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Fiinovation : Collective Effort of All for a Better Environment

Every time we mess with the environment we forget that we are putting our own
existence in danger. Whether its our habit of littering, leaving the lights on when not
needed or even leaving the water tap open, all of these things adds up to the exploitation
of environment. On individual basis these ill habits may seem harmless, but collectively
are the true reason of environment degradation. Fiinovation believes that we usually
forget that what goes around comes around right back at you. Fiinovation reviews that
from decades we have been exploiting the environment and now we are reaping the
yields of what we have been sowing. Now the result of years of exploitation of natural
resource and carelessness are in front of us. We have set the stage for our own
annihilation. The disturbed weather cycle and increasing pollution has now become a
serious threat to all. Fiinovation believes that if we look at all the natural calamities we
will realize that the nature is trying to balance itself and if we don't stop disturbing the
environment it will eventually balance itself at the cost of millions of lives or may be
even at the expense of entire human race.
Fiinovation reviews that the destruction done by the natural calamities is highly visible
and attracts a lot of attention from everyone. But we ignore the slow poison we are daily
generating which is setting the stage for distruction. The effects of air, water and land
pollution are ignored by the people, since their impact on us is not highly visible. The
new report published by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) highlighted some
facts which are an eye opener for us. According to the report air pollution is the fifth
leading cause of death in India.
In Delhi alone 10,000-30,000 thousand people die annually because of the complication
caused by air pollution, while water related diseases affects nearly 37.7 million Indians
annually and 1.5 million children die because of water related diseases.
Fiinovation believes that the solution to pollution lies in the hands of every individual.
If we all act responsibly towards our environment we can slowly but surely resolve the
problem by ourselves without cursing the government. If we follow the simple idea of
reduce, reuse and recycle a considerable amount of burden on the natural resource can
be curbed. Our small efforts in daily life combined with the new eco-friendly policies of
the government, can lead us to conservation of the environment around us. Apart from
these two section the corporate houses can contribute to the eco-friendly movement by
adopting sustainable business practices, innovating technologies which does less harm
on the. Further the companies under their CSR initiatives can spread awareness about
the conservation of natural habitat and promote plantation of trees.

Author Name - Karan Pundir

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About Company - Fiinovation, a research based organization, is an integrated solution enabler
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