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SPRING, 2009

The Wiley Protocol Newsletter

Relief is in the Rhythm
Our mission in this newsletter is to inform everyone on the Wiley Protocol about issues
and concerns pertaining to our collective future.

In This Issue
The Beat Goes On-
• The Beat Goes On- 1
Estrogen and Weight Loss? Estrogen and Weight Loss
Yes! • Testimonials- 1
True or false: when you supplement with • What the Future
estrogen at menopause you gain weight. False. Holds-2
! In fact, recent research suggests that estrogen • Ask an Expert-2
has a crucial role to play in weight loss and
• Donate to the Study-3
weight maintenance. With increased life expectancy, women spend
more than a third of their life in menopause and with the loss of • Take Action-3
hormone protection, more likely to become obese. Obesity is • The Body Politic-4
increasing dramatically; about 66 percent of U.S adults 20 and
over are overweight or obese (National Center for Health Statistics, • The Greening of the
CDC, 2006). Wiley Protocol-4
A research team has tested the idea that estrogen deficiency in • Planetarium Corner-5
aged females may trigger the development of high blood pressure • Voters Booth-5
and obesity. Results? The estrogen-deprived animals gained twice • Resources-5
as much weight as the control animals and increased leptin levels
by 70 percent and blood glucose by 35 percent. Leptin is a fatty • Cont.Text- 6
tissue hormone associated with appetite and energy used by the • Cont.Text- 7
body (See What the Future Holds). Cont. on Page 7
• Cont.Text-
Check out our new blog - just go to the Wiley Protocol website (
and click on the Wiley Protocol Blog. Don't forget to listen to the radio interviews with
practitioners and watch the videos in the Press Room.
In a YouTube video, Julie and Ola Stensland talk about how Julie got her life back and in her
words, “felt reconnected to everything and everyone” using bio-identical hormone replacement
therapy. Julie discusses the “mind fog” and how she felt like a ghost before starting the Wiley
Protocol™ and how after starting the Protocol she got a handle on the issues in her life. Ola
mentions the changes he’s seen in Julie, including in their sex life, from before to after starting
bio-mimetic hormone replacement therapy. Watch their video. Cont. on Page 6

SPRING, 2009

What the Ask an Expert

Future Holds This week T. S. Wiley Answers Your Question
How much we want to
eat (appetite), and how
Q: So what exactly is meant by “the rhythm?”
much energy we burn,
are both controlled by a A: The body has rhythms that are governed by a master
hormone known as leptin. Leptin is clock that works much like a conductor. It strikes up one
made by fat tissue and it passes section of the body's orchestra as another quiets down, taking
through the circulation to the brain, its main cue from light signals in the environment to stay in
where it modifies the activity of sync with the 24-hour day. Our body's hormones surge and
several types of nerve cell to signal to ebb to this maestro's baton, controlling all endocrine function,
the body that it does not need to eat predominantly a woman’s health for reproduction. It is the
more and that it needs to burn more circadian clock in our cells that measures one 24 hour spin of
energy. Researchers announced the the planet. For 28 days the moon tracks the repeat of that
discovery of leptin and its role in cycle, and so does the body.
appetite regulation and body weight in
1994. It was promoted as an effective The Wiley Protocol uses these natural rhythms in
treatment for obesity. But hopes nature to establish the proper doses of estradiol and
dimmed when it was found that obese natural progesterone that mimic the natural hormones
people are unresponsive to leptin due which would be produced by your body if you were
to development of leptin resistance in young. The topical creams and their amounts vary
the brain. Recent research shows that throughout the 28 day cycle to restore the hormone
activity in these regions of the brain in levels of a woman in her prime because young women,
response to visual food-related cues for the most part, don’t have heart attacks, breast
changed after an obese individual cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, or type 2 diabetes.
successfully lost weight. Leptin levels
fall as obese individuals lose weight.
However, these changes in brain This Week Dana Nelson Answers Your Question
activity were not observed if the obese
individual who had successfully lost Q: What kind of quality control do you use to make sure we’re
weight was treated with leptin. These getting what we paid for?
data are consistent with the idea that
the decrease in leptin levels that
occurs when an individual loses A: Wiley Systems has instituted a new policy for quality
weight serves to protect the body control utilizing a pharmacist national review board, the Wiley
against the loss of body fat. Pharmacy Consortium, to insure complete standardization in
Cont. on Page 6 all matters concerning methods, materials, formularies, patient
inserts and diagnostic calendars. This is called the Wiley
Systems Consortium Review Board (WSCRB).
These pharmacists are:
Dana Nelson - Health Plus Pharmacy, San Luis Obispo CA (805) 543-5950
Steve Cooley - Sansum Pharmacy, Santa Barbara CA (805) 682-6507
Anthony Westmoreland - Westmoreland’s Pharmacy, New Albany IN (812) 944-6500
Rick & Misty Appling - Denton Prescription Shop, Denton TX (940) 382-6758
Codi Triesch - Abrams Royal Pharmacy, Dallas, TX (214) 349-8000
Pharmacies register to become Wiley-licensed and use standardized methods, materials, pricing,
and packaging. They also become part of the study to be published on the reproducibility of
compounded hormone products, eventually a clinical study of a reliable, safe, effective BHRT.

