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Matthew Kaminski
Ms. Potter
American-British literature
7 January 2013
Of Mice and Men Compare and Contrast of Characterization of Characters
Many books get turned into movies. Often, many things are changed in the transition. One of
the things that are changed is the characterization of characters. The book Of Mice and Men by
John Steinbeck shows you many cases where this is true. Even though undefined, there is a great
difference, and some similarities between the characterization of George and Lennie between the
book and movie.
George was very different in the book then in the movie. For example, when George was
playing horseshoes with the other farmers they all were having fun. George and the others were
getting along very well. In the book, George was not mentioned having any other friends or
people to hang out with other then the people in his sleeping quarters. This shows that George
was nicer in the movie compared to the book.
On the other hand George had some similarities in the book and the movie. In the book and
movie, George is small with a quick and resourceful mind. He was always prepared and knew
what to do when something went wrong. One example of this would be when Lennie strangled
Curlys wife. He knew that he had to kill Lennie and quickly took Carlsons gun. This is a
similarity that defines Georges character and is important by showing overall character.

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Lennie was very different in appearance within the book and movie. In the book it stated that
Lennie was a great deal taller than Curly but this wasnt noticeable within the Movie. Also in the
book it simply stated that Lennie crushed and broke Curlys hand. In the movie it showed Lennie
crushing his hand to oblivion. He crushed Curlys hand until the moment blood was gushing out
of his hand from both sides. This Gives Lennie a whole different view within the movie.
Even though Lennie was different between the book and movie, his general characteristics did
not change a lot. The movie just portrayed his main characteristics in a stronger way when he
crushed Curlys hand. Lennie was still as dumb as he should be in the movie and he still went
berserk when he got mad. Just because Lennie had some differences doesnt mean that he
changed the overall effect of himself in the book and movie.
The relationship between George and Lennie were very different within the book and movie.
George was lot more harsh to Lennie.. He showed this in the end when he shot Lennie. In the
movie he barely hesitated shooting Lennie and didnt look very miserable at the fact that he lost
his best friends, Prior to in the book where his hand was shivering and he seemed sad after hed
done it.
Not all was different between Georges and Lennies relationship. George was still boasting
about Lennies strength in the movie. In the book and movie, George boasted about Lennie to the
Boss and Slim. This fact shows that in the movie George didnt really like Lennie that much but
still liked using him at his advantage. This happened a bit less in the book because the only time
George showed his annoyance to Lennie was in the beginning of the book when George kept
making fun of Lennie.

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There is a great difference, and some similarities between the characterization of George and
Lennie between the book and movie.

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