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State of the nation

2015: How the president did

Deal with energy crisis

Blackouts are managed

CEO Brian Molefe has been a blessing

Not done/difcult to do
Struggling/cautious progress
Done/on track

Review of visa regulations

Done, but not implemented fully


Developing the oceans economy

Revitalising agriculture

R305 million invested in aquaculture

Agriparks in 27 poorest district municipalities

Focus on small and

medium-sized businesses

Grow agricultural exports

It has a political sponsor in Minister Lindiwe Zulu

Trade and industry

Implement Industrial Policy Action Plan

Drought impacted

2015: The year of the crisis
Drought caused water crisis

Encourage private sector investment

Sona disrupted

The department of trade and industry (the dti)

created interdepartmental clearing house

Xenophobic attacks
The dti created unit to cut red tape
Axing of Nhlanhla Nene as nance minister

Motor industry development programme is at

investment of R25.7 billion

BMW committed R6 billion to investment in
new X3 manufacturing range; Goodyear
R670 million; VW R4.5 billion;
Unilever R4 billion

Visa regulations caused tourism crisis

Moderating workplace conict

A task team on protracted and violent strikes
has been started, but strikes are still long
and violent

Infrastructure as growth driver

Infrastructure projects are numerous
Growth is not yet improved

School-building programme
123 new schools built

293 connected to power grid

2014: How the president did

Economy to take centre stage

Deal with energy crisis

Get black

Growth of 5% by 2019

Radical transformation of the energy sector

Sharpen BEE codes

Social partners to mitigate against violent

and long strikes

Establish energy security Cabinet subcommittee

Sharpen employment equity policies

Remove obstacles to investment

Focus on nuclear energy and shale gas

Refocus development nancial institutions such as

IDC and World Bank

Speed up next coal-red power station

Build the Postbank

Launch fourth round of renewable energy

independent power producers

Agriculture is key job driver

Fetsa Tlala food-production programme

National infrastructure plan

To spend R847 billion over next three years

Broaden regional integration

Focus on Mzimvubu and Clanwilliam dams;

second phase of Lesotho Highlands Water Project

Socioeconomic transformation

Get local
100 water and sanitation projects
Target struggling municipalities
Fix Joburgs billing problems
Pass an urban development framework


Implement framework agreement for

sustainable mining industry

Progress on 60 meerkat dishes/

build 100 square kilometre array antennas

Eradicate mud schools

Revitalise mining towns Jeff Radebe

Expand information and communications infrastructure,

including broadband and digital broadcasting

Increase university entrants

Remove six obstacles to doing business

New buses, trains and passenger rail

Medical university in Limpopo

State to procure 75% of goods from local businesses

Love South Africa

Boost foreign visitor arrivals to more than
15 million annually by 2017

Get youth working

Tourism to contribute R125 billion

to economy annually by 2017

Youth Employment Accord

Internships in public sector (dont know)
Employment tax incentive

Twelve technical training colleges

have broken ground

The SIU, anti-corruption task team and Hawks will
continue to work to combat corruption
Centralise procurement

Reopen the land claims process

Clean South Africa campaign every July 18

on Madibas birthday