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9 April 2010
Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad
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2010/2011 Budget
faces challenges - p 2

Ohrigstad Restaurant
& Sportsbar MBBCh (WITS); Practice No: 0247308
us! (at Dr. Mattellaer’s surgery)
Delicio ning Panado Diploma in Mental Health; Diploma in Occupational
ai eve Lerumo la
Spitbra , 10 April Syrup Health & Medicine; HIV Management; Independant
Woodwards examiner for RAF & Insurances (ABIME)
ay Gripe madi caps 90
Saturd Water
We offer a holistic approach to your medical condition
with the following services:
Dietician; Psychologist; Physiotherapist; Occupational
R17.50 Therapist & Speech and Hearing Therapist
All medical
R21.95 Platinum
Stametta Health are
R18.60 Scott’s welcomed.
Normal menu still available. Availability of Emulsion Dr Lorna
spitbraai servings guaranteed only for While stock last 100ml and her
reseved spaces. Others on first come, first team.
Limosa Limosa, Shop 9, Opposite Greater
serve basis. Book now!! Phelo Pele Pharmacy Tubatse Traffic Department

Enquiries: 013-238 0503

Shop 1, Khadima Centre (next to taxi rank). Tel: 013 231 7307/8
Burgersfort Tel: 013-231 8686/Cell: 082 700 6966 * Lydenburg Tel: 013 235 1236 E-mail:
2 NEWS 9 APRIL 2010

income Budget
made easy
Operational Budget
What the municipality needs from day
to day to effect service delivery, such
as to put petrol in municipal vehicles,
pay salaries and to buy what is needed
to do repairs on things such as water
pipes, roads etc. This budget also pays
for general maintenance. The money
cannot be used to for large projects
such as building bridges or water
reticulation projects. The councillors’
salaries also come from this money.

Capital budget
Projects such as roads, bridges,
electrification, and water reticulation
and building of community halls. The
big money. Greater Tubatse is not
responsible for everything, with the
district municipality and other
Operational authorities, such as Eskom and the
Department of Water Affairs who is
primarily responsible for a large
expenditure chunk of water provision,
electrification etc.

Rates and tarriffs

What the residents have to pay to fund
the services they get. That is why you
have to pay for everything, from
assessment rates (property tax), to
water and electricity. What you pay is
paid over to the relevant authority, who
build and render services with the
money. The income side of the budget is
actually what the authorities think
they will get from ratepayers
(taxpayers) in the coming year, and the
expenditure side is what they plan
what to do with the money.

X-Ray Capital budget (large projects)
N. Zulu
N. Dipl. Rad. Diagnostics (UJ) * Pr. No.0353930
Services offered:
• General radiographic exams
• Occupational Health x-rays
• General injury on duty x-rays
• Radiologist report available on request
Dr. Mokwena’s surgery, ABSA Building, Morone
Street. Cell: 079 522 5141

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9 APRIL 2010 NUUS 3

Ten percent increase for rates

and taxes (exl electricity)?
The recession has not only hit the ordinary man in the street and businesses hard, but not responsible for the reticulation and distribution on our municipal area.
also the Greater Tubatse Local Municipality, who approved the area’s draft Integrated The capital expenditure for the new financial year look pretty much the same for the
Development Plan and Budget for the 2010/2011. coming financial year as that of last year, with only a few hundred thousand rand
This budget is now open for public scrutiny (as per notice published in newspapers difference between last year’s R46 million and this year’s almost R50 million. This is the
last week) and if eventually approved, will kick in on 1 July this year with the start of money that will create jobs, but as the budget does not differ much from the previous
the new municipal financial year. year, residents should also not expect miracles from this source.
Bad news is that tariffs wil go up a budgeted average of 10 percent. The same as During the consultative process when the budget was compiled, the needs and projects
last year, but way above inflation. But as the municipal manager explains in the from different villages and communities in the municipality was also penned down. This
budget documents, the area a faced with massive backlogs in terms of service delivery good news is that the government is well aware of those needs, ranging from the fencing
and the money is sorely needed. When taken into account that last year the of cemetaries to the construction of roads. The number of pages comprising of what the
municipality budgeted for a operating income of R162 million and only about R145 communities want, numbers almost 60, with no money in sight to do all the projects.
million realised, the effects of the economy could clearly be seen. This year the draft What is clear from the well compiled documents is that the government knows what is
budget makes provision for an income of R173 million and expenditure of about R 178 needed, and also knows that a well developed business plan is needed to ensure
million, which means that the budget as is, stands at a deficit of about R5 million. sustainable development an service rendering in the area. Not included in the budget
In the documents it is made clear that although the different spheres of itself, but listed in the documents is the contribution from the private sector, such as
government, from first to mthird tier and various agencies such as Eskom work mining companies.
together in providing services for residents, Greater Tubatse Municipality is not The social responsibility projects and the importance they play in the development of
responsible for everything. So, what it actually means is that the economy killer - the area are highlighted, as well as the need of the local government to engage them in
electricity - is not included in the tarrif adjustments of the local authority as they are the future with regard to the development of the area.

Some key challenges according to the IDP: environmental management, land claims and ownership, high level of informal
settlements, low skills level, high level of HIV/AIDS, high poverty level, aging infrastructure, infrastructure over capacity, no
refuse removal services in rural areas, inadequate access to bulk services, 61 percent of roads unsurfaced, high level of
traditional houses and shacks, lack of by-laws and policies, inadequate relationship between Magoshi and municipality, poor
participation by community.

