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Passion, quality, perfection and innovation!

Since 1965.

With Vanrobaeys you choose quality

The Vanrobaeys company is and stays a family-owned company that started producing pigeon feed back in
1965. Meanwhile, it has grown into a strong player which provides many Belgian & international toppers with
the finest pigeon feed for their champions.
Vanrobaeys stands for passion, passion for quality and perfection, everything simply must be right. In that
scope, quality control is of utmost importance. Indeed, it is impossible to market a quality feed if the base
product is not really a high-quality product.
Vanrobaeys tries to offer as broad an assortment of pigeon feed as possible. The different periods throughout the year bring along different nutritional needs. Indeed, when moulting, pigeons have other needs and
virtues than during the flying or breeding seasons.
Vanrobaeys stands for innovation. On balance, a healthy pigeon draws almost everything out of healthy feed
and thats about our starting point to reconsider and adjust our feed to the needs of the present-day pigeon
over and over again and we especially do so for our customers.
You may have the best loft or the best pigeons in the world, without quality pigeon feed in the bowls you
are lost!
Tom De Meester
Vanrobaeys Pigeon Feed

Fancy pigeons
Varieties of maize
Star Supplements
Production Vanrobaeys


Exclusive mixtures


Pigeon racing is constantly advancing as a sport, and as a feed producer we cant

stand still if we are to stay ahead of the competition. To ensure this we took advice
from top pigeon fanciers, listening to their needs for the present day sport. Testing
was precise and intense with quality and results paramount.
The mixture had to fulfil every need of the modern pigeon and more... hence this Exclusive Mixture was formulated.


Breeding Exclusive
For years, pigeon fanciers thought that breeding youngsters was simple. Just by adding a handful of peas, a
breeding mixture would be created, but this addition of endosperms is far too elementary. This is why we replaced these endosperms with other grains that can add a higher quality of endosperms and therefore Breeding Exclusive was created.
The results were amazing... with experience showing that youngsters bred on Breeding Exclusive could be
weaned 3 days earlier than those bred on a regular mixture. Young pigeons are the future and it is obvious that
the good start in life that Breeding Exclusive gives is crucial if the years ahead are to be successful.

14,2% Cribbs Maize, French

11,5% Milo Corn
8,7% Green Peas
7,7% Dari White
6,6% Paddy Rice
6,4% Wheat White
5,8% Maple Peas
5,0% Cardy
4,6% Soya Toast Split
4,4% Yellow Peas
4,0% Hempseed
3,7% Oat Peeled
3,0% Bordeaux Cribbs Maize
2,5% Tares
2,3% Linseed
1,7% Yellow Millet
1,6% Sunflower Black
1,0% Small Cribbs Maize
1,0% Turnipseed
1,0% Canary Seed
1,0% Mung Beans
1,0% Lentils
1,0% Rape Seed
0,3% Buckwheat

Nutritional value
6,4% crude fat
14,4% crude protein
59,9% carbohydrates

Exclusive mixtures



Racing Exclusive
Power and fats united in one bag of feed... that can only be our RACING EXCLUSIVE. In cooperation with top
fanciers we went on a quest to find what a pigeon really needs. BREEDING and RACING EXCLUSIVE were created. Such grains as Milo, Tares, Soya Beans and striped Sunflower have been neglected for years but these
could offer so much more. Fanciers were not being given what was needed, with simplicity being the key word.
In recent years there has been a trend for top fanciers to select grains with more care, with pigeons fed morning, noon and evening.
Many different products and potions still prevail on the market, but top fanciers are now well aware that only
with super pigeons and a well balanced pigeon feed diet can you make a difference. To let every fancier profit
from the importance of the feed, we have developed RACING EXCLUSIVE, which is perfect in composition and
unique in results. Now it is up to you ...
Profit from the secrets of the top fanciers and feed your pigeons with RACING EXCLUSIVE.

