman, son?
Uhh, I dont think so.
Thats mah boy. Yah cant jus go around fuckn every Sarah n Sally, son. I
remembr this one chick from college
And then he went on for the next 20 minutes talking about the crazy women hed
banged in college. Do this day, its one of the more memorable talks my father
has given (he really sucked at lectures, but hes a good dad all-in-all).
My school was no better; they decided teaching abstinence over sex ed was
more politically correct, so we sat in a classroom of guys for an hour each day
while our awkward gym teacher lectured us on not doing things without telling us
what they were.
Dont do anal or oral. 'S still sex and cn give yah diseases.
Shows picture of diseased penis
Classroom loses its fucking shit
Teacher, uh.. whats anal and oral?
Dont worry about it, kid. Jus don fuggin do it, alrigh?
Yes sir.
Now who wantsta see what HPV c'n do toa grown mans scrotum?
Class loses its fucking shit again
And so, I had but one place to learn from: the internet.
During my adolescence, my family possessed this wondrous and archaic form of
primitive web browsing called dial-up internet (for you younger readers, this
was before DSL. For you even younger readers, this was before Wi-Fi). It would
take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes just to load up one website (no lie). I
started with pictures (which defined for me what WonderTits is supposed to
look like), but when we finally got DSL installed I upgraded to videos.
Going in, I knew little to nothing about sex (outside what you hear around the
lunch table, but they didnt know either). I remember watching my first videos
thinking, so this is what Im supposed to do with girls. I was pretty sheltered. I
remember losing my virginity with some chick from the softball team in some
electrical janitorial closet in my schools cafeteria thinking the sex would be just
as intense and charged as it was in those videos.
It wasnt; we switched positions every 30 seconds, the condoms kept drying up,
she kept drying up, we were scared for our lives someone would come in, and I
knew nothing about the anatomy of the vagina, so I kept trying to bend her in
unrealistic ways.
And Im sure a lot of you RPers reading this have some stories similar to mine.

In todays digital age, many of us (and many men around the world)
were taught about sex from porn or pornographic material due to the
weak or non-existent sex education in schools (teaching abstinence is
not the same as teaching sexual education) and a lack of sex talks
from our parents.
What makes matters worse, were constantly pressured to do it without ever
being properly told what it is or how or how long or is this right or does this feel
good or is it too small or does that hurt or why is she bleeding or its too dry.
We are all taught by porn. And porn is a lousy fucking teacher.
Porn has does two things to our subconscious: it sets our sexual standards
and causes sexual complacency.
The complacency issue Ive covered previously in Dopamine; porn is a business
that profits from how turned on it makes you and how many times you come
back for more (like candy or Mcdonalds or a video game). This is a dopamine
addiction that causes complacency which in turn limits you from actively
pursuing sexual release from other places (i.e. actual sex).
What Id like to discuss further is how porn has effected your expectations of sex
and women subconsciously. Ill explain:
In the past, if youre being honest with yourselves, Id assume at some point in
your lives youve thought that the WonderTits in the yoga pants over there
working out on the elliptical wanted to drag you into the nearest broom closet an
bang your pretty brains out just because she gave you an extra second of eye
Now why did you think that? Has that ever happened to you before? Sure, your
friend Brad says it happens to him all the time, but have you ever seen it
happen? No? Well, then where did you get such a livid imagery from?
Or maybe youve seen WonderTits in Bi-Lo buying a loaf of WonderBread and
you suddenly thought that if you went over there and bent her over the dairy
section shed willingly allow it and onlookers would cheer you onward to climax.
Well now, that just sounds like rape. But it didnt look like rape in your head. It
looked awesome in your head. Youd cum on her face and everyone would cheer
and itd be great. Right?
Maybe, youve tried something youve thought youve always wanted to do. You
had sex in a crowded movie theatre while watching The Avengers because
youve always had a thing for exhibitionism. But in reality, positioning her was a
nightmare, she was too dry to quickly slip into, the whole time you were terrified
of getting caught, your $40 jeans are now covered with soda and butter stains,
she was getting too loud so you had to stop be for climaxing, and youve missed
a third of a movie you were dying to see.
But this was your fantasy, right? It was supposed to be this wild, sexuallycharged thing. Why was it awkward? Why was it more difficult than youd
There is oft a disconnect between what you want sexually and what
you think you want sexually. Again, porn is designed to be as visually stimulating
as possible. Thats why folks that frequent porn develop such strange and
unexplainable porn fetishes (you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Be
honest with yourself here).
Because many of us were brought up by porn, we are subconsciously
conditioned to learn and adapt our sexuality to porn. In turn, we
develop fetishes we think we want based on our viewing habits (I

watch a lot of bondage porn so I must love BDSM) that arent true to
our real sexual desires. Porn fetishes and kinks, although in some cases
correlated, are never the same thing.
In short, just because youve suddenly started watching a bunch of Asian porn
that doesnt mean youve now got yellow fever.
Kinks or real fetishes are psychologically constructed from a number of
outside factors. Porn fetishes are simply that; strictly restricted to porn. The
mistake is made when we lose the ability to differentiate the two.
Porn has the same influence for your expectations for horny women. We believe,
subconsciously, that a woman who really wants to sleep with us will approach us
and behave in the manner weve seen in porn. This is because for most of us
received more insight on sex from porn than the actual act itself (I know Ive
watched more porn than times Ive had sex, had Im willing to bet you have too).
As an example, lets say youre watching a YouTube video to learn how to drive a
stick shift instead of actively attempting to drive stick shift.
Okay, so you may be better prepared than if youd be if you just jumped in and
started pulling levers and mashing pedals. Fine. Great. But youll finish that video
with some preconceived notion of what driving a stick will be like without taking
into account that the business that made the video feeds off your views, the guy
teaching in the video is not you, the car hes driving isnt the one youll be
driving, hes a professional and being paid to teach you, youll probably choke
the first time you try, the video probably never brought up the difficulty of hills,
the clutch point is different in every car, therell be no one there to hold your
hand for the real thing and if you wreck due to the videos misinformation itll all
on you and your insurance and not on the video. Now imagine how much simpler
all thatd be if you had your dad or an driving instructor guide you through
driving a stick beforehand instead of watching that video.
Let that sink in for a second.
In Part 2, well go into masturbation abstinence and how to channel it to benefit
other facets of your life. Until then, RPers.
"The Power of Horny" Part 2 (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 9 days ago * by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
Dear RPers,
In our last installment, we discussed the damage porn inflicts upon or
subconscious in terms of sexual perception and the complacency it causes
through its limitless availability and sexual fantasization for profit. We also
discussed how for our generation most adolescent sexual upbringing is selforchestrated to a media designed to and which thrives from continued use, and
how many of the sexual expectations weve developed during our period of
adolescence are founded upon unrealistic or uncommon real-world practices
further hard-wired into our psyche by our continuous use of the media.
In short, if Disney causes of our ill-conceived notions on love, Pornhub
causes of our ill-conceived notion on sex.
What we will be discussing today are ways in which abstinence from
masturbation can be weaponized and used in your daily encounters with women,
well touch on how womens perceptions of men alter through abstinence from
masturbation and how it affects the tell-tale inaction rationalization i.e. malehamstering.
In Part 3, well begin comparing active approach v. passive approach in terms of
masturbation, well touch on further monitoring and controlling your PAT and
well discuss in-depth a topic that is commonly discussed indirectly on TRP but

has been rarely addressed forthright: radical polarization (as opposed to

standard polarization).
Before I begin, please remember to approach what is being discussed as
objectively as possible; the necessity of porn and constant masturbation have
been hardwired to your psyche at adolescence, so some of the topics that will be
discussed may seem difficult to swallow. Just as youve felt oppression when
introduced to the truths behind love, women and the societal
miscommunications on both, youre first reaction may be to lash back out of
frustration. This is a normal and understandable response. Porn and
masturbation addiction are both dopamine-addictions, as are drugs, alcohol or
nicotine. A depravation or endangement of any dopamine stimulants will elicit
such a response. Remember, however, to regularly practice your restraints and
mediations of masturbation even after reading this article; a one-time attempt at
regulated abstinence doesnt provide a cure-all for dopamine addiction, one AA
meeting doesnt a sober man make.
Men need sex. Women need validation.
Men supplement their lack of sex with masturbation, which in turn is
supplemented in unlimited quantities through porn. But how do women
supplement their validation between male encounters?
Women havent made it out of our digital age without the digital age unscathed
and without some form of socially-ambiguous digitally-based dopamine
addiction; for women Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, PoF, Tinder, OKCupid,
Fling, Tango, Tumblr, Vine, YouTube, Twitch, KiK, SeekingArrangement, etc. are all
social playgrounds in which women have their need for validation satisfied
through the limitless validation availability for women, a business-crafted
fantasization and idealization of relationships, the desires of the men validating
them and through their own fantasized version of their SMV (i.e. the belief that
men in real life will pursue them to the degree online men will r that their real-life
SMV matches their online SMV just as we discussed in Local Sexy Single
Women: Part 1 & 2).
Sound familiar? It should.
Just as men become addicted to the instant and limitless needfulfillment provided by porn, women are addicted to the instant and
limitless need-fulfillment provided by social media. And just as it
creates a complacency in men not to pursue real sex, women's
addiction creates a complacency to not make themselves pursuitworthy.
The difference between each genders addiction comes forward when each
gender's false addiction-created vision of reality meets real-world applications. A
complacent, lower-than-her- potential SMV woman can still get real-world
validation from a higher SMV male due to the feminist social landscape and
macro-sociological beta mindset created within.
In this landscape, even high-value men will validate low-value women because
the intrinsic value of pussy is ungodlyhigh (due to the two addictions we just
discussed).We can consider the womans addiction healthy: she receives
constant validation from every facet of her life; she can get validated from men
in her social circles, supplement it with online validation through social media,
theres no negative societal stigma towards validation addiction among women
and the fantasy created by social media addiction is rarely combated as men will
alter themselves to match said fantasy, albeit with ulterior motive (in some

cases, society supplicates this fantasy through media like movies, music and TV
by describing it as normal or expected).
As a man we arent so lucky. We can consider a mans addition
unhealthy: he only receives constant sexual release from one facet of his life
(his addiction), his intrinsic value towards pussy is raised (due to scarcity), the
fantasy derived from his addiction is aggressively rejected by real-world
experiences/societal norms and although common practice among men- his
addiction is negatively perceived by society (i.e. a girl can openly talk about how
many friend requests she's received this week, but he cant openly talk about
how he spanked it five times to Back Door Sluts 9).
Whats worse, by supplementing his lack of sexual release through women by
masturbating, the necessity that drives him to pursue real-world sex declines. It
becomes a want and no longer a need.
The amount of rationalization supporting his inaction will also increase. Below are
some examples of rationalizations (i.e. male-hamstering) commonly displayed
by a complacent male (think to yourself how many of the following youve told
yourself at any given time):

Shes not THAT hot. I can find much hotter than her." (shes actually hot)

She looks like a bitch. I dont want to put up with her attitude. (ungrounded remark)

Thats probably her boyfriend beside her. I dont want to step on any
toes. (fear of confrontation)

She probably doesnt like (insert character trait here) guys (selfdeprecation)

Im probably not her type. She probably likes (insert subculture here)
guys. (meekness)

Shes out of my league. Im not good enough for her yet. (unnecessary

Id go up to her, but I dont want to come off as a creep. (fear of


I have nothing to say to her. Well have nothing in common. (lack of


All girls who wear (insert brand here) are (insert stereotype here).

Ill wait her to give me a sign. When she does (insert weirdly specific IOI
here), Ill go talk to her. (impossible scenario creation)

You must convert your want for sexual release back into a "need".
Next well discuss how complacency through masturbation is communicated to
women and how the necessity of sexual release becomes a great weapon.
Speaking of weapons
Okay, so lets say your strolling along on some bright and sunny Wednesday, and
a robber jumps out from the shadows. Youve never left home without your trusty
pistol, but because youve never actually needed it until now, you dont have
bullets in it.
You know that it's empty, but the robber doesn't. You brandish your gun, holding
it up to his stupid mug.
At first the robbers impressed by your preparation for his assault and is fearful of
your unwavering resolve. But then he starts to see through you. He notices your

hands are shaking. He sees youve begun to sweat. He sees your fingers not on
the trigger. He can sense the fear in your eyes. He can sense your lack of
He calls your bluff, robs you blind, takes your wallet, runs off and spends your
hard-earned dough on a bunch of stupid shit like shopping, make-up, pedicures
and nail-polish. I think your getting my metaphor now (just to beat you over the
head with it, its a metaphor on gaming women).
Brandishing a gun only gets you so far; if the robber is in-experienced
(young/virgin) or scared-themselves (insecurity) or unarmed (unattractive) or
weak (overweight) or psychotic (psychotic), just pointing your gun at them might
work. But lets face it, you want the type of gun thatll intimidate (give tingles) to
even the most opposing (sexy) of adversaries (hot-ass fine women).
Consider your gun as the metaphorical representation of your SMV (or a phallic
metaphor if that's your thing). Now consider every day you abstain from
masturbation as a bullet in your gun. The more bullets you load, the more
powerful the "gun", the more intimidating you feel.
Feel is the keyword here.
Not every robber will see your brand of gun as imposing, but it's not the gun that
counts. Your imposing demeanor should come more from you wielding the gun
than the gun itself. The gun is just there to compliment that demeanor with hard
Even if you're wielding some toy BB gun from Wal-Mart, if you hold that toy gun
firmly and with confidence, your conviction and the mystery behind the guns
true/unsaid nature will be enough to intimidate any robber (to beat you over the
head again, its a frame metaphor).
Without bullets however, feigning is only a temporary solution. Fear
always shines through when your gun is empty, and the smaller the gun
the more fearful youll appear.
As impressive as your Desert Eagle or Beretta may appear, whether it's from an
engraving, customization or even a gold-finish, it won't make a difference if the
robbers arent afraid of you or if they question your resolve. More importantly, a
robbers not going to pull the trigger for you. The most you can ask for is that
they make themselves an easy target.
As we discussed earlier, masturbating removes the need for sexual release.
While in some cases that might be seen as a good thing, if one is actively
pursuing women or would like to enhance the frequency or efficiency of a current
sexual relationship, it can be a crippling vice.
In addition, the only situations where masturbation can be viewed as nondestructive is when it is both regulated andporn-free (I cant stress that
Next, well discuss both the Predator and Observer approaches to masturbation
and masturbation abstinence.
In the comment section of the previous "Power of Horny" article, some people
compared the thirst caused by masturbation abstinence to a thirst for water.
I vehemently disagree with this notion; if one's dying of thirst, theyll drink from
whichever body of liquid presents itself first, be it a fountain of pure filtered
spring water or a murky puddle at a gas station.
I believe this thirst is more like a desire, like a desire for entertainment.

Lets say youve been working constantly over the past few weeks and you
havent had the chance to just relax and watch Netflix. When you finally get an
opportunity to kick back for the day, youll want to make sure the show or movie
you decided watch will be worth your time. You may watch a trailer or you may
have heard some comedy movie is good or maybe youve waited to watch
something for a while. You may even watch something youve seen before
because you enjoyed it.
What you're less likely to do is plop down and throw on the first show that pops
on screen. You wouldnt enjoy sitting through reruns of Iron Chef when you hate
cooking shows just because you havent watched Netflix in a while. Finding the
right show may prove to be time-consuming, but you know itll be worth it in the
This is the mindset abstinence will put you in. Hungry, but not desperate. And in
order to find an happy medium between desperation and complacency, well will
brake our theory into two approaches: Predator and Observer and define PAT
within said context.
The Predator approach is to be used by those who are actively pursuing
multiple sexual relationships or aiming for more frequent or efficient satisfaction
from a sexual partner. I believe most men will fall into this category.
The approach is simple to begin, difficult to master: masturbate as rarely as
possible. Remember the gun metaphor? The more bullets youve loaded, the
more intimidating the gun.
In the presence of attractive women, you'll want to appear both confident and
sexually-hungry (which is different from sexually-starved, which well discuss in a
minute). Women want to feel desired. They want you to throw them around the
room and plow them like a caveman. They want you to spontaneously walk up to
them at a bar, woo them over with sexually-charged conversation and bang
them in the back of a burgundy 03 Mazda Speed-6.
But women can read through bullshit like the newspaper. Just like the
robber and the gun, it all works better when its genuine.
Its one thing to take a girl home and fuck her all "rough-like" because you read
once on TRP how AWALT and like rough sex. Sure shell like that at first, but
because youre heart wont been truly into it, shell pick up on your lack of
conviction eventually. Now if youre throwing her around like tissue paper
because you havent had sexual release in over a week well, thats something
else entirely.
When you eat, you eat. But when you eat out of hunger, you eat with
Aside from all this, I've suggested masturbation as rarely as possible over
complete abstention for a reason.
Unlike a real gun, your gun can be overloaded. This "overloaded state" is what
we'll refer to as Potential Abstinence Threshold (PAT) or the point at which
your sexual desire reverts back to its instinctual state, causing you to seek any
form of sexual release with little to no discrimination or prerequisite.
Know yourself, know your body. My PAT is roughly 2 weeks. Any longer than that
and I begin to make reckless decisions about the women I chose to accompany
(see The Man-Eater). Know and learn your PAT and be honest with yourself. No
really, be honest. Some people can last a month without release, some a week.
You MUST find your own.
Heres a quick way to test your PAT: As you abstain, monitor your attraction
levels to the women around you. Your pivotal point will be where the attractive

women seem to jump out at you, the inaction rationalizations' influences are
minimal and the unattractive women become quasi-invisible. Youll know youre
past your PAT if MOST women become attractive to you and you've become
youre TOO forward or aggressive with your approach.
If you monitor your PAT correctly, at the peak of your resolve, cold approaching
will become second nature.
Your body naturally feels a need for sexual release, so when you cut its
stimulation through masturbation, it will inhibit any factors that might impede it
from gaining sexual release elsewhere. Your brain will turn rationalizations like
She probably only likes biker guys into She may hang around those guys, but
thats only because she hasnt met meyet.
(Part 2 was going to be longer but it seems Ive hit the text limit. This means
there may or may not be a Part 4 after Part 3. Either way, until next time RPers.)
"The Power of Horny" Part 3 (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 5 days ago * by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
Dear RPers,
In our last installment we discussed ways in which an abstinence from
masturbation can be weaponized for use in your daily encounters with women,
well briefly touch on how womens perceptions of men alter through abstinence
from masturbation and how it affects the tell-tale inaction rationalization i.e.
male-hamstering, and we concluded by introducing the Predatory approach.
Today, well continue the discussion we began in Part 2 by introducing the
Observatory approach to masturbatory control, discuss the root cause of timed
hormonal reactions and what that means regarding PAT and well conclude by
touching on ways to further monitor and control your PAT.
In our next series of articles, well take an in-depth analysis of a topic commonly
discussed indirectly on TRP but rarely accurately addressed forthright: the
radical polarization of women (as opposed to standard polarization which is
first introduced in Mark Mansons Models) and how the submission of rejectorial
fear plays into the feminine dynamic of modern-day relationships.
Last time we defined the "Predator" approach as a masturbatory regulation used
by those who are actively pursuing multiple sexual relationships or aiming for
more frequent or efficient satisfaction from a sexual partner. In this approach,
masturbation should be infrequent yet utilized within the parameters set by
your PAT, or Positive Abstinence Threshold.
We also defined PAT as the point at which your sexual desire reverts back to its
instinctual state, causing you to seek any form of sexual release with little to no
discrimination or prerequisite.
The Observer approach is reserved for men who are truly content with the
current level of their sexual encounters, be it through an LTR, good marriage,
substantial amount of plates, etc. and are not looking to pursue additional sexual
opportunities nor improve upon the current level of commitment from their
This approach focuses on the elicitation of more control and less drive.
The observer approach focuses on discipline. You train your masturbation to
adapt to maintained and regulatedrelease schedule which should center
around limiting masturbation to the days at which your sexual encounters
frequently occur (i.e. if you commonly fuck on Saturdays and Wednesdays, those
should be the only days you masturbate as well). These should be considered
your release days.

You should also only initiate masturbation on release days if a sexual encounter
is unlikely to occur.
This approach turns masturbation into a truer sense of sexsupplementation as opposed to a stand-alone sexual release provision
that competes against the act itself.
There has been some debate on whether or not its wise to masturbate before a
sexual encounter with someone. Im in favor of this approach, so long as its
limited to only the first or second sexual encounter with someone, as preejaculation is a present risk that could affect without or not the sexual encounter
evolves into a plate or an ONS.
I do not, however, support the notion of masturbation before every sexual
encounter for 3 reasons.
First, building a prerequisite for sex is unhealthy and can take away from the
enjoyment of the experience. If you have to run through a mental checklist
before every sexual encounter, sex becomes a chore and not a privilege.
Second, making masturbation a prerequisite to sex negatively impacts your
perception of masturbatory release as opposed to sexual release. Instead of
utilizing masturbation as a stand-in for sexual intercourse on sexually-inactive
release days, it becomes fastened to your sexual regime and your body will
begin to associate it with the actual act of intercourse. In turn, youll find that
after masturbating on inactive days, your body will continue to produce high
level of testosterone in preparation for a perceived following sexual encounter
that will never come, leaving you feeling frustrated and hornier than ever. Itll
become a never ending cycle, resulting in masturbation being viewed as a chore
as well. Well discuss why this occurs in the next segment.
Third and most importantly, by doing this, youre giving too much weight to the
womans opinion on how she rates your sexual exploits together, whereas
truthfully, a womans rating scale for sex is purely emotionally-driven and
subjective to multiple uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. how she feels
emotionally during sex will gauge how she rates you, not how long it lasts
Have you ever pondered how ones body instinctively knows when to wake up at
the same time without the assistance of an alarm clock? Have you ever
considered why you might become horny on Friday or Saturday nights without
the aid of porn nd with no women present?
In both of these examples, the body has built a biological schedule based on
perceived behavioral patterns.
Both sleep and sexual release are needs of a normal human male, instinctual
behaviors managed by the reptilian brain and subconsciously effect our realworld perception based upon a lack or abundance of either.
In the realm of sleep, your body constructs a biological sleep schedule
determined by your most-common sleep cycles. Your body produces higher
levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) at the times your more prone to fall
asleep and higher levels of acetylcholine around the times you prone to wake up
(Sunlight and Vitamin D also play factors in setting this schedule as well, but
thats for another discussion).
Sex is a hormonally-based behavioral pattern, so sexual release is no
different. If you were to set a biological release schedule around the
most time-effective/beneficial days (and times) to achieve sexual
release, your body make its own adjustments to compensate.

Your body produces higher levels of testosterone in preparation for any sexuallybase activity. In contrast, the days you arent sexually active, your body will
produce higher levels of prolactin to keep your thoughts away from sex. Through
these indirect control of your bodys production of these chemicals (and several
others), it is possible to control your release schedule and in turn adjust your PAT:
Prolactin levels affect sexual desire indirectly by influencing moodevidence
now suggests that mood affects aspects of sexuality including [sexual] desire
and interest (Regan & Berscheid, 1999)() any decreases in sexual desire in
men and women are the result of mood alterations influenced by high prolactin
secretion. (Hormonal Correlates And Causes of Sexual Desire, P.C. Regan, The
Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol. 8(1) Spring 1999, 2-15)
The neuroendocrine response to sexual activity in humans is characterized by a
pronounced orgasm-dependent increase of plasma levels of prolactin. In contrast
to the well-known inhibitory effects of chronic hyperprolactinemia on sexual drive
and function, the impact of acute prolactin alterations on human sexual
physiology is unknown. Therefore, this study was designed to investigate the
effects of acute manipulation of plasma prolactin on sexual
behavior()Therefore, besides a neuroendocrine reproductive reflex, a postorgasmic prolactin increase may represent one factor modulating central nervous
system centers controlling sexual drive and behavior. These findings may offer a
new pharmacological approach for the treatment of sexual disorders. (Effects of
acute prolactin manipulation on sexual drive and function in males, J Endocrinol.
2003 Dec;179(3):357-65.)
The level of the bodys production of these chemicals being indirectly yet
strongly influenced by the frequency and timing of sexual release explains why
complete abstention wont work long-term. When compared to practices in
sleep, although many other extraneous variables may come into play,
complete abstention is roughly comparable to sleep deprivation.
This also explains why the clear understanding and control of your PAT is
Adjusting your release schedule is also comparable to adjusting your sleep
schedule; if you extend too far beyond your known PAT in terms of abstinence,
your body will adjust to the lower instances of sexual release and your overall
libido will drop. Adversely, this explains why highly sexually active individuals
report higher sex drives, require sexual release more often and are reported to
masturbate even after sexual intercourse; the act of very frequent sexual release
increases their bodys need for sex and their bodies adapt to the necessity:
Similarly, Schreiner-Engel, Schiavi, White, and Ghizzani (1989) found no
significant differences bween the 17 individuals who met DSM-III-R criteria for
HSD [Hyperactive Sexual Desire Disorder] and the 13 healthy, sexually functional
individuals in such parameters as: mean endocrine values, testosterone,
prolactin or luteal values of bioavailable testosterone () significant differences
were obtained, however, in levels of subjectively experienced sexual desire;
specifically, the HSD group expressed a greater frequency or desire for sex ()
Apparently, more than circulating testosterone influences whether the individual
will experience sexual desire[the individuals] who received testosterone in
conjunction with increased sexual activity reported a greater increase in the
number of sexual thoughts on a weekly basis.(Hormonal Correlates And Causes
of Sexual Desire, P.C. Regan, The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol. 8(1)
Spring 1999, 2-15)
Its synonymous to eating. When you eat high levels of calories regularly, your
body will adjust to the increased level of intake and your need for food

increases. When you eat scarcely, your body adjusts to the limited intake of food
and your required quantity of food per day decreases.
To those of you who are very sexually active with multiple plates, you can teach
your body to adjust by increasing testosterone production through regulated
masturbation. If youre sexual encounters are scarce and your content that
way (be it for focus on work, monk mode, focus on lifting, etc.), you can spread
out your scheduled days of sexual release to better fit your current routine and
your body will adapt.
There is a limit to how far you can manipulate these adjustments, however.
While your PAT and release schedule may be altered to a degree, the range at
which your sexual needs operate cannot. This is the true definition of
your libido or the effective range within which testosterone, scheduling, PAT
adjustment, prolactin and any other variables can influence sexual desire:
Sherwin (1988), Bancroft (1998), Campbell & Udry (1994) have proposed that
sexual desire will be noticeably affected only when the level of hormone has
dropped or risen within some unspecified critical threshold () [beyond] this
threshold, increasing levels of hormones will have no further influence on
desire..this would help explain why the serum testosterone levels in physically
healthy men in a study conducted by Brown, Monti and Corriveau (1978) failed to
significantly correlate with the daily frequency of sexual thoughts and sexual
interest; the majority of healthy men have more bioavailable testosterone than is
required for the experience of sexual desire. (Hormonal Correlates And Causes
of Sexual Desire, P.C. Regan, The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol. 8(1)
Spring 1999, 2-15)
Libido, like certain facets of attraction, is genetic.
As such, there are no long-term solutions to high/low libido issues outside of
medication. The only thing that can be done outside of prescriptorial influence is
PAT management through release regulation.
The next series of articles will delve into the radical polarization, frame and the
fear associated with cold approaches; well discuss the rationale behind the fear
of approach, talk briefly on ego v. inaction, cover standard polarization v. radical
polarization, cover briefly how the halo effect influences frame, and discuss
why frame can be easily faked short-term but never forced long-term (long-term
social perception ladders). This series will be a delight to read, I can assure you.
Remember to take your medication daily. Until next time, RPers.
"The Man-Eater" (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 16 days ago by Endorsed ContributorOmLaLa
I lost.
All of the frame-building, lifting, meditation, eating right, IDGAF attitude,
objective thinking and Machiavellian thought processes could not have prepared
me for the man-eater. Just like a regional chess champ playing the Grand
Champion in disguise, I was completely out of my league and due to my own ego
and hubris I failed to respond the tell-tale signs of my own impending demise. I
had the proverbial rug swept from beneath my feet before I even knew what
Game I was playing.
On Monday, I met with a regionally-renowned stripper itd met on a dating site.
Well refer to her as Delilah the Man-Eater.
Although Id only just begun hanging with Delilah, she and I had gone to the
same high school years back. Back then, she was what youd probably call a

PlainJane. She was easily forgettable, sported an average appearance, wore

dull and drab attire; she was that wall-flower that always seemed to blend back
into the tapestry. After high school, due to a lack of options and poor grades,
shed gone military. It was there that a handful of drill sargeants and basic
training had sculpted her into a masterpiece of a figure from her doughy box-like
frumpish frame. Upon returning to civie life, shed heard about the easy money
and fast lifestyle of stripping through an old friend that wed mutually known
(who well introduce later). Before she knew it, she was making thousands a
night, flying to Dubai and snorting cocaine off of diamond trays in the
passengers seat of lime green Lamborghinis.
And Delilah was beautiful. There was no rating scale for her. Shes the type of
woman considered betas nonexistent and the alphas as providers-to-be. If there
is two things she had in abundance, it was men and money.
While we sat in the bar together playing pool and discussing our pasts, I
mentioned how it was odd that Id never seen her on social media before.
I dont really see the point. she sighed, pulling out her phone. Its the same
thing every time.
Delilah then showed me her PoF account. Her messages had reached a whopping
99+ (most of which were unread, of course), her matches were at 99+ and her
views were at 99+. All from Monday. Then she let me browse around.
Her inbox was a graveyard of pick-up lines and thirsty attempts from men all
over the county (some of which I recognized). In that inbox I saw every corny
one-liner, neg attempt, sly compliment, PUA phrase, one-worded approach,
desperate self-degrading remark and peacock line Id had ever heard, seen, or
thought to myself. These guys were from different races, appearances and walksof-line and every one of them was being ignored.
I remember thinking, Wow, all of these reek of desperation. Every one of them.
Maybe it was the sheer volume. Maybe it was the lack of confidence in their
profile pictures. Maybe it was the blatant peacocking or low self-image or overcompensation efforts that oozed from their replies. But in 1-2 messages and one
picture, it all communicated insecurity.
I asked her why out of all of these messages, shed picked mine out.
Your message just was so forceful. she replied retrospectively. I thought it
was kind of hot. Plus I knew you from before so I thought, what the hell. And,
well, here I am.
Come hang out with me Monday. That was my message. Then I told her where
and when. Two messages. That was all it took to out-maneuver my waves of
NOTE: Avoid asking a woman questions as often as possible. Out of Mark
Mansons Models, I believe this is one of the most useful pieces of advice.
Instead of asking what are you doing this weekend? say Come out with me
this weekend. Use periods. Be short. Be demanding. Be authoritative. Trust me.
She downed 3 double-shots of Hennessy like spring water then confessed that
she was bi. She recently had a threesome with her best friend and her ex-alpha
last month and liked it. She told me she was now actively pursuiting women as
She then showed me her other PoF account.
Same shit, different gender. 99+ all around. What was really interesting about
this account however was who was flirting with her. I saw various messages from
one of my plates, my friends current girlfriend (I laughed openly about this one),
a girl in my social circle and a past fling of mine. How peculiar.

She paid for both our drinks (roughly $60, more on this later) and wanted to
meet up with a female friend of hers. I obliged. We hoped in my car and sped
down the highway.
Minutes before we arrived, she asked me to pull into a gas station. I was running
low on gas, so again I obliged. While I pumped, I noticed her pulling out a large
amount of money from her purse. A very large amount of money.
How much cash is that? I inquire. Uhh, 9 grand I think. I havent counted it in
a few days.
She was casually walking around with $9,000 dollars in cash in her purse. I was
What? she remarked after seeing my expression. I made $5300 of this last
night off of just one guy. He thought he was going to fuck me. Poor thing. she
cooed, poking her bottom lip out.
She gave me $100 for gas and told me to keep the change.
I went inside to piss and buy a drink. I came back outside to a white Civic parked
suspiciously close to my car. A burly gruff-looking guy in a white wife-beater was
swearing loudly out his window at Delilah. Delilah through money at him and it
scattered throughout the Civics interior. I went over to see what the hell was
going on.
On my drivers seat sat a bag of cocaine. A very big bag of cocaine. The most
cocaine Id ever seen. Shed called this poor sap to deliver this large quantity of
drugs to her like a pizza delivery boy and was purposefully short-changing him,
regardless of the 9K in her purse. The guy have driven 40 minutes to find her.
Now drug-use usually doesnt bother me, but this was ridiculous. I was livid.
Well, I knew you wouldnt take me to him (she was right), so I told him to come
to me. I really needed a fix. Ill give you half.
I passed.
She then proceeded to cut lines on my iPad and snort in public. I scolded her for
being reckless with my iPad.
Ill buy you a new one she half-heartedly sighed. She stuffed $800 in my glove
I have no power here. I thought to myself. She knows she can do
whatever she wants and buy me off and I was willing to let her. I was
her prostitute. OmLaLa the sugar baby. No frame or physique in the
world could overcome such raw independence.
I was curious. I asked her what she needed me for if she has all this money and
Dick and company. She replied simply. I also know youre fucking Plate #3.
She told me over PoF when I brought you up.
Dammit, Plate #3 you beautiful bitch. You may have inadvertently gotten me
I told her in that case we should just go back to my/her place and fuck.
I dont need dick yet. she sighed. I just need company. She put another $200
in my glove compartment, holding eye contact.
There it was again; my time, attention and validation was being whored out. I
was no ordinary prostitute. I was a validation prostitute. And I let it happen. But
who could blame me? $1100 for my time seemed well worth it. So I let the
cocaine thing slide and we went to meet her friend at a nearby bar. Well called
her Jezebel.

