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Short Semester Introduction to Advertising

Riska Anestia N. (2007110326)

Olivia (2007110664)


Brand and product : MAUSALE Shampoo from

PT. MS tbk.
Account Handler : Riska Anestia N.
Model : Olivia
Class : 11-11C
Date : 8 August 2008
Brandname, logo, slogan

Logo :

Brand Name :

Slogan : “Make your hair beautiful“


Advertising objective : Awareness of

o Brand name :
Mausale Shampoo
o Consumer benefit :
make girl hair more soft, and healthy looks
beautiful everyday..
o Product advantages :
More of vitamins hair, variant type shampoo
( aloe vera, gingseng, avocado, apple, strawberry
and papaya shampoo )

Sales promo objective : First purchase :

Give the special price
Make special package with discount price
Give the merchandise and unique souvenir.

1. Product : Shampoo

2. Target Audience : Gender : Female

Age : 18 - 30 years old
SES : Grade B – C
Occupation : student, employee, and profesional
Lifestyle : The female who are active and sportif in this
activitiy in the outdoor.

3. Promise :- The consumer benefit : make girl hair more soft, and
healthy looks beautiful everyday. .
-Physical product :in unique bottle,size 100ml -200ml
-Emotional : the girls will feel happy and comfortable
because her hair is beautiful and healthy everyday.

4. Reason Why : Product advantage :

The shampoo more healthy for all type girl hair
because the shampoo all ready test in the laboratory do
the special people.

5. Tone & Style : active and cheerful women

6. Creative Media : people will attract and interest because our design
is unique with full colour.

7. Sales Promotion : - give free samples product

- give the extra conditioner if buy 2 shampoo
- give the bonus unique souvenir and merchandise.
Creative Rationale ( AIDA )

1. How does this ad attract viewers Attention : to achieve recall of

Advertisement = Advertisement is disnictive, standing out.
> Creative idea : design and its elements.

.We use the gradation of red sunset for the background. The model
looks happy and cheerful because she still look fresh everyday with
beautiful hair and the face look happy although she have more
activities for long day. So that reader can be imagine how the Mausale
Shampoo is give the fresh and healthy hair.

2. How will it viewer Interest : to make them understand and relate to

Promise = Advertisement has clear consumer benefit
> promise : headline and models

We try to give interest and make the reader understand and relate
to promise of our product . We promise the give the best quality of our
Product, and the original shampoo because already testing in the l
laboratory and we do the unique of packaging.
MauSale shampoo make your hair fresh and healthy everyday. We
Have slogan product “make you beautiful hair .” It is the one thing to
build consumer can be interest.

3. How will generate viewers Desire ; to generate positive emotion with

Right tone & style = Advertisement does fit brand personality.
> Tone & style : model & background

To build consumer desire by using the attractive design and colourfull.

we try to make the unique of design and we use the model who have
the beautiful long hair . And make believe that our product is healthy
and safety.. So that people will be feel interesting when look and read
that design.

4. How to persuade viewers to take Action : to stimulate them to look for

Brand = Ad is believable, due to credible prod. Advantage.
> Reason why : body copy & headline

We make the reader to take action to go to market to buy our product

also stimulate consumer to look for our Mausale because our product
brand. is easy to remember We also offer a special promotion price do
discount and get merchandise and unique souvenir.

5. Eventually try and buy : sales promotion.

We make the special promotion such as give the free samples, free
conditioner if buy 2 shampoo, give the unique souvenir and