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Name: Taimur Azhar

Address: 6/11 Wattle St Punchbowl
Phone Number: 97407047
Mobile Number: 0451387511
Career Goal/Objective:

To gain work experience and skills through working with fellow employees and
customers, and through that to become more qualified for other positions in the
working environment.

Education and Training:

2010 - 2015

Higher School Certificate

Sydney Technical High School
686 Forest Road
Bexley NSW 2207

Employment History:

Work experience (1 week)

Alpha Omega Tutoring Centre, Auburn
Duties: Running errands (Setting up classrooms)we
Mark Papers
Write Solutions
Supervise Students
Work experience (1 week)
Lakemba Library
Duties: Operating Library System
Helping Patrons
Overseeing Learning Classes
Sorting Books

Employment Related Skills:

I can speak confidently in front of large audiences. I often participate in
class discussions and can socialise with other people with relative ease
I am able to speak and write in English, speak Urdu/Hindi and read Arabic
I volunteered from 2011-2015 for the Red Shield Appeal Doorknock which
improved my communication skills as I would interact with a lot of people.
Team work
I have been able to work in a team as result of being involved in multiple
group activities especially sports teams
o 2006 2014 Club Cricket at Bankstown Sports
o 2010 2015 School Cricket Team
o 2010 2014 School Soccer and Hockey Teams

o Part of the TOM (Tournament of the Minds) 2013 STHS team

o Involved in the FRED team STHSs student run newspaper
Planning and organising
I was a student tutor during STHS PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) sessions for
Physics, Chemistry and Maths. It allowed me to plan lessons and assist other
students and hence improved my social skills with other people.
I was also a Peer Support Leader in 2013 in which I was given a class of
younger students to teach about high school. It helped develop my
organisational skills as I learnt how to distribute classwork to students
I am able to use the following software programs:
o Microsoft Word
o Excel
Have partial ability to program in
o Python

Special Achievements and Awards:

2010-2014 - ICAS Science High Distinction/ Distinction
2010-2015 - RACI Chemistry High Distinction/ Distinction
2010-2015 - AMC Maths Distinction/ Credit
2011-2015 Big Science Competition High Distinction/ Distinction
2014 - Physics Olympiad Distinction
2014 - Chemistry Olympiad Credit
2014 - NCSS Intermediate Challenge Distinction (Perfect Score)
2015 ANU Canberra Maths Day
2015 RACI Titration Competition
2013 State-Level Science and Engineering Challenge
2013 STHS Intermediate Wykham Award

Hobbies and Interests:

Sports, Reading, Piano, Guitar, Music, Technology

Susan Faulder
Year Adviser
Number: 0422 416 121

Arthur Zigas
Careers advisor
Number: 9587 5899