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2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath

A Sectional Under $50,000!




2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths



20179 Good Hope Road Lannon, WI 53046 #509

2 Bedrooms, includes appliances and a 2 car garage.

N116 W20990 Brynwood Lane

Germantown, WI 53022 #53
2 Bedrooms, includes appliances.

Call Kellie Hare to take a look at 920-979-4099

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Page 2 Express News - Family Matters

Jan./Feb. 2016

Maintaining His Dental Health Pays off Extra

at Jackson Family Dentistry

Jackson Family Dentistry, located at

N168W20060 Main St. in Jackson,
recently announced patient
Cy Swiecichowski as the winner of an
i-Pad Mini for the dental practice's 2015
raffle. Dr. Scott Charmoli presented
Swiecichowski with his prize.

A quarter of Americans dishonest

about how often they floss
NewsUSA-While many people are aware of the basic tenants
of good oral care, thousands of people still don't floss their teeth
-- and they lie about it. According to a new national survey, more
than a quarter (27 percent) of U.S. adults admit they lie to their
dentists about how often they floss their teeth. Along with twicedaily brushing and receiving an annual comprehensive
periodontal evaluation, daily flossing is a critical component in
the prevention of periodontal disease, commonly referred to as
gum disease.
The Harris Poll, on behalf of the American Academy of
Periodontology (AAP), was conducted online among more than
2,000 U.S. adults and among the top 10 U.S. markets. The AAP
is using the survey results to urge all Americans to "Love the
Gums You're With" and to raise awareness of periodontal disease

-- a chronic inflammatory disease caused when bacteria in plaque

grow below the gum line, leading to swelling, irritation, receding
gums and tooth loss. Periodontal disease has been linked to many
other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease,
rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and even cancer. Despite
its prevalence, periodontal disease is rarely discussed, resulting
in a lack of urgency, awareness and education among the public.
"There's clearly more work to be done when it comes to
educating Americans about the importance of oral hygiene in
maintaining healthy gums. There are more than 500 bacterial
species that can be found in plaque, and brushing alone does not
remove the bacteria that live below the gum line," says AAP
President Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS, MPH. "The good news about
periodontal disease is that with proper
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Jan./Feb. 2016

Make Lasting Health Changes One Step

at a Time in the New Year
By Nikki Ackerman
Staff Writer
When the calendar flips over to Jan. 1, many people set lofty
goals and make ambitious resolutions that are broken before
Do not do that, says Marin Koebert, a senior health coach at
Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin Workforce Health.
Instead of the full-speed-ahead, all-or-nothing approach, Koebert
advises individuals looking for a life change to set manageable
markers and to allow themselves time for frequent reassessment.
This will be a better chance for success in the long run, she said.
Be realistic, she said in a phone interview with Family
Matters. By making these big New Years resolutions, people set
themselves up for disappointment. Its better to make small
adjustments and to continuously reflect along the

to head in the right direction is what matters. Setting small goals

and reaching them will build your confidence and allow you to
reach even bigger goals, said Koebert.
Remember the little things add up: Whether that means taking
a phone call standing up or having a walking meeting, find
minor ways to make big changes, Koebert encouraged.
Health and wellness is a broad topic that encompasses many
aspects of ones being, the health coach said so the key is to give
yourself the resources to keep moving closer to the self you want
to be.
I cant overstate the importance of staying healthy, she
concluded. Its very important to make sure you are living your
life the way you want to and being as healthy as you possibly can.
You only have one life and living it well, in both the long and
short run, will make you healthier, happier and more present.

Some practical pointers offered by Koebert:

Decide on a number one priority: Ask yourself,
What is my top priority? said Koebert. She listed
a few common goals including eat better, exercise
more and increase energy. These are just some, but
certainly not all. Decide what main goal you want to
focus on for yourself.
Put the goals in action: After setting the
priorities, one must find ways to make them happen,
said Koebert. If the goal is to eat better, make a plan
to start eating breakfast; if exercise is the target, park
further away at work and walk the extra steps; if
increased energy is what someone wants, turn off the
television set at night. Its all about making those
small adjustments, the health coach said.
Take a personal inventory: Koebert emphasized
the importance of regularly seeing where you are
and where you can go. She said, Give yourself
time to reflect and set a goal, and then reassess once
per week, monthly, quarterly, whatever works for
Make small tweaks: If an individual is walking
once per week, instead of jumping to walking every
day, maybe try two or three times per week, she
suggested. Rather than a complete diet overhaul,
focus on smaller portions.
Allow yourself some freedom: The American College of
Sports Medicine suggests 150 minutes of moderate exercise per
week with two days of strength training weekly and two to three
days of flexibility and stretching; however, this should not be the
jumping off point for some people, advised Koebert. If youre
starting at zero minutes of exercise per week, increasing to 30
minutes may be appropriate, and just keep building from there,
she said. Anything is better than nothing.
Dont beat yourself up: Anything is better than nothing,
Koebert said, noting that the little things add up. If you have a
bad day, all is not lost, she said. I like this analogy: if you get a
flat tire, what do you do? You fix it and keep going, you dont
slash all the other tires on your car! There will be setbacks and
disappointments, the health coach acknowledged, but continuing

Day care
natural foods
grooming den
breeder referral
Owner Cyndie Reinheimer has over
30 years experience breeding,
showing and training dogs.

