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There is a legend in the streets of Seoul that if you go to the House Of Opera you never return. It is
situated in the forest off the beaten track in Seoul.
When Jung Heeran found out about this place, she, being a daredevil, went to the house to see if it was
true. But she wouldnt go alone. She dragged her friends, Carly and Haejung, with her.
The once innocent sleepover at Heerans house turns into a struggle.
What is it about this place that makes Heeran want to stay there forever?

Extract from story-please read.

Heeran! I want to go home! I hate it here. Carly yelled at the top if her lungs causing the 9 men
standing behind the closed door to jump. Youve been hypnotized by them! She shook Heeran hard
but Heeran kept the same expressionless face. Talk to me! She yelled again.

I think you should stop yelling at my precious diamond. Leeteuk, the eldest and the owner of the
house, stepped into the room looking dashing as ever.

Leeteuk. Heeran turned her head and smiled that smile that made Leeteuks cold heart melt. She was
trying to hurt me. She ran to her elder and hugged his waist.

Yesung. Leeteuk said in a grim manner and Yesung entered the room and took Carly harshly by the
arm and dragged her out of the room whilst she screamed for her friend.
Will Yesung hurt her? She asked Leeteuk.

No. I wouldnt let him hurt her if it hurt my diamond. He said in a mellow tone and softly smiled at his

Good. She whispered and with one click of Leeteuks slender fingers, the door of the room slammed
shut and locked.

I want to ask you something Leeteuk said and sat Heeran down on the soft King size bed and
kneeled in front of her, the crimson sheets creasing under her weight. Be mine. Was all he said and
she smiled a little.

I already am, my prince. She caressed his cheek and looked into his eyes, which shined in the

Never leave. He whispered and she chuckled.

I will never leave you. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

Good. He whispered back to her and kissed her sweetly.

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You guys all ready for the sleepover tonight? Heeran asked her two bestest friends in the world, Carly
and Haejung whilst they were standing at their lockers in the main hallway of SM College.

Ive just gotta go home and get my pillow then Im all set. Haejung, the youngest of the three and the
cutest, said with a smile.

Just use one of the pillows at my place. Heeran said in a frustrated tone.

Whats going on now you two? Haejung, the eldest and the most serious, closed her locker and leaned
against it with her arms crossed.

Have you guys heard the legend? A group of girls behind the trio said.

No, what legend? The blonde in the group said and leaned in closer to the girl telling the story.

The legend of the House Of Opera. The whole group gasped and Heeran leaned in closer to hear what
they were saying. Legend has it that if you go there, you never return. Heeran smirked and the whole
the group of the girls covered their mouths.

Where is it? Anther girl in the group asked.

My brother told me its off in the woods around here. Wanna go with me? They all lightly screamed.

No way! They all said in harmony.

Okay, well me and my brother are going tonight, but not inside the house of course. With that the bell
for the end of the day went and they left.

What are you thinking in that big brain of yours? Haejung pocked her youngers head.

Were going to have so much fun tonight. Hurry up! We have no time to loose! Heeran slammed her
locker shut and ran down the hall leaving her friends confused as ever.

Come on. Well loose her if we dont catch up. Haejung grabbed Carlys arm and they ran after Heeran
to her house.


By now it was getting late and dark. Okay, I want to know something. Heeran leaned forward and
smirked. If I told you guys that I had something really fun to do for this sleepover, would you do it with
me? Haejung and Carly looked at each other in confusion then back at Heeran and shrugged.

Sure, why not? They said in harmony.

Okay! Heeran squealed and got up from her sitting position. Get rugged up really well and get a torch
because were going somewhere awesome! She squealed again and got on her ugg boots, white scarf
and gloves and black jacket. Come on! Hurry up! She then threw her friends scarfs, gloves and
jackets on them. Get your shoes too. She then opened up her window and put one leg out.

