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RDPUCPA District



level Midterm Examination, November


Qgeo$ a.o*0.,1.


ll P.U.C.

ero*d$; : 70
Max. Marks: 70


Time : 3.15 Hours


General Instructions:



Answer all the following questions.

10 X I : 10
t " Narne the SI unit of electric flux. 2. Mention one use of van de graaff generator.
1 Ttle colorlrband sequenceof a resisLoris green brown, yeHow and gold, what is resistanceof resistor?
4. Write the expression for Lorentzf,orce. 5. State gauss law in magnetism.
6. Define the henry. 7. If nns value of an ac voltage is220v, find its average value?
8. What is wattless current? 9. Name the electromagnetic wave used in detiction of forged docurnents.
10. Where witrl be the image fonned when an object is placed at focus of concave mirror?
Answer any five of the following questions.
5 X 2 : 10

11. State and explain coutrornb's law in electorstatics.

12. A body is charged to +10C. How mr.lch is the decrease in mass of the body?
13. Write the expression for [electrostatic] potential energy of a system of two point charges and

explain the teuns.

Define ternperature coefficient ofresistance. Mention its SI unit.
What is a cyclotron? Write its principle. 16. Destinguish between paramagnetic and diamagnetic rnaterials.
Mention any two sources ofpower loss in transfonners. 18..State two conditions for total intemal reflection.
Answer any five of the following
5 X 3 = 15
19. State and explain principle of superposition of electric forces.
20. Derive an expression for torque acting on an electric dipole placed in an uniform electric field.
21. Obtain an expression for eff,ective capacitance of two capacitors in series.
22. Define a) driftvelocity b) mobility c) relaxation time.
23. What is a poteri'tiometer? Explain its principle. 24. State and explain biot-savarts law.
25. What is an electromagnetic wave? Mention any two properties of it.
26. Derive the phase relation between the current and voltage in a purely inductive circuit.







' III.





AnswerwitXlout relevant diagrae"n/figure/circuit where ever necessary will not carry any marks.
Direct answers to the ntimerical probles without detailed solutions will not carry any rnarks.



All parts are cornputrsory.

any two of the following questions.
5 X 2 = 10
27 . Define electric potential. Derive an expression for electric potential at a point at a distance 'r'
frorn isolated point charge.
28 . Deduce wheatstone bridge principle using kirchhoff's laws.
29 . Derive an expression for magnetic field at a point lying on the axis of a current carrying circular loop.
Answer any two of the following questions.
5 X 2 = l0
30. Explain the phenornenon ofhysteresis. Draw a hysteresis loop showing retentivity and coercivity.
31 . What is an ac generator? Derive an expression for instantaneous emf in an ac generator.
32. Derive rnirror forrnula for concave mirror.
Answer any three of the following questions.
5 X 3 = 15
33, Charges of +10pc, +20p.c, -201tc are placed in air at the corners of an equilateral triangle of side 2cm.
Deterrnine the force on charge +10plc.
34. Abattery of ernf 'E: and internal resistance 'r'gives a current of 0.5Awith an external resistor of t2fl.
Calculate (i) internal resistance of cell and (ii) emf of cell.
35. A galvanorneter has resistance of 200Q, givesfull scale deflection for a current of 5mA. How do you convest
it into, (i) an voltmeter of range 25V (ii) an arnmeter of range 5A
36. A rnagnetic field of flux density 1 0T acts nonnal to a coil of 50 tums having 1 00 cm2 area. Find emf induced
if ttle coil is removed fiom magnetic field in o.i.s.
37 . An ac source of 100Y 50Hz is conected across 20O resistor and a 2rnH inductor in series. Calculate
(i) inapedailce of circuit (ii) cunentin circuit



IV. Answer


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