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The Daily Tar Heel
thursday, april 8, 2010

Odum Village death still mystery

Police have yet to release identity Ma
By Melvin Backman cle and at least five police cars e Water Tower
And Andrew Harrell were outside the Odum Village
STAFF Writers apartments on Bernard Street. Odum Village
diversions | page 5
UNC administrators and stu- Officers and others were seen
Craige Parking Deck
Student Family Deck
dents are still waiting to learn walking in and out of the 701 Bernard
the details of a death Wednesday Odum building. D rive Street C ra


Hibbar Will
morning in Odum Village. The Odum apartments house iam B
lythe Drive
Local bands Luego, The “The assumption is that it’s students and are located deep
a student,” said Winston Crisp, in South Campus past UNC Bra
Police were outside
Beast, The Dirty Little Heaters assistant vice chancellor for Hospitals. Bernard Street is
on an apartment on
student affairs, about the still roughly 250 feet from Manning ee Bernard Street, where
and Jason Kutchma gave t
a body was found
unidentified person who police Drive, behind the Manning Steam
their takes on a variety of said was found in an Odum Plant. Ken an Cen

Mc C o l l B u i l d i n g
questions in preparation for Village apartment. “Right now we’re just con- DTH/KRISTEN LONG
Crisp and others emphasized ducting an investigation into the
“Dive Party VII,” which will that as of Wednesday afternoon, death,” Young said Wednesday dth/Anika anand
be Friday at Local 506. University police were still in the afternoon. staff on campus, said University Police and other authorities stand outside Wednesday afternoon at
process of identifying the dead per- “Our first concern is identifica- spokesman Mike McFarland, ref- Odum Village, where an unidentified body was found earlier that day.
son, and that the next of kin would tion and next of kin.” erencing the fact that police had
have to be notified before details He added that police will likely no reason to believe there was an
are released. release details of the investigation ongoing threat to the campus com- want to assure you that there is no ate person.”
Police learned of the death by this morning. munity. danger to you and there is no ongo- A representative of the Odum
We d n e s d a y m o r n i n g , s a i d A short message about the death Odum Village Community ing threat either,” Demaree said in community office said the office
Department of Public Safety and subsequent investigation was Director Kim Demaree sent an the e-mail. had been asked not to comment
spokesman Randy Young. posted to UNC’s Alert Carolina e-mail to apartment tenants “As this is a tough subject, if you on the matter.
That morning, a mobile com- Web site at 11:46 a.m. Wednesday evening. would like to speak with a coun-
mand center, a fire department No Alert Carolina messages “Earlier today you may have seen selor, please call the RA on duty so Contact the University Editor
vehicle, a health and safety vehi- were e-mailed out to students or many police vehicles in Odum. I that we can route you the appropri- at

university | page 3 Research

facility to
Six of UNC’s fastest students
will square off against varsity
athletes for the title of
“Fastest Tar Heel on Campus”
at halftime of Saturday’s
use grant
spring football game.
to expand
Residents worry about
controversial location
By Upasana Kaku
STAFF Writer
A $14.5 million grant will soon allow UNC
to expand a rural Orange County research
facility that has drawn criticism for leaks of
treated wastewater and chemicals.
sports | page 11 Neighbors say they are worried about the
environmental and community impact of the
expansion to the Bingham Facility, where
REMARKABLE RACKETS UNC conducts animal research.
No. 1-ranked UNC beat Duke The National Institutes of Health grant,
received by UNC as part of the American
Wednesday afternoon in Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will cover
Durham, ending the Blue construction costs for two buildings, one to
house dogs used for hemophilia research and
Devils’ seven-match winning dth/BJ dworak the other to house pigs used to research car-
Frankie Jones stands in front of the Chatham County courthouse in downtown Pittsboro that caught fire on March 25. Jones is a waitress diovascular disease.
streak. Duke also had won 29 A third building, which will include labo-
at Virlie’s Grill in Pittsboro and has lived in Chatham County her whole life. Locals have felt the effects of the absence of the courthouse.
in a row at home prior to the ratory space, veterinary services and faculty

offices, will be funded by the University. It will
loss Wednesday. Area businesses remember icon cost roughly $7 million dollars, said Bruce
Runberg, associate vice chancellor for facili-
ties planning.
city | page 13 By Florence Bryan
Staff Writer Some neighbors have voiced concerns that

loss brings
PITTSBORO — Frankie Jones used to glance up at the court- the University will be unresponsive to their
HAITI’S HARDSHIPS house steeple’s clock every day to check the time. worries, which include traffic, noise pollution
Now, like scores of Pittsboro residents and business own- and water usage in regard to the new con-
Two local doctors and UNC struction.
ers, she misses the presence of their town’s centerpiece. The
alumni returned from a relief Those same residents have already

Chatham County Courthouse was severely damaged in a fire
late last month. expressed frustration at UNC’s slow response
trip to earthquake-ravaged to records requests concerning the planned
“I have looked at that clock 99,000 times as I was driving in
Haiti with new perspectives and out of town,” said Jones, a waitress at Virlie’s Grill who first expansions, as well as leaks of treated waste-
visited the historic building on a middle school field trip. “So water that reached Collins Creek.
on the disaster. The Haitian every time I look up, it startles me that the clock’s not there.” “With an expansion, there’s more potential

patients they treated To the town’s residents, the courthouse was more than a legal for mistakes,” said Laura Streitfeld, chair-
t will be a long time before the Chatham center. It was a childhood memory, an inspiration, a comforting woman of Preserve Rural Orange, a local
remained positive, they said. County Courthouse is fully restored and symbol of home. And now that it is gone, they are reflecting for advocacy group that has raised concerns
the first time upon what it meant. about the facility in the past.
functioning again. Every time Nan Baldauf, a 32-year resident of Chatham Streitfeld said the community was con-
this day in history In the aftermath of the fire, the county is County, returned home from out of town, she anticipated the cerned that a portion of the facility could be
sight of that courthouse steeple. built on wetlands.
APRIL 8, 1957 …
dealing with the loss of a historic building and “When you’re coming from anywhere, that’s the first thing “I’m happy for the people who benefit from
a key venue for hosting trials. you see when you come home,” said Baldauf, the manager of the research that is being done at UNC, but
Five starters and the coaches I’m not happy about the expansion,” said Cliff
Residents, business owners and the court Second Bloom Thrift Boutique.
Leath, a neighbor of the facility and member
of the national championship “You see the courthouse, especially the steeple. Now that that’s
system are coping with the lack of the of Preserve Rural Orange. “I can’t see any-
men’s basketball team are See COURTHOUSE, Page 4 thing good coming out of it for the neighbors
important building. at all.”
inducted into the Order of UNC plans to have designs finalized
the Golden Fleece.
Orange County courts pitch in for the expansion by summer or fall 2011.
See Bingham, Page 4
Today’s weather BY FLorence bryan
Staff WRiter
Orange Grove Road

Cane Creek
Wash away this Since its iconic courthouse caught fire two weeks ago, the Reservoir
pollen! Chatham County court system has tried to shield the already-
H 83, L 51 crowded Orange system from sharing the scheduling burden.
Renovations to an Orange County courtroom have limited
space in its courts, but worries that the loss of the neighboring
Friday’s weather county’s courthouse would add to the space crunch have proven
Quite comfortable unfounded. Bingham Facility: 54
The March 25 fire destroyed Chatham County’s main court- 1907 Orange Chapel
State Road 1956

H 68, L 44 room, which was used to try both criminal and civil superior Clover Garden Road
court cases. Orange County, which shares a court system with
Chatham, offered to provide space to try superior court cases,
index but the offer was not accepted, said James Stanford, the Orange Old Greensboro Road
police log ......................... 2 County clerk of superior court.
calendar ........................... 2 Today, court officials will meet with the Chatham County
sports . ............................. 11 manager’s office to discuss alternative, temporary courtroom dth/Stephen Mitchell
nation/world . ................ 13 venues like the Pittsboro Memorial Library. They said they think People wait in line outside the courthouse on Franklin Street
crossword ....................... 13 Wednesday morning. Orange County courts are overcrowded
opinion .......................... 14 See CROWDED, Page 4 since the large Mural Courtroom has closed for renovations. SOURCE: GOOGLE MAPS DTH/AMANDA PURSER
2 thursday, april 8, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

‘the garden is open’

The Daily Tar Heel DAILY
ta ke
dai l y
Established 1893
117 years of
editorial freedom Snuggie wearers set Guinness record
Andrew Dunn David

From staff and wire reports
EDITOR-in-chief Reynolds
SPORTS Editor ans at a Los Angeles Angels game Tuesday set a Guinness World Record
OFFICE HOURS: for “the largest gathering of people wearing fleece blankets.”
mon., wed. 2 p.m.
to 3 p.m. katy The team handed out free promotional Snuggies — fleece blankets with
Kellen moore Arts Editor
sleeves — to fans in an effort to fill stands for the team’s second game of the
Managing editor,
year. Although a final count hasn’t been compiled, about 43,510 were in attendance.
mkellen@email. Jarrard COle, “A new record has been set for sure, though I will have to review video and photo Will COOPER
multimedia and
evidence to come up with an exact count,” a Guinness adjudicator said to the Orange
Sara gregory photo co-EDITORs County Register.
Managing editor, dthphoto@gmail.
online com The Cleveland Cavaliers set the previous record earlier this year with 17,758 fleece-
gsara@email. jordan clad fans. lawrence
diversions editor
Andrew NOTED. More than 35 percent of adults QUOTED. “I read things on his Facebook
Harrell worldwide have seen a parent become verbally about how he had gone to Hot Springs one
Pressley Baird,
EDITOR Jennifer or physically abusive toward an official at a chil- night and was driving 95 mph home because
962-0372 Kessinger dren’s sporting event, according to a recent poll he was upset with a girl.” copy co-EDITORs by Reuters and Ipsos. — Denise New, whose 16-year-old son has
Sarah Frier Carter McCall Sixty percent of U.S. adults polled saw such sued her for harassment and asked for a no-
CITY EDITOR ONLINE EDITOR behavior, followed by 59 percent in India. contact order after she logged in to his Facebook
962-4209 cfmcall@email. Wealthier and more educated people were account and posted entries. New said she felt she Dth/will cooper

also more likely to have seen the behavior. had the right to monitor her son’s account.
Ariel uby Pardington, 7, shows off her illustration of the flow-
Zirulnick, Bennett, Anne
Tarini Parti Krisulewicz ers in the garden of sisters Bernice Wade and Barbara
STATE & NATIONAL design co-editors
co-EDITORs, 962-4103 Becca Brenner
Stiles, who live on Gimghoul Road. The sisters’ garden special sections was the setting for a Wednesday afternoon book reading and
Kristen Long EDITOr
today Military discussion: General Friday
graphics editor rbrenner@email. James Mattis, commander of the drawing event organized by the Kidzu Children’s Museum.
dthgraphics@ Law lecture: Mark P. McKenna, an U.S. Joint Forces Command, and Campus tours: Do you ever notice

➤ The Daily Tar Heel reports

associate professor of law at Notre
Dame Law School, will give a talk as
two military experts, James Gow
and Hew Strachan, will hold the
all those huge groups of kids, rang-
ing from lower school to high school Police log
any inaccurate information part of the Carolina Law Speakers panel discussion “Implications of age, being herded around campus? n   Somebody reported two and 8:50 a.m. Tuesday at 401 N.C.
published as soon as the error Series. McKenna teaches and writes War and Military Operations in Well, there will be a lot of them dogs in an unattended vehicle at 54, according to Carrboro police
is discovered. in the area of intellectual property the 21st Century.” It is part of a today. The UNC Visitors’ Center is 2:33 p.m. Tuesday at 1414 Raleigh reports.
and is recognized as a leading junior two-day conference, the remainder hosting a special “Super Day of Road, according to Chapel Hill The host told police she met a
➤ Corrections for front-page scholar in the trademark area. of which will be in Hyde Hall and Tours,” featuring free campus tours police reports. man on a chat line and invited him
errors will be printed on the McKenna has also written about requires registration by e-mailing on the hour, every hour. over to her apartment. When she
front page. Any other incorrect copyright, the right of publicity and This program Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. n   Someone was removing got out of the shower in the morn-
information will be corrected the intersection between various is co-sponsored by King’s College. Location: Morehead Planetarium money from unsecured wallets of ing, her guest was not there and
on page 3. Errors committed types of intellectual property and Time: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. UNC students at about 4:53 p.m. she was missing money from her
on the Opinion Page have cor- protection. Location: Tate-Turner-Kuralt Poverty issues: Jonathan Mayer, Tuesday at 120 S. Estes Drive, purse, reports state.
rections printed on that page. Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Building, Auditorium co-director of the undergradu- according to Chapel Hill police
Corrections also are noted in the Location: School of Law, Faculty ate public health program at the reports. n Someone stole a vehicle
online versions of our stories. Lounge 5069 Senior opportunity: If you’re University of Washington, will discuss The person stole $180 from one between 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.
➤ Contact Managing Editor a senior, you are hopefully look- “The Dual Burden of Disease in wallet and $80 from the other, Tuesday at 501 Jones Ferry Road,
Kellen Moore at mkellen@ Art lecture: Arthur S. Marks will ing forward to graduation. You are Slum Communities in Developing reports state. according to Carrboro police with issues about speak on “The Great Divide: North also probably worried about what Countries.” reports.
this policy. Versus South in the Netherlands.” you are going to do after that big Time: Noon to 1 p.m. n  Someone broke into an apart-
The northern provinces of the day. If so, come out to this senior Location: McGavran-Greenberg ment and stole items between n  A disturbance was reported
Mail: P.O. Box 3257, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 Netherlands were Protestant and of networking night and connect with Building, Room 1301 8 p.m. Monday and 1:15 a.m. at the Kangaroo service station at
Office: Suite 2409 Carolina Union bourgeois society, while the southern alumni from New York City, Atlanta, Tuesday at 200 N.C. 54, according 10:26 p.m Tuesday at 500 Jones
Andrew Dunn, Editor-in-Chief, 962-4086 provinces remained allied with the Washington, D.C., Charlotte or the to Carrboro police reports. Ferry Road, according to Carrboro
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 Triangle. Appetizers will be provided,
Church of Rome and aristocracy. To make a calendar submission, Officers did not find any forced police reports.
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245
Marks will comment on the art in and a cash bar is available. Please e-mail entry on the door or windows and The complainant said a white
One copy per person; additional copies may be these two regions and how greatly it register for free at Events will be published in the advised the residents to change the female was yelling at custom-
purchased at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each.
reflects these regional distinctions. GAA members will receive a free newspaper on either the day or the locks on the door, reports state. ers. After police questioning, the
Please report suspicious activity at our
distribution racks by e-mailing Time: 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. “welcome to the city” packet. day before they take place. woman said she was upset because
Location: George Watts Hill Alumni Time: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Submissions must be sent in by n   A house guest stole $600 the store would not sell her pop-
© 2010 DTH Publishing Corp. noon the preceding publication date.
All rights reserved Center Location: Top of the Hill, Back Bar from his host between 7:30 a.m. corn, reports state.

Duke Performances
in durham, at duke, the modern comes home. PROCRASTINATORS

d ay
s at



737, 739 and 741 Edwards Street:

4BR’s with 3.5 bathrooms and decks on each unit are $1800

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3BR to 8BR units from $1,700 to $3,400

quartet Mill Creek:

2BR’s are $1,100-$1,200
4BR’s are $2,000
(includes: water and one parking pass per bedroom)
the world premiere Stonecrop:
of maria schneider's Only 4BR units remaining
at $2,600
quartet no. 1 (includes: water, electric, basic cable and internet)
saturday, april 10 · 8 pm
page auditorium · duke university The Retreat:
2BR’s are $1,100
In ResIdence apRIl 8-10 (includes: water, basic cable and internet)
For Full residency schedule

unc-ch *$1,000 OFF per unit, not per person

discount students
every show, all season. take advantage.

