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A Project Report on





Submitted to


In partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of


Submitted by


Under the Guidance of

Prof. Geevarghees
Senior Faculty, HAL Management Academy


I the undersigned hereby declare that the project report entitled “RECRUITMENTS
for ARTHA HEALTH OPTIONS“ has been prepared by me under the supervision and
guidance of Mr. Geevarghees, Bangalore and now being submitted to CHRIST
COLLEGE- Pondicherry University, Bangalore in partial fulfillment of the award of
the degree of MBA.

I further declare that this project report is based on the original project study
undertaken by me and has not formed a basis for award of any degree/diploma of Christ

Date: Ms. T.D. Meenakshi

Place: Bangalore 2005390075


I first bow to ‘THE ALMIGHTY’ for his boon and blessings.

I owe an enormous intellectual debt to Mr. Arun Kumar (Chairman) and the
management of Artha Health Options for granting me the permission and opportunity to
undertake the project study.

I am thankful to my academic guide Mr. GeeVarghees for providing me the necessary

insight and guidance thought to my project work.

The would also like to thank Mr. H.M. Amar Kumar and Mr. Shashekanth for their
guidance and support without which this project would have not been so successful. I
would also express my gratitude to all those noble souls who have directly or indirectly
been a source of encouragement.

And last but not the least my Friends, Family and the Department of Management studies
of Christ College for their support and encouragement




 Industrial profile
 Company profile
 Board of Directors
 Product profile

2.  Research Design

3.  Data Analysis and Interpretation

4. Findings and Conclusions

5. Recommendations & Suggestions




Act of seeking prospective new employees or members for an organization. Recruitment
is a vital function for an organization to maintain its personnel.
Refers to the process of finding possible candidates for a job or function.


Internal recruitment:

Existing employees and volunteers are given an opportunity to apply for a new
job opening.


• Rewards the employee/volunteer for past performance

• Gives the employee/volunteer an opportunity for career development
• Retains the organization's investment in the employee/volunteer
• Reduces the amount of time necessary to orient the person to the new position
• Reduces the costs of recruitment
• Provides a limited number of people to select from
• Reduces the opportunity for increasing diversity within your organization

Employee referrals:

Employees are asked to recommend a person for the job opening


• The quality of employee referrals is usually high. Employees usually only refer
people that they are confident would be a good match for the position and
• People tend to recommend others with similar backgrounds. Therefore it is
important to ensure that the practice of employee referrals does not lead to a
decrease in diversity within your organization.
• People recruited by your staff usually have some understanding of the work of the
• There can be a tendency to feel that you must hire someone who is referred by an
employee even if your assessment is that the person is not the best match.

Print advertisements:

The job is posted in a newspaper or professional journal


• You can reach a large audience in a specific area

• The content of the advertisement will impact on the number of applicants; if the
ad is general you will most likely receive more applications.
• If the ad is general, you may receive a significant number of applications from
unqualified candidates

Executive search firms:

A private company that specialized in recruitment is hired to find suitable



• This is a very expensive method of recruitment

• Hiring professional recruiter does not guarantee a positive result
• The firm will do most of the preparation for the posting and the preliminary
• May be an appropriate recruitment method for the most senior positions.

Unsolicited resumes:

Individuals interest in working for your organization send in resumes


The percentage of resumes with skills appropriate for your organization may be

How you treat unsolicited resumes may have an impact on the image of your

It is best to respond with courteous and frank information about whether or not the
application will be kept for future reference

HR professional is having a big responsibility to hire a best person from the
available talent pool. At the same time, one needs to be cost conscious. It is a good

practice in recruitment to be objective and seek to identify the candidates' abilities.
Judge on individual merits and set the same standards for all. Whereas generalized
assumptions made about ability or ambition, based on applicant's sex, caste, age,
religious belief, sexual orientation or any disability, is a bad practice. One need to
use the technology, to get the best results from recruitment process.