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Prices valid from 9 April 2010 - 11 April 2010
4 NEWS 9 APRIL 2010

Xstrata Lion is one of the company’s most energy efficient operations with it’s unique Premus technology.

Xstrata holds
back on major
Xstrata this week announced that it has put a R5 thousand million South African
investment on hold because of Eskom’s power crisis.
Xstrata, a diversified mining company planned this multi-million expansion for it’s
South African ferrochrome business.
Xstrata is globally the biggest producer of ferrochrome and has a market value of 50
thousand million dollars and employs 60 000 people worldwide.
The hold on this project gives the recession-crippled economy a blow in terms of
possible job creation and economic development in mining areas. The project was
expected to create 2 000 jobs of which 500 would have become permanent positions. It
was expected to generate an additional R5.4 thousand million a year.
“I don’t know what our decisions will be in relation to the construction of Eskom-
generated power stations, because the key issue for me is sustainable power and a
realistic price that I can actually predict. Until I have predictability on price and
sustainability of power, I am not in a position to invest,” Xstrata CEO, Mick Davis told
Mining Weekly, after speaking to Wits Business School this week. He also expressed his
doubts in the ability of Eskom to provide sustainable, predictably priced energy.
One of the reasons for his doubts he explained, are the fact that Eskom is now
investing in the development of bespoke power stations. “The era of bespoke, large-scale
power stations has stopped and is no longer a valid model” Mining Weekly reported.
He expressed his support for self-generation of energy saying: “I am not suggesting
that Eskom should disappear at all. Eskom will continue and should continue to be the
major provider of electricity in South Africa, but a significant advantage will be
achieved for the country in terms of bringing on capacity quicker and cheaper and
therefore avoiding some of the rise in the electricity price if own generation was
He emphasised the need for “regulatory changes to facilitate credible and
sustainable electricity generation in the medium term”.
“Viable solutions include the participation of energy-intensive companies, such as
Xstrata, in the construction of own generation”. Davis believes that by allowing
companies to generate their own electricity will relieve the pressure on Eskom while
companies such as Xstrata will be able to plan according to their own energy resources.
Bespoke: custom or custom-designed
9 APRIL 2010 NUUS 5

is still
‘They work together with the
Burgersfort SAPS’ social
policing unit’
Burgersfort SUPERSPAR is still very involved with the
community through donations.
With the help of the Burgersfort SAPS’ social policing unit
they identify families in need, organisations such as Homebased
Care and Groups for the elderly and disabled who are in dire need
of food.
Food stuffs and other products that have damaged packaging
or were dented during transport and cannot be sold in the shop is
donated to these families.
Special care is taken that the right parcel goes to the right
family or organisation. Baby formula for example often goes to the
various Homebased Care units who take care of orphans in the
area. Terminally ill people often receive packets of soup to help
rebuild their strength. This is where the close co-operation
between the shop management and the SAPS is very important.
To the management of Burgersfort SUPERSPAR this is a
project very near to their hearts. It is one of the ways in which
they can give a little back to the community in which they
Last year they not only donated food stuffs but also blankets to
keep the recipients warm during the long winter months.

Members of the Burgersfort SAPS with some of the responsible individuals who help
them with the distribution of the donations.
(Photographs supplied by Burgersfort SUPERSPAR).

used &
new m

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6 NEWS 9 APRIL 2010

‘We were
Mr Rogers Mathoto lives in a mud house and is one of the residents who would like to
know what is going on with the allocation of RDP Houses in the village.

In Makgalane Village near Leboeng various villagers are unhappy about the allocation of
RDP Houses. “We were promised houses,” they told the newspaper.
According to the Traditional Authority Chairperson in the village, Mr PS Kgwedi,
they have no insight into the lists which are being compiled for the allocation of RDP
houses. “People are going around at night with this list,” the newspaper was told when
visiting the village this week.
The villagers also claim that many of the RDP projects in their area were abandoned
- and remain unfinished. They want to know when these unfinished houses will be
It seems however that someone, somewhere is trying to help. One of the pensioners
living in a mud shack received a water tank last week Monday. The week before that he
also received two bags of cement, a small heap of sand and a small heap of aggregate. He
was told to start building himself a house. He also received a toilet taken from the
unfinished RDP projects. There is however no pit dug for the toilet and it was not fitted.
The villagers believe the donations came from the municipality. The water tank was
left empty and nobody has returned to fill it with water.
Mr PS Kgwedi of the Traditional Authority in the village with Mr John Makofane who
received a watertank, cement, sand and aggregate to start building his own house.