Sales, Rentals and Management

For more information call 968-7226
or go to

Sign a lease by April 15th and each roommate receives $100 gift certificate to the Carolina Brewery or Top of the Hill!
The Daily Tar Heel Top News thursday, april 8, 2010 3

UNC alum’s film part of Full Frame

Campus briefs
Triangle area researchers
team up to win NIH grant
Researchers from UNC, Duke
University and N.C. State University
have collaborated to arrange more
Mixes fiction and documentary styles Rodrigo
Time: 4:40 p.m. today
that I took on my trip made it into
“Generation Exile.”
powerful clinical trials for cancer used footage Location: Durham Convention DTH: How does it feel to
patients. By Mark Sabb take me to see films that I shouldn’t from a trip to Center, 201 Foster St. have your movie premiered at the
The research, aimed at provid-
Staff Writer have seen as a little kid; they were Morocco in his Info: Full Frame Documentary Film
Rodrigo Dorfman, an inde- really adult films. They were art
ing better and more personal- "Generation Festival?
pendent filmmaker and UNC movies from Europe that really
ized therapies to cancer patients, Exile" film.
recently received a five-year, $12.5
alumnus, will present his film shaped me as a little person. The first been a screen writer for 12 years, and Dorfman: It’s great to finally
“Generation Exile” at the Full time I felt the power of the moving as a filmmaker I have made already be able to go to the next stage, which
million grant from the National
Frame Documentary Film Festival image was when I was working in was a short. It was about under con- four features in the past three years. is to show it in public and actually
Cancer Institute.
The project, titled “Statistical
today in Durham. The filmmaker
describes his style as ‘fictionary,’
Chile, under the dictatorship, with
an underground news gathering
nected children and what happens to
under connected children in North
DTH: Was UNC pivotal in see it have an effect, that’s the whole
point. On one level you make films
Methods for Cancer Clinical Trials,” shaping you as a filmmaker?
mixing fictional story-telling agency that was filming the uncen- Carolina. It was very poetic, very for yourself but then you’ve done
is one of the largest of its kind to be Dorfman: I got my master’s that, and you later show it to people
with elements usually found in sored reality and lives of the Chilean beautiful and it went around the
given a grant by the institute. in journalism at UNC in multime- so others can bathe in those images
documentaries. We sat down with people under the dictatorship. world. After that, I slowly started
Michael Kosorok, a professor in dia, and that’s where I learned my and the feeling. Hopefully the next
Dorfman to discuss his experience working my way up, and I guess I
the Gillings School of Global Public
as a filmmaker.
DTH: When did you get seri- truly started becoming serious when craft. This is really and truly where stage after that is distribution and
Health, is one of the project’s three ous about filmmaking? my career took off after I finished then after that you move on.
I bought my first real digital camera
principal investigators. The other DTH: What were some of your Dorfman: My first film was that was good enough to withhold that amazing program that allowed
two are from N.C. State and Duke. early experiences with films? me to go to Morocco with a scholar-
called “My House is on Fire.” I did scrutiny. You become a professional Contact the Arts Editor
Dorfman: My father used to that in 1997 with my father, and it when you have professional tools. I’ve ship and film. A lot of my footage at
Two UNC computer science
professors awarded for work
Two computer scientists at the
University have been awarded
for their virtual reality research
by the Institute of Electrical and
Electronic Engineers Computer
Society, the world’s leading organi-
zation of computing professionals.

Computer science professor
Frederick Brooks Jr. won the 2010
Virtual Reality Career Award,
which honors his lifetime contri-
butions to virtual reality research
and practice.
Professor Ming C. Lin received
the 2010 Virtual Reality Technical
Achievement Award for her
achievements in virtual and aug-
mented reality. Thrift stores see
Student Congress elects new business uptick
officers during 92nd session
Student Congress elected new By Olivia Barrow
Staff writer
officers in its first full body of the
92nd session Wednesday. Even when the economy tanks,
Deanna Santoro was elected some things never change: local
speaker in an uncontested race. teens still need to look fabulous on
Santoro, who was a representative prom night.
during the last session, has also “It provides an opportunity for
served as speaker pro tem and as us to be a little vain and splurge a
the rules and judiciary committee little bit, but it’s one of those occa-
chairwoman. sions when that’s OK,” Chapel Hill
Student Congress member Alex High School senior Sarah Sullivan
Mills was elected speaker pro tem said in an e-mail.
after an initial tie vote with represen- But while looking awesome is
tative Adam Jutha. After a second a must, breaking the bank is not.
vote, Mills defeated Jutha 16 to 11. Four local thrift and consignment
The following committee lead- stores say they’ve seen business
ers were also elected: uptick since the recession. And
n  Finance committee: Chelsea sales of affordable prom dresses
Miller has been part of that.
n  Rules and judiciary commit- “There’s a general shift in the
tee: Adam Jutha way people think about how they
n  Student activities committee: use their money,” said Lesleigh
McKinney Brown Cooper, owner of The Stock
n  Ethics committee: Keith Lee Exchange consignment boutique.
“Basically, we’re in the business of
city briefs Annie Jackson, owner of Time
German students visiting after Time Vintage Thrift shop,
Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools said she sells more than 100 prom
dresses each prom season, but not
Seventeen students and just to teenage girls.
two teachers from the Ohm- “We can service all proms … seri-
Gymnasium in Erlangen, Germany, ous prom people, tacky prom people,
are spending three weeks in Chapel elderly prom people,” Jackson said.”
Hill at Chapel Hill and Carrboro Cooper said she has seen business
high schools. improve since the recession began.
The German students, who are Both Refinements and Time
living with students of the two high after Time Vintage Thrift in
schools, have met the mayor of Chapel Hill and My Secret Closet
Chapel Hill and toured the police in Hillsborough also sell prom and
and fire departments and UNC. dth/PHONG DINH cocktail dresses.

Today the group will tour the Gabe Blanchard, a senior at East
Governor’s Mansion and various ophomore Mak Karigan sprints Wednesday after- halftime of the spring football game on national television Chapel Hill High School, will wear
museums. And on Tuesday, the noon at the preliminaries of the Fastest Tar Heel Saturday. Karigan, like many who came to Wednesday's the tuxedo his parents bought for
Germans faced off against the him for last year’s Thanksgiving
American students in a soccer
on Campus competition. The event challenges stu- preliminaries, trained for the event. He finished second dance this year, cutting his prom
match. dents from all over campus to run the fastest 40 meters. for the men with a time of 4.52 seconds. Freshman Jamal costs to about $100.
The American students and The six finalists, three males and three females, will race Brazan took first place at 4.5 seconds, and sophomore “I would say I’m definitely cut-
their teachers, Marilyn Metzler ting back,” Blanchard said.
and Patrick Bradshaw, will travel to against some of the quickest UNC varsity athletes at Holly Zoeller took first for the women at 5.25 seconds. His girlfriend, Sullivan, said her
Germany in June for three weeks. total cost was about $420 — and
The exchange has taken place she paid for it with birthday money

Alternative high school brings success

every other year since 2000 and from both of her parents.
is conducted under the German Allyson Ropp, from Carrboro
American Partnership Program. High School, aims to save money
this year. She will spend between
Downtown road race could
cause Saturday traffic delays
Students thrive at Phoenix Academy $40 and $100 at prom this week-
end, since she is borrowing her
dress from family and is going out
Motorists navigating downtown By Seth crawford focus on each of the 43 students’ to dinner with friends.
Chapel Hill and the UNC campus Staff writer specific needs. “I’m not going to go out and
should expect traffic delays from Out of the ashes of failed “We are tying to live up to the spend a ridiculous amount on a
7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday due attempts to succeed in the tradi- alternative model by just being cre- dress that I’m only going to wear
to the Wachovia Tar Heel Ten Miler, tional high school setting, some ative, thinking outside the box, just once,” Lindsay Savelli, a senior at
a road race designed to showcase students have found another chan- saying there is no box,” she said. “If Chapel Hill High School.
the local communities. nel for success at the alternative I can get you to walk through those Knowing that many girls only
More than 2,000 runners will high school Phoenix Academy. doors every day, I’ll find a way out- wear their dresses once, UNC’s
participate in the race, which is Starting in a one-room trailer 12 side the box to really find success.” Kaleidoscope magazine stepped
sponsored by Endurance Magazine, years ago, Phoenix Academy grew Mattocks said the Chapel Hill- in to help recycle those dresses by
t h e C h a p e l Hi l l D o w n t o w n every year until it became an offi- Carrboro City Schools Board of organizing the Cinderella Project
Partnership, Fleet Feet Sports and cial high school in July 2009. Education has been supportive of at UNC.
the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA. And with the end of its first the school throughout its first offi- Lauren Hafezi, a spokeswom-
The event benefits the local school year a few months away, cial year. After a visit of the school an for Kaleidoscope, created and
YMCA’s “We Build People” cam- the school can reflect on its accom- in the fall, board member Joe implemented the project, which col-
paign. plishment — the creation of an Green said he left impressed. lected more than 50 dresses for girls
individualized, more intimate set- “It has extremely capable teach- at Southern High School in Durham
ting that makes college an option ers,” he said. “I kind of left with the who could not afford one.
state briefs for students who might not have impression that it had the feel of a
dth/Helen Woolard
T’kara Watson is a senior at Phoenix Academy High School on Merritt The predominately minority
3 community colleges get been able to graduate at a tradi- small private or charter school.” Mill Road. The high school became an official high school in June 2009. and lower-income population at
money from U.S. government tional school. Some students said they are Southern made it a good candidate
Former Orange High School responding well to the school’s Chapel Hill High School and get- after dropping out, Glenn takes for the program.
Three N.C. community colleges Assistant Principal L averne emphasis on smaller, more hands- ting caught up in the wrong crowd lower levels of certain classes in “It’s one of those expenses that
are receiving almost $11 million Mattocks was named as the school’s on classrooms. at Carrboro High School. addition to his regular classes to can definitely be reduced,” she said.
from the federal government to first formal principal and said most Senior T’kara Watson said she He said he knew he needed to get make up the credits. “You wear a dress one time, and it’s
train students in the health informa- of the students are happy the acad- learns better with more intimate his diploma but wouldn’t be able to After he graduates, Glenn plans nice to give it another life.”
tion technology field, The (Raleigh) emy is an official high school. classroom setting. She also said the do it at a traditional high school. to go to Alamance Community Whether your budget is $50 or
News & Observer reported. “They take pride in that. They school’s small size creates a bond Glenn said he knew Phoenix was College and major in auto mechan- $500, prom must go on.
Pitt Community College, Central feel legitimized,” Mattocks said. between the students and teach- the only way he could make it. ics, something he said he wouldn’t “The prom itself isn’t actu-
Piedmont Community College and “Now they’re like, ‘We’re a high ers. “People ain’t talking all the way have the opportunity to do if it ally what’s exciting; it’s more get-
Catawba Valley Community College school.'” “It’s like a family now,” Watson around the room,” said Glenn, who weren’t for Phoenix Academy. ting dressed up, taking pictures,
are part of a group of 21 schools The students have even begun said. “There’s arguing, but there’s plans to graduate in June with six “It’s a good school,” Glenn said. and going out with your friends,”
nationwide to train thousands of pushing the school to make school no fighting. It’s just a big family.” other seniors. “You can ask more “Ain’t nothing bad about it.” Sullivan said.
people in six months or less. T-shirts, she said. Senior Antonio Glenn said he questions, concentrate and focus
Since becoming principal, she dropped out of school in 2007 after on the lessons.” Contact the City Editor Contact the City Editor
- From staff and wire reports. said she has had to find ways to getting lost in the crowd at East To make up classes he missed at at
4 thursday, april 8, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

Man exonerated from CROWDED Courtroom, have already left that Despite crowding in Orange,
system in a bind, Stanford said. assistant district attorneys have
from page 1
The inability to hold trials in that gone to Chatham County to help out
solutions like this could help them courtroom, which holds about 250 with a particularly busy week when

death row speaks out

avoid adding additional case loads people, has put an extra burden on the county reviews older DWI cases
to an already overcrowded Orange Orange County courts. to dispose of unnecessary ones.
County court system. He said the county would be able These cases require months of
Renovations to the library could to offer space sporadically at best. preparation by district attorneys,
begin as early as August, said Jim “We would of course be more all of which was lost in the blaze.
Woodall, the district attorney of than happy to accommodate them,” Orange County district attor-
Event advocates against death penalty aware of the Racial Justice Act in
hopes that they will get involved Chatham and Orange counties. Stanford said. “Our problem is neys handled routine cases while
in such legislation and remain “All that’s tentative because they’ve we’re already pressed for space.” their Chatham County colleagues
By Jessica marker white females. engaged. The next cause the got to make sure they have enough Chapel Hill attorney Elliot regathered information.
STAFF Writer Speakers included UNC pro- coalition is pursuing is prohibit- money,” he said. Brady said he comes to the Orange “We believe that we’ve got this
Facing the charge of first-degree fessors Frank Baumgartner and ing the execution of the mentally In the meantime, a makeshift County district courthouse on planned out,” he said. “Everybody’s
murder, Edward Chapman was Isaac Unah. Edward Chapman ill, Collins said. courtroom has been set up in the Franklin Street nearly every week worked together, cooperated.
exonerated from North Carolina’s was present to share his story as Thompson said 75 percent of Agriculture Auditorium located in but has never encountered such “Chatham County court’s going
death row in 2007. an innocent man on death row for all wrongful convictions are due the courthouse annex across the overcrowded conditions. to be in Chatham County.”
Three years later, Chapman 15 years. to false eyewitness identification street. “This is the most crowded as I’ve
can be found advocating against Jennifer Thompson spoke of her claims. Renovations to Orange County’s ever seen it,” he said. “At least twice Contact the City Editor
the death penalty along with the experience as a rape victim who In her case, DNA evidence was main courtroom, the Mural as many people as I’ve ever seen.” at
North Carolina Coalition for a falsely accused Ronald Cotton for able to exonerate Cotton and iden-
Moratorium and the Campaign to
End the Death Penalty.
the rape, which she later turned
into a book with Cotton called
tify the culprit, but she said most
falsely accused persons are not
BINGHAM University administrators said
they want to take steps to lessen COURTHOUSE
from page 1 from page 1
On Wednesday night, several “Picking Cotton.” Thompson said as lucky, as DNA evidence is not the impact of the expansion to the
activists and scholars against the she and Cotton, who served about always available. Construction is scheduled to be facility. gone, I really miss it.”
death penalty gathered in the 11 years in prison after being false- completed by mid-2013.
Chapman said the state is reim- They have already taken steps to Many artists and photographers
Sonja Haynes Stone Center for ly accused, are both victims of a bursing him for his imprisonment After construction is complet- communicate better with residents visited Pittsboro to create artwork
Black Culture and History for a flawed system. by paying him $50,000 for each ofed on these three buildings, the by appointing Lowman and other with the image of the courthouse,
panel discussion exploring the “Picking Cotton” is the true the 15 years was incarcerated. University might consider one final administrators to focus specifically Jones said.
role of race in the death penalty story of the friendship that devel- Although he refers to some ofbuilding to centralize utilities and on the facility, its operations and “Much like the Cape Hatteras
and North Carolina’s passage of oped between Thompson and the inmates he spent time with asmake electricity use more efficient, repairs. Lighthouse and some of the other
the Racial Justice Act. Cotton and will be the 2010 sum- family, Chapman said no amount ofsaid Bob Lowman, associate vice “We want to have as little impact iconic symbols of the state, the
The act’s purpose is to make jus- mer reading book for incoming money can make up for time lost. chancellor for research. on the environment as possible,” Chatham County Courthouse was
tice colorblind and was passed due UNC students. “You can’t give back 15 years of But UNC doesn’t know yet Lowman said. the main symbol of the county and
to findings that the death penalty is Jeremy Collins, director of the life,” he said. whether it has the money to build Runberg said the University Pittsboro,” said Tommy Edwards,
given at a disproportionately high North Carolina Coalition for a it. Existing buildings might also would focus on planning viable owner of Red Gate Music, Art &
rate to black males in the South, Moratorium, said the purpose Contact the University Editor see renovations and additions in wastewater systems and making Antiques.
especially when the victims are of the event was to make people at the future. utilities — especially water — sus- Edwards attended a series of
The National Institutes of tainable through initiatives like lectures sponsored by a historical
Health did not respond to mes- water reclamation. association at the courthouse and
sages Wednesday asking if leaks of “I think we have the financial played with his band, The Bluegrass
treated wastewater at the Bingham capability to do things right out Experience, at political gatherings
Facility since October had any there,” Lowman said. in the courtroom, he said.
I would definitely recommend that graduate affect on deciding how to award Administrators also said that “A building like that has so many
students avail themselves of Maymester. It’s a grant money. Lowman added he while they haven’t yet received a various meanings to so many dif-
good opportunity for graduate students to reduce doesn’t think recent problems with significant response from the com- ferent people,” Edwards said. “It
their course load (during the semester) and be wastewater and chemical leakages munity, they plan to hold the sec- might be where you got your mar-
would affect construction. ond in a series of town hall meet- riage license or where you looked
able to take fewer classes while teaching a class. “Because of the violations and ings next month to allow neighbors at the plan of your new home or
I enjoyed the course intensity. Instead of citations we’ve been issued, we are to express their concerns. something like that.”
spreading a book throughout an entire semester, legally obligated to fix the system The fire also impacted the
we were able to discuss a chapter or two a day. whether we build any new build- Contact the University Editor younger generation of Pittsboro.
ings or not,” Lowman said. at “It’s amazing. I can get on
Christin Mulligan is a Facebook and see all these people
graduate student in English The story so far who have got default pictures of the
courthouse before it burned down,”
Nov. 18, 2009: A leak of treated connects with Jordan Lake.
said 21-year-old Travis Squires, wastewater is detected at UNC’s Feb. 19, 2010: UNC reports a who wrote a report on the court-
Bingham Facility. A liner breach in a break in a distribution line the pre- house in the eighth grade.
storage pond results in 630 gallons vious day that resulted in roughly Last Saturday, several bands
being spilled. 1,800 gallons of treated wastewa- from the town performed down-
Dec. 14, 2009: UNC assures ter being spilled. town at a festival, called Pittsboro
neighbors of the facility and other Feb. 23, 2010: University admin- Rising, to honor the city and county
Orange County residents that none istrators hold another town hall officials as well as emergency work-
of the treated wastewater reached meeting to answer questions from ers who responded to the court-
Collins Creek. concerned neighbors and resi- house fire. Attendees were encour-
Dec. 18, 2009: The N.C. dents. Bob Lowman, the associate aged to visit downtown shops and
Department of Environment and vice chancellor for research who restaurants.
Natural Resources issues UNC a Chancellor Holden Thorp asked “It was our way of saying, ‘We’re
notice of violation for the leak after to oversee work at the Bingham not done yet. We’re going to make
state inspectors visited the site and Facility, meets with residents at the it,’” Edwards said.
found that wastewater did make it meeting. Business owners who relied on the
to Collins Creek, which eventually courthouse for drawing tourists are
still holding their breath for things
to pick up again. The traffic circle
around the courthouse in the center
of town still hasn’t reopened.
The proximity of the restaurant
to the courthouse was a significant
factor when Chris Pratt, the owner of
Virlie’s Grill, decided to buy a restau-
rant on Hillsboro Street, he said.
“A lot of people who came to
town took the time to go visit it,
walk around it and, of course,
some of those people ate with us,”
he said. “We took it for granted —
being right here in the shade of it.”
Downtown shops and restau-
rants were, by and large, spared
from permanent damage.
“Other than the smoky smell
which lasted a couple days, we
didn’t have any damage other than
a couple hundred dollars worth
of cleaning labor and the loss of
a Thursday night, which is a big
night for us,” Pratt said.
But the logistical difficulties the
fire has caused are still impacting
Restaurants might lose money
without the lunchtime traffic of
courthouse employees, Edwards
James Henry Shook, the owner
of J. Henry Paint & Hardware, has
noticed less traffic coming from
north of Pittsboro, particularly
from Chapel Hill. That means
fewer customers.
“It’s just another inconvenience,”