14,0% yellow cribbs maize

13,0% red French maize
11,0% dari white
6,0% milo corn
4.5% maple peas
5,0% green peas
5,0% paddy rice
7,0% safflower
4,0% wheat
4,0% hempseed
4,0% yellow peas
5,0% soya toast split
2,0% oat peeled
2,0% linseed
1,5% tares
2,5% black rapeseed
1,5% millet yellow
1,0% sunflowerseed stripped
2,0% mung beans
2,0% lentills
1,0% canaryseed
1,00% rice white
1,0% buckwheat

Nutritional value
8,7% crude fat
15,0% crude protein
55,0% carbohydrates

Exclusive mixtures



Moulting Exclusive
Which problems can arise during moulting because of the feed? Methionine deficiency used to be one of
the most common problems! This was mainly due to feeding lots of or sometimes only peas! A deficiency
of amino acids, such as arginine or lysine, or else a zinc deficiency, caused bad colouring of the feathers, or
as we call it in the jargon, depigmentation of the feathers! But, the question arises; do bad pigeon feeds
still exist? No, but some are less good than others and especially feeds that are not really adapted to the
moulting period! Take e.g. a pigeon feed mainly based on maize, peas and wheat. It surely is adapted less
for feeding pigeons during moulting! Let us explain: for pigeons, the moulting period is a pretty stressful
period! You probably cannot see it, but for birds moulting is a radical process that takes up a lot of energy!
So, this leads us to our first point, during moulting, pigeons need high-energy mixtures! What else is important? When having a look at the composition of the feathers, we see that they are composed of over
90% proteins, 1.5% fats and the rest is made out of water! Therefore, administration of sufficient proteins
is an absolute necessity!
Recent research showed a fact that is even more important: omega 3 plays a serious role during the moulting period! So, in a nutshell, a pigeon feed must contain: sufficient energy, be rich in proteins and omega 3!
This brings us to what we call oil-rich seeds! Dari for example has a favourable protein pallet, but linseed is
the absolute no. 1 in a moulting mixture! It contains sufficient omega 3 and arginine and is therefore really
important during moulting! Hemp seed, canary seed or canary seed, mung beans and rapeseed are grains
that are extremely rich in proteins! Rui Exclusief offers a nice pallet of grains and the diversity surely is an
added value for your pigeons during moulting! You will see, pigeons know their needs very well! During this
period, they prefer to eat the smaller grains, such as linseed and the like. Maize and peas will be left aside!

10,0% Yellow Cribbs Maize

10,0% Red Maize
9,5% Wheat White
6,0% Dari White
5,5% Milo Corn
5,0% Barley
5,0% Maple Peas
5,0% Green Peas
4,5% Soya Toast Split
4,5% Cardy
4,5% Yellow Peas
4,0% Linseed
3,5% Hempseed
3,0% Canary Seed
3,0% Paddy Rice
2,5% Yellow Millet
2,5% Tares
2,5% Rape Seed
2,0% Dunpeas
1,5% Oat Peeled
1,5% Sunflower Seed Striped
1,5% Mung Beans
1,5% Lentils
1,5% Turnip Seed

Nutritional value
9,1% crude fat
15,8% crude protein
53,9% carbohydrates

Exclusive mixtures



Young birds racing exclusive

This young bird mix contains 23 different grains, with 4 types of best quality maize. It is a perfect racing mix
for young birds, which is easily digestible as the mix contains barley and paddy rice.
Young Bird Racing Exclusive is a perfectly balanced mix, containing the correct amounts of fats, proteins and
carbohydrates. This mix can be fed through the whole week, during training and racing.

25,0% maize cribbs (yellow, red, small, bordeaux)

12,0% dari white
9,0% wheat white
8,0% paddy rice
7,0% barley
7,0% safflower
6,0% milo
3.5% small green peas
3,0% small yellow peas
2.5% toasted soja beans
2,0% dunpeas
2,0% tares
2,0% lineseed
2,0% buckwheat
2,0% millet white
2,0% hempseed
2,0% black rapeseed
1,0% maple peas
1,0% katya idjoe
1,0% striped sunflower Iregie

Nutritional value
7,4% crude fat
13,1% crude protein
58,0% carbohydrates

Super mixtures


We were the first to produce mixtures with small Cribbs maize. The pigeons like it
and therefore it is not scattered. These mixtures soon became a huge success both
home and abroad.
This small Cribbs maize is not available in the same quantities as other maize, but
nevertheless at Vanrobaeys we can guarantee good quality throughout the year.


Super Special Breeding

It is often found that pigeons leave the maize
when they have youngsters in the nest. This
is why this mixture containing less maize
was introduced. Furthermore as it has small
maize, as round as peas, the pigeons do not
leave anything. A successful formula!


Super Racing Bordeaux

This mixture is rich in quality Cribbs maize
(40%) to build up the necessary sugar reserves
in your pigeons to ensure that they can easily
handle a heavy work load.


Super Special Racing

Top mixture for the widowers facing a heavier
work load. To be given with depurative according to the expected achievements.