1410 Lang St., West Bend 262-334-8793

Page 4 Express News - Family Matters

Jan./Feb. 2016

Make Protein at Breakfast This Years Resolution

(Family Features) Tired of the same New Years resolution? The
popular yet undefined goal to make healthy choices often fails after a
few weeks as we get tired of pursuing such a lofty goal. This year, get
specific with your goal
and commit to making the
most of each day by
increasing your protein
intake at breakfast.
Americans tend to
eat most of their protein in
the evening, but backloading protein at dinner
can affect how your body
uses it. Thats why experts
recommend spacing out
throughout the day to
make the most of the
important nutrition it
provides. In fact, many
nutrition experts now
recommend getting 25-30
grams of protein at each meal for the best daily nutrition, yet
Americans only get about 13 grams of protein at breakfast, on
Pairing a glass of milk (or chocolate milk) and its high-quality
protein with your eggs or favorite overnight oats combination is an
easy, delicious way to help get the 25-30 grams of protein

Hartford Recreation Centers



- Leisure Pool
- Lap Lanes
- Water Slide

- Interactive Water Toys

- Warm Water Therapy

Open Swim
Tues & Thurs
Sat & Sun


Toddler Swim
Ages 6 & under

Tues & Thurs

Lap Swim

Early Mornings, Noon,

9:30-11:30am* and Evening times

regular admission
$2.75 / $3.75
$3.75 / $4.25

Call for times or go

on line at

17 & Under
18 & Older

$2.00 Daily Admission

Tues/Thurs Open
& Toddler Swim

for the

125 N. RURAL STREET, HARTFORD 262-670-3730

recommended before noon. Plus, youll feel fuller longer so you can
focus on the things you want to accomplish.
For more information on how you can fill up your cup with milk
to get closer to your morning protein goal, visit
Savory Oatmeal with Soft-Cooked Egg and Bacon
Servings: 1
Protein: 32 grams
1 cup lowfat milk
? cup old-fashioned oats, uncooked
1 pinch sea salt
1 teaspoon cooking oil (or 1/2-second spray)
1 large egg
1 tablespoon cheddar cheese, shredded
1 slice cooked bacon, coarsely chopped
2 teaspoons green onion, sliced
Salt and pepper (optional)
1. Combine milk, oats and salt and cook according to package
instructions. While oats cook, heat small, non-stick skillet over
medium heat. Lightly coat with cooking oil. Add egg and cook about
3-4 minutes for runny yolk.
2. Serve oatmeal topped with cheese, bacon, egg and green onion.
If desired, season with salt and pepper.
3. Serve immediately with 8-ounce glass of milk.
Nutrition information per serving: 540 calories; 23 g fat; 8 g
saturated fat; 225 mg cholesterol; 32 g protein; 52 g carbohydrates; 4
g fiber; 800 mg sodium; 605 mg calcium (70% of daily value).
Nutrition figures based on using lowfat milk and including an 8-ounce
glass of milk.
Almond Butter English Muffin with Peach-Topped Cottage
Cheese paired with Chocolate Milk
Servings: 1
Protein: 32 grams
1 tablespoon almond butter
1 English muffin, toasted and
? cup cottage cheese
? cup diced peaches
Spread almond butter on toasted
English muffin.
Nutrition information per serving: 230 calories; 10 g fat; 1 g
saturated fat; 0 mg cholesterol; 9 g protein; 30 g carbohydrates; 6 g
fiber; 280 mg sodium; 229 mg calcium (25% of daily value).
For morning snack: Top cottage cheese with peaches and serve
with 8-ounce glass of chocolate milk.
Nutrition information per serving: 270 calories; 3.5 g fat; 2.5 g
saturated fat; 10 mg cholesterol; 22 g protein; 38 g carbohydrates; 2
g fiber; 610 mg sodium; 361 mg calcium (35% of daily value).
Nutrition figures based on using lowfat chocolate milk and including
an 8-ounce glass of chocolate milk.

Express News - Family Matters Page 5

Jan./Feb. 2016

Local Residents Making a World of Difference

Twins Donate Handmade Care Packages

to St. Josephs Hospital cancer patients
Sophie and Greta Strasser, juniors at Kettle
Moraine Lutheran High School, recently
dropped off 29 care packages they made for
Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin
St. Josephs Hospital Kraemer Cancer Center
patients. The sisters took on this project for no
other reason than to help others, they said.
Each package includes a handmade knit hat,
a letter, a Bible passage to pick patients up when

they are down, and a handmade bracelet. The

twin sisters worked on their gift all summer,
about 3 and a half hours per package and
more than 100 hours total.
The gifts were accepted on behalf of the
KCC by KCC nurses Alicia Czarnecki (far
left), Tammy Resop (fourth from left) and
Denise Herriges (far right).

Family Matters is produced and published by:

Express News
P.O. Box 335, Germantown WI 53022
P: 262.238.6397 | F: 262.242.9450
President: Ken Ubert
Contact Nikki Ackerman at 262-238-6397 or
for ideas and suggestions for Local Residents Making a Difference.