Woah, what are you doing?! Haejung said in alarm. I know youre really adventurous but I think this
is too much. What will your mom say?

She wont care. Well be back by the morning if the legend isnt true.

Whatlegend are you talking about?

Never mind. Just hurry up will you! Heeran hurried her friends.

I just need to get my boots on and Ill be ready. Carly said from the back. As they all finished getting
changed and getting a torch, they all went out Heerans window, down the rose canopy and out the back
gate onto the dark street. This place scares me. Carly whispered. Its too scary at night.

Calm down. Youll be fine. Well all be absolutely fine. Heeran reassured and after what seemed like
hours of walking, the reached the forest.

Why are we here? Haejung asked with curiosity.

We are here to test out if the legend is true of course. Heeran smiled nervously hoping that they would
still go with her.

Whatever legend it is, I wanna see what its about. Haejung, you in? Carly smiled at her elder sweetly.

Fine. Haejung gave in after a long pause. But if anything happens, were coming straight back, you
hear me? Heeran smiled and grabbed both her friends hands and entered the dark forest.

Wait, I cant see anything. We need to turn our torches on. Carly stopped and her torch along with the
other two girls.

Stick close to me Carly. Haejung said as they walked through the forest dodging braches, stepping
over fallen trees and trying not to get too scared.

Woah Carly gasped as she saw a massive old time house in the middle of a clearing in the forest. It
was old and looked like it needed some doing up but other than that it was amazing. It was the most
extravagant thing that the three had seen in their whole entire life.

Come on! Lets go check it out! Heeran ran off into the clearing and Carly ran after her followed by a
weary Haejung.

This isnt going to end well. Haejung mumbled as she caught up to the two girls and Heeran
reached out her right arm and knocked on the big, old wooden door.

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Knock Knock

Is anyone there? Heeran said a little quietly and no one answered. Is anyone there? She said louder
and the door opened a little.

Creepy Carly clutched onto Haejungs arm. Heeran, being curious as ever, opened the door a little

Wait. Haejung pulled her arm back. Are you completely sure that you want to do this?

Well the door is open now so whats the harm in checking it out? Heeran smiled.


The whole group gasped and clutched onto each other in fear. W-What was that? Carly whispered.

Heeran? Is that you? Heeran flashed her torch onto a girl and boy.

Sunkyu? Doojoon? Heeran stepped forward and breathed a sigh of relief. I thought you guys were
some creepy people trying to us. She laughed.

Um, I think thatd be a little hard for me to do that. Sunkyu laughed. Whatre you guys doing out
here? You know its like 11 oclock at night, right?

Really? It doesnt seem that late. Heeran smiled a little. Whatre you guys doing out here?

My brother was taking me here tonight to scare me but Im not scared at all. Sunkyu smirked at her
older brother. Why is the door open? She asked and pointed to the old wooden door. Were you going
to go in without knocking?

No way! Heeran squeaked. I knocked and it opened. She explained.

Okay whatever. Anyways, dont go in there because you know if the legend is true then you wont
come out. Sunkyu raised her eyebrows. I know you were listening to me this afternoon.

Yeah, well Ive never heard of such an interesting legend and I wanted to check out if it was true.

Well me and Doojoon are going back home now, are you coming? Sunkyu said with her voice a little
shaky from the cold night.

Yes! Carly put her hand up and went to go to Sunkyu but Heeran pulled her back.

Well catch up. Heeran said plainly.

Are you guys sure? Its really dark and you never know what could happen-

I said wed catch up. Heeran cut Doojoon off mid-sentence.

Okay Well Ill be expecting you all at school on Monday. If youre not Im coming-

I said wed catch up. Heeran said in an irritated tone. Arent you guys going home now?

Yes. Sunkyu eyed Heeran curiously then disappeared into the dark forest with her brother.

God, I thought theyd never leave. Heeran huffed.