38% Peas (4 varieties)

19% Extra small Cribbs maize
18% White wheat
12% White Dari
4,5% Tares
4% Safflower
2% Mung Beans
1,5% Lentils
1% Paddy rice

27% Small yellow Cribbs maize

16,5% Peases (4 varieties)
14% White wheat
13% Bordeaux Cribbs maize
11% Dari
7% Safflower
3,5% Tares
3% Milo Corn
2,5% Mung Beans
2,5% Paddy Rice

38% Extra small Cribbs maize

23% Peas (4 varieties)
15% White wheat
11% White Dari
6% Safflower
4% Tares
3% Mung Beans

Nutritional value
3,75% crude fat
14,94% crude protein
63,5% carbohydrates


Super mixtures



Super Special Moulting

This complete moulting mixture is invaluable
during the resting period, laying the basis for
the forthcoming season. Containing 16 different
grains and seeds, it is rich in oilbearing seeds.


Young Pigeon
Specially balance mixture for young birds.
Pigeon fanciers often feed their young birds
too much. Therefore this lighter mixture was
introduced where the feed tray should be
completely empty before more food is added.

34% Extra small Cribbs maize

23% Peas (4 varieties)
14% White wheat
7% White Dari
6% Barley
4% Safflower
2,5% Tares
2% Mung Beans
2% Lentils
1,5% Rape seed
1,5% Linseed
1,5% Black sunflower seeds
1% Buckwheat

31% Extra small Cribbs maize

23% Peas (4 varieties)
15% White wheat
10% White Dari
7% White barley
5% Milo Corn
4% Safflower
2,5% Tares
2,5% Mung Beans


Specialities (20kg)
Casaert mixtures
Maurice & Gregory Casaert are one of the most prestigious families in the Belgian pigeon sport. Their pigeons
are loved all over the world and with success. Many amateurs had great success after introducing pigeons from
Nchin in their loft. And by great success we mean nothing less than national victories. With an impressive list of
local, provincial and national victories, with no less than 6 pigeons, they belong to the absolute world top.

1e Montauban National 1994 - 5.335 p. (Invincible Montauban)

1e Souillac National 2000 - 7.154 p. (Nasdaq)
1e Brive National 2004 - 7.446 p. (Mistral)
1e Bourges National 2008 - 13.472 p. (Footsie)
1e Bourges National 2012 - 20.577 p. (Olympic Fifteen)
1e Argenton National 2012 - 26.133 p. (Jewel)

Maurice, who unfortunately passed away recently, was a great man and role model for the Belgian pigeon racing
sport. But what is even more remarkable is that Maurice passed on this exceptional talent to his 3 sons, of whom
Gregory now continues his lifework in Nchin. For the Casaert family pigeon feed is a very important aspect. Vanrobaeys produces 2 top mixtures that were developed by Maurice in 1990.


Casaert Depurative
This low-protein mixture was devised by
Maurice Caseart himself in 1990. At that time
he still mixed everything by hand: 25 kg
Maize, 25 kg Dari, 20 kg Safflower, 20 kg
Paddy Rice, 25 kg Depurative and 5 kg Mung
Beans. For more than ten years now we have
been mixing this for Mr Casaert. Previously
it was a private mixture but it is now offered
commercially to everyone. This mixture has
been copied by many but never matched.

31% Small Cribbs maize

20% Dari
17% Paddy rice
15% Safflower
6% Wheat
5% Barley
2,5% Milo Corn
0,5% Mung Beans
0,5% Millet
0,5% Rape seed
0,5% Linseed
0,5% Buckwheat
0,5% Rice - Reis
0,5% Lentils

Nutritional value
6,33% crude fat
11,06% crude protein
63,8% carbohydrates


Casaert Widowhood
This mixture is composed of the following ingredients: 1000 kg Super Special Racing
(nr.12), 100 kg Dari, 100 kg Safflower, 100 kg
Maple Peas and 50 kg Mung Beans.
Designed as a rather heavy mixture that is added as basketing approaches.


Nutritional value
5,79% crude fat
14,07% crude protein
61,5% carbohydrates



Platteeuw mixture
Since 2007, Kurt & Raf Platteeuw have been a constant factor at the top of the Belgian pigeon racing sport and
their story is quite impressive. At the beginning of the century, Kurt & Raf Platteeuw were very common players,
always very sportive and enthusiastic. But the last few years, the passion gained the upper hand. In 2007, they
left behind all standard systems and completely changed the plans. A revolutionary new system, it appeared afterwards. In this system, with the Platteeuw family, the feed is an important aspect. So, Kurt committed himself to
composing a mixture with which they could feed their flying squad on a daily basis. It may sound incredible, but
during the racing season, Raf & Kurt only feed their racing pigeons with this mixture. In the beginning, this mixture
was only used by the Platteeuw family, but thanks to the victories, friend and foe got interested.