Wildevy 4x4 Day planning well under way

The Wildevy Manne is a non profitable businesses and mines in making it an challenges for the whole family to and trailer; this is a free service to the
organization driven by a few men in the enjoyable day for the whole family. participate in such as pellet shooting, public.
community. They raise money for charity This event grew tremendously over the throwing oranges, spot the wild etc. Camping space is also available.
by holding a 4x4 Day once a year. years. This year they manne will include an To enter the 4x4 fun day will cost
They would to like invite all 4x4 In 2009 there was 120 participating Eco route for people not wanting to do the R400.00 before the 1st of July 2010. After
enthusiasts and the general public to join vehicles and about 5000 visitors enjoying 4x4 challenge. There are big prizes to be that it will cost R450.00, this includes a
them on the 31 July 2010 on the farm the family day. won. shirt for both the driver and co-driver.
PLM Boerdery, 10km out of Burgersfort The track is very challenging and This event is like a festival with In the afternoon there will be the
on the Lydenburg road. interesting, however it is not intended to various stalls supplying homemade food traditional SHOW STOPPER, here a
This day gets the whole community damage your normal 4x4 vehicle. Along and beverages and various other goods selected few vehicles will be showing what
involved in conjunction with other the route there are all kinds of fun and exhibitors. they can do in the mud bath in view of all.
They also cater for fun events involving This is always a winner, do not miss this
the children with jumping castles and event!
target shooting We are sorry to inform all that no
were a Rooibok Quad bikes are allowed in and around the
can be won. event. No coolboxes will be allowed at the
Transport event, a bar service with reasonable prices
between 4x4 will be available.
challenges for For more information visit the website
the spectators or contact Susan
Behind Lewis Furniture PO Box 9, will be in the Kruger on 013 231 7498/9 or 013 231 7462
Office No 4, Mining Courses and Training Ohrigstad, form of a tractor and e-mail:
Burgersfort. Price Deposit 1122
Bulldozer R3 899 R2 000 5 Day
Grader R3 600 R1 800 5 Day SETA
Excavator R3 600 R1 800 5 Day Accredited
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Registration Fee: R100
Registered Debt Counsellor
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Tel: (013) 231 8322 072 783 1571;
(Reg No: NCRDC 487) 074 744 9994; 074 858 9218 Playing in the mud and dust is part of the fun.
9 APRIL 2010 NUUS 7

CRIME SNIPPETS Life sentence

Tubatse SAPS * Tubatse SAPD for murder
Piet Sipho Ngele (22) received a life sentence after he was found
On 4 April the Tubatse SAPS arrested a 25-year old man for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous guilty of murder and common robbery.
bodily harm. He was sentenced in the Lydenburg regional court on 11
The accused assaulted his 21-year old girlfriend with his fists after they had an argument. March.
The crime occurred in Praktiseer on 3 April 2010. Ngele was arrested on 3 April 2007 and charged with a murder
The accused, Oupa Nkuna appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court on 6 April 2010 and he was that occurred at Dresden Village on 18 August 2006.
sentenced to three months imprisonment or a fine o! R900-00. Ngele was a resident of Ga-Manoke Village.
He was also accussed of robbing a complainant of good to the
On 2 April the Police in Tubatse arrested a man aged 32, for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous value of R9000.
bodily harm. The life sentence was given on both the charge of murder and
The arrest follows the crime that occurred in Mabocha Village on 1 Apri12010. The accused struck a 31-year the charge of common robbery.
old man with a stone after they had an argument.
The accused Alex Pilusa, appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court on 6 April 2010. He was sentenced
to two months imprisonment or a fine of R800-00.

On 2 Apri1 the Police in Tubatse arrested a 29-year old man for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous
Armed robbery
bodily harm.
The accused struck his neighbour, a 21-year old woman with a bottle after they had an arguments. The
crime occurred on 1 Apri1 2010 in Ga-Motodi village.
The accused, Percy Mzimba appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court and he was sentenced to two
in Steelpoort
months imprisonnment or a fine of R800-00. A shop in the Steelpoort Industrial area was robbed on Monday,
29 April.
On 2 April 2010 the Tubatse SAPS arrested a 25-year old man for assault with purpose to inflict grievous The robbery took place at about 06:55 when three armed men
bodily harm. entered the shop and held the employees at gunpoint. The men
The arrest follows the crime that occurred in Ga-Motodi on 1 April 2010. The accused allegedly assaulted his approached the security officer, pretending to be clients. Of the
ex-girlfriend, aged 21-years. three suspects only two entered the shop. The third stayed behind
The man appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court on 6 April. He was granted bail of R1000-00. The as the driver of the get-away vehicle.
case was postponed to 19 Apri1 2010. The men pointed guns at the security officer as well as an
employee and then tied them up.
On 3 April 2010 the Tubatse SAPS arrested a 26-year old man for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous The fled the shop with approximately R10 000 in cash. They
bodily harm fled in a white Toyota Corolla with a GP registration number.
The accused assaulted a 24-year old man with an unknown object in Mabocha village on 2 April 2010. The suspects are still at large.
The accused appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrates’s Court on 6 April. He was not granted bail. The case Anyone with information can contact 082 402 8960 or 013 231
was postponed to 13 April 2010. 7231.

On 3 April the Tubatse SAPS arrested a 33-year old man for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous
bodily harm.
The accused stabbed a 41-year old woman with a knife in Praktiseer on 3 April 2010.
The accused appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court on 6 April and he was granted bail of R1000-00.
Sheep stolen,
The case was postponed to 27 May 2010.

On 4 April the Tubatse SAPS arrested a 19-year old woman for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous
bodily harm.
one arrested
The accused struck her boyfriend with a bottle after they had an argument. The crime occurred in Praktiseer
on 3 April 2010. Three sheep were stolen from a farm in the Motsepula area.
The accused, Pinky Mphogo appeared, in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court on 6 April and was sentenced to The suspects allegedly approached one of the farm workers and
two months imprisonment or a fine of R800-00, wholly suspended for two years. enquired about the farmer and the sale of sheep.
It was already 02:00 on Wednesday 1 April when the men
On 6 April the Police in Tubatse arrested a 25-year old man for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous approached the worker. He refused to go with them to the kraal.
bodily harm. The men then allegedly went and took three sheep from the kraal.
The accused struck a 22-year old man with the bottle on 2 April in Praktiseer. The accused appeared in the The animals are valued at approximately R4 500.
Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court on 7 April 2010. He was granted bail of R1000-00. The case was postponed to A case of stock theft was opened at the Burgersfort SAPS.
21 May 2010. They managed to follow leads and arrested a 27-year old man of
Ga-Mashamothane Zone 5. The other suspect is still at large.
On 3 April the Police in Tubatse arrested a 19-year old man in connection with common robbery. Anyone with information that could assist in this case should
It is alleged that the accused attacked a 36-year old man and robbed him his of his cellphone. please contact 013 231 7231 or 082 402 8960.
The crime occurred in Bothashoek Village on 2 April 2010.
The accused appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate’s Court on 6 Apri1 2010 and he was granted bail of
R1000-00. The case was postponed to 17 May 2010.