SPRING, 2009

Your voice can represent 1,000 to 13,000 people when
you email a letter to your senators and representative to
preserve our access to bio-identical hormones and
protect the right of the consumer to choose and the
practitioner to practice without unwarranted interference
! by the FDA. The FDA took action 01/09/2008 on behalf
of Wyeth, a major pharmaceuticals manufacturer, to
prohibit the use of estriol in compounded medicines and the use of the term “bio-
identical” in pharmacies’ hormone replacement formulas. There have been efforts to
extend the prohibition to all bio-identical hormones used for post-menopausal hormone
replacement therapy. For an already prepared letter objecting to the FDA’s actions that
you can send to your congress people, go to American Association for Health Freedom.
You can add your own points of interest. The web address is the “Save Bio-Identical
Hormones” page of the non-profit advocacy organization.


Women have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to heath care research.
Most studies on major health issues like heart disease and diabetes were performed on men
and the results were just assumed to be relevant to women. They weren’t. The much-touted
Women’s Health Initiative was ill-conceived and at best, misguided. It studied women over 65
years-old on synthetic drugs with hormone-like effects. All they proved was that these drugs,
Premarin and Prempro, are unsafe for post-menopausal women with multiple previous
disease states. It’s pretty apparent to any of us paying attention that the government isn’t
terribly interested in women’s health or our comfort levels on any issue. The last time we were
between this rock and a hard place, we, together, took control. It was 1840, in London for
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and again in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York. It was 1851 in Akron,
Ohio for Sojourner Truth. It was 1860 in New York for Susan B. Anthony. It was 1915 in New
York for Alice Paul, 1935 for Mary McLeod Bethune, 1963 for Betty Freidan, 1971 for Gloria
Steinem. Maybe it will be 2009 for us. It could be.

It’s time to do it again. TS Wiley has addressed the Senate on the validity of Compounded
Hormones, acquired not one, but two IRB numbers sanctioning studies on the Wiley Protocol
and is in discussion with representatives of the upcoming continuation of the WHI which
started in the fall of 2008.

NOW ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS PAY FOR IT. If you’d like to contribute to finding an answer to
the issues of safety and efficacy in hormone replacement for women sooner than later…Click
here .