I remembered Jezebel. She had gone to our high school too. She has since went
through a marvelous transformation, similar to Delilahs.
And Jezebel was beautiful too. On terms of solid attractiveness, I felt outmatched
by these two. Jez and Delilah often went strip club hoping up and down the
coast together and had been tight for years. Jez was upset because her
boyfriend had gotten locked up for drug trafficking and she was too broke to bail
him out (I believe she had a serious drug addiction, but it was hard to tell).
Delilah whipped out another large sum of money and nonchalantly passed Jez
enough for her mans bail. She also gave Jez two months of her rent.
Delilah then turns to me and passes $100 under the table.
A man always buys the drinks. She whispered coyly and winked. I felt dirty.
We bought round after round of shots then we piled into my car and drove out to
some large abandoned grocery store parking lot.
I smoked (bad habit, I know) while I drunkenly watched Delilah and Jez do line
after line of coke and other drugs while dancing in front of the cars high beams
and listening to Lil Wayne over maxed-out speakers. I was so far out of my zone
that Id become nothing but a passenger on their drug-induced adventure. We all
laid on the hood of my car and watched at the stars. We eventually made out for
a while before I drunkenly proposed we go back to my place.
Okay. Delilah purred. But no sex and noooo kissing. Jez giggled.
We got to my place and me and Delilah started kissing. Jez silently backed
towards the wall and watched us intently.
Delilah the stopped abruptly and backed towards the wall next to Jez.
Okay, heres what were gonna do. Delilah chirped happily. She hands her
phone to Jez.
Jez is gonna call Kevin to come pick us up. Jez made a disgusted face at the
sound of Kevins name, so Im guessing they werent close. Kevin doesnt live
far from here. You have until Kevin gets here to fuck Jez. And Im gonna watch.
Jezs face remains solemn. Theyd planned this out from the start.
Jez drunkenly admitted she had a thing for me in high school and wanted to live
out some fantasy of hers. I drunkenly obliged.
I start with Jez and the timer begins. Apparently they both also had some partner
swap/watching fetish too, because Jez was very in the moment and Delilah
touched herself vigorously by the door.
As wonderful and passionate as the moment was, within 20 minutes a car pulled
up by my apartment, bass shaking the windows. Mid-thrust and with an annoyed
moan, Jez jumped off of me (sundress, no underwear), brushed herself off and
silently walked out the door. I just sat there, confused.
Delilah hugged me goodbye. Dont worry, she purred. Well do this again
She kissed me, groped me and shut the door behind her. And that was it. I sat
there, my dick literally in my hands. I wish I had an RP moral or lesson for you
all, but even now, 3 days later, I have no idea what exactly happened.
As simple and anticlimactic as that night was, it humbled me. I know what a true
devils daughter is like now. The type of woman that sees men as mere tools,
manipulative and analytical by nature. She had tricked me to fuck Jez just like
she had tricked her drug dealer, her PoF orbiters, the sap in the strip club; she
saw what she wanted from me and got it in a calculated and strategic way.
Maybe Delilahs a Machiavellian too.

Being an exceptional man > being a woman > being an average man.
Of course, woman only notice exceptional men.
my sex numbers are higher than most, what do you respond when a girl asks
how many women you slept with? by UKJDNU in asktrp
"I thought only guys asked that question?"
If pressed:
"What number would you like it to be? ;-)"
If pressed further:
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway"
If pressed still further:
"None, I've been waiting all my life for the right woman and that's you, baby. Or
that chick I saw yesterday at the store ;-)"
Don't blame women. Blame yourself. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago by TRP VanguardArchwinger
A man could dedicate a lifetime to combing the world for stories of women
treating men poorly. Cheating on them, getting bored and leaving them, taking
them for granted, pissing on and minimizing everything they work so hard to do,
even the occasional physical abuse. If you take even a small fraction of those
stories and read them back to back, you start to find yourself thinking that
women are really shitty. How could anybody do anything like any of that to
somebody who cares about them? Its the epitome of evil. Even if they arent into
someone and want out of a relationship, do they really have to be like that? You
start to get angry. You start to mistrust women. You start to expect that from
every woman you meet, even the ones who dont intend anything like that.
After all, very few women actually intend to be like that. They just sort of get
swept up in life, react to whats happening to them, and it just happens.
Whether it is cheating, divorce-raping, or being a selfish mega-bitch. Thats
one of our tenets, right? All Women Are Like That. That doesnt necessarily mean
that all women are intending exactly that for you, right this very minute. Just that
all women, given the right circumstances to react to, are capable of that.
Women react to their circumstances. They dont mean to be evil. They just go to
bed and wake up every day for two years and suddenly find themselves being a
bitch to a man who loves them and takes good care of them. They react to their
circumstances. You are one of the circumstances in your womans life. In fact,
you control many of the circumstances in her life. You might say that its your job
to control those circumstances.
She doesnt know its your job to control the circumstances of her life and would
probably be offended if she knew you thought it was, but deep down inside, she
expects you to. If shes bored, if shes too comfortable, if she starts to wonder if
she sold herself short, if she starts to get curious about another guy, if she starts
to piss on you and take you for granted, if she stops wanting to fuck you eagerly
thats because youve paved the way for her to do that. You failed at your job.
You did not control the circumstances of her life in a manner that fosters a
successful relationship.
Men act. They dont react. Reacting is the womans role.

When your woman tells you to do something or fix something or handle

something that, honestly, you really should have already done, fixed, or handled
on your own, you are now the woman. You should have proactively noticed
something that needed doing and taken care of it, simply because you keep your
life in order and run a tight ship. If she notices the problem first and tells you
about it, you are now female. You are reacting to something she has proactively
acted to solve. Because in woman-world, its not the person who actually fixes
the problem who gets credit. Its the person who notices it and complains about
it first. She noticed the problem and she fixed it by utilizing one of her resources
you to get the job done. In her mind, she was the man who acted to fix the
problem. You were the woman who reacted to her leadership and direction. You
were a little bitch.
When you dont escalate toward sex, you are now a woman. She might be horny
tonight, she might not be, she might not be but still ride your cock because she
loves pleasing you. But shes going to sit there and play with her cell phone.
Shes not going to tell you anything. If you let her dick around on Facebook all
night instead of dicking around with your dick, you were her little bitch. You spent
all day doing shit and keeping her ship running, and instead of insisting on
getting yours that night, you let that little queen sit and feel pampered. You
relegated yourself to the role of servant rather than king.
When your woman decides to shit test you by being a stupid bitch or trying to
pick a fight, the only response the ONLY response is to not play her game.
Even if your response is the best, most witty comeback on the planet and you
feel awesome because youre so Red Pill manly man alpha and you blew through
that shit test of hers, guess what? Youre a woman. She acted, you reacted. She
did something, you responded. She led, you followed. A womans shit tests arent
something you stop and respond to. Theyre a child throwing spitballs at a train.
The train doesnt even slow up. It has somewhere to be and something far more
important to do than stop and clean the shit off of its roof.
When youre out somewhere with your woman, and you sit quietly and react to
others, you lose. Youre a woman. Your job is to strut around and engage people.
Be the actor, not the responder. Even if you suck at it and everyone thinks youre
a boisterous asshole, thats far, far better than being a timid loser who looks like
he doesnt have any friends or anything interesting to say.
Its your job to make women feel entertained. Its your job to make women feel
safe. Its even your job to make women fuck you. You control the circumstances
of her life. If she wakes up one morning, kind of bored, comfortable, and not
really into sucking your dick, its not because shes an AWALT bitch. Its because
youre one of those AMALT men. Most men are reactionary losers. But you can do
Great post, but I have to disagree with one of the points. As a ltr veteran, the
following is unequivocally false:
When your woman tells you to do something or fix something or handle
something that, honestly, you really should have already done, fixed, or handled
on your own, you are now the woman. You should have proactively noticed
something that needed doing and taken care of it, simply because you keep your
life in order and run a tight ship. If she notices the problem first and tells you
about it, you are now female. You are reacting to something she has proactively
acted to solve. Because in woman-world, its not the person who actually fixes
the problem who gets credit. Its the person who notices it and complains about
it first. She noticed the problem and she fixed it by utilizing one of her resources
you to get the job done. In her mind, she was the man who acted to fix the

problem. You were the woman who reacted to her leadership and direction. You
were a little bitch.
Fixing shit, being resourceful, etc., while a duty for men, is action not unlike
responding to a text message, you must keep the woman at bay by not being too
eager or indiscriminate with your action. For instance, snap-fixing any leaky
faucet is like snap-responding to a text message, she will begin very quickly to
take you for granted. In the case of being handy, women as nesters are
perpetually, obsessive-compulsively looking for ways to improve their nest, and
this means they will want to make BedBathandBeyond/HomeDepot runs every
weekend, they'll want new sheets, new paint, oh-I-don't-know-about-thosecurtains -- you get my point. You've got to attend to these nesting impulses, but
with discretion and intelligence. It is very easy to be on top ofeverything and still
have the bitch nag you about something else, she will always see something in
her nest that needs improvement.
Great retort; spot-on.
The work to do around the house proactively done by the man will likely never be
noticed from the woman's POV. A short list:
1. Cleaning the gutters on a sunny day
2. Roof work (black-jacking loose shingles, killing moss, etc)
3. Oil changes in the cars
4. Keeping salt in the water softener
5. Splitting the wood ahead of time so it is dry for next winter
6. Tool maintenance
You get the idea. Men handle the kind of shit that women would only become
aware ofif we stopped handling it.
When the faucet leaks, or her car makes a funny noise, a creak develops under a
floorboard, or she notices a spider web really high up on the ceiling, I
acknowledge her complaint and then queue it into my priority list. Ill always
triage the complaint promptly (especially for car noises). On occasion Ill fix it
immediately (like if company is coming over). Other times it will get fixed in a
few weeks. I own the decision where to let her "HoneyDos" fall into the schedule;
and yes - on occasion Ill bump her work lower for no other reason than to make it
clear that I dont operate at her beck-and-call.
How to inject some alpha energy into your relationship
immediately. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago * by [deleted]
Beta-backsliding? Story of my life. This is how I've recently learned to alphaupslide when I've felt that I've been a bit too vulnerable, available, sensitive, and
frankly beta with respect to my LTR.

For a day or two, totally withdraw any form of verbal affection. Cut texts or
calls way, way down, as if she is number 13 on your list of priorities for the
day. Take hours to respond, act/be distracted.

The next time you see her, let it be her initiating if possible. Wait for her to
come over, to instigate the in-person situation by inviting you or herself

When you see her, be distracted with something else. Maybe you're
reading a book or gun review online, maybe you're stretching after a run,
etc., but don't give all your attention to her right off the bat.

After a few moments of partially neglecting her, pick her up and carry her
to a bed or a couch. Don't be smiling. Set her down and immediately begin
selfishly enjoying her body, kissing it all over, etc. Sexualize / objectify her
shamelessly, and let her see that you feel completely entitled to enjoy her
body. Ideally, fuck her right then and there, and be rough.

Afterwards, immediately again begin doing something that allows you to

give some of your attention to her, and some of it to your activity: Cooking
an omelet, cleaning up your apartment, take a cold shower. Appear happy
as fuck but only partially interested in investing in her right now.

Spend some time with her before initiating a goodbye because you have
some things you need to do. Slap her ass on her / your way out.

Wait for her to reinitiate contact via text/phone in the hours after you
leave. Don't circle back and contact her first.

No matter what she thinks she feels about this, her instinctive female animal
mind will ascribe new additional value to you as you demonstrate power,
autonomy, and an IDGAF attitude. In the words of Heartiste, fake it til you create
For all men with high standards and little experience, try to date women you
don't like. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago * by One_friendship_plz
The best way to practice alpha game is to plate women you genuinely don't care
You heard me. A lot of you men have women interested in you that you feel are
beneath you. 6's or women you find to be "trashy" you refuse to date a woman
with a high partner count or is really dumb.
You refuse to date a woman who has an incompatible personality with you or
different beliefs.
That's the point.
If you know Sarah got banged out by 3 guys in the bathroom the only thing you
could think when you look at her is "gross" No matter what kind of charm she
tries to play on you, you will never be able to get that image out because of your
high standards.
By dating these types of women you are going to passively, naturally put out
alpha game. Would you really consider giving up your hobbies for Sarah? Would
you really consider picking her up from Chad's place after he's done with her?
Would you really be nervous around this creature you think is beneath you?
No, you wouldn't. And that's the point, use these women you don't like as test
dummies. Build up experience with them, get used to knocking away shit-tests..
get used to not caring if a woman threatens to leave you. (You never cared about
her that much to begin with).
These women are practice, a lot of you men are going out there lifting.. getting
rich and improving your social game, you screen out all these women and find
"the one" only to fuck it up because of your lack of experience.
Trust me, it's okay to fuck a slut..especially if their morals disgust you cause then
you can't get trapped or played with.
There's so many women out there that are DTF but you have to be okay with the
fact that they make shit company.
Get used to it men, and rememberdon't fuck fatties (Validating them for being
piece of shits.)

If you're worried about how other people would view you because your plate is
retarded then you're still beta. You shouldn't need another persons validation.
There are men on this subreddit who are lacking experience and yet they're
looking for someone to care about so that they can practice "not caring" which
probably gets them caught in a loop.
I'm not telling men they have to date/plate people who are
unattractive date/plate a bunch of uglies , but a high-standard male seems to
be dropping women for having a slutty past, not being smart or some other
reason when they should be using them for practice.
Edit: for clarification This is not about men avoiding women who fit their
standards. Some of us have specific qualities in a woman that we might not find
anytime soon. It has nothing to do with rejection or things not working out. There
are MGTOW because they can't find a woman who fits their standards and even
when they do they slip up because they don't have experience.
Just to reiterate, practice is fine guys but DON'T FUCK THE FATTIES.
This is like feeding pigeons and other wildlife at the park. You are giving these
ham-planets validation for their all-about-the-bass bullshit mentality and ruining
the ecosystem for everyone else. Girls these days just keep downing cupcakes
and embracing their "curves" because so many desperate betas are still willing
to worship them. Actual pretty girls are becoming more and more rare such that
normal 7s now think they are 9's and 10s.
It's not worth the disease risk. Go jerk off at home.
Learn how to shut up. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago by 1DeputyDelicious
This post will be short and sweet, but I have objectively discovered I have a
I talk too flippin much. I'm a comedic personality naturally, but regardless of that
I shouldn't voice my genuine opinions often. Even in jokes unless they are
genuinely tasteful. Don't force it. Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved. So
don't try to teach these women, a better way. If they genuinely think there is a
better way then they'll go find it on their own.
On anonymous boards like this. Sure, be honest. You have no reason not to be,
but realize when you step out those doors and into the real world. The people
who cry no judgment, are always the most judgmental. So don't talk about how
you see women. Don't talk about their real nature. Be a part of your group, but
believe and do what you want. I realized this a while ago, but I have had trouble
implementing it so I'm going to list a couple of practical things I will be doing.
Chances are if you are new or have been doing this a while, people will notice. I
had one guy ask me if I had ever heard of the man-o-sphere straight up. I said it
doesn't ring a bell. Close call.
Part of learning to kill your ego is to learn how to not voice your real opinion.
Welcome to the real world friends, where the truth is always beneath the surface.
Back to the practical points.
1. Adapt to the environment. Don't say your opinion until you know the
opinions of the people you are dealing with. For example, I knew I could be
truthful, but not completely truthful with my one friend because he asked
me if I knew about the "manosphere". I told him, who knows what that
manosphere is, but I did stumble upon this thing called the book of pook
on that neat stumble app you can add to your browser.

2. If you can't say something nice, or funny in that audience. Don't say
nothing at all. Avoid arguing especially with women, it's a waste of time.
Even Chris Rockrecently had to openly state this. If Chris Rock can't speak
the truth then you know it's over.
3. You can't change someone's opinion of you. So don't bother trying to.
Once your reputation is ruined in a circle. It's gone for good. There is
nothing you can really say to truly redeem yourself. I got into it with a
certain woman a while back, and she decided to spread rumors to destroy
my name. I told my closest group of friends some of which were a part of
that group and they know the truth, but the rest of the people? They will
probably never know the truth.
Why do so many RPillers seem spiteful of women? by Ayoung4u in asktrp
Because of what they put men through for pussy. The truth is a woman
can fuck me 5 minutes after meeting me but I have to go through all her
hoops just to have a chance. I have to be funny, charming, confident. I
have to dress nice, smell good, and clean my car. I have to wear my best
clothes and give her the absolute best of me just to have a chance at
pussy. Not actual pussy...but a chance at it.
5. All that shit gets me a date, it gets her hooked. Then once we're on the
date I have to sell myself to her, I have to make sure I'm a guy she wants
to fuck. I have to touch her and make her laugh and make her feel certain
emotions. I have to prove to her she's not about to fuck compete loser.
While this is happening she's sitting across from me, judging my every
fuckin move and deciding whether or not she wants to let me fuck her that
night or 2 months from now. This is why escorts and sluts are awesome.
6. Women on the other hand don't have to do anything. They show up with
their make-up and big ass titties and expect us to work hard for it. This is
why men are angry at women.
7. I think Patrice O'Neil said "Men want pussy without giving time. Women
want time without giving pussy"
8. The positive thing is, as a man, you can up your value to get pussy easier
and faster. A woman's value decreases day to day.
FR Choking Wife During Sex by newlifeasredpill in TheRedPill
Uh... yes please. Next time turn her over and slap her in the face. Make her beg
to cum. Tie her hands with a tie. Slap her ass with a belt. Dude, there's a million
and one ways to do it. You've opened a door to a huge world of exciting
possibilities. Just don't be that way every time. If you have that type of
relationship, she needs to trust you 100% and always feel safe. She needs to be
rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad. But , the #1 thing is that she
has to want this type of relationship.
Oh and have a safeword. You don't want to do actual harm.
[FR] For the Newbies: On Women and Infidelity by eccentricrealist in TheRedPill
after I got out I saw her pull the next guy she saw into her room so they could
When the spinning stopped, the young girl dismounted the ride, walked to the
front, and placed another token in the slot. with a jolt, the machine slowly rolled
into motion. Quickly, the girl scurried back, wrapped her hand around the pole
and lifted herself back onto the stallion. A smile slid across her face. The carousel
was her favorite ride.
How should I respond to a girl becoming pregnant after having sex with me and
not wanting an abortion. by hambonew in asktrp

Alright OP, I've been there and I'm not a baby daddy. Long story short I was still
sleeping with ex-gf without condom like before and she oopsie-doopsed me (my
fault of course, what idiot fucks his ex without a condom). This was in my BB
days but one of the most red things I did back then.
Here's what I did: she wanted to use this kid as leverage to get me back. First I
tried to talk her out of it by convincing logical arguements which, hold on to your
hats, didn't work. So I'm in total panic at this point, I tell her I need to think about
it. Two days later we meet to talk, and I tell her I want to try our relationship
again. I say some gay shit like "I want to go for it 100%, always be with you", bla
bla, was talking some shit about getting a dog and a white picket fence 2-3 years
from now. Hearing this level of promised commitment was more than enough to
make the "but I want to make sure we have space to focus our attention on
eachother" and "without a kid we can afford a much larger house" (women
fucking love houses) hit really where I wanted it. So we do some lovely cuddling,
kissing, caressing and have an appointment at the clinic that same week.
So the fallout of this is massive obviously, but at least it doesn't take 18 years
and costs you half your salary. I think I waited around 3-4 days to actually dump
her. She says I tricked her and the only thing I maneged to explain was
something like eye for an eye. She slapped me in the face, broke down crying
and I got a million phone calls from her mom who apperantly agreed I should just
let me get preggo-trapped.
TL;DR: women don't respond to logic nor care about your life, play to
her emotions, promise her commitment and a house and marriagethen
dump the crazy and don't even fap within a mile of her
"Always leave a woman better than when you found her."
Really? byAnonymousAndLovinIt in asktrp
It's just feel-good bullshit so pickup artists aren't reviled as scum by the public at
large. tl;dr - it's just PR.
This. Women reset to their native state as soon as they find betterpasture.
"Oh yeah, what're you doing?" by stro85 in asktrp
You don't need to respond. Ignore it. It's not her business.
Or think of something funny: "I've got an appointment to take my dog to the spa"
"Oh yeah, what're you doing?" by stro85 in asktrp
"Gotta save the world".
"Oh yeah, what're you doing?" by stro85 in asktrp
I'm teaching my goldfish to swim
Tinder chick shit tests me with "How tall are you?" - I respond accordingly. Her
response is...interesting. What do you guys make of
this? by Casual_Tits in asktrp
tell her your ex was 120, and you felt she was too thin, and it'll be interesting to
date someone more huggable.
A Point for people finding DE from The Red
Pill by onepill_twopill inDarkEnlightenment
Not so redpilled:
I've argued before that theredpill is not really a bold leap. Let's face it, you're a
loser guy in your teens, 20's, or maybe your 30's. You suck with women, daddy
might have been gone, or you could have just been a giant pussy like I was. You
finally comes to this place and you are so enamored by it, because these people
at least appear to be honest about relationships. The problem starts to set in
though, if feminism is bad, then what else have I been lied to about? Of course

that was my step in thinking and unfortunately most people will never make that
logical leap. Being simply anti-feminist is a liberal position. There, I said it. Look
at someone like theAmazingAtheist, he makes anti-feminist videos but yet is
painfully liberal. It's obvious you can be a modern day liberal and be anti-feminist
as well, you can also be anti-Marxist.
Here's a video explaining this:
It's not really a redpill, you're not actually exiting the "Matrix" as it were. Since
you are not challenging beliefs on gov't, economy, resources, religion, race, or
the hundreds of horrendous other social policies it is hard to claim you've exited
the matrix. Without taking these intellectual steps there will be no point to any
progress, you will never be free.
My belief stays the same, theredpill is a movement to make the PUA ideas more
palatable. PUAs are clowns, jokes, magicians, street performers, and they are
against all of the tradition and monogamy that I stand for. It is obvious when
looking at major "players" in theredpill or people with a lot of influence that they
are either narcissists or scumbags. The fact they adopt right-wing views is truly
hilarious considering their lifestyle is only possible due to left-wing changes to
Here's my overall opinion of how to defeat feminism:
1) Stop watching the news, stop giving them ratings/views/traffic, whether it is
the internet or tv. When you ignore SJWs they become that much smaller and
2) Start acting, start pushing for bills and legislation in all states to repeal child
support(wife support) and alimony. This would be a major step forward.
3) Just don't be a pussy and a coward in your thinking. Believing 50 left-wing lies
while only criticizing one of them(feminism) is tediously dumb and ideologically
bankrupt. Just let the left-wing house of cards fall down in your mind. I know you
think now that if you stop believing all the lies that people won't like you. But
here's a truth bomb, people don't like you already, so who cares what they think
about you and vice versa?
4) To get lastings relationships with women that last and are meaningful should
be the goal. Banging all women possible is similar to the acts of a wild beast, it
demeans both men and women to animal instincts. Not only that, PUAs have you
ignore men, of which you need a similar amount of strength in relationships.
In the anglo-sphere, relationships are fucked up royally, one part culture and one
part old religious tradition. Relationships should first be based on necessity or
need. They also should have an element of touching, the best female
relationships obviously have touching and male ones do too, usually hitting or
shit like that but it is important.
Touching someone allows them and you to form a much higher level of trust. In
the rest of the non-anglo world this is seen quite well, think of somewhere like
South America or Southern Europe. People touching is so much more normal.
Only to be indoctrinated with feminism and "Sexual assault" non-sense can
believe this anti-touch stuff. Just as in the olden times you would not touch
people based on Christian virtue now it's based on feminist virtue, it's an untold
element they've hijacked. Of course feminists made it even worse, people didn't
touch each other in olden times based on respect, now it's based on some
whimisical notions. This weird Puritanical anti-touch thing people have is bizarre
to me now.

Copy body language. A bunch of canned lines, routines, and negging while being
a low SMV male gets you nowhere, I've tried. Believe me, I have. So PUA is
garbage to me, it is like high school boys comparing notes.
There you go
From an Antisocial kid to Alpha male (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago by yuur6
First of all, sorry for my English but I want to express myself and tell how trp
changed me.
A little background,I was 11 when I diagnosed with HGH(Human growth
hormone) deficiency. I used to look like an 8 year old when I was in high
school(for reference here is Andy Milonakis, he is 40). Besides I used to have
Pectus Excavatum, my chest was like this. Now imagine a high school boy who
looks like a skinny 8 year old freak(my face looks attractive btw). I was getting
bullied everyday. No self esteem, no confidence, no social skills, no social life. My
whole life was about porn,video games and movies. I started shooting HGH when
I was 14. My look was getting back to normal. I was growing 4-5 inches in a year.
When I was 19, my doctors said enough and they've stopped the treatment. I'm
5'9'' now and I look perfectly normal. When they stopped my hgh treatment I
decided to haveNuss procedure (nsfl), They put a 12 inc metal bar inside my
chest. Post op was painful as fuck, I couldn't breath or move. By the time I was
still a video game and porn addict. Losing all hopes was freedom. My doctors
said "you should stay in bed for 3 months, you won't be able to make physical
activity for at least 6 months". I used my time wisely. I started learning English,
read lots of book(every kind of books, fictional, non-fictional, even romantic
novels), I was still lurking on reddit though, when I was hanging out /r/askreddit, I
saw a thread about most hated subreddits and decided to check it. All subreddits
looked familier except this one, on the front page, some of those posts were
Misogynistic and comments have negative attitude. However, when I read the
sidebar and the top posts, I realised that this community is about selfimprovement, it's about reminding us that we are men and understand female
mind. This is when my life started to change completely. 3 months of monk
mode, self improvement books/articles,meditation,o social media and
therapy(suprisingly most of male psychologists are red pill btw) 6 months after
post-op I started lifting, I swear to god I woke up at 5 am every morning, took my
supplements and hit the gym then went to my 8am classes, my chest bar was
still giving me pain but no pain no gain they say. I gave all of my clothes to
charity and bought new ones(thanks /r/frugalmalefashion), I quit porn cold
turkey(thanks/r/pornfree) and masturbate only 1 time a week(I don't believe 90
days no fap challenges, it makes me pussy worshipper beta),started doing kegel
exercises, doing yoga to correct my posture,found new hobbies(rock climbing
and painting). After a year of lifting,eating paleo and learning new social skills. I
finally found courage to talk with girls. I turned into a "not giving a fuck machine"
we are a maggots in god's asshole anyway, who gives a fuck? I aproached girls
when they were with their bf's. I got beaten, rejected, fell for oneitis or got laid.
With every date or casual sex, I learned something new, I found my weaknesses
and tried to fix them. I traveled 22 different countries and slept with girls from
different races(thanks Couchsurfing and Tinder). the slutty Australians, snotty
French girls, perfect Russian wife materials, shy Korean girl. Call this subreddit
sick, call me sociopath or a liar neck beard. I'm studying computer science, I
have 3.62 GPA, I look fit, a girl who works for P&B offered me to be a model, I
have lots of friends, I climb every weekend and eat clean. Did I do all of this for
girls? Nah. Maybe at first, but when you focus on yourself and start living, girls
come anyways.

Thanks TRP.
The Red Pill is A Posteriori: To fully understand TRP philosophy, a man must have
submitted 1 month ago * by LastRevision
The Red Pill is a reactionary philosophy in response to the myth that women are
wonderful (the mainstream acceptance of overt female chauvinism), and the
rapidly growing discrepancies in the Sexual Marketplace.
The most predominant straw-man argument against The Red Pill is that "we are
sexless, inexperienced wanna-bes who like to talk big..." or maybe we lucked into
having a girlfriend who dumped us, and we're bitter and ignorant.
To the truly Red Pill man- the one who doesn't need a "purple pill debate," the
one who has been through the ringer, the one who has seen every schizophrenic
personality side a woman can offer- this holds the same weight as a child trying
to pull rank on an adult; it's silly, cute, and absurd.
But like a child trying to grip the bitter reality of adulthood, The Red Pill may be
something impossible for them to see- something invisible.
To fully grasp The Red Pill, a man must have experienced being anAlpha Fucks,
a Beta Bucks, and the result of when a woman loses attraction/use for a
A true Alpha Fucks (a beta can still get a girlfriend and get laid) will be treated
as a temporary God. A woman will go to ridiculous lengths to please an Alpha
Fucks and expect very little in return- his pleasure is her validation. There are few
rules for an Alpha Fucks- behavior that would land the beta with a severe talking
down is embraced and appreciated. Seemingly impossible feats of sexuality
suddenly become possible for an Alpha Fucks; immediate sex, threesomes,
fucking his girlfriend's best friends- all possible for the Alpha Fucks.
As golden as the Alpha Fucks status is, it can be swiftly taken away without
warning or notice. The higher the status of the woman, the quicker she will
disintegrate an Alpha Fucks status if the Alpha breaks frame.
The Beta Bucks is a man who is of-use to a woman; he is essentially a tool or
an object. He may get laid but that isn't his primary purpose (as it is with the
Alpha Fucks); the Beta man is the sum of his parts- money, emotional support,
patience, servitude. Beta Bucks refers to both his cash, or extrinsic value, and
the fact that he is sexually frustrated (think of a horse or deer bucking).
When a woman loses her attraction and use for a man, he is worthlesshe is less than dirt- he may as well be dead.
The Red Pill man will have experienced all three personalities of a woman; the
heights of Alpha, the frustration of Beta, and the lows of being discarded.
The Red Pill, You & Morality(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago * by TRP Vanguard: "Dark Triad
Edit: I hit the character limit when I submitted this post, so I'm going to
edit this up a bit and add the rest of what I wanted to say into a blog
post. Will edit the link in to that here when it's done.
Updated version:
You can choose not to be a snake and not betray a man you respect because you
are a man of principle. You can choose not to fuck another man's girl, whether

he's a close friend or not because one of the principles you follow in your life is
the golden rule:
"I wouldn't want a guy fucking my girl, so I won't fuck another guy's girl." Or "do
unto others as they do unto you"
Moral principles aren't blue pill. Thinking that everyone has the same principles
as you, and that most people don't succumb (or even value) incentive over
principle, is.
Modern men who prioritize sex and utilitarianism above principles; men who
prioritise incentives over an innate sense of justice we all possess don't want to
hear that.
They don't want to observe another man's moral code, one that holds that man
to a higher standard of behaviour than he subjects himself to. Because for the
ruthless Machiavellian, the pragmatist, justice is an obstruction to his desires.
They think "Does this guy think he's better than me? Why is he trying to preach
his principles like religion or something? The best way is the way that works, he's
naive for having principles. Period."
These people, the "amoral bandwagon" as I call them, like to prioritise incentive
over justice. These people make shit friends and business partners. Incentive
cares about what you get out of it. Justice cares about "what the right thing to do
is." These people violate justice because there is an incentive to do so. That
doesn't make them evil in the satanic meaning of the word, but it does make
them prone to immorality. These people know what they're doing will hurt others,
they just don't give a shit.
"Doesn't matter, had sex."
And then without a hint of irony the same guy who said that is going to be pissed
when he finds out his baby mother just sucked off some guy behind a
dumpster. He wants other people to respect his dignity and not violate
him, but he doesn't give a shit about violating others.
Humans are emotional people, emotional people follow principles and have
certain codes of behaviour they follow.
Having one guiding policy "do whatever and fuck whoever to get what you need"
is destructive. Some people are like that. There were always people like that.
Fuck it, whatever. That's their choice. In some situations, we advise that. But do
these people really have a moral pedestal to say "you have principles and
therefore you're an idiot who doesn't get TRP?" - No. Shut up.
You can understand the game and keep your principles if you want to.Just
realise that to live up to your principles, you will sacrifice incentives. If
you have a particularly strong sense of justice, you will never live out
RP philosophy fully.
To be honest, to fully live out TRP philosophy in your life, you'd have to be
incredibly immoral. To be amoral is to be psychopathic, because amorality
is neutrality, it is factual, it is devoid of human emotion. Human action
is not amoral, only strategy/knowledge itself is. Do you see the
disconnect there?
The world is not a fair place, sometimes you may need to be immoral to simply
survive, but there's no need to glorify that shit. If it's necessary, and you're not
simply indulging yourself, then so be it. But there's a difference between stealing
to eat and stealing because "who's gonna stop me?" And guys who get the game
but choose not to steal other people's girls, or scam people out of money in sales
aren't blue pillers. They simply have stronger moral principles than you. Maybe

they can afford to have those principles and survive, and you can't, it simply is
what it is.
TRP is here to show you how the game works, not to tell you how to live your life.
We give advice when asked, sure, but you live the way that suits you best. You
own your choices.
TRP is amoral in the sense that it says "it is what it is.":
Hypergamy? It is what it is.
Branch swinging to the next best thing? It is what it is.
Alpha fucks, beta bucks? It is what it is.
Women have innate value whilst men don't? It is what it is.
You can't change these things, you can build a culture designed to subvert these
things, but they're not going anywhere. The reason the west is falling apart is
because we don't subjugate these things like we used to.
Peel back all the bullshit, and you see women, as well as a lot of men on this
board, are immoral creatures. I don't intend that to be a value judgement, but
without getting into some bullshit philosophical argument and redefining what
good and bad are (been done to death and people always try to whore up my
time with this nonsense) we all know what good and bad is innately.
If you violate someone else's rights because there is incentive for you (stealing,
adultery etc) that's bad. Some philosophical ideas preach otherwise (Nietzsche
and social darwinism comes to mind,) but these are simple redefinitions of reality
from a metaphysical or scientific perspective. You are not mathematics, burying
yourself in abstraction will not immunise you to human instincts.
It doesn't matter if DNA and atoms are amoral, and that you're a collection of
atoms and DNA that is in an amoral competition. The combination of all those
things in tandem gave you a sense of justice. You have a revenge instinct. Your
sense of justice and need for revenge are the basis for all moral guiding
principles. You're part of a game that is not adequately represented by maths
and physics. Those things can't explain morality in a useful manner, because
morality is only part logic, the rest is the intangibility of emotion.
If a guy doesn't want a life of ruthless Machiavellianism and unbridled hedonism,
that's his choice. Just like MGTOW, PUA or being a patriarch with a family is a
choice. None of which are "right choices" but simply "are." As long as he
understands that this won't stop other people from living that kind of life, and
that women are immoral, he's good. If he takes action to defend himself from
people who respond only to incentives and disincentives and ignore moral
principles based upon justice/injustice, then he's good.
People will always debate shit to death out of the principle of "demonstrating
superiority," but most people who advocate for immoral behaviour don't even
have the conviction to call what they're advocating for immoral. They know it's
immoral, they know fucking someone's wife and breaking up that family is
immoral. But they rather call it amoral and say "well she was going to ruin that
marriage anyway." "If he was alpha enough she wouldn't be cheating on him, so
he deserves it." "I have no commitment to that other guy, I don't even know him,
so if his girl wants my dick, I'm going to press that." If that doesn't sound like
bullshit to you, I don't know what to say.
The guy is complicit, he's an accessory to a whore's immorality, but
because pussy is on offer, he doesn't care.
When you try to call that shit AMORAL, you care - a lot. You don't want people to
think of you as immoral, so you try to say it's not good or bad but that it just
simply "is." That family falling apart, or a relationship falling apart isn't your fault.

