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Google Terms of Service

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!elcome to Google"
Than#s for $sing o$r prod$cts and services (%Services&' The Services are provide
d () Google *nc'
(%Google&, located at 1+00 Amphitheatre ,ar#wa), -o$ntain .iew, /A 04041, 2nited
3) $sing o$r Services, )o$ are agreeing to these terms' ,lease read them caref$l
4$r Services are ver) diverse, so sometimes additional terms or prod$ct re5$irem
ents (incl$ding
age re5$irements ma) appl)' Additional terms will (e availa(le with the relevant
Services, and those
additional terms (ecome part of )o$r agreement with $s if )o$ $se those Services
2sing o$r Services
6o$ m$st follow an) policies made availa(le to )o$ within the Services'
7on8t mis$se o$r Services' 9or e:ample, don8t interfere with o$r Services or tr)
to access them $sing
a method other than the interface and the instr$ctions that we provide' 6o$ ma)
$se o$r Services
onl) as permitted () law, incl$ding applica(le e:port and re;e:port control laws
and reg$lations' !e
ma) s$spend or stop providing o$r Services to )o$ if )o$ do not compl) with o$r
terms or policies or
if we are investigating s$spected miscond$ct'
2sing o$r Services does not give )o$ ownership of an) intellect$al propert) righ
ts in o$r Services or
the content )o$ access' 6o$ ma) not $se content from o$r Services $nless )o$ o(t
ain permission
from its owner or are otherwise permitted () law' These terms do not grant )o$ t
he right to $se an)
(randing or logos $sed in o$r Services' 7on8t remove, o(sc$re, or alter an) lega
l notices displa)ed
in or along with o$r Services'
4$r Services displa) some content that is not Google8s' This content is the sole
responsi(ilit) of the
entit) that ma#es it availa(le' !e ma) review content to determine whether it is
illegal or violates o$r
policies, and we ma) remove or ref$se to displa) content that we reasona(l) (eli
eve violates o$r
policies or the law' 3$t that does not necessaril) mean that we review content,
so please don8t
ass$me that we do'
*n connection with )o$r $se of the Services, we ma) send )o$ service anno$ncemen
administrative messages, and other information' 6o$ ma) opt o$t of some of those
Some of o$r Services are availa(le on mo(ile devices' 7o not $se s$ch Services i
n a wa) that
distracts )o$ and prevents )o$ from o(e)ing traffic or safet) laws'
6o$r Google Acco$nt
6o$ ma) need a Google Acco$nt in order to $se some of o$r Services' 6o$ ma) crea
te )o$r own
Google Acco$nt, or )o$r Google Acco$nt ma) (e assigned to )o$ () an administrato
r, s$ch as )o$r
emplo)er or ed$cational instit$tion' *f )o$ are $sing a Google Acco$nt assigned
to )o$ () an
administrator, different or additional terms ma) appl) and )o$r administrator ma

) (e a(le to access
or disa(le )o$r acco$nt'
To protect )o$r Google Acco$nt, #eep )o$r password confidential' 6o$ are respons
i(le for the
activit) that happens on or thro$gh )o$r Google Acco$nt' Tr) not to re$se )o$r G
oogle Acco$nt
password on third;part) applications' *f )o$ learn of an) $na$thori<ed $se of )o
$r password or
Google Acco$nt, follow these instr$ctions '
,rivac) and /op)right ,rotection
Google8s privac) policies e:plain how we treat )o$r personal data and protect )o
$r privac) when )o$
$se o$r Services' 3) $sing o$r Services, )o$ agree that Google can $se s$ch data
in accordance
with o$r privac) policies'
!e respond to notices of alleged cop)right infringement and terminate acco$nts o
f repeat infringers
according to the process set o$t in the 2'S' 7igital -illenni$m /op)right Act'
!e provide information to help cop)right holders manage their intellect$al prope
rt) online' *f )o$
thin# some(od) is violating )o$r cop)rights and want to notif) $s, )o$ can find
information a(o$t
s$(mitting notices and Google8s polic) a(o$t responding to notices in o$r =elp /
enter '
6o$r /ontent in o$r Services
Some of o$r Services allow )o$ to $pload, s$(mit, store, send or receive content
' 6o$ retain
ownership of an) intellect$al propert) rights that )o$ hold in that content' *n
short, what (elongs to
)o$ sta)s )o$rs'
!hen )o$ $pload, s$(mit, store, send or receive content to or thro$gh o$r Servic
es, )o$ give
Google (and those we wor# with a worldwide license to $se, host, store, reprod$c
e, modif), create
derivative wor#s (s$ch as those res$lting from translations, adaptations or othe
r changes we ma#e
so that )o$r content wor#s (etter with o$r Services, comm$nicate, p$(lish, p$(li
cl) perform, p$(licl)
displa) and distri($te s$ch content' The rights )o$ grant in this license are fo
r the limited p$rpose of
operating, promoting, and improving o$r Services, and to develop new ones' This
license contin$es
even if )o$ stop $sing o$r Services (for e:ample, for a ($siness listing )o$ hav
e added to Google
-aps' Some Services ma) offer )o$ wa)s to access and remove content that has (ee
n provided to
that Service' Also, in some of o$r Services, there are terms or settings that na
rrow the scope of o$r
$se of the content s$(mitted in those Services' -a#e s$re )o$ have the necessar)
rights to grant $s
this license for an) content that )o$ s$(mit to o$r Services'
4$r a$tomated s)stems anal)<e )o$r content (incl$ding emails to provide )o$ pers
onall) relevant
prod$ct feat$res, s$ch as c$stomi<ed search res$lts, tailored advertising, and s
pam and malware
detection' This anal)sis occ$rs as the content is sent, received, and when it is
*f )o$ have a Google Acco$nt, we ma) displa) )o$r ,rofile name, ,rofile photo, a
nd actions )o$ ta#e
on Google or on third;part) applications connected to )o$r Google Acco$nt (s$ch

