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Underst anding W ISE Solut ions

W isconsin Information Systems for Education

Dan Retzlaff
Applications Development & Management - Section Chief

Melissa Straw
Data Warehousing & Decision Support - Section Chief

Wisconsin Public and Choice Schools are required to

submit data for state and federal reporting requirements
Basic demographics

The data is required to be collected at DPI.

Educators and the public can also use the
data to make informed decisions.

Ease the burden of state reporting on schools
Provide vendor neutral solution for collecting
data for state and federal reporting from
districts via their SIS
Accomplished by implementing a
standardized interoperability framework.

What is WISEdata Ed-Fi Integration?


Partnering with school districts and choice school existing SIS

vendors to automate processes and validate data integrity to ensure accuracy. Elimination of
entry to multiple systems.


The new system involves districts sending

required data to the department via data already in their SIS. Initially a new state interface will be
available to present business rule issues (info, warnings, errors) after state business rules run.
Issues are resolved in SIS.


A critical objective is to save districts time and resources as

well as provide data quality feedback in a much more timely fashion. Free up district resources
to focus on all other tasks they need to perform and less on state reporting.

ONE DATA STANDARD: Using the Ed-Fi Data Standard serves as the foundation
for enabling interoperability among secure education data systems designed to improve student
achievement and teacher satisfaction.

WISEdata Environment

Wisconsin Information System for Education

Open data collection system

A data portal that uses dashboards

to provide multi-year education data
about Wisconsin schools

Cost-effective, efficient way of

making top-quality resources
available to the whole state
through one easy-to-use portal

Data-driven school improvement


W hy W ISEdash?
The data and dashboards provided through WISEdash
helps all stakeholders

Better understand education outcomes for Wisconsin

Inform decisions that can help ensure every child
graduates from high school prepared for both
college and career pathways
Meet federal, state, and local reporting requirements

W hy W ISEdash?
Provide one common data system for reporting that is
Integrated with other secure DPI systems
Consistent between public and secure reporting
Available statewide to all districts, schools, and other
Robust (provides many features and functionality)
Sustainable and Cost-effective

W ISEdash Public Port al

Launched October 9th, 2013
Two Data Views: Current refreshed monthly, Certified
Data Dashboards are included for a wide range of topics.
Also includes statewide data download files and historical
files (1995-2005) for all topics including WRCT.
All datasets summarized and redacted to protect student

W ISEdash Dat a
Includes data from the 2005-06 school year
Data comes from a variety of sources including the
statewide Individual Student Enrollment System
(ISES) data collection, files from test vendors
(AP, ACT, WSAS), National Student Clearinghouse
(NSC), etc.

W ISEdash Feat ures

Ability to filter data
Ability to group data by a variety of demographics including
race/ethnicity and gender.
Multiple ways to compare data: Side by Side, Multiple Districts
on one chart, Multiple Schools on one chart
Multiple ways to view data: Charts/Graphs, Data Grids,
Exports, and Statewide Download Files
Many resources available online to support users

W ISExplore
Tools are easy to navigate, however, data analysis is not always easy
especially when the data is as complex as education data.
The WISExplore team creates resources to help multiple stakeholder
groups use the tools for improvement planning at all levels
a. e-Learning Modules by Dashboard
b. Guided Data Inquiry Process using a Data Inquiry Journal

Analyzing Gaps and Practices to Inform Continuous Improvement

Dat a Securit y / Privacy

Data Privacy Resources

Select Data Privacy from or

Go to

Student Data Safeguarding

Data Redaction (public portal)

3-tiered Hierarchy to manage security locally (secure portal
Multi-Tiered Data Request Process with Data Destruction

WISEdash Public Portal
WISE website
WISEdash website
WISExplore Webpage
Data Privacy
Promoting Excellence for All