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APEC 2015

Door still open for Duterte run


Inquirer Mindanao, Philippine Daily Inquirer

By: Allan Nawal, Tina G. Santos, October 30th, 2015 02:55 AM


DAVAO CITY, PhilippinesThere they go again.

Martin Dio, the presidential candidate of Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng

Bayan (PDP-Laban), has withdrawn following a petition by the Commission on
Elections (Comelec) legal department to declare him a nuisance candidate.

With his withdrawal, Dio has asked Davao City Mayor


Rodrigo Duterte to be his substitute in the 2016 presidential race, former North
Cotabato Gov. Emmanuel Piol said on Thursday.

Piol is a member of the core group of the Duterte for President Movement.

Duterte could not be reached for comment but he earlier said the possibility of him
replacing Dio depended on the decision of PDP-Laban and that the party had until
Dec. 10 to decide.

It is solely a prerogative of the party, Duterte said in a TV interview last week. As

a party member, I will listen and maybe decide accordingly on what is really good
for me or for PDP-Laban.

He said he would submit to the leadership of PDP-Laban but added the party had to
listen also to what he had to say and I will listen to them.

Thats a possibility. I would submit myself to whatever decision the party would
make, Duterte said.


He said that the discussions would determine whether a substitution could take

Maybe me, maybe another person or member, he said, adding that he had no
ambition to become President.

But Duterte said he would consider what is best for the party.

On Monday, PDP-Laban passed two resolutions, including one compelling Duterte

to run as a substitute candidate.

On Tuesday, the Comelec legal department filed a 10-page petition asking the
Comelec en banc to declare Dio a nuisance candidate and eventually disqualify
him from the presidential race.

Cannot wage national campaign

The petition was signed by Maria Norina Tangaro-Casingal, acting head of the
Comelecs law department, and two other lawyers.

The Comelec legal department argued that Dio should be disqualified because he
had put the election process in mockery or disrepute, he had no bona fide
intention to run for office, and there was no clear proof he could sustain the
financial rigors of waging a nationwide campaign.

We will fight

Ismael Sueno, PDP-Laban national chair, said that even with its meager resources,
the party will fight this mockery of the election process tooth and nail.

Sueno said that if there was a mockery of the election process, it was the petition
of the Comelec legal department.

The true intent of a presidential candidate and his capacity to wage a national
campaign cannot be determined by just three lawyers of the Comelec, he said.

Sueno said Dio was the deputy secretary general of PDP-Laban and had moved
around the country conducting membership seminars advocating federalism.

Best bet

It is our inherent right as a political party of good standing, which has participated
in national elections since the 1980s, to have a lineup of candidates to field, Sueno

Our best bet is Mayor Duterte but since he failed to file his COC (certificate of
candidacy) as President, the party opted to field Dio.

Piol earlier said the cancellation of Dios COC would effectively close the door to
Dutertes expected substitution, (according to) legal experts who gathered at PDPLaban headquarters in Manila following receipt of the copy of the petition.

But before the Comelec could make the decision, Dio had withdrawn from the race
upon the advice of his lawyers, he said.

Dio names substitute

Sueno said that with Dio out of the race, PDP-Laban had until

Dec. 10 to name another presidential candidate.

Dio, an anticrime advocate, officially withdrew his candidacy for President on

Thursday after the Comelec considered declaring him a nuisance candidate.

In a statement of cancellation/withdrawal he filed at the Comelec law department,

Dio named Duterte as his substitute.

I am hereby withdrawing my candidacy for the position of President of the Republic

of the Philippines My substitute shall be Rodrigo Rody Duterte, if any, Dio said
in his statement.

He said he had consulted the leadership of PDP-Laban about his decision right after
he received the letter from the Comelec.

Comelec to study option

Sought for comment, Comelec Chair Andres Bautista said: We will study the matter
although it is still hypothetical whether someone will substitute for him.

In a phone interview, Dio said he felt insulted that the Comelec would consider him
a nuisance considering that he belonged to a known political party.

Our party was able to produce a President, Cory Aquino; Vice President, Jejomar
Binay; as well as senators, he said.

How can I be a nuisance? I used to be a barangay captain and now Im the chair of
Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), he added.

Eight times

Dio said he felt insulted by the Comelec legal departments assertion that he did
not have enough funds to run a nationwide campaign.

Dio told the Inquirer: The law only requires a presidential aspirant to be a Filipino
resident, must be 40 years old and above, has to be a resident of the Philippines for
at least 10 years and knows how to read and write. It doesnt state that you have to
be rich. The party will support you if they see you have the characteristics to lead
the country. Our party saw this in me. Now, you will deprive our party?

Yet to take up offer

Duterte has yet to take up PDP-Labans offer.

Since 2014, Duterte has denied at least eight times that he plans to run for
President, saying among other things that he does not have the money to finance
such a campaign.