If you give a girl dick who is in monogamy, that's always immoral, because you
violated another man's rights.
In agreed monogamy, you have rights over exclusive sexual access, when those
rights are breached, immorality has occurred. Now if you have some open shit
going, and your girl fucks another guy, then you knew the score. You may be
butthurt, but you weren't betrayed. You were complicit. Complicit like the guy
who knew he was fucking a taken girl but whose horniness overrode any moral
principles he may otherwise adhere to. Betrayal is the key act that evokes a need
for revenge. When betrayal occurs, so does immorality.
"Bro-knighting" (a faggy term if I've ever heard one) is an issue of moral
contention on this sub. It is men of different moral principles (and some without)
essentially bickering what the right thing to do is when it comes to fucking a
whore who is currently the sexual property of another man. I'm going to tell you
now, I don't think this subreddit can tell you what the fuck to do. You have to
figure that shit out for yourself.
We can present balanced arguments, we can tell you the benefits of immorality
vs. the benefits of morality, and combined with your own pain and experiences
you will make a choice on how you choose to live your life based upon that.
Sometimes you may violate your own principles because you can't keep your
instincts in check, you're fallible after all.
Telling you how to fuck someone over, as a "sexual strategy" is amoral. Actually
doing that and infringing on someone else's rights and causing emotional pain?
That's immoral. Every man must decide "do I want strong moral principles that I
want to live by, or do I want to behave however I need to behave to get what I
And neither is red or blue pill. It simply "is." All choices and strategies are
amoral, it's the act itself and how it affects others which is moral or immoral.
People in this community who have chosen immoral lifestyles want to sell it as
amoral. But that's disingenuous face-saving bullshit.
If you're going to be immoral, own it, don't come up on the sub and act like folk
with moral principles are "blue pillers" because even though they understand
how fucked up the game is, they want to adhere to certain guiding moral
principles in their life.
A lot of people on TRP confuse amorality with delusion. They are
different things. Amorality is simply stating what works in a scientific
and pragmatic manner. Delusion is believing in something that is not
So if you understand the game, but refuse to adapt to it - you are not blue pill,
you are simply defiant, stubborn.
You know some of you are fucking your guy's girlfriends and sisters and shit. That
is fucked up you know. You don't deserve a wolf pack when you're pulling moves
like that.
Trust is a commodity. You need to adhere to certain moral principles whilst
demanding others live up to the same moral principles to ensure that the bond of
trust is not broken. People who are constantly out for themselves end up alone
because there's a lack of trust on all sides. No trust = relationships fall apart.
Why do men instinctually almost have close to zero trust for women? Because
we know they're immoral creatures. We know they don't give a fuck. They must
be regulated. If you've read TRP you know these women will do whatever is
necessary to ensure their own well-being. They don't have a higher mode of

thought, they just run off biological programming and do whatever to "get
You can call that amoral if there's no malice behind it, but regardless the pain it
causes across society is anything but. We used to check female behaviour
with man's sense of justice posing as divinely ordained, and then
impose this on society as a whole. But now men have lost control;
female morality runs the show. And plenty of guys are adopting a
feminine view of morality to "get ahead."
If you think morality is a wholly rational process, it isn't. Even in the
intellectualism of Nietzcshe's master-slave morality or Ragnar Redbeard's "Might
is Right" you can sense a certain hatred and contempt for weakness that
inverses traditional morality as we know it. In fact, in a perverse way, I would say
it something akin to natural female morality. As it seems all but apparent
that hypergamy is the basis of female morality - what enriches her is
good, what doesn't, is bad. It ignores other people's need for justice and is
entirely self-serving. Sound familiar? In a way one could say TRP is the female
strategy applied to male interests.
Vice becomes virtue, and virtue becomes vice. Women are without honour unless
they are taught and shamed into having some. They don't possess the natural
sense of honour that men do, although, it would seem in this age of
emasculation, more and more men are taking on female traits to "adapt" and
Look at society now. That is unsuppressed female sexuality running wild. Corrupt
the women and the men will follow, because when men lose control on a cultural
level they individually adapt themselves to succeed in a feral mating climate.
That is what happens when we say "stop locking up your daughters and
confining sex to marriage, let's have a mass orgie." Sex pushes people towards
immorality to get an orgasm and feel powerful. The bonds of family, and thus
civilization, are destroyed; one adulterous orgasm at a time.
Neither the immoral/amoral or moral guy are really right in what they do. The
immoral guy is "right" in he acquires the most incentives. The guy with strong
principles is "right" in the sense he causes the least pain in the world. These
aren't absolutes, you will do moral and immoral things throughout your life.
Do I think the guy who leans more towards morality is blue pill? No. He is a man
of principle. Choosing to have principles regardless of reality doesn't make you
blue pill. What makes you blue pill is not understanding reality and telling
yourself that things that aren't real are in fact, real. The blue pill is accepting
dogma over the nature of how things work.
So if you understand the game and decide you're going to be an upstanding guy,
as long as you understand fully what is going on, you understand other people
aren't going to play along to your tune, but DO YOU ANYWAY - then you're not
deluded. You simply refuse to become immoral to be more successful. You value
your principles more than financial or sexual success. That is rare, but good for
you. In a success driven capitalist culture people will view you as weak
for that, but it's a mature decision we all must make.
The game is fucked up, I know that better than most, and trying to normalise
betrayal, deceit and double-crossing as the status quo is indicative of that. It's
cultural regression.
Don't do everything TRP tells you. Honestly, pick and choose to apply what you
read here. As much as dark triad theory helps one acquire incentives for
instance, I don't want to create a cult of wannabe psychopaths who try to
medicate their pain and poverty through ruthlessness. So check yourself on that

shit. As with everything, moderation. Anything taken to it's utmost extremity is

insane. We've seen that with what feminism turned into.
Alright, I'm done. Peace.
Dread Game; Different Views From Aesop and Time Magazine(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago * by mikesteane
Dread Game: Comparing Aesop and Time Magazine
This is a fable by Aesop.
A Lion once fell in love with a beautiful maiden and proposed marriage to her
parents. The old people did not know what to say. They did not like to give their
daughter to the Lion, yet they did not wish to enrage the King of Beasts. At last
the father said:
"We feel highly honoured by your Majesty's proposal, but you see our daughter is
a tender young thing, and we fear that in the vehemence of your affection you
might possibly do her some injury. Might I venture to suggest that your Majesty
should have your claws removed, and your teeth extracted, then we would gladly
consider your proposal again."
The Lion was so much in love that he had his claws trimmed and his big teeth
taken out. But when he came again to the parents of the young girl they simply
laughed in his face, and bade him do his worst.
The modern, politically correct, version can be found in Time magazine,
November 2012, P.50
The Awesome Column is by one Joel Stein who says a propos David Petraeus, a
man who ran into some trouble by sleeping with his biographer, things like:
1. I would never ever sleep with my biographer. How can I be so sure?
Because as a married man I would never, ever tell my life story to a
woman I found even remotely attractive
2. I spend much of my day avoiding sexual situations. I set my GPS to a
male voice
He goes on in this vein for half a page and then:
I dont even fully trust the cold-state me. When I was on Dr Phil three years ago,
I sat next to hot, 21-year-old identical-twin former nannies named Pam and Deja.
When Dr. Phil asked me if Id hire them, I told him I wouldnt even let my friends
hire them. If Im dieting, Im not putting chocolate in the house, I said.
So does his wife appreciate his over-the-top refusal of dread game? The second
half of the paragraph tells us the answer to that one:
When I got home, proud of my wisdom, my lovely wife Cassandra screamed,
Im the diet? I explained that she was the diet only because she was my wife
and because, unlike Pam and Deja, there is only one of her. We did not have sex
that night.
Women's reality is defined by their emotional state: Emma Sulkowicz carries her
mattress to graduation (self.TheRedPill)
So this showed up on my FB feed. In spite of the fact that she's already ruined
the guy's reputation, and the fact that he's pursuing a counter-suit against the
school for defamation, Sulkowicz will not let up.
When they say you can't win an argument against a woman, it's because you're
arguing on completely different playing fields. Your argument may be driven by
logic but hers will 9/10 times be driven by her emotional state. For that reason
one should never argue and be reactive, but make statements and be proactive.
Because women define their reality by their emotional state.

"I like your tits" instead of "You have nice tits" (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago * by forgeror
I don't know if this has been covered before but I picked this up from a natural
Always try to use "I like your x" instead of "You have nice x".
When you say "You have nice tits", she'd be thinking, "Oh, so you noticed. You
are like only the 100th guy to have noticed."
But when she hears "I like your tits" from a confident guy, with a high enough
SMV, while making direct eye contact - Instant Gina Tingles.
When you say "I like your x" you are making a statement of your desire. When
you say "you have nice x" you are merely making an observation.
There is also "I love your x". Use this a little more cautiously. "I LOVE your dress"
<- gay.
But, "Oh god, I love your tight pussy" during sex is a statement of passion.
Eg. I like your hair. I like the way you brush your hair. I like your earnings (edit :
ear rings. I meant ear rings.) etc.
P.S. When you say "I like your x" you might sometimes get an urge to explain
why you like her x. Try to refrain from this. You like her x. That's it. No more to it.
You just fucking like her x.
Edit: Obviously "tits", "tight pussy", and "x" are just placeholder words.
A Point for people finding DE from The Red Pill (self.DarkEnlightenment)
submitted 1 month ago by onepill_twopill
I'm seeing a fair few posts on modern Feminism and its disasters. Though that
certainly is something that can be discussed, I'd also like to point out that this
sub acknowledges that Male-Female interactions are only part of the problem of
modern society, and that the origin of these problems goes much deeper than a
gender struggle that has occurred since the beginning of the twentieth century.
Neoreactionaries are not just another Men's rights group: we believe in
something that has been occurring for much longer - the Cathedral. We believe
in Hierarchies, many conservative social constructs and racial differences that
affect society, among so many other things. Things so far have been fine, but
just as a general message to those finding this place from The Red Pill, or any
other Men's subreddit, this place is about covering the whole cake, not just a
single slice.
This probably won't apply for many of you, but I just want to say that, overall,
Entryism is still a danger here
The 3 Essential State Control Exercises That Will Improve Every Area Of Your
Life (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago by TitusNoel
State Control is very important. In fact, I would say its the most important skill
you can learn (yes, controlling your state is a skill, not an inborn trait). The
quality of yours states is the quality of your life. When you lay down on your
pillow at night you judge your day by your states. The more good states you
have, the better you judge your day and vice versa. It is also how you judge your
relationships, your job or business and most importantly, yourself.
Yes, You Do Have Control Over Your Emotions
It's fucking depressing when you hear someone say "He made me do it!" as if
someone stuck a hand up their ass and made them into their puppet. No one can
"make" you do anything. The only person that has control over you, is YOU.

Don't buy into the myth of others having any control of your emotional states.
You're the only one who can control yourself at any given moment in time.
What are States and What is State Control?
A state is how you experience the world at any given moment. Whether happy,
sad, curious, angry, despondent, etc.
State Control is our ability to influence what states we're feeling through our
mind or through our bodies. This can be done by imagining you're X, recalling a
time when you were X, or shifting into the body language of X. I've found that
the most effective way of changing my state is changing my physiology, aka my
body language. (note: States are not just about emotions. You can have states
like motivated or inspired and other things)
Now then, Ive encountered 3 effective exercises that deal with state control and
I will describe them below
Exercise 1: The Polarity Exercise
The polarity exercise is simple.
You get yourself into a very neutral, relaxed state of mind.
Then you identify two sets of opposing emotions (happiness/sadness,
anger/calm, interested/disinterested, Motivated/Unmotivated) and shift into the
positive state as far as you can (on a scale of 1-10 make it a 10). Then move
back to the neutral state and move as far into the negative state as you can.
Then go back into the neutral state and pick another pair of emotions to perform
this exercise with.
For beginners I would recommend picking 3 sets of emotions to use each day.
The Circle of Excellence
You start in a neutral state and then imagine a circle on the floor in front of you.
You step into the circle and begin to generate whatever state that you are trying
to generate, we'll call it state X. So you step into the circle and begin to generate
state X. As long as you are increasing or holding that state you stand in the
circle, and as soon as it begins to drop you step out of the circle. Then you go
back into the neutral state and step in and begin to generate it again. Once you
are able to generate that emotion at a high level, and can do so on command,
then it seems you're done with that emotion and can do another one.
Chaining the Circle of Excellence
Once you've mastered a set of emotions within the Circle of Excellence it's time
to chain these states together. You lay down four circles in a sequence, so that as
you are walking, each step puts you in another circle. So you start walking and
your right foot comes into the X circle, and you change your state, and then your
left foot comes into the Y circle and you change your state.
The goal is that as you are walking you're able to generate these states in a
smooth and powerful way.
Uses of The Exercises
The exercises have many different uses and implications. My favorite is Chaining
the Circle of Excellence because I generate emotions like sexually intrigued,
playful, confident and then use them when I'm out approaching or in
interactions. You can also do the exact same thing in regards to working or
business, or going to the gym.
Chaining together motivated, present, focused and anything else that you can
think of is very helpful in these scenarios.
A Warning Against Peak States

What we're trying to do with these exercises is to increase our natural range of
emotions, and be able to flow into emotions more smoothly and powerfully. We're
not trying to maintain the perfect 10s of the state, we're simply raising our
baseline. Trying to maintain a Peak State in daily life is not useful at all because it
is a very fragile state, uses a lot of resources and can come off as very creepy to
It sounds like you're looking for a guidebook.
TRP makes YOU into a guidebook. Fill yourself with as much masculine identity as
you can choke down. Elevate your natural genetic disposition through selfeducation and exercise. You can then read as much as you want about
heterosexual interactions. You can organize your priorities any way you like,
that's what's great about being a man, but I strongly recommend one thing: "is
this smart"? Ask yourself that question and if you can answer it in the positive,
why not do it? YOU are the guide in YOUR life. That's what's so hard about being
a man, and it always will. YOU are in control. No one holds your hand. There are
other men with whom you can speak, but ultimately rely on yourself.
You want to know about whores and how to avoid them? Study them.
You want to know how to have a LTR? Study them.
You don't want to have a fling? Don't.
How do I earn people's respect? by AGenerousHandjob in asktrp
You must try hard at things, but make your actions seem effortless. The coolest
people are the ones who are cool, but try less harder at it than all the other cool
Maybe I had a bad rep in high school for being a douche or a thirsty kid.
Yup, I bet that's definitely it. I would say a better label for you would be try-hard.
But I'm not knockin ya, that's how I used to be too (still am a bit, actually). And
why are you a try-hard? Probably because you were starved of validation from
both sexes while growing up.
I have a hard time getting people to like me
Yup, you're definitely seeking validation to some extent. This is gonna suck, but
it's what has been working for me: go into social situations without an agenda, at
least for the time being. Allow yourself to be in your natural state. Focus on
having fun, not on making people like you. If they don't like you, fuck it. If you
embarrass yourself, fuck it. It's better to be a beta who admits he's beta than a
beta who thinks he's alpha. Don't waste your time on people who don't like you.
People will probably like you better for it, too. Being genuine (or, at least, coming
off as genuine) is a very powerful thing. Once you're familiar with what comes off
as pandering and what comes off as genuine, then you can start playing the
game (as in assembling a social circle that you control). You gotta crawl before
you can run, man. You're seeking validation like a child would, because not
receiving validation early on has kept those immature behaviors intact. As such,
you need to grow this child into a man before you can start doing real man shit.
Unfortunately it's very hard to work your way up through a social group if you've
been at the bottom for quite a while. Trying to do so will only make you seem
more beta, as you've found. Women (people in general, actually) really hate a
beta trying to pose as an alpha. Social dynamics are a bitch like that. That's why
I often detest human beings, even though I am one. Consider starting fresh, if it's
not too much trouble. If you can't, though, that's okay - because people forget
over time.
Oh, and most importantly you also need to fix the root cause of your validation
seeking. Namely, you need to convince yourself that other people's validation

doesn't really matter (which can be tricky). You also need to get legitimate
validation, which is why I suggested the whole undercover-beta thing. Once you
realize that people will accept you even as a beta, it will help you realize that you
are a part of the tribe even if you're not the leader who everybody looks up to.
And thus: your fear of abandonment is gone. For some further reading I would
suggest Models by Mark Manson. He covers validation-seeking in depth.
Remember: your internal state will always show through, regardless of how good
you are at hiding it. You need to fix the root cause, not the symptoms. This will
be hard. But you can definitely do it: you are a try-hard, after all. :)
She: "Are you a pickup artist?"
Him: (lifts her up) "What do you think?"
This sub has changed my life, literally (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 25 days ago by shoonx
I stumbled upon TRP 6 months ago.
6 months ago was a rough time for me. I wasn't working out, I did nothing but
smoke weed and play video games and jack off, I was working a shitty 8-5 office
job. I felt sorry for myself. I wanted others to feel bad for me.
At first, this sub offended me. "How dare they question my nice
guyness/emotion?" I said at first. The more and more I read, the less I was
offended. The more I read, the more I started to realize just how stupid I was
This job of mine had killed every single ounce of ambition left in my flabby body.
I would come home every day at 5:15, absolutely exhausted from the work day. I
had no desire to better myself. All I would want to do at the end of the day is
light a bowl and watch Futurama.
I've been wanting to start my own reselling business on Amazon, so I could afford
to finally get out of this job, and move to my dream city, Boulder, CO.
6 months ago, I lacked the ambition to even attempt starting it, however.
Everything I've been reading from TRP started making sense. Nothing was going
to change unless I manned the fuck up and took control of my own life. Nobody
was going to hold my hand. Nobody was going to pat me on the back and tell me
it's ok. Nobody else is going to start up this business. Nobody else is going to get
to the gym and get in shape. No. This was all my responsibility.
It was like a light bulb flickered on with the intensity of our home star in my
head. I looked back at myself and was pissed at how much time I wasted just
sitting on my computer chair, high as a kite, browsing Reddit and fapping to
stupid porn.
I got my gym membership the morning after. I've dropped most of my flat tire
already. I've also picked up a love for parkour the past couple of months. I'm still
terrible at it at the time being, but we all have to start somewhere, right?
I quit smoking weed, too. At least for now. It was transforming from a fun
weekend, to having to have it when I come home from work everyday. Having
that extra 50-100 dollars a week has a made a tremendous difference, too.
I also started my Amazon business. I'm making a little over half of what I do now
at my normal job. I started with $200, so the fact that I'm already pulling this
much a month really puts a smile on my face. I'm currently using my profits to
reinvest in my business, and help pay off credit card debts from back when i
thought I needed every modern electronic and video game.

If all goes according to plan, I'll be out of Indianapolis and in Boulder by the end
of the year. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am.
All of this life-changing has really boosted my testosterone, as well. I now wake
up everyday with no snooze button. I get out of bed looking forward to better
myself, instead of wishing I was still asleep.
I've also noticed an extreme difference in how women are around me. I'm
starting to get a lot more looks and smiles than I used to. I've even began
striking up small talk with women that I run into, something I would never think
of doing as a beta.
Before I get any more circle-jerky, I'll wrap this post up.
Gentlemen, thank you for the help that you have given me. Your words were
hurtful at first. I needed them, though. Just like a sick person would need a
vaccination. The initial shot hurts, but in the long run, it's helping you out
To any person who is currently experiencing what I did. It's time to man the fuck
up. Nobody but you is going to make changes in your life. It's time to stop feeling
sorry for yourself.
If you want women, money, social status, etc etc, you need to squash any beta
tendencies you might possess. Swallowing the red pill has changed my life. It can
do the same for you, too.
What's the end (of life) game? by Thethrowawayoption in asktrp
Live with a friend you trust and fuck hookers.
There is No Spoon: On why you should approach game PHILOSOHICALLY and not
TECHNICALLY (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 24 days ago * by Endorsed ContributorOmegaRed_Pill
This has been said many times on this sub, but it bears repeating.
TRP is not pickup.
What separates TRP from the seduction community is simple. Redpill men value
themselves higher than the idea of earning a woman. A pickup artist lacks the
abundance within himself and seeks to complete himself through rewards and
trinkets. To a pickup artist, a woman is a prized trophy that proves he is worthy.
She is a wondrous and sought after priceless antiquity, a white stag, a snipe. A
beautiful woman to a PUA is a unicorn that he must use tricks and mental sorcery
to capture. He is coming from the frame of needing her magic to define his
RP men can choose to have fun learning how to game a woman, in the same way
he can choose to have fun learning how to fish for salt water barracuda. He can
learn specific skills and techniques, but likely that mans worth extends out far
beyond his ability to fly fish.
A RP man can learn pickup/game as a hobby or skill, but ultimately he knows he
is better than a woman. The woman is a prize to be had, but she is not the prize.
From this frame of abundance, the challenge becomes fun. The outcome of the
hunt does not determine his worth. He knows and understands the place that
women, game, hobbies and activities play, and he does not allow his desire to
consume him, nor does he allow the outcome to sway his emotions. A fisherman
is no less a fisherman on days he brings home an empty stringer than he is on
days his hull is full. On either day he is still a man.
I spend a fair amount of time in the fraternity of the IRC chat. I welcome you to
join if youre interested. Linkhere.

On a daily basis, the chat will be inundated with one frantic man or another who
is asking for text game or advice on how to deal with a woman. There is always a
sense of urgency to the request. The answer is almost inevitably the same.
Give less fucks.
If you find yourself struggling with learning game, or with a desire to consume
all of the knowledge of pickup patter, situational rules of gaming, rote steps to
how to escalate, or another other number of strategy based steps to get a
Is your desire from a need, or a want space? Are you trying to fish because you
think it will be an enjoyable hobby, or are you desperately trying to learn how to
fish because you are afraid of starving if you dont?
In The Matrix, Neos frustration with the weight of wanting to know how to defeat
the agents was palpable. Neo tried desperately to learn the secret.
He figured that Morpheus, the oracle, someone could teach him the technique.
Surely there must be some special trick to do it. Or perhaps there was some
technical manual on an esoteric martial art he could learn that would help him.
The secret, as Neo would learn, to bending the spoon was realizing that there
was no spoon. And after Neo learned the philosophy behind the matrix, that he
could stop bullets in midair and kill agents at a whim, he had a curious, almost
amused calm about him. The secret to fulfilling his desire was to let go of
his desire.
In this way there is no trick to winning a woman as the prize, because the woman
is no prize. Many men still even after swallowing the redpill come in with an
empty, hollowness in their soul. They see the woman as the ultimate goal and
cannot imagine saying the wrong thing and losing her. They still have not
crushed the fantasy that they can capture a woman and she will as /u/RolloTomassi talks about love him the way he wants to be loved. It doesnt take long
before she realizes his lack of frame and he does lose her. Ive seen this dynamic
time and time again.
Is there a trick to salt water fly-fishing for barracuda? Of course. In the same
way, are there tricks and tactics that will make you better at picking up women?
Of course. But if you attempt to learn them without adopting a redpill philosophy
you are doomed to failure.
Changing your frame PHILOSOPHICALLY to a frame of abundance, and of a lack of
fucks will see your game rise exponentially. The game is a challenge, and the
hunt is fun, but above all else you are more important than her.
A woman does not and never can complete you. You are better than your ability
to temporarily capture the interest of that woman. There is no spoon to be bent
Neo. Without approaching game with this mentality first, no amount of
techniques, ploys, tricks or skills will satisfy you beyond being able to game a
few simple low value women.
The irony is that once you have this frame of abundance, the technique will flow
from you.
Men will always desire the company of women. But men who are aware can
make better time of that company and get that company a lot easier than men
who try really hard.
The secret to their success is that they focus primarily on themselves. They see
that women are an accessory to a given experience and use them sparingly. Very
much akin to a condiment being applied to your meals; it's there to add a little
zest to your experience, but too much of it will kill you, and too little of it simply
takes away from the experience.

Exactly. And it's worth emphasizing that girls are fungible. If one particular girl
lacks the class, grace, and appeal to be pleasant company, then she is easily
replaced by the ones lining up behind her.
Women are not the prize. They are the contestants.
Good analogy. The guy who wrote "No more mr nice guy" said you're life is like a
cake made up of all the kickass things you do. A woman (or women) is the
frosting. You gotta make a delicious cake before you put that tasty frosting on.
It's like working out.
You start, you get newbie gains. You are happy. You keep lifting.
You plateau. You can't figure out what is wrong. You try everything. You finally
break the plateau.
Then you get gains. You are happy. You keep lifting.
Now i'm going to copy paste a comment of mine, from a few weeks ago,
because i'm Miss Motherfucking Cleo, and I can see your future.
If you're doing your job, and becoming higher and higher on the SMV ladder,
your tastes will change.
I can remember when all I wanted was just to fuck a girl who had a phenomenal
Then once I did that, I wanted to fuck a girl who was phenomenally hot all over.
Fast forwards a few years, all I wanted was to fuck two girls at once.
Then I wanted to fuck two phenomenally hot girls at once.
Are you with me? One of my favorite lines from some shitty band I like:"Behind
every desire is another one waiting to be liberated when the first ones
So to answer your question, yes this is normal. A more interesting question, is
this: Where does it end?
Well, it ends one of three ways: Hitting a personal SMV limit, Regression, or the
failure of the risk/reward assessment.
Smv Limits: Like if you really, really want to fuck billionaire supermodels but
you just can't make more than 50k a year. Or you were born flat ugly. You're
ripped, but there's not much more surgery you can do on your face to fix it, and
you're gonna have to settle for well gamed 8's for the rest of your life.
Regression: You fail at life and go back to being a shitty AFC. You get fat and
over-beta and so on.
The failure of the Risk/Reward assessment. This is where a lot of high smv
guys end up. So you're spinning high attractiveness girls with ease, and life is
great. But maybe you get your first STD. Or your tenth. Maybe someone gets
pregnant. Maybe nothing bad happens, but the boringness and habitation of the
whole thing continues, and you're just tired of it.
Eventually, the cost of breaking into some higher tier of SMV woman isn't worth
the effort or hassle required to get there. I mean, i'm sure there is some guy out
there so unimaginably good at game and so cut that he fucks six 9.9 women on
every saturday night. But I'm not willing to devote my entire life to sexual
strategy to achieve that. I just have too many other things I'm unwilling to let go
of. Like energies I put into career, or family, or friends, or whatever.
TRP is about sexual strategy, but everything we pursue comes with a cost. Sex is
awesome. Really, really fucking awesome. And some girls can do things that can
blow the mind, and make you think you've seen the face of god. And while I'm

certainly not going to give sex up any time soon, there is an amount of effort
required to keep a harem going.
Eventually, some guys come to the realization that once you break into a certain
level of girl, it can seem, from a certain perspective, to be....all the same. And
the effort or time required to keep all that shit up could be spent on other areas
of life. As you become older, your time will become more valuable. So naturally,
a lot of guys at the top of their game, want to keep the awesome sex thing but
devote more of the resources elsewhere.
The natural answer there being an endless series of semi-monogamous
relationships, or........LTR/marriage. Which also increases the level of challenge
and reward massively. And the risk.
But the reason it ends the reaching for the higher tier, is because the risk-reward
assessment often for LTR after you've done and seen it all can pass (it's
acceptable, more reward for the risk), and the risk-reward assessment for
constantly climbing for the stars as far as sexual strategy is concerned can fail
(little reward, high risk) as we age.
I digress. It's good that you're moving up. I stopped gaming below 8's unless just
for extreme convenience sake a ways into my spinning. In fact, girls that I used
to be highly attracted to when I was young, I doubt I could get it up for now.
As a man, you need to earn your gravestone.
Wise words. Never heard it put so concisely. As Rob Roy McGregor's tombstone
says "Despite Them"
Why TRP Tells You To Meditate - Memes, explanations and instructions on how to
find your inner stoic (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 24 days ago by makethemflaunt
Some gratuitous memes: Monk, Cat,Lemur
Why TRP Tells You To Meditate
The strong, stoic man which TRP idealizes is free from emotional reactivity; and
you are not. Emotional reactivity is not an issue that can be solved purely
through the application of logical thought, the same way you cant think yourself
to a better physique. You can't just decide to be non-reactive. Non-reactivity is a
quality that you need to cultivate. To improve your physique, you lift. To improve
your mind and your ability to be non-reactive, you meditate.
In the most basic and fundamental form of meditation you practice
concentration. As with anything, practice refines skill. As you become better able
to concentrate on your breath while meditating, you will be better able to stay
focused on whatever it is you want to concentrate on in real life. Most
importantly, you will learn to notfocus your awareness thoughts like "I can't
believe what that stupid bitch just did" or "I'll just check Reddit one more time..."
With practice you'll notice how thoughts and emotions come into your field of
awareness all of the time and completely uninvited. Often we don't have the
choice over what comes into our awareness, but only have the choice over what
is at the center of that awareness.
This most basic and fundamental form of meditation is called Samatha or
concentration meditation. When people tell you to meditate, this is generally
what they're referring to. There are many minor variations of concentration

meditation and one of the most popular and well-described is Zazen, from the
no-nonsense Zen tradition.
One of the best online sources for instructions on concentration meditation
(specifically Zazen) can be found here. (I'm a fan of the half-lotus position in
conjunction with a good meditation pillow; in my experience nothing else
compares but as always, ymmv.)
Experiencing calm and equanimity is a natural result of concentration meditation
and as such is a gateway to other types of meditation. Once you have developed
a reasonable degree of concentration, wherein you can meditate for ten minutes
with hardly any breaks in your concentration, you can consider incorporating
Vipassana (insight meditation) and other techniques into your practice.
Alternatively, if you have persisted with concentration meditation for a long time
(e.g., daily meditation for more than four weeks) and are getting frustrated, you
may find that practicing Vipassana will actually help with your Samatha practice.
Ultimately, concentration meditation should be calming and enjoyable. It's a
misconception that meditation should be a hard and grueling task. It can be this,
no doubt, especially in the beginning when your mind is full of wild movements.
However, after some time concentration meditation should be relaxing and
enjoyable. If it's not, you're doing something wrong.
''As RP, you MUST be in constant control.''
Of yourself cause you will lose your peace trying to control first everything else.
Self is priority, and then the control flows to the outer circumstance, but even
when they go to shit, you always have your self mastery. And at the end of the
day, that's the only thing important - and source of our victories and failures
The hardest job on the planet(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 month ago * by red445
EDIT: this is getting way too many upvotes, please down vote it if you
like it, I dont want this post to leak outside RP subreddit.
Mother day is here, lets celebrate it by post about poop, crying and vomit. I am
stay at home dad of 2 year old, work from home about 20 hours a week (hobby
turned into company). Sorry for typos, English is my second language.
I am lazy (and not sure this post wont get deleted due to low karma) so just a
few bullet points.

baby is delicately balanced machine which loves periodic routine. Throw it

off balance and you gonna have bad time.

if handled correctly, children willdemand at evening to go to bed. They will

also ask for food and push you away, if you try to steal food from their

children loves periodic routine. Breakfest, play park, lunch, walk, dinner,
bath, milk, sleep... Everything should have its time with 20 minutes
tolerance. If you break it, it starts negative spiral, at end children might
cry constantly, you get sleep deprivation,... and everything turns shit.

traditional stuff from books and grandmothers is 50% bullshit. What helps
is common sense and variety of sources.

most families waste huge money on baby (car seats, beds...). Second hand
stuff and Ikea are just fine. Toddler loves wrapping paper more than a toy.

really good investment is skilled doula (post-birth supporter, nanny) every

day for a few hours for first few weeks/months.

children are very sensitive on food change. It is important to keep

established diet. Just changing milk brand could cause
diphtheria/constipation and start negative spiral.

absolutely no sugar, no chocolate, no caffeine and other junk food. Also

carefully with medication which affects brain (painkillers), it will fuck up

if somethings goes wrong and children cries constantly, there are about 10
things which cover 99.9% cases. It is important to have good doctor (or
two) to catch this early.

it is not that expensive. Direct expenses on my toddler are about 400


I live at south europe, but I am foreigner here, no bullshit like at west for
being single father with kid.

dont trust anyone. It is very easy to feed children with wrong stuff, put
them into bed wrong way and break the whole system. I have cameras to
track babysitters and to find early what is wrong.

there is bullshit with breast milk. It is good, but most women do not
produce enough milk and children goes to sleep hungry (and cries all night
of course). That starts negative spiral...

