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Assignment Questions & Points for Case Discussions.

MD Motors

The immediate issue of the case is how MD Motors should reposition itself and change
its marketing strategy, given that it may lose the right to sell Rolls-Royce motor cars in

To ensure its survival, MD Motors would have to be repositioned with a new Strategic
Marketing Plan.

The discussion in class will, therefore, will have this topic, namely, the new Strategic
Marketing Plan, as the theme for discussions. In order to do so, work along the following
structure to make your recommendations:

1. Environmental Analysis:
I. Industry Analysis, based on which you can examine:
II. MD Motor’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT Analysis).
For Industry Analysis, you will need adopt Porter’s 5 Forces Model, and identify
which are the strong forces.

2. Strategic Marketing Issues in terms of:

I. Product
II. Target Market
III. Brand Loyalty
IV. Pricing
V. Distribution
VI. Promotion

Your written submission must be along the above lines. You may give alternate
suggestions, along with your reasons.