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Majority of drug charges on

campus are marijuana-related

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KU set for rematch
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Sara Kovacic creates
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MONDAY, FEB. 15, 2016 | VOLUME 130 ISSUE 8



Its a lot easier to walk away

from an issue or not talk about it
than it is to grab it by the horns
and say, Were owning this.
Program coordinator for the
Health Education Resource Office

Paige Stingley/KANSAN
CARE Sisters, established by the Greek Life Sexual Assault Task Force, trains women in each chapter to be peer-to-peer mentors on topics related to sexual violence.

Sexual assault course empowers greek women

Greek women combat sexual assault through CARE Sisters program

tarting this April, the

sorority women of the
University will have to
look no further than down
the hall for guidance on sexual assault.
The Greek Life Sexual Assault Task Force, established
in Spring 2015 by Greek
students, recently rolled out
a program that will train
women in each chapter to be
peer-to-peer mentors and educators on all topics related to
sexual violence.
The program, tentatively
called CARE Sisters, was
created in cooperation with
Watkins Health Services and
is overseen by Merrill Evans,
CARE coordinator for the
Johanna Hecht, president
of the Panhellenic Association, said the purpose of the
training is to provide sorority
women with a knowledgeable
confidant who can not only
give compassionate understanding but helpful advice.
There are a numerous
amount of resources on
campus and off campus for
victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, any sort of
violence, Hecht said. The

resources are there, but

sometimes, if its not someone you are kind of familiar
with, its kind of scary to want
to open up to them and want
to talk to them, and sometimes girls dont even know
the resources exist.
Amy Long, associate director of Greek Life Programs
in the Student Involvement
and Leadership Center, said
the program was created in
response to the controversy
surrounding Greek life and
sexual assault during the
2014-15 school year.
With all those things
circulating at that time, the
Greek community said we really need to dig into this issue
for ourselves and see what
does this look like in Greek
life, Long said.
Hecht said they wanted to
create a program within the
community that would combat sexual assault, but more
importantly, she said they
wanted to provide survivors
with someone who could relate at their level. Hecht said
the idea for in-house advocates came from similar programs at universities in North
Carolina and Indiana.
We wanted this program
to be something for women in
the Panhellenic community

that could relate with another

woman who is also a Panhellenic woman who is going to
school, living their day-to-day
life, just trying to get through
these next few years, Hecht
The program includes
multiple women from all
12 Panhellenic chapters.
The group is currently three
weeks into a seven-week curriculum that includes lessons
from a variety of experts onand off-campus, including
nurses, private investigators,
detectives and the district attorney.
At a session Wednesday,
the women learned about
the procedures, costs and anonymity policies that come
with physical evidence collection. The group walked
through the details with a
SANE nurse, or sexual assault nurse examiner, from
In addition to learning
about procedures and resources, Evans said a major
part of the training is teaching
women to validate, not judge.
The idea is learning how
to validate emotion, not content, so its training women
how to believe their sisters,
Evans said. Theres a lot of
situations with sexual assault

I think where people go into

with saying, Of course, Im
going to believe my sister,
but a lot of times the reality is
we dont.
Part of the validation aspect is also confidentiality,
a crucial component, Evans
said. Women in the program
are required to keep all incidents and conversations
regarding sexual assault private.
That is the main thing we
discussed, is being a confidential reporter and not reporting it to someone who maybe
will go and tell someone else,
Hecht said. The fear of telling one of your friends is that
maybe your friend could go
and tell someone else, who
could tell someone else, and
you just dont know if your secret can be kept private.
The only person the women must report to is Evans,
the CARE coordinator, who
is also a confidential reporter.
This means that neither the
police nor the University will
be informed of the assault
unless the victim wants to
move forward with an investigation.
Hecht also said when
combatting sexual assault,
there can be unique challenges in the Greek community,

particularly involving stereotypes.

Theres this really huge
misconception that sorority
women as a whole are easy
and all these terrible derogatory things and stuff like that.
It kind of gives sorority women a bad rep, Hecht said.
Thats just not the case in a
lot of ways.
Jenny McKee, program
coordinator for the Health
Education Resource Office
and one of the coordinators
of the trainings, said she
thinks many people believe
the problem of sexual assault
is isolated to only fraternities
and sororities.
Sexual violence doesnt
always occur in the Greek
community, but thats what
we hear a lot about in the
news; theyre very easy organizations to pick on, McKee said, And so I think that
some people might honestly
believe that, if frat boys would
stop raping drunk sorority girls, our sexual assault
problems would be gone, and
thats simply not the case. At
McKee also said she thinks
the program shows the Greek
community is not afraid to
stand up against these false