Page 6 Express News - Family Matters

Jan./Feb. 2016

Smart Breakfast Tips to Kick-Start Your New Year

(Family Features) As you look to the new year with plans for
healthier habits, theres no better place to start than the beginning
the beginning of each day, that is. Countless studies have shown
the benefits of a nutritious breakfast as part of a healthy eating
plan, and there are plenty of options to make a good-for-you
breakfast that tastes great, too.
Experts agree that there are numerous health benefits to
breakfast. For example, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
credits breakfast with helping brain function and memory as well
as preventing tiredness and overeating as the day wears on. Mayo
Clinicstaff adds that adults who eat breakfast are likely to
consume more vitamins and minerals, and less fats and
Wake up your morning routine with these tips for a
healthier start to each day:
Plan a well-rounded meal. Incorporate whole grains, like
sorghum, lean protein, low-fat dairy and fruits and vegetables, for
a nutrient-rich meal that will keep you fueled and feeling full until
lunch time.
Experiment with new flavors. Avoid burnout and boredom
by trying new foods. For example, substitute your typical grain
with sorghum, an American-grown cereal grain. In addition to its
delicious flavor, sorghum is a highly versatile ingredient that is
naturally high in fiber, iron and protein and can be used in a wide
range of preparations.
Eliminate obstacles. If hectic mornings are preventing you
from getting a healthy breakfast, find solutions that work for you
and your family. Prepare make-ahead foods that you can heat in
minutes or look for options that are easy to eat on the go, such as
this Triple Sorghum Granola, which can be made ahead and stored
in an airtight container to maintain its crunchy texture.

Find more ideas for incorporating sorghum into your healthy

new year at To find whole grain
sorghum for this recipe and other great tasting sorghum products,
visit Nu Life Market or Wonder Grain.
Triple Sorghum Granola
Recipe developed by Pam Correll, Brockport, Pennsylvania
1 cup cooked sorghum (cooked according to package
1/2 cup dry whole oats
1/2 cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
1 cup slivered almonds
2 tablespoons sorghum syrup
2 tablespoons coconut oil
? cup dried cranberries
? cup unsweetened coconut chips
1/2 cup popped sorghum (popped according to whole grain
package directions)
1. Heat oven to 200 F. Spread sorghum on jelly roll pan. Place
in oven 1 hour, turning every 15 minutes. Remove from oven and
transfer to large mixing bowl. Stir in oats, pepitas and almonds.
2. Raise oven temperature to 300 F.
3. In 1-quart sauce pan, heat sorghum syrup and coconut oil
until oil melts. Blend well. Pour liquid mixture over dry
ingredients; stir to blend well. Spread evenly on jelly roll pan.
Bake 30 minutes, turning every 10 minutes.
4. Remove from oven and stir in cranberries, coconut chips and
popped sorghum. Allow to cool. Break apart. Store in airtight

Express News - Family Matters Page 7

Jan./Feb. 2016

With Eggs, the Choices Are Many

(Family Features) Cage-free? Organic? Local? When
purchasing eggs, many people read the carton to help understand
how the hens were housed when producing those eggs. But is the
label on the egg carton a good indicator of the hens well-being?
The variety of options can make determining the eggs best for
you and your family difficult. To help support consumer choice
and provide information to sort through the confusion, the
Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply recently completed a threeyear research study. Researchers assessed hens well-being, egg
safety and quality, affordability, worker health and safety, and
environmental impact as elements of sustainability in cage-free,
conventional and enriched colony hen housing.
What the researchers found might be surprising, with positive
and negative aspects associated with each housing system. For
instance, while conventional cage housing limits the ability of
hens to exhibit natural behaviors, it also has the lowest mortality

rate. Conversely, cage-free housing allows hens to nest, perch and

even attempt flying, though hen mortality was more than double
that of the other housing options researched. By understanding
which findings are most important to them, shoppers can be
confident in choosing eggs that are right for them.
Hen well-being is an important aspect of producing eggs, but
it should be considered along with many other elements of egg
production, said Darrin Karcher, Extension Specialist in the
Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University and
CSES Project Director. This research allows us to better
understand how each housing system affects not only the wellbeing of the hens, but a variety of other factors. This is a valuable
tool consumers, restaurants and retailers can use to make more
informed decisions about which eggs are best for them.
When choosing whats best for you and your family, whether
you prioritize egg cost, hens being able to exhibit natural
behaviors, environmental impact or another
element of sustainability, making an informed
choice begins with understanding which eggs
best meet your needs.
For more information about sustainable
egg production, as well as videos, interactive
infographics and the CSES research results,

Page 8 Express News - Family Matters

Jan./Feb. 2016

Dont Let Cold and Flu Ruin the Season

(Family Features) As the holidays
approach, many are gearing up for
Thanksgiving dinners, holiday
shopping and celebrating with
family and friends. But with the
unpredictable cold and flu season,
its equally important to add staying
healthy to your list.
To help answer your most
pressing queries, Dr. Travis Stork,
emergency room physician and host
of the Emmy Award-winning talk
show "The Doctors, has partnered
with Church & Dwight Co., Inc., the
maker of Arm & Hammer Simply
Saline nasal mists, on a new
online tool called Congestion
Questions, inviting people to ask
questions and get the answers they
need, such as these:
Q: Do nasal mists cause the
rebound effect?
A: Nasal mists are drug-free and
derived from natural ingredients
they contain only salt, sodium
bicarbonate and water. They are nonaddictive and do not cause any
rebound congestion.