SPRING, 2009

The Body Politic

The standard of care for breast cancer patients with estrogen-
receptor positive tumors, which includes estrogen-lowering drugs,
has been challenged by a recent study. Estrogen-receptor
positive breast cancers account for about 75 percent of breast
cancer cases. On December 24, 2008, ScienceDaily, an online
science research news organization, reported that supplementing
with estrogen led to tumor shrinkage and relief of cancer symptoms in women with metastatic
estrogen-receptor positive breast cancers.
For breast cancer survivors, the idea of taking estrogen is almost a taboo. In fact, their
doctors give them drugs to get rid of the hormone because it can fuel the growth of breast
In this study for about a third of the 66 participants — women with metastatic breast cancer
that had developed resistance to standard estrogen-lowering therapy — a daily dose of
estrogen could stop the growth of their tumors or even cause them to shrink. The study was
funded by the Avon Foundation through the National Cancer Institute and included six cancer
centers in the United States. In addition to the Siteman Cancer Center at the Washington
University School of Medicine in St. Louis, participating institutions included the University of
Chicago, Case Western Reserve University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University Medical Center.
“By stabilizing or shrinking tumors in some women with metastatic breast cancer, estrogen
therapy can relieve pain and other symptoms of cancer and can potentially prolong lives,” the
primary researcher, Dr. Matthew Ellis, M.B., Ph.D, said. “And unlike chemotherapy, estrogen
enhances the quality of life. For many of our patients, their hot flashes disappear, and they
lose other symptoms of menopause. It's a natural treatment for breast cancer. Not only that,
it's much cheaper than chemotherapy, costing less than a dollar a day.”
Furthermore, estrogen seems able to return metastatic tumors to a vulnerable state in which
they again can be affected by estrogen-lowering drugs called aromatase inhibitors. “We
thought acquired resistance to aromatase inhibitor therapy was permanent,” Ellis says. “But
now we've shown that in some patients giving estrogen can make it possible to cycle back to
aromatase inhibitors, and they can work again.” Some patients have cycled back and forth
between estrogen and an aromatase inhibitor for several years, thereby managing their
metastatic disease. Cont. on Page 6


Help us keep the planet green. We’re working on recycling the
syringes used in the Protocol, and you can help. Please let us know
what the laws and regulations about recycling these syringes are in
your area. We’ll pass it along in this newsletter to let you know how
you can make a difference. Just contact

SPRING, 2009

Planetarium Corner
In Roman mythology the Moon was represented by Diana, the hunter goddess. The Moon is the earth's
companion satellite, though some astrologers believe that it approaches being a planet in its own right. The Moon
is large enough for its gravity to affect the Earth, stabilizing its orbit and producing the regular ebb and flow of the
tides. The Moon is familiar to us for its different phases, waxing and waning in appearance in an unchanging
cycle. The Moon orbits the earth in about 28 days, spending a fleeting 2.33 days in each of the signs of the
zodiac. The lunar day syncs up with its orbit around Earth in such a manner that the same side of the moon
always faces the Earth and the other side, known as the "dark side of the moon" faces towards space.


PHASES First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon

We believe that Quality Control starts with you, the consumer. We invite you to share your views
and make your voice heard. In every newsletter we will ask you to vote for your favorite Wiley
Protocol doctor, and the best Wiley Protocol pharmacist.

Dr Ching Chen from Capitola CA won last season as favorite physician and Abrams Pharmacy
in Dallas Texas won for favorite pharmacy. Send us an email with your votes and stay tuned!

Sex Lies and Menopause | Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar,
A book of feminist medicine and Survival
In this revolutionary work -- a The light bulb put us out of sync
landmark that signals the true with nature. Way back when,
beginning of feminist medicine -- a people spent the summer sleeping
doctor, a philosopher, and a scientist less and eating heavily in
prove that by postponing marriage preparation for winter because light
and motherhood, women have triggers the hunger for
accelerated the aging process, carbohydrates. Now, with light
resulting in earlier menopause and, available 24 hours a day, we gulp
ultimately for thousands, earlier down food all year long.

SPRING, 2009
Testimonials- continued
Marylove Thrall: Prior to being introduced to the Wiley Protocol, I had been experiencing
debilitating hot flashes for several years. I had been put on Premarin following a partial
hysterectomy more than 15 years ago, but after reading about the origin of this hormone
replacement drug (the urine of pregnant mares) and the horrific conditions in which
these pitiful animals were kept, as well as the fact that the drug had undergone initial
testing on male prison volunteers, I advised my doctor that I would not continue with this
drug. It took a year or so before the effects of low estrogen began to seriously affect me,
but when they did, they hit hard. I would experience extreme and sudden sensations of
feeling so terribly ill that it would stop me in my tracks. Day and night. Five or ten times
a day.