We shouldve gone with them. Haejung said as she looked out into the dark forest. She was worried
that the legend was true; even though she didnt believe in such things she was still worried. She was
suspicious from the start. She wondered why the door opened and no one came to greet them.

Maybe the wind did it? She thought, but that wasnt very convincing.

Wheres your sense of adventure? Heeran scoffed and pushed the door open to reveal a very old, worn
out house. Everything had cobwebs on it and it was very, very dusty.

It looks abandoned. Lets just go. Obviously no one is home- Carly was then pulled into the house by

Heeran! Haejung squeaked and went in also and to her, and the others amazement, the whole room
light up. All the cobwebs, dust and broken furniture were now all brand-new. It was like magic.

Woah Carly gasped as she looked at the lobby with wide, sparkling eyes. She had never seen such a
beautiful sight and she could feel the room pulling her to explore. Heeran walked in with Carly to a
freshly lit fireplace with a mirror that was gold plated on the wall above it.

This place is awesome. Heeran gasped.

I think its weird. Haejung mumbled and crossed her arms. She hadnt gone with the girls to explore
and just stayed at the door. Im leaving! She called out to the girls who were now checking out behind
the grand staircase in the middle of the room, which led up stairs. Did you hear me? Im leaving!
Haejung said louder and sighed. She turned around to leave but the door was closed. Hmm She
went to open the door but she couldnt. The door wouldnt open.

Its lockedShe panicked. Guys! The door is locked! She yelled loudly and tried hard to open the

Do you really think if you keep pulling the door it will open? Haejung turned around squealed in fright
as a very handsome man stood in front of her with a slight smile. Its locked. You need a key.

Well give it to me then. She said in a shaking voice.

Haejung! Carly yelled causing her to jump. People do live here! Theyre so nice! Carly entered the
lobby again with 8 men behind her and a chocolate cupcake in her hand.

Carly put that down! Haejung ran to her younger and ripped the cupcake out of her hand. We need to

No. A serious looking man said plainly and stared at Haejung with a piercing gaze. Youre not
leaving. Theres no way out now.

Nonsense! A handsome man broke through the crowd. You will leave soon enough.

Look what I found! Heeran ran into the room with a white kitten in her hands. How cute is it,

Put it down. Were leaving. Haejung had a terrible feeling in her stomach that it was a terrible idea to
come here.

But its raining. The man at the door pointed out. You cant go when its raining youll catch a cold.
He turned around a slightly smiled.

Donghae is right. You must stay for dinner! The handsome man clapped his hands. Take a lady, men.
Donghae held out his hand for Haejung and she held her hands to her chest, a small man held out his
hand for Carly and a very dashing man held out his hand for Heeran. They all took their courtiers hand
except Haejung.

Ill take myself thank you. With that Haejung followed everyone into an extravagant dining room. The
whole room was lite up b candles on the walls and on the big table. The table was filled with food that
looked delicious and vines with red roses spread out along the center of the table.

Take a seat. Siwon instructed. The girls took their seats with their courtiers pushing their chairs in.
Let me introduce everyone to you. Siwon stood behind Donghae. This is Donghae, He then moved
around the table introducing everyone. Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Yesung,
Leeteuk and Im Siwon. Leeteuk is the eldest and the owner of this beautiful house which we adore and
love with all our hearts. He said with big hand gestures.

I guess this guy is alrightThought Haejung. But I still dont know about the others They still all seem
pretty mysterious.

Take some food! You three must be starving after the long journey! Siwon sat down and gestured for
the three to eat.

It wasnt very long. We just took the road from Heerans house to the forest and walked here. I must
say, there are way too many fallen trees and branches sticking out everywhere. Im surprised that we
didnt get our eyes poked out. Carly said as she took some food from one of the platters on the table.

There are roads in the forest to get here. Siwon said with a confused look. I dont understand why
you wouldnt have taken them.

What roads? Heeran asked. There were no roads. She said in confusion.