On 6 Apri1 2010 Emmanuel Magabane (31) was sentenced to six months imprisonment or a fine of R2400-
00 for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous bodily harm.
The sentence follows the crime that occurred in Mahlashi village on 31 August 2009. Magabane stabbed his
27-year old wife with a knife after they had an argument. On 2 September 2009 the case was reported to the
Tubatse Police, and they conducted the investigation. Magabane was arrested in October last year.

Four years to prison for theft

Isaac Mapalakanye was found guilty of housebreaking theft report that happened on 9 July 2006 in The place to be!
and theft and sentenced to four years imprisonment. Burgersfort town.
He did not get the option of a fine. He was sentenced During the housebreaking items to the value of R7
on 1 April in the Lydenburg Magistrate’s Court. 000 were stolen.
For: All hairstyles including
Mapalakanye was arrested on 11 July 2006. The The case was remanded for an extended period braiding and relaxing.
Burgersfort SAPS linked him to a housebreaking and until his last appearance on 1 April.
Nails: manicures & pedicures
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Call 083 543 1676 to book your Next to Five Star Butchery,
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8 NEWS 9 APRIL 2010

Modikwa athletes excel at

Longtom Marathon
Once again the athletes from Modikwa will be the Loskop Marathon, run from Peter Molapo – 4th – Time: 4h01 Jannie Oosthuizen – 2h55
Platinum Mine showed that they are a Middleburg to the Loskop dam. Again the Stephen Moeng 7th – time: 4h10 Sanet Oosthuizen – 2h55
force to be reckoned with. Modikwa athletes will be in action.
The top runners posted excellent times “We would like to congratulate the Victor Maroga – Time: 5h25
giving other runners through out South athletes with their great performance and Sonia Mokuoa – time: 5h34 5km
Africa something to think about in their wish them all the best for the up coming Solomon Masedi – Time: 7h05
preparations for the Comrades Marathon races” said Modikwa management. David Mamphe – 35min
to be run at the end of May 2010.
21km Cynthia Galane – 35min
These times gives a reflection on how
well their preparation is going so far this
Race Results for
season. Modikwa athletes Justice Phokane – 1h23
“These times give a reflection
Modikwa employees also attended this Albert Twala – 1h27
great race and enjoyed themselves, Adolph Boshego – 1h29 on how well their preparation
running and walking the 21 and 5km races 56km
just for fun and some exercise. Jenny Cronje – 3h25 is going”
The next big race before the Comrades Leboka Noto – 2nd – Time: 3h48 Nardus Cronje – 3h40


Reaching for
her dream
Working as an instrument technician at Tubatse Chrome she
always dreamt of becoming a nail technician.
“I just wanted to be a lady,” says Ms Ntokozo Mgandela, owner
of PnP Hair & Beauty Spot in Steelpoort.
“The work I used to do was dirty and I always had to wear
safety boots. I was always dreaming of doing my own thing one
day,” she adds.
In February this year she opened PnP Hair & Beauty Spot.
This salon not only caters for all kinds of hairstyles and
braiding, but is also the right spot to get your nails done.
The name of the business was inspired by her two children -
Phuti and Powers Jnr.
“This was a big step, but I am glad that I took it. People are
always welcome in the salon. Friendly and professional service
is one of the keys to this business,” she explained.
PnP Hair & Beauty Spot is situated next to Five Star Butchery
in Steelpoort.
Should you want to make an appointment please call 083 301

The staff at PnP Hair & Beauty Spot: Pule Moloto, Nokuthula
Mawire, Ntokozo Mgandela and Tebatso Mahabe.

Times are tough.

Advertise and let your customers
know about your business.
Enquire about our special
To find out more call Beánnla Celliers on 083 543 1676
9 APRIL 2010 9