2 months old can be trained to pee/crap into potty. Saves lot of time on
nappy change. (no typo, here is proof

Dirt is important, too much hygiene starts allergies.

have some place at home where you can just drop-off kid for 10 minutes.

never ever force feed baby. Better to starve for couple of hours. Very easy
to start negative association with food.

redditmoose: another important thing: If your kid falls over or scratches

themselves - DO NOT PANIC. This is what turns your kid into a whiny selfabsorbed little bitch. You teach them to take a look at it, decide if it needs
attention, and if not keep going.

Now why I am writing this here. Most people here probably think that heaving
children is really bad etc... But the real problem is that children usually comes
attached with women, relationship, financial demand... If you bypass all that stuff
like me, and just swap kid for ipad (just kidding), it is surprisingly easy.
I would compare taking care of children to farm work. It requires planning,
preparation and good timing. But once you get routine started it just keeps
rolling. There is no reason why women should be better at this. I would even
argue that men are better at it, but they are not allowed to participate, due to rat
Anyway, being raised by single mother has very strong correlation with broken
future life (prison, drugs...). It has stronger correlation than race, nationality,
I think most women say this is hardest job on planet because:

they broke their children and it cries constantly.

returning at 1AM from party? Good luck, no sleep for next week.

they are just plain stupid.

For illustration I have 3 stories about my friend, she is pediatrician, have 3 years
old, but works with older kids.

She did not have cot for toddler at living room. Baby would crawl at
kitchen/living room while she was cooking or working. Had to keep an eye
on it constantly. I just dump mine into cot and pick it up every 20 minutes
for short game.

20 month old had really bad constipation, constant cry. No medication or

doctor advice would help. I restored kid back to normal in two days. It is
really hard to poop into nappy while you are standing. Sitting in toilet
makes it much easier. But for some bullshit reason baby at this age should
not sit on potty yet.

her kid was vomiting about once a week. It started being fussy about food.
She could not even tell what children eat during day, it was at grandma,
kindergarten and at home. Three different places with totally different
foods. Solution was to prepare meal every day at home and keep track
what is causing vomiting.

TLDR: single father with kid giving some tips. It is not that hard if women is not
ruining it.
EDIT: added link to video for 2 months old potty training.
EDIT: added tip from redditnose
The simple two-step guide to becoming an alpha (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 23 days ago * by toughloveadvicegiver
1. Love yourself
2. Do whatever the fuck you want, and live by it
Game, negging, PUA, etc. are not necessary if you do the above. Who am I? I'm a
5'4 man who's dated gorgeous girls that have been taller, shorter, whatever than
me (Tallest gf was 6'0 which was definitely interesting) and has had the best few
years of life of anyone I personally know. Here's the kicker: I'm not even rich.
So why post this obvious piece of advice? Well because I find so many males
today so emasculated and brainwashed that they don't even know how to follow
these simple rules of thumb. And yes, you have to do them in order.
So let's break down what should be obvious to any healthy minded man.

Love yourself - This is not that sappy bullshit feminists sell along with fat
acceptance. You have flaws, accept them as flaws. Loving yourself is not
denial. Loving yourself is living in the present and making yourself happy,
it's about taking action. If you are letting your body fall apart, you aint
loving yourself. If you let society and those around you decide on what to
think, you aint loving yourself. Loving yourself means exploring yourself,
working on yourself, striving to improve not because you need to but
because it's just fucking enjoyable when you do it your way. Loving
yourself means living your life to the fullest. It's not hugs and kisses for
your self esteem. The feeling of confidence and self-love comes AFTER you
take actions that are confident and healthy, not before.

Do whatever the fuck you want. This does not mean ignoring the
consequences or assuming there are none. Quite the opposite. You are
truly doing what you want when you can see the consequences of your
actions and happily live with them. There's really one simple question you
have to ask to know that you are actually doing what you want: "Why do I
want this?" If you can answer that question concisely, then you're well on
your way.

Plot twist: This is actually a one-step program. When you truly love yourself, you
can finally start living a life of doing whatever the fuck you want. You cannot

know what YOU truly want to do, until you truly know and accept who YOU are.
You take fear out of the equation, right and wrong out of the equation, judgment
out of the equation, and just act on what makes you happiest NOW.
Don't take shit from nobody. Tired of the drama? Demand changes and if they
aren't delivered leave. Also don't start drama or shit with anybody. If you have a
problem with someone else, you really just have a problem with yourself. Walking
away is always an option. You cannot make people be who you want them to be,
but you can be the way you want to be. Let the people who don't fit into your
lifestyle go, and keep the ones who respect you and are magnetized by your
natural way of being. If you're starting shit with other people it's because you're
still validating self-worth from other people. When you realize that all your sense
of worth comes from yourself, you will be above the pettiness of others. Simply
put, it's a waste of fucking time to bicker with people when you could be living it
up. Trying to force change is the way of pussies, living by example is the way of
the alpha.
And boys, all the cynicism and misogyny have no real place in this. There are
shitty men and shitty women out there. The world is fully of shitty people, but
the fact that you're here means you're ready to stop being one of them. (Or
already aren't) Maybe you feel women led you astray from happiness. Sure. But
you were the dumbass who listened. Until you take responsibility for your
emotional state you aren't going anywhere.
I find it funny that this subreddit gets so much hate. What i mostly see here is
just a group of people learning how to cast off the shackles of society's apologist
bullshit and live life freely.
The sidebar here is full of a lot of great food for thought, perspectives and
philosophies. But at the end of the day, there is no perfect guidebook for
theredpill, because YOU are your own redpill.
Source: I came out of a beta 3.5 year terrible relationship, let go of my anger
after another year, worked on my life until I loved it and myself, and for the past
4 years since I've just done whatever the hell I've wanted no matter what and it's
been fucking fantastic. You literally can have almost anything you REALLY want if
you're willing to work for it.
TLDR; Love yourself by being the you that you can't help but love, then do
whatever the fuck you want.
*edit(s) minor typo fixes, also expanded on the don't take shit from nobody
section. added "don't start shit with nobody"
edit 2 Someone asked how you can know what you want when you've been
following what society tells you/your addictions for so long. Good question that is
explained already in step 1 but I'll elaborate on the tool to use:
Let's start with money. You ask people why they want money you will get
different answers. Say a guy answers: So I can get women. Okay then, you don't
want money so much as you want women. Then you ask why do you want
women? And in this process boils down your wants to what you REALLY want. It'll
also help make clear what you want from what you don't. For another guy it
might have been "so I can have more free-time." Okay then what that guy really
wants is not money, so much as free-time, and money now becomes just a
possible tool out of other options to achieve that instead of the end-all-and-be-all
A lot of time from my beta acquaintances I get answers, when they finally break,
like "Because... I'm afraid of looking bad in front of others." "Because I want to
look good." "Because 'external reason z.'"

When you stop just blindly acting on one's little whims, and start questioning
why you think you want these things, you can make really clear if it's truly an
internal or external factor, and if it's external it needs to go. Even with an answer
like "because it makes me feel good" you should ask why. With sex it's easy
because it literally fucking feels good. But sometimes people mask "to look good
in front of others" with "it feels good." But when you ask why, they come out with
shit like "Because then everyone will think I'm cool." (barf)
You need to stop seeking answers from others and start re-learning how to listen
to yourself. Even everything I've said here can be discarded if it doesn't work for
Easier test: If you feel fear, embarrassment, shame, guilt, etc. are a factor in
what you want, it isn't really what you want.
I advocate selfishness all the time to my friends. I'm like the fucking love guru
nowadays and it gets tiresome. But I don't advocate selfishness as selfishness, I
advocate it as self-love. The difference is slight but notable.
Selfishness implies the neglect of how one's actions affect others. It implies a
lack of care. Self-love, as I advocate it, is WELL aware of the ripples caused by
one's actions, but chooses them anyways because of necessity to be true to
For example: I always tell shit like I see it, and ofc my mind is open to being
changed. Sometimes I offend people. I sympathize but do not apologize for my
perspective. Unless I, PERSONALLY, decide that I was wrong, then the most
people will get from me is, "I'm sorry you choose to feel that way."
I'm not above apologizing. I fuck up. I own up to it. I apologize sincerely, then
move on. I don't seek forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift, it's given or it isn't.
Forgiveness does more good for the person giving it than the person receiving it.
I learn from my mistakes as best I can. But there isn't a fucking soul on this earth
that can make me feel bad for doing what makes me happy and healthy
anymore. My apologizes are concise and heartfelt. I look them in the eye and
say, "I'm sorry for 'x'. I was wrong." That's it. No groveling, no ass-kissing. It's all I
expect from others too.
So basically, it's not fucking selfishness sir. I have PLENTY of consideration for
others. But at the end of the day their fucking problems are their fucking
problems. I don't let my considerations get in the way of doing whatever the fuck
I want.
The Only Piece of Advice You Will Ever Need to Pick Up and Attract
Women and Keep Them Vying For Your Love, Attention and Affection
Warning: This post is rude, crude and lewd. Reader discretion is advised.
Friends, if youre having trouble with women I have the answer for you.
If youre reading online about how to pick up and keep women I have the answer
for you.
If youve been getting the run around from Sally-Jane down the street I have the
answer for you.
If you havent been laid in a year I have the answer for you.
If youre girlfriend is withholding sex I have the answer for you.
If you have a hard time keeping women around I have the answer for you.
Its not going to be the answer you think it is and it isnt pretty.
How to pick up and attract women is on sale by charlatans all over the
internet but Im going to give it to you for free.

Its got nothing to do with being a better man, its got nothing to do with getting
in the gym and building muscles, and its got nothing to do with pick-up artist or
game baloney.
There is 1 rule above all others that must be followed if you wish to have undying
affection, attention and love from women.
Now, before I give you the holy grail I want you to do something for me. I want
you to be completely honest with yourself about what you want in a woman. It
will make this process a whole lot easier.
A lot of guys have been bamboozled by TV and magazines and schooling and a
whole bunch of other nonsense. Some guys actually believe they want a strong,
independent sassy woman. Rather, they want you to believe thats what they
want. Theyre scared that if they admit the truth then women will no longer like
The truth is that men love women who are demure, feminine, and polite. Women
have it twisted, they think that being a nasty bitch is the same thing as being
honest and true.
The unfortunate thing is that a lot of guys let women get away with this nasty
behavior, in hopes of getting some sex.
These guys let women pretend to be strong and independent. Friend, those are
male traits, those arent female traits and they never will be.
If you wanted just one of the guys youd be a faggot, not a straight man. You
want a girl. You want a girl who isnt ashamed of being a girl. Men love femininity.
We dont like women who act like men. And the guys still pretending got to give
this BS a rest.
Women want to make men happy. Once you realize that, you can forget about
the nonsense of equality. The fight for equality is nothing more than a war
between the sexes.
Now that you are honest with yourself it makes what Im about to tell you that
much easier to put into action. Once you stop believing in that baloney its going
to turn you into a testosterone machine irresistible to women and girls.
Let me be clear about something: The rule Im about to give you works for
all women, from the sassy, independent sex and the city wannabes to
the good ol country girls raised in the church to the girls from a 3rd
world country to girls from outer space and beyond.
How to Attract Women
This is the only thing you ever have to do to a) Get women and b) Keep women.
If you read online about how to pick-up women youre always going to read
about alpha males and beta males. An Alpha male is the top dog and beta males
collect the scraps. Bunch of nincompoops will write pages and pages about
being Alpha but none of them will ever boil it down to what it really means.
Well, today I am going to tell you exactly what makes an Alpha Male. It aint:
looks, money, social skills, leadership abilities, social status, height or anything
else. These things matter but they arent #1.
This isnt a nice piece of advice but it is the 100% unadulterated truth.
If you follow all other ways to become attractive to women but ignore this advice
you will fail.
Here is the only piece of advice you will ever need to attract and keep women:
Thats it. It takes a selfish man to have a woman or women completely devoted
to his happiness.

Alpha simply means to be selfish. And women love selfish men.

An Alpha is completely unafraid of being selfish.
Alpha literally means first. Its a selfish me-first attitude.
What does an alpha Lion do? He sits around while the women go out and hunt for
him. When they bring the food back what does the alpha Lion do? He eats first.
Pretty selfish, huh?
The Lion doesnt tolerate others eating before him. The best food is his. The
alpha Lion doesnt let other, lesser males mate with his pride. The Lion doesnt
act in a fair and noble manner. The Alpha Lion doesnt raise other Lions children.
Hes selfish. And because he is selfish, the Lionesses do everything to make him
Now, I know a lot of guys will say man, thats a real douchebag thing to say! to
which I only have one reply: I hope you enjoy jacking off.
Political incorrectness does not make something false.
Women line up for the selfish men. Women run as fast as they can from the guys
who arent selfish.
It takes a delusional mind to think that women want a nice guy who brings them
flowers and compliments their beauty and does everything to make them happy.
The man is the leader. Thats all there is to it. When the man is most concerned
with her happiness, guess what she is most concerned about. Thats right, she is
most concerned with her happiness.
When you are most concerned with your happiness guess what she is most
concerned about. Right again, she is concerned about your happiness.
She takes her cues from you never forget that.
A woman with an unselfish man, one who will do everything for her, is like a dog
with a weak owner. The dog is unhappy because it has no boundaries or rules.
The owner is unhappy because the dog acts like an asshole. When the dog has a
firm owner and knows its boundaries it is a whole lot happier, and the owner is
happy because hes got himself a loving, obedient dog.
When a woman has herself a man who sets boundaries on her she is a whole lot
Does this sound familiar?
What the heck does she see in him? Hes such a prick! Shes way too good for
him! If she was with me Id treat her like a princess!
Thats exactly why she will never ever be with guys who say this nonsense. She
doesnt want to date a giant faggot. She wants to date a selfish alpha. She want
to be with him and make him happy. Shes disgusted by the thought of someone
wanting to treat her like a princess and groveling for her affection. A selfish alpha
simply demands her affection. If she doesnt give it there are a whole lot more
women who will.
If your brain works properly then you have noticed that women who are
completely, head over heels in love are never in love with a super nice guy.
Theyre in love with guys who are selfish.
If you treat women like women theyll sit around in skimpy outfits feeding you
grapes. If you treat women like men youll get nothing but an earful about how
unfairly she is treated and how you need to respect her and then shes gonna go
out and get fucked by a selfish alpha who treats her like a woman. Do you get it
So what do you have to do to get women?

You got to get rid of the nice guy act. Just do what you want to do, when you
want to do it and dont put up with bullshit.
Only be concerned with what you want.
Be completely, unapologetically selfish.
Its your way or the highway.
Learn your new favorite word: no.
If she does something you dont like then you be selfish and tell her.
Never, ever pretend that what she did is ok. Never pretend that she is an Angel
who can do no wrong. If shes acting like a bitch tell her to stop acting like a
bitch. If she cooked food that doesnt taste good then tell her it isnt good. If she
looks fat in that dress tell her she looks fat. Lying to protect her feelings only
makes her delusional about what is and isnt acceptable.
Never pretend that she is a man or just one of the guys. Shes a woman. When
you treat her like a woman shes gonna act like a woman.
Let me tell you something that most people are afraid to say: Women are
chameleons. They will change themselves for a man. Thats a womans nature. It
doesnt make her a bad person. She wants to change into the woman you
want her to be. Let her. Help her. You arent doing her any favors by
encouraging bad behavior, but you are doing her a big favor when you act like a
man who knows exactly what he wants and gets it.
What would a selfish man do?
Would he take turns doing the dishes? No.
Would he accompany her to her co-workers wedding? No.
Would he grovel and beg for forgiveness for anything? No.
Would he massage her shoulders for an hour? No.
Would he feel bad about being such an asshole? No.
Would he put up with bitchy behavior? No.
Would he take her silly tests seriously? No.
Would he be ok with her seeing other guys? No.
Would he forgive her for betraying him? No.
Would he spend 3 months salary on a ring? No.
Would he put up with flaky behavior? No.
Would he take her out to a fancy dinner on the first date? No.
Would he say please can you bring me a water sweetie? No. He says bring me
a water.
Is he scared that if he isnt nice enough she will leave him for someone better?
Is he afraid to show her the door if she doesnt act the way he wants? No.
Would he use her as a tool for his own happiness? Yes.
Would she love him with all of her heart and soul? You better believe it.
Would she stay with him if he turned into a super nice guy who put her happiness
first? Sure. For a while. But shed be getting sexed on the side by a selfish lover.
Guys women were put on this earth to make selfish men happy. Not the other
way around. You can be a liar and pretend it isnt so, and drive her away in the
process, or you can act like a man, a winner, and let her make you happy. She
can become a part of your world or you can become part of her world. The
choice is yours.

Successful Men Are Warriors.(self.TheRedPill)

submitted 21 days ago * by TRP Vanguard: "Dark Triad Expert"IllimitableMan
"You're probably gay", "you're just some loser virgin", "you're being such a
pussy", "you're weak", etc.
If you hear this kind of stuff, you're not sufficiently intimidating. A cornerstone of
masculinity is the capacity to be physically/mentally intimidating. Basically,
superior in power, as power is an aphrodisiac. Money is power, but it's a specific
kind of outsourced power; the power to acquire resources. It isn't a form of
personal power. This is why guys who are loaded but have little physical or
mental prowess HAVE TO throw money at women to see any action (don't
CHOOSE to out of choice, but owing to a lack of of options.)
Such men are unworthy from an attraction viewpoint, they are unattractive as
men. Their money makes them a temporary option to be exploited, but such men
are happy to be exploited because it's the easy way to get laid; it means they
don't have to change anything about themselves. It means they don't have to
reject who they are to become something better, even the weak can be prideful.
Women are attracted to intimidation and fear, primarily. It makes them
tingle/pine. Plenty of women are enthusiastically fucking cavemen types, but
how many are fucking scholastic types for anything but a shot at their
money/status/maintaining some sort of purely aesthetic reputation? The
caveman will always elicit more passion, and thus more love from a woman than
the super-intelligent guy who she may respect purely on a logical level (most
women don't even respect logic if it doesn't aid their agenda.) At the end of the
day, your intellect won't make her want to spread her legs. Your aggression will.
Intellect and money augment the mentally and physically powerful man, but they
are insufficient crutches for a man without either. An intelligent warrior can get
laid and command respect; a pedantic nerd can't. A rich Machiavellian can
command respect, a rich idiot is the guy everyone mooches off. Why do you
think Michael Jackson read the 48 laws of power? He was a rich idiot. He got rich
because he had a monetisable talent, but he lacked "street smarts" which from
now on, you should think of as Machiavellianism.
If you're intimidating you won't have people talking down to you (they fear your
potential to seriously fuck them up too much.) Women get off to fear and want to
fuck guys they're scared of. Men who can make them feel fear tell her emotional
solipsism on some level "this guy is powerful" and a guy being powerful means "I
find this man attractive, I'll fuck him." Why do you think so many women fuck
drug dealers, thugs, and other degenerates? Because they convey power.
Women don't give a shit about morals when it comes to sexuality, just power.
In tribal times only a very physically/mentally powerful man would have a lot of
resources. Now as we become more intelligent and women can get resources
alone, a man doesn't need to be physically or mentally powerful (meaning a
propensity for violence in either capacity) to amass resources. He simply needs
to be sufficiently smart to get a fairly well paying job (people who aren't mentally
powerful don't tend to start their own businesses, they always work for someone
else or fail when they go at it at alone.) Pussies very rarely become successful
So money is power in what it can get, but it's not personal power as eg: a STEM
nerd can make a fuck ton of money, but he has little Machiavellian ability, little
physical mass and thus conveys no personal power. With no personal power, he
cannot generate attraction (or respect outside of his respective field.) Thus to get
personal power he needs to study/practice/learn to think like a

Machiavellian and go lift. But how many STEM nerds do you think know this is the
path to their social redemption, and are willing to take such a path? Not many, I
You must be warrior in body and in heart. Those are the type of men women
fuck, and other men respect. Everything else in the reproductive/respect game is
Machiavelli summed this up best with the following quote:
"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."
Become a warrior, get loved later. Love does not come before power, it comes
afterwards, if at all.
I think the fundamental issue for alot of guys is that they see living for yourself
as amoral. Thinking for yourself, doing what's right for you, making tough
choices that others will not agree with to live your life is not taught in schools.
Alot of guys are kicked and beaten into doing whats right for the group, and that
is almost never good for them.
Rich guys get laid, constantly, more so than a guy with a great body
(Put your pitchforks away gents)
Alot of times on this board it seems that people think becoming successful =
beta, and that is not true at all. If anything becoming wealthy and successful is
something that intelligent diligent people become. You know what else tends to
accompany that type of individual? Fitness
Yeah there are weirdos who spend all day everyday doing nothing but trying to
make a buck to compensate for something, but more often than not you will see
young successful individuals trying to reap life for everything it has. That is the
nature of go getters, the ones that are really living life.
And see that's the thing that is lost so often on this board. Guys are so nervous
that they are going to get CUCKED by FABIO if they get a diploma and a six
figure salary...
tl;dr Try learning to say no. You can make money and not be a complete fucking
loser. In fact if you're smart about it you will be able to use that money to make
your life better. And believe me when I say THATattracts women (guys who are
smart, successful and know their value/don't give it all away for a little vag like a
desperate idiot)
The general gist of understanding women:

Like to be victims as it means they don't have to take responsibility.

Without responsibility there is no blame, and without blame there is little

or no punishment, making reprehensible/undesirable behaviour

In this perverse sense, having people believe you're a victim without

actually being one grants incredible freedom (which is a form of
power.) You can get away with things others would be reprimanded for.

Being a victim gets you attention, which makes you feel important. Great
if you are a narcissist (most women are.) Even negative attention is better
than no attention for a narcissist.

Victims are often advocates and activists, being a victim gives you
legitimacy in politics/changing how a country works through democratic
process. Just look at radicalcontemporary feminism.

Now what you have to understand about all this is that it's all part of female
nature, most of them don't go out of their way to calculate this. It's just what

they are. Women are nature's Machiavellians, most have very little
awareness.The "it's not my fault", the advocacy, the appeal for sympathy.. it's
all part of female nature, female games. Think logically for a second. "Why would
they evolve to act in this way?" well because natural selection must have
selected for women who could be deceitful in tribal times. Women who took
blame got killed/were left to starve etc.
This is all female instinct, it's part of the game they play. The women who don't
do this (most aren't self-aware enough to accurately make that judgement for
themselves) have this instinct subdued, they probably had a strong
father/brother household and/or live rurally/culturally away from the debauchery
of urban civilization. As we all know, in the west male dominated households with
females cohabiting is becoming increasingly rare.
The powers that be want feminised men and masculinised women. The thing you
need to know about a masculinised woman is that the balls she has grow out of
the soil of female nature. Just because she becomes aggressive and controlling,
doesn't mean she starts taking on male concepts like honour and responsibility.
Masculine women are so in a quintessentially female (but not feminine) way.
It may take some nuance of mind to understand what I'm getting at there, so reread if necessary.
Put-Downs: An Art You Need to Master (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 17 days ago by 1Mikesapien
I've heard it said that people who constantly put others down are in some way
insecure, or that this indicates low self-esteem, or limited confidence. Don't take
my word for it,read it for yourselves.
And, in truth, this is probably true. Projection and aggression aredefense
mechanisms, after all. Put-downs are so distasteful that they even
discolor negging, a sometimes effective strategy, by mere association.
But there is a right way to offer put-downs;
you're just not doing it right.
I was talking to /u/Abresyes about put-downs - how to do it correctly - and
decided this topic could merit its own thread. So here's what I worked up for him.
An insult is essentially an unfavorable argument about another person. For a
"put-down" to be effective (i.e.,persuasive), requires:

that your insult have some basis in fact (e.g. calling ugly people ugly,
dumb people dumb, etc.). An insult that is unfounded won't stick; it makes
you look imperceptive.

that your insult be unique. Calling people "lame," or "weird," or "uncool,"

or whatever is unspecific and unmemorable. It demonstrates that you
haven't thought your "argument" through. Get creative.

that your insult have some goal or larger aim. Use it for humor, or
conversation, or didaction. Being cruel for cruelty's sake is unbecoming of

that your insult is your insult. You said it; own up to it like you would any
opinion worth having. This means being unapologetic and unashamed.

Consider these before offering "put-downs" and your "arguments" will be more
persuasive. Like country music, or dubstep, it's embarrassingly easy to do, but
hard to do well. Insult is an art that few have mastered. Let's look at some

How to do it wrong:
"Karen is always a douchebag. Every group has a 'Karen' and she is always a bag
of douche. And when she's not around you just look at each other and go, 'God,
Karen, she's such a douchebag,' until she walks up, and then you're like, 'Hey
what's up Karen?' There's always that one person who's like, 'I disagree.' Well
you're the person. You're the person nobody likes." -Dane Cook
This vignette really is just an insecure put-down. Decidedly safe? Check.
Ambiguous? Check. Unoriginal? Check. Feeble? Checkaroo. Situational comedy is
garbage. It's not interesting, or funny, or useful. There's no truth in this art.
Here's how to do it right:
"I was in Nashville last weekend, and after the show I went to a Waffle House,
and I'm sitting there, and I'm eating, and I'm readin' a book. I don't know
anybody, I'm alone, I'm eating, and I'm readin' a book. This waitress comes over
to me (mimes chewing gum), 'What you readin' for?' Wow. I've never been asked
that. Not, 'What am I reading,' but, 'What am I readingfor?' Well goddamnit, ya
stumped me. I guess I read for a lot of reasons the main one is so I don't end
up being a fuckin' Waffle Waitress." -Bill Hicks
Hotter than coffee and colder than cream. Fits right into Hicks' larger theme of
anti-intellectualism. Plays with the situation without being aboutthe situation. It's
distinctive and ballsy. It's exactly what a put-down needs to be - when you put
someone the fuck down.
Put-downs can be an effective tool for your arsenal, provided you keep frame and
don't half-ass it.
that your insult have some goal or larger aim. Use it for humor, or conversation,
or didaction. Being cruel for cruelty's sake is unbecoming of anyone.
This is the key factor, I think, though all the others are also solid. I hoped
someone would make this post, and save me from having to write it up as a
Use insults for humour and make sure they're not too close to the bone and
you're just fine.
Use insults for humour and make sure they're not too close to the bone and
you're just fine
There really is a bit of nuance and finesse involved. Some chicks have a lot more
tolerance for it, or simply bigger egos. These girls need harder putdowns, they
respond better to more aggressive handling. Extroverted girls in general can
handle more negging than introverts, in my experience.
If a girl is lower SMV, especially physically, you need to severely dial down the
intensity. That shy Asian girl may not take as well to you teasing her about her
dorky outfit as much as a loud-mouthed Westernized chick might.
Girls who see themselves as being higher SMV than you and throw it around
need to be hard negged if you want any chance. Find something about them they
might be insecure about, face shape, hip size, whatever, and have at it. This is
the one exception to the "Incorporate it humourously" rule, if she's acting like a
stuck-up bitch, take the kid gloves off. They're not used to men talking down to
Another nuanced part of negging is when to break it out. Women know enough
about negging (The Gamecame out a decade ago and it's been mentioned in
mainstream movies like Kingsmen: The Secret Service) that if you initiate it

they'll often see through all but the most skilled practitioners. What's worked
better for me is to find other ways to start a conversation with them and then
hold back negging for when they start to shit test you. This accomplishes a few

It fits in well with a pressure flip or agreeing and amplifying.

If you're used to humorous responses to shit tests it will be easier to keep

your negging appropriately humorous.

Most importantly, she opened to door to ripping on each other a little bit.
She won't recognize it as negging because it didn't come out of the blue; it
came as a natural, playful response to a bit of teasing on her part. By
initiating that specific type of flirting she wants you to make fun of her
back -- you're just obliging.

Now that basic PUA stuff like negging is mainstream it has to be deployed with
far more subtlety. The point is to make it natural, and if she thinks you're running
game her attraction will get derailed.
The act of demonstrating cruelty is in itself a higher social status behavior.
In fact, you don't even need to act on the cruelty to project it. The fact that you
openly confess your willingness to be cruel will make a lot of hamster wheels
The "Nice Guy" is morally opposed to the thought of cruelty even in the abstract.
But never be cruel and distant. If you are truly cruel you must be intimate when
you do it and it must be for good reason. Never be in the act of running away
from your cruel act.
(like the kid that shoots someone and then runs away... that's cowardly and
Cruelty is a frame of mind... a willingness to punish.
One cannot fully Love without the equal capacity for cruelty because they are
both intimate.
Don't worry It could have happened to a smart person. Whenever someone
stuffs up
When it come to brains. you have nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.
You are so confident to wear something so revealing. you look slutty
You're so fortunate that you don't have to worry about real responsibilities.
You look healthy, I love your curves
I love that I don't have to try around you. I don't even think of you as a girl.
Youre smarter than you look.
I always feel more intelligent after listening to you.
There's the famous quote: "To figure out who rules over you, figure out who you
cannot criticize." If there's any truth to that then criticizing someone
demonstrates that they do not rule over you. That being said, if the criticisms are
too big and done then it becomes a bit too clear that this person has severe
influence over you. Be unafraid but don't get bogged down or preoccupied.
Stop worrying about hurting her feelings. Never let a girl make you walk on
eggshells. Being "sensitive" is not only a shit test, it's psychological abuse. Listen
to Patrice O'Neal and just be honest. If she tries to guilt trip you with being
"sensitive", she's trying to censor you to manufacture an atmosphere of fear.
Don't stand for that shit. Trust me, you might think you can be OK with it, but it
will slowly beat you down until you're a sniveling little sycophant, terrified of

triggering an emotional meltdown at every turn, and the more you tolerate it, the
worse it'll get.
Hot chicks are used to being wooed publicly.
Treat her like an ugly chick you are embarrassed to be seen with.
Can I have a cigarette?(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 16 days ago * by myrectalthermometer
So I work as a lineman hanging power lines from a helicopter. And my best friend
is a chef. We live in a college town so every May college kids graduate and he is
BUSY. I worked in kitchens for a lot of my youth and for the past 3 years I help
him out on graduation weekend as his assistant. It is kinda fun and nostalgic for
me, we get to work together, he pays me cash and I get to eat and drink for free.
Why not?
Well this past graduation weekend we are done (its about midnight), the cooks
are cleaning the kitchen and we were having a drink outside while we smoked.
Outside there is a super hot college aged female surrounded by 4 guys chatting
it up. She makes eye contact, smiles but I'm exhausted, I smell bad and I'm just
not in the mood to put forth any effort to game her. But me and my buddy talk
about her, those 4 idiots trying so hard and how we used to be the same way. We
are outside for about 5 minutes when she comes up to us and asks for a
cigarette. I respond "only if you show me your tits." She kinda laughs but I think
she was more shocked. She says please and I keep saying only if you show me
your tits. By this time her white nights come over to save her. One guy starts
calling me faggot, one guy offers me $10 for a smoke for her, one guy offers to
go buy her some from a gas station and the other tries to convince his friends to
fight us... Unbelievable. Me and my friend start laughing and walk away. She
then says "wait, how long do I have to show them to you?" I was kinda surprised,
and didn't really believe her but I played along and respond with "long enough so
I can get a good look but nothing obscene, its just a cig." Her gang of guys all
start complaining; "don't do it, you are better than that." "You are so beautiful, he
is a jerk don't show him your breasts." " I'll buy you a whole pack of cigarettes,
don't do that for one."
She asks me where we should go for this to happen and I reply we should do it
right here. But, she is hesitant because others might see. I'm not sure but I think
she was referring to her idiot orbiters. She'd rather show me, a complete
stranger, her tits than her lame guy friends. So we go around the corner, she
flashes me her tits for about 10 seconds (longer than I expected), I compliment
them, give her a smoke, light it for her and we come back around. My friend has
a HUGE grin on his face and the gang of 4 look pissed.
This is where they turn on her, calling her a slut, how could you do that, bla bla
bla... Now she is standing next to ME with them across from us. I speak loud and
commanding, "that's enough, I think you guys need to go." They walk away
bitching and moaning but walk away nonetheless. I get her name, introduce
myself, and introduce her to my friend. He says he owns the place, is the chef
and offers to buy her a drink. We all go inside get drunk and I take her home that
I was just trying to fuck with her for my own sick amusement and it worked out
better than i imagined. I think it worked because she is gorgeous and always
gets what she wants from men. I didn't cave.

