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Daylight savings is upon us here in the US. The days are longer and spring is here. This transition
period during which day light lengthens is also marked by a shift in our diets from protein to
carbohydrates. However, those sugar cravings may be your body’s way of expressing its need for
sleep, not for sweet foods. Something to ponder during the next month…Remember to get nine hours of
sleep per night. It is the best of all anti-aging medicines you could ever experience and it is free. Sweet
dreams and good wishes for an easy change from winter to summer time; see you in the summer! We apologize for the
delay in sending out our newsletter and have made the newsletter seasonal, so stay tuned. Catherine Callahan, editor

Always ahead of her time, T.S. Wiley's revolutionary discovery that it may be the rhythm that matters in
the accurate physiological replacement of hormones during menopause may have important
implications across a wide range of areas, from the treatment of menopause and anti-aging to all of the
other diseases of aging such as heart disease and stroke, Type II diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's.

THIS MONTH’S FEATURE: Five New Wiley Protocol Creams, Including Two for Those Men in Your Life

The Two Days Back on Earth Seminar™ experience has taught us that most doctors prescribe vitamin supplements, herbs,
and statically dosed hormones (testosterone, thyroid, etc) that interactively interrupt the youthful rhythms recreated by the
Wiley Protocol®, causing unnecessary side effects and, at worse, poorer health. Static dosing refers to the practice of
prescribing the same dose of hormones every day. At its heart, the Wiley Protocol uses the natural, cyclical rhythms of
nature and the universe to guide us in use of these hormones for optimum health and well-being.

To supplement its original focus on female estrogen and progesterone hormones, Wiley Systems has
released five new, original Wiley Protocol® branded rhythms, bio-identical or, more precisely,
bio-mimetic creams that replicate ancillary hormone rhythms. Finally there is an opportunity to help
optimize men’s health using two hormone creams as part of a male hormone therapy program.
There’s also a cream to recreate a youthful appearance in your facial skin. The fabulous five are:

1. Wiley Protocol for Men™ using DHEA and Testosterone

2. Wiley Protocol Thyroid™ for Women

3. Wiley Protocol Testosterone ™ for Women
4. Wiley Protocol Face Crème™

They are now available from your doctor or other health care provider through Wiley Registered™ compounding
pharmacies. A list of the compounding pharmacies participating in this release is included on the web site. See

Men’s DHEA

DHEA is one of the precursors to androgens, the male sex hormones. The hormone is applied as a topical cream only in
the morning. A man’s one-month calendar is used to identify the rhythmic dosing schedule. Dosing instructions are
provided on the packaging.

Men’s Testosterone
You may ask what is testosterone. Testosterone in men is the male sex steroid or androgen, produced mainly by the testes
(a small amount is produced by the ovaries in women). A man’s one-month calendar is used to identify the rhythmic dosing
schedule. The dosing schedule is provided on the packaging.

Women’s Thyroid

Thyroid hormones are essential for the regulation of the body’s metabolism, including heartbeat, temperature control, and
other gland production. The hormone is applied only in the morning as a topical cream. A personal one-month woman’s
calendar is used to identify the rhythmic dosing schedule provided on the packaging. The thyroid rhythm is in inverse
proportion to the estrogen rhythm.

Testosterone for Women

Why would women need supplemental testosterone? The answer lies in the role of testosterone, along with other
hormones, to activate so-called “promoter regions” and “response elements” on the genes in cell nuclei of every organ in
your body that literally control the stuff of life. This is as crucial for women as for men, but the dosage level and rhythmic
cycling is obviously different. There are rhythmic dosing instructions on the packaging.

Face Crème

The patented Wiley Protocol Face Crème promotes a more youthful appearance by filling in fine lines. A personal
calendar is used for rhythmic dosage scheduling. Dosing instructions are on the packaging.


Warning: Bi-Est will be gone as soon as the compounding pharmacies run out. The suppliers
aren’t able to import estriol any more. Estriol is not approved by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) and it has been banned by the FDA.

Note: Effective October 1, 2007, Aetna no longer covered compounded bio-identical

hormones and thyroid drugs. For more details, see

Exercise Makes a Difference in Coping with Post-Menopausal Stress

Exercise Eases Some Menopause Symptoms

HealthDay News (Jan. 3 2008) -- Exercise is not a cure for hot flashes, but it does help
postmenopausal women cope with stress, anxiety and depression, a Pennsylvania study has found.
The researchers had hoped to prove that exercise could be an alternative to hormone replacement
therapy for women suffering from hot flashes. But the researchers didn't find a relationship between
physical activity and hot flashes.

However, the study did find that more exercise led to lowered levels of perceived stress. "The level of anxiety, stress and
depression were significantly lower among physically active, postmenopausal women compared to postmenopausal
women in the lowest level of physical activity,” the researchers reported. Still, the results are significant, because the hot
flashes women experience as they go through the menopausal transition are often a temporary problem, Nelson explained.
Women live a long time in post menopause, which can be a period when they may struggle with stress, anxiety and
depression, she said.