Public Participation Programme IDP &

Budget 2010/11
The Mayor of Greater Tubatse Municipality Cllr. R S Mamekoa invites the public to attend the IDP/Budget consultative meetings scheduled as follows:
DILOKONG 1 Venue : Ntwampe High School
Time : 10h00
Date : 25/April/2010
Ward 03 Ward 08 Ward 09
Seelane Makgopo Djate Modimole Malokela Shakung
Motlammotse Maleneng Mantswakane Magabaneng Thokwane Madifahlane
Moshate Marapong Seuwe Tsokung Serafa
Swale Tidintsitsane Mashibiring Makhwaye
Maakgake Morapaneng Ditijaneng Lebageng
Ditswebeleng Kalane Lekgwareng Tidintsitsane
Ward 10 Ward 14 Ward 15
Madikane Kgoete Magobading Mashira Shakung Kgopaneng
Mashishi Masete Sehunyane Motloulela Segorong Maakubu
Manyaka Modubeng Sekopung
DILOKONG 2 Venue : Sehlaku High School
Time : 10h00
Date : 25/April/2010
Ward 07 Ward 11 Ward 12
Legononong Mooihook Mohlopi Magologolo Sehlaku
Difataneng Mashemong Maroga Marogapalatseng Maapea. Balotsaneng
Matameng Kampeng Morethe/Mahlokwane Mamphahlane Sekiti.
Gowe Lekgwareng Natlela Molongoane
Holong France Ga-Mpuru Swale
Ward 17 Ward 19
Podile. Selala. Motlolo.
Ga-Mphethi. Ga-Maapea. Mathipa.
Mahlokoane. Ga- Riba
Tubatse/ Steelpoort Venue : Mampuru Moshate.
Time : 10h00.
Date : 25/April/2010
Ward 02 Ward 06 Ward 27
Steelpoort. Mashagosebo. Sethokgeng – Mampuru. Hlalanikahle. Malekane.
Dithamaga. Matimatjatji. Sethokgeng- Phasha. Tsakane. Tsatsapane.
Nkokwane. Kutullo.
Ward 28 Ward 29
Ga-Masha. Ntaki Ga- Maepa.
Ga-Rantho. Ga- Rantho. Ga-Maphopha.
Ngwaabe. Masebene.
Ohrigstad/Leboeng/Kgautswane. Venue : Phiring Moshate.
Time : 10h00.
Date : 25/April/2010
Ward 01 Ward 24 Ward 26
Ga-Mabelane. New Stand. Mokutung. Kgautswane Moshate. Phiring Moshate. Ga-Nkwana.
Mapareng. Malaeneng. Paeng. Legoleng. Tswenyane. Mafarafara.
Makopung. Maepa. Makgwareng. Rutseng. Moraba.
Ohrigstad. Makgalane. Lepelle ( Strydomtunnel)
Mantshibe. Banareng.
Eastern Tubatse 1 Venue : Municipal Office.
Time : 10h00
Date : 25/April/2010
Ward 04 Ward 05 Ward 25
Riba Cross Polaseng. Mangabane. Mashamothane.
Madiseng. Matjianeng. Zone 01 Zone 08
Makgemeng. Pomping. Zone 02 London.
Zone 03 Stasie.
Zone 07.
Ward 18
Kopi. Manoke.
Aapies. Burgersfort.
Eastern Tubatse 02 Venue : Dr C.N Phatudi FET College.
Time : 10h00
Date : 25/April/2010
Ward 13 Ward 16 Ward 20
Dark city. Central. Lefahla. Penge. Bothashoek. Dithabaneng.
Skiring. Extension 02 Ga-Mokgotho. Ga-Malepe. Pologong. Sofaya.
Legal site. Extension 03. Ga-Mamogolo. Ga-Motshana. Mashemong. Santeng.
Extension 04 Mankele. Ga- Moraba. Naledi. Phelindaba.
Maretlwaneng. Legabeng. Doornkop.River site.
Ward 21 Ward 22 Ward 23
Pidima Mabocha Taung. Makotaseng Kgotlopong. Motlailane.
Makofane Motodi. Ga-Mabelane. Mahlashi. Dresden.
Dikotope. Matokomane. Alverton.
Mr SPS Malepeng
For more information contact M M Mashigo @ 013 231 7815 / Ward Councillors/CDW’s. N.B Transport is available. Municipal Manager
10 NEWS 9 APRIL 2010

Will the rainbow nation

South Africa is often referred to as the
country with a Rainbow Nation - rich in
diversity of cultures, languages and races.
There are however things that are pulling
at the seams of this nation. A lack of
service delivery, crime and racial tension is
too often a reality that disturbs the peace.
This week Police had to intervene outside
the courthouse in Ventersdorp where two
men appear on amongst others, charges of
murder, after they allegedly killed Eugene
Terre’Blanche on his farm last weekend.
White and black people found themselves
on different sides of the fence as the police
literally erected a barbed wire fence to
keep the crowd under control.
It is not always race that causes tension.
The frequent marches in protest against
poor serivice delivery is another major
threat to stability in the country.
This is also the case with crime, job
creation and many other issues.
In about two months South Africa will host
the FIFA World Cup and soccer fans are
expected to visit the country in droves.
Sport is often seen as a tool to unite people.
This was clearly seen when the Springboks Mnr. Pieter Strydom sê: “Die Wêreldbeker Mr Phanuel Masinge said: “We must Ms. Gladys Shai said: “They must sort
won the Rugby World Cup in 1995. sal nie ‘n verskil maak nie. Solank daar change our attitude. Forgive and forget this fighting out. Black and white people
We asked readers whether they think the korrupsie in die regering is, sal ons nie the past and then we can stand together want to live together”.
rainbow nation can still pull things kan saamstaan nie”. as a rainbow nation”.
together or are we heading for a fall? Will
the hosting of the World Cup have an

Mr J. Sithole said: “We can stand Ms Lucy Magane said: “No change, we Ms Cindy Topham said: “If everybody had
together. The racial issues is not okay. are still the rainbow nation and we can respect for each other regardless of race,
Ms Penny Mokwena said: “Rome was not We must stand together and discuss our sort our problems out”. then we had a good chance of pulling
build in one day. It will take a long time for differences and we must have respect”. together. Mutual respect = peace and less
change, but one day it will be fine”. crime”.

Me. Carien van

Huyssteen sê:
“Kom ons glo en
bid saam as ‘n
Mr SK Dlamini nasie want die
said: “The people majority van
must be together. Suid Afrikaners
There are still is nie wit of
some people swart nie, net
Mr Doctor Masinga said: “The solution is behaving like mense. Dit gaan
to pray. God will help us, nobody else. We dinosaurs, who nie oor ras nie,
must come together not as black and don’t want to maar oor
white but just as people”. accept change”. menslikheid”.
9 APRIL 2010 NUUS 11

pull together or fall apart?

