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OCTOBER 13, 2008

Relief Is In The Rhythm

The Wiley Protocol Newsletter
Our mission in this newsletter is to inform everyone on the Wiley Protocol about issues
and concerns pertaining to our collective future.

The Beat Goes On

In This Issue
And the Seasons Turn…
• The Beat Goes on-1
It’s fall and daylight wanes. Just as the Wiley • The Body Politic-1
Protocols are biomimetic over 28 days, we suggest What the Drug
that you too follow the seasonal rhythms of nature. Adjust your sleep schedule Companies Don’t Want
so that bedtime is earlier, to follow the timing of sunset. Other animals are You to Have
preparing for winter. Your body’s craving for the carbohydrates of summer • What the Future
gives way to the high protein, no carbohydrates foods of winter in nature; Holds-2
support your health by changing your diet. Choose locally grown, organic, Vibration Therapy?
sustainable foods and support the Slow Food movement, dedicated to creating • Ask an Expert-2
a food system that is good, clean, and fair, a food system that is based on the Wiley Protocol Doctors
principles of high quality and taste, environmental sustainability, and social
& Pharmacists answer
justice. More
your questions
• Planetarium
• Voter’s Booth -3
It all started when, out of the blue, Wyeth (WYE), filed a complaint with the
• Featured Article -4
federal FDA in October 2006 to take action against the small pharmacies
making bioidentical hormones from soy and other vegetable materials. While Optimize Your Health
this complaint was resolved in our favor by the court, early in 2008 FDA • Testimonials-4
instituted a new set of policies that will “halt” compounding of hormone • Take Action-4
treatments that contain estriol. FDA’s action is not based on scientific data or • Donate to the Study-5
any medical justification. This is simply bad policy influenced by a big drug • Resources-5
company. This fight is about Wyeth’s wealth, not women’s health.
Now the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate each have
resolutions calling for FDA to reverse its policy on estriol; however not all Senators and Representatives are
aware of FDA’s new policy. On Wednesday, Sept. 10, the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
National Congressional Call-In Day flooded Capitol Hill with phone calls from concerned constituents who
urged their elected members of Congress to sign on to their respective Congressional resolution. Call your
Representative and two Senators and ask them to support these resolutions (H. Con. Res. 342 and S. Con Res.
88, respectively). More

OCTOBER 13, 2008

What the Future Holds

Whole Body Vibration or Sonic
Ask an Expert
Whole Body Vibration machines
are becoming more popular as
groups as different as the This week Dr. Julie Taguchi and Dr. Courtney
Chicago Bulls, Shaquille O’Neal, Ridley Answer Your Questions
Sting and Madonna continue to work these
machines into their training and exercise Q:Why do some people gain weight at middle age, especially fat
programs. Though the idea of using whole around their middle?
body vibration dates back to the Greeks, the
Russian space program is the birthplace of the
modern approach. Designed to help Russian A: I see a fair amount of weight gain in some rare cases 10-20
cosmonauts reduce bone loss and improve pounds. These women come in gaining weight. They continue to
circulation in space, these vibration machines gain for a while and then it plateaus. Some with adrenal issues will
are appearing in medical centers, health clubs, gain more and I am trying to address these. Some of these women
training centers, and at home. How do they are catabolic when they come in. Putting them on hormones will
work? You stand on a platform that uses a sometimes make them anabolic as they heal. It is still a hard sell
range of technologies, sending vibrations and the hormones are blamed.
through your body and forcing it to perform
reflexive muscle actions, multiple times per For women without Estrogen or low Estrogen, one can get more
second. These contractions must work in body or belly fat can accumulate as a compensatory mechanism to
multiple dimensions. You work against a make estrone. If Estrogen levels are good, then I think it is too
greater influence or “load” of gravity in every much Progesterone for the receptors available that can lead to
movement you perform. increased water weight.
Users claim excellent results with minimized
impact on the body. Because you use the
machine for a very short time a few days a
This Week Steve Cooley Answers Your
week, your workout is very efficient. The end Question
result is a tough workout in a fraction of the
usual time, increasing overall strength and Q: Why is the Progesterone so thick and sticky?
power. Other benefits? Reportedly, loss of
body fat, increased flexibility, increased bone
growth, improved blood and lymph
A: The estrogen has 1 mg per tiny line and progesterone has 20
circulation, improved balance, and increased mg per tiny line. So it’s literally 20 xs thicker with hormone.
mobility. Research by the scientific However, the stickiness is from the amount of glycerin used to
community supports some of these benefits. dissolve that much progesterone. We’re working on it… sorry!
A version of the Whole Body Vibration
machine is being reviewed by the FDA for use
in the treatment of osteoporosis. Before you
Q: Could you please explain how to use the calendars?
run out to buy one, be aware that certain
physical conditions rule out their use and that A:The first row is where you write in the date. The date is the
the more popular machines are a big hit on the calendar day of the month that you start your hormones. This date
pocket book. Overall, an intriguing concept must match your day one on
with more research to come. Cont. on Page 5