Champion of Belgium 2012 & 2013

Champion KBDB West-Flanders 2012 & 2013
1e national Gueret 2010 - 13.885 p.
1e national Argenton 2012 4782 p.
More than 100 top 100 nationals in the last 3years
3 best ash pigeons KBDB West-Flanders big middle distance

As Kurt wanted to have this mixture produced with the finest quality grains on the market, he contacted Vanrobaeys. Thanks to the great demand, both in Belgium and abroad, it was decided to market this mixture.


Platteeuw Special
Mixture containing the necessary proteins,
fats, carbohydrates to play your pigeons from
speed to heavy-middle distances.
Thanks to the feeding system, your pigeons
get all the essential elements they need.

30% Small yellow cribbs maize

24% dari white
15% paddy rice
15% safflower
5% sunflowerseed peeled
2% oat peeled
2% wheat
2% mung beans
2% buckwheat
1% linseed
1% rapeseed
1% hemseed

Nutritional value
11,3% crude fat
11,7% crude protein
55,5% carbohydrates





Top Energy
Top Energy is a mixture extremely rich
in fats, composed of grains and seeds
of the very best quality. To be given
the final days before basketing to provide your pigeons with that extra energy
boost. This top mixture consists of 4
types of maize and the perfect combination of fats that your pigeon needs.
Top energy can be used in combination
with other Vanrobaeys mixtures during
the racing season.

17% Cardy
15% Peeled sunflower Seed
14% Dari White
11% Hempseed
8% Yellow Cribbs Maize
7% Small Yellow Cribbs Maize
5% Bordeaux Cribbs Maize
5% Red Maize
4% Peeled Oat
3% Linseed
3% White Millet
3% Canary Seed
2% Rice White
2% Rape Seed
1% Mung Beans

Nutritional value
22,30% crude fat
14,74% crude protein
42,7% carbohydrates





This is a high fibre, easily digested cleaning
mixture. In this mixture, great attention is always paid to using nice white Barley.


Lige Mixture
This high quality mixture is rich in proteins
and legumes. It is often given during the
breeding season because pigeons prefer to
eat round grains and seeds.


Depurative Special
Contains a higher percentage of White Dari,
Safflower and small seeds than the Nr.10


Sneaky mixture
A fine seed mixture that pigeons are extremely partial to, which can also be used a
reward or lure.

35% White barley extra

28% White wheat
11% White Dari
9% Milo Corn
6% Safflower
3% Mung Beans
2% Buckwheat
2% Linseed
1% Rice
1% Millet
1% Rape seed
1% Lentils

52% Peas (4 varieties)

15% White wheat
10% White Dari
8% Milo corn
5% Tares
4% Safflower
3% Mung Beans
2% Pigeon beans
1% Black sunflower seeds

33,5% White barley extra

26% Extra White wheat
21% White Dari
8% Safflower
3% Mung Beans
2% Buckwheat
2% Rice
1,5% Lentils
1% Linseed
1% Millet
1% Rape seed

40% Canary seed

10% Mung Beans
10% Rape seed
10% Millet
10% Rice
10% Hempseed
5% Safflower
5% Hulled oat





This mixture is developed especially to use
after the moulting period. It contains little
or no pulses, but all the necessary fibres
which are essential for this time of the year.
With this mixture you give your pigeons the
strength for the forthcoming breeding season.


Diet extra
Diet extra is a high-fat mixture that is easily digested and often given on arrival after
a flight. Thanks to the rapid digestion there
is no acidification in the crop. Pigeons will
readily eat the mixture. It is also recommended with the last meals before basketing
for the high energy to it provides.


Racing without peas

The success of this mixture hides in the fact
that it supplies extra reserves without making
your pigeons fatter. This mixture contains a
lot of fat-rich seeds, such as sunflower seeds,
safflower, black rapeseed, hemp seed, and
less proteins.
When coming home after a flight, it is important to administer a protein-rich mixture.
At that moment, proteins are much-needed
to rebuild the muscles, but once this is done
you switch to the No. 29 mixture.
You will notice that your pigeons are easier
to train and will perform better. This mixture
will easily bring you to the end of the week.
This system is also extremely good for young
pigeons and it is very much loved by racing
players because of the high amount of carbohydrates.

