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for DC Traction Energy Recovery


Scheron systems for energy recovery

As a prospective part of Scheron product portfolio, Scheron is able to provide technical studies and solutions for energy recovery
systems for DC traction systems. These professional studies and solutions are intended for traction systems typically of nominal
voltages 600, 750, 1500 or 3000 VDC (in accordance with system definitions noted in the standard EN50163).
Scherons energy recovery systems can also be built to operate outside of these voltage classes, depending on definitions
provided by the system operator (typically a transport authority or a grid keeper).
The idea of power transmission from DC traction catenary back to AC electricity grid is realized by the electronic power inverters.
These inverters, in order to provide a cost-effective design, are based on IGBT or thyristor technologies. Correct power sizing,
based on professional pre-design studies, is verified by a type test and a system test.
The Scherons energy recovery systems can be installed on new or existing supply systems. Our solution of energy recovery
contains independent protection in order to ensure excellent durability and reliability of the line supply, also in cases of extraordinary
events. The basic conception of system design is illustrated in a picture below.
Rectifier Mode:

Inverter Mode:
MV Network


MV Network


Accelerating train





Braking / regenerating train

A related example, a simulation of a light tram going downhill in catenary system 600 V and possible regenerative charge (current
in time) is noted in chart below.

General features
The Scherons energy recovery systems are intended for wide field of applications (trams, trolleybuses, metro systems, trains)
where recovered energy differs by application. The system is mostly designed to be installed inside a supply substation where
also supply AC grid is presented. Another important criterias to be taken into account for a cost-effective design are for example
ambient temperature, altitude, special demands (tropicalization, special protection, etc.).
List of typical standards used for reliable solution:
Scheron has worldwide experiences with extreme conditions in area of supply substations to offer reliable design for AC grids of
rated frequencies 50 and 60 Hz.
In order to reduce tax of harmonics, especially in AC currents with relation to voltage harmonics, each energy recovery system
contains filters to reduce grid distortion. Design is optimized to given technology (IGBT or thyristor), also to reduce dimensions
and system losses.

Advantages of IGBT solutions

IGBT technology (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor technology) today combines high controlled power with low controlling (gated)
energy needed. This advantage brings many types of IGBT transistors on market today.
In general, the IGBT advantages can be noted:
High efficiency.
Fast response to control commands, as well in case of external faults.
Variable switching frequency.
Lower demands to AC and DC filters.

Advantages of Thyristor solutions

The Thyristor technology is used especially for high power systems, where energy recovery traction systems also operate. In case
of grid commutated applications, it brings very low losses in semiconductors, high reliability and simple control system.
The advantages can be summarized:
High efficiency.
High voltage systems.
Possible air-natural (AN) cooling.
Robust construction with high charge overload.
Simple control system.
Simple system diagnostic and detection.


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