Its been 2 weeks and we've hooked up a few more times. When she wants dick
she always sends me a text -- "can I have a cigarette?"
EDIT:: I just want to say that I've it go the other way too. I received some PMs
asking if was just that easy. This time it was but I've said smart ass things and
had drinks thrown in my face, been called a pig, a creep and others. So don't
think being smart ass will work with everyone. The point of my post was that I
was having fun. I enjoy being a smart ass. I work a blue collar job, with a bunch
of high testosterone guys. That is what I do all day. Give people shit. I gave this
girl a hard time and it worked. Lots of people call bullshit, and I guess you are
entitled to your opinion but I have better things to do with my time than to make
up stories online. Anyway someone asked for a picture if she texted me. She is
usually my Monday and Tuesday girl but she texted me last night.
All kinds of things going exactly right in this FR.
Feel like somebody could easily do a 2-page analysis on it. But we could also just
imagine two sock-puppets talking, sock-puppet Man and sock-puppet Pussy:
Pussy: Can I have a cigarette?
Man: Look Pussy, I want you, but I'm too tired to chase and don't give a shit. Tits
or GTFO.
Pussy: Omg, that's hot.
Pussy throws herself at the man, they lazily exit stage left with her clinging to
"Men only want one thing, so you'll have to prove you're different." Field
Report (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 16 days ago by BetaMaleFeminist
I've posted in TRP multiple times, and for whatever reason I usually get flamed.
I'm learning, and I hope this post is an improvement on my previous work. I
genuinely want to contribute to this social circle.
I used to be very blue pill. I was a handsome high school football stud, but my
Christian religious training taught me that women are to be treated like angels
and put on pedestals. This thought process got me into some truly cringe-worthy
situations until a few years ago.
After I divorced my ex for her emotional and physical abuse (yes, I blue-pill
rationalized it away for a full three years before the alpha in me woke up), I
decided I didn't want to be a push over good-guy anymore.
My physical appearance was already fairly impressive from good genes and
football training. I've continued to work on my hobbies, career, aesthetics and
interpersonal relations since that time... but things really took off for me when I
found TRP six months ago.
So, we arrive at the present. I matched with a 21yo on Tinder (I'm almost 27),
she's a cute 7. I ask her to go get a drink with me at a pool hall close to my
house. I love playing pool on first dates because it allows for lots of movement,
touching, breaks in conversation, etc. But mostly, I just like playing pool. Blue Pill
me would have taken her to a nice dinner and been afraid to touch her. Now, I'm
inviting her to come do something I enjoy, and she should feel lucky that she's
Before the date, we texted and shot some snapchats back and forth for a couple
days. I know TRP frowns on communication outside of the date itself, but I
consider my text game to be very tight and it definiely worked in this case; by

the time we met up she was very interested in me. I'm lucky to have a naturally
good sense of humor and delivery, so she's diggin' how much I make her laugh.
She told me 3 or 4 times during our texting that she wasn't "easy," and that I
would have to wait for sex until we got to know each other. My Blue Pill self
would have immediately given up on hoping for sex on the first date. My present
self grinned inside... challenge accepted.
So after 2 days of messaging, we're playing pool at the bar. She dressed
conservatively, didn't wear much makeup, and was open about the fact that her
roomates and mother encouraged her not to get physical with me. Basically did
everything she could to look like she didn't want the dick.
I started touching her right away. The entire time we've communicated, I've been
concentrating on teasing her as much as possible, and swatting her shit tests like
Mutombo. So I continue to tease and crush her shit tests. My favorite methods of
beating shit tests are agree and amplify (obviously), or belittling the question
and her for having asked it. So I'm playing those cards, and they're hitting.
We get talking about sex, which in my opinion, is always a good thing. Blue Pill
me would have been terrified of this conversation. What if I said the wrong thing
and scared her off? Now I realize that worst case scenerio, I get to play pool for
an evening, which I enjoy, and I don't get laid that night. Best case scenerio,
she's slobbing my knob in a few hours. Win-win.
She's going on and on about how douche bags have done her wrong, so now she
doesn't fuck easy and wants to be respected or whatever. I wasn't really paying
too much attention. Then she says "A good looking guy like you is probably used
to taking girls home for one night stands all the time." You hit the nail on the
head, honey, I think, but I'm not going to let you know that. I go dead-pan and
ask if she's accusing me of being a slut. She's on her heels now, apologizing for
insinuating anything, seeking my approval. I can already feel her resolve
I work her hamster over for another five minutes, arguing from an emotional
view that "when if feels right, it's right." God women are way too easy to
persuade. She snapped the bait up, agreeing with everything I said.
She punched me playfully a bit later. I called her a twat, then kissed her. The
shocked smile on their faces when you insult them and then kiss then never gets
Eventually, I said "I don't want to have sex with you. But I want you to come over
so I can play you a song I wrote." She looked shocked that I didn't want to fuck
her, which is exactly what I wanted. She agreed to come home with me, because
after all, he's not trying to fuck me right?
An hour and a half later I'm fucking her to her favorite song, which "just so
happened" to pop up on my Sportify feed while we were making out. I've found
that getting her favorite songs in advance and lighting a candle pretty much
always makes a woman want to fuck you. It's all about the feel-goods, so I pile
them on thick. Drop a "you have beautiful eyes" here, a "I feel like we've known
each other forever" there, and her hamster will be furiously masturbating.
TLDR Red Pill has enabled me to connect with women on an emotional level that
makes game extremely easy. Whatever a woman says with her mouth, her brain
will always be willing to put out for a smooth alpha who feeds her silly emotional
brain. Women don't use reason, they go with feels, so always, always play their
I hope this story inspires someone to continue to improve, take risks, be
confident and get comfortable with thinking emotionally.

Dude after my own heart. Very similar to my own path in my 20's.

Not to belittle your game, you've got the basics pretty much down, but I do want
to highlight the little touches. They make all the difference:
I don't want to have sex with you
Instantly separating you from other guys. Now she's genuinely interested. Guys,
always maintain an air of mystery. Girls dry up once they figure you out.
But I want you to come over so I can play you a song I wrote
"You write songs? You can play an instrument? You're not a boring guy who just
watches Netflix??" Solid understanding of DHV.
. The shocked smile on their faces when you insult them and then kiss then
never gets old
Great push-pull. Strong show of dominance, aggression and leadership.
I'm fucking her to her favorite song
Guys, pay attention, this shit is golden. I had one girl describe one artists' music
as a "musical orgasms". Not hard to see how you can leverage that into literal
ones. I used to create playlists that we'd make out to, sprinkled with some of her
favourites so you can make timely escalations. I used to have a remote light
dimmer too, kept it within arm's reach so that I could set the mood lighting while
still making out. Works like a fucking charm.
Not sure why you might have gotten shit earlier. This is a solid FR.
Stop worrying about hurting her feelings. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 16 days ago by RPSigmaStigma
Never let a girl make you walk on eggshells. Being overly "sensitive" is at best a
shit test, and at worst a form of psychological abuse. Listen to Patrice O'Neal
and just be honest. If she tries to guilt trip you with being "sensitive", she's trying
to censor you and manufacture an atmosphere of fear. Don't stand for that shit.
Trust me, you might think you can be OK with it, but it will slowly beat you down
until you're a sniveling little sycophant, terrified of triggering an emotional
meltdown at every turn, and the more you tolerate it, the worse it'll get.
Everyone has the capacity to be manipulative, or at least to take advantage,
when given too much leeway. It doesn't even have to be a conscious, purposeful
choice, they just slowly start expecting more and more. And the best time to set
boundaries with people is right away.
As a side note: I link to several videos about narcissistic and borderline
personality disorders. Not everyone who guilt trips you or who tries to
emotionally manipulate you is personality disordered, but studying NPD and BDP
can give you a solid foundation for understanding and dealing with manipulative
behaviors in people in general. Remember, nothing that a PD does is really
unique, they're all things that everyone does from time to time, the main
difference is that PDs are manipulative as apervasive and persistent pattern of
maladaptive behavior. But the principles of manipulation are universal.
(Based on a comment to this asktrp post that someone suggested I post here.)
Ok, as promised, here are my thoughts:
Firstly, while I know this feels highly significant to you, especially given your
backstory, this is trivial bullshit. Some gamma ass white knight tried to
undermine you. It was mentioned elsewhere here, but I'd recommend going

along with the "player" rep. Not only does it yield the delicious sense of "they
think they're undermining me, but it's backfiring on them", it does actually work.
Whenever a girl tries to spread rumors about me being an asshole I just roll with
it. I shrug and say "yeah, whatever" and completely dismiss it as if it was "silly
girl shit". My sexual options have yet to be restricted for this, if anything they've
been opened up.
The absolute worst reputation you could have is being a "perfect gentleman".
I've had a girl tell me about how she feels totally comfortable skinny dipping with
her "guy friend" (aka pathetic orbiter) but that she's "not sure about it" with me
because she knows I'll grab her ass, tease her, etc... Yet, later on the same day
she goes skinny dipping with me anyway and openly admits her sexual interest
in me.
Anyway, point is, I think this is a rumor you can actually shift to your advantage.
The only downside to this rumor is the notion that you're "reading a book about
picking up women". My advice on that would be completely brush it off, and if it
comes up in conversation, shrug and casually suggest that maybe he's the one
reading a book about it. Who knows, right? And besides, even if people think
you're "learning game", good Game works even if girls know it's Game. They
don't care as long as you can help them maintain plausible deniability and
continue to generate Good Feels for them.
Women are naturally red pill, and they all inherently know that it's all Game, they
just don't want to have to confront it overtly or admit it to themselves or others.
In fact, I'll tease girls sometimes that I'm gay or have erectile dysfunction, but I
do it in an obviously ironic way. Sometimes girls ask me if "that line works" and I
just say "more than you know". I still get laid. Women don't care, as long as you
pull it off with dominant confidence and you're able to preserve her reputation
and social status. She doesn't mind fucking players, she just doesn't want to look
like a "fool" for "falling for some pickup artist." In fact, the problem isn't even
pickup artistry. The only problem women have with PUA is that it carries the
negative image of ugly incel nerds learning cheap lines trying (and implicitly
failing) to get laid.
If PUA was socially cast as glamorous and high status, girls would be all about it.
Think about that, and let it sink in. This is the red pill. When you realize that this
is how girls' brains work, that it's all about social context and status, and has
nothing to do with facts, ethics, or tactics, that's when you've swallowed the red
pill. Women have naturally Machiavellian mentalities. She doesn't care how you
fix your social status. Even if she can tell you're being blatantly manipulative,
lying through your teeth, or throwing your best bro under the bus, as long as
she's convinced that other people(especially other women) are
convinced, and she feels a sense of conviction and confidence radiating from
you. That's it, that's the red pill. Enjoy.
This is most definitely a shit test. Failing the test is a response like, "I don't care,
come over anyway," or, "I'll wash you in my shower," or some stupid shit like
Passing would be, "Then you better take a fucking shower or douche that pussy
first," or agree and amplify, "I haven't showered in 3 days, my pits are the pits."
The most proper response is "Yeah, okay, weirdo, I'll pass then." And then you
soft next her. Tons of options here. Keep in mind that this is a red flag: She's
attempting to escalate her SMV over yours, just like any shit test.

Girl explicitly tells me she won't have sex with me, 5 minutes later I'm fucking
her brains out. A story of my first red pill moment(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 15 days ago * by [deleted]
Before discovering the red pill, I was the stereotypical beta bitch we all talk
about. A few years ago I started dating a girl who I considered my first real
girlfriend. I had no idea what I was doing. I was always taught to treat a girl like
royalty. So that's exactly what I did. I would take her everywhere, do anything for
her, with sex a few times a week in return. You've all heard this before. Well after
being mentally abused and just generally being a blue pilled fuck for almost
eight months, I finally broke things off. A little over two years later, I discovered
This is where my story really begins. I looked back and realized how stupid I was
for letting this go on for so long, or even go on at all. I read the entire sidebar, a
ton of blogs, and so many posts that my eyes hurt. I started lifting, eating better,
making goals. After a few months into my red pill journey, she texts me. This is
the first time I've even talked to her in almost a year. I'm not sure if this was
because she heard that I was improving myself or if it was just a coincidence.
Regardless, she asked what I was doing. The sex that her and I had was by far
the best part of our relationship. By far the biggest tits I've ever seen, let alone
touch. So I told her to come over. She was there 30 minutes later and I brought
her up to my room. We were just talking when I started to escalate. I starting
touching her and we began making out. I took my shirt off, pushed her onto my
bed, and got on top of her.
"No.. no no no. I'm not having sex with you." she says as she tries to push me off
Now, blue-pill me would have sat there and asked her, "What? Why? What did I
do? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."
But instead, I just looked at her, got up, put my shirt on and said "Okay, time to
I wish I had a camera out to record her face. I will never forget it. She was in a
state of utter disbelief. She had never seen me like this. In our entire relationship
I had never made anything that left this girl speechless like I did that day.
"Wha... I-I didn't... I'm sorry, it's just.."
"Yeah.. let's go"
She starts collecting her purse and shoes and we head back downstairs. I'm
texting on my phone. I was just talking to a good friend of mine but I'm sure she
thought I was hitting up some other girl. We get downstairs and I grab my wallet
and keys and start slipping on my shoes. She starts walking towards the door
and then stops. She drops her bag, turns around, and says "If you can turn me
on, then I'll fuck you"
I grab her wrist and pull her upstairs. I didn't have to reply because I knew I could
let my actions do the talking. This girl really likes it rough and I made sure to give
it to her that way. By far some of the best sex we had. Multiple rounds, multiple
positions, multiple orgasms. We get done, then she says she wants to do anal. I
had brought anal up to her while we were dating and she was completely against
it. Now, she hasn't seen me in months, and she's the one initiating it. So I start
fucking her in the ass (a very strange feeling, btw) and she's very into it. After we
finish, I head to the bathroom to clean up. She comes in, I'm shirtless. She starts
complementing me, saying how muscular I look. I mean this shit was just so
stereotypical of everything I had read here that it almost made me laugh. She
never complimented me before, on anything. She leaves and I just laugh at the

whole situation. I knew everything I had read on here was true, but to see it first
hand was a whole different story.
This all happened about 8 months ago, and I attribute it to TRP. I dropped this girl
for unrelated reasons but have a few more plates I'm spinning. I just want to
thank you guys for this sub. Really changed my life for the better. Without this
sub I would still be a beta bitch, angry at girls for what they do to me, when in
reality, it was me that was going about this the wrong way, not them.
"You gotta let them know what kind of guy you are, then they'll know what kind
of girl to be"
Couldn't find a video but it's from the very first episode.
Once you learn to walk away, the world will be yours.
Congrats OP, not too many men have the courage to do such a thing.
Plate Spinning: The other side of the coin (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 15 days ago * by Praecipuus
Even though I have previously read (thanks, Rollo) about the subject I am about
to address, I find it not to be mentioned here nearly as often as I believe it would
prove to be helpful for all of us.
My intent with this text is not to provide advice but to polish your RP glasses a bit
more, so that you can base your own actions on a larger absence of blue fog. I
will mention a fair amount of concepts we are all familiar with and tie them up
together, to demonstrate how even though men and women are biologically
different, some similarities can be observed when the broad theme of plate
spinning is considered.
What brings me here today is my will to address what I believe to be a
fair amount of symmetry in the male/female inter-gender behavioral
dichotomy, and the implications of this.
Plate Spinning Symmetry: Sex-Plates VS Attention-Plates
It should be no news for you how men can plate woman for sex by making them
try to get some attention, and eventually providing it in the right, scarce dosage.
Men can use women as Sex-Plates, because they have something that women
want: attention.
Well, woman do exactly the same with men, but in a reverse way: they plate men
for attention by making them try to get some sexual intimacy, and eventually
providing it in the right, scarce dosage (not even going further than a peck on
the cheek will keep the BB hamster thinking progress is being made), also
commonly known as the Friend Zone.
Women can use men as Attention-Plates, because they have something that men
want: sex. This is how a woman fucks you the female way.
With this is mind, the next time you go out on a fourth date with a girl and you
still end up going home alone to polish your own knob, I want you to understand
that shes already fucked you four times, and youve fucked her zero times.
It does not matter whether you paid for the dates or split the bill. What matters is
that you gave her your attention at the cost of nothing.
Being a Slut: Sex Sluts VS Attention Sluts

No one respects a slut. A man might fuck a slut, but he wont respect a slut.
Why? Simply because she gives out what men value (sex) too easily. A man
might plate her around for sex, but he wont respect her.
The same goes for women. No woman likes a man who gives out what they value
(attention) too easily. A woman might plate him around for attention, but she
wont respect him.
If you are a man who chases after women and gives them attention at the cost of
nothing, they will see you as a male slut. You are an attention slut, and no one
respects a slut.
Inequality and Womens Leverage
Now that we have addressed the resemblance on both men and womens way to
interact with the opposite sex, let us to evaluate from here onwards how
the feminine imperative is placing men in a disadvantageous situation from the
Plate-Spinning Social Acceptance
Attention-Plate Spinning is socially acceptable mostly because it falls into
plausible deniability lands (We are just friends).
Sex-Plate Spinning is not socially acceptable. Fucking is fucking. There is no But
we are just friends fucking.
Moreover, society is so biased towards womens Attention-Plate Spinning that it
reaches the point where women keeping their Attention-Plates even when
entering an LTR is socially acceptable, unlike the possibility of a man keeping his
Contemporary monogamy is not more than sexual, and sexual only, monogamy,
strongly biased towards the feminine imperative.
Attention-Plate Spinning is socially acceptable. Sex-Plate Spinning is not.
The Cost of Attention VS the Cost of Sex
Attention is a much more transactional and hence also more abundant product
than sex. Once you compare both sides of the coin, youll realize their engines
run on an abundant good, while ours run on a scarce commodity.
Moreover, most men believe the Sexual Market Place is a mercantile society and
thus act on the premise that if we give them enough attention, they will give us
sex. Not only is this wrong from thenegotiating desire perspective, but also from
the angle where you realize men are offering something that exists in abundance
while expecting something scarce in return.
Attention is abundant. Sex is scarce.
Holding Out and Promoting
You know how a Plate of yours can eventually be upgraded to an LTR (should that
be something you are up for) and start getting your emotional support, in case
you find her to eventually meet your demands, and both of you can actually
enjoy things that way? Yeah, it doesn't work the other way around. Sex with a
woman who has promoted you is not worth it.
Sex-Plates can be upgraded. Attention-Plates cant.

Your Leverage
It goes without saying that we can create leverage by understanding the game,
since women usually dont.
Unlike women, a man who spins plates is a man who consciously knows what he
is doing, and follows the rules of the game, because he has to. So, even though
women do it instinctively due to their acting in their own environment, the fact
that they are successful most of the times makes them unable to effectively
react to adversity when their game fails.
This one of the main keys for a man to obtaining power in the Sexual Market
Place, so use it.
Final Note
In case this was the first time you have come across the concept of the female
way to spin plates, I hope you understand from now onwards that, whenever a
girl makes you compete with other men for her intimacy, fight for her or simply
wait for her to be ready to spread her legs, youre not competing, fighting or
even waiting for shit.
Youre being spun.
Very good overview. You've hit all the key points.
In summary...
The Attention Plate is skewed so that Power flows towards the female (at no
cost to her) and the end result is always loss of Power and Beta failure of some
sort for the male.
The Sex Plate is skewed towards the male and forces the female to develop
traits that Charm the man to get his attention. If properly nurtured this Captain /
Firstmate dynamic can progress towards LTR status.
One cannot proceed to a successful LTR from an Attention Plate.
The Beta Orbiter never sees improvement... things can only get more Beta once
the Power losses begin.
No Charm, No Love applies here.
If the Plate does not Charm you then she is an Attention Plate and the
relationship can never have a good outcome.
First comes Sex, then comes her Charm, then comes your Love.
Sex ---> Charm ---> Love
If the Plate does not Charm you then she is an Attention Plate and the
relationship can never have a good outcome.
Great insight.
Very good post.
This is the reason that TRP shames sluts and values male promiscuity. The
"advertised slut" is this cool, autonomous, edgy chick who finds a good looking
guy and whoah ohh, she takes him home. She's got that cute friends and guess
what, something's happened between them. Wooo, sexual conquest liberation.
This chick's got shit under control. She's hardcore.
Doesn't work like that though. I've never ever ever met a slut who was that cool
edgy chick. I've only ever met sluts who find a guy who's WAY too attractive for
them, get plated, try to keep him around with sex, can't do it, and then cry.
Worse, since sex works for a little while---sort of, they think that it can keep

working. As result, they don't work on skills that actually do make them worth
keeping around.
That's not good for society. You can't have half the population taught that their
bodies can do the trick and they don't need to work on character. Sure, plate
spinning is fun but it's not as valuable as an actual relationship but you can't
have a valuable relationship with someone who's been taught to keep you
around with her body. It takes two to tango and she's never learned. The overall
quality of relationships is lowered, women are devalued to just their bodies
because that's all they work on, and the family falls apart.
RP detractors don't consider the fact that male promiscuity doesn't do this. Very
very very few men can keep women around just with their bodies. Doesn't
usually work. Rather, to earn the right to be promiscuous we need to be
absolutely indispensable badasses with tons to offer. The problem can't be
solved by refusing to be promiscuous ourselves either. Men are thirsty enough
that women will just find someone else to fuck. All we can do is take the small
consolation prize of abundant sluts, enjoy the decline as much as we can, and
move passed the fact that we can't enjoy a society that doesn't suck.
Basic Shit Test Mnemonic(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 15 days ago by Lashlarue123
Sup fellas,
So, to give back to this forum that has provided me with so much insight and life
improvement, I figured I would share my unisex shit test response mnemonic.
Ive used it with increasing frequency whenever a power play is presented by a
male or female, and the results are very good - the hardest part is remembering
to deploy it when the unexpected opportunity comes along, but it's better than
trying to remember a ton of theory in the moment. The word is AVICS which
defines the type of response to a challenge as outlined below. It is open ended
and allows for creativity and combination, both being not entirely necessary:

A - Amused (Agree and amplify, belittlement, humor)

V - Vague (Dismissive and aloof)

I - Ignore (No response/change subject or person being spoken to)

C - Command (Direct instruction, useful on very immature challenge)

S - Situational Observation (Listen to you, you really want my attention,

youre getting upset, etc)

Thats it, I keep it concise so I can play around with it and sound natural. I find it
useful, maybe you will too. Cheers.
Redirect: switch her attention to something else.
Deflect: effortlessly brush it off with zero defensiveness.
Pressure Flip: turn it around and attack her frame, get her on the defensive.
How do I stop cockblockibg myself?
It's going to require a shift in your mindset. Right now you value women above
yourself, and it's fucking up your Game.
Next time you're thinking of approaching a girl, say these words to
yourself:"There's only two types of girls. Girls who will fuck me easily,
and girls who will fuck other guys easily but not me. The first type I can
deal with but the second type can GTFO."
Guarantee you it'll give you a boost of confidence in your approach game. Think
about what they can do for you rather than the other way around, and your
mindset will be straight.

Why Game is Easy: We're Playing Against Women (self.TheRedPill)

submitted 18 days ago * by Endorsed Contributortits_out_forTheBoys
"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a
hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained
you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will
succumb in every battle."
Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Seduction is a Game
In order to win any game, you must make the opposing player lose. In the game
of seduction, men and women play against each other.
To be clear, men and women aren't "opponents" in the sense that we hate each
other, or want to do physical harm to each other. It's not like we decided to play
against each other for the sheer sake of becoming opponents. Opponent. Enemy.
Call it whatever the fuck you want. This is what the game has dictated that you
are, and you don't get to change that.
Men and women are opponents in the game of seduction because we
are attracted to each other. Women have something that men value (sexual
access), and men have something that women value (commitment). The game of
seduction is won by manipulating your opponent into providing you with
something of greater value than you expend.
One of you can only gain something at the expense of the other player. To be
clear, you can both have funwhile being opponents, and in all likelihood you will.
But you can't decide "we're not enemies since we're playing for fun :)" because
guess what? You can't both win! In the game of seduction, the players who only
play for fun - i.e. they playwithout a strategy - and therefore always lose are
called Nice Guys and Whores. They both give away their love for free.
The players who play the Game to win - i.e. they play with a strategy - are called
Players and Good Girls. The Player's sexual strategy is tomaximize the number of
higher-quality women who he plates (non-exclusive sexual partners), and
hisoptional strategy is to fuck Whores (non-recurring sexual partners). The Good
Girl's sexual strategy is tomaximize the value of the man she associates with at
any given time (either non-recurring, non-exclusive or exclusive sexual partner),
and hersimultaneous strategy is to maximize her number of Nice Guy orbiters
(non-exclusive asexual partners).
Know the Enemy: How You Make Her Feel Determines How She Treats
Women treat men based on how men make them feel. This is precisely the
reason why so many men are unable to grasp Game - because women are
illogical and therefore Game is illogical. From my experience, any particular
woman will mentally categorize every man in her life into one of 3 categories,
each of which directly affect her behaviors toward you:
(1) "He makes me feel unworthy"
In the beginning stages of meeting her: She'll either fuck you or avoid you.
Over the long-term: She'll eventually avoid you.
(2) "He makes me feel special"
In the beginning stages of meeting her: She won't fuck you, but will fuck other
guys. You're her orbiter, and potentially a future LTR if she runs out of other

Over the long-term: If you're still her orbiter, she still won't fuck you, and she'll
still fuck other guys. If you've been promoted to LTR, she'll fuck you until you've
lost the status, and she'll likely still fuck other guys until then.
(3) She feels nothing toward you and therefore she'll ignore you.
Know Yourself: Pose as a Friend, But Work as a Philanderer
This is the brand of Game which I consider to be most effective. It's the perfect
mix of categories 1 & 2. She won't be able to decide whether you make her feel
unworthy or special, and so her hamster will land upon the conclusion that you
must be a unicorn. Pull this off correctly and you'll be bringing her home that
Verbally, you want demonstrate an acted-out politeness that makes her question
whether or not you're actually attracted to her. In her mind, she'll think that
maybe you "just want to be friends" with her and nothing more. This will make
her question whether you're trying to make her feel special by feigning
politeness, or if genuinely consider her to beunworthy because your interest in
the conversation is constructed. In reality, you'll be doing a little bit of both - but
her hamster will go crazy trying to categorize her feelings (and thus how she
treats you) into one category or the other.
Behaviorally, through your interactions with her, the goal is to show her that you
find her attractive (through your eyes), but that you're also scouting out the
social landscape for other options. This will make her question whether or not
you're actually attracted to her. In reality, you will be demonstrating an attraction
to her, but you will also be demonstrating an attraction to other women besides
her. You want her to think you're "above" her, she's not your best option, and
therefore you're a higher value man who she's willing to compete for (i.e. fuck).
Eye fuck her hard when speaking to her. When she speaks, alternate between
eye fucking her and looking around slowly (your "hoe radar"). She'll pick up on
this. If she likes you, start kino-ing her until you notice that she's starting to eye
you harder, then go in for a kiss and make out with her aggressively. Subtly grab
her neck, start progressively gripping harder ("take her breath away") and start
rotating her head back and forth. Show enough dominance and control with this
technique and you will easily fuck her later.
If kino-ing doesn't seem to be a good option at that point, proceed likewise:
Say very little when responding to her and feign interest in what she's saying, as
if you're "just being polite" because you haven't decided whether or not you like
her yet (which could very well be true). The more fake your interest in the
conversation seems, the better.
If she turns to talk to one of her friends for even a second, your initial reaction
will be to scout out the area and start flirting with the next group of girls you see.
Chances are, the initial girl will pick up on this and practically pounce on you
shortly after.
Pose as a friend, but work as a philanderer. It sounds easy because it is. Because
in the Game of seduction you're playing against women, and as we all know
women can't beat men in anything.
"But Tits_Out! What about all the orbiters? Don't THEY all lose??" Of course they
do. They compete with each other because they mistake their opponent for an

ally. Play the Game against the wrong opponent and you'll lose - just ask all the
orbiters who give away their time and attention for free.
Note: This brand of Game works best in social settings like a bar or a party,
particularly when you're with a group of your bros. If their Game sucks, they'll
supplicate and make you look better for standing back and being patient. If their
Game is tight, you'll likely have better/more women to choose from.
The game of seduction is won by manipulating your opponent into providing you
with something of greater value than you expend. One of you can only gain
something at the expense of the other player.
For one gender to realize their sexual imperative the other must sacrifice their
own. -/u/Rollo-Tomassi in his article, The Feminine Reality.
This is the brand of Game which I consider to be most effective. It's the perfect
mix of categories 1 & 2. She won't be able to decide whether you make her feel
unworthy or special, and so her hamster will land upon the conclusion that you
must be a unicorn. Pull this off correctly and you'll be bringing her home that
This is what many men struggle with. It seems logical to keep a constant fun,
calm atmosphere. But in reality, you need to have her in emotional chaos. The
higher the power output of her hamster, the greater your chance at scoring.
This is why a lot of PUAs advocate "Push/Pull Technique." Basically, you display
sexual interest in a woman for a bit, and then you suddenly shift gears and
display disinterest in her, and then you shift gears back to displaying interest.
This creates massive amounts of sexual tension and makes her determined to
find out if you're really into her or not.
MM says that a woman:
1. Desires to be desired and
2. Looks for a male with higher status than her.
Now both assertions are self-evident to the redpill Man, the first for example
being at the root of Pook's advice to be a sexual man and the second the simple
definition of hypergamy. However MM rightly points out this brings us to a
paradox since "if a high status man pursues a woman, he makes himself low
status and therefore unattractive." Fair enough but then he claims that
"vulnerability" solves the paradox and I wrote "BS" in the margin and was left
feeling that a piece of the puzzle is missing...
And you brilliant man, come along today with the last piece: "show you desire
her, but also show her she's not your best option". Sexual man, desire her, highstatus in one package... Simple.
in my opinion, if she's outright threatened you with divorce rape, she has no
respect for you. Dread game that bitch. Increase your SMV and throw in some
more dread game for good measure. If you think it can be salvaged and the only
block in your relationship is her hippo figure, then get her a gym membership
and ask her to come work out. Reward good behaviour with sex and nice
experience and punish laziness with less attention and dread. I'd point you to
that thread a while back on how some dude pulled this exact same thing with his
wife and managed a 180 after 3 years or so of dead bedroom. That being said,
the whole time, make sure that you're building a viable exit strategy. I'd look into
the below post for a good way to go about it.
"The thing is, divorce is a dangerous game. I made a living back in the past as a
poker player. I learned that one should never bet more than they can afford to
lose. I had a lot to lose. I made a list of best case scenarios and worst case

scenarios. Now I had to come up with a plan. This is the long game. Hell, in some
ways I'm still playing it. My objective was not losing my son. First I needed more
information. I also had to do it discretely. I won't detail it, since it's somewhat
immoral, but I had all the records of her chats, places she went, etc. I kept on
smiling every god damn day. You don't show the other player your hand, and I
didn't in this case. About a month later I consulted a lawyer, to start off with. He
wanted to file paperwork right away. A long game requires time. I had other
things to do. I rented an apartment nearby and started furnishing it. Small
purchases. It's all joint income, and all assets are shared until the divorce. I had
enough to be comfortable. I bought a new TV "for the basement" I told my wife.
Then I started playing cards again. I would go to the casino and "lose" week after
week. Not ethical, but spending money is important. Strategy formulated,
logistics arranged, now I needed to win the propaganda war. I knew she had
been looking for divorce lawyers, so I needed her to fire the first shot. My plan
was simple. I knew when her and her affair were going to go out and I made sure
to suggest family outings on those days. I became super nice in public, but I
would be snarky in private. It worked. She asked for the divorce first. I played the
heartbroken man. My family, and hers, all consoled me. I told her I didn't want
this to be a fight, so let's not make it a legal battle. I would move out. We would
handle the paperwork on our own. I just used the paperwork my lawyer had
prepared for me. She wanted to avoid court for fear of her affair coming out
(honestly, it's a No Fault state. It wouldn't have mattered, but she didn't know
that.) That week I moved into my "terrible" apartment. Already furnished. Plenty
of food, booze and amenities all ready for me. I called up a date I had arranged a
few weeks before and had a lovely evening. She was still racked with guilt. Still
is, to this day. She thinks I never found out about her affair, and that she "ruined"
my life. As much as I would love to do a victory dance, it's still a good play to
feign sadness until my son is eighteen. We have a great custody agreement, and
I pay less than any other divorced Dad I know. See, the only revenge is living
well...and I live very well. My life is pretty women, good friends, and interesting
pastimes. She, on the other hand, wound up moving in with an abusive idiot,
moving out shortly thereafter, blew her share of the house and now lives in a
crappy apartment filled with guilt, doubt and unhappiness. It's better than yelling
at her that she's a slut"
good luck brother.
edit: soz for long post, but the above is textbook way to divorce easy. Also from
reading your replies, I highly advise a divorce. Just make sure to play your cards
exceptionally well though. I'd hate to lose a kid.
It's about two feet below a cunt.
I've had girls basically get themselves worked up to near orgasm just sucking my
dick. Have the attitude that you are giving them a prize. I had a chick suck me
dry, zip up my pants and thank me, because "she only did that for her." Thanks
I like to eat pussy as a way to actually show dominance and engage her
submissiveness. Grab under her ass and lift her up, grab her legs and spread
them out really wide, just take control of her and move her around and devour
her. Eat it from behind, smacking her ass. You are in control, no matter what you
do to her. Make her cum and immediately penetrate her savagely.
The game works entirely differently from the way many guys think.

