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Fiesta Restaurant, the branch located at Marcato Mall Dubai Mall.

. I was part of the crew of this restaurant for a

period of one year.

This is a classic five star intercontinental restaurant, and Bistro in Dubai. Renowened for its live buffet of freshly made
unlimited cuisines from around the world. This same restaurant serves country style mediterranean delicacies, authentic
Asin fare, home style Italian gourmet specialities, and all these are interspured with hearty soups, fresh salads, pastas,
grills, crusty pizzas, stir fries, fresh tropical fruits, homemade breads, pastries and desserts. This restaurant survived the
heavy weight of the recession in 2008.

I touched almost all the departments Be it bar, kitchen, receiving/logistics, bar, or cashiering. This was going to
solidify my hospitality experience and prepare me for the hotel, which was going to be my next step.

Team Spirit and community life was what spiced the entire team. Daily updates and breifings kept the whole team alive
and abreast with modern changes.

Then I did some freelance services at Mama Mia Restaurant there at Dubai Marina.

From there, I had lots of formative meetings at the head office of Fiesta, where I obtained a certification in Hasard
Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). I also did some training at Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa (5 Star
Hotel) and was later on offered a job there but I worked only for some few weeks as it was difficult to terminate my
contract with my former employer. From there, time and again, I visited various hotels, to get more experience and
also to update my skills in Hotel Management. Here I was in at Raddison Blu Fujaira. The other, I am with some
friends enjoying some KFC at the food court in Dubai Mall.

Partying in the
open air at Burj Al
Arab Jumeira.

Bab Al Shams

catering activity in
Sheraton Jumeira.

Dubai Marine
Beach Resort and
Spa. This Hotel has
four international
night clubs and I
was in one of them

Having Dinner at
Media 1 hotel,
Internet City
Dubai, with some

Grand Hyatt Bur


Ritz-Carlton, Dubai
Fiancial Center.

Hotel Dubai
Festival City

Emirates towers by

F1, Yas Island

Abu Dhabi

Hatta Fort Hotel Oman

Burj Al - Arab

All pictures cant fit in here.

These are just meant to illustrate
how I developed my hospitality
concept and how I am well
grounded with it and can best fit in all
departments in the Hospitality
industry. Not just that, I crowned it
all with a correspondence studies
in IIBM India, where I am currently
waiting for my certificate. Hospitality
and Tourism management were part
of my modules.
One cant say it was all a bed of roses.
Traveling to all the hotels was not that
easy in terms of finances. To get
a photographer on time was also an issue
and again, pictures are not allowed in
all circumstances. I also assisted at the
Indian Pavilion Restaurant in the Mall
of the Emirates on busy days.
I have learnt a lot from this formidable
experience and do not hesitate to
consult with me when it comes to the
hospitality industry (hotel, restaurant,
catering, events, and general business).

Best wishes and do remain in touch.

Nkwain John Paul Sam.
skype: genero13
Tel: 0023778167943.