Its a lot easier to walk

away from an issue or not talk
about it than it is to grab it
by the horns and say, Were
owning this, McKee said.
The training sessions will
finish by next month, and
from April to December, the
women will be the established CARE sisters for their
chapters. Evans said the plan
is to train a whole new round
of women starting next January.
Long said although the
program is currently only in
the Panhellenic community,
there has been talk to potentially expand it to other
campus organizations like
the scholarship halls, mens
organizations and the queer
No plans have been formally laid for the future, but
Hecht said shes ready to see
where the program will lead.
This is a new program
and we are curious to see
where it goes and we hope
that sorority women, panhellenic women specifically,
will utilize this program,
Hecht said. So were really
just going to have to see what
happens after the training is
Edited by Mackenzie

Kansas contains Buddy Hield to stay atop Big 12


Missy Minear/KANSAN
Sophomore guard Devonte Graham defends senior guard Buddy Hield in the game against Oklahoma. The
Jayhawks beat the Sooners 76-72, while Graham outscored his Oklahoma counterpart.

NORMAN, Okla. Just

over two hours before the
No. 6 Kansas Jayhawks
faced off against the No. 3
Oklahoma Sooners, Lloyd
Noble Center was silent.
The last students remaining from attending ESPN
College GameDay earlier
that morning had been ushered out, and there was little happening on the court,
aside from a twirler warming up for a routine later in
the day.
Oklahoma senior guard
Buddy Hield emerged from
the tunnel and started
warming up for the game.
As he started to take his
first shot, he was asked to
move to the other end of the
court by a cleaning person.
He slowly walked to the
other side, only stopping to
greet some people at center
He finally made his way
to the other end, where he

began to put up shots. He

was far from the knockdown shooter hed shown
himself to be all throughout the season. The probable 2015-16 Player of the
Year in college basketball
couldnt get a shot to fall.
Even his best looks rimmed
However, as the woman
who was cleaning the other
side of the court finished
up, Hield switched sides of
the floor and quickly caught
fire. He was locked in from
the right corner, at one
point knocking down 26
threes in a row.
The game that followed mirrored Hields
solo-shootaround session.
In the first half, Oklahoma
couldnt get a shot to fall,
relying on free throws for
nearly half of its points. At
the break, Buddy Hield was
0-of-6 from the field and
had yet to make a field goal.
In the second half, Hield
and likewise the Sooners
picked up steam. They

challenged the Jayhawks,

and led at various points in
the contest. But every time
they pulled ahead, it was
Kansas guard Devonte Graham who had the answer,
as the Jayhawks topped the
Sooners, 76-72.
[Graham] didnt get
tired, Kansas coach Bill
Self said. He had to make
every one of those [plays]
for us to have a chance. I
think he grew up a little bit
In the first period, Kansas jumped out to a 20-6
lead. Graham with help
from junior guard Frank
Mason III on the occasional switch took on the
assignment of defending
Hield and did an admirable
Hield finished the first
half 0-of-6 from the floor.
He failed to record a made
field goal in the first half for
the first time this season.



Student Senate election process explained



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s Student Senate
here are a few things to
know about the election
Running for a Senate
Student Senate consists
of 81 elected senators and
an 11-member executive
branch. Several academic
senators on the legislative
branch, according to the
Senate website.
Jesse Burbank, chair
of the Student Senate
said students who'd like
to run for a position on
the executive or legislative
branch form a group of
candidates. That group
will represent a common
set of goals known as a
Burbank said coalitions
gather candidates they
think believe in their
common vision. Then the
coalitions present a slate
of candidates and cohesive
ideas that run for Senate
at the same time.
Running as a coalition
means that you run
with a group of likeminded people, and its a
concerted effort, he said.

Burbank said two main

coalitions will usually
form for the student
body to elect. However,
students who wish to
run for Senate can run as
independent candidates
and are not required to
affiliate themselves with a
Theres always a pretty
rich diversity of coalition
senators and independent
senators, he said. Most
of the time, its two large
[coalitions]. In the past,
there have been three, but
for the most part, what
Ive seen is, there are
two coalitions and large
rounds of independent
candidates running as
The filing deadline
for Presidential and Vice
Presidential candidates is
March 21. The deadline for
coalition and independent
March 28, according to
the Elections Commission
Voting Process
Student Senate Rules and
can choose from three
methods to vote in the
general election, which is
scheduled for April 13-14.
Commission offer two
polling locations, one on

Wescoe Beach and the

other at Mrs. Es Dining
Hall, according to the
University computer open
to students with valid
well as personal laptops,
cellphones and mobile
devices. Burbank said all
voting will be completed
through an online ballot
on the Rock Chalk Central
The central polling
locations are there for
to make sure that the
has a presence in the
community, and people
know that they can vote,
he said.
He said anyone can
vote during the designated
hours online through their
account on Rock Chalk
Central. For this election
Commission is focusing
on pushing a higher voter
turnout through targeted
social media advertising,
Burbank said.
It varies so widely,
he said. [In some years]
it reached beyond 25
percent voter turnout,
which is pretty high for
a student election. And
then the next year it went
down pretty significantly

to upper single digits.