21% barley
20% paddy rice
11% yellow Cribbs maize
10% oat round
6% dari
5% red french maize
5% milo corn
4,5% dari white
3% linseed
3% striped sunflower seeds
3% safflower
3% buckwheat
2,5% soja toast split
1% turnip rape
1% canary seed
1% millet

24% White Dari

15% Safflower
14% White rice
10% White wheat
6% Milo Corn
4% Paddy rice
4% Canary seed
4% Lentils
4% Millet
4% Hempseed
3% Buckwheat
2% Hulled oat
2% Mung Beans

18% Yellow Cribbs Maize

18% Red French Maize
12% White Dari
12% Wheat White
10% Milo Corn
8% Hulled Oat
6% Cardy
5% Paddy Rice
3% Sunflower Black
2% Rape Seed
2% Canary Seed
2% Buckwheat
2% Hempseed

Nutritional value
6,66% crude fat
11,04% crude protein
64,3% carbohydrates


Basic mixtures



Breeding red and yellow Cribbs maize


Breeding yellow Cribbs maize


Breeding red french Cribbs maize

This mixture contains a high level of legumes to increase the percen-tage of protein. The red maize (*) in this mixture is of French
origin so that it can imported very quickly, and therefore the maize
will never heat up as it does on a long boat journey.

35% Yellow Cribbs maize (*)

32% Peas (4 varieties)
15% White wheat
10% White Dari
5% Milo Corn
3% Safflower
(*) Nr.1 = 17,5% Yellow Cribbs maize &

17,5% Red French maize
Nr.24 = 35% Red French maize


Racing red and yellow Cribbs maize


Racing yellow Cribbs maize


Vlucht rode Franse mas

This mixture contains less legumes, but additional quality Cribbs
maize. Consequently the pigeon can build up an increased reserve
of carbohydrates and starches during the racing season.

39% Yellow Cribbs maize (*)

23,5% Peas (4 varieties)
16% White wheat
6% White Dari
6% Milo Corn
3,5% Tares
3% Mung Beans
3% Safflower
(*) Nr.3 = 19,5% Yellow Cribbs maize &

19,5% Red french maize
Nr.25 = 39% Red french maize


Basic mixtures



Moulting red and yellow Cribbs maize


Moulting Yellow Cribbs maize


Moulting Red French Cribbs maize

A richly varied mixture, rich in oil-bearing seeds, which

stimulates the moulting.

(*) Nr.5 = 17,5% Yellow Cribbs maize &

17,5% Red French maize
Nr.17 = 35% Red French maize

35% Yellow Cribbs Maize (*)

21% Peas (4 Varieties)
15% White Wheat
8% Barley
4% White Dari
3,5% Milo Corn
2% Lentils
2% Safflower
2% Tares
2% Black Sunflower Seeds
2% Linseed
2% Rape Seed
1,5% Buckwheat


Standard mixtures


Economically attractive price/quality mixtures


Breeding-Racing Standard
32% Yellow Cribbs maize
33% Peas (4 varieties)
16% Wheat
7% Milo Corn
6% White Dari
2% Tares
2% Buckwheat
1% Safflower
1% Black sunflower seeds


Depurative Standard
37,5% Wheat
37% Barley
12% Milo Corn
6% White Dari
2,5% Safflower
1% Rape seed
1% Buckwheat
1% Millet
1% Linseed
1% Black sunflower seeds


Moulting Standard
35% Yellow Cribbs maize
20% Peas (4 varieties)
17% Wheat
11% Barley
5,5% Milo Corn
4% White Dari
2% Tares
1,5% Linseed
1,5% Rape seed
1,5% Black sunflower seeds
1% Safflower


Standard mixtures



4 Season Mixtures
This mixtures does not contain Barley, which can
then be added at ones own discretion. A valuable mixture where a balance of a good price to
quality is the important factor.
38% Yellow maize
29% Peas (4 varieties)
20% Wheat
8% Milo Corn
4% White Dari
1% Safflower


Eco Special
This is a mixture where the prime concern is
economy. Eco Special is perfect as a basic food
for pigeons with low activity.
37,5% Yellow french maize
23% Peases (3 varieties)
21,5% Brown wheat
18% Dari white / red


Show pigeons (20kg)

Also Show/Fancy pigeons deserve the best quality of grains and seeds.
With these 2 mixes we offer them a balanced diet.


