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February 10, 2015

Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base
Pasay City
This is in connection to a complaint which we have brought up to the Honorable
Wing Provost Marshall of Edwin Andrews Air Base (EAAB), Sta. Maria Road,
Zamboanga City, against Spouses SGT. RICHTER MADARANG and SAHRINA
It all started on November 17, 2014, on or about 5:20 oclock in the afternoon
when we, together with the ten-year old daughter and one-year old son both of Mrs.
Eduarlita Calonge Alvarez (Mrs. Alvarez for brevity), were in the garage of Mrs. Alvarez
and, while laughing and reading posts from facebooks, were shouted at by Mrs.
SAHRINA ELAINE MADARANG (Mrs. Madarang for brevity) saying terms such as
putang ina and mamatay na kayo, accusing Mrs. Labos to have spread of a rumor
regarding Vanessa.
As we both wanted to seek clarity as to why we were shouted at and considering
that Mrs. ROSANNA LABOS (Mrs. Labos for brevity) is of older age and is suffering
with dilated cardiomyopathy, we chose to go to Mrs. Madarang to seek explanation as to
why we were shouted at and were even foul-mouthed by Mrs. Madarang.
Later, the husband of Mrs. Madarang, SGT. RICHTER MADARANG (Sgt.
Madarang for brevity), arrived with his Vios vehicle, driving at the wrong lane towards
his unit (house) and continuously driving at where we were already standing fronting
Madarangs unit at EAAB, almost hitting us both and with Mrs. Alvarez children. A
confrontation occurred; with Sgt. Madarang (being the only adult male during that time)
adding up the feud and shouting at us and with Mrs. Madarang spitting at Mrs. Alvarez
ten-year old daughter on the said childs face.
On the same date, 17 November 2014, a complaint was lodged at around 7:30
oclock in the evening before Lt. Iaje, CO, EAAB. Thereafter, Mrs. Alvarez rushed her
daughter aged ten (10) years old to the hospital as her daughter had hard time breathing
due to the trauma experienced in the afternoon of 5:20 oclock, 17 November 2014.
On the same date, 17 November 2014, we made a blotter of the incident before
the Police Station of Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City, and made a complaint at the Barangay
Hall of Barangay Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City. Further, we sought the assistance of the
Commission on Human Rights (CHR) since a minor child was involved; the CHR
recommended that not only harassment was committed but also child abuse and further
suggest to have the child-victim undergo psychological examination. Thus, we filed a
complaint in said office and the daughter of Mrs. Alvarez underwent psychological test.
Prior to elevating the matter to your good office, we already went to the WING
PROVOST MARSHALL at EAAB, Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City, hoping to have clarity
on the matter and to have it settled.
Upon reaching there, Mrs. Alvarez and a friend was able to talk to a civilian
employee who then instructed us to just return to WING PROVOST MARSHALL at

EAAB, Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City, the following day, as they are to go to the
Grandstand because the Chief of Staff is there.
However, the friend of Mrs. Alvarez who is accompanying her that time was able
to take a peek inside the office of WING PROVOST MARSHALL at EAAB, Sta. Maria,
Zamboanga City, and was able to see that inside were the Spouses Madarang, who were
being entertained. During that time, Capt. Abdurahman was the acting Wing Provost.
On December 2, 2014, the psychological test of the daughter of Mrs. Alvarez
yielded to a result that the child suffers severe psychological trauma.
On December 13, 2014, the Wing Provost gave our husbands (Mr. Madarang, Mr.
Alvarez, and Mr. Labos) an ultimatum to settle the matter until the next day.
Despite the fact that Mrs. Alvarez is very occupied attending the Nine (9) days
Novena prayer service by reason of her mothers death, she returned back to Zamboanga
City from Zamboanga Sibugay just to attend the matter of settling things with the
Madarang Spouses before the Wing Provost. However, on December 15, 2014, Mrs.
Alvarez is not willing to settle reasoning that the Spouses Madarang are not sincere in
asking for an apology, as the Spouses Madarang always brings up that it is the Wing
Provost order, as per the ultimatum.
Thereafter, the Wing Provost referred the matter to the Housing Board.
On January 20, 2015, when the case was with the Housing Board, it is when it
reached to the knowledge of the Alvarez Spouses that Sgt. Madarang said the case is
already close, since Sgt. Madarang is requesting for a clearance from the Wing Provost in
order to enable Sgt. Madarang to comply with the requirements of his schooling. At 6
oclock in the evening of the same date, the Spouses Alvarez and the Spouses Labos
received an RBI requiring us to submit a Letter Explanation why we should not be
evicted from the EAAB vicinity and why no settlement was reached with the Spouses
After gaining knowledge that the case is closed as alleged by Sgt. Madarang, we
decided to go to the Wing Provost to ask for a copy of the Resolution of the case before it.
This time, the Acting Wing Provost Capt. Abdurahman is no longer in charge and the
Wing Provost, Lt. Manggubat, returned back to work as he was admitted to the hospital.
We were informed by Lt. Manggubat that we cannot be given a copy of the
Resolution as there is only one copy for the consumption of the Wing Commander, which
cannot be used for purposes which are external to the Wing Provost. We were further
informed that should we insist in getting a copy, we should go to the Wing Commander
and ask for him a copy of the said Resolution. Out of respect and in order not to disturb
the Honorable Wing Commander as we thought that he will be much occupied with his
work, we did not anymore proceed to the Wing Commander with the hope that
everything will be impartial and fair.
On January 22 to 29, 2014, the Alvarez spouses slowly removed their belongings
from the unit given to them since, as per condition in the ultimatum, the Spouses Alvarez,
Spouses Labos and Spouses Madarang were given only until January 31, 2015 to vacate
their respective units.
Yet again, it was brought to our knowledge that the Madarang Spouses were not
evicted from their unit.