Tax Return Preparation
Payroll Check Writing
Financial Statements

Electronic Filing
Direct Payroll Deposit
Computer Training

Connie L. Hillmann

262-253-9953 (fax)


Mon-Fri 8am-6pm; Sat 8am-1pm
Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm; Fri 8am-12pm

We are located in the Tri City Bank

Building on Hwy Q

(Corner of Appleton & County Line Roads; lower level)

N96 W18221 County Line Rd., Menomonee Falls

Q: I have been experiencing nasal congestion for days. Its so bad

that now Im unable to blow my nose. How can I find quick relief?
A: Saline irrigation is an excellent way to relieve this sort of nasal
congestion. Using either a nasal spray like Arm & Hammer Simply
Saline Nasal Relief or a neti-pot ought to help flush out your nasal
passages and help loosen your congestion.
Q: I use saline mists and other medications when I need to for my
children, but how else can I ease the symptoms of stuffy noses and
sore throats?
A: Helping little ones feel better when they are sick is always a
priority for parents. How best to help is often dependent on the
cause. Some traditional treatments that can help soothe and clear
stuffy noses include chicken soup or warm drinks with a little lemon
or honey, although you should not give honey to a child less than
one year of age. You should also make sure the house is kept at a
comfortable temperature and perhaps consider a humidifier if you
are in a dry climate. Finally, always make sure your children are
staying hydrated and eating well.
Q: Why do I get congested mostly at night?
A: Many people find that their congestion gets worse at night.
This may be because when you lie in bed, gravity is no longer
playing its part in clearing your nasal passages naturally, so you
should try propping your head up with an extra pillow or two to find
some relief. You may also want to reduce the allergen levels in your
bedroom by keeping pets off your bed and buying hypoallergenic
pillows. A saline spray like Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Extra
Strength Nighttime Relief with natural eucalyptus can help quickly
clear congestion so you can breathe easier and comfortably fall
asleep, with no day-after effect.
To submit your own questions and learn more about easing your
cold and flu symptoms, visit

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Jan./Feb. 2016

5 Freezer Hacks that Save Time & Money

Get ahead of back-to-school season with
a food storage plan
(Family Features) As much as 30 to 40 percent of all food in North
America is wasted, according to the United Nations Environment
Programme. Thats about 20 pounds per person every month! In terms of
money, thats an alarming $165 billion in wasted food annually, according
to the Natural Resources Defense Council.
A smarter freezer storage plan, coupled with buying in bulk, saves time,
money, decreases waste and makes for a more organized home. You can
maximize the value of your freezer and ensure your hard-earned dollars
dont go to waste with these five easy tips to help keep your family and
freezer organized for a smarter school year.
Make room to save more. Consumers annually save $750 on their
food bill when buying in bulk[1]. A freezer provides additional storage
space, giving you the flexibility to store larger quantities of food out of the
way while you keep items for immediate use close by. A great option is the
Frigidaire freezer, which boasts ample storage capacity, superior
organization and peace of mind. Plus, its ENERGY STAR qualified and
is more than 22 percent energy efficient than standard freezers.
Designate a meal prep day. Free up your busy weeknights and save
money with a little planning. You can ensure you always have healthy,
home-cooked meals on hand by taking a few hours once a week to prep and
cook your meals. Meals that youll eat early in the week can be kept in the
fridge until mealtime. Dishes you plan to eat later in the week can be placed
in storage containers and frozen until use. After some practice, youll be
able to work efficiently and prep meals that work best for your family.
Prepare for the unexpected. Lets face it, things happen: storms roll
in and the power goes out. Your freezer can be your biggest ally to combat
food and money loss due to unexpected and uncontrollable events. To
protect the investment you just made to your familys meal plan, arm
yourself with the new Frigidaire Gallery Freezer, a first-of-its-kind upright
with ArcticLock Technology that offers thicker walls than traditional
freezers to keep foods frozen for over two days during a power outage. Its
also garage-ready and built to handle extreme hot and cold weather.
Find a bulk buddy. While you may not need a 10-pound bag of
cheese, you probably have a friend or neighbor who would split the cost
with you. Make it a date; buy in bulk together then split the goods with the
proper food storage containers.
End Freezer Burn. Reduce excess air in storage bags or containers,
which toughens textures and worsens flavors. Note, however, that youll

need to leave space in containers that hold soup or sauce as liquid expands
when frozen and could potentially crack your storage containers.
To find out how you can save more with a secondary freezer, visit

Pizzas, st
a, Ribs,
Chicken &Pa
Chicago Style
Hot Dogs

N81 W15086 Appleton Ave. Menomonee Falls

Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm Fri & Sat 11am-10pm




N81 W15086 AppletonAve., MENOMONEE FALLS 262-250-3333

One coupon per visit. May not be combined with any other offer.
Carry out only. Must mention coupon when ordering and present
upon payment. Exp. 2/29/16.

20% OFF

(Excludes Catering)

N81 W15086 AppletonAve., MENOMONEE FALLS 262-250-3333

One coupon per visit. May not be combined with any other offer.
Carry out only. Must mention coupon when ordering and present
upon payment. Exp. 2/29/16.