1) Irrespective of the title being advertised, it is best to include in the clear job
definitions to avoid receiving more applications than needed.

2) On receiving applications, it is important to check work references. Some

applicants glorify the work they did at specific jobs.

3) Many applicants skip over jobs they had problems with. Gaps should be

4) Educational qualifications should also be checked.

5) Multiple interviewing should take place either through panel interviewing or

through a series of interviews with different persons.

6) On recruiting a person, it should be easy to find a short term project that the
person can complete as a test of his or her capabilities. Projects in the order of one
or two weeks should normally be sufficient to verify the competencies of the new

7) It should be a simple matter to setup a basic database of all CVs received. Very
often, the Department may already have applications that they need on such a
database thus avoiding time loss and additional advertising costs.


1. Identify vacancy
2. Prepare job description and person specification
3. Advertise
4. Managing the response
5. Short-listing
6. Visits
7. References
8. Arrange interviews
9. Conduct the interview
10. Decision making

11. Convey the decision
12. Appointment action

Purpose / Benefits:

Is to achieve improvement in four areas: quality, cost, service, and speed.

Recruitment is the process of searching for and attracting qualified candidates to
apply for the positions that are available.
Based on the job description for the position, develop the criteria that will be used to
screen resumes and select the best person for the job

Recruitment Process:

• A brief description of your organization, its mission or purpose

• The title and a description of the position
• Duties and responsibilities
• Qualifications
• The supervising authority
• Mention the salary and benefits attached to the position. Specify the starting
salary or salary range, or say the salary depends on experience.
• The application deadline
• Start date
• Request for references
• Indicate the format in which you would like to receive the information
• Give a contact name and address

Recruitment Standards:

Methods of locating qualified job candidates job posting & bidding

Limitations of recruiting from within
Recruiting outside the organization
Labor Market
(Area from which applications are to be recruited)
Outside sources of recruitment

Effectiveness of recruitment sources
Unsolicited applications and resumes
Internet recruiting

Employee referrals
Up the ante
Pay for performance
Tailor the program
Increase visibility
Keep the data
Rethink your taboos
Widen the program
Measure results
Executive search firms
Educational Institutions
Professional Organizations
Labor Unions
Public Employment agencies
Private Employment Agencies
Temporary Help Agencies
Employee Leasing

Improving the Effectiveness of External Recruitment

Costs of Recruitment
Organizational Recruiters

Develop selection criteria for the position:

How will you ensure the new employee fits the culture of your

Ensure that your criteria are not discriminatory

Ensure that they are specific, measurable and job-related

What skills are essential to the position?

HR Recruitment:

Recruitment Strategy Model –

Demonstrates the ability to create a Job Position Requisition and to select a

recruitment strategy. For purposes of this sample model, Internal Posting is selected
as the recruitment strategy.

Internal Posting Model –

Manages the steps to approve the job description and to post it to an internal
Web site. Once posted, applicants can apply for the position where the workflow will
monitor the incoming applications and automatically remove the posting and alert a
recruiter, once the specified posting period has expired.

Screen Résumés Model –

Provides a process to screen the résumés submitted to the internal posting site.
It assists HR in identifying suitable candidates by first ensuring the candidates'
information is complete and by helping to prepare a short list of applicants to be

Interview Shortlist Model –

Manages interviews with short-listed applicants. It applies a two-stage interview

approach where HR and the person requisitioning the position, each conduct separate
interviews. It includes a step to check the selected candidate's qualifications and
references before proceeding to the Employee Intake model. Overview: Business
Information Delivery Solutions for Human Resources 2

Employee Intake Model –

Automates preparation and "letter of offer" processing and tracking the

subsequent offer acceptance from the new hire. A "confirmation letter" establishes the
starting date which is inserted into a "facilities work order" to ensure that the new
hire's office, telephone, computer, pass cards, etc. are already in place on the
employee's start date so they can become productive more quickly.

Wellness Redefined



Artha Health options (P) ltd is a Health Management company catering to both the
corporate as well as the retail health sector.