THE STRENGTH Shook said. “It may encourage them

to stop a little further north.”

Town residents are hopeful that
the county commissioners will
uphold their promise to rebuild

learn lessons in courage. the courthouse, Jones said.

But so far, there’s no timeline
for that.
“Rebuilding it is going to be the
best bet,” she said. “I think it will
continue to stand. I mean, it’s stood
for over 100 years.”
The pride you’ll feel in being a doctor increases
dramatically when you care for our Soldiers and their Contact the City Editor
Families. Courage is contagious. Our Health Professions at
Scholarship Program (HPSP) helps you reach your goal by
providing full tuition, money towards books and lab fees, a
$20,000 sign-on bonus, plus a monthly stipend of $1,992.
N.C. 15-501

To learn more about the U.S. Army Health Care Team,

call a Health Care Recruiter at 919-872-3357, email, or visit Pittsboro
N.C. 64

Chatham County
500 feet

©2009. Paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved. SOURCE: GOOGLE MAPS
page 5 thursday, april 8, 2010

Dive party viii

Local music rocks, and Dive’s about to prove it to you. On Friday, we WHEN: Friday *Official
present our eighth Dive Party. This time we give you a solo set from TIME: 9:30 p.m. Triangle
Red Collar frontman Jason Kutchma, Durham garage outfit The Dirty WHERE: Local 506
Little Heaters, hip-hop-jazz fusion band The Beast and folk-minded listening event
PRICE: Free! for MGMT’s
rock act Luego. Friday will also be a listening event for the new MGMT
album due next week. We’ll have giveaways including advance copies new album,
of the new disc. To prepare for the fun, Dive’s Linnie Greene and Jordan DTH ONLINE: Go online to to check out
Lawrence gave each band a questionnaire. The answers are below. videos of each band live.

1. What is the best non-musical asset you bring to be your power?

the Dive Party? And so Luego turned into a superhero with the pow-
A passionate determination to satisfy. We just want er of the eternal hang.
you to feel good. It was cast forth throughout the land allowing the
2. If you were stranded on a deserted island with power hungry to enjoy life, and we all lived happily ever
Chuck Norris, how would you survive? after.
Is Nuck Chorris still funny? Time travel would be pretty sweet as well.
Was switching letters in words to make funny sound- 6. Which summer blockbuster are you looking for-
ing words ever funny? ward to most this year?
Maybe only in the case of Will Graves. Who has time for movies? Go play outside.
I’m talking about you Grill Waves. Do something.
3. With which “Jersey Shore” character do you most Enjoy life.
identify? Why? 7. How awesome is this semester’s Dive Party going
Any of the dudes on the show, because they are all to be?
juicers, just like Luego. It’ll be like Snookie enjoying a Coke, watching “Toy
Juicers to the max. Story 3” in 3D, on a date with Grill Waves ... and they’re
4. Pepsi or Coke? Why? Coke, duh. both invisible.
5. If you/your band were a superhero, what would Best night ever! dth Photo illustration by jordan lawrence

1. What is the best non-musical asset you bring to 5. If you/your band were a superhero, what would
the Dive Party? be your power?
Our dashing good looks. The power cosmic.
2. If you were stranded on a deserted island with 6. Which summer blockbuster are you looking for-
Chuck Norris, how would you survive? ward to most this year?
Get him to lead us to Jacob (anybody watch It’s the summer of the sequels.
Lost?) We’ve got our hearts set on “Sex in the City 2,” and
3. With which “Jersey Shore” character do you most “Twilight 3” and “Shrek 4.”
identify? Why? 7. How awesome is this semester’s Dive Party going
What’s Jersey Shore? to be?
4. Pepsi or Coke? Why? Neither. Sunny D! So awesome, you’ll wish you had to pay.

dth Photo illustration by joseph chapman

1. What is the best non-musical The people standing on the glory with none of the abysmal hard
asset you bring to the Dive Party? boardwalk, heads cocked at the work. Why? Just how we roll.
Dirty Little Heater’s tagline: house inhabitants’ strange behavior, 6. Which summer blockbuster
Pound for pound, the heaviest band as others watch our band’s strange are you looking forward to most
in town. behavior. Why? Just how we roll. this year?
2. If you were stranded on a 4. Pepsi or Coke? Why? Dirty Little Heater’s remake “Kiss
deserted island with Chuck Norris, Pepsi is good for a sip or two, like Meets Phantom of the Park.” Why?
how would you survive? a seasoned prostitute. Coke is the Such a brilliant movie, how could it
Certainly to eat fear for breakfast marriage material, or the one for go wrong. Right Kiss?
and roundhouse kick a bitch for whom you buy breakfast and won- 7. How awesome is this semester’s
lunch. Dinner: delicious wild boar der what could have been. Dive Party going to be?
with a blackberry reduction. 5. If you/your band were a super- Somewhere between Pepsi and
3. With which Jersey Shore char- hero, what would be your power? Coke, without Pepsi’s wretched
dth Photo illustration by jordan lawrence
acter do you most identify? Why? The power to get all the coveted crotch pox.

1. What is the best non-musical asset you bring to trouble quitting your job? Red Collar ... TO THE
the Dive Party? RESCUE!”
Heartache. 5. Which summer blockbuster are you looking for-
2. With which Jersey Shore character do you most ward to most this year?
identify? Why? I just saw the ad for “Kick-Ass.” It’s not a “summer
I identify with Pauly Shore. In a high humidity cli- blockbuster,” but mark my words, it will be a blockbust-
mate, I can’t do anything with my hair. er still playing during the summer. Mark. My. Words.
3. Pepsi or Coke? Why? 6. How awesome is this semester’s Dive Party going
Neither. Ginger Ale. Why? The Mustaine. Buy me to be?
one at the 506. I’ll explain. Very awesome. But bittersweet. I hate to see the se-
4. If you/your band were a superhero, what would niors leave, though I’m sure you’re anxious to get out
be your power? of here and get on with your big and bright futures.
We’d have the power of Unemployment. “Having You’ve been very good to us, and I’m grateful.
dth/Photo illustration by jordan lawrence

online | Check Em’ Yourself profile music movies Q&A

Hear tunes by the Dive Party line-up. SMELLS LIKE BACON MANAGING JUST FINE RELEASE THE KRAKEN SNIDE REMARKS Rock outfit In the Year of the Pig MGMT is back with its much Dive takes a look at “Clash of Industry veteran Todd Snider
blends noisy rock with jam band anticipated sophomore the Titans,” a remake of a 1981 dishes about life on the road
sensibility, and it’s a good — if release, just in time for Dive’s film about angry gods duking it and writing alt-country in the age unusual —combination. listening party Friday night. out for power. when grunge was king. PAGE 9 PAGE 8 PAGE 7 PAGE 10
6 thursday, april 8, 2010 The Daily Tar Heel

bA r b A b b l E

Monday Sunday-Thursday
12 oz. Margarita All dips 50% off
(rocks, lime only) at the bar
(formerly El Rodeo)
Wednesday & Thursday
Tuesday 16 oz. DRAFT BEER:
Students get 10% off their food! (with OneCard) Domestic: $1.40
BUCKETS OF 6 CORONITAS @ $6 EVERY DAY! Mexican beer bottles $1.99
Domestic beer bottles $1.50 Imported: $1.90
Check out the Calendar on our website for other specials Microbrews: $2.30

SUNDAY Strip Down

Everything 1/2 Off! $3 Cover
Old School Video Game Night THURSDAY
Various Draft Specials & Board Games $8 Domestic Pitchers
Never a Cover Monday-Saturday! Tea and Trivia • $3 LITS
DJ Night
Karaoke • $6 Rude Earle Pitchers Great Specials!
149 ⁄2 E. Franklin St. | 919.960.8685 • • Home of the Perfect Pint!

Alvin Ailey American

Dance Theater
APR 10/11

Compañía Nacional
de Danza
APR 17/18

Baaba Maal
APR 27
Order tickets online or at the Box Office, (919) 843-3333 M–F 10am – 6pm
The Daily Tar Heel Diversions thursday, april 8, 2010 7
movieshorts easter tuesday
Clash of The titans action for action’s sake, one actor the fall of alpinists from the clutch- The Last Song
steps up for a truly exemplary es of fame to the brink of despera-
turn. tion.
Ralph Fiennes, possibly the Director Philipp Stölzl’s movie In “The Last Song,” Miley Cyrus’s
only actor in the known universe depicts the 1936 attempt by Ronnie Miller is a gifted musician
not simply awed into submission esteemed German climbers Andreas who’s been accepted to Juilliard.
by Neeson’s Zeus, plays Hades ‘Andi’ Hinterstoisser (Florian Lukas) That’s right: this is the kind of
with demonic evil, communicated and Toni Kurz (Benno Fürmann) to film where the girl who brought
easily by his charismatic, devious be the first to conquer the north face us “Party in the U.S.A.” can go to
demeanor — although admittedly of Switzerland’s Eiger mountain. one of the most prestigious musical
the latter gets a little help from CGI The two leads portray different institutions in the country.
that transforms him into a smok- approaches to life and climbing; Despite her talents, Ronnie is
ing cinder cone monstrosity. Hinterstoisser’s enthusiastic ideal- a rebellious teen with a troubled
Many will not like this “Clash ism contrasts against Kurz’s cau- past. We know this because she has
of the Titans.” Some will com- tious realism. a nose stud and wears black boots
plain that the film is all special On the night before their depar- while walking on the beach. Her
effects. But this isn’t the ’80s, and ture, the camera moves between mother has sent Ronnie and her
Hollywood knows that if it ain’t Hinterstoisser boisterously drinking brother to stay with their estranged
broke, don’t fix it — unless you can in a lodge and Kurz sternly scoping father (Greg Kinnear) for the sum-
charge more for it. out the mountain in a rainstorm. mer at his beachside house. As the
For those looking for a jolt of The early part of the film is pleas- three try to rekindle their relation-
thundering, adventurous fun, antly spent showing the climbers’ ship, Ronnie meets the perpetu-
“Clash of the Titans” is certainly spectacular feats as they traverse ally shirtless local heartthrob Will
up to the task. peaks and ice fields with nothing (Liam Hemsworth), and the two
One could philosophically but ropes and hooks. The movie fall for each other.
discuss Aristotle’s definition of -Robert Turner Story thrives on its ability to depict the The actors in this execrable
“catharsis” and its implications Dth/Joseph Chapman

harshness of descending a moun- movie deliver every line as if it’s
for “Clash of the Titans”, but let’s NORDWAND tain in extreme weather. being read straight from the script, rolific producer and talented rocker Mitch Easter plays
be real: There are only one or two Stölzl successfully combines almost to the point that you worry
reasons you went to — or want to major catastrophic images with they will accidentally read the
at Local 506 on Tuesday. Citay and Birds of Avalon also
see — this movie. close shots of technical failures, blocking. And while the relation- played. Easter co-produced R.E.M.’s first two albums
One of them is that you saw and including carabiners gradually ships in teen romance films rarely and has worked with Pavement and Velvet Crush. Despite his
are a fan of the 1981 version. Well, falling out of place and straining resemble reality, Will’s courtship of
“Clash” director Louis Leterrier, ropes. Ronnie is particularly laughable.
prominence, the show was painfully unattended.
famous for “Transporter,” is a child- When Kurz drops a glove during It’s a montage of glances of smol-
hood fan of the original. Loyal fans an avalanche, revealing his frost- dering intensity, bad pop songs and
even get a mechanical-owl-shaped bitten hand, the audience feels an Will’s grin, which is so toothy it
reincarnation’s of the original’s empathetic chill. would make Jimmy Carter flinch.
Bobo. While the events are occurring Despite bad acting, romantic cli-
But remakes are never the same on the mountain, Kurz’s love inter- chés and several unnecessary sub-
as the original, right? est, photojournalist Luise Fellner plots, the biggest insult is the film’s
In fact, the only really believable (Johanna Wokalek), and her cynical final act. It’s a shameless attempt
reason you’d want to see “Clash of boss cover the climb. Her relation- to pull at the viewers’ heartstrings
the Titans” is: ship with Kurz is unfounded and and make them forget that the rest
n  For its 3D-epic awesomeness. hardly inspiring, and it takes away of the movie is an extended assault
n  For Liam Neeson’s line as from her story line as a journalist on cinema.
Zeus: “Release the Kraken.” whose personal and professional “The Last Song” is the perfect
n  For the Kraken itself and interests are in conflict. movie for 13-year-old girls and
other stunning visuals. Despite these distractions, “North those who have recently suffered
And people who go in with Face” peers into the harsh realities severe brain trauma and prefer
this expectation will find plenty of a climbing expedition gone awry, their plots spoon-fed to them.
to enjoy. From the awe-inspiring The German film “Nordwand” allowing the audience to feel the Unfortunately, I doubt this will
monsters to the thundering, golden (translated into English as “North bitter winds and disappointments be the last song or the last film for
Zeus, “Clash” is filled with action- Face”) extends beyond a simple of the Alps. Miley Cyrus.
packed popcorn pleasure. recapitulation of history and shows
But while this is an exercise in -Lyle Kendrick -Mark Niegelsky