I say "we should meet."

Commandingsih, . More Indicative of high value males. You're telling her what
you think. Not asking what she wants. Should get a good response. Oh look, you
I ask if she's free tonight
Asking, subservient. Entering her frame. Letting her dictate when and where.
Beta. Should get a negative response. Oh look, you did.
It annoys me that she didn't offer another time, like I'm supposed to jusy keep
You're feminized. You're expecting her to lead you.
You are supposed to lead, to dominate the frame.
So next time, instead of 'when are you free' you say 'pick you up at (x) for beers.'
If she says no, just reply 'k' and go radio silent. Or just go silent and wait for her
to reinitiate. If she suggests another time, then you can go. Or you can just say
you're busy then and not go. But the frame is still yours in either case.
"What are your intentions?"-type shit test by progmind in asktrp
[]LaV-Man 5 points 12 days ago
The ONLY answer to "What are your intentions?" is:
To crush my enemies,
To see them driven before me and,
To hear the lamentations of their women.
The same thing we do everyday pinky
What do 9/10 people enjoy?
My question is - why did you bother? Where was your win? What did you get out
of it other than a tiny, 12 second endorphin rush?
I've got very little information, but if your situation was typical, you had a hottie
using you for validation and maybe some resources (time/drinks/lifting heavy
things - or just attention).
This was a candidate for long game. All you needed to do was ignore her text.
The hard next closed the door, and it was unnecessary.
How To Talk To Everyone You See. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 7 days ago * by 3 Endorsed ContributorBurgundyCarpet
The trick to starting random conversations is to simply let people in to your
interior monologue.
I NEVER think in terms of "starting conversations," but if you hung out with me
for a day you would say "wow, that guy starts conversations with everyone he
It is because I am not trying to start conversations. Rather, I am simply aware
that I am a good person, and a smart and social guy and therefore I am entitled
to enlighten other people with a thought or two from my interior monologue.

When I see a person walking a dog that I think is cute, there is no thinking
"should I say something to this person?" because I am already telling them that
their dog is cute.
When I see an attractive woman in the bookstore, there is no questioning to
myself whether or not I should talk to her, because by that time I am already
telling her not to buy that Dave Eggers book because Dave Eggers is a terrible
writer and she will not benefit from her purchase.
I think genuine self-knowledge and self-awareness goes a long way towards
achieving this state of Omni-Talkativeness. When I looked deep inside myself and
searched my motives, I was a little surprised by the fact that inside, I am a
genuinely good person who genuinely wants the best for people.
Society implants moral self-doubt within us. Society teaches us that "evil
lurks in the hearts of men." That's why I was surprised when I looked deep inside
myself and found... no evil. No malice. Only a desire to do good.
Society has lied to you it has lied to you about who other people are, and it has
lied to you about who youare. Chances are that you hold a few negative beliefs
about yourself. Maybe you secretly believe that you're "selfish," or "bad."
But look within. Seriously, look. Do you want to kill anyone? Do you want to hurt
anyone? Do you want to make anyone cry?
No? Well, then you are definitely nota bad person.
Keep looking within. Do you have a desire to help your friends achieve their
dreams and live dope lives? Do you have a desire to give sexual pleasure to
women you are attracted to? Do you have a desire to become the best version of
yourself, and to help your fellow man become the best version of himself?
If you answered "Yes" to these questions, then I've got news for you,
motherfucker: You're a good person. Not only that, you are a
fucking insanely good person. Most people never ask themselves these
questions, so they spend their whole lives wondering if they are a good person or
not. But if you go inside and ask yourself these questions, you just might realize
that youknow you are a good person. And once you've got that level of selfknowledge, no one can take it away from you.
If a person assumes I have ill intent, I am not upset: they are simply wrong. I do
not have ill intent. Because I have looked inside myself and realized that actually
I have onlygood intent.
With that knowledge embedded deep within my "frame," there is no part of me
that "hesitates" before talking to someone. Since I know on the deepest level
that I am a genuinely good guy who wants the best for people, there is no reason
to even THINK of THE CONCEPT of asking myself if I should interact with
someone because by that time, I am already interacting.
When you have this kind of positive self-image on a moral level, talking to other
people is the easiest shit ever. Your confidence is absolute, because you are
simply aware that there are only two possible outcomes to each interaction, both
of which are positive:

You have a fun chat and never talk to the person again.

You have a fun chat and wind up developing a relationship with the person
and getting the opportunity to make their lives more awesome.

There is simply no negative scenario that can occur.

TBH bros, I think that talking about "avoiding approach anxiety" is completely
missing the point. That's like trying to put a band-aid on top of a cancerous
tumor (the tumor = the subconscious belief that you do not deserve to talk to

people, which stems from the subconscious desire to TAKE something from
people instead of GIVE them something).
You must travel deep inside yourself and flip an invisible switch.
You are a person who engages in interactions. The reason you are not "social" is
this: In your interactions, you have been focused on how you can benefit from
the interactions you engage in.
Here is the switch you must flip: To become "social," you must stopthinking in
terms of taking and start thinking in terms of giving. You must start thinking
in terms ofhow the other person can benefit from interacting with
you. (Trust me, that's the only thing they're thinking about anyway.
Once you're thinking about that too, then you're both on the same
The only questions you should be asking yourself: What do I have to offer this
person? What do I have to give? (Friendship? Good cheer? The D?) How can I
make their lives more awesome?
When you meet women, often the answer to these questions is obvious: the
most effective way you can make their lives more awesome is to give them the D
that they thirst for so passionately. When you meet men, the answer is often less
obvious sometimes you can give them knowledge, sometimes you can teach
them a skill, other times you can just give them the gift of a few light-hearted
observations on whatever is happening.
For me, attaining the state of Omni-Talkativeness is a moral journey that is 100%
The more self-doubt you implant in the minds of your subjects, the less likely
they are to take your power away from you.
We all know that media programs peoples brains with BP messaging. In this post,
I am pointing out that a core component of this BP messaging is moral selfdoubt. I believe this may just be the CORE of the Blue Pill: the belief that men
are not morally good people, so therefore you, as a man, are not morally good.
A big part of RP for me was leaving the false Blue Pill matrix of morality.
However, since RP is amoral, morality is not a popular subject on here.
When I really and truly understood that I am actually morally good according to
my personal, reality-based understanding of morality, I immediately became
talkative as fuck.
When you TRULY KNOW that your sole priorities are:

becoming your best self

helping other people become their best selves

..then the VERY IDEA of doubting yourself becomes completely nonsensical.

I'm going to devil's advocate this for the benefit of myself and possibly others
like me: I'm a fucking asshole. I am selfish. I may not actively wish harm on
people, but generally I want to get mine and otherwise be left the fuck alone. I
hate children. I hate people. I despise women. I operate on a routine that
consists of work, eat, lift, fuck, that doesn't include many people in it because
people tend to expect things of you and create drama. I'm jovial and kind and
have a quick wit when I do go out and I do well with women when I do engage
but I don't include people in my "inner monologue" because quite frankly it
would shock people. I'm not a "good" person. Not everyone is.
I used to have this question, and I don't any longer.
Realize this: just like meeting women, meeting friends isn't like the movies.
You're not going to go out and then some guy introduces himself and then asks

you if you want to go watch Transformers 5. First off, think about what type of
guys do you want to meet. If you have a hobby, that's a great place to start. If
you want masculine, motivated men, then you're best off @ the gym, or looking
at the PUA community for a wing, etc. But basically the first part is thinking
about what type of guys you want to surround yourself with, and then finding
them. My favorite type of guys are guys at the gym who aren't complete muscle
heads / idiots, and then guys at a bar / club who'd have the courage to talk to
women... these guys usually have confidence, are motivated and are interesting.
You could meet people @ concerts, you could post on Reddit like I have looking
for people (I've already met quite a few people from Reddit), you could go to
meetups (don't try to meet dudes at BDSM meetups dude... cmon) but most
lame guys think of going to meetups (unless you find a really cool one).
Also you have to think: the type of guys that I want to be friends with, do they
want to be friends with me? As I've gotten better with pickup, guys who I think I
would be great friends with have gotten more receptive and awesome towards
me, so I know that as I get better with women, I have plenty of cool people to
make friends with. Also since I came to RedPill I've been lifting for 7 months now
and now I get to shoot the shit with accomplished guys in the gym and I could
easily befriend them.
Once you figure out how to meet these people, it's the same as women: you
make it happen. Demonstrate that you're chill to these people, and then offer to
go somewhere cool sometime and shoot the shit. Ask em what they're doing
tonight, tell em what you're doing. Become buddy buddy and that door will open
for you.
TRP is from PUA. There are different "styles" of PUA, and the one that is basically
aligned with TRP is the "direct" style of PUA, which basically involves having zero
lines, just going up and being direct.
The thing is, is there IS still finesse involved that you have to learn with women.
You can't go up to women and be like "Hey I want to fuck you". It won't work
except if a woman is very desperate and / or drunk.
I really don't think this subreddit focuses on game as much as it should. But if
you want to focus on game, the closest thing you can get in terms of being
aligned with TRP, is "PIMP" by RSD Julien. In short, it has less to do with what you
say than what you sub communicate as being a valuable man (which is what TRP
is all about really).
Chad Thundercock succeeds at online dating. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 12 days ago * by RemyPrice
Chad was not impressed with online dating.
Women get flooded with messages from average losers, and he didn't want to be
lumped into the sea of morass, the beta bitches whodesperately need online
dating. Still, Chad is so busy closing deals and shitting all over his competitors
in his day job. He wanted a new and efficient way to get laid.
Looking through the profiles on Plenty of Sluts Fish, he saw the typical bullshit
women spew out of their cake holes:
Don't be a jerk.
No shirtless mirror selfies.
Be a gentleman.

Don't message me about sex!

"Got it," he thought aloud. "There's my playbook."
The piracetam and phenibut already popping off in his brain, testosterone
surging from the massive workout he just blasted through. Time to set up his
kick-ass profile. Abs are catnip for women. He loaded his best shirtless mirror
selfie as his profile picture. Check.
"Now my intro," he mused. "I need to weed out the chicks who are afraid of sex. I
don't have time to convince."
About me:
Dominant, highly-driven, successful man that wants to pin you against the wall...
tonight. Seeking a petite, athletic girl who knows how to use her hips in all the
right ways.
Let's skip the B.S. Online dating is mostly a waste of time. You'll text me for
days, excited to meet me, and then get scared at the last minute.
Do me a favor, and don't write back unless you're ready to call me daddy.
Phase two - reaching out. He considered messaging about taking them out
and treating them like a princess. His old beta bitch self wanted to acknowledge
their beauty.He quickly squashed that thought.Instead, he copy & pasted
this message to thirty hot women:
Are you tied up tonight? If not, there's something I want to tie you up with.
The next morning, 10 women had responded. Most wrote back the typical
How dare you! That's no way to write to a woman. I'm not interested only in
He knew the truth. Focus on their actions, not their words. If they wrote
back, they were interested - they just weren't going to admit it. Even the most
sexually charged girls need to play the game.
He continued to push each girls' buttons, writing back without so much as a hint
of being the "nice guy". He ignored their questions and went for the kill every
"Let's meet this week so we can see how loud you can moan."
Cathy was initially acting like Chad had just murdered her favorite puppy, equal
parts angry and defiant. He read between the lines. Ten messages later, she
agreed to join him in the hot tub tonight. Remember to leave your swimsuit at
home. It will be coming off anyway.
She hesitated writing back for a few minutes. Then she wrote "We'll see..."
We will definitely see, Cathy. Count on it.
"When unattractive men have hit on me, I have honestly been insulted. It's sort
of like having an amazing degree and work experience, and someone seriously
asking you if you want a minimum wage job." (self.TheRedPill)

submitted 12 days ago by redpillbanana

This thread from the AskWomen subreddit is an interesting example of what goes
through the minds of attractive woman when they are complimented/approached
by unattractive men. (screen capture here).
Note that the top comment is one that admits a slightly uncomfortable
truth: compliments from attractive people carry more weight.
I always appreciate compliments, but honestly they have more weight when
they're coming from attractive people.
The response admits a more uncomfortable truth: compliments from
unattractive men can be insulting:
I feel mean admitting it, but sometimes a compliment from a guy I am not
attracted to is like a job offer from a company I am not interested in. It's not
really all that flattering, and depending how badly it's done, it can feel a bit
The next response gets to the raw truth: being hit on by unattractive men is
an honest insult.
When unattractive men have hit on me, I have honestly been insulted. It's sort of
like having an amazing degree and work experience, and someone seriously
asking you if you want a minimum wage job.
Note that this last commenter is obviously an attractive woman - she's says that,
"Being hit on has grown tedious," and actually says, "If you're going to scrape
your fingernails against my scar tissue, I'd prefer you be cute."
Further responses talk about how "red pill" her statement is, probably because it
is the reality of how most attractive women think:
Your edit brings up many legitimate complaints that many women deal with, but
none of them have anything to do with you believing ugly people are lesser
thans that insult you by thinking they could get a date with you. That's why you
have so many comments calling attention to this. This is red pill type
Reply to the above:
I mean, she's being honest. And she's definitely not alone in that thinking, in my
And this response shows the importance of grooming:
It has a point when for example, for a date I put on full makeup, shave
everything, wear nice clothes and have a nice hairstyle, while he doesn't even
bother to shave or put on anything nicer than a shirt and jeans. That's an
immediate put-off.
Lessons to be learned here:

If you approach a woman to flirt with her and she finds your SMV to be
beneath hers, she'll probably take it as an insult. This explains many of the
harsh rejections that you'll see.

If your SMV is low, monk mode is your friend. Work on yourself until you
get your SMV to a reasonable level. The PUA "fake it until you make it"
isn't going to help if your SMV is below average.

Your grooming is an important component of your SMV.

Attractive women are tired of receiving complements and getting hit on

constantly. Don't be like the other men who fawn over attractive women,

smothering them with complements. Now you understand where negging

came from - at first, it make people stand out from the other men.

The truth can be uncomfortable/inconvenient/ugly but the truth will also

help you understand and succeed in the real world.

Plate Factory (self.TheRedPill)

submitted 17 days ago * by RP15
You've just gotten out of a 4 month monk mode. You're eating clean, you're
putting up heavy weight, your career has new focus and energy, you shaved
your receding hairline, you've picked up reading again, and you trashed your
Xbox. Things are looking up for you, and the women around you notice it. They
treat you differently at work, at bars, on the street, and everywhere else. You
start catching a couple looks here and there and use your RP knowledge to
capitalize on your growing SMV. After getting ONS until the novelty wears off;
time to start putting together a roster.
Here, gentlemen, is the secret to harem recruitment.
We all know that women can and usually will regret having ONS. When they do
have pangs of regret, their hamster tries to claw back their actions with some
kind of bullshit game playing, excuse, or any kind of crap that will make them
feeeeeeel like THEY got the drop on YOU instead of the other way around. After
having alpha sex even once (and you play your postgame right), they will come
back and attempt to turn the tables. This can take many forms and common
ones include:

"Let's be friends before we continue this relationship"

"I need more intimacy before sex"

"I'm just not really looking for anything too committed just yet"

"I'm emotionally unavailable right now"

"I'm already seeing someone"

Generally, any bullshit that could convince you that that sex was a onetime (or two- or three- or four-time if you're an athlete) thing. If you can
recognize a shit test, you will see this coming a mile away.

Mr. Hamster will always rear his pathetic little head the next time you two meet.
To crush this shit test, remember one thing: DO NOT TAKE THE BETA BAIT.
She wins her silly game if you comfort her, or tell her she's important, or validate
any one of her feelings. She is looking to see if just having sex with you once can
turn you into her beta putty. If yes, that tap will run dry REAL fast.
If she comes over and pulls this shit, you slam this bad boy out of the park. Act
like you do not give a shit and send her on her way without friendship, attention,
validation, or any kind of victory. (If you aren't used to this behavior, it will feel
very cold and unempathetic. Good.) You thought she was coming over for sex,
she instead decided to move your hands away and force air out of her face. This
is as interesting as watching a dog scratch itself. Look bored, unengaged, scan
the room for visual stimulation, interrupt her mindless hamstering to end this
conversation with something along the lines of: "Ya that's cool with me. Did you
drive or walk or do you need a cab/uber/lyft" and pull your phone out to text
people. She will do one of three things:
1) Leave, in which case she will contact you later or be receptive if you hit her up
for sex later, or 2) get really turned on by your lack of interest and become

receptive to your advances right then and there or 3) start turning up the
intensity with crying, screaming, insults, etc. (In this case, do not change your
behavior, react, or say anything but rather let her go for a bit and then grab her
and make out with her)
This is no different functionally or conceptually from any other shit test, but this
one is extremely predictable and a pivotal moment in whether or not she stays
around. It will also sneak up on a lot of you newly RP men because you may not
be prepared for such incongruity between words and actions. These are the kinds
of things I wish someone had explained to me when I was younger so here you
Gentlemen, good luck out there.
Edit: I've never thought of this before, but this exact shit test is probably where a
lot of false rape accusations are born. If you do not let them claw back their
actions, there is a chance they go nuclear. If she even so much as hints at
consent issues, has crazy eyes, or you feel that she's completely nuts, deploy
your beta smokescreen.
You always have to be willing to let her walk. There's always other girls.
Honesty helps too - you enjoy spending time with her, but aren't interested in
something exclusive. This means she's free to end the arrangement whenever,
and this means she can see other dudes.
Some of you may be grossed out by the idea of her seeing other dudes with your
knowledge or scared of losing a good lay (low experience tells), but you shouldn't
First, women will always have a few guys floating around, so whether you say
your cool with it or not, it's going to happen. You gain yourself a lot of cover
telling girls your seeing that can see other guys, since you plan on seeing other
The thing is, eventually she won't. If you're doing bedroom stuff right, you can
keep her on the hook despite her desire for greater attention.
Sure, she may go on dates, even tell you about them. Every dope who wines and
dines her, ending with a cheek peck as she heads over to your place late night
can attest that her mind was elsewhere the entire time.
You've been nothing but honest with her about the limited nature of the
engagement, and she's still hanging around?
That's how you build plates.
Patrice O'Neil said it best when it comes to women.
-You always have to be willing to take a "L". Never be afraid of walking away from
something or someone if it doesn't suit your needs or desires. If you don't like
the way the game is being played then you don't play it, simple as that. You
always play by your rules, never theirs. If they refuse to play, fuck em. Tell them
to leave and be cold blooded about it. If they complain, cry and bitch, who cares.
They either step up their game to give you what you want or they step off. You
don't bend.
-The only power and control that women have is the power and control that you
let them have. They can only threaten us with not letting us fuck, other than that
they have no control over us. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and their are
way more tuna than their is sharks. Never settle for one chick and her desires.
-Have as many women in your life as possible. Talk to women where ever you go
and get as many women in your stable as possible. Once you start doing this,
you will never feel the need to walk on eggshells and play the desperate man

game than many BB feel the need to play because if one option fails, you have
four other women your talking and possibly fucking too that one you recently
loss can always be replaced. Remember, women are always replaceable.
-Never let any woman pimp you. Women pimp men for our time, conversation,
our emotional support, financial support, validation support, logical support, ect.
We bring so much more to the table than they ever do. We bring multitudes of
things while women for the most part only bring pussy, and that's basically it.
Never treat them special because they're not special by any means nor will really
make your life any better, no matter how cute and sexy she may appear to be.
"Show me a super model and I will show you someone who is sick of her shit."
Red Pill TheoryThe biggest change that raised my confidence with
submitted 11 days ago by capt_behindsight
I'll be honest; prior to college, I was bp as they come. I didn't have my first kiss
until I was 18(I even asked her before I did it if it was ok), was cheated on by my
first kiss/gf, dumped a year later by my 2nd gf and practically begged her to
come back. I'm not happy about those past experiences and all that wasted time,
or what I tolerated.
My sophomore year of college, I was dragged to a swingdance club meeting at
my school. I can't tell you how uncomfortable it was touching a stranger and
then failing miserably trying to dance. It broke me down. Still, I came back each
week because I figured it can't get any worse. There were 30+ girls at these
lessons, most unattractive but a few babes. You would try a move out, then after
2 minutes, rotate to someone new.
By the end of the second month, touching girls felt like second nature, mostly
because now I knew what to do. I identified as a lead, and knew that given the
right signals, my follow would have fun and feel secure. By now (graduated
senior) I have danced with hundreds of girls, and have no doubt what to do. It
taught me to think on my feet, create my own style, and best of all prevented
"oneitis" because everyone shares follows and it's a plutonic environment.
I am more confident with girls overall due to dance. In bed, I used to ask my
partner what she wanted. Now during sex, I do my thing and respond non
verbally. The girl who left me wouldn't do anal, or let me finish in her face ect.
Acting like you've been there before radiates confidence, and most girls won't
call you out when you know what you're doing. I've done everything I've wanted
and have taken charge. I have no doubt to the loyalty of my follows because I
perform my role as lead.
I've tried telling all my friends to try taking any dance class, to no avail. They
complain about dancing with 'ugly chicks'. Take my advice, men. Learn the skill,
take a dance class. I can personally attest that it has greatly improved my life.
The corollary is that ugly chicks are a stepping stone to bigger and better things.
If new guys don't like ugly chicks and want to jump straight to attractive women,
they must be able to offer something of value to compensate. Most guys don't
have a good track record at all.
The reason why most guys have "no luck" with women is because they can't
handle attractive women. They THINK that they can, but in reality, if those guys
haven't had any success with the women they've been targeting, chances are,
they wouldn't have any success with uglier women either.

As a guy, you either build up a strong portfolio to start off with (muscular, fit,
attractive, high-status, etc.) or you start from the bottom up and make your
gains from there. You don't jump in to the fray expecting the most, because you'll
easily end up disillusioned by the failures and you'll ultimately end up settling to
preserve your withered ego.
That inexplicable 'gut feeling'. Trust it. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 10 days ago by kentopt
You know that feeling of "something is wrong"? That feeling when you know that
something is amiss but you don't really have any facts to back it up? Well, you
better god damn trust it because it's way smarter than you think.
The majority of our communication is non-verbal. We pick up on verbal and big
non-verbal communication consciously, but we fail to do so on very subtle nonverbal communications. That's where your subconscious kicks in... A.K.A. your
gut feeling. Your subconscious analyzes even the smallest signs, from body
language, to vocal tone, to micro expressions, and even to behavioral patterns.
Let me shortly tell you 3 instances where my gut feeling was 100% spot on and
how I learned to trust it in a situation I am currently in.
7 years ago: My back then GF cheated on me. I had no evidence to support it,
everything 'seemed' normal on the outside, but something felt seriously wrong
on the inside. I had this feeling for an entire week, and it was so strong that it
drove me to being a stalking little bitch. I was following her from work, checking
her phone, trying to extract information from her and so on. All this without a
single shred of evidence that she's cheating other than a 'hunch'. She was clean:
no incriminatory messages, nothing out of the ordinary on the surface, yet the
feeling persisted. So, one night she tells me that she has to go to bed early and
that we'll talk in the morning. All cool, right? Nope. Stalker mode on: I drive to
her place and her lights are on. I park outside of the building and wait. About an
hour later she comes out with a dude, kisses him and he leaves. We can all
imagine what happened in that happy hour. Broke up, moved on. Thanks gut
2 years ago: In a relationship for 2 years with my then GF. Then, after 2 years,
out of the blue, that gut feeling again, that dread feeling. "I'm not going to
become a paranoiac stalker again" - said my beta brain. "Just trust her, you have
no evidence that she's cheating or that there's something wrong" - the blue pill
argued. As before, I decide to trust my gut and see if something is up. Stalker
mode on: FB messages, sms texts, call logs. This time, however, the bitch is
dumb and lets it all in plain view. I'll spare you the details of the conversations
with Chad, she fucked him, hidden it from me for almost a month, caught her,
broke up, moved on. This is when I discovered TRP and swallowing the pill was
the best decision of my life, hands down. Lived my life to the fullest, fucked more
girls than I did in my previous combined years, improved my life and so on, you
heard it all before. As an anecdote, the girl in question still begs for forgiveness
after 2 years and wants me to take her back.
Present: After 2 years of debauchery, I meet a nice young girl, 19 years old,
perfect blonde, no promiscuous past from what I can tell, I decide to LTR her and
see how it goes. Drop my 2 other plates, and be in a relationship with her for the
past 6 months. All nice and good, until the gut feeling strikes again. I'm wiser
now and know that I should trust it. I start reviewing the past week and all sorts
of red flags pop into existence that I would've never noticed unless trusting my
gut. Examples: Doesn't answer her phone and calls back after 1 or 2 hours. She
used to call me up to exasperation, more than 8 times / day, now she only calls
maybe once. No longer requires my attention like she used to. Oh, and she

mentioned a guy from her class 3 times. I'm not even going to bother checking
for facts, I'm just gonna drop her with a simple "you know why".
Bottom line: Always trust your gut feeling. It's evolutionary there for a reason
and most likely its trying to tell you something that you shouldn't ignore.
Share stories where your gut feeling was right.
Gut feelings are the result of your subconscious crunching more data about
stimuli you are receiving much more quickly and at a much greater bandwidth
than your conscious mind can actually cope with. That's the reason it lurks below
your conscious because your brain simply can't handle being aware of everything
all the time. However, I wouldn't always say TRUST your gut feeling. But ALWAYS
be aware of it and subject it to the spotlight of your rational and conscious mind.
Its funny how that gut feeling can invade even the most progressive BP guy's
You see it in r/ relationships all the time. A guy finds out his gf rode 20 dicks
before his, that she was in a threesome, whatever. He'll post ranting about how
he knows he shouldn't judge or shame her, but he just can't shake that gut
He'll read hundreds of replies about how he should get over himself, and just
hope he can suppress the uneasiness. He'll try to logically convince himself that
the past is the past.
He'll ignore his gut, and he'll eventually come to regret it.
Patrice O'Neil said it best. "When you feel something in your gut, act on it. You're
feeling that way for a reason."
Your obsession with a girl being 'good' sounds like pedestalization. They're all the
same, man. They take dicks. A dude has fucked her within an hour of meeting
her. I have fucked many dude's 'good' girlfriends. A lot of us have. AWALT
I mess up by gaming and escalating hard
Unless you're doing it in front of her friends at the mall, this isn't a mistake.
and this just offends them or pisses them off and makes them look at me as a
total asshole horn dog
That's because they're trying to inflate their SMV. It's a shit test. Let up and come
at it from a different angle.
who isn't looking for an LTR (really I wouldn't mind one though).
You reak of a lack of confidence, friend. I can tell from your post, so they can tell
from the interaction. Try this: next time, imagine that you've already fucked the
girl, thuroughly. You've done everything you'd want to with her the day before.
This will change your mindset on the approach. You'll be more confident and
you'll recieve an Alpha Pass--the key to direct game.
DAY BANG by Roosh is a really good book on day game. I highly recommend it for
'going about the day' picking up chicks at Target and shit--when their bitch shield
is up. But don't buy these women's shit about them being 'good girls'. AWALT.
Game is the Red Pill
Now that it appears the debate between the PUA/MGTOW/MRA blogosphere
about Game and it's relevance and morality has cooled down a bit, I would like to
reiterate the one point I believe is most relevant for why all men should take an

effort to understand Game without trying to marginalize it or write it off as

completely erroneous, simply because you object to the morality espoused by
the PUA...or that you think Game is a silly, manipulative script that men follow
simply to get laid.
To use the Matrix allegory, Game is the Red Pill.
...something happens which makes us question those very rituals we've blindly
followed and we are confronted with a choice - shall we take the blue pill and
choose to ignore any inconsistencies with our own paradigm which works pretty
well, or shall we take the red pill and explore these inconsistencies knowing that
it could lead us into a world we aren't familiar with... one that questions the very
foundations of our current perspective.

In this context, I think it's perfectly fitting to describe the social engineering by
cultural indoctrination and conditioning that has been effected for the last
century regarding gender roles and attitudes towards institutions like the
Patriarchal nuclear family; the confusion engendered by the "battle of the sexes"
and the legal system of sexual/social politics; is all really best described as a
mass epidemic of blue pill-addiction.
Symptoms of blue pill delusions are ubiquitous, and it manifests itself all over the
place. Only the few red pill takers...those that understand the reality of gender
relations...are even aware of just how widespread the mass delusion of distorted
gender roles is inculcated into mainstream consciousness.
And this is where "Game" comes in. Game is the red pill because it is based on
men analyzing what behaviors are attractive to women, and what behaviors are
It is the basis for just about all social dynamics amongst any human
interaction...why men compete with other men (for access to women)..why
women compete for the attention and affection of men they perceive as

desirable to other women.

Game is the Red Pill because it deals with understanding the principles of
observable truths that are field tested...and these truths are in direct
contradiction to the blue pill delusions of preconceived notions regarding gender
roles in our BraveNewWorldOrder.
Once we learn of that new paradigm, we can no longer hold the older belief as
our truth. Not everyone can deal with this kind of thinking. Many people are
perfectly content believing something to be as they've always known it to be,
and reject this newer attempt at truth because it's too painful to accept - they've
been living their entire life based on this lie and only now they come to discover
that the world is not what they thought it was.
Unlike the caricature portrayed by it's detractors, Game is NOT a simple ruse...a
routine or a schtick to manipulate or trick women into having sex with men. No,
it's about truly understanding social dynamics and the role that social hierarchy
plays in any human interaction. Once you have this understanding, you begin to
see "THE MATRIX" or false reality of delusions regarding gender relations.
I thought of this as I read the comment section of Dr. Helen's blog post that I
cited in my last post on Relationship Dynamics. So many Men weighed in with
their comments, unknowingly revealing the depths of their blue pill instilled
delusions that contributed to their failures in their relationships.
Here are a few quotes that demonstrate this blue pill effect:
And whenever your woman asks which of two paint colors you prefer, you have
to say you don't care. The alternative is surely picking the wrong color and
paying dearly for it.
This is blue pill induced paranoia. Fear of "paying dearly" for upsetting a woman.
Anyone that even has a rudimentary understanding of Game knows exactly what
to do should a woman ask a man to pick a color...
My ex-wife used to love to put me into impossible verbal situations such as, "do
you think that (super model) is prettier then me?"
Wrong answer #1: Yes
"You don't think I'm pretty!"
Wrong answer #2: No
So I found myself avoiding talking to her at all.
Taking the blue pill renders many men utterly clueless to the "shit test." And
failing these tests are relationship destroyers!
Here a few more comments showing the blue pill-addled mindset:
I do think, however, that women manipulate more. They cry, they feign anger or
hurt, they tell you stupid things like "a man doing the dishes is sexy" or "I'll be
happy if you ___" (and if you refuse you don't want her to be happy).
Of course, women lie to. Unless, of course, you really believe she's had a
headache for 6 solid months or is somehow turned on by a man pushing a

-I'm a good guy. I don't cheat or go places I shouldn't or do things I shouldn't or
drink too much or any of that stuff. I have nothing to hide from my wife, but I
have learned the hard way that if I tell my wife the truth about certain things -especially my feelings if they're at all negative -- then I'd better be prepared for
two or three weeks of significant pain.
Helen is right. I want to be a truthful person with my wife, but it just isn't worth
the hassle -- especially since she's made it so clear that she really doesn't want
to hear the truth.
--No offense, but sometimes women are just plain scary.

Are you beginning to see the common thread here? How the blue pill mindset
has left so many men so clueless about how to deal with their wives and/or
girlfriends? All of these preceding examples are Men who are afraid of their
wive's emotional state.
For the majority of husbands, they married a woman who they could
communicate with and formed an allegiance. Her attitude became far less
tolerant and hostile after. (There are many reasons for this that I won't go into
To rethink his attitude may invite a firestorm into his home. To rethink his
allegiance will cost him dearly--he'll lose his children, and quite possibly pay
huge bucks for his wife to move someone else in.
Your advice would be great if the laws were not so biased in favor of women.
Men have much to lose and little to gain by standing their ground. Women have
much to gain and little to lose by villainizing their husbands and divorcing him.