With an annual turn over of over 15 crores, Artha is making leaps and bounds bringing
consumers never before imagined experiences and services.

Housed within our corporate office at Nrupathunga road, we have over 200 employees
promoting our products and services in the city.

We currently have close to 20,000 customers and are also aggressively acquiring more
than 2000 customers’ month on month from our 100 seater call center.

In addition to our health related services, we also focus on the Lifestyle segment all as a
part of an effort to offer all our customers better mileage.

We do this through a select-network of establishments throughout the city wherein Artha

card holders are entitled to privileges throughout the year.

We provide solutions in Health Insurance to big corporate like ABB, Indian Institute Of
Science, Daimler Chrysler, Informatica, Sage Designs, Tory Harris, Navnee Networks,
BFW, Renac India, Namdharis, Natural Remedies, Yodlee, Ernst & Young, EMC2 etc…

Artha is a 3 year old company.

Situated at the central business district of Bangalore opposite to Reserve Bank of India.

From the learning’s we had from our health insurance business we have come up with
this unique product. Where we offer Preventive Health care and Better Life Style
Management Solutions.






What is Artha? Are we a Health Insurance Company? No, we are a health management
company with a difference. Our creed is to address Miscellaneous Health Expenses
[MHE] of a family. MHE comprising of consultations, diagnostic services, medicines,
regular health check-ups, treatments that do not require hospitalization etc. take away a
sizable chunk of family savings,, sometimes even up to Rs. 25,000/- a year. This issue
had to be addressed head-on and therein lies the genesis of our product which is truly

Allow yourself to make all your health worries passé. It is the least that you can gift
yourself and your family as only Health can be your real Wealth.

Introducing the most powerful and feature-rich card that will forever change the way you
manage your health and lifestyle

We believe in Preventive Healthcare and believe so thoroughly in it that it has almost

become our creed. Periodical Evaluation of health is very necessary if only to prevent or
at least delay the onset of illness. Why visit a doctor only when you are ill? Does it not
make more sense to have regular check-ups and consult your doctor when you are fit to
rule out all niggles? Will you not be more at peace with yourself if you know that your
family is in the peach of health?

Below listed are some alarming statistics compiled by the World Health Organization
which indicate that a catastrophe is waiting to strike. The only way available for each
one is timely recognition, diagnosis and treatments of ailments or in other words,
emphasis on Preventive Healthcare.

 One in every eleven persons in urban India are afflicted by Type II Diabetes and
by 2030, one in every five persons will be a diabetic.

 Another survey by WHO predicts that 60% of all cardiac patients in the world
will be from India by 2010.

One more alarming survey by the National Cancer Registry Program predicts that
there will be 8 lakhs new cancer cases in India.

Alarming Statistics, right! We seem to be galloping towards total ruin without even
realizing it.

Gift yourself Preventive Healthcare. You deserve nothing less. And towards this, we
bring you a unique and exclusive health bouquet that offers:

• 1 Voucher worth Rs. 1000/- providing a free Total Wellness Check

• 16 Vouchers totally worth Rs. 5,000/- providing free Total Dental Care
comprising of 4 consultations, 4 cleanings & polishing, 4 x-rays and 4 fillings
• 14 Vouchers totally worth Rs. 3,500/- providing 4 free consultations with
doctors in the discipline of General Medicine and 2 free consultations each
with doctors in the disciplines of Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics,
ENT and Dermatology
• 2 Vouchers of Master Health Checks redeemable by paying just Rs.1,700/-
on each check instead of the normal rates of Rs. 2,950/- each
• 6 Vouchers redeemable for 10% discount on diagnostic services at diagnostic
centers/hospitals in the health panel
• By flashing the Artha Card, 4% discount can be availed on purchases at 19
Apollo Pharmacies across Bangalore

