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Use of outcome metrics to measure quality in education and training of healthcare professionals

A scoping review of international experiences



February 2011

Prepared for the Department of Health within the PRP project “An ‘On-call’ Facility for International Healthcare Comparisons”


This document presents a rapid review of the published evidence on initiatives undertaken at international and national levels that may inform the further development of the proposed NHS outcomes framework for workforce planning, education and training in England. The working paper is in two parts. Part 1 is designed as an exploratory review, with a focus on the use of quality indicators to assess and monitor the delivery of healthcare education and training in international settings. Part 2 examines the use of two specific quality indicators to measure the quality of medical education in three countries. Together, they suggest that efforts to systematically assess the quality of the delivery of education and training of the healthcare workforce appear to be rarely addressed explicitly. We identify areas where further work may provide useful additional insights into quality measurement in healthcare education and training.

The paper was prepared as part of the project ‘An “On-call” Facility for International Healthcare Comparisons’ funded by the Department of Health in England through its Policy Research Programme (grant no. 0510002). The project comprises a programme of work on international healthcare comparisons that provides intelligence on new developments in other countries, involving a network of experts in a range of countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to inform health (care) policy development in England. For more information on the project please visit

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