We’re working on ways of recycling the syringes used in the Protocol, and you can help.
Please let us know what the laws and regulations about recycling these syringes are in your
area. We’ll pass it along in this newsletter to let you know how you can make a difference.
Just contact

OCTOBER 13, 2008

Planetarium Corner
In Roman mythology the Moon was represented by Diana, the hunter goddess. The Moon is the earth's companion
satellite, though some astrologers believe that it approaches being a planet in its own right. The Moon is large
enough for its gravity to affect the Earth, stabilizing its orbit and producing the regular ebb and flow of the tides.
The Moon is familiar to us for its different phases, waxing and waning in appearance in an unchanging cycle. The
Moon orbits the earth in about 28 days, spending a fleeting 2.33 days in each of the signs of the zodiac. The lunar
day syncs up with its orbit around Earth in such a manner that the same side of the moon always faces the Earth
and the other side, known as the "dark side of the moon" faces towards space.


MOON First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon
If you are on the lunar calendar remember the full moon is ALWAYS day 12.
Find Day One of the lunar calendar.

We believe that Quality Control starts with you, the Consumer. Here at the Wiley Protocol Newsletter we
invite you to share your views and make your voice heard. In every newsletter we will ask you to vote for
your favorite Wiley Protocol Doctor, and the best Wiley Protocol Pharmacy.
Send us an email with your votes and stay tuned!


Dr. Courtney Paige Ridley is the doctor favorite this quarter. The pharmacist favorite is Mark Filosi of
Family Care Pharmacy in Plant City, Florida. Dr. Ridley writes “I think the Wiley Protocol will change the
way we care for women. I am tickled to be a part of the revolution and to be on this growing team of
providers whose focus is the care and nurturing of women. I would encourage all women to discuss this
with their doctors and if they won’t listen to seek out those of us who will.”

NOTE: Our website has been updated and has a new look.
Check out our website.

OCTOBER 13, 2008


Why Women Need the Wiley Protocol™
Testosterone is often called the hormone of desire, but it essentially plays
a key role in libido, energy, and immune function in both men and
women. It is a steroid, androgen hormone and the primary male sex
hormone that turns boys into sexually functional men, and it also builds
! their muscles. Produced by the adrenal gland, the testes in men and the
ovaries in women, testosterone is also very important to women.
Testosterone is the precursor to estrogen and a girl produces increased amounts of this hormone in
puberty in order to become a woman.
As a women ages her libido and desire for sex often diminishes. The replacement of estrogen alone
may not correct loss of muscle tone, absent sex drive, or general lack of mental function. Testosterone
can plays a key role in libido, energy, and immune function in women. Produced by the adrenal gland
and ovaries, testosterone, over the course of the menstrual cycle, has a rhythm in women. Testosterone
levels are highest for a woman in the early twenties, but by the time she approaches and enters
menopause there may be a testosterone deficiency. Your doctor can give you blood tests to diagnose
your testosterone levels. Cont. on Page 6

Deb: Benefits for me of Wiley protocol: clear thinking, calm mood, no lower back pain, no
"creepy crawly" feelings in both legs, no foot and ankle pain which kept me awake at night,
reduced pain in my L arm and neck (from long ago auto accident), no sharp pains to my ovaries
and uterus at random, improved digestion, no fatigue, better planning abilities, more able to get
out and take long walks, happier.
Read more testimonials.

Take action: The FDA took action 01/09/2008 on the behalf of Wyeth, a major
pharmaceuticals manufacturer, to prohibit the use of estriol in compounded medicines.
An easy way to take action is to go to
pagename=home_page and lobby on behalf of a bill to be introduced to Congress stating
that banning of estriol is “not in the public interest.” The web address is the home page
of the International Association of Compounding Pharmacists.

