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How would feminists respond to the portrayal of women in these 007 clips?

Feminist theories are applicable to not just to everyday life but also to the film industry.
Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
Sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of
sex. A key feminist is Germaine Greer Freedom is fragile and must be protected. To
sacrifice it, even as a temporary measure, is to betray it.
In the first clip, from Skyfall, a damsel in distress image is apparent. The character of
Severine is tied to a post, sexually harassed, and appears helpless and this is emphasised by
having strong male bodyguards and confident male characters. Despite her being in distress
the actress has a lot of make-up on, showing the aim was to create a sultry effect. Feminists
would see this as an issue because, although Severine is captured, she is still looking after
the men sexually. They would regard the different positions of power as a status issue; men
having a higher status as women, and abusing their power by harassing and abusing Severine.
In the second clip, where Silva is reunited with M, the themes of power and control are
explored. M is very powerful, she commands bodyguards and speaks with conviction.
However, Silva is on a raised platform, suggesting he is of greater importance than the
character of M; although M may have lawful power over him, he can still dominate her. The
physical appearance of M is very masculine, she is fully attired in the stereotypical old, dull
woman fashion. This suggests that it is impossible for women to be attractive and
intellectual. Feminists would consider the dominance of M as sexism as it implies a woman
can never have full command.
In the third clip, Vesper dominated James Bond mentally, verbally and sexually I am the
money. It contradicts with the presentation of M in the previous clip. This is because Vesper
is both brainy and attractive; thus intimidating bond. However, male dominance is evident by
Bonds pouring of wine, which may imply Bond wants to get her drunk because he is taken
by her intelligence in conversation, or that he is being courteous and traditional. Feminists
would have a problem with this because it suggests that although Vesper is strong, her male
counterpart is not taking her entirely seriously; but as the scene comes to an end it is apparent
Vesper has the upper hand.
I think youre a sexist misogynist dinosaur are Ms grand words in clip four, which is from
Goldeneye. Straight away her confidence is asserted by her pouring her own drink, unlike the
other clip. The character of Ms direct nature is enforced by the lines You dont like me
bond. Feminists would like this because it doesnt show one gender dominating or being
overtly rude to the other it just shows two people being very frank and confident in
The character of M is not beautiful. Although feminists would have a problem with this, I
consider them wrong here. If M was more attractive feminists would say that she is being
clothed and presented to impress a male audience and I consider beauty and appearances to
be pale in comparison to intelligence and wit, which M has. However, Bond is rarely
presented as sensitive he has nerves of steel. Although not all men are of a sensitive
character, the films representation of men are of strength and confidence. Feminists would
have a problem with this because it adheres almost embarrassingly to gender roles.
Considering the suicide rate is much greater amongst men as it amongst women, I think the

film industry should make a greater effort to display a wider scope of humanity and human
Feminists would find problems in the presentation of women in the James Bond franchise.
Mainly they would regard power and control as a major issue; although a female character
can be dominating, this is often presented as a humorous or sexual moment. However this is
not the case for M. In the Goldeneye clip she is presented as older than she actually is,
suggesting a woman cant be intelligent if they are young and attractive. Her dialogue
overshadows this though I think youre a sexist misogynist dinosaur!