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Demographic Profile
Civil Status:


Vivialyn Dungca
Kawit, Cavite
46 Years Old
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Presenting Problem or Concern

Lyn comes seeking therapy for her propensity to angry outbursts, depression, and
social awkwardness.


Background of the Client

Her mother has 2 children with her first husband. Lyn's mother had a second husband
in which she had 3 children. Lyn is the youngest among her 3 siblings.
In 1969, her father left for Guam to work as electrician.
In 1970, her father died in Guam due to peptic ulcer. Lyn was 2 1/2 years old when
her father died.
According to Lyn, her father is mild alcoholic and a womanizer.
Her mother worked as a laundry woman to financially support her family.
She spent her grade school and high school in a government school. Lyn preferred to
go home after school than to hang out with friends.
Lyn took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. Joseph College in Cavite City
where she also graduated with the same degree.
In 1990, she had her first relationship at the age of 23 after she graduated from
college. After 8 months of having a serious relationship she got impregnated with her
1st child.
She took the board exam in nursing while being pregnant the following year.
Her first boyfriend took up electronics technology in a vocational school in Cavite.
Her boyfriend remained unemployed even after the 1st child was born.
After giving birth to her 1st child, her sexual relationship with her boyfriend decrease
because of current situation within the family.
She helps her boyfriend find his first job with the help of her friend at Export
Processing Zone in Rosario, Cavite
After 8 months of giving birth with her 1st child they separated because her boyfriend
pointed a knife at her after getting jealous with a guy friend.
She raised her 1st child with the help of her siblings.


Clinical Impression/Observations


Lyn worked as a company nurse at Export Processing Zone in Rosario, Cavite, then
later on resigned and transferred to Divine Grace Hospital also in Rosario, Cavite
where she worked for 5 years as a nurse.
After 4 years of being separated with her boyfriend, they reconcile and had their 2nd
A year after, Lyn found out that her boyfriend is having an affair with a co-worker.
She decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend even though she is 7 months
pregnant with their 3rd child.
Lyn got married with her 2nd boyfriend. They both knew that they have children from
their first relationship and they didnt care about their past.
That same year she discovered her husband was having communication with his
former girlfriend. She also learned that her husband changed the name of his former
girlfriend to a guys name
Lyn avoided arguing with her husband because he has difficulty controlling his anger
which can result into verbal abuse to Lyn.
Lyn decide to work abroad with the encouragement and permission of her husband.
Lyn worked for 4 years abroad and send monthly remittances to her husband.
Her friends and relatives discovered her husband was having an affair with another
Lyn tried to communicate with her husband after knowing about the affair but Lyn
never heard anymore from her husband.
She also discovered all of her personal documents, savings and other investment were
already been gone.

She prefers being at home rather than going out

She invests a lot with regards to romantic relationships
She avoids confronting issues
She was verbally abused
She values relationship
She tends to forgive easily and gives chances for mistakes
She longs to feel loved
Tendency to anger outburst, depression and social awkwardness
Case Conceptualization
The clients behavior was triggered by recent feeling of abandonment, deception and
insecurity brought about by the disappearance of her husband. However, such
emotions might already be present earlier because of her past experiences (being a
product of a broken family, early pregnancy, poverty, failed relationships, etc.) Her
social awkwardness may be a product of shame caused by her failed relationship and
loss of self-esteem (due to the fact that both of her partners found someone new).Her
anger and depression may be a result of fear of what will happen next, since all her
resources are gone and she have lots of children to raise.

As a result, she may be manifesting DEPRESSIVE DISORDER. Alongside with

this, she may also be going through RELATIONAL PROBLEM related to Primary
Support Group.
VII. Interventions
1. Further assessment of the Clinical Family Life History
Psychologist to diagnose the present Health History
condition of the client.
Interpersonal Relationship/Social History
Identify spiritual beliefs
Recent Psychological Test Evaluation of the
2. Based on the assessment of the Clinical Physical Activities (exercise, strolling)
Psychologist, appropriate therapeutical or Social group involvement (support groups)
pharmacological intervention may be Counseling therapy
Anger Management therapy
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Further referral to a Psychiatrist for
pharmacological intervention when necessary.
3. Observance of changes and prevention Monitoring
of negative behavior towards significant Follow up sessions
Consent/Commendation to pursue Secure a Certificate of Psychological Fitness
career and take care of the children based from the attending Psychologist or
on the endorsement made by the attending Psychiatrist.
Psychologist or Psychiatrist.