Artha is not only about Preventive Health Management. We also provide you a

• 1 Voucher providing you free accommodation for 3 Days & 2 Nights worth over
Rs.6,000/-* either at Kairali, the world’s first Ayurvedic Health Resort in Palakkad
OR in Kadaltheeram, the beach paradise in Thiruvananthapuram
• 1 Voucher providing you free accommodation for 3 Days & 2 Nights worth over
Rs.6,000/-* at destinations from out of Ooty, Kodai, Yercaud, Manali, Darjeeling,
Munnar, Mussorie, Puri, Goa and Lonavala.
• 2 Redeemable Vouchers together worth Rs. 1,800/- from Sterling Resorts on
travel packages to Ooty, Kodai, Yercaud, Manali, Darjeeling, Mussorie, Puri, Goa
and Lonavala.
• An Ayurvedic experience at the divine spots of Gokarna and Karwar for just Rs.
3,000/- against the normal rack rates of Rs. 5,000/-.
• Up to 15% discount on Accommodation in Goa through Best Goa Deals across
Budget Hotels to Star Properties offered straight over the Net.
And much, much more……….

So, what is it that we have here! A truly unique and matchless product! A product that
allows you to stay healthy and have the best holidays and also lets you save at least Rs.
100/- per day at a cost of just Rs. 8/- per day!


Chairman : MR.H.M.ARUN KUMAR.

Managing Director: MR. T.M.SHASHEKANTH.



Let us build a sustainable culture of Preventive Healthcare in all so that a healthy nation
and citizenry can be built.

Emanating from the Company's mission statement, the strategic Human Resource Development
(HRD) goal of ARTHA is to create an atmosphere of technological and managerial excellence to
become a globally competitive Aerospace Industry. With the changing environment, rapid
technological changes characterised by paradigm shift from license production to R&D based
production duly balanced with co-development / co-production, technological up gradation etc.

greater customer demand, focused diversification to civilian and export markets, the overall
objective of Human Resource Development plan would be to build a vibrant and learning
organization, so as to meet the challenges of quality and excellence, recruitment and retention of
competent human resources and develop high commitment and sense of belongings to the
Company. Accordingly, Company's HR Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Policies
have been identified and indicated herein under:-


"To make Artha a dynamic, vibrant, value based learning organization with human resources
exceptionally skilled, highly motivated & committed to meet the current & future challenges.
This will be driven by core values of the Company fully embedded in the culture of the


• Ensure availability of Total Quality People to meet the organizational goals & objectives.

• Continuous improvement in Knowledge, Skill & Competence (Managerial, Behavioral &


• Promote a Culture of Achievement & Excellence, with emphasis on Integrity, Credibility

& Quality.

• Maintain a motivated workforce through empowerment of Individual & Team building.

• Enhance Organizational Learning;

• As a strategic business partner, Human Resource to play a pivotal role directly &
significantly to Productivity enhancement, Profitability & improve Quality of Work Life.


• To be in total alignment with Corporate Strategy.

• Maintain Human Resource at optimum level to meet the objectives & goals of the

• Competence Mapping, Analysis & Upgradation of Knowledge & Skills including

Training, Retraining, Multi Skilling etc.

• Create Leadership with Shared Vision at various levels in the Organization.

• Focused Development of Core Competence in High-Tech areas.

• Building Cross functional Teams

• Bring Company wide awareness of Mission, Values & Organizational Goals.

• Personnel policies on Performance based criteria, ensuring Growth, Rewards, and

Recognition & Motivation.


• Competence Building

• Commitment

• Motivation

• Employee Relations

In the backdrop of the above, focus of Human Resource Development initiatives at Artha
emphasize on the following:


• Improving the existing qualification profile by focusing induction of professionally

qualified personnel.

Hence focus of recruitment would be to recruit people with combination of knowledge, skill,
experience and attitude in line with organizational requirements through appropriate
manpower plan both short term (contract appointments) and long term recruitment


Training is one of the most important interventions for developing human resource. Hence,
identification of training competency profile in terms of vision, mission of the Company
would be the strategic point of the training and development strategy of the Company.

