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Luciferic Entreaty
by: AnTiX VI°

ail to thee: Lucifer! The Light of Illumination. For it is by thine
Eye doth my own mind take sight. Thy kingdom come, thy
Will be done so Below as it is so Above. Thou art the Sovereignty
of the Heavens, and the King of the Earth, the Lord of Light and
the Prince of Darkness. Hallowed be thy name.

h Great Light of unspeakable Presence, heighten the fury
of my fire and burn away the dross of my being that I may
radiate the Light. Release me from my past and set me free from
my boundaries. Fill me with your Presence and Light, that I be
consumed by the Immortal Fire that is my Strength.

ransmute me into an incorruptable Column of Light upon the
world, and emanate liken a star upon the crown of majesty.
Thou art the Immortal Fire and the Light of Illumination; to thee
do I honor and exalt above all.

Ordo Luciferi
copyright ©2006 6006A.L.

this document is not for sale and free to distribute without alteration