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MORE Sporty

MORE stylish MORE Trendy

For the new swift
Welcome to the exciting ensemble of Maruti Genuine Accessories for the vibrant
new Swift. The new thoughtfully designed accessories create a perfect symphony
of design, technology, comfort & performance. Each accessory has more attitude,
more style, more sportiness, more performance and more premium, making
your drive more thrilling.

Styling Kit
Designed to match the profile of your Swift. Made from high quality material. Long life ensured.

Front Underbody Spoiler

Rear Underbody Spoiler

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Styling Kit
Body Wraps


Seat Covers

Rear Upper Spoiler


Security SystemS


Gear Lock

Infotainment on Wheels


Reverse Parking Sensor
Stereos & Speakers

Car Care
Air Filters
Life Style
Travel Bags


Side Underbody Spoiler

Car Frames

More Attitude for Better Looks

Chrome Inlay

Alloy Wheel
Gives an elegant and classy look. Improves the ride quality and is specially designed for Swift.
Body Colour

Bumper Corner Protector (Front & Rear)

Protects the bumper from scratches and enhances the look of the vehicle.
Available in Black & White colours.

More Protection
Wheel Cover

Vision Plus

Engineered to ensure a perfect fit, balance and

elegant look.

Powerful light gives better visibility to ensure

your safety in dark & foggy conditions.
Customized to the vehicles electrical system.

Sun Control Film

B-Pillar Film

CMVR regulation compliant scratch resistant

glass coating helps car to stay cool, enhancing
efficiency of air conditioner. Available in Deluxe,
Premium, Luxurious & Standard with multiple shades.

Custom fit film to distinguish your Swift.

Body Side Moulding

Sun Blinds

Enhances the look of the vehicle besides offering protection

from scratches.

Made from high quality premium tyvek material. Give

protection from heat and harmful UV rays of the sun.

Mud Flap (Front & Rear)

Door Edge Guard (including

outside mirror guard)

Designed to match the profile of the car perfectly. Made from

high quality material.

Fuel Lid Cover

Fill your fuel in style. Also available in diesel option.

Protects your car from scratches

while parking in cramped space.
Available in Transparent & Black

Body Cover
Tailor-made according to the shape of the
vehicle for a perfect fit and has locking
clips to firmly hold the cover in place.
Protects from harsh weather.

Offsports (Side, Bonnet & Roof Wraps)

Beyond sports. Provides extraordinary edged sporty image to your Swift.

Body Wraps*
Designed to enhance the attitude of your car while adding that style statement. Use of high quality
film ensures no colour fading and long life.

Dot magic
(Side, Bonnet & Roof Wraps)

Redefined (Side, Bonnet & Roof Wraps)

Redefine yourself. Let others envy.

Feel the magic of dots on your Swift.

Swirl (Side Wraps)

Flow along gradient with high spirits.

*Note: Available in all vehicle colours.


Cherry Bodex and

Cold Grey

Black with Blue Design

Oyster Perforated
and Brown

Truffle and Black

Blue and Silver

Brown and Beige

Fabric Seat Covers

Silver Grey and Black

Custom made Seat cover with vibrant

design & high quality.

Black with Red Spacer

Black and Red

Red and Black


Steer in More Style

White and Black

Art Leather Seat Covers


Red and Black

Art Leather Steering Wheel Covers (Dual Colour)

Made from high grade art leather. Designed for perfect grip and comfort

Made from high grade art leather, resulting in

a product that gives pleasure of pure leather.
Vibrant colour enhances Swift interior.

Red, White and Black

Sleek Seat Covers

Full Leather / Feel Leather / Art Leather Seat Covers
(Mono Colour)
Black & Cream

Black & Red

Truffle & Silver Grey

Also available in Silver Grey & Black, Black & Oyster, Brown Beige,
Cold Grey & Cherry

Leather Steering Wheel Covers (Mono Colour)

Made from high quality imported Italian leather. Designed for
perfect grip and comfort.

Made from the finest
quality leather, tailored
for a perfect fit and finish.
Add class to the vehicle
and unmatched comfort for


Also available in Cream Colour.