Album from the Vaults:
Foo Fighters, The Colour and the
Shape: Leave it to Dave Grohl to rise
like a phoenix from Nirvana’s leg-
endary ashes. On this 1997 release,
the frontman leads the band
through a maze of arena-ready,
punk-infused ‘90s rock.
Movie from the Vaults: Fall 2010
Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement
“Elizabeth”: It’s a well-known fact
that period pieces are dry and
boring. Wait. They’re not? Enter

For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Elizabeth, Shekhar Kapur’s 1998
intriguing epic about the life of
the famous queen starring Cate
Gray Young
Nightlight | Gray Young boasts sear-
ing, anthemic pop-rock like a battle
scar, and how could you blame the
band? With its twisting, writhing
instrumentals, the group never
strays from the potent emotional
core of its songs. Gross Ghost and
True Womanhood open. 9:30 p.m.
Blag’ard $361.50 will
be billed to
Reservoir | If its incendiary licks
aren’t enough to entice you,
Blag’ard’s fierce lyrics and unapolo-

your fall
getic rock ‘n’ roll should be a good
incentive to check out this local
outfit live. Enoch and The Matt Kurz
One open.10 p.m., FREE
The Pinhook | It’s the juxtaposi-
Do you already have health insurance?
tion of mellow guitars and Josh
Kimbrough’s biting lyrics that
makes Butterflies so interesting
You must complete an online waiver with your
tuition and
— opposites attract, and it’s worth
seeing live. Local electro-pop outfit
Cassis Orange also plays. 9 p.m., $5
current health insurance information. Complete this
early to avoid a charge on your student account.
fees unless
Finn Riggins
Go to and complete the
Nightlight | Idaho’s Finn Riggins
combine electric bits with rustically
outsized indie pop for a style that’s online waiver. The insurance vendor will verify your
like Arcade Fire on a techno front
policy info beginning June 1, 2010.
porch. Local act Where The Buffalo
Roamed burn with a hazy bright- complete
ness, like a blissfully stoned R.E.M.
Do you need health insurance?
starSystem the on-line
We encourage you to compare insurance cost and
Fair benefit options.
Interested in the UNC system student health
Classic insurance plan? Enroll online to activate your
coverage and receive your health insurance ID card.
Jordan Lawrence, Editor You may enroll your family members if you choose.
843-4529 |
Family enrollment must be completed by September
Linnie Greene, Assistant Editor
Stewart Boss, Elizabeth Byrum,
1st. Go to to complete the
Joseph Chapman, Joe Faile, Rocco
Giamatteo, Lyle Kendrick, Seth
enrollment process.
Leonard, Mark Niegelsky, Anna Norris,
Robert Turner Story, Benn Wineka;
Ashley Bennett and Anne Krisulewicz,
Design Co-Editors
Cover Design: Ashley Bennett
8 thursday, april 8, 2010 Diversions The Daily Tar Heel

New LP less spectacular Roman Candle burns bright By STEWART BOSS

Staff writer
Staff writer
Time: 9:30 p.m. Friday For Skip Matheny, headlining a
MGMT’s Congratulations is mgmt show next week at Cat’s Cradle will
congratulations Location: Local 506
a follow-up to its breakthrough be a homecoming of sorts.
pop/electronic 506 W. Franklin St.
Oracular Spectacular only in the He’s played the Cradle a number
sense that its release date follows Info: of times with his country-leaning
its predecessor. pop-rock band Roman Candle, and
The two albums are nothing of dance anthem “Kids” on a party Despite its charms, it’s long been a favorite venue for a
alike. There aren’t any radio or sin- playlist), those who are patient Congratulations sometimes feels band that called the Triangle home
gle-friendly songs that immediate- enough to stick around won’t leave like too much too soon, muddy- not too long ago.
ly jump out from Congratulations’ totally empty-handed. ing an already ambiguous musical Lead singer and guitarist
track list. The album opens up with “It’s identity. Matheny has Chapel Hill roots that
The duo’s trademark electronic Working,” a frenetic drum and The unexpected folksy-ness of run deep. The original lineup for
funk-rock is there, but dialed up to organ piece propelled by Andrew its titular closer is one of the stron- Roman Candle was formed here in
hyper-speed with a heavy order of Van Wyngarden’s signature falset- gest moments on the album, and 1997 when he was a UNC student,
synths and keys. The MGMT you to. It sets the stage for the majority ironically, the song that sounds the and the band spent a decade in the
came to know is gone, and if you of the album. most like Oracular Spectacular. It area before relocating to Nashville
can get past the shock, you should Songs explode into your ear- ends the album on a surprisingly a few years ago.
find a lot to like in the band’s latest drums one after another, each with somber note. “We love it there,” Matheny
manifestation. its own quirks, whether it’s pack- You can’t miss Van Wyngarden’s said. “We spent such a long time in
There is no compromise or ing in a smorgasbord of clashing despair and dissatisfaction with Chapel Hill, so it’s still sort of like
settling with this album’s sound; instruments and melodies into fame and success as he sings, “But home to us.”
MGMT parades its acid trip of an “Flash Delirium” or turning the I’ve got someone to make reports Roman Candle is a family affair.
album unapologetically. ballad-like “Someone’s Missing” … To book my stays and draw my The band includes Matheny’s wife,
dth File/Jordan Lawrence
It’s not a gentle step away from into a hazy pop jam session. blinds, so I can’t see what’s really Timshel, and brother Logan, and
Oracular Spectacular — it’s a mete- These songs don’t particularly there.” the tour has grown even larger Skip Matheny of Nashville band Roman Candle plays Cat’s Cradle last
oric leap. blend together, but the underlying It’s a great way to close the recently — Matheny’s two kids now May. The former Chapel Hill band returns to the venue on Wednesday.
And while it’s one that may theme of the psychedelic screwball album. MGMT has proven that it hit the road with the band. like ‘classic’ and ‘masterpiece’ to SEE THE SHOW
cause them to lose some fans (I pop is present throughout. You won’t follow the same trails it has “People would probably expect describe the band’s blend of alt- Time: 8:30 p.m. Wednesday
can’t imagine the flat-out weird can’t help but be charmed by its already blazed. things to get volatile and what have country, roots rock and pop. Location: Cat’s Cradle
“Brian Eno” taking away the spot unforced strangeness. Whatever expectations you had you, but that really hasn’t been the “I don’t know why the album’s 300 E. Main St., Carrboro
about this album, it’s a safe bet that case,” Matheny said. struck such a chord with fans,
MGMT will defy them. “I mean, I can be an idiot some- but it has,” Matheny said. “Before,
It might not work 100 percent times. We can all be idiots. But it’s when we used to play shows, I
of the time, but it sure does make been really great to work with peo- usually recognized the few people onto the national music scene.
you think. And that just might be ple that you know and love and to who were there that showed up. It’s “It really feels like we’re finally
point. see this band grow with them. And actually kind of nice that we don’t on track now with this album,”
“You pay attention for me. As to have those people be your family recognize everyone who comes to Matheny said.
strange as it seems, I’d rather dis- makes it that much better.” our shows now.” Despite the hype, Matheny still
solve than have you ignore me,” The band has risen to new After years struggling with label fondly recalls his days as a UNC
VanWyngarden sings at one point. heights with its 2009 album Oh and manager problems, the band is student, often spent attending con-
Mission accomplished. Tall Tree In The Ear. The record poised to break big. Back in 2003, certs at local music venues.
has received widespread word-of- Rolling Stone called Roman Candle “What’s so great and unique
Contact the Diversions Editor mouth support and rave reviews, Chapel Hill’s ‘darling’ band on the about the Chapel Hill music scene
at with music critics using words rise. Now they’re starting to splash is there’s a little bit of everything,”
he said.
Matheny’s days as an English
major at UNC have had an influ-

real world ?
ence on his music. He’s been work-
DO YOU MARKETING ing on a blog project called “Drinks
NEED EXPERIENCE With” for the magazine American
Songwriter, putting together inter-
views with musicians like the Arctic
Monkeys and Elvis Perkins to dis-
Be a part of the DTH Marketing Team! cuss the ins and outs of the craft of
He’s also put those English
PURPOSE: Team of 9 individuals who develop and carry out studies to use writing songs for
Roman Candle that are chock-full
marketing plans to increase DTH readership and

of obscure literary references.
promote DTH sponsored events. “It’s about finding music that’s
EARTH JAM FASHION BENEFIT 2010 as beautiful as the music found in
Pick-up an application at Suite 2409, Carolina Student Union. the natural world. It’s about being
tuesday, april 13, 6:30pm in love with music.”
Applications due Friday, April 9.
200 west franklin street, chapel hill
gen. adm.: $35 adv./$50 door Contact the Diversions Editor
donations | 919.960.4769 X1310 benefit:
The Daily Tar Heel Diversions thursday, april 8, 2010 9

Tacos and hard rock ‘In The Year of the Pig’

Local rock outfit defies labels and conventions New LP distorted, noisy
By JOSEPH CHAPMAN by Joe faile MUSICreview
Staff writer Staff Writer
Heavily riffed dis tor tion. in the year of the pig
Describing In The Year of the
Sinisterly thrashing drums. Sweaty jamón
Pig’s sound isn’t easy. On first
head-banging. Jorts-wearing metal- heavy/ noise rock
impression, they’re just another
noise rock band. Droning distor- heads classify metal music of days
tion, rolling crashes and dense, past. In The Year Of The Pig boldly
lengthy songs characterize their defies this scene with its accultura- Times” is 15 minutes of patterned,
albums. But upon further inspec- tion to Chapel Hill and its fuzzy simultaneous cymbal crashing and
tion, noise rock isn’t really fitting. alternative rock edges, all while guitar strum that ramps up into
Guitarist David Harper describes keeping the amps blaring at 10. rumbling distortion only to fade out
it best: “We’re an unintentional jam Lush distortion and guitar play again. This break from the norm
band,” he said. that’s alternatively frenzied and shows the original intellect In the
His depiction raised eyebrows luxurious create a fresh take on Year Of The Pig presents.
and voices amongst the band. heavy rock, one that trashes tra- With meager vocals drowned
There’s a stigma attached to the ditional screaming and embraces in an ocean of sound, this almost-
title that clearly made some mem- a new form of charismatic solid- instrumental piece is not as fulfill-
bers uncomfortable. And In The ity that falls somewhere between ing as one would believe. The qual-
Year of the Pig sounds closer to a head nodding and neck straining. ity is there, a unique brand of metal
drugged-out Boris than they do to Glimpses of weighty metal flicker is there, and the delivery is flawless,
The Grateful Dead. alongside catchy melodies, provid- but Jamón is often too ethereal to
Avoiding the crossfire, Harper ing for a lighter, more personable make a truly thunderous impact.
clarified his definition. album that still yearns to be cranked But even though it might not
“OK, OK — I think we’re a band all the way up. hit heavy music fans with the usual
that jams,” he said. “But still unin- Though the album consists of booming thrills, it’s still a consistent-
tentionally.” dth File/Jordan Lawrence
only five songs, the deceptive hour ly pleasing listen. It’s approachable
In The Year of the Pig jams in a voyage through Jamón guides you and engrossing, with provocative
Jenks Miller and Dave Cantwell, the ferocious twin drum section of Chapel Hill’s In The Year Of The Pig, hit
way that makes the listener ques- through numerous about-face melodies and interesting textures.
hard alongside bassist Lincoln Sward during a performance at Local 506. The band plays at Nightlight Friday. turns, creating what feels like many
tion the noise rock label. Grinding The result is a solid debut that
guitars mixed with screeching ATTEND THE RELEASE PARTY of lends itself to a more hypnotic, sent their currency to pay back the tunes within the listed five. should appeal not only to fans of
feedback are punctuated with Time: 9:30 p.m. Friday groove base.” people involved with the shows and The title is Spanish for ham, one crushing riffs, but also to those who
moments of grooving drum duets. Jamón will come to life this a simultaneous treat for fans. of the most delicious cuts of meat a appreciate artists who realize that
Location: Nightlight
Their sound is too intentional to be Friday night at the Nightlight. “We all have different endeavors pig produces, and this album is cer- hard rock doesn’t have to be a ste-
405 1/2 W. Rosemary St.
whittled down to “noise.” The CD release party line-up right now. We’re pretty realistic tainly one of the finest cured pieces reotype.
Info: of hard rock the Triangle has seen
Or is it? Lincoln Sward, self- includes Hiss Golden Messenger, about it. I think at this point we’re
proclaimed “butt of Chapel Hill,” Ryan Martin & Irene Moon and in it for the long haul — we’ve never of late. Contact the Diversions Editor
drunken bard and bassist for In band’s new album, Jamón. In an Monsonia. made money, but I think we could “And Remember The Good at
The Year of The Pig offered a more attempt to capture the abrasive- If not for the noise, come for the get to the point where we are self-
self-deprecating rebuttal. ness of their live shows, the record tacos. Smithers and Sward will be sustaining,” Smithers said.
“We’re a noise rock band because is dense with noise. putting their culinary talents to the “Woah,” Sward replied. “You just

Eclipse Tanning
Eclipse Tanning Salon
we don’t know how to play the “We can’t do a whole lot of stop- test as they dish out tacos to fans blew my mind.”
same notes at the same time,” he on-the-dime transitions — it’s like and crew. In The Year of the Pig has Salon
said. “We don’t know how to play trying to turn an elephant around,” never been a money-maker. For Contact the Diversions Editor
very well together.” Miller said. “But I think that kind members of the band, tacos repre- at New Clients Only
There may be an element of
Get Your Base Tan
truth to Sward’s commentary. It’s
not that members of In The Year
Before You Hit the Beaches! 3 TANS
of the Pig are bad musicians — for
the group has their chops and is
undeniably tight (“Tight as your
mom,” according to Sward.) But
Cannot be combined with other offers.
Expires 4/30/10
157 E. ROSEMARY ST. (UPSTAIRS) 942-6903
their unusual line-up featuring
two drummers presents certain MONDAY $2 Domestic Longnecks April Special Sunless Tan
challenges in songwriting.
TUESDAY $2 24 oz. Cans 1 Month
$5 OFF
“Usually Aaron (Smithers) or
David Harper bring in parts, and
they’re usually too complicated
for us to play all together, which THURSDAY Karaoke Night • $3.00 22 oz. Bottles TANNING
is kind of true,” said Jenks Miller,
one of the drummers for the band. FRIDAY $2.75 & $3.00 24 oz. Cans
Not valid with any other offers. Cannot be combined with other offers.
“But we’ve got five people with Expires 4/30/10 Expires 4/30/10

two drum sets and we can’t have a SATURDAY $2.75 & $3.00 24 oz. Cans 105 A Rams Plaza • 968-3377
bunch of crazy sh-t going on all the
time. And so no matter what gets SUNDAY $5.00 Pitchers
brought in, it gets evened out.” 30 Taps! 100 Different Bottled Beers!
This even keel is evident on the BUB’S FINALLY HAS BOOZE!


