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1. Where would you disconnect a chain?

# a) At a bolted joint.b) At a spring clip joint.c) At an riveted joint.2.

How many strokes per minute should be used with a hacksaw?
# a) 30b) 55c) 603. Unused holes in an electrical multi-pin connector
should bea) fitted with pins# b) fitted with blanksc) left open4. How
many times can a locking plate be used?a) once, then discarded# b)
indefinitely providing it is a good fit around the component to be
lockedc) 3 times, then discarded5. In a front release connector the
pin will be
# a) released from the front and extracted from the rearb) released
from rear and extracted from the frontc) released from the front and
extracted from the front6. What cable would you use where
temperatures are going to exceed 200 degrees C?
a) Aluminiumb) Silver plated# c) Nickel plated7. Brinelling of a wheel
bearing could be caused by
# a) heavy landing
b) rotation of the outer race in the wheel housingc) overheating of
the brakes8. A hi-lock collar should bea) lubricated before fittingb)
washed in solvent before fitting# c) not lubed or washed because
they are lubed at manufacturePage 7 - Mod 7
9. A CAA issued capability list givesa) details of the scope and extent
of a type rated engineer's license# b) details of the scope and
extent to which an organization's approval is grantedc) details of
the operational restrictions in terms of manoeuvres (g. forces)
placed on a transport categoryaircraft at the time of issue of a C of
A.10. Mandatory Warning Plagues
and symbols# a) must be displayed on all flightsb) must be displayed
in the cabin only if they are legiblec) need not be displayed if they
are incorporated in the flight manual11. A chain removed for routine
inspection# a) does not need proof loadingb) must be proof loaded
to 50%c) must be proof loaded to 150%12. Taper pins resist what
loads# a) shearb) tensionc) compression13. The pipe flaring angle is
# a) 37
b) 25

c) 45

14. What is a drill cutting angle?

# a) 59
b) 12
- 15
c) 125
- 135
15. When drilling out a rivet, use a drill
# a) same size as the holeb) larger than the holec) smaller than the
hole16. A dry joint in soldering is caused by
a) flux not used# b) components not hot enoughc) wrong solder
used17. What type of drill would you use on carbon fibre?
# a) carburundumb) tungsten carbidec) diamond tippedPage 2 - Mod
18. After welding why would you normalise toa) remove carbon build
up from the welded joint# b) release the stresses from the materialc)
remove oxidation from the welded joint19. A stud broken off below
the surface is removed bya) using a stud boxb) cutting a slot in it
and removing with a screwdriver# c) a stud remover tool fitted into a
drilled hole