I get this impression that there exists a commonly held notion amongst MRA that
ever since feminists got no-fault divorce legislated, all women have taken to it
with great gusto, simply because they can...that the laws give women gold
digging powers, and they take advantage of it simply because it appeals to
women's greed, and they will happily destroy the lives of their husbands and
children to sate that lust for greed.
I beg to differ. There's much more to it than that.
Because if a married man stands up for himself in today's climate, he could very
well find himself put out of his own house, paying over a substantial chunk of his
paycheck to his ex-wife, and seeing the kids when (and if) she decides that.
This is what I call the Emasculation Paradox.
Many men today seem to think that the legal system is set up to give all the
women the power in they'd better cede it to her to avoid upsetting

her so that she doesn't take you into divorce court hell. But the paradox is that a
man who understands the reality, also understands that STANDING UP FOR
HIMSELF is the ONLY WAY his wife CAN respect, admire, lust and love him.
You really shouldn't worry about upsetting her. She's a woman. She gets upset as
surely as the sun rises in the East. What you you have to worry about, is turning
into someone she doesn't respect...and patronizing her because you are afraid of
her emotional state is the fastest path to losing that respect.
When contemplating why we now have over 70% of women who initiate no fault
divorces, there's much more to it than simply because all women are greedy,
slutty, or adulterous simply because that is the nature of modern, Western
women. Yes, there are most certainly a segment of the female gender that is in
fact materialistic gold digging manipulators. But I don't think it's quite a stretch
to simply say that the 70+% of women that initiate their divorces do so because
of a greedy, materialistic nature.
No, you HAVE to account for the social engineering of our BraveNeWorldOrder on
BOTH genders into account when trying to understand just why so many women
"change" for the worse by getting bitchy, nagging, fat and absolutely
contemptuous of their husbands after they get married...and why men that used
to be bold, assertive and confident when they were dating, fall into the
relationship dynamic where they are the pussywhipped, cowed and beaten
wimps absolutely crushed under a domineering harridan of a wife.
In short, it's nothing more than a blue pill overdose. Taking the red pill will open
your eyes to the reality of the female sex drive and how it's basis on the principle
of hypergamy dictates her behavior. It provides a solid understanding of exactly
why women on an instinctual level, require men to be the dominant leaders in
the relationship. Whenever a man fails to fulfill that role, the relationship begins
it's death spiral towards oblivion.
Attraction is not an intellectual vocation. This is why "marriage counseling"
usually doesn't work. No matter how many logical reasons there are for a woman
to be happy in her marriage...if she has that visceral contempt for the man that
turned into a "Beta" in the marriage bed and impregnated her with his inferior
seed, she cannot control how she FEELS about that. Because by him "becoming"
beta, she only feels disgusting contempt for him in her gut.
This epidemic of blue pill delusion that doesn't recognize this basic
understanding of female attraction is why I believe so many women turn into the
proverbial psycho ex-wife.
It's women's basic biological nature to seek dominant genes for her offspring. Yet
too many men beta-ize when they get married, submit to their wives as their
authority figure, and even if she THINKS it's perfectly fine to be the dominant
one...that she is just exercising "equality," her basic instinct is to have utter
contempt for a man that she can rule.
This is precisely why so many men seem dumbfounded that the sweet loving
girlfriend they married turned into an uncaring psychopath without a shred of
mercy or decency in dragging him through the divorce court system and all of it's
vagaries and indignities it inflicts ...THIS occurs because for the most part,
because both of them failed to follow their natural gender roles, and the very

nature of her sexual instinct -- hypergamy -- makes her regard him as a subhuman creature of utter contempt.
It is the very premise for the "game" routine that Roissy and other PUA call Marry
Shag Kill
You have to understand why women have this curdled reaction to betas deep in
their bones. If a man spills his seed in the wrong woman, no biggie. He can still
bang other women and fulfill his genetic programming. If a woman gets her eggs
polluted by the feeble seed of a beta, shes stuck for nine months, and probably

This is why there are so many cases of these women feel justified and entitled
into getting the most they can from a divorce settlement...even if she's the
spouse that ended up breaking her marital vows.
Beta Contempt.
By the time you are being taken to the cleaners, she is merely carrying through
with the legally accepted means of playing the very real version of
marry/shag/kill...with you being the Beta Sap she "kills."
I've come to realize this when I've thought long and hard about almost all of the
failed marriages and relationships that I know of throughout my life. I can think
of no exceptions in the cases where the female ended the relationship. It always
happened after the man no longer fulfilled the leadership role her biological
imperative requires.
The cultural indoctrination of our BraveNewWorldOrder -- the blue pill culture -encourages these relationship malfunctions in every conceivable way. It's memes
and shibboleths are ceaselessly pushed by our mass media driven popular
culture to try and ensnare as many men and women to fall into this devious trap
as possible. It is a population control agenda at it's most subversive.
To put it succinctly: The blue pill encourages masculine behavior in women and
feminine behavior in men.
It encourages women to strive to hold all of the power in a relationship dynamic,
and encourages men to cede that power to the women.
By promoting the ubiquitous culture of misandry, and making everyone strive for
the unattainable goal of "equality," they push men and women to act out in ways
that are contrary to our natural gender roles, thereby effecting an epidemic of
Feminist lobbying for No-fault divorce was the mechanism for the
BraveNewWorldOrder to attack the nuclear family; to re-make society by first
destroying it's foundation...but it wouldn't have been nearly as effective if it were
done without the social engineering that promotes contrary gender role
behavior...empowered women and emasculated men.
Game, for lack of a better word, is good. Game is right. Game works.
After listening to myself on this weekends interview with Christian McQueen and
Dagonet I realized that as I became more comfortable with the interview I found

myself verbally dialoging in much the same way that I scribble down fragments
of ideas in my notebook or when Im fleshing out a draft for some topic Im
considering in-post.
Its always been a strange sensation for me to hear myself speak. Even when I
record a voice message on my iPhone it always makes me self-conscious to listen
to the message play back. However, as I was in the midst of listening to myself
on the show I had the same familiar internal conversation and I picked up on a
thought I had planned to write about, but I think it slipped my mind until now.
Towards the middle of our conversation I considered a few things about the
benefits of Game, and it made me think about how Game has progressed to what
it is today. One of the chapters in The Rational Male I specifically wrote for the
book and later converted to a blog post was called The Evolution of Game. I
added this as an effort to help uninitiated men have a better grasp of just what
Game really is.
Theres been a lot of redefining of exactly what Game is over the past 12-13
years, but Ive always considered Game an abstract term for a much larger
Naturally, critics predisposed to a blue pill worldview want to portray those red
pill game guys as throwbacks to the PUA set of the early 2000s. This is a very
shortsighted evaluation, usually proffered by guys ego-invested in a blue pill
mindset and in need of easy definitions and buzz words to ridicule and move
onto the next distraction.
Facing red pill truths is uncomfortable, and I understand the need to casually
pass them off for fear of really having to critically reconsider ego-investments;
that type of insight requires either real depth of character or an experience
traumatic enough to shake one from beliefs that, in essence, make up part of
their personality.
Both require a concentrated effort to learn from, and honestly, most people are
too lethargic to consider red pill truths when there are more entertaining
distraction to inure themselves with.
Its just this lethargy that prevents them from understanding that Game and red
pill awareness have matured far beyond the PUAs techniques of the past. Neil
Strauss published The Game in 2003 thats 15 years since Mystery was wearing
top hats and elevator boots.
Those caricatures may be comforting to laugh at, but in fifteen years the
developed techniques and observations Game practitioners failed and succeeded
with fed into what we would eventually come to understand as red pill awareness
The body of infield evidence collected by 15 years of PUA is far more reliable and
valid than anything social science produced on seduction
Nick Krauser (@Krauserpua) November 15, 2013
Even some well meaning red pill Men may want to self-affirmingly ridicule the
PUAs of the past and present, but if you have embraced a red pill awareness
today, at least partially, you have these Men to thank for risking rejection and
practicing techniques that laid a foundation for contemporary red pill awareness.
Now, imagine for a moment that, today, all men had to build on was the
antiseptic studies and controlled experiments of a social science academia firmly
steeped in a feminine-primary, feminine-correct social context. Imagine what red
pill awareness would be if not for the guys in the field doing experiments.
Imagine what marriage counselors and relationship experts would (and
honestly, still) advise men to do in order to change their lives with an

understanding based solely on what a feminine- primary, controlled social

science approved of.
Only the PUAs of then and now have had the unfettered freedom to perform infield social experiments, and relate their collected evidence and observations
with other men; the types of which social science has been forbidden from due
either to ethical considerations or by feminine-primary social conventions.
Game does not Occur in a Vacuum
Recently the comment threads here have had a tendency to devolve into a
looks are all that matters so why bother learning Game? line of reasoning. The
commentariat can lean towards go-your-own-way defeatism, then to resolving to
live in the gym until one inspire female arousal, or, to appeals to positive
And while I have always recognized more than most other manosphere
bloggers if I dare the obvious truth that Looks are a prime requisite for arousal
(and attraction), I also recognize an effort to discredit Game and red pill
awareness by absolutes, extremes and absurdities.
For anyone with the sense that Game and red pill awareness is valueless and
superfluous in the face of womens primary drive for physical arousal, I suggest
you read Advocatus Diabolis treatise on how to pragmatically use escorts(either
that or relocate to the state of Nevada). Honestly, I hold no disapproval for men
who feel this is the best way to satisfy their need for sex and female contact. It
may indeed be your best option under the current social environment.
For anyone else, I think its very important to look at the benefits of Game both
in an intergender and interpersonal context. If you consider yourself red pill
(another useful, but abstract term) Game has benefitted you because it was
the early trials and errors of Game that led to red pill principles we understand
If you have even a cursory grasp of how womens biology and menstrual
cycleinfluences ovulatory shift behaviors in mate preferences and youve altered
your perception of women, Game has benefitted you.
If you understand the basics of feminine hypergamy and the sexual strategies
women use to optimize their mate selection, and then changed your intergender
tact as a result of it, Game has benefitted you.
If youve internalized the core psychological principles underlying womens
perceptions of Amused Mastery, Command Presence, Agree & Amplify, Cocky &
Funny, Social Proof, Dread and even Chick Crack, whether youve applied them
or not, Game has expanded your consciousness of womens behaviors and their
If youve had the insight to understand your blue pill conditioning, the reasons
for your predispositions towards a Savior Schema, feminine identifying, why
aLJBF is a rejection, why Beta Game comes naturally to men but is self defeating,
or why SMV accrues and decays over the course of a lifetime, Game and the red
pill have benefitted you.
If youve used or modified any of these principles to better your marriage, your
dealings with co-workers, your daughter, mother or even your best friends
domineering wife, youve benefitted from Game.
If youve saved or bettered another mans life, or bettered his intergender
relationships, youve both benefitted from Game.
I could go on, but if you honestly believe that womens primary physical arousal
cues trump any value that Game or red pill awareness really has, then youre
wasting your time here reading and commenting on what I have to offer. Youd be

better served by focusing all your attentions to lifting in the gym and shifting
your career goals toward a job that is physically demanding and keeps you at
your physical best.
Ironically, getting in shape is also an aspect of Game. Even if your belief is
Looks are everything, but yet your understanding of this comes as a result of
your red pill awareness of the Alpha Fucks side of hypergamy, Game has
benefitted you.
Just a familiarity with Game concepts, whether you accept them or not, still
influence your perception of women and the motivations behind their behaviors.
Red pill awareness challenges feminine-primary thinking. Why do you think the
mass dissemination of red pill awareness is so threatening to the Feminine
Doing Something
What is the manosphere actually doing?
This is the first critique I expect from from a poor debate opponent disqualifying
the strength or validity of a premise by the success or lack thereof of a
proponents efforts to enact or convince others of that premise.
By this logic, one could make the case that the MRM is an utter failure, but it still
doesnt mean they arent correct in their efforts.
As I mentioned on the Christian McQueen Show, Im of a bottom up, or an inside
out mind when it comes to enacting red pill change. The manosphere is raising
awareness and this needs time (maybe even a generation) to mature into
personal consciousness and then popular consciousness.
Its difficult to quantify the results of the manosphere, red pill awareness and
Game because its effects are individually subjective at this stage. There isnt a
day that goes by that I dont receive an email, a forum/blog comment or a tweet
about how my book or what Ive written on the blog has changed (or literally
saved) a mans life.
Thats not meant to gloss myself, but rather to illustrate a point the red pill
(and Game) is doing something, its changing minds and lives. Its not rallying
men in the streets and waving banners, nor is it effecting legal or social policy
(yet), but its making men aware of their condition and changing their beliefs.
No hate for what the MRM is doing, I recognize the intent and applaud it, but thus
far its been impotent in effecting real change in policy, while red pill
awareness has done more for men individually. For all of the MRMs efforts to
enact public change, all it takes is one White Knight in a position of authority to
say GTFO you misogynist creeps! Now imagine in the future a man whos red
pill aware in a position to effect that policy.
Real change isnt going to happen directly its going to happen indirectly, on a
man by man basis. And not just publicly but personally.
That change will happen in mens relationships with their wives, daughters and
sons. That change may simply be a form of civil disobedience in not marrying at
all, or holding women accountable for their open embrace of hypergamy and
their AFBB sexual strategy and only marrying / supporting women who make an
effort to control their hypergamy.
That change will happen in the workplace and hiring practices. That change will
filter into mens better understanding as the red pill spreads and men reassume
some of the social frame control the Feminine Imperative unilaterally legislates
and provide to women now.

The red pill is doing something, its planting the seeds for a greater shift in
gender power with every man who becomes aware of how women are and what
they will predictably do.
God Mode in Social Interactions(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 6 days ago * by Feelinggood702
Note: I have no structure on this wall of text as I wing it. Don't hesitate to ask if
you have any questions.
For those of you still rediscovering yourself to be a better man, have you had
those days where all your social interactions go smoothly, without restraint while
holding impeccable frame? I realize how much mindfulness and staying in the
present moment have massively helped me to always be in this grounded state. I
find it crucial as it prevents you from moving back into your own shell and
overthinking situations (diagnosed with social anxiety, I no longer feel a trace of
it). Furthermore, I no longer seek to AMOG every setting I am in like I used to- it
simply naturally comes. With this in mind, your frame is considerably easier to
hold, therefore improving your social game. You no longer come from a place of
interacting in order to get a certain result from others- you act 100% yourself
and therefore others will start to interact with you as if they are the ones seeking
A very crucial book that helped me to achieve this point is "The Power of Now" by
Echkart Tolle alongside mindfulness meditation (a great way to start is looking up
The Body Scan Meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn). This form of meditation is what I
see as complete practice and living moment to moment is the actual action
deriving from it. Even though you practice meditation, you must carry this form
of awareness with you in every moment.
Being in the present moment and accepting things the way they are are not a
means to an end- I have gained so many benefits from doing it that my list could
be endless. It has helped me in such things in social interactions (benefits in
other aspects of life too!) such as:
-Being outcome independent. I no longer rely on results, whether it be with
women, work or whatever. Whether the result is positive or negative, so long as
it is out of my control, it is what it is.
-Being my true self. I no longer filter myself in order to please others or to be
accepted in any group. With this, people become drawn to me instead.
-Have a much better understanding of social dynamics- I can much better read
small nuances in interactions because I pay attention to great detail.
-If shit hits the fan, I accept it as what it is, do everything that is in my control,
and simply ignore the rest.
-I no longer overthink.
I can keep going with the benefits, but it is difficult for you to understand what I
mean unless you experience this form of enlightenment yourself. Now, the only
tough part is actually training your brain to go through this life-changing event. It
is not easy at first, but that is why you constantly practice.
Look at everything as if it's living you, instead of you living it. Just sit back, relax,
and see how the world is living you at this particular moment. And by everything
I mean your thoughts, your movements, your senses and your surroundings.
Everything that you ever saw as you, start seeing it as something that
happens to you. Or even more accurately, something that just happens, which
you just happen to be aware of.
This frees up so much mental energy and makes doing what has to be done
almost effortless. Wanna know why it works? because it's the truth. The

sensation of thinking we do something is just a mental process that happens

after the fact, and cutting that out saves loads of mental energy.
What did you ever do to deserve being called a man? (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 6 days ago * by Endorsed Contributor - Class of
My friend was talking to me recently about how it all feels completely surreal and
somewhat out of place that he is now a father. I did the usual thing you would do
for your BP friends and suggested he was just a new dad and this was likely
normal. There was something in his eyes though at the back that were restless
and possibly bordering scared. Was he scared that he was a dad and 'happily
married'? No, he is content with the girl for all that matters and loves his Son.
What else then was driving these little moments in our conversation where for all
his "happiness" his face was clouded in self doubt and questioning...
I don't know man it's just... I did university and got a job and now... This is it?
Right? It just happened very quickly...
At age 30 scrolling through facebook I see father after father sat on their sofas
playing Call of Duty or some other videogame with their 4 year old Son with all
the typical comment trains running underneath...
Where was their rite of passage? What trial or ordeal did they have to endure to
begin to raise a family? Nothing. Nothing at all.
What are they going to tell their grandchildren when they are old?
I used to be good at cod and drinking beer.
Great story.
There is a oft quoted passage in Fight Club - you've all heard it.
Were the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no
Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great Wars a spiritual war our Great
Depression is our lives. Weve all been raised on television to believe that one
day wed all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we wont. And
were slowly learning that fact. And were very, very pissed off.
It's true, there is no purpose for men in these days except the ones we make for
ourselves and between the television telling us what to think and chasing women
we have no space or time to address this most important of issues generationally we're not very pissed off about having no cause, we're wholly
apathetic instead.
Since swallowing the pill you've started to lift weights, dress better and approach
women, you're concentrating on your career and have learned how to say no.
The truth is:

You should have always been in shape

You should always have been well dressed and care about your

You should have always been able to speak to the blonde in the coffee

Our generation feel they should be rewarded for just for tidying their room or
leaving the house, turning off the video games or going for a walk... Achievement
unlocked - go back to sleep.
The discordance I saw inside my friend was "Eating the bread of shame", he was
just a taller, fatter version of himself at 9 years old with all the supposed luxury
and privilege of a settled life. He had no rites of passage, no trial by ordeal, no
cause greater than himself and professionally sat at a place earning a pension
that looks increasingly like it won't matter by the time he comes to claim it.

We were warriors by birth, years of brutal exertion, bravery and commitment was
the price of feeling entitled to old age in front of the fire and getting fat. Now we
are a generation of spiritually and physically fat and old men at age 20
wondering what this nagging feeling at the back of our collective heads is.
You haven't done anything. We haven't done anything. Short of military service
or a committed effort to travelling what could you tell your grandchildren that
they'd care for? What have you done to deserve being a family elder, someone
to listen to, what have you seen or done that was in anyway remarkable?
I ask myself this as much as the community here and find myself lacking. I've
never walked a great Dune in the Sahara, climbed a glacial ice wall, been in a bar
fight in Dublin or done a line of cocaine off a Tokyo model, chased by a bear or
been genuinely fearful for my life.
What will I tell my grandchildren? I lifted weights day to day and earned money, I
partied and fucked girls? I was a wealthy ladies man? Is that it? By my own
standards I don't deserve to raise children and settle down if that's my story to
What will you tell your grandchildren - what will you have done?
Ignoring the Blonde (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 5 days ago * by ThurgoodHaukRowaway
Women don't.
I live in New York City. Having recently acceded to relatively high SMV from
mediocrity, I'm suddenly glutted with attention. A year ago, as a poor student
who didn't know anyone in a new city, I was nothing. Less than an afterthought.
Now, I'm passing over women who I would have fought for as recently as this
Modern women are not investors. Modern women don't ignore the blonde. To a
modern woman, a man is useless until he is exactly what she wants. She is not
the Spanish company hauling the silver out of the earth; she is the English
privateer that stalks the treasure galleon. Rather than take the time to get to
know, let alone build up, a promising prospect, a modern woman would rather
focus all her energies on the fully formed "good man"on whom, of course, all of
the energies of all of the other women in the area are already focussed.
Had one of these 7/10s had the foresight and the patience to hang out naked in
my apartment in the winter, inertia and loyalty would probably keep me with her
now. But because they all waited until I met the threshold of desirability, they're
suddenly batting out of their leaguebecause now I have the attention of
prettier women.
e: format
I'm not sure this is an exact analogy to the Nash Equilibrium (based on
information and goals) but there is something here for sure and I love this
Women really dont acknowledge that they cannot get the blonde. They all think
they're entitled to the blonde, and ignore the brunettes.
I actually believe most men, even high value men don't necessarily want the
blonde. The brunette who adores you and is eternally grateful you choose her
over the blonde, I would take 1000 times over an entitled bitch who is slightly

"Well, there I was, way off my ambitions, getting deeper in love every minute,
and all of a sudden I didnt care. What was the use of doing great things if I could
have a better time telling her what I was going to do?
-Jay Gatsby
This is a great post. Women live solely in the present. They can't see potential in
men because they can't really think into the future or the past. Gatsby clearly
had the balls and brains to become a millionaire, but Daisy didn't see it at all, so
she married an Alpha (Tom) instead.
I can't tell if you're pissed that women live in an eternal present, but I'm not. If
womenwere good at predicting which men would become successful, it would
remove quite a bit of men's motivation to become successful (because pussy is a
pretty powerful motivator.)
It's true that it's not their nature to see potential in men, and it's not their nature
to plan or execute long-term plans of any sort.
However, I'm okay with it because wanting pussy provides men with quite a bit
of motivation to self-improve
Stop acting. The trick to having a strong abundance mentality is to actually have
What did she ever do to deserve being called a woman? (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 5 days ago by TRP VanguardWhisper
Men are evolved for hardship. Without enemies to fight, wild animals to hunt, or
frontiers to explore, we wash up upon adulthood feeling lost, living pieces of our
lives through vicarious films, books, computer games depicting adventures we
will never get to have.
And that means all of us. These adventures are hardships undertakenout of
necessity. For the sake of survival, or advancement, or duty.They are not fun.
They are not pleasant to have. They are harrowing experiences we are glad of
afterwards, because they make of us what we would not otherwise have been.
Richard Branson skydiving out of a hot air balloon onto his private submarine
that's launching a rocket isn't having an adventure. He's playing with toys, and
he is in no way making himself more of a man than I am when I get scuba
certified, or go skydiving. Our grandfathers didn't fight WWII because they
wanted to be cool. They did it because they had to. And that was the important
We have automated ourselves a cozy womb to live in, and we are banging on the
walls in frustration.
But if we have failed to become the men we could have been, in a world that
might just no longer need warriors, hunters, and explorers,how much more
profound is women's failure to become women, in a world that still
needs nurturers?
Select your average woman. Not a horrible tumblr SJW harridan, not a
legbearded feminist hambeast, but just the average modern specimen of
womanhood. What has she done, what can she do, that is useful to
anyone other than herself?

She is not fit, strong, and healthy.

She is not beautiful.

She is not loyal.

She does not uplift the spirits of those around her.

She has no useful productive skills, other than "getting paid for doing
something or other in an office".

She can't cook.

She can't manage a household.

She waits until the least healthy possible time to have children.

When they are born, she feeds them from a plastic bottle instead of her

If they are male, she has a piece of their cock sliced off with no
anesthesia, instead of fighting to protect them like any decent mother

When they are older, she feeds them food made in a factory and packaged
in bags and boxes, instead of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, and cheese.

She gives them carbonated sugar water to drink, and "treats" made from
corn syrup.

Instead of devoting her time to loving them, she puts them in the care of a
stranger so she can go back to doing things in an office.

When they are older, she sends them to public school where they learn to
be good, obedient, factory workers and buyers of consumer junk, rather
than strong, independent, self-reliant adults.

Odds are good she deprives them of their father, if they ever had a chance
to know their father at all.

It is arguable that our society no longer needs warriors, hunters, explorers, men
of adventure. If so, perhaps it is our lot to find some way to survive and make
accommodation with being none of those things.
But our world has not stopped, and as long as there is a human race,
will never stop, needing strong, healthy, happy children, a next
generation that is mentally stable, physically sound, who can create
their society's future without laziness or crippling fear.
This is women's ONE JOB. And they have failed for generations.
Men are not men because women are not women. And women are not women
because men are not men. The Greatest Generation gave birth to the worst, and
together they pulled apart the very thing upon which all societies are grounded.
The family.
Selfish women demanded its destruction for the sake of poisonous ideals, and
selfish men gave them what they wanted for the sake of looking like nice guys
and maybe getting some of that "free love". It is the family which creates each
future generation, which passes on the practices and values which make people
healthy, happy, and whole, and allow them to create their own family, their own
next generation.
So what, indeed, will you tell your grandchildren?
Nothing. You won't have any. We are not the heroes who are going to save
society. We are rats deserting a sinking ship. It is vain and foolish and
prideful and disingenuous to pretend that just by lifting enough black iron plates,
injecting enough trenbolone, earning enough money, or inspiring enough vaginal
moisture we can "save" society. We do not control society. It will not listen to us,
and I, for one, will not bend the knee and beg for its attention. My missions will
be my own, in the service of myself and those few people who earn a place in my
tribe with their proven loyalty.

Adventures are heroics and heroics are self-sacrifices, and thankless self-sacrifice
is the province of the slave, not the hero. Someone else can have the
grandchildren and work out what to tell them.
Lift even if you don't feel like it, lift even if you have excuses to not lift. Lift for
discipline and not motivation. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 5 days ago * by One_friendship_plz
Training yourself to get motivation to lift isn't making progress, and just lifting
isn't even progress to your well-being.
What is though, is lifting when you don't feel like it. Learn to man up now, learn
to just do things not based on how you feel, build up a routine even if you had a
shitty day and you're worried for tomorrow, get your ass in the gym and start
lifting some more.
Stop whining about anxiety and all your other excuses. Stop complaining you
can't afford to go to the gym and you don't want to bother with pushups and
situps because you won't make as much progress. Get on the ground now and do
some pushups while you're waiting for your food to finish in the microwave.
Get on the ground outside while you're waiting for your bus and start doing some
pushups, fuck what other people think of you as you do them.. learn to see
something through despite that.
Men aren't built through motivation, they're built through discipline and if you
need to "feel" like it to do this, then enjoy waiting till the worst moment to try
fixing problems in your life.
When my body tells me "I can't do it, I don't want to do it this is too much effort"
I tell it to shut up and keep on pressing.
I ask a girl out, she rejects me. 6 months later, she asks me out. The tables
turn. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 5 days ago * by trpmanforlife
SUMMARY: I improved my SMV thanks to TRP, I reject a girl who I had severe
oneitis for six months ago.
6 months ago, I was a complete beta. I had a severe oneitis for a girl in one of
my classes, let's call her Denise, who I thought was a 11/10. In hindsight, she's
an hb8 on a good day.
I was basically a male orbiter, and I figured that I would have a chance with her,
so I asked her out but she said no, saying that I was "just a friend" to her but that
I'm a "nice guy" and "You'll be sure to find a nice girl someday, just be yourself".
Naturally, I was distraught by the rejection. My entire life I had been taught by
society that being a "nice guy" would get me a nice girl who would respect me
and adore me. Boy was society wrong.
After the rejection, I did some exploring online and found TRP. Initially, I thought
it was just a misogynistic forum but after reading some posts I realized that
many of the people here were in situations like mine and wanted to improve
I needed to improve SMV, so I went into 'monk mode' for about four months,
began lifting weights, started learning new skills like the guitar, piano, Spanish,
and I began cold approaching as many women as possible.
After getting out of monk mode, I noticed that my overall SMV and confidence
improved tremendously. Women became more receptive to me when I talked to
them, and closing with women seemed to be easier. When I didn't close, unlike

before where I would be pissed, now I would just blow it off by having an
abundance mentality.
I started getting IOIs and compliments from some friends of Denise, an hb7 and
an hb6. Possibly the best social proof I could get because, one week ago, I run
into Denise while going to class, and she stopped to talk. She mentioned "How
much you changed since we last saw each other" and how "That's not
necessarily a bad thing." She began giving me huge IOIs like laughing at all my
jokes, playfully touching me, smiling constantly. Then she did something that
completely threw me off - she asked me for my phone number. I'm unsure, as I
don't want to get oneitis again, but I give it to her anyway figuring there's no
Well, last night, Denise texted me, saying "We should hang out this week, at
the movies or something :)" Let me tell you, six months ago, I would
have killed to get a text like that. But now that I've been with hotter women, I'm
not interested in her anymore and I don't want to go back into oneitis like before.
So I texted her this:
"Sorry, I just think of you as a friend. I'm sure you'll find a nice guy,
though :)"
And it felt incredible, to be in a position to say that. Sure, somewhat childish, but
I think I've earned it. Thank you TRP, if it weren't for you this would have never
Also, she texted me back a couple hours ago saying:
"Aww, thanks :) It's ok, you seem like a really busy guy anyway. But if
you're available, you know my number ;)"

Monk mode can be useful to increase SMV

Be careful when plating, don't fall back into oneitis.

Don't be an orbiter

[ArousalScience] Observations on Tinder through the eyes of an attractive

female. 4 types of profile pictures that will end with you getting
rejected. (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 4 days ago * by Listen_up_buddy
Edit: I fucking love you guys, crashed site 3 times with traffic. Makes me feel all
warm inside keep up the website hugging k thanks
Twitter: @ArousalScience
Using biometric instruments I've examined a female using Tinder and have made
observations about the type of profiles that lead to instant left swipe(rejection).
Body of Text:
As men we sometimes make the mistake of making assumptions about the
sexual strategy employed by the opposite gender. That is we assume that
women are looking for the same things we are and it is this mistake that leads to
failure in online dating. The men who were nexted by the female participant
made the mistake of assuming that theirGender Specific Sexual Strategy was
universal. It is best to learn from the mistakes of others, so that by their loss you

gain invaluable experience. Below are observations of common mistakes men

made that made their profiles less appealing.
Dont have lonely looking profile pictures unless youre a male model
dont have pictures where you are the only thing in focus/frame. Have interesting
objects, persons, and things in your photo. If your profile picture doesnt tell a
story or lead to inquiry then youre doing it wrong. Give the female observer
material she can use in her imagination of you. Lonely pictures warrant no
imagination and will not get attention. As men we make the mistake of assuming
that as long as we look attractive in our pictures that is all the female observer
needs to accurately judge us. Women need to be able to imagine who you are as
a person, what your status in this world is and above all they need to believe
that youre someone whose worth their time.
1. The decision process in figure 1 is almost immediate he gets nexted in less
than 3 seconds.She recalls after looking back at this particular face.He
doesnt look interesting, he looks sad. He was nexted not because he was
unattractive but because he looked lonely. If youre a guy reading this, pay
attention. Women do not rate on appearance as highly as men do, they
rate higher on social status than men however. If this photo was taken
from a further distance to include more in the scene he might have done
better, but the world of online dating is an unforgiving one.
2. In figure 2 the message that I assume the guy wanted was to send was
related his profession. Exactly what his profession is was lost when She
viewed it. She nexted him, to understand why she nexted him lets look at
the last thing she sees before hitting the X. She sees he is wearing
brightly colored safety vest that people who do manual labor often wear.
Looking at the background of this picture there are buildings that look like
they could be related to oil extraction. This guy could have very well have
been loaded financially. But in Her eyes he looks like a construction
worker, I dont find that attractive. He was nexted because the message
he was trying to convey wasnt clear and what messages she was able to
pickup didnt interest her enough to investigate further. The mistake made
in this profile is miscommunication of the message from one gender to the
other. Make sure the message you are sending in your picture is clear and
simple, filter your profile pictures through female friends before actively
using them.
3. In figure 3 the guy in the profile picture is alone, the picture doesnt invoke
any emotions and there is nothing left for the imagination to build on. He
is staring awkwardly away at something with a facial expression that looks
like hes constipated. The mistake here is improper application of
photography techniques in an effort to produce a more striking profile
picture. Whatever the picture he had in mind was he clearly missed it.
Lesson to take away is to have professionally taken pictures for online
dating. Employ a photographer they will absolutely know the best tricks
and angles to use for the best photograph outcome.
For more case examples of lonely profile pictures click here
Dont make it hard to see your face If your face isnt visible and there is
nothing noteworthy happening in the picture then dont expect to grab the
attention of a female observers. We take in a lot of information in from the face,
imagine meeting someone for the first time and being unable to see their face
clearly. Youd have an incomplete first impression. Its the same thing with profile
pictures if your first profile picture has issues with face visibility its going to lead
to undesirable results.

