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Ill never forget the look on her face when I said I didnt want to wear

condoms anymore. The lust, passion and desire for each other
increased dramatically immediately after recognizing neither of us
knew whether she had eggs sitting in her womb. And neither of us
The two lovers had tried out several different potential fathers for the
child they wanted so badly. But they also werent going to let just
anybody inside them.
Getting down to the last few choices, they both really enjoyed this
one. He was friendly, outgoing, and had a lovely cock.
Hearing him growl while expelling his semen with such force, they
knew he was the one. They didnt say anything, they just knew by the
way their tongues passionately intertwined while his warm seed
splashed upon their breasts and stomachs.
They would continue to see him, but not allow him to cum, not until
they knew one of them was fertile. And then they would watch him
growl, all while buried deep inside one of their egg filled wombs.

Holding my master. Ive surrendered my heart and soul. Ive

surrendered my body and womb. And he took it all. For this I will
reward him with a child. I will grow the seed he just deposited into my
depths. I will nurture it. Protect it. Create him a beautiful baby.
Bodies intertwined, our ecstasy subsiding, hearts slowing down. And
then hers racing for a new thought - that orgasm, that warmth, that
satisfaction; and tomorrow Ill awaken with him growing inside of me.
Legs elevated and tight. My pussy gripping his cock so well. Milking,
draining, pleasuring. Allowing him to experience a physical reward for
releasing his seed down into my aching depths.
Looking back at it now, the signs were there. She was so fertile, she
subconsciously knew it but her present mind didnt. The way her body
was seducing me. The way her body was aching for my seed. She was
so desperate for semen she was trying to wrap her vagina around my
boiling testicles.
We have been all having sex for a few years now. All so close in age,
and grew up together. As cousins we were allowed to spend time
alone and we made the best of it.
The only problem is my big sister always ran the show. She always got
his hard cock first. Even if he was inside her, I had to pleasure her. He
couldnt come in me. She was very demanding of us both. We both
always ended up servicing her.

She got pregnant and I thought it was finally my time to enjoy more of
my cousin first had. But no. She was even more horny, and more
I watched her belly swell. I was so envious. I wanted to feel him come
inside me. I wanted to feel my body change.
One day, with the help of alcohol and the absence of my sister, I told
him that I wished I was the pregnant one. He agreed, sending my
heart soaring and my womb aching. I knew it was for nothing though.
We couldnt fuck without her, she would know. And the next time we
all did, her body would swallow up all his come like usual.
We brain stormed. Figured out a way to get his baby inside of me as
Usually during a fuck session, she demands us both pleasure her,
even if I have his cock inside of me. He said he would practice
orgasms at home, suppressing any sounds or significant motion.
Maybe he could fill me and she wouldnt know until it was too late.
One afternoon, during my fertile time (which my self absorbed sister
never knew anyway), we find ourselves fucking like usual. My sister
seemed tired and after a short time, positioned herself so we could
pleasure her. My cousin went to her ass and vagina with his hand as I
sat down on his penis. Focusing and being a bit rough with my sister,
we allowed ourselves to rock and grind, working towards an orgasm. I
felt his hand reach over mine, around my sisters ass, and begin to
squeeze. I latched onto my sisters nipple, something I have never
done before and began to suck. She was overcome with pleasure and
I felt my cousins hand stiffen, then his penis, and during the
continued pleasuring of my greedy sister, he quietly filled me with his
seed, giving me a baby as well. I began showing while she was

She could only stare in pleasure and happiness as he exclaimed, I

want to knock you up so bad! And then attacked her fertile pussy so
well with his mouth.
Her mind thinking but delayed with lust and pleasure and primal
instinct. Cock. Need In. Pussy. N o w.

Many months ago I started unloading in her unprotected pussy. I

continue to do so. I can barely see her face. Just the results of my
seed, and a fresh load dripping from her spent pussy. I dont care that
some leaks out. Shes easy to impregnate, and as soon as shes fertile
again, Ill plant more seed.
Many months ago I let him start filling me with his baby batter. I still
cant get enough. I cant even see his spent cock at this point. I can
feel his potent cum dripping from my baby filled womb. Doesnt
matter, he will always be able to easily knock me up. And as soon as
Im ovulating again, Ill give his baby making cum something to do.