300 E. Main Street • Carrboro
8 TH THE TEMPER TRAP w/ Kissaway Trail** ($12/$14) 7 FR MEGAFAUN w/ Mount Moriah and Great White
MEN’S TENNIS vs. Clemson at 3 p.m.
9 FR BOWERBIRDS w/ Midtown Dickens and Veelee** Jenkins BASEBALL vs. NC State at 7 p.m.
10 SA COREY SMITH w/ Sons Of Bill** (sold out) 11 TU SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS w/ Binky
Griptite & The Mellomatics** ($25)
13 TU MONOTONIX, THERMALS w/ Past Lives and
Bellafea** ($12/$14) 12 WE CARIBOU w/ Toro Y Moi** ($12/$15) W. LACROSSE vs. Maryland at 11 a.m.
14 WE ROMAN CANDLE w/ Ravenna Colt, the Parson
Red Heads** ($10)
Free Carolina Sunglasses to the
15 TH ALLEN MASK w/ Addictive Nature** ($8/$10) 15 SA LOST IN THE TREES CD Release Party w/ guest Old
16 FR JEDI MIND TRICKS w/ Dow Jones and Skyblew** Bricks** ($10/$12)
($16/$18) 16 SU ELUVIUM w/ Junianna Barwick** FOOTBALL - SPRING GAME at 3 p.m.
17 SA WXYC 80’s DANCE ($5 UNC students/ $8 GP) 20 TH Thee Sliver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra**
20 TU THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS** ($10/$12) ($13/$15) -Spring Fest starts at 11 a.m. in the
21 WE JAY CLIFFORD w/ Steven Fiore, Jeremy Current** 21 FR SUPERCHUNK** ($14) Bell Tower featuring Live Music &
($12/$15) 22 SA RAILROAD EARTH w/ The Infamous Stringdusters**
22 TH NEEDTOBREATHE w/ Will Hoge and Matt Hires** ($20/$23) FREE Food for first 2,000 students
23 FR THE OLD CEREMONY w/ Floating Action**
23 SU MURS -Enter to win great prizes at the CAA
24 MO DEVIN THE DUDE w/ Coughee Brothaz** ($12/$14)
($10/$12) 25 TU WYATT EASTERLING** ($12) table behind Section 112 in Kenan
24 SA EDWIN MCCAIN w/ Delta Rae** ($15/$20)
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26 MO QUASI w/ Let’s Wrestle** ($10/$12)
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27 TU (cancelled: Gossip) concert tickets
28 WE CLIPSE & Friends: The Fam-Base Tour** ($18/$20) 2 WE OF MONTREAL w/ Noot D’Noot, James Husband
29 TH JUNIOR BROWN w/ John Howie and the
** ($22) -Visit
Rosewood Bluff** ($16) 3 TH Rev Horton Heat, Cracker, Leg. Shack Shakers
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30 FR KAKI KING w/ An Horse** ($15)
Blood and Hooray For Earth** $12/$14
MAY (on sale 4/9) TRACK & FIELD - Carolina Classic -
18 FR IRIS DEMENT** ($28/$30)
1 SA BEACH HOUSE w/ Washed Out** (sold out)
21 MO SAGE FRANCIS (w/ Live Band), Free Moral
All Day
3 MO DAVE BARNES w/ Ben Rector** ($15)
4 TU THE AQUABATS w/ The Action Design and Koo Agents, B Dolan** ($18/$20) BASEBALL vs. NC State at 6 p.m.
Koo Kanga Roo** ($15/$17)
5 WE THE ALBUM LEAF w/ Sea Wolf** ($12/$14)
6 TH KASHMIR (Led Zeppelin Tribute)** ($8/$10)
($12/$15) M. TENNIS vs. Georgia Tech at 1 p.m.
SHOWS @ Local 506 (Chapel Hill) SHOW @ The Artscenter (Carrboro)
4/9 All Leather, Yip Yip ($8) 4/14 TODD SNIDER** ($20) Purchase a 1.5.0. Reusable
4/22 Matt Pond PA w/ Bobby Long** ($10/$12)
6/8 Native, This Town Needs Guns** ($7/$8)
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SHOW @ Carolina Theatre (Durham)
SHOW @ Memorial Hall (UNC-CH)
6/25 THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS w/ The Dodos and The Dutchess
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5/11 JOSH RITTER & THE ROYAL CITY BAND and the Duke ($22/$25) 10% off your 1.5.0. purchases.
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4/11 OK GO w/ Robert Francis** ($15)

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**Advance ticket sales at SchoolKids Records (Raleigh), CD Alley (CH), Katie’s Pretzels (Carrboro).
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The BEST live music ~ 18 & over admitted
10 thursday, april 8, 2010 Diversions The Daily Tar Heel


Todd Snider is the kind of music inspired you to write that song? and got out there on the road. I thing, although sometimes I really SEE THE SHOW
veteran that knows the ins and onto the scene, but I didn’t wonder. That is a tough one. I
outs of the industry. From bluesy
TS: I was about 26, I think, and came
burst onto it. would say, I guess after all these
Time: 9 p.m. Wednesday
I was really into Jerry Jeff Walker Location: The ArtsCenter
alt-country to baseball acid trips,
Snider’s music and inspiration
and that kind of music that then, Dive: What are some of your years — what have I learned?
Well, you know I feel like the whole
300-G E. Main St., Carrboro
they didn’t really have it. Now they favorite memories from the road? Info:
cover a lot of territory. thing takes a lot of getting used to,
call it alternative country. I was try-
Assistant Diversions Editor
ing — those were those days when
TS: I’ve been out there for a because a lot of it’s fun and a lot of
Linnie Greene chatted with the long time. There’s been so many, it’s really painful. TS: That’s Cowboy Jim. He’s
I was hoping to get a record con-
musician about all things music, you know. I think my favorite thing And so, you know, if I could run
my best friend, and that’s my
tract someday. Other people got
be it touring, fads or man’s best to do is play in towns. My favorite into the kid, if 43-year-old me ran
house. I think that was for, it was
them and I thought, “I want one!” I
friend. place to go is a town called Santa into the 26-year-old me, I‘d say,
a magazine that came, and they
remember one night I made that up
Cruz because it’s full of all these “Come on in man, the water’s freez-
Diversions: A lot of your out of anger, I guess, that nobody were taking pictures at the house,
hippies and they have this great ing.” It doesn’t really change that
songs tell stories. Are any of these really wanted to mix country and and I think they said, “Does your
ocean with big cliffs. It’s just beau- much, because in my opinion it
dog ride in the car with you?” And
based on real events? rock, and I guess people still kind
tiful. seems like you have to, you write to.
he got in the car and we started
of don’t. But I guess I was trying
Todd Snider: Almost all of to poke fun at that kind of music,
It feels like when you’re trav- It’s almost like all I really wanted
taking pictures. Somebody sug-
them. There are a few that aren’t, eling, it’s just this one constant to do was make up a f--king song,
gested “That’s a good picture,” and
which I actually really liked.
but almost every one of them will sort of surreal movie. Grown men so I could make a record. And all
as soon as I saw that my boy got
be at least about someone I know Dive: What kind of reactions do things that they would not do I can think about is when this girl to be in there, I said “Oh, for sure.”
or something that happened to me. did you get? had they not been traveling for 30 broke up with me. You’re going to
Someone besides me thought,
Or sometimes it’s just something
that happened that’s just an inspi-
TS: It was, I guess, like those days. It turns you right back into an have to relive. You’re going to have
“Hey, this could be the cover,” and
eighth grader and you find yourself to go into that place in your heart
songs like “Disco Duck” or some- as soon as I saw it I said, “Yeah.”
ration to me. Sometimes I’ll just putting tacks under peoples’ chairs that doesn’t really feel so great all
He’ll come on stage sometimes,
thing where for a couple of weeks,
sing about people. But yeah, most after awhile. the time. too. There he goes! (Jim barks in
it’s all you could hear, and then it courtesy oF Todd Purifoy
of them are true.
went away really quick. I would Dive: What are some of the Dive: Whose dog is in the pas- the background) Todd Snider emerged onto the
Dive: You broke onto the tour in those days, but no one really most important things you’ve senger’s seat on “The Excitement music scene in the ‘90s, fusing
music scene in the ’90s with “Talkin’ came out that much. It was funny, I learned since you first got signed? Plan” cover, and how did you Contact the Diversions Editor
pop, country and Americana that
Seattle Grunge Rock Blues.” What guess I kind of came into the scene choose that photo? at
TS: I hope I’ve learned some- has since characterized his sound.

harlem stomping rock n’ roll. VArious Artists Although failed replications of previ-
O n t h e a l b u m’s o p e n e r, Wu-Massacre ous bangers are featured, the short
“Someday Soon” co-frontman side project does produce new classic
Michael Coomers doesn’t waste such as “Gunshowers” and “Miranda”
any time getting down to business rap for the Wu canon as well.
with building vocals that heavily Who needs bread anyway?
resonate and ultimately compete The three most talented MCs With the unadulterated payoff of
with the thrashing cymbals. from the Wu-Tang Clan alone on Wu-Massacre as an example, I think
Harlem’s energy refuses to be an album is like a peanut butter and I might just start eating my peanut
slowed, with each track building jelly sandwich without the crust or butter and jelly with a spoon.
upon the last in a different way. starting with dessert. You get direct-
The band intersperses relatively ly to the best part of the meal. -Benn Wineka
short ditties with longer ones, Masquerading as an LP when it’s
creating a pleasant variety that really a glorified EP, Wu-Massacre Cassis Orange
hippies strongly employs the purest ele- is an updated, albeit stripped-down Cassis Orange
ments of garage rock. While the version of classic Wu-Tang LPs like
songs work together in a collective Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).
garage rock sense, each is more than capable to Only 12 tracks and half an hour electro-pop
stand alone, supported by the likes long, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon
Although it might share a name of funky guitar and throaty vocals. and Method Man don’t waste time Many of the best new acts to step
with a New York borough, a globe- “Gay Human Bones” demon- with half-ass verses and filler skits, out on the local scene recently have
trotting group of basketball players, strates the album’s sing-along effect save a cameo by Tracy Morgan and started as one or two-man bands.
a renaissance and “two techno DJs with laid-back and foolhardy lyrics an old-school interlude. The Love Language and Max are
from occupied Berlin,” Harlem has like “My basketball team’s name There are no surprises. RZA pro- shining examples.
clearly distinguished itself with its is Gay Human Bones.” Harlem vides the best track, “Our Dreams,” Autumn Ehinger’s Cassis Orange
own breed of a psychedelic-infused employs pop-worthy hooks into a rich, soul-sampled burner featur- might soon join the list. The new
rock sound. After releasing a debut songs that continually thrash. ing love-stricken verses from each EP she’s crafted under that name is
album titled Free Drugs;-), this outfit The lengthiness of Hippies MC. Raekwon continues to be the promising, if not fully pleasing.
continues to spread the drug love on might be its only weakness, as the grimy poet. Ghost’s smooth deliv- Weaving simplistic Postal Service-
its latest release, Hippies. album feigns a conclusion multi- ery makes love to the mic. Method esque electro-pop around stark emo-
Hippies presents garage rock ple times. Although Harlem could Man drops inexplicable rhymes tive lyrics that come off as impeccably
at some of its purest, with subtly have saved some of the fun for a that somehow make sense. insightful journal entries, Ehinger
twangy vocals (depending on who is later date, for the time being, the Wu-Massacre is for those who has a formula that works.
singing) and steady, sing-song gui- group enthusiastically delivers a tire of Inspectah Deck and U-God. Synths chime with reverb, and
tar. Add quirky lyrics and borderline well-crafted mix that rings of sex, It’s for those whose favorite tracks drums smash like the world beating
psychedelic lo-fi, and Hippies is one drugs and rock n’ roll. from Wu solo albums featured down the door in the plea for san-
part drug talk and three parts foot -Elizabeth Byrum guests verses from these three MCs. ity that is “Listen Heartbeat.” “If we
don’t do it now, we know we never
will/I never want to know how bad
that would feel,” Ehinger sings with
a fear that shocks you back to the
moment that you first realized the
world isn’t always your oyster.
Though she drop gems like this
often over the EP’s brief four-song
span, the construction doesn’t
always maximize the impact. The
melodies aren’t always memorable,
and her wonderfully plaintive vocals
are often buried in the lo-fi mix.
Still, though this album might
not be the most memorable, it’s
got more than enough bright spots
to constitute a good start. Let’s just
hope the next one does it better.

-Jordan Lawrence



Cool Blue Rentals has some really GREAT places… Whatever genre Daughters ends
up being labeled, surely it will bear
and you can lease one NOW for 2010-2011! the -core suffix. Grindcore, math-
core, hardcore and post-hardcore
— there seems to be some confusion
amongst critics as to what exactly
Daughters sound like. Here’s a
more apt description: loud.
From the start, this self-titled
album is a fury of brash dissonance.
Opening track “The Virgin” ranges
4 bedrms, 2 baths in dynamics from loud to very loud
304 Davie Rd. to holy-shit-my-speakers loud.
$1,640/mo. Daughters is a deadpanned jum-
ble of crashing drums, guitars blar-
AVAIL JUNE 1, 2010 ing over other guitars and Alexis
Marshall’s one part angst-ridden,
one part tormented vocals. The
whines and shrills of guitars offer
the only tonal solace on the album
— from there, it’s double-bass ped-
als and a mess of distortion.
4 bedrms, 2 baths “The Dead Singer” rubs how
deafening Daughters can be in your
320 Davie Rd. face. The track has a drum solo, but
$1,740/mo. one only a noise fan could love:
nearly 30 seconds of a single crash
AVAIL AUGUST 1, 2010 cymbal, played as piercingly quick
as possible. It’s cringe-worthy.
The album closes with the unex-
pectedly coherent “The Unattractive,
Portable Head.” It’s one of the few
Other 4 Bedrooms Available tracks on which Marshall’s vocals
aren’t lost in the clamored flurry. “I
wish I felt nothing at all,” he repeats
We make finding your new place easy… Visit our as the track races to a finish.
website where you can see photos of our houses, Daughters is probably the music
floor plans, map locations and much more! Satan listens to as he falls asleep. It’s
demonically loud and hellishly clut-
tered, and ultimately, an inaccessible
Complete information on our album. Fans of At The Drive In or
houses is on-line. We only The Dillinger Escape Plan will find
rent clean, well maintained familiar territory with Daughters,
homes. Call us soon to get a but listeners outside of the genre
chance at yours. will likely want to steer clear. -Joseph Chapman

