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To help the interns to think of a social problem and formulate a plan to explore it
To give the interns a ground-level exposure to various problems and also help them understand
how the ground reality differs from what we read in the text
To provide an opportunity to the interns to think about simple technical solutions to these
problems and also suggest improvements in the present solutions
To help the NSS team to explore new domains for its activities in the future

The Three Phases

Phase I: Literature Survey
To read and know about the existing problem on a national/international level
Phase II: Field Trips
To see the ground-reality and focus on a specific region
Phase III: Analysis and Solutions
To suggest how we can improve the situation

Phase - I
Read newspaper articles, govt reports, UN reports, magazine articles
Watch movies, documentaries
Talk to relevant people, drop them mails, read book reviews

EPW/research articles: download from IITD

No stories in final report; everything referenced properly
Focus on plotting the right graphs, data analysis, finding inconsistencies

Phase - II
To see if what you read and watched is different on ground

For every trip, prepare a proper plan based on what you learnt from the literature survey
Prepare the questions you will ask from various people, things you will observe, readings that you
will take

Take pictures of every trip

Make sure that all members of the group are present in each trip
A detailed report of each trip should be submitted to the mentor on the same day

Phase - III
Now analyze the data you got from the literature survey and the field trips
Make proper conclusions
Analyze the solution mechanisms and see their efficacy; suggest improvements and new solutions

Suggest how technology can be helpful and how we as students can contribute to the alleviation of
the problem

The Presentation
10-minute presentation in front of students and HU and RD professors
5 minute Q/A session equivalent to interview

This is your internship, do it the way you feel is the best. No standard way of doing this internship
Think of new ways; make videos, do surveys, talk to experts on the topic
Think of the various stakeholders of the issue for the field trips

A single field trip can span over various days depending on the field status

Literature Survey to be submitted by 9th December

Field trips:
14th December
19th December
24th December

The plan for each field trip should be sent 2 days in advance to the executive mentor. The plan shall
be approved/improvements suggested within 36 hours
Final report submission: 28th December
Presentation submission: 1st January (to be presented in the first week of January)

Hours Policy
Not more than 70 hours for an internship, but no lower bound
Hours proportional to the effort you put in, creativity of ideas and the quality of analysis
If any group member seems to have worked less than the others ZERO hours

Disciplinary Action
Fake references in report, faking any field trip, faking results in analysis will lead to disciplinary

No negative hours to be provided; matter to reported directly to the dean and recommended for a

Remember, NSS is a course!