In a YouTube video, Dr. Patricia Ryan talks about her extensive research on hormone
replacement therapy prior to talking to T.S. Wiley. When T.S. Wiley began to answer her
questions, “I was very impressed and I wanted to learn more” she said. Since learning
about the Protocol, she has taken her patients off the linear dosing and switched to the
Wiley Protocol’s rhythmic, cyclical bio-mimetic hormone replacement therapy program.
She has seen no weight gain, reversal of osteoporosis, and restoration of libido in her
patient population. Watch her video.
In a YouTube video, Dr. Bob Mathis says that most of the women coming to see him
who present with brain fog, insomnia, loss of libido, depression and other symptoms find
that most of their symptoms resolve after about a month using bio-identical hormone
replacement on the Wiley Protocol. One of his patients spent three years looking for a
practioner and he describes her success on the protocol. He sees his patients become
more resilient in the face of stress. Watch his video.
What the Future Holds- continued
As 75 to 95 percent of previously obese individuals regain their lost weight, many researchers
are interested in developing treatments to help individuals maintain their weight loss. Leptin
therapy after weight loss might improve weight maintenance by overriding this fat-loss
defense. Other research in mice indicates that sensitivity to leptin, reduced in obese
individuals, may be regained with the use of existing oral drugs that are already FDA-approved
and considered safe.
The Body Politic- continued
About 40,000 women die of metastatic breast cancer each year, and estrogen therapy
potentially could help thousands of women with hormone receptor-positive disease, the
study suggests.
It's too early to know why estrogen has a negative effect on metastatic breast cancer
tumors. One clue — estrogen reduces the amount of a tumor-promoting hormone called
insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF1). Ellis says “In theory, when you give estrogen back,
IGF1 decreases and cancer cells die as a consequence. But surviving cancer cells
prefer to switch back to living on estrogen — to them it's like eating out at McDonald's
every day instead of foraging on roots and berries. These cells eventually reappear as
estrogen dependent tumors and the cycle starts over.”

SPRING, 2009
Back Story- continued
All the hormonal and metabolic effects were completely abolished with estrogen
replacement. Bio-identical, biomimetic hormone replacement therapy in women would
have similar effects. The Wiley Protocol addresses the issue of weight loss through its
biomimetic hormone replacement protocol, otherwise known as bioidentical hormone
Estrogen – even in men – may weigh in as a component in the regulation of obesity,
along with other well-known risk factors such as food indulgence and lack of exercise,
according to researchers. In a study of this premise, male mice genetically altered to
lack one type of estrogen receptor became obese, expended less energy and built up
larger stores of fat, even though they were fed the same as normal mice. The findings
suggest that estrogen may be important for regulating fat in men as well as women. The
lack of estrogen led to an increase in white adipose tissue, as well as insulin resistance
and glucose intolerance. Such a relationship was known to occur in female mice and
post-menopausal women, but it had not been shown in males. “In light of the metabolic
results of our study, it appears that estrogen enhances one’s ability to burn excess fat in
both males and females”, one of the researchers said. “We don’t know yet if the lack of
estrogen is merely decreasing the basal metabolic rate, or if it is also decreasing the
activity level of mice.”
Research on the mechanism of estrogen activity in the brain indicates that estrogen
regulates the brain's energy metabolism in the same way as leptin. Researchers found
that estrogen suppresses appetite using the same pathways in the brain as leptin.
Estrogen's effect on feeding and obesity was shown to be independent from leptin or
the leptin receptor. Researchers theorized that impaired estrogen signaling in the brain
may be the cause of metabolic changes during menopause. Brain-selective mimics of
estrogen could be a viable approach to tackle obesity in the case of leptin resistance.
Obese people are generally leptin-resistant.
Estrogen has been found to help the body use fat and glucose as energy in the same
way that exercise does. It activates pathways that regulate metabolism and also directly
regulates the expression of certain genes. In an animal model, estrogen replacement
was found to reduce fats by promoting the use of fat as fuel. The three mechanisms
include: inhibiting fat storage in liver, muscle and fat tissue; activating the pathways that
promote burning the fat in muscles; and breaking down stored fats used for energy
reserves in fat cells. When estrogen was present in muscle, liver and fat cells, the
expression of genes that control manufacturing and storing fat was reduced, and the
expression of genes that promote burning fat in muscle cells was increased. Always
ahead of her time, T.S. Wiley concluded menopausal and post-menopausal obesity
could be avoided with biomimetic hormone supplementation in a rhythmic manner in her
2003 book Sex, Lies, and Menopause. It seems that mainstream research is catching