The Daily Tar Heel Sports thursday, april 8, 2010 11

No. 2 Tar Heels topple Duke Marand delivers under pressure BY justin mayhew Marand’s first victory against
Improve to 7-0 in ACC this season WOMEN’S tennis
UNC  4
staff writer
She did it again.
Nze in February took the Tar Heels
to the finals of the ITA National
For the second time this sea- Team Indoor Championships.
BY alexandra chabolla pense, she delivered. Duke 3 son, North Carolina tennis player Keeping up with her reputation
staff writer At the beginning of the match, Sanaz Marand defeated Duke of team leader, Marand led North
DURHAM — Like a Jenga with UNC tied with Duke 1-1 taunts didn’t rattle the Tar Heels.opponent Ellah Nze in the final, Carolina throughout the match.
tower superglued together, North in doubles, Katrina Tsang and decisive match to seal the victory
“I’m in my own little world when Marand was the only UNC player
Carolina doubles didn’t fall easily. Shinann Featherston were down for the Tar Heels (20-3, 7-0 ACC)
I play,” Tsang said. “I mean you hear to win both a singles and doubles
No. 7 Duke had to claw and tug to 5-2 early but clambered back to it, but as long as they’re not rudeon Wednesday. match Wednesday.
get the Tar Heels to break. lead 7-6. you just have to block it out.” Marand, a senior in her last Marand’s singles match was one
The Blue Devils (17-3, 5-1 ACC) “We had a slow start, and kinda Tsang struggled throughout the match at Duke, was able to over- of three matches in the contest that
took the doubles point, and the dug ourselves a hole,” Tsang said. hot afternoon, but redeemed her come the pressure of having the went to a third set.
stench of overconfidence lingered “I don’t know if it was nerves, loss in doubles with a convincing match on her shoulders and deliver North Carolina was down 3-1
over Duke’s Ambler Tennis Stadium or just excitement of being there. 2-6, 6-2, 6-2 victory. a 6-4, 4-6, 6-3 victory. heading into the conclusion of the
as single rallies began. I knew it was going to come down The jeers of Duke fans couldn’t Her game-winning performance three three-setters. The Tar Heels
But No. 2 North Carolina (20- to the wire.” be heard once UNC proved its broke the 3-3 tie with the No. 7 would have to win all three singles
3, 7-0) remained composed and Duke’s Monica Gorny and Mary strength on the tennis courts. Blue Devils (17-3, 5-1) and gave the matches to pull out the victory.
won four singles matches, three of Clayton won three of the next four “We handled the momentum No. 2 Tar Heels their second vic- After victories by fellow senior
which went to three sets, to take a games against Tsang and Featherston very well,” UNC coach Brian Kalbas.tory against Duke this season. Katrina Tsang and sophomore
4-3 win against its rival. to win the tiebreaker 9-7 and give “We were able to finish strong. We “She’s always said, ‘I want the Shinnan Featherson, Marand was
Sanaz Marand, the last player on Duke the doubles point. did what was necessary today.” match to come down to me,’” UNC put in the position to win the match dth/lauren Vied
the court and UNC’s No.1 singles Sophie Grabinski, Featherston, UNC handed the Blue Devils coach Brian Kalbas said. “You with a win in the third set. Sanaz Marand, UNC’s No. 1 singles
player, was one of the Tar Heels and Gina Suarez-Malaguti all led want somebody who wants that
their first loss in the ACC this sea- Marand assumed the high-pres- player, fought a tough three-set
unable to close her match in the their matches by a game or more son and forced them out of a three-situation and that’s not going shy sure position when she was up 3-1 match against Duke’s Ellah Nze to
second set. in the early going. way tie atop the conference. away from it. in the third set. propel the Tar Heels to the win.
“I had to play tough to break Freshman Suarez-Malaguti The passionate matches dis- “The final match comes down Marand held her serve through-
her down,” Marand said. “This began with an early 4-1 lead against played the fortitude and heart of to her match, and she just comes out the third set, securing the win Marand said she has adjusted and
is the same thing that hap- Clayton. the Tar Heels and showed why they through for the team with that for the Tar Heels. has actually begun to enjoy them.
pened in (National) Indoors Clayton had a strong doubles deserved to win and be No. 2 in theexperience and the senior leader “I think that she doesn’t worry “I like it,” she said. “It puts the
(Championships).” game but was no competition for country. that she’s been for us.” about anything that’s around her,” match in my control. It comes
In her pivotal third set, with her the quicker, confident Tar Heel “We fought our hardest,” Tsang Wednesday’s victory was the Kalbas said. “She just focuses in and down to me, and I know I would
teammates lining the court in sup- in singles, who hastily routed her said. “Everyone wanted it today.” third 4-3 victory for the Tar Heels, is really able to concentrate really do anything to get the victory.”
port, Marand came through and opponent 6-2, 6-1. two of which came against Duke. well, and I think she relishes that.”
won 6-4, 4-6, 6-3. It was the last A boisterous crowd filled the Contact the Sports Editor Both ended with a Marand three- After being put in game-changing Contact the Sports Editor
court to finish, and after much sus- stands, but their hollering and at set victory against Nze. situations multiple times this season, at

Summer Language Immersion

In the immersion program, students will be Are you currently experiencing
exposed to the Spanish language, develop an
understanding of its cultures, and also
achieve the proficiency and confidence to
interact on a basic level with speakers of around one or both of your lower
Spanish in the community—and have fun
while doing so!
Another advantage: Students can complete
SPAN 101 and 102 during one summer
session. The third level of language, required
UNC School of Dentistry is presently enrolling healthy subjects who:
by most majors at UNC-CH, can then be are non-smokers between the ages of 18 and 35
completed during the second summer
have pain and signs of inflammation (pericoronitis)
session or during the fall semester.
around a lower wisdom tooth (3rd molar)
Glynis Cowell, director of the
Spanish Language Immersion Program
Participation requires three visits. Benefits for participating include:
free initial treatment of painful problem
a free dental cleaning
up to $50.00 payment for your time
free consult regarding options for 3rd molar treatment
If interested, please contact: Tiffany V. Hambright, RDH
Clinical Research Coordinator • Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
919-966-8376 or
you will be contacted within 24 hours.


Live off campus?

The Census needs
y o u to return
your f o r m .
There are special programs in place to count students on campus. But if you live off
campus, you have to complete your own 2010 Census form that arrived in the mail.
By participating, you’re helping future students enjoy some of the same benefits
and services that you have today. It’s just 10 questions and takes about 10 minutes.
So fill it out and mail it back.

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12 thursday, april 8, 2010 Sports The Daily Tar Heel

Softball takes doubleheader against Winthrop

BY ryan davis softBALL DTH ONLINE: UNC got all its in the top of the sixth, as Winthrop and smacked a two-run shot to put a month ago, although she still
staff writer
Winthrop 0 offensive production via home responded with a two-run inning the Tar Heels ahead. hasn’t started batting again.
Senior first baseman Stephanie runs on Wednesday. of its own to knot the game before “I was looking outside the whole “Dani being back definitely helps
Murad stepped up to the plate in UNC  2 Murad’s late-inning heroics. time,” McKinney said. “Thankfully us,” Breneman said. “As we go to
the bottom of the sixth inning with innings in the Tar Heels’ second The second game was eerily sim- she threw it there.” Boston College, she could poten-
her team in a 2-2 tie. Winthrop 2 game against the Eagles. UNC held ilar to the first. Both showed zeros The bomb gives her six on the tially be back offensively as well.”
After failing to record a hit in UNC  3 a two-run lead, thanks to a pinch- across the board through five and year, putting her third on the team. Christine Knauer continued
her first five plate appearances of hit, two-run homer off the bat of a half innings. Senior Danielle Spaulding threw to be aggressive on the basepaths
the day, Murad belted a solo home “We’ve been practicing keeping freshman Cara Vitale — the first of “It was definitely a pitcher’s duel a complete-game shutout in the first Wednesday, as her three steals
run clear over the center field our weight back to get our pitch,” her UNC career — in the bottom of out there,” UNC assistant coach game, highlighted by 11 strikeouts. extended her ACC lead in the cat-
fence to break the tie, giving North Murad said. “That’s paying off, the fifth inning. Janelle Breneman said. Following her no-hitter at egory to 32.
Carolina its 29th win of the season finally.” “I went up there today and got it Junior Brittany McKinney Virginia on Saturday, the senior
and a sweep of its doubleheader Senior Amber Johnson had done,” Vitale said. scored the first game’s only runs seems to be recovering well from Contact the Sports Editor
against Winthrop. cruised through her first five Johnson ran into some trouble when she stepped up to the plate the hand injury she suffered almost at

Place a Classified: or Call 919-962-0252

DTH Classifieds DTH office is open Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Line Classified Ad Rates Deadlines
Private Party (Non-Profit) Commercial (For-Profit) To Place a Line Classified Ad Log onto Line Ads: Noon, one business day prior to publication
25 Words ......... $15.00/week 25 Words ......... $35.50/week
Extra words ....25¢/word/day Extra words ....25¢/word/day or Call 919-962-0252 Display Classified Advertising:
EXTRAS: Box your Ad: $1/day • Bold your Ad: $3/day BR = Bedroom • BA = Bath • mo = month • hr = hour • wk = week • W/D = washer/dryer • OBO = or best offer • AC = air conditioning • w/ = with • lR = living room 3pm, two business days prior to publication

Announcements For Rent For Rent For Sale Help Wanted Lost & Found Sublets
rocker, excellent condition, for office or living
TRAINER: Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA is
hiring personal trainers. Would work with
lOST: SIlvER RINg. David Yurman, braided
cables crossing 2 silver rings, gold x on top.
Deadlines are NOON one business day prior
to publication for classified ads. We publish
All REAl ESTATE AND RENTAl advertising in 316 Davie Road. 4BR/2BA in Carrboro avail- room. Would list for $300-$400. A steal at clients on a 1 on 1 basis, providing assess- Possibly left in bottom of lenoir women’s FALL 2010
this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair able June. Excellent condition. All appliances, $85. Photo available. 919-967-3435. ments, developing fitness programs, and bathroom 3/29 or 3/30. Extreme sentimental
o Monday thru Friday when classes are in ses- 1BR in 5BR new, beautiful home in Carrboro.
Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal yard care, off street parking, on CW bus. provide fitness orientations. Personal train- value, reward. 301-502-1115.
- sion. A university holiday is a DTH holiday too $450/mo. Across from bus stop that goes
to advertise “any preference, limitation, or $1,640/mo, lease and deposit. 919-605-4810 ing experience is required in addition to cur-
. right to campus. Walk to Weaver Street.
(i.e. this affects deadlines). We reserve the
right to reject, edit, or reclassify any ad. Ac-
discrimination based on race, color, religion,
sex, handicap, familial status, or national
or Help Wanted rent certification from nationally recognized FOUND: WOMEN’S glASSES Found in
McCorkle Place near Silent Sam on Sat-
Parking included. Price negotiable. 610-
o ceptance of ad copy or prepayment does not organization. Hours will vary based on client 585-5495.
origin, or an intention to make any such needs. Submit application (found on web site urday 3/27. Purpleish brown color. E-mail
f imply agreement to publish an ad. You may preference, limitation, or discrimination.” HEADED TO NYC? great Brooklyn to claim. SUBlEASE: 1BR in 2BR Chapel view Apart-
- stop your ad at any time, but NO REFUNDS or Heights studio, walk in closets, hard- to,
This newspaper will not knowingly accept RAM BOOk: Book buyers needed. mail or bring to our Chapel Hill Branch. ment for Fall 2010 sublease. Furnished,
d credits for stopped ads will be provided. No any advertising which is in violation of the wood floors, elevator, laundry, roof FOUND: MP3 PlAYER! On Church Street.
groups are welcome, too! Earn mon- $585/mo, includes all utilities. On NS, T
r advertising for housing or employment, in ac- law. Our readers are hereby informed that deck, views: liberty Statue, Financial HOUSEHOlD HElPER NEEDED 6-9pm M-F. April 1st. Email to
ey buying used textbooks from stu- buslines. Contact or
g cordance with federal law, can state a prefer- all dwellings advertised in this newspaper District. Safe neighborhood. “Mom Duties include: maintaining house orderli- identify.
dents. We are looking for individuals 704-322-0832.
e ence based on sex, race, creed, color, religion, are available on an equal opportunity basis approved”, ss appliances, 2 blocks to with an outgoing personality, reliable ness, helping take care of two 2 year-old lOST: IPOD NANO. Approximately Thursday
d national origin, handicap, marital status. in accordance with the law. To complain of train! Utilities included. $1,750/mo. transportation and availability during boys, other tasks as needed. $13/hr. Email SUBlET 600-A HOWEll STREET! Newly reno-
4/2. Silver with black ear-buds. $ reward!
l discrimination, call the U. S. Department of 919-357-1768. exams. 919-969-8398. vated 6BR/3BA apartment, $450/mo, nego-
PARAlEgAl SUMMER INTENSIvE: Duke cer- Call 704-661-9360.
Housing and Urban Development housing tiable. June 1 thru August. EASY WAlk TO
tificate in paralegal studies begins 5/24. Free CAMPUS, lots of parking. Email amac619@
info session 4/8. discrimination hotline: 1-800-669-9777. 2 gREAT APARTMENTS! Owner very much
gal. 919-684-3379. A RARE FIND. 2BR HOUSE 200 yards from wants to rent. Rates dramatically reduced!
at UNC Hospitals is searching for 2-3 ma-
trader needs assistant to run spread-
Roommates or call 704-649-0738.

campus and Franklin Street. $1,300/mo. Townhouses across from Foster’s Market. 4BR/3BA, 3 STORY DUPlEx off Merritt Mill.
CPR-PRO FOR lg RECERTIFICATION at the ture individuals or couples to work rotat- sheets on positions, some data entry,
Available mid-May. AC, dishwasher, W/D Bike, walk to campus. Hardwood floors, car- Deck, W/D, hardwood. 10 minute walk to
Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA. April 17 or 24 ing weekends at its 40 guest room hospital some filing, errands. Flexible hours, SEEkINg 2 ROOMMATES: 2 easy going girls
hookups, private yard, parking for 4. Call peting. Plenty of parking. 4BR/3BA: large liv- campus, Carrboro, Franklin. Available June
or May 8, Saurday 8am-12pm. Registration hospitality house. The weekend manager $12-15/hr. located near Durham looking for 2 roommates to fill 2 bedrooms
824-7981, email ing room, full kitchen, dining, laundry room and July. $425/mo. murphysm@email.unc.
on April 7. $55, books and pocket mask provides support to guests while the resident Academy. Email resume to tjoyner@ open in newly renovated Columbia Place
with W/D. 15x11 deck. HvAC. $1,950/mo. edu or 614-397-9539.
are extra. visit or call WAlk TO FRANklIN STREET. luxury living manager is off duty. Sleep quarters pro- Faint hearted need not ap- town house, less than a mile from campus,
3BR/2BA: Modern kitchen, large living room, vided. Pay is $252 for the weekend. Email ply. 919-403-3852. $625/mo. 919-740-4569.
919-442-9622. 1 block from Franklin. 2BR, rooftop terrace deck, W/D, nice porch, plenty of parking.
STUDENTS: OWN YOUR TUxEDO! $85 in- with hot tub, W/D, refrigerator, microwave, $1,475/mo. Jon at 919-593-6365. with resume or
call 919-932-8008. Summer Jobs
cludes: Tuxedo jacket, pants, shirt, tie, cum-
merbund or vest, studs and cufflinks. You
dishwasher. $1,800/mo. Call 757-536-5101.
HOUSES, CONDOS FOR RENT: We still have D, dishwasher, central air and heat.
OWN it, this is not a rental. ladies, we’ve several 2BR, 4BR and 6BR houses or condos a counselor to start mid-August. Pays $9-$10/ second summer session and fall
Available in June. $600/mo. 933-8143, FAll SUBlET 3BR/3BA. FURNISHED. Utili- DC/NvA position available for SPEECH
got new cocktail and evening dresses for just available for next school year. Check out hr to start. 20 hrs/wk, 2-6pm M-F. College part-time jobs. Positions available for degree and prior experience with children a ties, cable, W/D included. $550/mo. August PATHOlOgY or TEACHINg STUDENT
$95 each! Formalwear Outlet, 415 Millstone or call today! 919- people thinking about or majoring working with 3 year-old boy with
Drive, Hillsborough, just 15 minutes from HOUSE FOR RENT: 2BR/1BA cottage on plus. Resume and letter of interest to: Robyn, in one of the medical fields such as thru December 2010. Call 321-217-3296 for
968-7226. speech delays. Part-time or full-time,
campus. 644-8243. Church Street within easy walk to campus., 919-942-2825. nursing, pre-med, physical therapy, more info.
3BR/2BA OFF NORTH COlUMBIA. W/D, summer or year position available.
Remodeled kitchen and bath, hardwood vETERINARY ASSISTANT. We are looking for occupational therapy or one of the
dishwasher. Walking distance from cam- floors, W/D hook ups, $1,100/mo, available other medical disciplines but not a
SAlSA 4 U! Come dance salsa every pus. Available August 1. $1,450/mo. Call a mature, responsible veterinary assistant for 1BR IN 2BR Chapel view apartment.
6/15/10. For more information contact Tony full-time employment, includes 2-3 Saturdays requirement. Can train, no experi- Private restroom, full kitchen, fully
1st Saturday! Salsa lessons offered 698-5893. Hall, owner, broker. tonyhall@tonyhallasso- ence needed. Excellent opportunity STUDENT TEACHER: Physics or chemistry
every Monday! For more informa- a month. Experience preferred. Please apply furnished, utilities included, FREE
AFFORDABlE NEAR CAMPUS HOUSINg 3BR or 919-740-9611. in person at legion Road Animal Clinic, 1703 to gain hands-on experience. Pays parking, gym, tanning and pool, on student wanted to run periodic workshops
tion call 919-358-4201 or check out $12-$14/hr. Call for more informa- for home schooled students in Chapel Hill. and 4BR condos near Foster’s Market. Spa- NICE CONDO FOR RENT. THE OAkS. Busline, legion Road. 3 buslines. $550/mo. Available early
cious units with large bedrooms, hardwood tion. 919-932-1314. May thru mid-August. kaxe@email.
pool, near Meadowmont, 2BR/2.5BA, ANIMAl CARE PROvIDERS. We are looking
floors, W/D, gas heat, central air. $1,300/mo. $875/mo. with year lease. Water included., 704-609-8456. lIFEgUARDS AND SWIM INSTRUCTORS
lIFEgUARD RECERTIFICATION at the Chapel 919-968-2100. for mature, responsible animal care providers
Hill-Carrboro YMCA. April 17 or 24 or May 8.
919-218-1518. for part-time employment. Afternoons and ON CAMpUS needed for 2010 season. Flexible hours and
competitive pay. Fantastic new Briar Chapel
Saturday 1-5:30pm. Registration on April 7. 2BR/2BA TOWNHOUSE. Mill Creek. Walk HOUSE AT 705 NORTH COlUMBIA. 3BR/ weekends. Please apply in person at legion DAy CAMp COUNSELORS WAREHOUSE ApTS: facility on 15-501. Certifications required.
$55, books and pocket mask are extra. visit to UNC. $1,050/mo. +deposit. Available 1.5BA, air, some hardwood floors, garden, Road Animal Clinic, 1703 legion Road. or call 919-442-9622. August 1, 2010 to August 1, 2011. Call yard, storage building, W/D, $1,125/mo,
UNC-Chapel Hill Carolina kids Camp is ac- SAvE $500! Call 919-240-4958.
919-414-8913. PART-TIME lEASINg AgENT. Summer leas- cepting applications for several full-time Available May 10th thru July 23rd. All
available June 1st. Please call leif, 919- ing agent needed for an apartment com- summer day camp positions. Must be avail- furniture and utilities included. Pay only
Child Care Wanted 3BR/1BA HOME 4 MIlES SOUTH of campus. munity in Durham, near Southpoint Mall. able June 7 through August 6, 2010. Prefer

