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University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies

All Branches of B.Tech. Ist Semester, 2013-2014
Subject: Mathematics I
Topic: Matrices

Code: MATH 101

(1) Draw a picture of the effect of these linear transformations on the unit square with
vertices at (0, 0), (1, 0), (1, 1), (0, 1). The matrices representing the transformations

1 2
1 2
2 4
3 4
Is the orientation preserved or not in each case ?
(2) With the help of an example show that
(a) a 2 2 diagonal matrix transforms the unit square in xyplane into a rectangle
with sides parallel to the coordinate axes.
(b) a 33 diagonal matrix transforms the unit cube into a rectangular parallelepiped.
(3) Find the equation of the curve obtained by the rotation of 30 of the ellipse
+ y 2 = 1.

(4) The famous Fibonacci sequence is given

0 = 0, F1 = 1, Fn+1 = Fn1 + Fn for
 by F
1 1
n > 1. Prove that for the matrix A =
there holds the relation
1 0

A =

Fn+1 Fn
Fn Fn1


(5) The diagram below represents the traffic flow through a certain block of streets. (The
numbers are the average flows into and out of the network at peak traffic hours)

By Kirchhoffs first Law, the flow into an intersection is equal to the flow out. This
gives the following system
1600 + z


y + 400
z + 600
t + 400

Solve for the values of x, y, z, u, v and w.

(6) The manufacture of an automobile requires painting, drying, and polishing. The
Rome Motor Company produces three types of cars: the Centurion, the Tribune,
and the Senator. Each Centurion requires 8 hours for painting, 2 hours for drying,
and 1 hour for polishing. A Tribune needs 10 hours for painting, 3 hours for drying,
and 2 hours for polishing. It takes 16 hours of painting, 5 hours of drying and 3
hours of polishing to prepare a Senator. If the company uses 240 hours for painting,
69 hours for drying, and 41 hours for polishing in a given month, how many of each
type of care are produced?
(7) A factory wishes to produce three types of items: types A, B, and C. To manufacture
a type-A requires 2 minutes on machine I, 1 minute on machine II, and 2 minutes
on machine III. A type-B requires 1 minute on machine I, 3 minutes on machine
II, and 1 minute on machine III. A type-C requires 1 minute on machine I and 2
minutes each on machines II and III. There are 3 hours available on machine I, 5
hours available on machine II,and 4 hours available on machine III for processing the
order. How many items of each type should factory make in order to use all of the
available time? Formulate and solve the problem using matrices.
(8) The upward velocity of a rocket is given at three different times on the following
Time t(s)
Velocity v(m/s)

The velocity data is approximates by a polynomial as v(t) = at2 + bt + c; 5 6 t 6 12.

Set up the equations in matrix form to find the coefficient a, b, c of the velocity profile.
(9) Two mobile companies Nokia Seimon and Sony Erricson currently share the market
with shares 60% and 40% each respectively. Each week some brand switching takes
place. Of those who bought Nokia Seimon the previous year, 70 % buy it again
whereas 30% switch over to Sony Erricson. Of those who bought Sony Erricson the
previous year, 80% buy it again whereas 20% switch over to Nokia. Find their shares
after one week and after two weeks. If the price war continues, when is the equilibrium reached?

2 0
(10) Calculate all powers of the matrix A =
1 2

0 0
Hint: Write Ar = 2I +
and use the binomial expansion of right hand
1 0

0 0
side together with the fact that
is nilpotent and commutes with I.
1 0