The following objective has been set in this regard:-

• To provide training to all employees

• Training to become an integral component of individual professional evolution by;

• updating knowledge to avoid obsolescence;

• enhancing professional creativity

• enabling employees to shoulder higher responsibility

• to create a business bias and strategic thinking to take up new business challenges
(creation of Centre of Excellence, etc)

The goals of training will be to progressively achieve 5 days training

Keeping the organizational requirement and the above goals and objective of training, the
following has been identified as the key focus areas of training:

• Attitude

• Behavior

• Knowledge

• Potential On work

Furthermore, to facilitate development of soft skills (change of mind set, managerial

development etc.) training would be imparted on continuous basis. Excellence like for
training would be given prime importance.


Appraising people for meeting Company's goal would be the prime focus of performance
management. The new Performance Appraisal System based on work planning and
commitment (mutually agreed tasks), self review and performance analysis, performance

review and feedback would ensure that the focus would be on value adding activities rather
than on routine activities which bear no relationship with organizational goals and objectives.

Identification of low performers and resultant corrective action through out the company
would be given priority. Similarly, faster career growth opportunity would be provided to
high performers.

Focus of the reward system in the Company would be to promote team work and culture of
achievement and excellence in the organization. In addition to the mechanism of individual
reward for making exemplary contribution in the key thrust area of the Company for overall
excellence and for desirable attributes like creativity and innovation. Coupled with above,
schemes like "Inter Divisional Competition" and proposed "Profit Sharing Schemes" etc. has
been institutionalized in the Company for team reward.


A "Learning Organisation" is essential for survival in the present era of Liberalisation,
Privatisation and Globalisation. Therefore, "Knowledge" is the only Core Competence of
Organisations for coping with changes. Since, individual knowledge is the starting point for
organizational knowledge, therefore, it is only the employees who can convert knowledge
into efficient actions.

Artha has also introduced the Scheme for Learning & Certification for executives as a
starting point for building individual knowledge and the opportunity for the Junior & Middle
Management Cadre Executives to broaden their perspective by not only learning about all
functions and procedure in their respective disciplines but also in related areas and overall
knowledge about the organization and its environment.). Lastly, HRD Plan will also include
time-to-time OD Interventions to address specific requirements of the Company.


Company Profile:

Artha Health Options Private Limited is a private limited company incorporated in India
on 6th May, 2005. It has two other directors, T. M. Shashe Kanth who is the Managing
Director and H M Arun Kumar who is the Chairman of the company in addition to the
undersigned who is in charge of operations. It currently deals in the marketing of Health
Insurance by ICICI Lombard, Cholamandalam, HDFC Chubb and TATA-AIG General
Insurance. In addition to this, AHO is also involved in the marketing of credit cards for
HDFC bank and it has about 55 employees on its’ rolls currently.

AHO is now in the process of launching a Health and Consumer Services Card which
will be known in the market as the Artha Health Card.

Artha Health Card

AHO has tied up with Dining Plus, a leading consumer service discount card provider in
India with presence in over 12 cities to bring to the customers of Bangalore a unique card
co-branded as both a joint Dining Plus/Artha Health Card.

In addition to the tie-up with Dining Plus, Artha has also tied up with PeopleHealth and
Metropolis for providing Healthcare services to its cardholders.

The consumer gets a discount of 10-15% depending on the agreement with the Merchant
Establishment whenever he flashes this card. This Card offers free consultations with
Dentists, Ophthalmologists, Cardiologists, Orthopaedists, etc., and additionally includes
discounts at hospitals, diagnostic centres, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, malls, beauty
clinics, health spas, health resorts, departmental stores and lots more. The categories of
privileges offered by this card are as of now unmatched in India and it is unique to that

Given the card profile, Artha has priced it very competitively and conservatively at Rs.
799/- per card and is looking at sales of about 10,000 cards in its’ first year of operation,
which is again a very conservative projection. An annual turnover of 80 lakhs is
expected in the very first year of operation.