Mr Oupa Marakalala said: “We are just Mr Khutso Seopela said: “The lack of Mnr. Henny Wessels sê: “Ek glo nie daar Mnr. André Lombaard sê: “Hulle sal nooit
falling apart. Sometimes we can be services from the state will separate the sal nou moeilikheid wees nie. Nie nou al in hulle lewe kan saamstaan nie. Ons is
together, but we need to be standing people. It is disappointing. Where are the nie. Hulle moet Malema ‘n bietjie in die oppad in die afgrond in”.
together forever in peace and prosperity”. funds? Where are the services?” bek ruk”.

Ms Leratho Sekgobela and Ms Kgomtso Mogotlane said: “We don’t think we Me. Colette Hanekom sê: “Ek hoop ons land sal reg kom. Op dié stadium is daar
are falling apart. The World Cup will not bring any change”. rassespanning, maar hopelik kan dit beter raak”. By haar is Ilze, Nico en
Carla Hanekom.

Mr Juan Siems en me. Arlene Grobler sê: “Die rainbow nation is Me. Katryn en me. Hester de Jonge sê: “’n Mens wens hulle wil
in sy m*** in. Die komp sal nooit saamstaan nie. Die Eugene Terre’Blanche nou laat rus. Hy het vrede, ons moet ook
Wêreldbeker gaan nie ‘n verskil maak nie. Dit sal dinge dalk net kry. Volgens almal gaan ons op 1 Mei oorlog hé. Ek is nou al
vererger”. moedeloos. ‘n Mens sou sê dit is die oordeelsdag soos die Ms Thandiwe Khoza said: “I think we are
mense te kere gaan”. in trouble. Now is a bad time for black and
white people to fight, because now it is
the FIFA World Cup and lots of other

SMS your opinion to 073 416 5119 countries will visit us. For us as South
Africans it is not good to fight”.
12 NEWS 9 APRIL 2010

Letters / Briewe
Express your opinion. Write a letter to the Platinum Gazette. Letters may
be e-mailed, posted or faxed. Contact details are on page 2 of this issue.
Spreek jou mening uit. Skrywes kan per epos, pos of faks na Platinum
Gazette gestuur word. Kontakbesonderhede is op bladsy 2 van vandag se

It can be Thought for the week

managed ... “There's no substitute for guts.”
- Paul "Bear" Bryant (Famous American
football coach)

Dagboek / Diary
Burgersfort United Soccer

Burgersfort United Football Club plays soccer every Wednesday and Friday
evening. They invite all social players of all ages to come and join them at the
Laerskool Burgersfort sportsgrounds. Enquiries: Faizal, 082 922 3909 or Riaz,
072 471 7545.

Winterveld Ringbal Klub

Kitsgids na jou SAPD/ Winterveld Ringbal Klub oefen Dinsdae en Donderdae by die CVO skool op die
R37 (op pad na Lydenburg) se bane. Enige spelers of nuwe spelers is welkom

Important numbers: om by die klub in te skakel. Navrae: Zelna Wheeler 072 531 6287.

Sondagaande Jeug
Burgersfort (013) 231 7231
Daar word elke Sondagaand by die NG Kerk Burgersfort Jeug gehou.Alle
Ohrigstad (013) 238 0128 tieners word uitgenooi om te kom deel in die lofprysing en DVD’s wat gekyk
Roossenekal (013) 273 0075 Dit begin om 18:30 en eindig om 19:00. Moet dit nie misloop nie! Navrae:
Mecklenburg (015) 615 0204 Lenette, 083 389 3077.

Eerstegeluk (013) 237 0011 Tubatse Ringbal Klub

Tubatse (013) 216 8500 Die Tubatse Ringbal Klub oefen elke Dinsdag en Donderdag in Burgersfort by
Sekhukhune (013) 260 1007 Calvin College. Die klub nooi alle belangstellendes uit om by hulle aan te sluit.
Oefeninge is 18:00 vir 18:30. Navrae: Richardt, 071 877 7002.
Leboeng (013) 769 9099
Maartinshoop (013) 235 4041 Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes

Ander nood/ Op Ohrigstad verkoop die Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes hou elke laaste
Vrydag van die maand pannekoek- en vetkoekverkope by die Pure Plaas

Other emergencies: stalletjie. Al die geld wat hulle insamel gaan vir liefdadigheid.

Fun Run - Ward 1

Water & Sanitation 082 900 4449
Disaster Management - Ward 1 is hosting a fun run at every village within its boundaries. It is usually
done in co-operation with Love Life and the SAPS. The fun run and games are
(Ambulance & Fire) 0800 330 022 usually taking place on a Saturday.
Electricity (Eskom) 0860 037 566 To find out more about the next event contact: 082 446 2934.

Get the list of medical doctors and other Wildevy 4x4 Dag
related services on page 13.
Die Wildevy 4x4 Dag vind hierdie jaar op 31 Julie plaas. Slegs 120 voertuie
To advertise on the list please contact word op die baan toegelaat. Besprekings kan reeds gedoen word. Persone of
083 543 1676. besighede wat graag as punt-borge wil optree kan ook solank hul spasie
bespreek. Kontak: Susan Kruger by 013 231 7498/99.
9 APRIL 2010 NUUS 13

You could find the candidate Betrekkings/

you are searching for.... Vacancies
Advertise you vacancy in Platinum Gazette and reach not only those readers
who pick up a hard copy of the newspaper, but also hundreds who read it online
and receive it via e-mail. G4 Civils has the
To following vacancy
advertise The successful applicant will be stationed in
Burgersfort. Should the need arise he or she will
contact have to work away from home from time to time.
Beánnla This is a permanent post and the following
Celliers on qualifications are needed.