The first time she felt semen explode against her unprotected cervix,
the warmth of his seed flooding her depths triggered an orgasm like
no other. Her pussy contracting strong, sucking his seed deeper, a
primal scream of pleasure erupting from her throat. This first time
turned into many times, many unprotected orgasms, many shouts of
pleasure, with no consideration of when her eggs were being
She loved and hated my stamina. We would make love for hours,
orgasms coming one after another for her. Wearing her down.
Relaxing her womb, widening her cervix. She always waited for my
orgasm. Letting me use her for my pleasure as she basked in her
spent, sweaty, potentially fertile state. And then it happens. My body
stiffens, my balls contract, and then my entire body spasms as my
cum fills her fatigued pussy and waiting womb.
My cousin and I got a little carried away in the pool. I couldnt believe
I had finally filled her sweet pussy. Though I was stricken with panic
worrying about pregnancy until I saw my seed leaking from her slit.
Im sure some stayed in, but I did feel much better.
I felt even better when I filled her again on her bed, and saw nothing
leak out.
Wow Im glad you came over, you were right, they are so heavy. Its
really been a month since youve cum? But why didnt you bring
condoms? Ive got the perfect spot for you to empty these. Are you
willing to risk it?
We agreed to pull out since she was fertile. However, as she watched
my orgasm commence and my potent semen splash against her
body, she began maneuvering in a manner to allow some to land on
her vagina. I took this signal and plunged deep inside, finishing
against her cervix. We made love two more times that afternoon, and
we didnt see another drop of cum.
She allowed me to slip behind her on our sides. She was completely
naked as was I. I reach forward to caress her breasts and found rock
hard nipples as she pressed her ass into my hard penis. We moved in
a way that let me penis brush against her saturated pussy I entered
her and it wasnt long before my semen was boiling in in testicles. She
backed her body up taking my penis deep. We slowly began rocking
back and forth, making love, completely unaware she was fertile. I got
closer to orgasm and began to withdraw my penis when her hand fell
to my hip and as she pulled me back inside, whispered please Just as
my penis got to its deepest point in her vagina, I held my breath and
hugged her tight as my testicles contracted and penis throbbed,
sending hot gooey semen from my body into her depths. I felt her

nipples nearly explode as her breast swelled then I felt her vagina
begin to grip my penis, milking semen from it, and causing her cervix
or open and dip into the pool of sperm now swimming through her
vagina and cervix. We laid there holding tight, feeling the warmth of
our cum mix together, slowly falling to a peaceful sleep as she felt the
familiar ping as an egg was being released from her ovary into her
semen filled uterus.
It wasnt until they saw their own close up that they recognized the
beauty of what they did. Years of friendship and flirting led to natural
foreplay and arousal once they gave into our desires. Her soft fertile
folds, open, wet, waiting. His thick, full shaft at attention. Then
between them, sliding into her, becoming one. Forming a connection.
Allowing at the height of their mutual pleasure, his seed to be injected
directly into her womb, not seeing the light of day or being exposed to
air. Just a tight fit, ensuring creation of life through one body sharing
the ecstasy of passion with another.
My ex and I remained friends over the years. We matured, stayed in
touch, our families remained friends. Our current boyfriend and
girlfriend probably never thought about it. One Thanksgiving, our
families get together, boyfriends, girlfriends, everyone.
My exs mom explains she was short some ingredients needed for a
dessert. I offer to go pick them up at the store. Surprisingly my ex
decides to join me. Everyone else is out in the backyard, so we just
leave so not needing to make an announcement to everyone.
On the way back, passing some fields, she asks if my girlfriend would
have worried about us fucking while we were alone. I laughed, saying
were older now, different goals, and that was the past. I ask if her
boyfriend would be worried. She replied no. Then she told me she
would give anything to feel my cock explode and fill her like it did all
those years ago.
I nearly lost control of the car but pulled off to the side. I laughed
again, all while growing a raging erection. She said, Im serious. I want
to sit down on you. Right now.
I asked if she had any condoms. She said the point is I was to feel you
explode and fill me, how are you going to do that with a condom on.
Blinded by nature and lust, I began to unbuckle my pants as she came
to the other side of the car. Her pants dropped. And we made love.
Like we used to. Every drop of my cum being sucked up my her womb
during our all too common simultaneous orgasms.
A month later we were all together again for Christmas. And she gave
me the most wonderful news as a gift. I had impregnated her during
our impromptu lovemaking.
We had already broken off our other relationships shortly after
Thanksgiving, but hadnt really seen each other since.
Now I explode in her growing belly daily, and plan to keep her belly
full as the years go on.

My boyfriend always talked about making a baby, but when the time
came her would never follow through.
As I felt my need to leave him approach, he again mentioned giving
me a baby. I told him he needed to be serious. He explained he would
do whatever it would take to prove he was serious.
In the past, he would just pull out and unload his cum on my body,
leaving me deeply disappointed. So I told him my plan.
He needed to jerk off in front of me not once, but twice. If he still felt
like he wanted to impregnate me, he could. If not, we were done.
During my ovulation time, he completed his two self made orgasms. A
short time later ( and thank goodness because I was horny as fuck,
ovulating, watching wasted cum go everywhere), I allowed him to
enter me.
AND DID HE EVER FUCK A BABY INTO ME. Ive never seen him work so
hard. Yelling and screaming and grunting all the way through, filling
me with whatever he had left. My thirsty womb drinking up every
drop as he collapsed spent on the bed next to me.
The couple had agreed by flip of coin who would carry their sought
after child. Then they agreed by another flip of the coin who to ask to
inseminate the mother to be.
After a few sessions of getting to know one another, it was
determined it was ovulation day. After quite a bit of foreplay, the man
explained he wanted to be ridden to orgasm. The fertile one got on
top of him, and after a few good luck kisses to their breeding tool, she
slid it deep into her lovers body, setting them on course to create a
His hands explored my body in disbelief as I rocked my hips into his. He whispered my name as
his cock slid in and out of my dripping pussy.
I..Im gonna.. I cant - my girlfriend. Im gonna cum.
I smiled and continued to rock my hips deeper. His eyes widened as I felt the head of his cock
swell inside me. I rocked my hips until I felt his cum splash in my uterus. I moaned in ecstasy. I
guess he wont have a girlfriend for long.