The customers that Artha is targeting cannot be expected to come to the office to swipe
their credit cards as they are being essentially serviced by us at home. Hence, we require
an EDC MOTO swiping machine, by which we can take their credit card number before a
sale and then get their signature on the charge-slip. As we expect at least about 60% of
our total sales to come through credit cards, such a machine is mandatory for our
Artha Health Options is a sister concern of Nandaki Investments & Holdings, a
leading channel partner for IDBI Bank for both its home loans and personal loans. The
commission earned by Nandaki in 2004-2005 was 55 lakhs. Nandaki is a channel partner
of IDBI for the past 2 years and consistently touches a target of 5 crores disbursement per
month. Nandaki is being managed by the undersigned who is also in-charge of the
operations part of Artha Health Card.

Enable all those working for Artha to give out their best to ensure their all round growth as
well as that of the organization

The mission is to deliver competitive products and services that meet or exceed our customers'
expectations. We shall achieve our mission by:

• Understanding customers' need

• Developing our human resources

• Using systematic selection, development technical support and surveillance of our

suppliers and sub-contractors

• Improving regularly the facilities

• Continuously improving Standards methods

• Introducing product improvement based on customer feedback

Recruitment Process

Recruitment is the process of generating a poll of qualified applicants

for consideration of open positions. Company works closely with the
hiring manager in order to make the recruitment process as simple and
expeditious as possible, to ensure that Affirmative Action/Diversity
goals are being met, and equity is maintained.

Procedures and Guidelines

Obtain appropriate management approval to fill the position.

When planning to recruit for a vacant position, managers will need to determine
the following:

Will the position be career or casual?

Will the position be full-time or part-time?

How many people are needed to fill the position(s)?

What special skills, knowledge and abilities are required?

What recruitment methods would you like to utilize?

Are there any time requirements in filling this position?

Contact the department when the above information is determined.

An Employee Requisition Form will be generated by the unit. The following

information is required for the six-line summary of the position, and the
required and preferred skills, knowledge and abilities.

The appropriate job description form, data processing questionnaire must to be

completed for all new positions and replacement positions with significant
changes in duties.

The job will be posted in the Employee Opportunities and will remain open for
two weeks unless it is a Management and Senior Professional Position which

has a posting period of four weeks. (The term “open” means that departments
may not offer or hire anyone into the position until that time period as lapsed.)

• Selection of Candidate

All preferential rehire resumes along with a Recruitment Activity Report (RAR)
will be forwarded to the recruiting manager and must be reviewed first; the
RAR for preferential rehires must be returned to the company before the
recruitment process can continue.

The non-preferential rehire resumes will then be forwarded to the manager

When selection of a candidate has been made:

Inform department of selection before offering the position to the


The Department will acquire approvals on proposed salary, effective

date, etc.

Approval and official offer letter will be forwarded to recruiting manager.


Indicating motivation level for a well paid job.

% of
Well paid job Total respondents

Greatly Reduces 2 2%

Tends to Reduce 4 4%
Has no Effect 10 10%

Tends to Increase 66 66%

Greatly Increase 18 18%
Grand Total 100 100%


Count of QS1

Greatly Reduces
Tends to Reduce
Has no Effect
Tends to Increase
Greatly Increase

For 66% of our respondents “a well paid job” tends to increase their motivation

Indicating motivation level for being able to live up to people’s expectations

Able to live up to % of
people expectation Total respondents

Greatly Reduces 1 1%

Tends to Reduce 4 4%

Has no effect 19 19%

Tends to Increase 47 47%

Greatly Increase 29 29%

Grand Total 100 100%

For 47% of our respondents “being able to live up to people’s expectations” tends to
increase their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for freedom of ideas

Freedom for % of respondents

ideas Total

Greatly Reduces 6 6%

Tends to Reduce 12 12%

Tends to Increase 40 40%

Greatly Increase 42 42%

GrandTotal 100 100%

For 40% of our respondents “having the freedom to try out their own ideas” tends to
increase their motivation, while for 42% it greatly increases the motivation.