Page 10 Express News - Family Matters

Jan./Feb. 2016

Comfortably Aging in Place

(Family Features) Having lived in the same ranch house for
55 years, John Hecks grandparents wanted to make any and all
necessary accommodations to allow them to peacefully age in
place. Using his expertise as a home remodeler, Heck completed
a variety of aging-in-place related
projects in their house, including adding
grab bars to the bathroom and other
small comforts.
I feel very lucky knowing my
grandparents live in a one story and have
my assistance making home adjustments
to ensure that they can independently
age in place, said Heck, owner of VIP
Remodeling & Construction Services,
LLC. Many folks who ignore the fact
that they are aging and need to make
themselves and being uprooted from a
more affordable, comfortable lifestyle
and proximity to loved ones.
With the number of U.S. residents 65 or older growing from
35 million in 2000 to nearly 73 million in 2030 according to the
U.S. Census Bureau, baby boomers entering or approaching
retirement need to be aware of how they can best prepare to age
comfortably. According to HomeAdvisors 2015Aging-in-Place
Report, more than half of homeowners who hire a professional
for an aging-related home improvement are under 65 years old,


Luxury Independent Senior (55+) Living

Overlooking the Milwaukee River & Eisenbahn Trail
Heat & water included Underground parking
Cable & WiFi included Gorgeous community room
Styling Salon on-site Plus, no endowment or entrance fees!


For more info, please call (262) 483-9150

with 10 percent younger than 50.

Too many of us wait until we reach a health or financial crisis
to plan for getting older, said Marty Bell, Executive Director of
the National Aging in Place Council. We plan our careers, we
plan to send our children to college, we
plan our vacations, but we dont plan to
age. And yet the evidence is there that
those who do accept they are going to get
older and make plans in advance have a
considerably better later life.
Heck notes that even making small
adjustments in a home over time, such as
adding stair lifts and handicapped
accessible and curbless showers, can make
all the difference in aging safety.
The top aging-in-place related projects
completed by homeowners according to
Aging-in-Place report include:
Adding a personal alert system: Personal alert systems
provide necessary security in case of an emergency accident or
fall. Installing a personal alarm system costs an average of $652,
according to HomeAdvisors True Cost Guide.
Adding grab bars: Many accidents and falls take place in the
bathroom. Homeowners may choose to add grab bars to help
them safely enter and exit a bathtub or shower.
Building a disability ramp: Adding a wheelchair ramp, at an
average cost of $1,547, offers accessibility to wheelchair or
walker users. Various factors go into the cost and safety of a
ramp, including slope, weight specifications, landing and
Installing a stair lift: A staircase lift can eliminate the risk of
injury on one of the most dangerous parts of a home. Folks with
mobility issues can access the upstairs level safely with this
highly reliable added function.
To find a home professional to complete aging-in-place
projects, visit

Express News - Family Matters Page 11

Jan./Feb. 2016

Manage Pet Stress

Avoid bad behavior brought on by fear, anxiety
as he becomes anxious about the approach of a storm or
sporadic firework sounds.
Barking incessantly
There are many reasons a dog might bark incessantly,
preventing you from enjoying the company of guests, annoying
your neighbors and leaving you feeling irritated. While its
unreasonable to expect a dog to never bark again, there are
ways to help your dog change behavior and reduce barking.
Tell your dog to stop barking and wait to make sure he
completely accepts this command.
Give your dog plenty of exercise through active play,
walking or running to ensure pent-up energy isnt driving your
dog to bark. After correcting the behavior, activity can also help
redirect a barking dogs attention.
If underlying stress is the cause of your dogs barking,
pheromone technology can be an effective tool. Try using
SENTRY Calming Spray, which contains a soothing
pheromone to help reduce fear and calm pets, in your pets area
to encourage him to lie down quietly.
If your dog is barking for attention, ignore him until he
quiets, then give a treat or reward to reinforce the no barking

(Family Features) Bad behavior by your four-legged family

members can create disruptions that range from a minor nuisance
to full-out frustration. In fact, leading veterinary organizations
report that behavior problems are the leading cause of pet
euthanasia and account for as much as 80 percent of pet
Fear and stress are common triggers for behavior problems in
pets, so taking steps to reduce the impact of scary and stressful
situations can make a big difference.
Loud noise
Loud noises such as thunder or fireworks can create extreme
stress and fear that cause not only emotional distress, but also
dangerous behaviors like trying to escape or becoming
destructive. Avoid forcing your pet to stay with you and get used
to the loud noises that are terrifying him. Instead, try a few of
these recommendations:
Create a safe place for your pet to come and go freely based
on the area that he tries to go when he becomes frightened, such
as the basement, your bedroom or behind the sofa.
Make your pets safe place extra therapeutic with a SENTRY
Calming Diffuser that continuously emits calming pheromones in
the immediate environment to help pets feel relaxed and safe.
Run a fan or radio to help distract from the noise he fears.
Try distracting your dog with favorite toys or activities just

More tips for addressing common pet behavior problems can

be found at Also remember to
consult your veterinarian, who can help identify the right
combination of training and therapy for your pets unique
Signs of Stress in Dogs and Cats
Like people, pets respond differently to stressful situations,
and circumstances that one pet copes with easily can create
extreme duress for another.
Pet care author and blogger Sandy Robins suggests watching
for these signs of canine stress:
Destructive behavior such as chewing furniture and other
items in the home
Continued on Page 17

Since 1960



Training people and their dogs since 1946!

