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1.Jack and I ______ friends.

a) is

b) am

c) are

d) isnt

2. Is it Spanish? No, Its a bottle of French perfume. Its

from France. ?
) Spanish

b) French

c) France

d) perfume

3. Whats Manuel like?

a) Hes from Spain

b) Hes tall and slim

c) Hes 9

d) Hes got a

4. They have got an e-mail ?

) Have they got an e-mail?
b) Have got they an e-mail?
they an e-mail? d) They have got an e- mail?

c) Got have

5.There is _________ in Hill Street.

a) an hotel

b) 2 hotels

c) a hotel

d) a hotels

6.K kitchen, dining room,

a) living room

b) hall

c) toilet

d) wardrobe

7. Put the gloves in the drawer

a) they

b) theirs

c) their

d) them

8. Is Jane eating an apple?

a)Yes, she isnt

b)Yes, he is

c) Yes, they are

d) No, she isnt

9. ?
a) Can I go out, please?
go out

b) I cant go out c) I can go out d) You and I can

10.Koj fifty-three + twenty-eight?

a) one hundred b) seventy-seven

c) ninety-one

d) eighty-one

11. Why is Abdul making a cake?

a) Hes fine, thanks b) Because its Grandmas birthday c) Hes Masids

uncle d ) Hes ninety years old
12. ?
) on the thirty first of April b) on the first of January c) On the
fourteenth of February d) on the first of May
13. -
) This is my glasses
d) That is my glasses

b) These are my glasses

c) Those are my glasses

14.A ________ of biscuits.

a) a jar

b) a can

c)a bottle d) a packet

15.Koja ?
a) cup-cups b) glass glasses c) person-people

d) baby babies

16.Koj o coconut pie, cheesecake, a

slice of cake.
a) tooth b) soup c) apple pie d) hot chocolate
17. Whats the time? 11:25
a) Its twenty five to twelve b) Its twenty five past eleven c) Its eleven
to twenty five d) Its half past eleven
18. Kako He visits his friends on
a) Does he visit his friends on Sundays? b) He visits not his friends on
Sundays c) He doesnt visit his friends on Sundays d) He dont visit his
friends on Sundays
19. ?
a) I never drink coffee b) I drink never coffee
Never I drink coffee

c) I drink coffee never


20. Ka
a) I have Science on Wednesday b) I have PE on Wednesday
on Tuesday d) I have PE in Wednesday
21. Koja o ?

c) I have PE

) firefighter fights fire b) A postman delivers letters c) A farmer grows

vegetables d) A doctor makes bread
22.She likes _________
a) skating

b) skate c) skates d) is skating

23. Koja o
) Goats are fatter than cows b) Cats are cleverer than birds
are samller then ducks d) Horses are taller than sheep

c) Snails

24.Whales live ______

a) in the forest

b) in the grasslands c) in the sea

d) in the jungle

25. I have a sore throat.

a) You should take an aspirin b) You should drink cold water c) You
should play football d) You should take off your socks
26. ?
a) You must tidy your room b) You should take your umbrella c) You
shouldt eat sweets d) You mustnt turn left
27. Where were you yesterday? _______
) b)
c) d)

28.Was it a good film?
a) No, it was b) No, it wasnt.It was boring
d) Yes, it wasnt

c) Yes, it was.It was boring

29. In Skopje fifty years ago

a) There was many cars b) There werent many cars c) There wasnt
many cars d) There werent a car
30.Ko ?
a) flour, salt, rice, tea b) tomato, onion, pear, hamburger c) cheese, oil,
apple, pineapple d) milk, coffee, juice, lime
31.Doris is going in summer camp.She is going to take her sunglasses,jeans and
trainers. She isnt going to take her swimsuit. ?

) sunglasses b) jeans c) trainers d) swimsuit