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A project in the second year of Industrial Engineering & Management

School of Business Management,

Education and Technology

The Voice of the Customer

Fontys School of Business Management, Education and Technology
Bachelor study of Industrial Engineering & Management

Are you eager to discover whether

your customers are satisfied? Or are
you looking for new customers? Our
students can help you achieve these
The project

The Voice of the Customer is part of

the second year curriculum of Industrial Engineering & Management. The
project comprises a business to business market research, followed up
by recommendations for improving
Benefits for your company
Taking part in this project would result in the following benefits for your
- Market information gathered in a
systematic way
- Quantitative analysis of that
market information
- Suggestions for improvement and
- Final report and presentation
which can be used as your plan of
approach for improvements
- Stronger awareness of the
customers desire in your company
- Meaningful contribution to the
development of future business

an internal company process. In this

way, the project aims to turn market
information into a valuable asset for
the companies involved. The market
research will be executed by a team of
second year students.

The students will receive weekly support from their teachers to ensure the
validity and reliability of their central
research question, the set-up of their
questionnaire and a statistically correct outcome with conclusions and
recommendations. The idea is that
between February and July 2016 the
students (in teams of six members)
will spend 800 to 1000 hours on their
research for this project. Your company will be invoiced 750,- excluding
VAT for taking part in this research.
This price includes the final report and
presentation. Both will be assessed by
a jury which will include staff from your

Expectations from companies

taking part
We would expect a commitment of
about 15 to 20 hours during which you
- Organise an introduction session (2
- Give interviews to students so that
they can familiarize themselves with
the company, its products, its services, its markets, marketing strategy
and marketing activities (3 hours);
- Be present at the final presentation
by the students at Fontys (45 minutes);
- Be available for questions at times
agreed upon with the students;
- Allow access to relevant files and
other relevant information;
- Facilitate the research as much as
- Check the questionnaire, the
answer categories and the cover letter for approval (1 hour).
- Come to an agreement about a
process to be improved or a new process to be introduced;
- Assess the final report.

* Companies that participated in The Voice of the Customer 2015

How to contact us
Mr Peter Custers
Project manager The Voice of the Customer (Dutch student groups)
08850 74719
Mr Alain Deleu
Project manager The Voice of the Customer (international student groups)
08850 75007

School of Business Management,

Education and Technology