It varies widely just
depending on how much
excitement there is for the
election and how much
outreach the coalitions
candidates are doing.

Per the Student Senate

Rules and Regulations,
coalitions are allowed
$1,000 to spend on an
election campaign, and
independent candidates
are allowed $200 to spend.
violations can be imposed

Campaign Violations


Student Senate Terms

Three Types of Polling Sites
Central Polling Location: any polling site operated by the
Student Elections Commission. Open to all students and required to be located in at least two major campus locations.
Campus, Organizational or Campus Computers:
Personal Computer: any computer, tablet, mobile phone or
device with internet access owned by a student.
Active Table Campaigning: the process of promoting and
distributing campaign advertisements in public areas where
students have not initiated contact with the students working at the table.
Passive Table Campaigning: the process of promoting and
distributing campaign advertisements in public areas where
students have intitiated contact with the students working at
the table.
Coalitions: any group of students who join together to run
for positions on either the executive or legislative branch
under a common platform.
Elections Commission: a five-member committee consisting of at least one undergraduate student, one graduate
student and one law student enrolled at the University who
oversee and regulate the Student Senate elections process.
Present members of Student Senate elections process. Present members of Student Senate are not eligible for membership on the Elections Commission.

Drug-related arrests on campus: breaking

down the charges and consequences

University police reported 214 drug law arrests from 2012-2014, according to The Clery Act
Annual Security Reports.
Kansas law allows authorities to arrest and
prosecute drug offenders
for separate violations.
However, the difference
in legal consequences regarding violations are
costly and often combined.
The most prominent
drug violation among University students is possession of a controlled substance, usually marijuana,
along with a paraphernalia
charge, said Adam Mansfield, KU Legal Services
staff attorney.
A lot of the times, the
two charges get put together, Mansfield said.
So if your marijuana is
in a baggy they can charge
you for that bag as paraphernalia. A lot of people
dont understand that.
Chris Keary, interim director and chief of police
at the KU Public Safety
office, said out of the 214
drug law arrests on campus, roughly half were in
residential halls.
What we have seen in
our drug law arrests from
2012-2014 reflects a greater effective training of
housing staff to notify us
when they suspect a controlled substance," Keary
said. "We do regular training with hall staff to be

knowledgeable about drug

activity such as teaching them what marijuana
smells like."
If convicted of possessing a controlled substance, an individual can
face a fine between $200
and $2,500 and one year
in jail depending on the
substance and the amount
found. Fines and consequences can be added
when charged with paraphilia as well. Along with
the possession fine, the
court can also order drug
abuse education, counseling or a treatment program.
According to Kansas
Statute article 57, drug
classified as more than
just small weigh scales
and pipes. Examples of
drug paraphilia listed in
the statute mention pipes
and small containers, but
cooking supplies can also
qualify. Items such as
blenders, bowls and even
spoons qualify as mixing devices that could be
used or intended for use in
compounding controlled
Anything that law enforcement finds that it
determines could store or
conceal a controlled substance could lead to a drug
paraphernalia charge.
The legislative statute
specifies these storage
devices as, capsules, balloons, envelopes, bags and
other containers used or
intended for use in pack-

Graphic by Sam Billman

Source: City of Lawrence and the Kansas Legislature.

aging small quantities of

controlled substances.
It's also common for a
person to be charged with
possession and paraphernalia, when small amounts
of marijuana get left be-

hind on things such as

grinders, pipes or in small
Edited by Maddy

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Repealing death penalty could save Kansas

millions of dollars, lawmakers say

OPEKA A group of
bipartisan representatives are advocating the repeal of the death
penalty as a way to save
the state money.
Reps. Steven Becker
(R-Buhler), John Bradford (R-Lansing) and
Dennis Boog Highberger (D-Lawrence) made the
argument Thursday at a
press conference held in
conjunction with the Kansas Coalition Against the
Death Penalty (KCADP).

The death penalty

is such an inefficient
practice in our state
that could truly save
millions of dollars.