1. In figure 11 the face is shown in an awkward angle that makes it hard to
read. Notice how the face is looked at again before the X is hit. Facial
cues are so important, usually the very first thing you look for in a profile
picture is a face. When your brain doesnt get a good representation of
what its looking for it tends to be unhappy. You can see her trying to find
facial detail in this picture and being unable to find anything good to view.
As a result she just gives up and decides to move onto the next guy.
Dont have a profile picture where its hard to tell who you are in the
picture. If its not immediately apparent who you are in your profile picture then
expect confusion from the female observer. Nothing is worse than having to try
to guess at who the person is.
1. In figure 12 there are three guys, can you tell which one the tinder profile
belongs to? In this figure she mistakenly assumes the profile belongs to
the guy on the far left with the large biceps. When in actuality the profile
belongs to the guy in the middle. Imagine matching up with a girl on tinder
only to find out she thought you were one of your friends who you took a
picture with. Its a simple enough error to prevent. The solution is simple, if
there are any group pictures do not make them the first picture that is
shown in your profile.
2. In figure 13 you can see the confusion in her eye movements. She is
attempting to figure out which one of the guys is the one who is the owner
of the tinder account.She eventually nexted this guy (whoever he is).
When asked why she nexted she said I couldnt tell which one he was and
didnt feel like looking at the rest of his pictures to find out. On tinder
there are a ton of guys to swipe through, She can afford to be more
selective. This means that even if your profile is redeemable after looking
at sub pictures if your first picture doesnt grab the attention of the female
observer she may very well just move onto the next guy.
3. In figure 14 the same problem that weve seen above is visible. Three guys
and not a single clue as to which one the account owner is. She just
chooses to continue onto the next guy rather than invest resources into
figuring out which one of the guys owns the account.
for more examples of profiles where its hard to tell who owns the profile - click
Dont have a higher quality male in your profile shot He might be your
bro, but if he has higher sexual market value than you girls will branch swing
away from you and towards him.
1. In figure 19 something very interesting happens. The profile belongs to the
guy on the left and she is swiping through his pictures and mid-swipe she
notices a far more attractive sibling sitting on the couch and this causes
her to stop. Having a more attractive male in your profile picture doesnt
help you, be mindful of this
Lesson Learned:
The four things that end up costing you a right swipe on Tinder that can be easily
fixed are:
1. Don't have lonely looking profile pictures
2. Don't make it hard to see your face

3. Don't have profile pictures where its hard to tell who you are
4. Don't have higher quality males in your profile picture
Avoiding these common pitfalls of Tinder will result in you getting left swiped
In the previous blog post we observed how Sara applied herGSSS and filtered out
unwanted men. We learned that the slightest violation of her selection
criteria could lead to her swiping left. Tinder allows both male and female users
to apply their sexual selection criteria, because of this we see the sex with more
negotiation power (female) apply more aggressive selection criteria. What this
means is that because men are willing to sleep with more women and because
their GSSS is to impregnate as many females as possible that they indeed
have lower standards for female partners. The reason men will lower their
standards is due to a compromise. This compromise states that a man has a
different criteria for a women he chooses to commit to and one he uses for sex.
Depending on the difficulty level the male perceives from the female in regards
to courtship, the male will choose to change his goal from having a relationship
to just having sex. Men when attempting to fill the criteria for a female they only
want sex from will lower their standards. This compromise is what drives men to
increase the number of women they swipe right on. Men are willing to play the
numbers game and they just up the frequency of females theyre communicating
with to get the desired outcome they want.
Females who become accustomed to the male attention/affection surplus on
Tinder develop an artificially inflated sense of self worth. Because females have
the more valuable sexual reproduction material (eggs) they negotiate more
aggressively to get a mate of higher sexual market value. The mistake here is
confusing male attention with male commitment. Males on Tinder are playing the
numbers game and are possibly talking to females that they are not interested in
for long term relationships. Men have lower standards for women theyll only
sleep with than women theyll commit to. Also the fact that women only date
upward creates an inflated sexual market value for females on Tinder. Women
are trying to get men who will only sleep with them to commit and men are
sleeping with women they have no intention of starting a relationship with. This
is one of the issues at the heart of extreme application of Gender Specific Sexual
Strategies. Women are aggressively negotiating on Tinder by choosing only to
communicate with what they perceive as the top percentage of men. What is the
criteria for top percentage of men? Well we know from the previous blog post
what things not to do, now we are going to cover what constitutes a good profile
picture on Tinder. By understanding what makes a good profile we will
understand the female specific sexual strategy.
Things that will make your profile picture more appealing:
1. Do have other females in your picture The number one thing you can do on
Tinder to increase your chances of getting right swiped is for your profile picture
to have a female and yourself in it. During the experiment a pattern was
identified that completely halted Sara whenever she looked at a profile picture.
Whenever there was a profile picture with a man and a women in the frame Sara
spent on average 15 seconds more looking at the profile. In the world of Tinder
15 seconds more is a huge time difference, note that on average 4 seconds is
what is expected amount of time spent looking at a profile. When your profile
picture includes you and a non-relative female who appears to be happy, smiling
and comfortable around you you are raising the right flags. To explain why this
works lets examine the underlying thought processes at play. When a girl first
sees your profile shes first trying to determine if youre a serial killer. The
number one fear women have when it comes to online dating is meeting a serial

killer. Before anything else she is looking for any indication that you are
dangerous to her. Women rarely want to meet men that they get
uncomfortable feelings from. And women rate the opinion of other women highly.
So when a female sees you with another female, she is getting answers to
questions. She knows that youre a good enough guy to make that girl in your
picture trust you and that you probably not a serial killer. But theres a
requirement for the amount of women in your profile picture. What we observed
was the ideal amount of women to have in a profile picture with you is 1-3,
anymore and youre sending a different message. Also the women have to
appear platonic in the picture, they cant be giving you a cheek kiss. As long as
those two criteria are met youre taking full advantage of this Tinder cheat code.
Figure #1:
In figure 1 notice that Sara spends more time looking at the female face than she
does looking at the male face. Before she hits the heart icon she looks back at
the female face. Notice that she actually reads the profile, before in the profiles
she rejected she wouldnt even bother investing time to read the profile
description. Strangely when asked how she felt about this profile she recalls I
feel like hes really safe to be around that hes a good person. She
was projecting what she perceived from what the female in the picture was
Figure #2:
In figure 2 Sara again spends more time looking at the female faces than she
does looking at the male face. The profile picture has two females in the picture
with the male giving her double affirmation that the guy in the profile picture is
rated highly by other females. Towards the end there is a slight swipe to view
more pictures but she quickly decides shes seen enough and gives this profile a
Figure #3:
In figure 3 we see the same pattern again. Girl in a picture with a guy and shes
smiling. She quickly gives this profile a like, meaning that she got all the
information she needed about this guy with just one photo.
2. Creating a sense of awe If your picture can invoke a story you are going to
get a lot of attention. Make your picture story worthy, you should be able to tell
2-3 stories from a single picture.
Figure #4:
Figure 4 is a really good example, this guy is on vacation having fun the picture
is a well done one showcasing his entire body and there are enough little details
to make you want to know more. And to top things off check out Sara looking at
his crouch area overall this picture left Sara feeling a sense of awe she wanted
to get to know this person more.
Figure #5:
Figure 5 starts out with a picture that baits you in, you want to know more about
this person this leads to viewing more of the profile. The backgrounds although
cropped are showing just enough to leave you wanting to know more. We discuss
this profile in more detail below in the section perfect profiles. There are some
things done in this profile that need to be examined.

3. Show case your physical attributes. Girls do check guys junk out in pictures,
use this to your advantage and make them more prominent. You have to
showcase your physical attributes subtly and indirectly.
Figure #6:
In figure 6 were revisiting this picture notice how Sara is checking out his
crouch area. One misconception is that females dont check out sexual organs as
much as men. They indeed notice them they will however deny noticing it.
4. Show your affectionate side through animals. By showing affection to an
animal you show a side of yourself thats more sensitive, more vulnerable and
this is the side of a man every women wants have an monopoly over. Nothing
makes a women tingle quicker than a man showcasing his more sensitive side.
When Sara saw pictures of men with animals she said that she felt like theyd
make great boyfriends. She was projecting the affection she saw given to the
animals onto a hypothetical future with the men in the pictures.
Figure #7:
In figure 7 shes taking in a lot of information and becoming more infatuated
with the profile owner as she starts to project feelings of affection. When you
think about the amount affection and attention a dog receives and compare it to
the affection and attention a women wants there is some overlap. Disclaimer
Im not saying women want to be treated like dogs, instead what Im
saying is they want you to give at bare minimum the same amount of
attention and affection youd reserve for your dog.
Figure #8:
In figure 8 she glances quickly as she goes through his pictures, this profile was
one that showcased a manly man this picture showed a more affectionate side
to this person that she really enjoyed seeing.
5. Make it appear as if youre looking into their eyes, this makes for a very
personal connection. If you can create the illusion that all that matters is the
person youre looking at youll bypass a ton of conditional flags and get a direct
interest generated in you. This illusion is similar to that in the Mona Lisa painting
where the eyes appear to follow you. Having direct eye contact creates a sense
of intimacy it creates a false sense of closeness, if youre close to someone you
perceive them better.
Figure #9:
In figure 9 you get the impression that the guy in the picture is looking directly at
you and smiling at you as well. Although this isnt true this creates an illusion in
the mind of the person looking at the photo, they assume the person is making a
direct connection with them and perceive them better as a result.
Figure #10:
In figure 10 the guy is looking directly at us, and he has an interesting expression
that generates curiosity. He gets an instant approval without the need of any
additional information, this is definitely a cheat code to Tinder that you should
pay attention to.
Figure #11:

Figure #12:
Figure 11 & 12 are of the same guy, here is a perfect example of this illusion
without anything else present in the photo. Do you know why candle light
dinners are popular for couples? The candles flicker causing your pupils to
contract then expand this creates the false sense of arousal. When you are
sexually aroused your pupils become enlarged. This guy is taking full advantage
of this illusion by having light reflections appear on his pupil that make it appear
as if its expanded, this creates a false sense of interest, intimacy and sexual
6. If you have a talent, showcase it humbly separate yourself from the pack.
Talents are what make you unique they add onto your personality and make you
stand out. Online dating is difficult because its very hard to standout from the
endless sea of other people who might very well be very similar to you. How
many people do you think are on Tinder with the same race,height, body type
and attractiveness? When it comes to standing out and separating yourself from
the pack a talent can be a tool used to give yourself an edge.
Figure #13:
In figure 13 we see a Musician on stage, the profile owner was perceived as a
higher quality male after she learned he played an instrument. He went from a
slight interest to someone she was actually considering meeting up with and the
only difference was the discovery of his talent.
7. Showcase how good you are with kids this is an instant lady killer. As men we
sometimes forget about showing a more sensitive side. A mans affinity for
infants has a positive effect on his overall attractiveness.
Figure #14:
In figure 14 we see Sara giving an instant like seeing a rugged man with a child
was all she needed to know. She was highly aroused by seeing this male with a
7. Showcase height advantages even if youre short, take pictures to showcase
height. In the online dating world females are unforgiving when it comes to
height they rate men who are taller better than those who are shorter. So
showcase height advantages whenever possible, even if youre short take
pictures where it creates the illusion that youre taller than you actually are.
Figure #15:
In figure 15 we see a compound effect, first we see that she notices how tall he is
in relation to all the girls in the picture. Then we see that there are indeed 3
other girls in the picture who are happy. He is showcasing both his height and
high rating among females. He received an instant like as a result. Did you notice
the other male in the far left? Yea Sara didnt notice him either. The profile could
have very well belonged to the shorter male on the far left. You should never
have a profile picture that makes another male look better than you, if the
picture does belong to the male on the far right it would have been better to crop
out the tall male on the far right.
8. Very rare everyone is attractive picture in the previous blog post we talked
about the mistake of having other men who are more attractive than you in your
profile picture. The only time its a good idea to have other men with you in your
profile picture is when you all have high sexual market value.

Figure #16:
In figure 16 we see three guys at a bar who are all attractive and smiling, we
tend to perceive attractive people better this is called the halo effect.
9. Uniforms When you are apart of an organization that society respects, you
by proxy get the same level of respect. Men in uniform such as military, police,
firefighters are seen as having higher status because they are apart of
something larger then themselves.
Figure #17:
In figure 17 notice at how Sara looks at the marine symbol on his uniform before
she makes her decision. If you are apart of some organization that has good
standing in society showcase it in your profile picture.
10. Older Men, show status and power in your profile pictures. Become the silver
fox. Older men who showcase status and wealth through profile pictures do really
well with younger females.
Figure #18:
In figure 18 we see a older man notice how Sara barley looks at his face. Instead
she looks for symbols of status and wealth, looking at his suit, setting and watch.
Case examples of perfect profiles:
Figure #19:
1. First picture shows class, second picture starts a story, third picture showcases
softer side with animal affection, fourth picture shows military affiliation, fifth
picture shows goofy side and more animal affection. This profile was the top
choice out of all the men Sara matched with. This guy handled his interactions
with her really well, he waited 2 hours to send her a second message and it
worked, dread game in action.
Figure #20:
2. High quality male, profile pictures allow for female mind to project onto and
imagine. Has Tattoos but waits until second picture to introduce them subtlety,
displays activeness and social life in third picture, plays on female mind with
profile bio. This was the second highest rated profile for Sara.
Figure #21:
3. First picture creates a story, second picture hes engaged in an activity more
mysterious, fourth picture he is again involved in activity, notice anything yet?
No direct eye contact in all his pictures the girl isnt important to him yet. Then
finally his last picture direct eye contact is made and a cute little girl is shown in
the frame with him. As a result he gets an instant like he built up his profile
pictures very nicely. Leading Sara by giving her just enough information to want
to go to the next picture. This is what Id consider profile picture click baiting.
Figure #22:
4. First picture tells a story, its engaging. Second picture shows how good he is
with kids and his connection to family and tradition, third picture showcases
status and power, fourth picture introduces a female in a frame with him.

As weve seen in this blog post, there are many factors influencing selection
criteria for mate selection on Tinder. Hopefully you learned a few tricks you can
employ now that will help you get more attention on Tinder.
The MASTER KEY to Understanding Women (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 2 days ago * by H42
SUMMARY: Women are not the Prize, men are.
There is one singular concept to understand about women, once understood and
mastered, a man's relationships with the women in his vicinity will be irrevocably
changed for the better.
Women are not the "Prize". Gents, read that again, and again, and again; until
you have that concept firmly welded into your mind and thought processes.
Women are not the "Prize".
No .... women are no prize, indeed. Society works to train men to believe that
they must "win" a woman's heart, as if they are a to-be-cherished Prize. Then he
is told that she will be loyal, faithful, supportive, and all the other drivel that the
divorce rates actually prove to be false.
The Real Truth is, Men are the Prize. Yes, gents, it is you who who is the more
valuable person in a relationship. The man is the Prize! Women compete with
other women, they connive & coerce men into relationships with them, for
provisioning and advantage for themselves and their kids.
Think about it for a few minutes. Women latch onto their Prize man like a tick on
a hound. They expect him to earn more than they do, to provide for them and
their kids, to treat them like a queen, and to do chores no married man should be
expected to do. The list of benefits to the woman is long, perhaps endless. A man
is most certainly the Prize!
Then this is the kicker. When your woman tires of you and demands a divorce,
she also demands half or more of your wealth, your house, your kids, and a good
portion of your income for many, many years; leaving you broken and
impoverished. She gets even more from her Prize, using the State's brute force,
as she kicks him to the curb.
Oh yes indeed! The man is the real Prize, every woman knows this truth.
Few women will help any man, including their sons, to understand this fact of life.
Cognified: Today I learned that society sucks, women are entitled, and
most men don't have a clue. I also learned that Men Are The Prize in
This is not so much the key to understanding women. I mean, what have we
learnt about women with this knowledge? Nothing. No, we have learnt something
about ourselves. What you speak of is much more a key to confidence and
understanding your own true value. May none of us undervalue themselves ever
Edit: and not to be an asshole here, but I find this to be mostly a rehash of one of
the elements found in the sidebar. If you have read the sidebar, anything that is
written here should not be new information. From a 2 min. search there:
Women need men more than men need women. Men generally want sex and
perhaps a family so they have a genetic lineage to leave their worldly goods and
knowledge to once they die (so they may live on through their offspring)
however women need men for their logical minds and stoic consistency, to make
her emotionally stabilised "being the rock in her storm", and also need a partner
just to "feel complete." Just look at single mother households and all the older
women who are single, they are miserable. These women NEED a man to be

happy, men DO NOT need women to be happy, men need SEX to be happy. A
bachelor is a not an unhappy guy, a bachelorette is.
From the Red Pill Antibiotic Nuke written by Illimitableman.
First Impressions matter; how to bring him/her into your frame
quickly (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 day ago by BetaMaleFeminist
TLDR; We all admire socially fearless men. Being fearless in social settings allows
you tremendous power in relationships.
When I'm getting ready to meet someone, male or female, for the first time, I
always visualize in advance how things could possibly go. I might take 30
seconds, I might take a few minutes.
I allow my brain to quickly work from worst case to best case scenerios. Pacific
Institute founder Lou Tice has some INCREDIBLE resources on why this is so
effective, but it truly is, and not just with human interactions. It is effective in any
daunting scenerio.
Thinking through each possible outcome, from worst to best, does two things;
first, it prepares me for the worst case. Second, it tricks my brain into thinking
I've already had interaction with this person, which calms my fight or flight
response, allowing me to move smoother, talk slower, and appear more at ease.
With a woman, this means before I walk up to her for the first time, I take a
minute to think about what I'm going to say, and how she will react. I end my
thought process with the best case scenerio, and I tell myself "This is what will
happen, and I am going to crush it." It's amazing the difference that this can
Other important aspects of meeting someone for the first time; if I'm meeting a
girl for our first date, I initiate a hug that lifts her off the ground while giving her
a little laugh and some kind of playful insult. That kind of brash charisma just
doesn't happen often, so it will catch her by suprise in the best possible way.
Example: A girl two weeks ago was late for our first date because she couldn't
find her wallet at home. Instead of being pissy or thinking about my frame, I
snatched her up and laughed "are you sure you've got your shit together now?" I
could see in her eyes that I had instantly set the hook in her jaw.
When meeting males, a strong handshake, speaking slowly, and lots of eye
contact will set you apart in interviews and meetings. Before interviews I always
throw up a double bicep pose in the mirror, think through all the possible
scenerios, and tell myself I'm going to crush it. It might sound ridiculous, but it
will work.
Summary: First impressions only happen once. Charisma in social settings will
instantly rocket you to the top 20% of men, if not the top 10%. Work on that shit.
And don't be afraid to throw up the double bi in the mirror every morning.
A large part of my social game is my charisma. Its amazing the difference that
approaching a social situation(women or otherwise,) with a glow that people can
actually feel coming off you. I always get told that I'm a "fun and funny" guy to
be around, I make social outings my bitch and have fun and strangely enough
people are able to pick up on these social cues. Thanks for posting this.
Absolutely. Social skills are the same as any other skill, you can improve it with
practice. Put yourself into situations where you are forced to adapt. Go
somewhere with lots of people, and go alone. You'll notice how quickly you start
feeling compelled to talk to everyone you see. Humans are social animals by

nature. We are all extroverted but some people train themselves to repress it out
of fear, then wonder why they feel so sad all the time.
Realize that introversion is just a myth made up by lazy insecure people who like
to think they're mentally superior to everyone. Taking time to yourself is great
but not if you make isolation part of your identity. You need a balance of personal
time and social time. Most self proclaimed introverts behave the way they do
because they're so obsessed with their contrived perfect image, that they
become anxious to near insanity when they find themselves unable to live up to
Basically, just fake being extroverted until it comes naturally. You'll be surprised
how quickly this shift takes place.
2 Months In: Reflections from journal and log entries (Long Read) (self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 day ago by J_Dizzle1000
TL/DR: Exhausted and felt like no progress has been made. Open journal and
realize it's been two months. Reflect and realize how far up the mountain I've
Yesterday marked the two month mark of monk mode. I journal a few times a
week as well as keep workout logs and felt that it would be a good time to share
about the progress I've made. As well the change in thinking from pulling bitches
to building my fortress. Possibly could help new guys starting out.
Every morning it's easy to wake up and be hard on yourself. Wake up and
stepping on the scale. "Great, only half a pound. I've been busting my ass! My
diet has been clean. Why only half a pound?" Makes your day want to spiral
downward, but I recommit. Tell myself I'm building my fortress one brick at a
time. Been studying diet and nutrition so a half a pound down is better than a
half a pound up.
Looking in the mirror I see no major improvements but I can still see that I have
big muscles from lifting for 5 years, just not the abs and body fat % to go along
with it. "Fuck. I look the same. Still wearing an XL today I suppose. At least I look
good in it. Better cover my mirror for the next month or two. Have 20 pounds still
to cut."
In the gym I lift hard. I'm exhausted and pouring sweat. Neoprene band fucking
sucks but it's worth it. The glue that will help secure my bricks together so my
fortress will never topple. I get home and shower. "Man, I've been lifting the
same weight with no improvement for an eternity. Cardio twice a day. I'm
exhausted but have I really pushed myself to my limit?"
Working I see women. I don't care because I'm not speechless everytime a hot
cali girl in her bikini walks up to the bar. I smile when I see they're staring at me,
but women aren't my focus right now. It's been a month since I've been laid and I
haven't jacked it in 2 weeks. "I need a release but I know I'm the focus of my life
now. How do I pull these women? What is wrong with my game? Should I pursue
a woman now and focus on getting laid?"
Thoughts I have on a reoccurring basis. Based solely from my shift after reading
red pill for 5 months. The journey I started on in monk mode for myself two
months ago. This stuff is the beta me. Trying to doubt everything I know. I flip
open my journals and logs last night and realize that it's been 2 months. That's
when it hits me...
In 2 months, I've lost 25 pounds while maintaining muscle mass. The goal I set
for this time, I exceeded by 5 pounds. Check out my summer wardrobe and I
fight into most of my old clothes. My work shirts that are larges are getting

baggie on me. My XL shirts are swimming on me like a fuckin snuggie. "Fuck, I

did it. I'm the fucking man. Great work. You're making it ahead of schedule!"
Scroll through my log for lifting. Realize all my lifts have gone up by 15 pounds.
I've doubled the distance in the same time since I've started my cardio. "Fuck
bro. You're earning it. Keep working hard and stay committed. No one gives a
fuck about me except me. And I'm earning it all on my own. Keep doing it the
right way. No shortcuts." Now I notice that other men are looking at me in the
gym and when I'm out an about. People where I used to be are starting to idoloze
me. I can see it in their eyes. I'm starting to be respected.
Have a break at work, check my phone. 3 missed texts. Damn THOTs always
texting me. All I do is ignore them anyway. Can't they take a hint? That's when I
realize I've had several women approach me and give me their numbers. Out of
all those women that approach me, every single one of them asked me to fuck
them. "Whoah, dude... I'm abstinent by choice right now? Da Fuq? I guess I can
live without sex. Keep climbing that mountain. Women want me and I literally
have made zero effort to try to pick them up! If only I had approached TRP from
this perspective 5 months ago. Just think of where I'd be? Oh well. At least I
started. In 5 months I'll be way better off than I am now."
Lessons Learned: Everything I have started to internalize has come out full
effect. Every day it's hard to notice these changes. Now I understand the
importance of journals. For the first time, when I felt tired and exhausted. Felt
like I had gone no where. I am able to reflect and see the progress I've made. In
situations where I would have been stoked that a girl tried adding me on
Facebook or gave me her number, I would have run home skipping like I had
found the golden ticket like fucking Charlie. Now I ignore them or text them my
name so they have my number. Instead of going into a group trying to validate
myself, I just stay stoic and stay out of the drama. Yesterday when a group of
strangers were talking to a coworker of mine apparently talking shit about me. I
overheard him reply, "I'd probably watch out if I were you. He could probably kick
all of your asses at the same time." My coworker doesn't know that much about
me. My universe has changed. The success I've had is all the result of a shift in
my thinking and the dedication you put into yourself. No one will do it for you
and there is no magic guide for success. Financially, physically and sexually. Get
your hands dirty and build your fortress one brick at a time. It may not seem like
much that day, but when you look back, you'll see the wall you've built just by
laying one brick at a time.
TL;DR: Bitches be 'mirin even moderate gains. The game becomes much easier
when girls want to touch your body, even as a short, balding minority.
Nothing revolutionary here, just wanted to share my experience with women
after lifting for the past 9 months (3-4x a week). A little background info: I am a
30 year old Indian Software Engineer, living in NYC. Born and raised in the USA.
Found TRP ~2 years ago after after a bad LTR breakup with a HB8 Indian girl. TRP
was the only thing that explained what happened and made me feel better
(swallowing the pill can be difficult, but it actually gave me some closure from
that relationship). I only started lifting 9 months ago... I should have started a lot
sooner. Before lifting, I was a skinnyfat 155lbs. Now I am a leaner 165lbs... not
huge at all compared to some of the other dudes in the gym. Also I am 5'8" and
Sunday I woke up horribly hungover after a night out with the boys. A few other
friends decide to day drink and I meet up with them at a bar, because hair of the
dog. We randomly run into another group that we sort of know (friends of
friends). In this group was a 25 year old cute white chick (amazing body) who is a
couple inches taller than me (never met her before). I immediately get positive

vibes from her... she is essentially throwing herself at me. She repeatedly
touches my arms/chest (swolestation... love this term haha), eye fucking me,
putting her head on my shoulder, making sure our legs are touching when sitting
down, etc... I had a horrible headache so my game was definitely not tight, but it
didn't matter. I was making out with her within a couple hours, and I could have
made a move much sooner. She even says something along the lines of "I usually
only like white guys that are 6'3" and above, but I just can't keep my hands off
your body". She also got jealous when I had a short, benign conversation with
one of my female friends.
This was the third time in the past couple months that a white girl has thrown
herself at me like this. All 3 times the girls have been extremely forward and
touchy... it's like they lose all self control. These girls are all in the HB6-7 range,
so nothing to write home about, but in order to get girls like this before lifting I
would need to put in significant effort. These all happened with me putting in
essentially zero effort, and I probably wouldn't have even pursued these girls in
the first place (before lifting) because they wouldn't have given me any IOIs.
Before, women would use words like "chill" or "smart" to describe me, now
women will tell me that I'm "hot" or "sexy".
This begs a few questions... How often am I passing/meeting women who are
attracted to me, but are not as forward as these girls (so I may not even realize
that they are DTF)? What will happen when I gain another 10-15lbs in lean mass?
I don't really cold approach, mainly due to approach anxiety, but experiences like
these definitely build up confidence. My goal is to be able to cold approach
HB8+'s and be able to close fairly consistently. An ambitious goal for sure.
Thank you TRP, from the bottom of my heart.
Lessons learned: Never stop lifting.
Doing things by yourself is good(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 1 day ago by 1110110111
Go through with planned activities, even if you're on your own.
Do not place importance on the ones joining you for planned activities. This will
free you from the trap of constantly looking for someone to do things with. This
will also make you not care when people flake on you. Ask people out to do
things with the mindset of "I'm going to the ______ whether you join me or not."
Lessons Learned
Doing things by yourself is only lonesome when you let yourself feel like it is. Life
doesn't care if you have someone with you at the bar or the beach. I have found
that as I started going out and doing interesting things by myself, the people in
my circle naturally started wanting to join me without me asking them to. You
become independent and interesting to others.
One of my plates recently told me about how her brother got a pretty cute
girlfriend and that their family was a bit surprised because he was always so
picky he never really brought girls home. Anyways about 6 months into the
relationship they planned a trip to Europe together for two weeks. The days
leading up to the trip, she broke up with him and he was devastated. My plate
says "I can't believe that bitch would do that!" I responded with "at least she
didn't use him for the trip and then break up with him immediately after. Thats
an expensive trip." She was a bit shocked. Then the kicker was I told her he
should have went by himself. She said he was too hurt, but he would never go to
Europe by himself, especially the first time.

And this is the fundamental difference between the red pill man and the non RP
man. I take trips across the globe all the time and show up with no car rental, no
hotel reservation and sometimes no plan where I'm going. I have some of the
most awesome stories of my life on trips like these. Go places and do things by
yourself. And when opportunity presents itself, fuck it, say yes and run with it.
I actually started going to my local bar down the street by myself. I just chat up
with randoms, they have a horror movie on at all times so if you don't wanna
chat and just chill, just watch the movie.
I have a vape, so instead of being a douche and blowing clouds all up on
everyone i head outside to the smokers area, great place to chat people up as
I'll talk to girls, not try to toss game or anything but just to talk to girls. Its easy
to talk to other dudes, but when you chat up the ladies you will start to see a
pattern between them, get more comfortable talking to them, etc. It is a great
exercise for me, since I'm still working on myself.
Honestly, my friends are a little more beta. They won't just do something by
themselves, then whine like a woman and go on facebook to post a passive
aggressive status about how their friends are lame and never wanna do
anything. I'll ask a friend, they say no, then fine. I'll do it myself. (if i can even get
honest replies outta my friends, no matter how many times i say "look dude if
you don't/can't do something just say no and its fine i don't care". They just
come up with shit excuses or ignore)
This is much deeper than sex and women. Lessons learned from many years
chasing skirts.(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 4 days ago by killthename
TL;DR Sexual strategy is the red pill for sex, we need to take the red pill for life.

The Red Pill

In the matrix, Neo is presented with two choices; the blue pill, a return to a
brainwashed, comfortable, mediocre life, and the red pill, an uncomfortable
awakening granting great power. Most posts on this sub focus on what it means
to undergo that awakening in relation to sexual relationships, but there is so
much more below the surface.
Essentially TRP is a realization of the logic behind the higher mechanisms in our
lives. It's one link in a chain of human progress. First we realized the logic behind
the physical foundations of our world, like physics and chemistry, and then came
theories about the social orders of the world, like economics, politics and
psychology. The latter subjects are incredibly complicated, and haven't
progressed to the same degree as the former subjects, but one specific area of
social interaction has been extensively solved theoretically; sexual strategy. And
it's been solved by men like us.
When I first realized the general workings of the female attraction drive, I
exploited it like any wannabe PUA would do, and I learned how to do it better. But
I realize now, after many years of fucking women for no reason at all, that when I
thought I was learning how women worked, I was really learning how all people
work. And then I realized something critical. I didn't especially want to have sex
with these women, and I never had an encounter that wasn't more or less a
waste of time.
I took the red pill on women, then on sex itself; on what it means to be a "man"
in our society and why we lack positive male role models. The fact is that men
have always been seen as the workhorse of society, and women as the keepers
(and prizes) of man. I realized I was learning sexual strategy not to satisfy

myself, but to satisfy the image I'd been born with of a "successful man." All of
my indignities, disappointments, conquests and triumphs with women were
contextualized within that Hollywood framework of the "successful man,"
"Casanova," "alpha."

Lessons Learned

The real red pill is that which frees you of the unconscious enslavement to any
thought construct. Taking the pill and turning from a fedora-tipping gentleman to
a slut-banging player isn't discovering the truth. The truth lies in realizing the
entirety of your surroundings, applying the same discovery method we've
applied to sexual strategy, but to all human structures (interpersonal, cultural,
business, etc.) and in exploiting it to whatever you still have in you at your core
when you realize that all of the notions of "success," "happiness," "pain" and
"love" that you've been brought up with were, if not lies, benign accidents of the
evolution of your society and of all our human race.
The view from there isn't always pretty, and I've trapped myself in self-delusion
(slut-bang alpha mode) just to escape the seemingly barren outlook that almost
everything I know is arbitrary, largely a farce, a set of logical rules derived from
history, biology and evolution (just like sexual strategy). It's an uncomfortable
awakening. But it allows you access to immense power; the power to realize
what it is that truly keeps you breathing, day after day in a world of delusions,
when you have no friends to talk to and no lovers to confide in, what will you find
worth living for? I found the simplest things have their own beauty, and that the
rules which run the world are in and of themselves beautiful. I found a relief from
the grievances I acquired in this awakening, the ability to live without ever being
slighted by a cheating girlfriend or a lying 'friend.' I found that in this world you
are always alone, and that there was nothing wrong or depressing with this
Most of all I found a world ready for the taking, and I knew exactly what I wanted
to do with it.
Innocence and Toughness(self.TheRedPill)
submitted 17 hours ago by TRP VanguardWhisper
A poor confused young thing asked me the other day "So oral sex is still sex?".
Yes, dear, all that head you gave increased your partner count. And it sucks for
you that no one told you that. That no one ever bothered to explain just what the
realities of men's desires are, because they were all too busy trying to change
those desires.
So it's time to tackle, once and for all, the question... what do men want? Why do
men prefer virgins to sluts? And why do women prefer players to virgins?
Well, today, we're going to explain this point. Not prove it, but explain it. Let's
look, not at some real pictures, but at some drawn stereotypes.
Here are two drawings of young, innocent looking people.
A girl.
And a boy.
Here are two drawings of old, tough, grizzled looking people.
A woman.
And a man.
You can already see. The pictures are carefully selected for similar style and
representation. But notice how in the girl in the first set is much more appealing
than the woman in the second set, while, if you are a woman, the man in the

second set is more appealing than the boy in the first set. Why? Because we are
evolved to select mates for health (in both sexes), but also for parental fitness.
What is parental fitness in a male parent? The ability to protect his offspring (by
fighting), and provide for them (by hunting). In other words, a man who
is tough, a proven survivor, and good at killing.
What is parental fitness in a female parent? The ability to bear healthy children
(youth and fertility), and also the ability to raise healthy and confident children
(by nurturing and interacting with them). In other words, a woman who
is young, innocent, and good at loving.
Everyone, male or female, exists on a continuum from innocence to
toughness. But what's important to understand is that this is a one-way street.
The innocent can become tough. The tough cannot become innocent.
This is why men desire sexually inexperienced women. With every new partner, a
woman becomes more experienced. With every breakup, she becomes more
toughened against heartbreak, and less liable to emotionally invest. Each new
penis removes some of the quality and air of innocence that men desire, and the
less emotionally attached she is to the owner of that penis, the more innocence
is removed.
The classic slut/feminist shibboleth "Don't you want an experienced woman who
knows exactly how to touch your penis really well?" is nonsense. The organ of
sexual excitement is the brain. An inexpert, but enthusiastic and highly attractive
woman is a much better sexual partner than seasoned penis handler who's seen
it all before and doesn't think you're anything special. She's less excited, and so
are you. This is why feminists love vibrators. Because they've destroyed their
innocence, and have no adoration for their sexual partners. Their dull, flat,
lifeless emotional involvement inhibits their orgasm, and they need lots of "just
right" physical stimulation, right on the clitoris. A high school girl having an affair
with her teacher can come from his fingers on her nipples, because it's the first
time anyone ever took her bra off, and she's excited and nervous
This why girls need a patriarchy. Because they start their sex lives at the peak of
their sexual attractiveness, both physical and emotional, and without guidance,
they will fritter away that quality of innocence before they even know it exists or
is important.
And there's no going back. A young man who errs by being not tough
enough can always harden the fuck up later. But a girl who errs by hardening up
cannot go back down that one-way street.
Men wanting virgins isn't just about literally virginity, it is about the
qualities of youthfulness and innocence.
So, no, dear, keeping your legs closed and sucking cock instead does not make
you stay desirable.