We show you how to train your dogs!
Call for more information and brochures!
13175 W. Silver Spring Road P.O. Box 228 Butler, WI 53007-0228

Phone: (262) 781-5200 Fax: (262) 781-3543

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Jan./Feb. 2016

Create Wow-Worthy Wall Art

(Family Features) Youve selected the perfect furniture and
coordinated all the accessories, but if you leave the walls bare, the room
youve worked so hard to complete may still feel unfinished.
A burst of contemporary color or classic multi-dimensional art is
easy to achieve at home with some basic supplies and a bit of creative
flair. These wall hangings, created by the crafting experts at Jo-Ann
Fabric and Craft Stores, make it simple to enhance any rooms look in
just a few hours.
The bold jewel tones and classic lattice pattern of the Buttercream
Wall Art are signature looks of the new Buttercream collection
available exclusively at Jo-Ann for those who love to personalize their
home decor. For a more modern approach, the Contemporary Canvas
Artwork grouping makes a bold statement with a fully customizable
palate to reflect your personal style.
Find more creative ideas to dress up drab walls at

Buttercream Wall Art

Crafting time: 1-2 hours

Skill level: Some experience necessary
Supplies and Tools:
Buttercream Basic Brush Set (718788)
1 each Buttercream Decor Paint in Darling Teal, Pleasant Blue,
Petunia, Gold Metallic
3 canvases or pieces of wood measuring approximately 6 inches
by 15 inches
1 Buttercream Furniture Applique 5-by-14-inch Latticework
Buttercream Glue
1. Using basic brush set, apply decor paints to canvases or wood in
vertical application roughly blending colors. Loosely follow this c
olor order from bottom to top: Gold, Petunia, Pleasant Blue, Darling
Teal. Allow to dry.
2. Apply light amount of glue to backs of appliques and center each
onto canvas or wood.

Contemporary Canvas Artwork

Crafting time: 3-5 hours
Skill level: No experience necessary

Supplies and Tools:

Acrylic paints: yellow, orange, deep red, burnt sienna, white
1-inch paintbrush Set of 9 miniature canvases
Squeeze bottle Gloss medium
1. Following manufacturer's directions, mix five colors of paint, c
reating five total paint shades graduating from deep red to yellow.
Paint each canvas with two coats of paint to assure proper coverage.
Refer to photo when painting the canvases. Let dry.
2. In squeeze bottle, mix white paint with some yellow and orange
paint, plus gloss medium.
3. Lay canvases together, forming a square, without spaces between
each canvas. Using paint mixture in squeeze bottle, decorate
canvases with swirl pattern. Separate canvases to dry.
4. Hang canvases in same orientation as painted, spaced about one
inch apart or as desired.

Jan./Feb. 2016

Express News - Family Matters Page 13 often they floss

from page 2
and timely care, it's treatable and often reversible. If a person has
been diagnosed with or is at risk for periodontal disease, a
periodontist has the training and expertise to determine the best
course of treatment."
Patients should discuss their periodontal health with a dental
professional who can make a referral to a periodontist if
For more information and tips on how to properly care for your
gums, visit

Tooth decay can cause pain and may lead to problems

with eating, sleeping, speaking, playing and learning.
Decay can easily be prevented by making sure your
child brushes, flosses, and visits their dentists regularly.
Your child deserves to keep their smile for a lifetime.

February Is Childrens Oral

Health Month
Make an appointment for your child
to visit the dentist today!
Personalized Dental Care
Latest Techniques Digital X-rays
Same Day Referrals
Convenient Appointment Times
Most Insurance Plans Accepted
New Patients Welcome
Call Today!

(262) 246-8810

Deborah Archilletti, D.D.S., S.C.

N64 W24050 Main Street,
Sussex, WI 53089

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Page 14 Express News - Family Matters

3 Steps to Kick Off a Year

of Good Health
(Family Features) A fresh beginning with a new year is the perfect
time for a health assessment to ensure you are ready to take on a full
and active year ahead. Even if youre feeling great, its a smart practice
to take time to identify potential problems before they become more
serious health concerns.
Early detection of ailments,
such as cardiovascular disease,
can significantly impact an
individuals ability to cope with
the disease, allowing you to make
adjustments such as changes in
diet and lifestyle, or when
necessary, drug therapies and
Delaying detection of this serious
disease until its more advanced
With these three steps, you can
get a better picture of your
cardiovascular health and identify
silent, hidden risk factors (like
plaque in your arteries) that you
may not even know are there.
1.) Get your blood pressure
measures how much force a
persons blood is putting on the
artery walls as the heart pumps.
High blood pressure, or
hypertension, occurs when your
heart has to work extra hard to
pump blood throughout the body.
High blood pressure often
happens when arteries lose their
elasticity through hardening
caused by cholesterol, plaque or
scarring. Many people do not experience symptoms of high blood
pressure, so its important to have your blood pressure checked
periodically. Screening for high blood pressure involves placing a
pressure cuff around your upper arm to monitor both diastolic and
systolic blood pressure. A normal systolic reading is between 90 and
119, and a normal diastolic reading is 60-79.

Jan./Feb. 2016

2.) Get your cholesterol checked. A simple finger-stick screening

measures total cholesterol as well as three different kinds of lipids in
your blood (HDL, LDL and triglycerides), which are important in
determining your heart health. Low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, is
known as the bad cholesterol and can build up in the walls of the
arteries that feed the heart and brain. Along with other substances, it
can form plaque a thick, hard deposit that can clog those arteries.
High-density lipoprotein, or HDL, is known as "good cholesterol

because it carries LDL away from the arteries and back to the liver,
where it's passed from the body. A high HDL level helps prevent heart
disease, while a low HDL level increases the risk of heart attack and
stroke. Triglycerides are the most common type of fat. Like
cholesterol, they circulate in blood but are stored in the body for extra
energy. A high triglyceride level combined with a low HDL or high
LDL can speed up the process of plaque formation in the arteries.
3.) Learn about other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Many
people in the early stages of cardiovascular disease are asymptomatic,
meaning they have no symptoms to indicate their health is at risk.
Some common risk factors include age (55 and older), family history,
tobacco use and high blood-pressure, other factors, such as high
cholesterol, arent as easily observed. Preventive health screenings,
such as those provided by Life Line Screening, can give you a fuller
picture of how risk factors may be stacking up. The screenings are
designed by doctors and administered by trained professionals to help
detect hidden health issues. Within a couple of weeks, you can receive
easy-to-understand test results to share with your doctor so you can
work together to prevent serious problems before they start.
To starting the year off right with a preventive health screening,