Becker said that while

many proponents of repeal focus on the moral or
criminal justice concerns
with the penalty, the state

can no longer ignore the people are on death row execution on hand at all alition Against the Death
economic incentive.
in Kansas.
times, and they have a Penalty reported. The coThe death penalty
However, when the state short shelf life, Bradford alition is advocating for
is such an inefficient
seeks the death penalty said.
reallocation of the death
practice in our state that
in a case, it goes though
Even without the execu- penalty budget to other
could truly
areas of public
save milsafety.
lions of dolI think
lars, Becker
there are
said. This
much better
morning we
uses for the
received a
resources that
were using
for the death
penalty in the
that I think
state of Kanrequires us
sas, Highto come up
berger said.
with about
$54 milsaid bipartilion more
san support
for public
shows the
importance of
in the state.
repealing the
We are
death penalty.
This isnt
for money,
partisan; its a
Chris Neal/AP Photo
and one of
moral issue,
Kansas Rep. Steven Becker, R-Buhler, speaks about his bill, House Bill 2515, to abolish the death penalty in
the sources
Bradford said.
Kansas on Thursday Jan. 28, 2016, at the Kansas Statehouse in Topeka, Kan.
we could find
The three repwould be
the repeal of the death
additional safeguards to tions, were wasting mon- said they would like to repenalty.
prevent a wrongful con- ey, Becker said.
place the penalty with life
Kansas reinstated the viction, which end up
The cost for the state in prison without parole.
death penalty in 1994 but costing the state money, goes up every year as Highberger said he underhas not carried out an Becker said.
more cases are added and stands the severity of the
execution in more than
In addition, the state appeals are filed for exist- crimes in cases where the
50 years. Currently, nine has to keep the drugs for ing cases, the Kansas Co- death penalty is sought,

but he thinks the legislature needs to look at the

flaws in the death penalty
This isnt about the seriousness of the crimes;
we all agree that the death
penalty goes for very, very
serious crimes. This is
about whats best for society, Highberger said.
Becker and Bradford are
sponsors on House Bill
2515, which would abolish the death penalty and
create the crime of aggravated murder. The repeal
would not be retroactive
and would apply only to
cases after July 1, 2016.
Floyd Bledsoe, who was
on death row for a crime
he did not commit and
was released from prison
in November, supports
the bill and cites his own
case as an example of the
imperfect justice system.
The bill has yet to be
granted a hearing in the
House Judiciary Committee. Becker said he
and other representatives
will continue to push for
a hearing to present their

KU School of Engineering receives $4.7 million

grant to train future cybersecurity personnel

The School of Engineering has received a $4.7

million grant from the National Science Foundation
to support a new program
that will train students to
take government cybersecurity jobs, according to a
University news release.
The program, called
CyberCorps: New Scholarship for Service Program at the University of
Kansas Jayhawk SFS,
will prepare students to
take public service jobs
at agencies like the CIA,
National Security Agency
and the Department of
Bo Luo, program director and associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science,
said the new program will
train 36 undergraduate,
graduate and doctoral
students over a five-year
Each student will be
supported for two to three
years, during which we
will provide cybersecurity
education, research and
Luo said.


on a coalition or candidate
if this spending cap is
are classified as either
nonegregious, are reported to
the Elections Commission,
which then has some
the seriousness of the
violation, Burbank said.
A lot of violations are
self-reported or reported
by others. The ones [the
gets wind of, whether it
be on campaign finance
reports or anything like
that, well take actions
on that, he said. It just
depends on how severe
the violation is.
Burbank said other
failure to comply with an
audit from the Elections
Commission, or any effort

According to CyberCorps website, the program gives scholarships

to full time students to
cover academic and living
expenses that they may
have, as well as a $22,500
stipend for undergraduate
students and $34,000 for
graduate students.
Victor Frost, a University electrical engineering and computer science
professor, said students
graduating from the program will work in a federal, state, local or tribal
agency for the number
of years they accept the
Cybersecurity is a very
prominent issue in the
world right now, Frost
said. Students entering
this program will learn
about many topics within
the very broad area of cybersecurity.
Luo said some of the
courses students will participate in include: introduction to cryptography
and computer security,
network security, security management, resilient
networks and some others.
We have several undergraduate and gradu-

to falsify finance reports

can also be classified as an
egregious violation, which
can carry a fine for the
coalition or candidate of
up to $500.
Burbank said many
students have a common
Student Senate and the
elections process can be
a daunting activity to be
involved in, when it can
be as simple as attending
meetings and events.
A lot of people think
they cant get involved in
[Senate] and they think
its just something that
happens around them, but
thats definitely not the
case, he said.
Burbank said students
who want to get involved
in the elections process,
Student Senate or in a
committee on Student