Indicating motivation level for fun included in the job

Fun oriented % of
job Total Respondents
Reduces 1 1%
Tends to
Reduce 7 7%

Has no effect 20 20%

Tends to
Increase 32 32%
Increase 40 40%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 40% of our respondents “having a job that is more like fun than work” greatly
increases their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for no bonuses being awarded
% of
No bonuses Total Respondents
Reduces 14 14%
Tends to
Reduce 36 36%
Has no effect 38 38%
Tends to
Increase 10 10%
Increase 2 2%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 38% of our respondents “not being able to earn bonuses” has no effect on their
motivation, while for 36% it tends to reduce their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for according no respect

% of
No Respect Total Respondents
Reduces 26 26%
Tends to
Reduce 44 44%
Has no effect 24 24%
Tends to
Increase 6 6%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 44% of our respondents “not being accorded respect” tends to reduce their

Count of QS6 35
Indicating motivation level for no opportunity to grow and develop in the organization

% of
No growth Total Respondents
Reduces 22 22%
Tends to
Reduce 38 38%
Has no effect 19 19%
Tends to
Increase 8 8%
Increase 13 13%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 38% of our respondents “having a job that does not allow them to grow and develop”
tends to reduce their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for opportunity to guide & inspire people in the organization

To guide % of
people Total Respondents
Reduces 4 4%
Has no effect 17 17%
Tends to
Increase 55 55%
Increase 24 24%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 55% of our respondents “being expected to inspire and guide people” tends to
increase their motivation.

Count of QS8
Indicating motivation level when pay is linked to performance

Pay linked to % of
performance Total Respondents
Tends to
Reduce 22 22%
Has no effect 47 47%
Tends to
Increase 28 28%
Increase 3 3%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 47% of our respondents “pay linked to performance” has no effect on their

Indicating motivation level for opportunity to succeed in front of others

Succeed in % of
front of Respondents
others Total
Tends to
Reduce 1 1%
Has no effect 19 19%
Tends to
Increase 44 44%
Increase 36 36%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 44% of our respondents “having the chance to succeed in front of others” tends to
increase their motivation.

Indicating motivation level due to stability of job

Stability of % of
job Total Respondents
Reduce 2 2%
Tends to
Reduce 4 4%

Has no effect 36 36%

Tends to
Increase 31 31%
Increase 27 27%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 36% of our respondents “knowing that there will always be a job for them” has no
effect on their motivation, while for 31% it tends to increase.

Indicating motivation level for a regular salary

A regular % of
salary Total Respondents
Tends to
Reduce 12 12%
Has no effect 40 40%
Tends to
Increase 21 21%
Increase 27 27%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 40% of our respondents “a regular salary” has no effect on their motivation

Indicating motivation level for opportunities for development

Development % of
opportunities Total Respondents
Reduce 2 2%
Tends to
Reduce 10 10%
Has no effect 3 3%
Tends to
Increase 53 53%
Increases 32 32%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 53% of our respondents “having a job that provides development opportunities” tends
to increase their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for no leadership opportunities

No team %of
leadership Total Respondents
Reduces 15 15%
Tends to
reduce 48 48%

Has no effect 29 29%

Tends to
Increase 6 6%
Increases 2 2%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 48% of our respondents “not being in charge of a team” tends to reduce their

Indicating motivation level for enjoying status in workplace

% of
status Total Respondents
Reduces 1 1%
Tends to
reduce 5 5%
Has no effect 16 16%
Tends to
Increase 45 45%
Increases 33 33%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 45% of our respondents “having a status in the company” tends to increase their
Indicating motivation level for job for life

% of
Job for life Total Respondents
Reduces 2 2%
Tends to
Reduce 8 8%

Has no effect 42 42%

Tends to
Increase 25 25%
Increase 23 23%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 42% of our respondents “having a job for life” has no effect on their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for no opportunity to create personal impact

No personal % of
impact Total Respondents
Reduces 20 20%
Tends to
Reduce 36 36%

Has no effect 23 23%

Tends to
Increase 17 17%
Increase 4 4%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 36% of our respondents “not having the opportunity to make personal contact” tends
to reduce their motivation.