Fancy pigeons with maize

Top quality basic mixture with maize for all
kind of Fancy pigeons. Packaging: 20kg
20% wheat white
17% dari white
15% milo corn
10% popcorn maize
9% small green peas
7,5% dunpeas
7,5% small yellow peas
3% buckwheat
2% cardy/safflower
2% tares
2% black rape seed
2% hempseed
2% oat peeled
1% sunflowerseed striped


Fancy pigeons without maize

Top quality basic mixture without maize for all
kind of Fancy pigeons. Packaging: 20kg
20% dari white
19% wheat white
16,5% milo corn
8,5% small green peas
7,5% small yellow peas
6% yellow millet
5% dunpeas
5% cardy/safflower
4% paddy rice
3% tares
2% oat peeled
1,5% katya idjoe/mung beans
1% sunflowerseed striped
1% hempseed


Cribbs maize

Dried naturally by the wind and sun in cages

Since 1965 we have been producing pigeon mixtures. From the outset we have
ensured that the mixtures contained good quality maize, particularly CRIBBS
MAIZE (the word is derived from the French word CRABBE). This type of maize is
dried naturally by the wind and sun in cages for six months and is enriched with
all the qualities for nutritional values, carbohydrates, starches and germinative
power. This is in direct contrast with maize that is mechanically dried by hot air.
Thanks to this advantage we can give assurances that throughout the year we
can produce mixtures with Cribbs maize of the same quality and do this over
and over again. To ensure this we have built up a good relationship with the
French farmers, people who still put their heart and soul into their produce.

4 varieties of maize



Red French maize

For many years we have used this RED
FRENCH Maize in preference to the Plate
Maize. This maize reaches us very quickly by
road, without the need for a boat journey.
This sweet corn is beautifully red and by nature very gleaming.


Yellow Cribbs maize

Our well known CRIBBS maize of which the
new harvest usually reaches our premises
at the end of February or early March after
having been dried on the cob by the sun and
wind for 5 or 6 months.


Small Yellow Cribbs maize

Our small CRIBBS maize is dried in exactly the
same way as the Cribbs maize nr. 78 but the
kernel is just of a smaller size.

Nr.200 Bordeaux Cribbs maize

This Bordeaux coloured maize is a true speciality on the grain market. It is grown specially for us and is dried on the cob by the sun
and wind. It has exceptional qualities and
your pigeons will love its sweet taste.



Supplement animal feed, mineral feed for
pigeons. Feed as required next to a grain
mixture. With extra anise. On clay basis.

6 x 620g

Picking stone
with refill
Supplement animal feed, mineral feed
for pigeons. The addition of mineral trace
elements will contribute to a good digestion and a healthy bone structure of your
pigeons. Only with natural ingredients.

Apple vinegar
This apple vinegar is being manufactured
with artisan choice of apples. You can feed
this natural product without any problems
to your pigeons, for their health and condition. Instructions for use: 1 table spoon each
liter water. RACING: 2 days a week. MOULTING: 4 days a week.

1000 ml



Powder vitamins
Vitaminized mineral mixture for pigeons.
Indispensable on the pigeon loft.

2 kg

5 kg 25 kg

Wild seeds
A unique formula with moult seeds. Ideal to give your pigeon the perfect moult. Stimulate also the down moult.
As additional feed next to water.

1 kg

4 kg 25 kg

Peanuts white and brown

A titbit for widow and youngsters. A real delicacy for your
pigeons. One tried, they are keen on it. Also an ideal source
of energy by the many carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

1 kg

5 kg 25 kg

Grit and Redstone

Grit and Redstone contribute to an optimal digestion and
improve the bone structure and egg shell formation.
Grit contains oyster shells, sea shells, Redstone and stomach gravel. Redstone consists of 100% baked clay, crushed
into small stones made to pigeon format.

2,5 kg 5 kg 20 kg 25 kg



Super Grit Mix

This perfectly balanced mixture of grit which is 100% natural, contains everything a pigeon needs as a supplement to the Vanrobaeys
mixtures. With the Vanrobaeys Super Grit Mix your pigeons will
have more strength, energy and vitality. This mixture of minerals is
a real necessity in the loft whilst also being a favourite with your

5 kg 10 kg


Star Supplements

Keep your pigeons healthy

and in top form.


Purposefully Building-Up Energy

Powerstar is a high-grade energy source that, thanks to the perfect combination of carbohydrates, amino acids and
proteins, gives your pigeons those additional power reserves that contribute to better performances.
Powerstar also contains several nutrients that also guarantee a perfect intestinal health and automatically stimulate
the appetite. Thanks to the perfect digestion of the feed your pigeons will have more lust of fly.