as >18s, reviews
)o$ write and comments )o$ post in o$r Services, incl$ding displa)ing in ads and
other commercial
conte:ts' !e will respect the choices )o$ ma#e to limit sharing or visi(ilit) se
ttings in )o$r Google
Acco$nt' 9or e:ample, )o$ can choose )o$r settings so )o$r name and photo do not
appear in an
6o$ can find more information a(o$t how Google $ses and stores content in the pr
ivac) polic) or
additional terms for partic$lar Services' *f )o$ s$(mit feed(ac# or s$ggestions
a(o$t o$r Services,
we ma) $se )o$r feed(ac# or s$ggestions witho$t o(ligation to )o$'
A(o$t Software in o$r Services
!hen a Service re5$ires or incl$des downloada(le software, this software ma) $pd
ate a$tomaticall)
on )o$r device once a new version or feat$re is availa(le' Some Services ma) let
)o$ ad?$st )o$r
a$tomatic $pdate settings'
Google gives )o$ a personal, worldwide, ro)alt);free, non;assigna(le and non;e:c
l$sive license to
$se the software provided to )o$ () Google as part of the Services' This license
is for the sole
p$rpose of ena(ling )o$ to $se and en?o) the (enefit of the Services as provided
() Google, in the
manner permitted () these terms' 6o$ ma) not cop), modif), distri($te, sell, or
lease an) part of o$r
Services or incl$ded software, nor ma) )o$ reverse engineer or attempt to e:trac
t the so$rce code
of that software, $nless laws prohi(it those restrictions or )o$ have o$r writte
n permission'
4pen so$rce software is important to $s' Some software $sed in o$r Services ma)
(e offered $nder
an open so$rce license that we will ma#e availa(le to )o$' There ma) (e provisio
ns in the open
so$rce license that e:pressl) override some of these terms'
-odif)ing and Terminating o$r Services
!e are constantl) changing and improving o$r Services' !e ma) add or remove f$nc
tionalities or
feat$res, and we ma) s$spend or stop a Service altogether'
6o$ can stop $sing o$r Services at an) time, altho$gh we8ll (e sorr) to see )o$
go' Google ma) also
stop providing Services to )o$, or add or create new limits to o$r Services at a
n) time'
!e (elieve that )o$ own )o$r data and preserving )o$r access to s$ch data is imp
ortant' *f we
discontin$e a Service, where reasona(l) possi(le, we will give )o$ reasona(le ad
vance notice and a
chance to get information o$t of that Service'
4$r !arranties and 7isclaimers
!e provide o$r Services $sing a commerciall) reasona(le level of s#ill and care
and we hope that
)o$ will en?o) $sing them' 3$t there are certain things that we don8t promise a(
o$t o$r Services'
4T=@A T=AB AS @C,A@SSL6 S@T 42T *B T=@S@ T@A-S 4A A77*T*4BAL T@A-S, B@*T=@A
G44GL@ B4A *TS S2,,L*@AS 4A 7*STA*32T4AS -AD@ AB6 S,@/*9*/ ,A4-*S@S A342T
T=@ S@A.*/@S' 94A @CA-,L@, !@ 74B8T -AD@ AB6 /4--*T-@BTS A342T T=@
/4BT@BT !*T=*B T=@ S@A.*/@S, T=@ S,@/*9*/ 92B/T*4BS 49 T=@ S@A.*/@S, 4A T=@*A
A@L*A3*L*T6, A.A*LA3*L*T6, 4A A3*L*T6 T4 -@@T 642A B@@7S' !@ ,A4.*7@ T=@
S@A.*/@S %AS *S&'