Indicating motivation level linked with position & power

Position and % of
power Total Respondents
Reduce 1 1%
Tends to
Reduce 5 5%

Has no effect 15 15%

Tends to
Increase 51 51%
Increase 28 28%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 51% of our respondents “having a position of power in the organization” tends to
increase their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for having autonomy in job

% of
Autonomy Total Respondents
Reduce 4 4%
Has no effect 26 26%
Tends to
Increase 41 41%
Increase 29 29%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 41% of our respondents “having autonomy to decide how to do things” tends to
increase their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for being given responsibility for important projects

% of
Responsibility Total Respondents
Reduce 2 2%
Tends to
Reduce 2 2%
Has no effect 16 16%
Tends to
Increase 34 34%
Increase 46 46%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 46% of our respondents “being responsible for important projects” greatly increases
their motivation.

Indicating motivation level for opportunity to make more money

Count of QS20 49
Money % of
making Respondents
opportunity Total
Tends to
Reduce 3 3%

Has no effect 31 31%

Tends to
Increase 36 36%
Increase 30 30%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 36% of our respondents “opportunity to make a lot of money” tends to increase their

Indicating motivation level for jobs where they can be easily sacked

% of
Sacked easily Total Respondents
Reduces 33 33%
Tends to
Reduce 32 32%
Has no effect 14
Tends to
Increase 14 14%
Increase 7 7%
Grand Total 100 100%

For 33% of our respondents “having a job where they can be sacked without much
difficulty” greatly reduces their motivation.

Classification of respondent’s motivation level with reference to Maslow
Needs Hierarchy Theory

Respondent in the age group of 18-25 yrs

24% 27%


From the graph above, we can ascertain that 27% of the respondents who lie between the
age group of 18-25 years( 41 in number) prefer physiological benefits, 25% social
benefits and 24% each for self esteem and security.

Chart depicts Table

Respondent for the age group of 26-35 yrs

23% 25%


From the graph above, we can ascertain that 26% of the respondents who lie between the
age group of 26-35 years (40 in number) prefer social and self esteem benefits, 25%
prefer physiological benefits and 23% security.


We have been notified of your intent to leave our company to help us

continue efforts to improve our work culture, please complete the following
questions. Your honest and called answers are important to us. This
questionnaire is for the Companies’ development and will not be filed in
your personnel file. It will not be used in determining eligibility for future

employment with AHO. Following receipt of your responses in Human
Resources, you will be contacted for an exit interview.

Name: _________________________________

Address: _________________________________


Contact Number: _________________________________

Department: _________________________________

Date completed: _________________________________

Last day of work: ___

2. How did you feel about your pay?

Above average
Below average

3. How did you feel about your benefits?

Above average
Below average
Not Applicable

4. Did you receive adequate training to perform your job duties?

If No: At what stage? Please explain.




5. Did you receive adequate orientation to: AHO?


Your department?


Your position?


6. Why did you choose this Artha Health Options?

Better use of job skills

Increase in salary
Closer to home
Flexible work schedule
Not applicable

Please Elaborate:



7. How would you describe the employment conditions at AHO?

Above average
Below average

Please help us better it:




8. How would you describe employee morale in your department?

Above average
Below average

9. Would you refer a friend to work here?


Yes, but not in my department

10. How supportive was your work environment to you in your role as an

Above average
Below average
Not applicable

11. Did your performance evaluations provide feedback to assist you in

the performance of your job?


12. Are you motivated by your Team Leader?


13. Why did you quit your previous company?

Better use of job skills

Increase in salary
No Promotion
Far from home
Flexible work schedule
Not applicable