Thus, we again went to Lt. Manggubat to ask if all three: Spouses Alvarez,
Spouses Labos and Spouses Madarang; were really evicted from our respective units. Lt.
Manggubat informed us that the Spouses Madarang were given until March 31, 2015 and
only then were we informed that we can also ask for extension of time to vacate our units.
However, such information is of no moment as it is already moot and academic as we
have already pulled out our things and vacated the units.
Also, we relayed to Lt. Manggubat that Spouses Madarang was given a copy of
the Disposition Form (Resolution) of our subject case before the Wing Provost while we
were not given a copy thereof. Worse, the Madarang Spouses even used the said
Disposition Form (Resolution) as attachment/supplemental in their Counter-Affidavit
submitted to the CHR as their answer to our complaint filed in the CHR.
Then, we asked if the Office of the Wing Provost have retained a copy of the
Subpoena from the CHR. However, Lt. Manggubat only informed us that they lost the
copy of said subpoena.
Further, we were told that, by reason of the Madarang Spouses behaviour, Sgt.
Madarang is to be transferred and/or demoted. But for some unexplained reason, he was
merely given admonition for the inhumane and disrespectful behaviour he has exhibited,
even committing such dishonourable acts while in full uniform.
We are now writing to you this Letter to express our dismay and concern that
there is a clear partiality and favoritism going on in the Wing Provost of EAAB, Sta.
Maria, Zamboanga City. To enumerate:
First, we were the one assaulted, shouted upon, insulted and
harassed, we made the complaint thereof, but it is the offender who is
more often attended to.
Second, for several time we sought for the assistance of the Wing
Provost, yet there is an evident display of partiality and preference
favouring the Madarang Spouses: (a.) when they entertained them while
we were made to wait and was told to come back tomorrow; and (b.) when
the Madarang Spouses were given a copy of the Disposition Form
(Resolution) while we were not, informing us that there is only one (1)
copy of said Disposition Form (Resolution) but they were able to provide
one for the Madarang Spouses.
Third, all three were given until January 31, 2015 to vacate their
respective units in the EAAB, Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City. However, it is
only when we were able to vacate our units that we were informed that the
Madarang was given an extension until March 31, 2015 and that we could
ask for extension if we wanted to (when it is already useless as we have
already vacated from our units).
Fourth, the disciplinary action implemented to Sgt. Madarang was
inexplicably changed from transfer and/or demotion to a mere admonition
despite a clear showing of lack of discipline and respect to civilians.
Thus, we are appealing this matter to your good office, hoping for fairness and
impartiality, as we would want this case settle and have the Madarang Spouses ask us
sincerely their apology. This would not have happened if not for the offensive, insulting,
inhumane, disrespectful, abusive and intolerable behaviour of the Madarang Spouses. We
have already been enduring these vexations and unnecessarily exposed with all these
difficulties which, if only the hearing officer is impartial and fair, this could have been

already settled. Thus, we are hoping that your good office can help us put an end to this
Hoping for your kind consideration and favorable response.
Thank you very much.
Very respectfully yours,

Received by:
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