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Advance Computer Networks

Assignment 02

Distribution Date: 14.10.2015

Due Date: 21.10.2015
(6:05 p.m. for Hardcopy Submission only in the class)
(5:30 p.m. For E-Mail Submission)
Note Carefully:
Plagiarism in assignment will be strictly checked and if any
question in any part of the assignment will be found to be
plagiarized, the whole assignment will be graded to zero
In case of plagiarism from other assignment (in answer to
any question), both assignments will be graded to zero.
NO soft corner regarding plagiarism, so avoid it.
No extension in due date will be granted to any student. So
dont forward this kind of request on the group.
E-mail submission
File name Must BE of the format "assignxx-your-nameRoll number"
The subject field of your email MUST BE assignxx-fullname-CASE-roll-no". For example, assign01-your-nameF-01-111.
Otherwise assignment will not be accepted
Send your e-mail to

Reference=>Question#06 of Assignment#01


YOU Guyz will use Above Graph Concept

Formula Concept
which is given in Question#3 of Assignment# 01.


Rc = 5 Mbps
Rs = 8 Mbps
R = 12 Mbps => Equally Shared Fairly Medium
How much THROUGHPUT & TIME it will take to transfer a
file size of 200Mbits from source(Rc) to destination(Rs)?



Consider distributing a file of F = 20 Gbits to N peers. The server has an

upload rate of us = 40 Mbps, and each peer has a download rate of d i = 3
Mbps and an upload rate of u. For N = 20, 200, and 2,000 and u = 400 Kbps,
800 Kbps, and 3 Mbps, prepare a chart giving the minimum distribution time
for each of the combinations of N and u for both client-server distribution and
P2P distribution.

a) What is a whois database?
b) Use various whois databases on the Internet to obtain the names of
two DNS servers. Indicate which whois databases you used.
c) Use nslookup on your local host to send DNS queries to three DNS
Local DNS server and the two DNS servers you found in part (b). Try
querying for Type A, NS, and MX reports. Summarize your findings.
d) Use nslookup to find a Web server that has multiple IP addresses.
Does the Web server of CASE have multiple IP addresses?
e) Use the ARIN whois database to determine the IP address range used
by CASE.
f) Describe how an attacker can use whois databases and the nslookup
tool to perform reconnaissance on an institution before launching an
g) Recall that a DNS server higher in the DNS hierarchy delegates a DNS
query to a DNS server lower in the hierarchy, by sending back to the
DNS client the name of that lower-level DNS server (fig 2.21 in book).
Initiate a sequence of queries for the IP address for CASEs Web server
by using nslookup. Show the list of the names of DNS servers in the
delegation chain in answering your query.
h) Repeat part g) for several popular Web sites, such as,, or

Develop a simple Web server in Python that is capable of processing only one
request. Specifically, Web server will
I. create a connection socket when contacted by a client (browser)
receive the HTTP request from this connection
III. parse the request to determine the specific file being requested
get the requested file from the servers file system
create an HTTP response message consisting of the requested file
preceded by header lines
Send the response over the TCP connection to the requesting browser.
If a browser requests a file that is not present in your server, your
server should return a 404 Not Found error message.