More Comfort. More Convenience

Power Window Kit (Front)

Power Window Kit (Rear)

Roll down the front windows with ease and


Passenger in the rear seat can enjoy the

outside scenery or weather by rolling down the
windows without effort.

Day / Night Mirror

Cigarette Lighter

Improves vision by avoiding glare from other

cars during night driving.

Light up in style with our trendy lighter set

customized for the vehicles electrical system.

Interior Lighting
Now soothe your interiors with cool white light.

Door Sill Guard (Front / Rear)

Step in, in style. The door sill guard protects the paint and also gives a sporty look to your Swift.

Reading Lamp
A flexible lamp helps the rear
seat passenger to read and
work on.

Multi Point Mobile Charger

DC to AC Car Inverter (100 W)

Now charge your mobile while on the move.

Power your laptop, digital camera, camcorder,

or any other electronic gadget while on the


Floor Mats

Available in:

Security System (Premium)

Advanced Features




Designer Mats*

Carpet Mats*

Colourful companions for your colourful Swift.

Washable, provide protection to carpet. Customised
fitting, eco-friendly.

Made from high quality imported material, in

attractive patterns and to fit the Swift floor.

Drive Lock Mode (By Speed & Ignition), Drive Unlock

Mode (By Key & Ignition), Water Proof Remote,
Room Lamp Illumination, Two Stage Shock/Impact
Sensor Adjustable, Key Sense, Shock Sensor,
Personalised Pin Code.

General Features
Remote Lock/Arming & Unlock/Disarming, Doors/
Trunk /Bonnet Protection, Doors/Trunk/Bonnet
Open Signal, Personal Protection Alarm (Panic
Alarm), Mute Lock/Unlock, Auto Rearm, Car
Locator, Flashing L.E.D., Emergency Disarm, Valet
Mode, Passive/Active Arming Mode, Passive Lock
Mode, Car Jack Mode, Intrusion Alert/Report, Radio
Frequency Lock Out.

Make Your Swift More Secure

Available in:



Available in:



Full Floor Mats*

PVC Floor Mats*

Full Floor Mats cover full floor area and have deep
grooves and raised ridges to catch and hold slush
and mud while protecting the vehicles carpeting.

Made from high quality vinyl material, in attractive

pattern and designed to fit the Swift floor.

*Note: Each mat contains Anti-Skid holder. Fasten your mat with these holders for passengers safety.


Drill Free Gear Lock

Provides additional safety to your Swift
without drilling your chassis. Hence
vehicle warranty remains intact.


Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

Advanced Bluetooth Wireless Technology

enables hassle-free talking

Navigation System*
Its light-weight and pocket-sized design makes it extremely portable. The bright
touchscreen interface is highly responsive and intuitive to use. Turn-by-turn
Voice and Visual Guidance informs your distance from the next turn and which
direction to go.
*Available in 3 sizes - 9cm,11cm and 13 cms.

Free Lifetime map upgradation

More Thrills More Swift

Roof Flip Monitor

23 cm TFT Touchscreen with 3600 Rotation
Cabin lamp
Stereo headphone jack

Reverse Parking Sensor with Camera

Reverse Parking Sensor

8.9 cm TFT Screen Display Automatic

function switch Digital distance display
Left/Right obstruction display via simulation

Digital Display Sound alert

Available in multiple variants.

DetEcting Range

Integrated Audio System with Remote

MP3 player with USB & Aux-in
Rotary encoder
Harmonic illumination
45 W x 4 CH


Kenwood Audio Range

JVC Audio Range

Steering Remote Control
Compatible with all JVC stereos.




17.8 cm Widescreen Touch Panel Monitor

Bluetooth Wireless Technology*1
USB Port (WAV/MP3/WMA/iPod & iPhone Audio)
WAV/MP3/WMA Compatible (DVD/CD/USB)
DivX/JPEG/MPEG 1, 2 Compatible (DVD/CD/USB*4)
3 RCA Pre-Out Terminals (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)

Double-DIN USB/CD Receiver with Front AUX

Front USB Port (MP3/WMA)
MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD/USB)
Loudness Control
5.0V Line and Subwoofer Output Level