June ($700) and part of July ($540). 1BR
Beautiful hardwood floors, central heat and MIll CREEk 2BR/2BA townhouse. Walk to Customer service and sales experience help- prior experience with children ages 5-14 and in 4BR penthouse apartment. last minute
air, W/D hookups, nice yard, no pets. Avail-
able immediately. $750/mo. leave message
campus. W/D. Full kitchen. 1 year lease from
mid-May. 2 people: $1,240/mo. 929-6072.
ful. Email resume to berkeleyatsouthpoint@
completion of some college course work.
For an application or more information,
deal, contact,
or Tuesday mornings, 8:30-11:30am, for 2 at 919-933-1162. contact Aimee krans, Work life Manager,
year-old boy. In Chapel Hill. Please call 919-
500 PITTSBORO STREET. Behind Caro-
lina Inn. large house. Sleeps 7-8. Avail-
SOlAY COUNSElINg AND Research Center,
PC is seeking a part-time office assistant to Don’t delay! Con-
ducting interviews now. EOE.
laurel Ridge Apartments. $515/mo including
2BA, fireplace, W/D, refrigerator, dishwash- able June or August 2010. $4,400/mo. work in our Durham office. Responsibilities utilities. Close to campus, busline, high speed
TAR HEEl NANNY needed for 2 year-old er, disposal, no pets. $820/mo. Convenient, 704-277-1648. include heavy calendar management, client RAlEIgH lAW FIRM in Cameron village internet, cable, pool, laundry. 828-443-9528.
girl. very near campus. Starting mid-August to UNC, near Friday Center. Available June 1. interaction, sending and returning emails, area seeking graduate student to work
2010. Tu/Th noon to 5:15pm and/or Wednes- 919-452-4627. WAlk TO CAMPUS. 2BR/1BA apartments payments processing and general office ad- minimum of 1 year in full-time courier, clerk
day 8:45am-5:15pm. $10/hr. Non-smoker, with W/D, dishwasher, central air and heat. ministrative duties. $8/hr. Forward resumes position. Ideal for pre-law graduate. Require
UNIvERSITY COMMONS 4BR/4BA condo Available June, July or August for $875/mo. to:
child care experience required. Email resume reliable vehicle for travel. Must be depend-
available May 15 at University Commons, 933-8143.
to! lOOkINg FOR AMBITIOUS STUDENTS to able and detail oriented. Email resume to
303 Smith level Road. Each bedroom has
WAlk TO CAMPUS. Newly renovated

AFTERSCHOOl NANNY FOR 11 year-old son. its own private bath. $1,600/mo. On the work in sales with cutting edge athletic shoe
Chapel Hill home. M-F, about 4-6pm starting busline, All utilities included except phone. 3BR/2.5BA duplex. Central heat, air, W/D, company. Full-time or part-time summer po- YMCA AT MEADOWMONT is hiring for sum-
ASAP. Days, times flexible. Supervise home- Email, 919- dishwasher. Available June, July or August. sitions available. Call for interview, Raleigh, mer! Camp counselors, certified lifeguards
work, transport to piano lessons. lifeguard 225-6491. $1,700/mo. 919-933-8143. 877-503-3042. and swim instructors, member services,
experience preferred, summer position pos- AvAIlABlE JUNE 1. 3BR/3BA Chapel Hill snack bar. YMCA experience a plus. Contact
WAlk TO CAMPUS. Available July. 2BR/1BA
sible. house. Furnished? $1,650/mo. includes 3 Jess Hanlin for more information. jhanlin@
house. W/D, dishwasher, central heat and 2010 BS BUSINESS gRADS: UNC Alum-
parking spaces, all utilities, cable, inter- or 919-945-0640. Applications If April 8th is Your Birthday...
START IN AUgUST. 1 YEAR. M/Tu/W, 6:30- air, hardwood floors, fireplace, large back ni owned small business seeking to
net access. 3 blocks from Foster’s Market. available online at
8:30am, 1-6pm. In Chapel Hill, 2 kids, 5 garden. $1,400/mo. 919-933-8143. hire BSBA (new or recent graduate) Your challenge this year is to build self-esteem
and 10 years-old, Non-smoker, references On busline. Call 704-210-8356 or email or related major. Excellent salary PART-TIME: leasing apartment homes at
required, need safe car. 919-619-2487, elee-
OFFICE SPACE DOWNTOWN. 1 room, 260 and benefit package. MUST have a glen lennox Cottages, 20-25 hrs/wk, week- for yourself and for any children in your life.
square feet. lease required. $500/mo, in- Independence comes first. Find ways to minimum 3.0 gPA. Email resume to days and weekends. Prefer property manage-
cludes electricity, gas, water, 1 parking ment experience and some college educa- generate enthusiasm for activities that don’t
space. 919-929-2102. For Sale
tion. Fax resume to 919-967-7090 or email
require anyone’s help. Then, cultivate your
powers of observation and imagination.
About Classifieds? 2BA. Spacious, immaculate 1997 single wide
on private land. Never had pets or smokers.
F-100 390v8. great shape, well maintained. LOST & FOUND ADS RUN
Call 962-0252 Many upgrades. Nice appliances. locked
storage. 919-542-5099.
all original. 3 speed in floor. Pics available.
Sacrifice at $3,995. 919-542-5099.
Care seeking healthy, non-smok-
To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

ing females 20-32 to become egg Aries (March 21-April 19) Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
donors. $2,500 compensation for Today is a 7 - Stop letting money Today is a 6 - The challenge now is to love
Announcements Announcements Announcements Announcements COMPlETED cycle. All visits and pro-
cedures to be done local to campus.
determine who love you. A better way what you’re doing for as long as you’re
is to see who can be most creative in doing it, and to let go as soon as it’s
For written information, please call finished. Release any negativity.
expressing their caring.
919-966-1150 ext. 5 and leave your

The Daily Tar Heel

current mailing address. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Today is a 6 - You may want to run Today is a 7 - Use your talents to resolve
away from home, but you need to focus disagreements about the basics. Be pre-
CHURCH RESIDENT, CUSTODIAN. Beginning on household matters. Handle practical pared to restate your arguments for the
May 1, 2010. Set up, lock up, photocopying, issues early, then escape to a movie. sake of clarity.
folding, other duties as needed. Compensa-
The DTH is seeking students to serve on the tion: free studio apartment with electricity, Gemini (May 21-June 21) Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Today is a 6 - Although you want to get Today is a 6 - The only way to get any-
paper’s board of directors for the 2010-11 water, 1 parking space. No pets, non-smoker,
must have cell phone. Send resume, refer- your ideas out, now’s the time to care- where today is through team effort. Focus
school year. The student-majority board serves as ences, letter of inquiry: or fully consider all the ramifications and on the most practical means you can find.
PO Box 509, Chapel Hill NC 27514. modify your message. Then, throw yourself fully into it.
the publisher of the newspaper and is responsible Cancer (June 22-July 22) Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
for operational oversight other than the news ADMINISTRATIvE ASSISTANT. Hedge Today is a 5 - Everyone digs in, Today is a 6 - To get the most out of
fund manager needs assistant for entrenched and stubborn. This would be a relaxing time, display enthusiasm for
content functions. It’s a great way to be involved position monitoring, modeling new a good day to pursue personal matters someone else’s suggestion. Spend money
judiciously, but don’t pinch pennies.
with the DTH without having to miss class! positions, some data entry, some
filing plus errands. Flexible hours,
and save your enthusiasm for later.
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Read more about the activity and apply by top pay. good grades and pleasant
personality required. located near
Today is a 6 - Today is all about appear- Today is a 5 - keep the home fires burning
ances. Hair and accessories do matter. today. You need space to pursue indepen-
visiting the About area of, or by Durham Academy. Email resume to
Achieve a unique look using materials dent action. Ask someone else to manage
request via e-mail to: or already in your possession. You find
yourself on stage.
plans for this evening.
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
by stopping at the DTH office, Suite 2409 Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Today is a 5 - Consider ways to keep
FPG Student Union. NEED A PLACE TO LIVE? Today is a 5 - Your desire for indepen- everyone focused. Creative minds (includ-
dence takes you out of your normal ing yours) have a way of wandering off.
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The Daily Tar Heel News thursday, april 8, 2010 13

National and World News

Post-Cold War Geithner to meet Emergency called
tensions to thaw Chinese o∞cials by Thailand’s PM
— President Barack Obama’s — U.S. Treasury Secretary (MCT) — After weeks of dem-
meeting with Russian President Timothy Geithner will meet with onstrations that saw glitzy
Dmitry Medvedev today in a Chinese vice premier today shopping malls blocked, blood
Prague, where they’ll sign the amid mounting speculation that splattered on the prime min-
most significant nuclear arms Beijing will soon alter the con- ister’s residence and tourism
reduction pact in about two troversial “peg” between its cur- dented, Thailand’s leader on
decades, is a gauge for the thaw rency and the U.S. dollar. Wednesday declared a state of
in the post-Cold War relation- Geithner will meet in emergency in Bangkok, hand-
ship. Beijing with Wang Qishan, the ing the army broad power to
So long as Russia feels it can Chinese vice premier respon- restore order.
gain from such cooperation, sible for economic affairs, Prime Minis ter Abhisit
Obama could enjoy the fruits after Geithner’s two-day trip to Vejjajiva made the move after
on other foreign policy fronts India, the Treasury Department anti-government protesters
as well, from nonproliferation announced Wednesday. broke into parliament, leading
to Iran sanctions, the war in Geithner will also stop in some lawmakers to make a dra-
Afghanistan and dealings with Hong Kong to meet top offi- matic rooftop escape aboard a
China. cials. Blackhawk helicopter.

Fastest Tar Heel

Students dashed Wednesday for
a chance to face off against UNC
games football players. See pg. 3 for story.

© 2009 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Full Frame Documentary
Level: 1 2 3 4 UNC alumnus Rodrigo Dorfman
will show his film “Generation
Exile” today. See pg. 3 for story.
Complete the grid
so each row, column Stimulating controversy
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) con- UNC received $14.5 million to
tains every digit 1 help expand a controversial research
courtesy of FRANK TEW to 9. facility. See pg. 1 for story.
Local doctors Frank Tew (left) and Pat Guiteras (center) take a moment with Brown University medical student
Micah Johnson in a tent that was being used as a patient ward in Haiti. The doctors went to Haiti in February. Solution to
Crowded courts
Wednesday’s puzzle

Haiti trip reminds local

Orange County courts are packed
as they help cover for Chatham
County. See pg. 1 for story.

doctors about priorities

Rising up
Chapel Hill’s alternative high
school, Phoenix Academy, is gaining
a new identity. See pg. 3 for story.

By Courtney brown Republic, after Guiteras’ daughter es of Haiti, into Spanish. Guiteras
staff Writer encouraged him to lend his medi- would then translate the Spanish
Peer pressure led two local doc- cal training to those in need. He into English.
tors overseas to help with Haitian called his close friend Tew, a retired Despite the language barrier,
earthquake relief, but UNC alumni
Pat Guiteras and Frank Tew said they
cardiologist. The two had met as
students at UNC.
the doctors were able to enjoy
moments with their patients. At Just once, before you graduate. Summer School at Carolina.
wouldn’t trade their experiences. Using some of their basic medi- the nights the patients would join
The February trip helped the cal training, the doctors often spent together and sing songs.
doctors appreciate the lives they 12 hour days in an 80-by-40 feet “I recognized a few hymns in
lead after noting how happy and tent, tending to pre and post opera- Creole,” Tew said. “You don’t need
hopeful the Haitians were, despite tive patients. to have much to have joy in your
losing almost everything, they Despite what they had lost, their life, and you don’t need to have
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
(C)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
said. Haitian patients were always trying anything to have hope.” All rights reserved.