During the racing season: the last 2 days of the week
10g/kg pigeon feed, moisten with 10ml of BronchoStar.

Maltodextrine Sodium, Wheat semolina
Mixture of aromatic substances
Crude fat 1%, crude protein 24,9%, crude fibre 1,7%,
crude ash 21,74%, sodium 43900mg/kg, lysine 9,11g/kg,
methionine 8,62g/kg



1 Tongue
4 Trachea entry


4 Nostrills
5+6 Air split

Activates the immune system and supports the

respiratory capacity
Respiratory infections are amongst the most common disorders found in pigeons during the racing period.
Most of the time, it concerns an infection of the upper airways (nose, paranasal sinuses, pharynx and larynx)
or an infection of the lower airways (trachea and bronchi). Nowadays, these can be easily distinguished from
one another by an endoscopic exam carried out in veterinary surgeon practices specialized in pigeons. Generally, performances decline as from the 5th race and this decrease can hardly be made up for by the end of the
season. So, prevention is better than cure and it is therefore very important to preserve the natural resistance
of the respiratory system.
BronchoStar is a herbal juice that supports respiration, stimulates the appetite and strengthens the natural
immune system.
Thanks to the addition of several herbs (thyme, anis, eucalyptus, plantain, ) BronchoStar prevents inflammation of the bronchial tubes and lungs, restores the natural mucous layer in the throat and has an anti-bacterial effect.
BronchoStar contains Ginsing that, from within the lungs via the red blood cells, produces extra energy in the
body cells of the pigeon.

During the racing season: 10ml/kg pigeon feed 2 days at the
beginning of the week. During the winter season: 10ml/kg
pigeon feed 3 days per week. Can be used as a binding agent
for all other Star powder products.
Sorbitol, Glycerol
Mixture of aromatic substances
Crude fat <0,2%, crude protein 0,5%, crude fibre <0,1%, crude
ash 1,08%, sodium 448mg/kg, lysine 0,02g/kg, methionine


Anatomy of Digestive System of Pigeon



Small intestine
Blind gut
Large intestine


Good health begins with healthy intestines

No other organs have such direct impact on the well-being. They provide the vital energy to the whole organism. In short, the system has to absorb hundreds of thousands of substances (food), convert these into
endogenous or usable substances and excrete roughage.
There is even more to it:
The digestive tract holds about 70% of all immune cells of the body. Here, all the bacteria and toxic substances that infiltrate the body must be neutralized. BactoStar stimulates the immune system:

at the end of the courses of antibiotic treatments

after a vaccination
after a period of stress during the racing season
after and during the rearing of young pigeons

BactoStar stimulates the growth of favourable intestinal flora restoring bacteria that produce lactic acid
(e.g. to control the emergence and the spread of E. Colli bacteria). The herb mixture that is added prevents
the emergence of parasites in the intestine. (Such as Coccidiose, Salmonella, Colli,)
BactoStar also contains a yeast culture that provides a better absorption and digestion of the pigeon feed.
The unique composition of BactoStar includes several nutrients, thus guaranteeing a perfect intestinal



At the end of the courses of treatment: during 1 week every

day 10gr/kg pigeon feed, bind with yoghurt. During the racing
season: at the beginning and at the end of the week 10gr/kg
pigeon feed, bind with FlexiStar. Start 3 weeks before racing
starts. During breeding & moulting period 2x/week 10 gr/kg
pigeon feed mix with 10 ml BronchoStar.

Maltodextrine, Wheat semolina, Algae, Herbs, Yeast culture,
Mixture of aromatic substances
Crude fat 1,4%, crude protein 12,7%, crude fibre 3,7%, crude ash
23,78%, sodium 1160mg/kg, lysine 7,52g/kg, methionine 2,46g/kg.


Development, protection & strengthening of joints,

tendons and cartilages with pigeons
The cartilage in the joint starts to degrade due to overburdening of young pigeons and the lack of movement
with pigeons that are stuck in winter.
The cartilage serves as cushioning between the individual parts of the skeleton. This function is supported by
the joint fluid that feeds the cartilage and surrounds it as a defensive ring. When arthrosis occurs, the cartilage
degrades, the bones are rubbing against one other causing pain. The irritated bone skin reacts, resulting in an
infection (arthritis) and the deformation of the joint bones. As a result the joint functioning progressively reduces. In an advanced stage, the joint can even ossify causing permanent stiffness.
Arthrosis cannot be cured, but prevention may be the right way towards protection against overburdening of
the wing joints, especially of the shoulder joint, by the fast up and down movements of the wing.
The unique Flexi Star recipe reduces joint infections and rebuilds the quality of the cartilage structure. It also
has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Flexi Star is a dietary supplement and therefore shall be used in time before the start of the burdening during
the races and the start of the training. In order to have the best result, it is recommended to administer 10ml
of Flexi Star after weaning off the young pigeons in combination with 10 gr. of ProteinStar /1 kg of pigeon feed.