S4-@ E2A*S7*/T*4BS ,A4.*7@ 94A /@ATA*B !AAAABT*@S, L*D@ T=@ *-,L*@7

!AAAABT6 49 -@A/=ABTA3*L*T6, 9*TB@SS 94A A ,AAT*/2LAA ,2A,4S@ AB7 B4B;
*B9A*BG@-@BT' T4 T=@ @CT@BT ,@A-*TT@7 36 LA!, !@ @C/L27@ ALL !AAAABT*@S'
Lia(ilit) for o$r Services
!=@B ,@A-*TT@7 36 LA!, G44GL@, AB7 G44GL@8S S2,,L*@AS AB7 7*STA*32T4AS,
!*LL B4T 3@ A@S,4BS*3L@ 94A L4ST ,A49*TS, A@.@B2@S, 4A 7ATA, 9*BAB/*AL L4SS@S
4A *B7*A@/T, S,@/*AL, /4BS@F2@BT*AL, @C@-,LAA6, 4A ,2B*T*.@ 7A-AG@S'
T4 T=@ @CT@BT ,@A-*TT@7 36 LA!, T=@ T4TAL L*A3*L*T6 49 G44GL@, AB7 *TS
S2,,L*@AS AB7 7*STA*32T4AS, 94A AB6 /LA*-S 2B7@A T=@S@ T@A-S, *B/L27*BG 94A
AB6 *-,L*@7 !AAAABT*@S, *S L*-*T@7 T4 T=@ A-42BT 642 ,A*7 2S T4 2S@ T=@
S@A.*/@S (4A, *9 !@ /=44S@, T4 S2,,L6*BG 642 T=@ S@A.*/@S AGA*B'
*B ALL /AS@S, G44GL@, AB7 *TS S2,,L*@AS AB7 7*STA*32T4AS, !*LL B4T 3@ L*A3L@
94A AB6 L4SS 4A 7A-AG@ T=AT *S B4T A@AS4BA3L6 94A@S@@A3L@'
3$siness $ses of o$r Services
*f )o$ are $sing o$r Services on (ehalf of a ($siness, that ($siness accepts the
se terms' *t will hold
harmless and indemnif) Google and its affiliates, officers, agents, and emplo)ee
s from an) claim,
s$it or action arising from or related to the $se of the Services or violation o
f these terms, incl$ding
an) lia(ilit) or e:pense arising from claims, losses, damages, s$its, ?$dgments,
litigation costs and
attorne)s8 fees'
A(o$t these Terms
!e ma) modif) these terms or an) additional terms that appl) to a Service to, fo
r e:ample, reflect
changes to the law or changes to o$r Services' 6o$ sho$ld loo# at the terms reg$
larl)' !e8ll post
notice of modifications to these terms on this page' !e8ll post notice of modifi
ed additional terms in
the applica(le Service' /hanges will not appl) retroactivel) and will (ecome eff
ective no sooner than
fo$rteen da)s after the) are posted' =owever, changes addressing new f$nctions f
or a Service or
changes made for legal reasons will (e effective immediatel)' *f )o$ do not agre
e to the modified
terms for a Service, )o$ sho$ld discontin$e )o$r $se of that Service'
*f there is a conflict (etween these terms and the additional terms, the additio
nal terms will control for
that conflict'
These terms control the relationship (etween Google and )o$' The) do not create
an) third part)
(eneficiar) rights'
*f )o$ do not compl) with these terms, and we don8t ta#e action right awa), this
doesn8t mean that we
are giving $p an) rights that we ma) have (s$ch as ta#ing action in the f$t$re'
*f it t$rns o$t that a partic$lar term is not enforcea(le, this will not affect
an) other terms'
The laws of /alifornia, 2'S'A', e:cl$ding /alifornia8s conflict of laws r$les, w
ill appl) to an) disp$tes
arising o$t of or relating to these terms or the Services' All claims arising o$
t of or relating to these
terms or the Services will (e litigated e:cl$sivel) in the federal or state co$r
ts of Santa /lara /o$nt),
/alifornia, 2SA, and )o$ and Google consent to personal ?$risdiction in those co
9or information a(o$t how to contact Google, please visit o$r contact page'