Jan./Feb. 2016

Accents to
Update Any
(Family Features) Accent pieces are an
easy way to update any room. Introducing
fresh colors and styles with decorative items
and textiles can instantly transform the entire
ambiance at a fraction of the cost you might
spend completely refurbishing the same
Throw pillows offer a clever way to add
new color, texture and patterns. Introduce a
more luxurious look with this pillow trio
featuring the new Buttercream collection of
continental craft components, finished home
decor items, baking supplies and unique
print fabrics create by and available only at
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.
Find more inspiration for home updates
with accent pieces you can make yourself at

Buttercream Stenciled Art


Crafting time: More than 5 hours

Skill level: Some experience necessary
Supplies and Tools:
Buttercream 12-by-12-inch Stencil
Paisley Blossom (71852)
2 16-by-16-inch natural pillow covers
1 each of Buttercream Fabric Paints in
Dainty Pink, Lipstick Red, Ginger, Ivy
Lane, Fortnight Blue
Buttercream Brushes Stencil Set
2 16-by-16-inch pillow forms
1 1/2 yards natural linen fabric
Buttercream Basecoating Brush
1 12-by-18-inch pillow form
1.Begin by creating the red repeat patterned pillow. Place stencil
onto pillow cover and tape off all areas on stencil that are not shown
in photo. Repeat large paisley flower as shown using Lipstick Red
paint and small stencil brush. Let dry.
2.Complete the floral design pillow by placing stencil onto pillow
cover and stenciling design as shown with multiple colors. Stencil
first color by taping over all areas that are not that color in photo.
Then stencil next color, taping off areas that are not that color.
Repeat so entire front of pillow is covered. Let dry before inserting
pillow forms.
3.For long daisy blossom pillow, cut two 13-by-19-inch pieces
of fabric. Iron fabric.
4.Tape off 10-by-16-inch large rectangle in center of one fabric
piece. Paint base coat inside rectangle with Dainty Pink and large
brush. Let dry.
5.Stencil daisy floral element from stencil onto pillow as shown
with Ginger. Repeat covering rectangle area. Let dry.
6.Add leaf element to pillow as shown. Stencil with Ivy Lane.
Repeat around flowers as shown and let dry.
7.Place fabric with right sides touching and sew three sides
closed. Turn inside out and insert pillow form. Hand sew closed.

Express News - Family Matters Page 15

Page 16 Express News - Family Matters

Jan./Feb. 2016

5 DIY Car Care Projects

(Family Features) Its no secret that regular maintenance helps
prolong the life and performance of your vehicle, but you may be
surprised by how many routine maintenance tasks you can
complete by yourself at home. Get in the garage this winter and
tackle that cabin fever with these DIY car care projects that can be
done all at once and not only save money by helping prevent repair
costs in the long run, but also help you save big on service fees.
1. Air Filters
Not only do you want fresh air while you drive, so does your
engine. If your air filter gets too dirty or clogged, your engine
wont be able to suck enough air into the combustion chambers.
Engine performance will be reduced, especially when you are
passing or merging onto a freeway. If an air filter becomes
sufficiently dirty and damaged, it could also allow harmful,
abrasive contaminants into the combustion chamber, accelerating
engine wear.
Changing an air filter requires no more skill than hanging
pictures around the house and is one of the easiest DIY car care
projects, regularly taking less than 10 minutes to complete.
Changing your air filter every 12,000 miles or 12 months,
whichever comes first, will provide better engine protection, but
give careful attention to seasonal concerns such as fall leaves,
debris hidden in dirty snow and road salt which can clog air filters.
Designed and constructed with advanced features to capture and
hold more dirt to keep engines cleaner in extreme driving
conditions, FRAM Tough Guard air filters are ideal for strenuous
driving conditions such as idling in heavy traffic, driving on dirty,
dusty roads and towing heavy loads, all of which can put heavy
strain on the engine. Learn more at and refer to the
vehicle owners manual for air filter location and specific
2. Oil
Oil is one of the most vital components of your engines overall
health. It allows the engine parts to operate smoothly together,