You mustnt have seen them. Sungmin spoke up and ate a little of his food.

There are no roads in the forest. Haejung said. The forest is only a place for hikers and camping
trips. She explained, getting more and more suspicious of whom these people were.

Haejung, leave it. Heeran nudged her elder.

The forest is filled with the estates of the wealthy. Siwon argued.

No one has lived in the forest ever. Haejung stood up from her chair.

Well then what is this? Siwon also stood up feeling infuriated by the woman sitting in front of him
arguing with him. Sit down! His voice boomed. No woman will stand in my presence without being
told to.

What time do you think this is? The 1800s?! Haejung yelled.

It is- Leeteuk cut off Siwon by putting his hand over his youngers mouth.

Calm down, Siwon-ah. Leeteuk whispered.

I apologize for Siwons behavior. Leeteuk bowed his head to Haejung. Why dont we show you all to
your rooms?

Rooms? What rooms? Were going home. Haejung rebutted.

Haejung! Loosen up would you. Itll only be for tonight. The rain will stop by tomorrow and we can
leave. Heeran said and took Leeteuks outstretched hand.

Follow me. He said in a soft, deep voice, which seemed to make Heerans stomach fill with butterflies.
His smiled seemed to make her want to stay with him forever.

I hope the rooms are nice. Ive never been in such a beautiful house before. Cary said in awe as she
took Ryeowooks hand and followed Leeteuk and Heeran up the grand staircase. Come on Haejung.
She pulled Haejungs arm and dragged her up the staircase with her.

Im still not sure about this place Thought Haejung as she was dragged up the staircase.

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Alright then, this is your room for the time that you are staying here. Leeteuk said to Heeran causing
her to blush a little at the way he spoke, then with one swift movement the door was open and he was
leading her inside.

If you would come with me I will show you to your room. Ryeowook lightly pulled Carly along as she
admired the whole building.

How old is this place exactly? Carly queried.

This house, own by the Park family for generations, is 150 years old. Ryeowook answered in an
informative way.

Woah Carly gasped. If we time tomorrow could you show me around the place? She asked in
hope that he would do it earlier.

Why not now? The night is still young, is it not? Ryeowook looked into Carlys deep brown eyes with
a soft gaze.

Um no. The night is certainly not young. Its midnight for Christ sake! Haejung rebutted.

Geez Haejung, you really need to loosen up. Its getting annoying now. Carly sneered causing Haejung
to look at her in shock. Carly had never spoken to her like that before and had never used such a tone of
voice to anyone she knew before; it really shocked Haejung.

This place is doing something to CarlyHaejung thought.

I will show her to her room, show dear Carly around the mansion. She is obviously bursting to see
everything. A deep voice echoed behind her causing her to turn around in fright.

Since when do you have such a deep voice hyung? Ryeowook asked, looking away from Carly and
looking at the man in front of him.

Since now. The man said, his eyes not looking at Haejung for a moment. Well what are you waiting
for? The poor girl is bursting. With that, Ryeowook left with Carly down the candlelit hallway, their
steps muffled by the crimson carpet.

Who the hell are you guys? Haejung spat at the man who finally looked at her with his chocolate
brown eyes.

Women should not speak in such a manner. The man said. And I am Sungmin, as you know. He held
out his black-gloved hand and slightly bowed his head.

Well Im Haejung and girls these days such much badder things-

Worse. Sungmin lifted his head and corrected.

What? -

Pardon. He corrected again. I dont know how women started to get so sloppy with grammar. He
said in a mellow whining voice.

How dare you! Haejung shrieked. I dont deserve to be spoken to like that!

Im sorry, have I offended you? Sungmin asked.

YES! She shouted.

Women do not speak so loudly! Sungmin hushed her. Please speak softer and not so loud. He said in
a hushed tone. Come, I will show you to your room. Sungmin then walked past her to the third door
down the long hallway. This is your room. Sungmin said as he came to the door. Arent you
coming? He asked, getting a little irritated by the girl.
Ive never seen a girl as stubborn as her in my whole life.Sungmin thought.