On Sept. 30, he said that if he changed his mind, he would declare his presidential
candidacy in Davao City, where he began his political career.

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Plane catches fire at Florida airport; 1 seriously injured

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DANIA BEACH, Florida A jet planes engine caught fire Thursday as it prepared for
takeoff, and more than 100 passengers had to quickly evacuate using emergency
slides. One person was seriously injured, officials said.
Dozens of passengers could be seen in video footage gliding down the slides of the
Dynamic Airways flight bound for Caracas, Venezuela. Some ran away from the
plane into the terminal at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport as fire
crews rushed to put the blaze out.
Andres Gallegos said he was one of the first passengers to use the chutes to

I heard a loud bang. I turned around, saw the lights, saw the flames and I ran to
the front of the aircraft, said Gallegos, who said it took about 30 seconds for the
plane doors to open. It was pretty nerve-wracking, knowing that the door wasnt
opening and that something was on fire.
Other passengers reported chaos as people screamed, cried and ran through the
plane. Several people said the flight crew remained calm and acted quickly.
In that moment, the only thing going through my mind is trying to get off the
plane, said passenger Daniela Magro.
One person was seriously injured and about a dozen other people were taken to the
hospital for minor injuries including bumps, sprains and stress, said Broward Sheriff
Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles.
Don Dodson, the director of operations for Dynamic Airways, said the most serious
injury came as a passenger was running across the ramp after exiting the plane. He
did not specify the nature of the injury.
Once inside the airport, passengers expressed frustration, saying theyd been held
in a room for over an hour and had not heard from the airline.
Dodson said they had set up a crisis center, flown in additional airline
representatives to help passengers and arranged for a relief flight to take
passengers to their final destinations.
Dynamic is a 5-year-old airline that connects Fort Lauderdale, New York, Venezuela
and Guyana. It operates seven 767s. Dynamic said on its website its Boeing 767s
can accommodate up to 250 people. Officials said 110 passengers and crew were
onboard this flight.

Passengers on another plane on the runway recorded the fire and posted video to
Twitter showing plumes of thick black smoke coming from the plane.
An air traffic controller told the pilot a lot of fluid was leaking from his left engine
and then urgently said the engine had caught fire and that he was dispatching
firefighters, according to an audio recording posted by WSVN.
Airline officials said the onboard fire extinguishing fluid was not enough to put out
the fire.
The airport closed briefly after the fire. The south runway reopened Thursday
afternoon, but the north runway was still closed, causing delays.
Dynamic began servicing Caracas in July, after several other major airlines ended or
slashed service to Venezuela over the governments refusal to pay an estimated $4
billion the carriers say they have trapped in the country.
For Venezuelans hoping to travel abroad, the options have been severely reduced to
little-known carriers such as Dynamic or domestic carriers, which due to the
countrys economic crisis, have struggled to import replacement parts.
Airline officials said theyve already started reviewing records for the crew and the
plane, which was last inspected in June and had a new engine with less than 200
hours of flight time. Nine crew members were onboard more than required and
were a very experienced team, which helped evacuating passengers quickly and
seamlessly, Dodson said.
Its just a very unusual event. Something malfunctioned. Were not aware of what
happened, he said.
The National Transportation Safety Board sent a four-person team to Fort Lauderdale
to investigate. Representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration, engine
manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, Boeing and Dynamic will also take part.
NTSB online records show only one previous accident involving Dynamic. In 2011, a
Dynamic flight attendant suffered serious injuries when a flight encountered
moderate turbulence. The plane was undamaged and landed safely.

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APEC 2015
3 killed in Iloilo motorcycle crash


Inquirer Visayas

By: Joel Franco, October 30th, 2015 10:01 AM

ILOILO CITYThree men were killed on Friday when the motorcycle they were riding
rammed into the rear of a truck loaded with sugarcane in Dingle town, Iloilo.

Killed were motorcycle driver Raymond Macesar, 36, and his two passengersAldrin
Palabrica, 19, and Alvin Sobrevega, 31all from Dingle town.

According to PO2 Leo Ron Anerdes, Dingle PNP Municipal Station investigator,
Macesar, Palabrica and Sobrevega were heading home to Barangay Buenavista from
the towns poblacion about 12:30 a.m. on Friday when the incident took place.


While traversing the national highway in Barangay Tinocuan, Dingle town, Macesar
did not notice the truck that was parked along the road due to a flat tire.

The motorcycle rammed into the rear of the truck that was loaded with sugarcane.

The area was so dark. They failed to notice the early warning device of the truck,
Anerdes said.

He said the victims suffered severe head injuries. They were rushed to Iloilo
Provincial Hospital in nearby town of Pototan but were declared dead on arrival by
attending physicians. CDG

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