Sex Lies and Menopause | Lights Out: Sleep,
A book of feminist Sugar, and Survival
The light bulb put us out of
In this revolutionary work -- a sync with nature. Way back
landmark that signals the true when, people spent the
beginning of feminist medicine -- a summer sleeping less and
doctor, a philosopher, and a eating heavily in preparation
scientist prove that by postponing for winter because light
marriage and motherhood, women triggers the hunger for
have accelerated the aging carbohydrates. Now, with
process, resulting in earlier light available 24 hours a
menopause and, ultimately for day, we gulp down food all
thousands, earlier death. year long.
Buy this book... Buy this book...


Women have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to heath care research.
Most studies on major health issues like heart disease and diabetes were performed on men
and the results were just assumed to be relevant to women. They weren’t. The much-touted
Women’s Health Initiative was ill-conceived and at best, misguided. It studied women over
65 years-old on synthetic drugs with hormone-like effects. All they proved was that these
drugs, Premarin and PremPro, are unsafe for post-menopausal women with multiple previous
disease states.

It’s pretty apparent to any of us paying attention that the government isn’t terribly interested
in women’s health or our comfort levels on any issue. The last time we were between this
rock and a hard place, we, together, took control. It was 1840, in London for Elizabeth Cady
Stanton, and again in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York (read article). It was 1851 in Akron,
Ohio for Sojourner Truth. It was 1860 in New York for Susan B. Anthony. It was 1915 in
New York for Alice Paul, 1935 for Mary McLeod Bethune, 1963 for Betty Freidan, 1971 for
Gloria Steinem. Maybe it will be 2009 for us. It could be.

IT’S TIME TO DO IT AGAIN. TS Wiley has addressed the Senate on the validity of
Compounded Hormones, acquired not one, but two IRB numbers sanctioning studies on the
Wiley Protocol and is in discussion with representatives of the upcoming continuation of the
WHI starting this fall.

NOW ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS PAY FOR IT. If you’d like to contribute to finding an
answer to the issues of safety and efficacy in hormone replacement for women sooner than
later…click here

Optimize Your Health- continued See your doctor to determine whether you
Women using The Wiley Protocol® who need testosterone supplementation. If so,
also require testosterone may now choose the Wiley Protocol® testosterone cream can
rhythmic dosing with Wiley Protocol® provide you with benefits that counter the
Testosterone cream as opposed to static stereotypical portrait of the aging process.
dosing that may interfere with the rhythms It contributes to an overall program to
of The Wiley Protocol. The Wiley maintain a youthful, anti-aging quality of
Protocol® Testosterone cream for women is life as you continue through the post-
biomimetic and replicates feminine menopausal years.
testosterone hormone rhythms. Mounting Ask An Expert- continued
evidence on the Wiley Protocol® indicates either schedule (personal or lunar) in order
that it may have been the rhythm that was for the dosing schedule to line up. So for
always missing in other regimens. example if Sept 4 is day one of the lunar
What exactly do we mean by “the rhythm”? calendar, you would put Sept 4 in that first
The body has rhythms that are governed by box on the line for “date" and follow the
a master clock that works much like a lunar calendar, putting day 1 underneath
conductor. It strikes up one section of the Sept 4. If Sept 10 is the first day of your
body's orchestra as another quiets down, period then you would put a “10” in that
taking its main cue from light signals in the first box and follow the personal calendar,
environment to stay in sync with the 24- already marked for you. If you are on the
hour day. Our body's hormones surge and lunar schedule you can cross out the
ebb to this maestro's baton, controlling all personal line and vice versa.
endocrine function. If you are on more than the basic Wiley
The Wiley Protocol® uses these natural doses, you would fill in all of your numbers
rhythms in nature to establish and mimic accordingly as the calendar doesn't have
the manner in which testosterone would be any dosing schedule numbers already
dosed by a healthy body. The results can recorded for you.
• Increased libido and sexual function The calendars for 2009 will be a combination
of the old lunar calendars and the new
• Improved mood and relieve mild variable dose cycling calendars. Watch for
depression them, we think you will like them.
• Promotion of bone growth
• Relief of some vasomotor
• Relief of vaginal atrophy and
• Increased mental clarity
• Improved energy levels
• Enhanced quality of life.