This had better be only for one night. Haejung scoffed and walked to Sungmin and through the door
that he opened for her. Woah She gasped upon looking at the room. The ceiling was high with a
pattern on it and a golden chandelier hanging, lit, from the ceiling. The walls were painted a light red
with paintings of, what Haejung supposed were portraits of family members. The curtains were white
and there was a small glass table in the middle of the room with a small vase of red roses in it. There was
one white chair in the corner of the room and the bed was white with a golden pattern on it, and the
sheets were a silk white colour.

Its nice isnt it? Sungmins voice broke into her thought process. My room is rather dark and mostly
red and black. This was Leeteuks sisters room. She was sure a very nice lady; a big shame that she
passed. Leeteuk hasnt been the same since she died. He sighed in remorse then walked over to her bed
and started turning it down. You must be really tired. He smiled a little to her. You can get yourself
settled. He walked to the door. Oh, and if you need anything, my room is down the very end of the
hall, last door on the right. With that, he left a still awe-stricken Haejung.

This place is awesome! Haejung squealed and jumped around the place causing a light chuckle from
the man standing outside her door. She looked around the room in curiosity. She then sat on the turned
down bed and ran her slender fingers through the white silk sheets and smiled. But I cant go to sleep.
Theres no wondering about what theyd do to me if I fall asleep She trailed off and yawned. But I
suppose a nap wouldnt hurt. She laid her sleepy head on the soft, feather-filled pillow and closed her
eyes. Soon she was fast asleep.

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Your room, miss. Leeteuk presented as he and Heeran entered the room.

Your house is really very nice. Heeran complemented trying to keep in her gasp as she entered the
lovely room. The fireplace was burning in the corner of the room to keep the room warm.

Thank you. Leeteuk smiled a little.

Dont you have heaters? Heeran asked. I mean, I know its an old house but why not have heaters to
make it a little modern? She explained.

What must be kept must be kept. Leeteuk said, making Heeran very puzzled.

I dont really know what youre saying. But anywho She looked around the room in wonder.

You have never been in such a house, have you? He said with a small smile.

No. Only apartments and houses, but none like this one. She was now bursting to take a closer look at

You can take a look is you would like. Earning him a bright smile from Heeran. Taeyeon. He called
after the girl who had just gone to take a look around the room.

What? Whos Taeyeon? Heeran asked as she faced the owner of the house with a confused look.

Taeyeon? Can you be mine? Just for tonight? He asked, taking a few steps closer to a very confused

Im not Taeyeon. My name is Heeran. She said, becoming scared. She had no idea what he was going
to do now.

Please. He whispered he got this close to Heeran. Youve been away so long. He ran his hand down
Heerans right arm, sending shivers of fear and pleasure down her spine.

P-Please. Im not Taeyeon. Heeran tried to move away from the hallucinating man.

Why are you moving away from me? He asked. He could only see Taeyeon, his past girlfriends,
smiling face, not the fear filled face of Heeran. I thought you loved me. He pouted and began moved
in close to her face and planted a forced kiss on her trembling lips.

Get off me! She screamed as she pushed Leeteuk away. Dont come any closer. She warned.

Taeyeon-ah He whispered and stepped closer to her.

Dont come any closer you freak! She screamed.

Taeyeon! You never raise your voice! He yelled back at Heeran. Just please come to me? He said in
his usual soft tone, also taking a few steps closer making Heeran blot for the closed door. Oh no you
dont. With one click of his fingers, the door was locked leaving Heeran trying desperately to open the

Help me! She banged her hand furiously on the old wooden door.

Taeyeon! Leeteuk turned Heeran around and pinned her against the door. Youre not Taeyeon. He
whispered as he looked into Heerans tear-stricken eyes. WHY ARE YOU HERE?! WHY ARE YOU
IN HER ROOM? He yelled in her face.

