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Best Antibiotic Medicine

Antibiotics and Bacterial Infection

Antibiotics are the drug that help you to control the infection which is
caused due to bacteria the drug help in two way either it will control the
booming growth of bacteria or it will kill the bacteria this will stop the ill
effect caused due to the bacteria there are lots of disorder that are
caused due to bacterial invasion like
Respiratory infection, skin infection, urinary tract infection, nose, throat
infection. The drug helps not only in bacterial infection but also in
protozoan infections
Gastric ulcer caused by helicobacter pylori.
The drug is also used in preventive measure in surgical and traumatic
Dental prophylaxis and cancer related therapy.

Which Types of Antibiotics

Amoxil helps by acting on almost all strains of bacteria like streptococcus,
helicobacter, Moraxella, enterococcus and many more bacteria of all
gram negative and gram positive strains. Only few bacterial strains have
got resistant against amoxicillin like pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella
or citrobacter or some strain of E.coli. Amoxil acts efficiently on bacterial
infection but it has no effect on viral infections that bring common cold
and influenza like disorders.
Amoxil 250mg (Amoxicillin) is capsule/tablet dosage form that is
categorized under the antibiotics belonging to beta- lactam antibiotic
which has bacteriolytic character. Amoxil is moderate to broad spectrum
antibiotic that helps to control growth and kill the persisting bacteria.
Amoxil is available in various dose strengths like in capsules its available
in 250mg and 500mg and in tablet formulation it is available in 500mg and
875mg doses. The drug is also prescribed to the children and thus the
drug is available in dry syrup suspension. You can take Amoxil 500mg
(Amoxicillin) Online without prescription from authentic online
pharmacy at reasonable price.

Amoxil (Amoxicillin) 250mg


Amoxil 250mg

Amoxil 500mg

How Amoxil (Amoxicillin) Work on

Amoxil is moderate spectrum antibiotic that will act on all gram negative
and positive bacteria. Antibiotics has two way of action either bactericidal
or bacteriostatic as the name indicates the action
Bacteri- cidal indicates the "bacteria" and cidal is "Killing", whereas
the bacterio-static is "stopping of bacterial growth". The drug has
both action it stops the growth of the colony of bacteria and kill them by
effecting the membrane layer and plasma of bacteria. This will leak the
bacterial fluid out or disrupts the balance of molecules like RNA and DNA
configuration is disoriented which will kill the bacteria. While we come to
the bacterial static action the drug will inhibit the bacterial ribosome. The
drug does not kill the bacteria but cuts the supply of food and protein to
make new bacteria or replication is stopped thus one does not multiply
and stops the metabolite and DNA, RNA the basic form that passes the
prototype to new bacterium.

Overview Of
Bacterial Infection

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