Bluetooth Wireless Technology Dual USB/

CD Receiver with Front AUX
Bluetooth Wireless Technology*1
Front/Rear Dual USB Ports (WAV/MP3/WMA/iPod &
iPhone Audio) MP3/WMA/WAV*3 Compatible with ID3/
2 RCA Pre-Out Terminals (Front + Rear/Subwoofer)

USB/CD Receiver with Dual AUX

Front USB Port (MP3/WMA/iPod & iPhone Audio)
MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD/USB)
2.5V Line and Subwoofer Pre-Out Level
2 RCA Pre-Out Terminals (Front + Rear/Subwoofer



USB/CD Receiver with Dual AUX

Front USB Port (MP3/WMA)
MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD/USB)
2.5V Line and Subwoofer Pre-Out Level
RCA Pre-Out Terminal (Rear/Subwoofer Switchable)

CD Receiver with Dual AUX

MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD)
2.5V Line and Subwoofer Pre-Out Level
RCA Pre-Out Terminal (Rear/Subwoofer Switchable)



Dual DIN CD Receiver with USB Interface

System Q EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control with
3 bands parametric EQ)
02 Pre outs (2 V)
Subwoofer Level Adjustable
Front USB port & Aux input

WMA/MP3/BT/CD/USB Receiver with iPod

Control & Bluetooth
System Q EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control with
3 bands parametric EQ)
02 Pre outs (2.5 V)
Subwoofer Level Adjustable



WMA/MP3 CD/USB Receiver

System Q EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control with
3 bands parametric EQ)
01 Pre outs (2.0 V)
Subwoofer Level Adjustable

CD Receiver with SD Slot & USB Interface

System Q EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control with
3 bands parametric EQ) 03 Pre outs (2.5 V)
Rear / Subwoofer Switchable
Subwoofer Level Adjustable



CD Receiver with USB Interface

System Q EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control with
3 bands parametric EQ) 02 Pre outs (2.0 V)
Subwoofer Level Adjustable

WMA/MP3 CD Receiver
System Q EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control with 3
bands parametric EQ)
01 Pre outs (2.0 V)
Subwoofer Level Adjustable


Sony Audio Range


JBL Speakers



DVD/ VCD/ MP3/ USB/ Aux-In

Front +Rear/ Sub Switchable Pre out
Slot Detachable
Quick Browzer

Double Din MP3 Player with USB & Aux-in

52W x 4, Output
Front Aux-in
Blue Key Illumination
Rear USB (with Cable)



CD/ MP3/ USB/ Aux-In/ Bluetooth

Front Aux-in & USB
3 Preout
Quick Browzer
Hands-free Talking & Music
Streaming-Built in Microphone

CD/ MP3/ USB/ Aux-In/ iPod

USB/ iPod 1 wire control
Quick Browzer
Flipdown FI. Display
Multicolour illumination



CD/ MP3/ USB/ Aux-In

Front USB/ Front Aux-in
2 Preout
DM+ (Codec Enhancer)
Quick Browzer

CD/ MP3/ Aux-In

Front Aux-in
MP3 & WMA playback capability
1 Preout (R/S)

16CM 3-way High performance speakerS
Continuous power handling 65W
Peak power handling 260W
Frequency response 40Hz 20kHz
Nomial impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 94dB



16Cm 2 way component system

Continuous power handling 50W
Peak power handling 150W
Frequency response 55Hz-20kHz
Nomial impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 92dB

16CM 2-way
Continuous power handling 45W
Peak power handling 135W
Frequency response 55Hz-20kHz
Nomial impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 93dB

JVC Speakers



16cm 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

Peak Power: 300 W
Rated Power: 210 W
Frequency Response: 45Hz-25,000Hz
Sensitivity: 89dB/W.m

16 cm 2-Way Separate Speakers

Peak Power: 270 W
Rated Power: 45 W
Frequency Response: 35Hz-40,000Hz
Sensitivity: 87dB/W.m


Sony Speakers
Kenwood Speakers

16cm 2-Way Coaxial Speaker
Peak Power: 190W
Rated Input Power: 40W


KFC G1620


16CM 3-way speaker

Peak Power: 260 W
Rated Power: 35 W
Sensitivity: 91dB/W/m
Frequency Response: 35 Hz ~ 25,000 KHz