083 543 SAMTRAC

1676 2 Years underground and construction
Comsoc 1&2 will be a plus.

Salary is negotiable.

CV must be send to site manager or (HR manager).
Enquiries: 079 539 7842


06 April 2010

(b). BID NUMBER GTM/12/09/10
(c). OLD CLOSING DATE : 06/04/2010 at 12H00
(d). NEW CLOSING DATE : 07/05/2010 at 12H00

1. Prospective bidders should take note that the tender on the

Provision of Short-Term Insurance Services which should have
closed on the 06/04/2010 has been extended and will now
close on the 07/05/2010 at 12H00.

2. The above move was necessitated by the necessary changes

to be effected from the standardized bidding document
provided by the municipality.

3. The other information incorporated in the original bid/

tender document and not corrected on this ERRATUM
will remain valid and binding to all bidders.

For further information contact Mosoma O N at 013 231

7815/8530 or

Mr SPS Malepeng
Municipal Manager
Corner Kort and Eddie Sedibe Streets, Burgersfort.
PO Box 206, Burgersfort, 1150; Tel: (013) 231 7815
Fax: (013) 231 7467; Website:
14 9 APRIL 2010

Klein Advertensies • Smalls

Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone
Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre
or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676
or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031
1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs
Looking Klein Advertensies • Smalls

2.Te Huur/To Let
4. Vermaak/Entertainment for Om ‘n klein advertensie te plaas kan u die
onderstaande vorm volledig invul en aan ons faks
the form below in full and fax it with the proof of payment to
086 554 9031. The fax must reach us before 08:00 on a
(faks nr. 086 554 9031) saam met die Wednesday.
5. Troeteldiere/Pets
6. Persoonlik/Personal
someone depositostrokie of bewys van elektroniese
oorplasing. Die faks moet ons teen voor 08:00 op ‘n
Bankbesonderhede/Banking details: Platinum
Gazette, ABSA, Tak/Branch: Lydenburg 334351,
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous who Woensdag bereik. To place a small please complete
Rekeningnommer/Account number: 4072580313.
8. Vakature/Vacancies
9. Te Huur/For Hire knows
10. Te Koop/For sale
how to
1. Sport Klubs/ 7. Allerlei/ do the
Sport Clubs Miscellaneous job?
Maandae & CASH TRADERS You could find
Woensdae van 17h30 Need cash? We will him or her
– 19h00 by Calvin buy all your old through A flat rate of R35 per classified consisting of up to 20 ‘n Basis fooi van R35 per geklassifiseerde advertensie
Collage. Almal furniture for cash. We words is charged. Should the advertisement have met tot 20 woorde word gehef. Sou die advertensie uit
buy and sell advertising in more words, an additional R1-00 per word is charged.
welkom van 6 jaar en meer woorde bestaan, word ‘n addisionele R1-00 per
ouer. secondhand furniture, this newspaper. This includes VAT. Please ensure that writing is woord gehef. Hierdie prys sluit BTW in. Maak asb.
Skakel Jolanda fridges, freezers, To place your legible as the newspaper will not accept any seker dat u netjies en leesbaar skryf aangesien die
Hietbrink by tables, chairs, and vacancy responsibility for mistakes due to illegible handwrit- koerant geen verantwoordelikheid vir foute as gevolg
much, much more. ing. Please keep your receipt or deposit slip as proof van onleesbare skrif aanvaar nie. Hou asb. u kwitansie
082 859 9681. advertisement of payment and placement of the advertisement.
Value for money deals of depositostrokie as bewys van betaling en plasing
on a wide variety of call Beánnla on Platinum Gazette reserves the right to judge van die advertensie. Platinum Gazette behou die reg
3. Dienste/ items. Visit us. We are 083 543 1676. whether to publish an advertisement or not. voor om te besluit of ‘n advertensie geplaas sal word.
Services the biggest in town! Enquiries: 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151. Navrae: 083 543 1676 of 083 271 9151.
Visit the shop at the
Elshamah Motors Bothashoek/
Your Mechanic on Praktiseer turn-off at
Duty. We specialize Ga-Mashamothane.

in all minor and major Approximately 1km
from the Steelpoort

repairs and services
on ALL types of turn-off on the business

Polokwane road (R37)
vehicles. Engine,
gearboxes and out of Burgersfort. without
differentials. Contact: Bennie on
076 111 8405.
advertising is
We specialize in
Mahindra vehicles. like winking
Lebowa Business
Park, Burgersfort.
8. Vakature/ at a girl in the
Contact: Vacancies dark. You
Read Platinum
Willie, 076 158 9192.
know what
Looking for 25 grade This could have
COMPUTER E and Grade C been your you are
Security guards
SERVICES. business doing, but
Upgrades, repairs,
networking, new
installations. Buy &
to start work
immediately at our 7
Branches. Closing
brought to the
attention of nobody else Gazette online at:
sell secondhand date the 30 April
computers. Location: 2010.
Contact: - Stuart
Lebowa Business
Please fax your Cv
to 0866988310 or
083 543 1676
for advertising Henderson
Riaan, 076 842 9270. bookings.