“I’m 67 years old and not likely to stay positive, Guiteras said.
to change after this,” said Guiteras, The Dominican Republic’s will- Contact the City Editor Across 63 Etonic competitor Spider-Man films 40 Cargo unit
a physician at Chapel Hill Family 1 Must 64 Peachy 26 Rock producer Brian 45 Again, to Gaius
ingness to accept victims from at
6 “Iron Chef America” chef 65 Wood shaper 27 Newspaper revenue 46 Talk out again
Medicine. “It reminded me of Haiti into their country impressed Cat __ 66 Appear dramatically component 47 “Old” punches?
important things which hardly the doctors. 10 Trails 67 Word to add to 20-, 37- 29 __-Tass: news agency 49 High country
need to be said, like that people are “They’re not wealthy, and yet 14 Dickens’s mysterious Mr. and 54-Across to make 30 Red inside 51 According to
much worse off than you are.” they allowed these people to come Drood sense of the answers 31 I-90 in Mass. et al. 52 Dabbling ducks
They could not directly speak over the border and get care,” Tew 15 Fidel’s successor Down 32 Magic harp thief 53 Bogart’s “High Sierra”
16 “__ Named Sue” 1 Call before the game 33 “__ hollers, ...” role
with their 30 Haitian patients, who said. “I don’t know how our coun- 17 Israeli ambassador Moshe 2 __ in the bucket 34 __ matter 54 Musical ending
were being treated in the Dominican try would react if there was a major 18 Like some profs. 3 Stockholm native 36 Believer 55 Follow
Republic, due to the language bar- disaster in Mexico.” 19 Web links 4 Colored a bit 38 First three numbers, in 56 Don Juan’s mother
rier. But the doctors managed to Two locals would translate 20 Uneasy about a farm team 5 Like some daring football some directories 57 Random collection
dress wounds, avert major crises Creole, one of the official languag- member? kicks 39 “Not a problem!” 58 Fire suppressant
and connect with their patients. 23 Michael Phelps sponsor 6 Steep outcropping
24 “Dies __” 7 Brewery feature
“Every morning patients would 25 Humble 8 Act like fools?
often inquire how we were before 28 Play footsie, say 9 Let out, say
we started,” Guiteras said. “They 32 It may be up 10 Honored with a crown of
weren’t just passing the time of day. 35 Plus foliage
They really wanted to know.” 36 Shoe part for Astaire 11 Start of a spell
Take 15/501 South towards Pittsboro 37 Uneasy about a long shot? 12 Go for a Masters?
People in Chapel Hill continue Exit Market St. / Southern Village 41 Maps 13 CBS part: Abbr.
to aid in the aftermath of Haiti’s 42 Fair-hiring abbr. 21 Roaming types
7.0-magnitude earthquake that CLASH OF THE TITANS J . . . .12:30-2:45-5:00-7:20-9:45 43 Hi or lo follower 22 Green Goblin portrayer in
struck Jan. 12, whether by admit- HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON I . . 12:35-2:50-4:55-7:15-9:30 44 “Flowers for Algernon”
author Daniel
ting victims into hospitals or send-
ing doctors overseas. THE LAST SONG I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1:00-4:00-7:15-9:35 45 “Analyze That” star
HOT TUB TIME MACHINE K . . . . 12:50-3:05-5:10-7:25-9:40 48 Top-shelf
Three such victims came to UNC 50 Where Caligula reputedly
Hospitals for severe burn treat- DIARY OF A WIMPY KID I . . . 12:45-2:55-5:00-7:05-9:20 tried to seat his 67-Across
ment in January and have since Starts April 9th: DATENIGHT J 54 Uneasy about an aquarium
been released. Tickets on sale at box office or online: fish?
For victims who could not come All shows $6.50 for college students with ID 59 Winery prefix
to the states for aid, the doctors left
Bargain 60 Casual top
Matinees 61 Stock phrase
on Feb. 14 for Jimani, Dominican $6.50 Opens Friday 4-9 62 Exploit

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14 thursday, april 8, 2010 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

andrew dunn
The Daily Tar Heel EDITOR, 962-4086
EDITorial BOARD members

Harrison Jobe meredith engelen cameron parker “You don’t need to have much to
Established 1893, Opinion EDITOR
Patrick Fleming pat ryan
117 years
of editorial freedom
Nathaniel Haines
ahna hendrix
steve kwon
christian yoder
have joy in your life, and you don’t
associate opinion EDITOR
GREG_MARGOLIS@UNC.EDU need to have anything to have hope.”
Frank Tew, UNC alumnus, who volunteered in haiti
Featured online reader comment:

“Are relations between the university

Zack Tyman
and the Greek system ever not going
Guest Columnist
Tyman is a junior peace, war and
to have this kind of tricky and
defense major from Northfield, NJ
spending the semester in Cuba. controversial feel to them?”
“rmcmanus,” on an article about such tensions

Cuba is Outside perspectives

evolving In the absence of letters to the editor, the DTH presents argu-
ments from news organizations around the country. Remember, we
need your letters! Have your voice heard across campus.

with new College loans, no middleman

The primary obstacle for young adults seeking to complete

generation a college degree isn’t that their public schools failed to prepare
them or that their colleges somehow alienated them to the point
of dropping out. It’s money. Even solidly middle-class families can
seldom cough up the more than $160,000 that private college will

his is not your father’s cost over four years. Working-class families must struggle to send

Fight for our dollar

Cuba. Walk down the their children to public colleges, which cost anywhere from several
malecón, where the thousand dollars a year for live-at-home commuters to $25,000
Caribbean meets the streets, and a year for students at the University of California.
you’ll feel a strange air in the city The federal government has spent extraordinary sums each year
of Havana. Cuba is changing.
I find myself here while Cuba Skepticism and scrutiny should be for student loans that helped put more Americans through college.
But much of that money, it turns out, has been wasted. Unbelievably
finds itself at a generational
crossroads. The younger gen- hallmark of Medlin’s involvement in ASG enough, the government has spent billions on interest payments to
private banks instead of on needy students. This wasteful and at

eration is becoming self-aware, times scandal-plagued expenditure of taxpayer money finally ended
and the older generation, which f Student Body President budget is lopsided. less of its priorities or perfor- with the approval this week of the federal budget reconciliation act.
started the now half-century-old Hogan Medlin is intent Student body presidents — mance. Withstanding the court The new law will eliminate the private-lender subsidy and have the
revolution, is fading away. on working with the including Medlin and former of public opinion, it’s up to the government make loans directly to students.
Gone are the days of national Association of Student president Jasmin Jones — members themselves to scruti- The change is expected to save more than $60 billion over 11
unity and the myriad catch- Governments, he must enter know it. nize how the dollars are spent. years, money that will be plowed into more student aid.
phrases that circulate through the organization with a skepti- Jones and other presidents Medlin is now in a position Up to now, the federal money was used to subsidize interest
the propaganda. Sure, you’ll still cal eye aimed toward reform. voiced their concerns at an to do that — but taking any- payments to the private lenders who actually made the loans. The
find the words “Hasta la victo- Students at UNC send a dol- ASG meeting back in March. thing less than a hard line in government also guaranteed the loans. This has been a lucrative,
ria, siempre,” (“Until victory, risk-free profit center for private lenders, so desirable a business that
lar of their fees to this system- Medlin has stated that he wish- dealing with ASG will not be
always”) adorning many a poster they at times provided kickbacks to universities that would list them
and billboard, but they don’t wide organization, which pur- es more money would be spent enough.
ports to lobby on their behalf. on campus-based initiatives Criticism in the flavor of as preferred lenders. In some cases, financial aid officers at certain
carry the same meaning they colleges held stock options in lending companies. After accusations
once did. In reality, the organization and less on stipends. Jones’ at the March ASG meet-
by the attorney general of New York, several lenders and universities
After the fall of the Soviet spends the vast amount of its It seems that there is no ing should be Medlin’s attitude paid fines and agreed to a new code of conduct.
Union, Cuba experienced the effort channeling students’ better way to spend money on from day one. Persistence in Any smart business leader knows that to cut costs, you cut out
worst economic crisis in the money into stipends for offi- campus-based initiatives than challenging the organization’s the middleman, yet this system persisted for years after the public
nation’s history. The lights went cers and staff as well as travel simply to not send almost priorities and performance will became aware that billions of dollars were being spent to create
out, food was scarce, and life expenses. $30,000 to an off-campus be key. banking profits rather than a better-educated nation. The prof-
became tougher than ever. The ASG apologists note, cor- organization to begin with. Medlin cannot forget that he its in the student loan business were good enough for lenders to
revolutionary zeal many Cubans rectly, that participation is But getting the dollars back was elected by UNC students, invest in lobbyists and campaign contributions, largely to GOP
felt in decades past hasn’t been dependent upon officers being is not likely to happen soon. to represent UNC students. All congressmen who now complain that the new law is a killer of
enough to sustain them through private-sector jobs. In fact, the jobs were private sector only in
two decades of extreme sacrifice.
paid for their work and student Medlin has the right mindset, other priorities should be sub-
body presidents being able to though. His statements on the ordinate to fighting for their name; they were paid for by taxpayers.
Because of this, Cuban national- What the private lenders did provide was a range of loan pack-
ism has eroded significantly. afford travel to meetings. issue indicate that he recognizes best interest.
ages to meet individual students’ needs. There’s no reason the
And that brings us to the man But the results do not that students aren’t getting their That means making ASG a federal government can’t do the same, and for a lot more students
behind the revolution itself: the match the funds. And even money’s worth out of ASG. worthwhile investment. He will with college dreams.
one, the only, Fidel Castro. with cuts to the stipends, the ASG gets its dollars regard- be hard-pressed to deliver.
Reality is finally beginning Editor’s note: This editorial originally appeared in the
to sink in that Fidel is not going

No more fearmongering
Los Angeles Times on Friday.
to be around much longer, and
Raúl Castro is no spring chicken
himself. That’s created a very
iPad envy … and hope
somber feeling among the Cuban Sometime soon, you’ll be on the train or in a trendy restaurant
people. Whether people praise
his triumphs or criticize his Town residents should take opportunity to learn about and you will behold the ethereal glow of Apple’s new iPad.
Someone will be caressing its cool glass skin. Flaunting owner-
shortcomings, Fidel is still loved,
and it saddens people to see him IFC’s proposed homeless shelter move more seriously ship of the most prized techno-bauble since, well, the wondrous
iPhone a few years back. You, like us, may be envious. Tempted

in what may be his last days. to reach for the holy grail. You’ll wonder if the machine can live
He brought a lot of hope hapel Hill residents need nity decisions. But some resi- many of the people who list the up to the hype.
and new beginnings to a once to show some trust in dents used Mondays meeting Rosemary address never stayed The technorati, however, aren’t grappling with questions that
oppressed people. You may not the Inter-Faith Council more for protest than a chance with the shelter. plague ordinary consumers. They’re not beset by doubts about
admire him, but you ought to at for Social Service. to listen to the IFC’s position. The IFC has been provid- whether they really need this sleek new tablet computer.
least respect him. The IFC wants to move The IFC has gone to great ing homeless men with shelter They’re not waiting until the next iteration, with 3G capabil-
But what saddens people even the homeless shelter from its lengths to be transparent about for 25 years. Its staff members ity. They don’t care if their iPhone and iPod Touch and MacBook
more is how unknown their current location at 100 W. its move. know what they’re doing. already do almost as much as, if not more, than this 1.5-pound,
future is. The possibility of the Rosemary St. to a location Turning a community dis- They’re acting out of con- 9.7-inch-color-screened aluminum-and-glass wonder. They don’t
revolution dying along with the fret about the starting price of $499. Or the absence of a built-in
Brothers Castro has never been
at the intersection of Martin cussion into a form of protest cern for a needy population in
camera or a USB port. Or anything else.
more valid. Luther King Jr. Boulevard and gives off the perception that Chapel Hill. They are not try-
They want it. They wanted it as soon as Apple chief Steve Jobs
So, that’s where we find our- Homestead Road. some residents aren’t open to ing to act out against a resi- introduced it in January. Some probably tried to pull strings and
selves today. Cuba is a lot more The IFC has been holding hearing the IFC’s point of view dential community. get their hands on it long before the official rollout on Saturday.
open than it once was. Tourists community discussion forums and are unwilling to work with The IFC is hosting one more Hundreds of thousands of these people preordered the machine.
and students from around the about its proposed homeless the IFC. discussion at 7 p.m. April 13 at They’re known in marketing parlance as “first adopters.”
world stroll the streets and snap shelter move for months now. That needs to change. the Southern Human Services Hail, intrepid consumers! Your desire for the iPad, stoked by
pictures everywhere. The very Some residents have been Residents have voiced valid Center. Apple’s pitch-perfect marketing, is just what this economy needs.
fact that UNC has a program very vocal in their opposition concerns about safety, often cit- Residents have every right to Consumer confidence was recently pegged by the Conference Board
in Havana simply shows that to the move. This past Monday, ing the numerous crimes linked continue expressing their con- at an improving but still abysmal 52.5 — that’s about 40 points
outside visitors are beginning to they expressed more concern with the shelter’s current address cerns at that meeting. But there below where it should be in a humming economy.
pour into this island nation. iPad fever could help turn things around. Nothing like a shiny
about the move at one of the on West Rosemary Street. needs to be some acknowledge-
As Americans, we bring our new machine to jolt Americans back to their natural state of per-
culture along with us. While IFC’s discussions. Chris Moran, the executive ment that IFC isn’t unexperi-
petual shopping mania.
we students may not wholly Discussion and debate are director of the IFC, has rebut- enced when it comes to dealing Another boost: The critics’ reviews are rolling in, and they are
subscribe to the ideas of capi- always needed in such commu- ted that concern, saying that with homeless men. exuberant. Only time — and sales figures — will tell if they are
talism and materialism as the irrationally so. Our guess: You’ll have one of these things sooner

Broadband for all

American stereotype suggests, than you think. Some critics say the iPad may kill the laptop. That
we are still seen as such. it could revolutionize communications. That it could reveal what
There exists a very real threat happened before the Big Bang. OK, we made up that last part.
that the influx of students But we hope the machine lives up to expectations as the Next Big
— such as those from UNC
— might do more to change Access to high-speed Internet in best interest to state Thing. Specifically, we hope for a bump in one corner of the media
world: the newspaper corner.

Cuban society as a whole than to We’ll be watching to see if newspapers can seize the opportunity
change the Cuban perception of s a center for knowl- function and thrive. that broadband will yield.
— and most important, a chunk of the income stream — from all
the United States. edge and technologi- In North Carolina, the There is a pronounced role those people who will read papers that are formatted for Apple’s new
As tourists and students cal development, UNC Golden LEAF Foundation has for the University in all of this. product. If the iPad begets the iPaper, we’ll be very happy.
from countries capitalistic and should lead the way in increas- also pushed heavily for broad- A perfect example was the part- Jobs has pulled off more than a few amazing feats in his career.
democratic arrive in greater ing broadband connectivity in band access. As recently as April nership announced last October Why not one more?
numbers, what remains to be North Carolina. 1, the foundation announced an between Golden LEAF and the
seen is whether the revolution “Broadband is the great award of a $24 million grant in Gillings School of Global Public Editor’s note: This editorial originally appeared in the
can survive. infrastructure challenge of the matching funds to try to snag Health, which partially used a Chicago Tribune on Saturday.
Whether the survival of early 21st century,” says the first federal funding for a $111 mil- Golden LEAF grant to connect
the revolution is a good thing line of the executive summary lion project. the state’s health care provid-
depends greatly upon whom you
ask. That’s obviously not the sen-
of the Federal Communications The project would be spear- ers via a broadband network. SPEAK OUT department and phone number.
C o m m i s s i o n ’s N a t i o n a l headed by the Microelectronics This network promises to help ➤ Edit: The DTH edits for space,
timent of the majority of Cuban Writing guidelines: clarity, accuracy and vulgarity.
Americans. Broadband Plan. It is hard to Center of North Carolina and rural communities gain access ➤ Please type: Handwritten Limit letters to 250 words.
But one thing remains certain: find a more concise expression would install almost 1,500 to medical record and informa- letters will not be accepted.
In the 51-year history of the Cuban of how important broadband miles of fiber through 69 coun- tion exchanges. ➤ Sign and date: No more than
two people should sign letters. ➤ Drop-off: at our office at Suite
Revolution counter-revolutions, an access is. ties in the state. Broadband will be essential 2409 in the Student Union.
angry diaspora population, embar- Broadband is best viewed The multiplier effects of in disseminating knowledge in ➤ Students: Include your year,
major and phone number. ➤ E-mail: to
gos, blockades and diplomatic as a public good. Some civic projects like these are nearly the 21st century. As the chief ➤ Faculty/staff: Include your ➤ Send: to P.O. Box 3257, Chapel
isolation have threatened the revo- leaders have taken up this pos- immeasurable. The immediate knowledge center in the state, Hill, N.C., 27515.
lution ever since Fidel marched ture, arguing that broadband is economic boost of installing the the University is in a unique
triumphantly into Havana. much like water or road infra- network will surely pale in com- position to be a leader in EDITOR’S NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily represent the opinions
Yet somehow, the revolution has structure — vital goods that are parison to the economic inno- broadband development and of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel edito-
survived, and this remains a fact in
necessary for communities to vation and access to knowledge implementation. rial board. The board consists of eight board members, the associate opinion editor, the
the minds of every generation. opinion editor and the editor.