For all racing birds (young, yearlings and old pigeons) before
racing starts 3 x/week 10ml/kg pigeon feed. Once racing starts
2 days per week Wednesdays and Thursdays 10ml/kg pigeon

Sorbitol, Propylene glycol, Msn
Msm 49.0000mg/L, Glucosamine 34.300mg/L
Crude fat 0%, crude protein 1,5%, crude fibre 0%, crude ash
1,36%, sodium 1600mg/kg, lysine 0g/kg, methionine 0g/kg.


Proteins, amino acids for racing pigeons

ProteinStar is a high-grade fast absorbing amino acid, rich in proteins, such as DL Methionine & Lysine. This product
contributes to a fast recuperation during the races, perfect down during moulting and optimal growth during breeding.
Racing Period: Prior to the training flights, starting 3 weeks before training, on a daily basis (10 g/kg pigeon feed) and then
as from the day of return until the pigeons have thickened again. The muscles will regenerate quicker thus avoiding a clear
performance decline as from the 5th to 7th races.
Rearing Period: Optimal care of the parents/crop milk for rearing the young pigeons, as only optimally fed young pigeons
guarantee top performances in the following racing season. Start during brooding until after weaning of the young pigeons. Dose: 3x/week 10 g/kg pigeon feed mix with 10ml BronchoStar.
Young Pigeons: Young pigeons are weaned off at the age of 21 days. In this transitional period of not fully developed physique, start of flight activities and the First flights, it is particularly important to reinforce the muscles and to compose the
food as optimally as possible. In combination with Flexi Star, pigeon fanciers obtain excellent quality feed. Dose: 3 x/week
bind 10 g ProteinStar with 10 ml FlexiStar and the usual pigeon feed.


Moulting Period: Only optimally fed feathers guarantee a strong plumage and strong wings. In order to obtain such feathers, proteins, amino
acids, omega 3, zinc and sulphur are extremely important . ProteinStar
holds all these ingredients. In combination with a perfectly balanced pigeon feed, this is the basis for later success. The biggest mistake one can
make is to give lower-grade food during the moulting period under the
pretext that the pigeons do not have to perform anyway now. But that
feather formation indeed is very important for later top performances.
Dose: 3 x/per week moisten 5g/kg of pigeon feed with BronchoStar.

Maltodextrin, Sodium, Lysine, DL-Methionin, Iron, Calcium
Mixture of aromatic substances
Crude fat 2,5%, crude protein 50%, crude fibre 1,8%, crude ash 9,4%,
sodium 2250mg/kg, lysine 196,47g/kg, methionine 86,89g/kg.


PH strips for free!

Drinking water hygiene

The quality of the drinking water is underestimated by many, but it is a very important link in the later success
story. Ph Blue Star prevents the presence and emergence of germs in the drinking water and reduces the Ph
value to 4.5-5.0 by acidification, thus killing Trichomonas, if any. As a result of the acidification the pigeon also
produces more saliva, thus ensuring an even better digestion.
The alga-like slime that is usually seen in drinkers now belongs to the past. Dirt that falls in the drinkers, drifting-down feather dust and germ parts no longer have any nutrient medium.

Drinking behavior of the pigeon

Pigeons spit in the water before drinking. At that moment, trichomonas and germs, living in the crop, fall from
the crop and the bill in the drinking water. The next pigeon also does so. As the day progresses, the germ concentration in the water of the dovecot increases and the
last pigeons do not have pure drinking water anymore.
The acidification prevents germ growth and kills the
trichomonas that fall in the drinking water.

1000 ml
All year round 5ml/l water
During the racing season: 2 days at the beginning of the week.
Do not administrate in the period of down young.
Water,Organic acids, Copper chelate.
Lysine 0g/kg, Methionine 0g/kg, Formic acid 4,7%, Acetic acid
2,8%, Propionic acid 2,5%, Lactic acid 2,5%, Copper Chelate


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