removes heat and prevents accumulation of things like carbon and

varnish in the engine. Your owners manual will guide you to the
right oil for your vehicle, but you may need to do some comparison
shopping to find the right performance blend for your specific
driving conditions and needs. Today, many auto manufacturers tout
intervals of 5,000 miles and longer. However, those change
intervals are based on using the correct oil and a quality oil filter,
which should also be changed when changing the oil. A qualified
repair technician can help you determine the best schedule for your
vehicle and driving habits.
3. Transmission Fluid
The transmission fluid is another liquid vital to your engines
proper operation. Gear shifting, cooling the transmission and
lubrication are all critical roles that transmission fluid plays, and
all that work causes the fluid to deteriorate over time, particularly
with harsh driving conditions. Your owners manual is a good
starting point; it will tell you the change interval and the
specifications for transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is highly
specialized now and requires a fluid that meets the original
equipment manufacturers specifications.
4. Cabin Air Filter
A cabin air filter cleans and circulates the air that enters through
your cars ventilation system. Contaminants can enter your vehicle
with outside air and become concentrated, exposing passengers to
higher levels of dust, dirt and allergens while also potentially
limiting the effectiveness of your cars air conditioner and defrost
system, making it important to keep the cabin filter unrestricted. In
general, a cabin air filter should be changed every 15,000 miles or
once a year, but can vary depending on driving habits. Your
owners manual may list the recommended service interval for
your vehicle, but replacing all of your air filters at the same time
is good practice and winter is the optimal season to make a change
after catching fall debris and allergens.
Continued on Page 18

Express News - Family Matters Page 17

Jan./Feb. 2016

Busy Women Can Stay Fit in New Year

NewsUSA-In today's busy, high-tech era, women are carrying
more and more responsibility. Society expects them to earn a
living; climb the corporate ladder; manage a home; and provide
for the family by cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and helping
care for them. In addition, these women -- who are spread too
thinly and on-call 24/7-are expected to look good and feel good.
Many women say to themselves, "I used to be very active
and worked out every day. These days, I find it hard to fit exercise
and diet into my day." They often ask, "What can I do, and where
can I start?"
It's a simple question that typically gets a not-so-simple answer.
In order to see that people get and stay healthy, here are some quick
tips for those busy women and even men.
Get on a scale, take a photo, and set a goal. You must start
somewhere. Find out where you are today. Then, set a small, shortterm, obtainable goal. Write it down next to your photo. It features a calorie counter, food journal
and a social network community, all free online or by app.
That Crazy Wrap Thing.
At the same time you're doing laundry, you can tighten, tone
and firm with an in-house wrap from It Works! Global

Manage Pet Stress

from page 11

Excessive barking, both inside and outside the home

Urinating and defecating around the house
Sudden displays of growling, snarling and even biting family
members that your dog is normally affectionate toward
Physical signs of illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of
appetite, skin allergies, excessive licking and pulling out clumps
of fur
When it comes to cats, Robins says it can be more difficult to
pick up signs of stress because signals such as hiding or sleeping
out of sight are normal behaviors. Sometimes the escalating level
of feline stress is gradual. Be aware that these situations can cause
cats to feel stressed:
Loud music
Strangers in the home, such as repairmen
A barking dog or new pets
New family members, such as a baby and even visitors
New furniture
A change of food or litter type
A dirty litter box
In some cases, the fix is simple turn down loud music or
move pets to a different part of the house when guests visit, for
example. Other times, more significant behavior training or tools
such as pheromone therapy are necessary to ease your pets
Animals produce pheromones in response to stress, alarm or
danger that change the behavior of another animal of the same
species. Pheromone collars, diffusers and calming sprays, such as
those made by SENTRY, mimic the pheromone that the mother
dog or cat produces to calm and reassure her young and are
recognized throughout life. When used by pet owners,
pheromones are a safe, efficient and convenient means of
behavior management

( User reviews say that the body wrap

motivates them to workout.
Get up and go workout. You schedule dental checkups,
haircuts, salon sessions and soccer practices-why not schedule
your fitness? Schedule a 30-minute workout four to six times per
week. If you don't, it won't happen. If you can't spare 30 minutes,
squeeze in a vigorous 10 minutes that day.
Photo food journal. Studies show that photographing and
journaling your meal is six times more effective for curbing
Cut sugar and starches. Avoid white-colored food except
cauliflower and meats.
Join a group exercise program. Yoga, spin and CrossFit,
among others, are all great ways to meet new friends and enjoy
the familiarity and accountability of group exercise.

Page 18 Express News - Family Matters

5 DIY Car Care Projects

from page 16
5. Spark Plugs
Although many spark plugs are designed to last as long as
100,000 miles, certain conditions can damage the plugs, resulting
in engine misfires, poor fuel economy and other malfunctions that
affect overall engine performance. These performance issues
indicate that at least checking, if not replacing, your spark plugs is
in order. In addition, used car buyers should check the condition of
spark plugs if no service history is available.
Replacing spark plugs is a quick job requiring few tools, but its
important to change one at a time so you do not mix up the plug
wires. Take note of the condition of the spark plugs you remove:

Jan./Feb. 2016

they should be slightly dirty, but a white or oily appearance may

indicate other problems. Choosing the right plugs for your vehicle
is as simple as talking with the staff at your local auto parts store;
theyll be able to point you to the right plugs for your vehicle.
Always replace spark plug wires or boots that are worn, cracked or
oil-soaked and reference your owners manual for more
Install an Air Filter
Like a Pro
Replacing your own
air filter is an easy way
to save the time and
expense of a trip to the
repair shop. Follow
these simple steps from
the experts at FRAM to
be on your way to
cleaner air in your
vehicle in just a few
1. Use proper
protective gear.
2. Loosen wing nut or other fasteners to remove filter cover.
3. Remove old air filter.
4. Clean filter cover and housing using a shop vacuum.
5. Install new air filter. Be sure it is sealed around the perimeter.
6. Replace cover and fasten.


Express News - Family Matters Page 19

Jan./Feb. 2016

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