16 cm 3-way speaker
Peak Power: 180 W
Rated Power: 150 W
Sensitivity: 86dB/W/m
Frequency Response: 45 Hz ~ 25,000 KHz

16cm 2-Way Separate Speaker

Peak Power: 260W
Rated Power: 60W

16cm 4-way Coaxial Speaker
Peak Power: 300W
Rated Power: 75W


More Care of Your Swift

Paint Protection Kit
Protects painted surface
from the effect of
weather like ultra
violet light damage.
Shines & restores
original look
producing an
durable, ultra
high gloss finish.

Car Care Kit

Complete car care kit featuring premium quality
products. Body Shampoo foams away dirt and
road grime, Body polish enhances the look, Glass
cleaner keeps wind screen shining and Dash
board shiner gives a new look to polymer surfaces
& plasticizes the same.


Automotive Body

Dash Board

Automotive Car

It protects paint
effectively, removes
dust and pollution
grime from painted

Protects against UV
rays. Prevents fading
and does not allow
the dust to stick.

Leaves the body,

dirt and grease free
without any stain

Air Filter
Maintains a fresh, healthy & happy environment
in the cabin.

Automotive Glass
Cleans windshield,
door glasses and
other glass parts.


Swis Army Knife

Victorinox Rescue Tool

Utilities such as Blade, Nail-file, Nail-cleaner,

Scissors, Key ring, Tweezers, Cork screw, Can
opener, Small screwdriver, Wire stripper etc.
Available in 9 and 12 functions.

The real helper in an emergency developed in

collaboration with rescue services.
Available in 2 designs.

DesignGo Laptop Sleeve

DesignGo Snoozer

Protective neoprene Laptop sleeve safeguards

the laptop from external strain. Available in 11
and 15 sizes.

Inflatable Travel neck pillow with patented flatback design.

Victorinox Orbital Waist Pack

Outgear GR-858

Quick Access Hip Pack with spacious main

compartment and zippered front pocket assuring
maximum comfort, secure buckle closure and
durable Versatek main body fabric.
Available in two designs.

Trendy cross sling design with detachable

Laptop Sleeve compartment and comfortable
padding on the shoulder strap for uniform
weight distribution.

Maglite Flashlights

Coat Hanger

The ultimate lighting tool! A perfect companion in

the hour of need!
Available in 3 options.

Hang your coat & blazer conveniently in your



CD Visor

Emergency Light

Comfy Range

Slides over your vehicles

existing visor. Stores CDs or
DVDs within easy reach

A very handy and convenient

emergency light that draws
power from cigarette lighter or

Add comfort and safety to your drive

More Utilities. Smart Utilities


Anti Slip Mats

Sun Visor Tissue Box

Seat Back Organiser


Dash board organizer for

keeping utility items like mobile,
spectacles, coins etc.

Slides over your vehicles

existing visor and stores tissue
papers. Easy to reach and keeps
the dashboard free from clutter.

Convenient to store articles like

magazines, mobile phones etc.
Fits behind the front seats

Disposing off
cigarette ash and
butts conveniently
& with style.


Car Fragrances
Refresh and energise your senses & soul

A world of Maruti Genuine Accessories



(Available in White Musk,

Platinum Shower, Spicy Leather
& Fruity Charm Fragrances).

(Available in White Musk,

Platinum Shower, Splash Musk
and Spicy Leather Fragrances).

Natural Aqua Spa

Lemon Ice Perfume

Little Trees Perfume

(Available in Green Tea,

Lavender, White Musk & Ocean

(Available in Relaxation ,
Tangerine & Sandarose

(Available in Energy, Passion,

Peace and Relax Fragrances).

Car Frames
Travel with God

MDF Car Frame

Small Temple
Frame (Acrylic)

Acrylic Car Frame

with Pillar

Acrylic Car Frame

MDF Car Frame

Metallic Car Frame Metallic Car Frame
with Mobile Holder
Other Divinities are also available in MGA range.


Note : All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Some Accessories might not be readily available at Dealership outlets. Please ask your nearest Maruti Suzuki Dealer for more details.