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I-Panda HPC, A Dream Come True.

Gone are the days of cheap grid electricity and the more population grows, the more
inefficient grid service becomes.
Our electric bills are rising but the quality of grid service does not increase but even goes
Now, I-Panda HPC, the most advanced inverter hydrid system in the world is here and it
will answer your needs in a way no other inverter can. Assuming you consume 1,000 kwh per
month, this translates to requirement of 34 pcs of panels (250 watts each) and a battery bank
of 48V 350Ah battery bank for 100% energy independence based on an evenly spread
consumption profile over a 24 hour period.
First, if you are connected to grid, and the grid has frequent service interruptions, it will
supply you continuous power during the interruptions employing its UPS Function. All you
need is an HPC and a battery bank (48V 30Ah for every hour of brown-out handling
capability). When grid power is available, I-Panda stores grid electricity in the battery bank
and automatically supplies you uninterrupted power when grid is out. You wont notice the
change-over to battery power as the shift happens in 5 milliseconds. When grid power
returns, it connects you back to grid, also in 5 milliseconds, after it stabilizes the grid voltage
to protect your sensitive appliances. It then fullcharges your battery bank automatically,
ready for the next power interruption.
Second, you can you just add solar panels to it (say 25% of your 100% independence reqt or
8 panels of 250 watts) because it already has a built-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller (95 to
99% Efficient vs PWMs), allowing your panels to harvest free energy from the sun at the
rate of 1 kwh per day per panel of 250 watts. This harvested solar energy, it automatically
stores in your battery bank until it becomes fullcharged. Then it shifts your household power
to battery power to create battery space for the solar energy your panels are harvesting. It
keeps doing this until your battery bank reaches 50% depth of discharge (dod) at which
point it shifts you back to grid power, while your panels bring back your battery bank to
100% charge. And then the cycle repeats.
Third, during periods of low sunlight, like when there are typhoons or cloudy weather, it
recharges your battery bank from both sunlight and the grid power, always keeping your
battery bank in a fullcharged condition, ready to handle any power interruption.
Fourth, when grid voltage is way too low (as low as 149.5 V AC) or way to high (as high as
310.5 V AC), it will keep supplying your household with 220 V AC +/- 5% to protect your
sensitive electronic appliances.
Fifth, when under inverter mode and your loads fall to below 5% of its rated capacity, it
shifts to chip set invertion cutting down on inverter idling load thus saving your battery
bank of its precious charge.
Sixth, its program of discharging you battery bank up to 50% dod only and its smart three
stage charging, and its ability to use both panels and grid to keep your batteries 100%
charged prolong the life of your battery bank to 5 years or more.
Seventh, its low frequency ferro-resonant transformer design allows it to deliver very clean
pure sine wave currents and handle high current flows where transformerless inverter
designs are incapable or burn out.
Eighth, its Timer Function, allows you to set the time you want to be getting power from grid
and the time you want to be on battery power so you can take advantage of Peak/Off-peak
prices of grid electricity.

Ninth, it can operate totally offgrid, meaning, it provides you power, even when the grid is
not present in your area, a feature grid-tie inverters cannot do. In exceptional cases of
extended low light conditions, it can accept 220vac 60 hz or 48 vdc input from any genset,
wind or water turbines to provide you battery charging capability.
Tenth, it is backed-up with a two years product warranty and 10 years technical support.