Find us @ these distribution points

(Please note: these are just some of our distribution points).
* Burgersfort Kleuterskool * Vision Meat * One Stop Motor Spares - * Merensky Real Estate
SUPERSPAR * OK MiniMark * Burgersfort Toyota Steelpoort * Pret Liqour
* Boxer Stores * Greater Tubatse * Hendrik’s Panelbeaters * Ohrigstad Restaurant * Plaasvars Groentewinkel
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Pharmacy * Ohrigstad SAPS * Penge * Sasol Delight Convenience
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Steelpoort * Leboeng SAPS * Dwarsrivier Mine * Department of Agriculture
* Laerskool * Praktiseer SAPS * 4U Office National - - Praktiseer Pay in Jane Furse!
Burgersfort * Burgersfort SAPS Burgersfort * Madeleen Willers
* Tingeling * Magaba Garage * Ingwe Safety Equipment Prokureurs
9 APRIL 2010 SPORT 15

Ringbal 2de kolhou vir Dries!

liga begin Dries Taljaard het die
derde persoon in ‘n jaar
geword om by Tubatse
Chrome Gholfklub se 9de
gat ‘n kolhou (‘hole-in-

die naweek one’) te slaan.

Hy het verlede week
Woensdag aan die klub se
Woensdag kompetisie
deelgeneem en met dié
Die Winterveld Ringbal Klub begin liga speel hierdie naweek. hou toe sommer ook ‘n
Die A en B mans- en vrouespanne sal teen Tzaneen wen vir homself verseker.
deelneem. Die wedstryde begin om 15:00 en sal by die Dries het al een keer
Waterval CVO skool (op die Lydenburg pad) se bane gespeel tevore ‘n kolhou geslaan.
word. Die publiek is welkom om hulle te kom ondersteun. “Dit was in 1991 op die
Nuwe spelers is ook welkom om by die klub te kom aansluit. Venterspos gholfbaan. Dit
Navrae: Zelna Wheeler, 072 531 6287. was 155m op die 13de gat
en met ‘n 8 yster,” vertel
Verlede week se afstand
was 144m en hy het ‘n 9
yster gebruik.
Hy vertel dat hy na die
hou dadelik geweet het dit
is ‘n goeie een. “Jy kry net
daai gevoel. 1m voor die
pen het die bal ge-pitch en
toe is hy in”.
Dries is een van ‘n vierbal
wat gereeld Woensdae
kom speel. Hy bly eintlik
in Johannesburg en gaan
dus naweke daarheen.
Ander ouens wat in die
laaste jaar ‘n kolhou daar
geslaan het is, Charl
Volschenk en Martin van
Filterman borg die putjie
en Johan Dreyer van
Filterman het aan Dries
sy R1000 as prys vir dié
prestasie oorhandig.
Die klub moedig lede en
nie-lede aan om aan die
gereelde Woensdag- en
Vrydagmiddag sosiale
kompetisies te kom
Dries Taljaard by Johan Dreyer van Filterman.

Kliniek vir die

kinders gehou
Tubatse Chrome Gholfklub het verlede week ‘n gholfkliniek vir
juniors aangebied.
Dié kliniek was daarop gemik om kinders te leer gholf speel.
Lees die berig en sien nog foto’s op bladsy 16.
16 9 APRIL 2010

Multi-racial care, play and learning centre

Platinum Gazette for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers

We are now open
from 05:30 to 17:30
every day.
School fees: R500
per child per month.

SPORT (Transport available.

R80 per month.
Call Angela/Johan -
079 516 9515)
Winterveld Village, Steelpoort
Navrae/Enquiries: 072 472 4073

tussen die
van 6 en 15

Die kinders het die

hitte by Tubatse
Chrome Gholfklub
trotseer om meer
van die spel te leer
tydens ‘n twee-dag
gholfkliniek wat
daar aangebied is.

Junior gholfontwikkeling kry aandag

Tubatse Chrome Gholfklub het verlede
week ‘n Junior gholfkliniek gehou.
Die klub wil graag nuwe talent ontwikkel
en die juniors aanmoedig om te begin
Martin van Rooyen van die klub het die
kliniek wat oor twee dae gestrek het,
Kinders van so jonk as ses jaar oud tot 15
jaar het gekom om meer van die spel te
leer. Daar was die minimum koste
verbonde en die kinders het nie nodig
gehad om hul eie gholfstokke te hê nie.
Die twee dae het maar R50 gekos en dié
geld is gebruik om vir die spelertjies kos te
Die meeste van die kinders wat die kliniek
bygewoon het, woon in die Steelpoort
omgewing. Daar word egter nog sulke
klinieke beplan en kinders vanuit die hele
area is welkom. Die beplanning is om een
so ‘n kliniek per maand te hou.
Die klub wil uiteindelik ook ‘n junior liga
begin. Dié ontwikkelingsklinieke is ‘n
manier wat die nuwe bestuur
geïdentifiseer het om iets aan die
gemeenskap terug te gee, nuwe spelers te
werf en die sport oor die algemeen te
Die kinders word van nuuts af geleer hoe
die spel werk en watter tegnieke hulle
moet bemeester om uiteindelik as
gholfspelers gereken te kan word. Hoewel
daar met hierdie kliniek net een dogter
was, word hulle ook aangemoedig om te
kom deelneem. Die kliniek is afgesluit met
hul eerste 9 gat kompetisie.
Die ideal is dat dié jongelinge uiteindelik
saam met hul ouers die baan sal aandurf
en klub ook sal groei.
Persone wat graag wil navraag doen oor
die volgende kliniek is welkom om Martin
van Rooyen by 082 816 4833 te skakel.

Dié groep kinders was gretig om vir die

kamera te lag en sommer te wys wat hulle
reeds geleer het. Hulle het die klub se
eerste junior ontwikkelingskliniek