I am at lunch with my ex. We finish eating and while walking out of

the restaurant see a newer neighborhood being built across the
street. We always liked looking at new homes and it appears there
several model homes and then one of them has a realtor inside it. We
go look at one that doesnt have anyone inside. Each room is so nice.
It must have been a model home, there was furniture in each room. In
the master bedroom I can look out the window and see the realtor
taking a family into another house. I wonder if she has already been
in this one with them?
To my surprise, my ex explains she would love to be fucked
everynight in a room like this. Now we havent dated in a while, and
we did always have really good sex, so I am not sure where she is
going with this. I playfully respond, I could picture my being riden
right here on the bed (knowing she loved to ride me). We move a little
closer. Then closer.

Now we are tearing each others clothes off. She had on my favorite
bra and panty set. She must have woke up horny this morning and
called for this lunch meeting. She pushes me against the wall and
take my boxers down, wasting no time taking my hard cock into her
mouth. God how I have missed her mouth. She cups my balls and
looks up at me. I have been egding all week, so she must recognize
there is a full load of cum just begging to be released.
I stop her and toss her back on the bed, pulling her panties over her
knees and ankles and diving into her sweet pussy. She was soaked.
She was squirming on the bed, allowing her clit to be massage by my
She lifts my head up and asks if I have a condom. Ahhhh, no I dont. I
had no idea this was going to happen today.
She tells me she wants me inside of her so bad. She wants to be
fucked hard on in this nice room. But then she says she is right in the
middle of her cycle. I tell her I could always just pull out, or we could
be really safe and I could just eat her to several orgasms. She wiggles
back on the bed, spreads her legs even more, and looks down at my
I get onto the bed and slide into her like we were still lovers. We rock
back and forth, letting her tight pussy squeeze and enjoy my cock. I
am a little nervous of all the pre cum I am probably pouring into her
cunt. We kiss and squeeze and roll and continue fucking. She finally
ends up on top of me. Riding me. This can be dangerous. I mention
that we still need to have me pull out before I orgasm. She voices
We get back to fucking. All of a sudden, we hear noise downstairs.
The realtor must have finally reached this house on the block. A
random lunch, fucking my unprotected ex, and now strangers
We make nervous eye contact, both on the verge of orgasm. Oddly
enough, now that we have stopped out movements, the pleasure
keeps building. She goes to get off me so we can get dressed and I
hold her still.
If you move another inch, I am cumming. With that, I feel her pussy
grip me. Ok, well we have to get out of here, I will move very slowly.
We hear the people moving around downstairs, and she begins to
slowly lift off of my penis. About a quarter of the way up, a cringe, Oh
honey stop. All that edging has ruined me. I am so sensitive right now
and needing to blow. She moves another little bit. Pleasure about are
about to peak. The people sound like they head upstairs.
She moves leaving just the tip but I cannot handle it. I lay my head
back, not wanting to make a sound by moving her or yelling out. She
leans forward to brace herself with her arms on the bed as my penis
explodes. Our bodies frozen from so many fears, pregancy, being
caught, however we dont move. My penis and testicles the only
things moving. Contracting. Exploding. Until her cervix feels the first
blast of hot semen, then her womb joins the spasm. Sucking up
everything I am expelling out of my cock.

Once nature allowed us to separate we quickly get dressed and walk

around the room. A few moments later the realtor enters, and is
surprised. I didnt know anyone else was here.
Sorry, we just were kind of driving by. This is a beautiful house
We start to leave the room and she begins to tell us about the great
school district the neighborhood is in. She asks if we have kids.
I wrap my arm around my ex, and she gently answers the realtor,
I told her if she wanted a baby, she would have to work for it. She had
to ride me. I wouldnt touch her. She couldnt touch her. Just riding of
penis in vagina.
She thought it would be no problem. But before we placed my penis
inside her, I jerked into her panties in the bed.
She was still determined to get her baby. Disappointed but she still
mounted me. She was so sweaty from riding me, trying to coax that
second load from my balls.
Just about as she was about to give up she could see the look on my
face, I had another orgasm building.
And then I gave her a baby.!p58A3A4D!
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