You took me in here. Heeran whispered like a mouse.

No I didnt. No one comes in here except Taeyeon. He said in a husky voice. Get out.


GET OUT! He clicked his fingers and threw her out of the room.

And you are? A mans voice said from above Heerans shocked body. Did Teukie think you were
Taeyeon? The man sighed and offered his hand.

Thank you. She took it gladly and stood up facing the man. Youre Sungmin, right?

Yeah. And you are?


Ah yes. Well dont worry too much about it. Every girl that comes in here gets mistaken for Taeyeon.
He brings them into her room, says some stuff and the next thing you know, the girl is on the floor in
tears. Youre actually the first one who hasnt cried. Congratulations. He smiled. Ill get you a new
room. Follow me.

He really scared me. Heeran said in a shaky voice as she followed Sungmin to a new room. I thought
he was going to me, then he just burst out into this thing I have no idea about.

Well, hell be good by tomorrow morning. Just dont think about it anymore. Sungmin came to the
new room.

Dont think about it anymore? What kind of advice is that? Heeran squeaked in outrage.

This is your room. My room is just across the hall. If you need anything, just come and let me know.
With that, Sungmin disappeared down the candlelit hallway leaving Heeran standing in front of the

I hope this room is better than the last one. She mumbled to herself and opened the door cautiously. As
she entered, she saw that the room was empty and had a warm fire blazing in the corner of the room. I
want to go home. She mumbled as she looked around the room.

Knock Knock

Who is it? Heeran asked in an awkward voice.

Can I come in? A deep, soft voice asked. Heeran walked to the door from the bed that she had sat on
and opened it, but slammed it shut straight away upon seeing Leeteuk. Please let me in. He said.

Are you going to yell at me and throw me out again? She asked in shaky voice.

No. I want to explain about that. Heeran then slowly opened the door. Thank you. He entered the
room and sat on one of the chairs. Youre not going to sit down?

No. She replied flatly.

Alright then. Well, you see, I had a girlfriend many many years ago and I loved her very much. She was
my life, everything I had and she. Passed away. He started to explain. Because I was in such shock
when she did die, I had many hallucinations and every girl who comes in here I think that she is
Taeyeon. Because girls are rare around these parts

I understand. Heeran said before Leeteuk would say anything else. She was your first and only love
and you couldnt handle that she was gone. Things spiraled out of control and now you only have the
people who knew the person and close to the extent of how much you loved them. You feel as though no
one understands. Heeran said without knowing. People always tell you that its time to move on but
you cant. They dont understand how much you loved them and how much they meant to you and you
cant just forget them!

Who was the person you loved? Leeteuk asked, curious at what her answer would be.

We met in 3rd grade. I was in a bad state of mind and I was close to killing myself, then he came along
and made everything better. It was like he had to knowledge of 100 men. I showed me a better way. He
was with me my whole school life until he died the night before my year 11 prom. He was the one who
made my life better, but in the end, he ruined it. She explained, looking into space.

Was he courting you? Leeteuk asked.

Courting? Oh, you mean were we going out? Yeah.

Was he a gentleman?

Oh course! He always made me feel like I was the only one in the world. That I was all he needed. I felt
that way, too. I wish I had that feeling again. Leeteuk looked at the girl I front of him. She looked
broken. She looked lost and didnt know what to do next.

Things will get better. He said as he stood up and walked to the door. Just wait and see. With hat he

Theyre so weird in this house. Heeran mumbled to herself. She then looked at the big, comfy bed in
front of her and sighed. I guess it wouldnt hurt I got just a little bit of sleep. So she walked over to
the bed, took her jacket and shoes off and got in and pulled the warm silk covers over herself.

Well leave tomorrow. Itll be light and itll stop raining by then.She thought as she drifted off to sleep.

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