"We know that physical activity is helpful in reducing anxiety and stress. What was surprising was that it wasn't a lot of
physical activity. It was mainly walking," one of the researchers said. "It is encouraging that it's something women can
incorporate into their daily routine. Another expert stated that it is not surprising exercise doesn't help hot flashes. “The
reason why there are hot flashes is because the brain's center for temperature is altered by the lower levels of hormones,"
she explained. Since exercise raises the body's temperature, it's logical that it wouldn't make women experiencing hot
flashes feel any cooler, she added. More…

Women and Men ARE Different

Sex Differences in the Brain's Serotonin System

ScienceDaily (Feb. 17, 2008) A new thesis from the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet shows that the
brain's serotonin system differs between men and women. The scientists who conducted the study think that they have found
one of the reasons why depression and chronic anxiety are more common in women than in men.

Their results show that women have a greater number of the most common serotonin receptors than men. They also show
that women have lower levels of the protein that transports serotonin back into the nerve cells that secrete it. It is this
protein that the most common antidepressants (SSRIs) block.

The results also suggest that the serotonin system in women with serious premenstrual mental systems does not respond as
flexibly to the hormone swings of the menstrual cycle as that in symptom-free women. "These findings indicate that when
developing antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, scientists should evaluate their effect on men and women separately, as
well as their effects before and after menopause," says Ms Nordström, one of the researchers involved in the study.

You Need SLEEP!

Sleep Problems Linked to More Physical, Emotional Woes in Women Than in Men, Study Shows

WebMD Medical News (March 11, 2008) – Sleep problems aren't good for anyone, but they may be rougher on women's
bodies and emotions, according to a new study on sleep and health. “The study suggests that poor sleep -- measured by the
total amount of sleep, the degree of awakening during the night, and most importantly, how long it takes to get to sleep --
may have more serious health consequences for women than for men," says a researcher involved in the study.

Among women, those with worse sleep had more inflammation, anger, hostility, and depression. It was also tied to higher
Body Mass Index (BMI) and less sensitivity to insulin. In men, poor sleep wasn't linked to most of those traits. Men's
testosterone levels may protect them, to some extent. More,


Q: Why haven’t bio-identical or bio-mimetic hormone replacement therapies been studied by the government?

A: The real reason biomimetic hormones have never been studied by any government or university is that they are
taken at least 20 different ways – troches, suppositories, creams, gels, pills, oil drops and on and on. With Basic Wiley
Protocol® and the Lunar Wiley Protocol, both covered in Sex, Lies and Menopause, and their standardized
adjustments covered in the forthcoming The Tao of Hormones, science has a chance, for the first time, to clinically
study one stable method of BHRT and its nuances.
The second biggest hurtle to studying bio-identical hormones, besides the wide variation in application, is the fact that
bio-identical hormones cannot be patented, so there is no incentive for a “drug company” to produce these hormones
or fund studies. In this country, in order to have a substance studied, it must be donated. There is no drug company to
donate a compounded substance existing today in our country. No single individual compounding pharmacy can bear
the economic burden of donating 4000 or so prescriptions. However; if Wiley Systems registers 400 pharmacies and
they each donate ten prescriptions of a standardized compounded Wiley Protocol product, we have ourselves a study.
This is Wiley Systems goal and we are on our way with 35 pharmacies around the country, including Canada.

Q: Why do I have to get my blood tested? Why can’t I use the saliva or urine tests?

A: To adjust for accuracy and make a case for using more hormone if you need it. You will also make sure that you are
getting into the ranges of healthy young women of 50 years ago who had low levels of diseases of aging. It can be very
hard to learn about your symptoms without the help of blood testing. If you continue at blood levels below the ranges
you are not on the Wiley Protocol. T.S. Wiley does not support lower ranges. Less is not more within the context of the
hypothesis for this experiment.

Saliva testing tests by-products and though advocates for saliva testing will argue that it is accurate the ranges do not
apply to the protocol. Ranges for the Protocol were established 50 years ago when women were healthier. There is no
standard for saliva levels of hormones in a 20-year old woman. Blood testing is the only form of accurate external
measurement for the Protocol.

Q: How do I take off the caps on the syringes of hormone cream?

A: Using a twisting motion, pull down on the cap. After you get the cap off the first time you should have no problems.
The white caps currently used on the syringes are being replaced by gray caps which will be easier to remove.


T.S. Wiley, the author and founder of the Wiley Protocol, spoke on February 22 about the multi-phasic dosing of
hormones and bio-mimetic hormone restoration therapy (BHRT), currently termed bio-identical hormone
replacement therapy at the 2008 Long Beach, California, Health Freedom Expo. The natural health exhibition
showcases a diverse group of alternative and natural healthcare exhibitors, featuring local, national and
international speakers, dynamic workshops and seminars.

Upcoming Events: Doctors Two Days Back On Earth Seminar™ on Environmental Endocrinology, March 29&30,
June 21&22, and September 20&21, 2008 in Glendale, CA;

The American College and Academy of Medicine (ACAM) – April 10-13, 2008 in Orlando GL;

A4M July 18-20, 2008 in Washington, D.C.

T.S. Wiley will be presenting a lecture on April 25 in Omaha, NE. Contact Kohlls Pharmacy for more details at

The Omaha Health Expo - - April 26, 2008 in Omaha, NE.


The go-to for research is PubMed (, a site maintained by the U.S. National
Institutes of Health in conjunction with about every other research organization on the planet.

If you want a good overview of current research, provides reliable research news

If you have any questions about the Wiley Protocol®, menopause medicines, or other women’s health issues, please
contact us: email me at


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