Kelcie Matousek/KANSAN
Bo Luo, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, is the director of a program that prepares students to take cybersecurity jobs
for government agencies.

ate-level security courses

that are already being
taught here at KU, Luo
said. With this program,
most likely we will get a
new faculty member and
start some new courses.
Luo also said that students will have hands-on

Senate only need to show

up at meetings or the
election events.
Its not as intimidating
as it might look, and its
not even as dramatic as
it might look, he said.
Whenever you hear about
things, its always about
the high drama thats
going on, but most of the
time student government
is trying to take small, but
meaningful steps towards
making the University
Edited by Brendan

system-security practice
and cyber-defense competition
through the information
security club at the University.
The program will work to
recruit veteran and active
duty members of the U.S.

military, according to the

news release.
With the help of KUs
Graduate Military Program, we will collaborate
with the Kansas National
Guard, the First Infantry
Division, ARCYBER (U.S.
Army Command) and oth-

er DoD (Department of
Defense) agencies, Luo

Edited by Deanna


Natural Science Community Organization


Thursdays at 6PM
The Panorama
Natural History Museum
Help present an
interdisciplinary view of
natural science to the KU
and Lawrence community

Get behind the scenes

access to the museum
and collections


Text your #FFA

submissions to


NASSERI: Grammys help highlight diversity of

Hamilton cast

I like ku football more

than ku basketball

I wish there were

career fairs more
often. Boys in suits

My hair just broke

three hair ties in a

Milkshakes at
Ladybird are a game

Took this quiz and

got 10/10 in five
minutes. Thats how
much of a bs course
this is and that
costs $1K.

I get all my news from

the Daily Show.

The new Outlander

trailer makes me want
to put on a kilt and
burn a bunch of stuff.

Chicago-style deep
dish is the ultimate
form of pizza and
nothing else comes

I dont know why

people keep asking
me why I dont have
a boyfriend yet when
I cant even commit
to an entire season of
Kitchen Nightmares.

All I want is to be
adopted by J.K.
Rowling. Is that too
much to ask?

If you dont like funny

movies, you shouldnt
go see Deadpool


his years 58th-annual

Grammy awards will
showcase some of the
biggest idols of the music
industry. Stars including Rihanna, Adele, and Kendrick
Lamar are expected to perform their recent hits.
And during the show, a
live satellite will transport
viewers to New York City for
a performance straight out
of 1776. The cast of Broadway show "Hamilton" will
perform a musical theater
number for the eighth time
in the history of the awards
show, playing from a theatre that seats 1,319 for a
Grammys audience which
was just under 25 million in
If youve somehow neglected to hear about "Hamilton" until now, welcome
to one of the biggest phenomena in show business.
Lin-Manuel Miranda, the
son of Puerto Rican immigrants and a recent MacArthur fellow, was inspired to
write the book, music and
lyrics for this smash hit after reading Ron Chernows
2004 biography of Alexander Hamilton; Miranda
now stars as Hamilton, the
young, scrappy, and hungry founding father, and
its nominated for Best Musical Theater Album at the
The soundtrack draws
heavily from hip-hop influences and debuted at an
astounding number 12 on
Billboards Hot 200 chart
last October. Despite their
hip-hop sound, Mirandas
lyrics are just as comfortable

Illustration by Jake Kaufmann

AP Photo

and classic musicals. Lines

from Washingtons Farewell Address and the Declaration of Independence
are set to incredibly catchy
beats. The annotated lyrics
have become a highlighted
work of art.
On top of being smashingly smart and popular,
"Hamilton" provides a
much-needed infusion of
diversity to American history discourse. As Miranda
told the Hollywood Reporter, In 'Hamilton,' we're
telling the stories of old,
dead white men but we're
using actors of color, and
that makes the story more
immediate and more accessible to a contemporary audience. In a show featuring
characters such as Thomas
Jefferson, James Madison,
and George Washington,
the only Caucasian principal
plays King George III, and
his three British-pop-esque
solos bring the musicals
overall rapid speed and style
to a halt.
While it does make great

strides for diversity, Hamiltons message is somewhat

muted by its format. Tickets for the Richard Rodgers
Theatre, which cost $139 on
average, are sold out through
December. And for the 310
million people in the United
States who reside outside of
New York City, the logistics
of seeing the musical "in the
room where it happens get
even more complicated. The
demographics of Broadway
audience members starkly
contrast the diverse cast of
Hamilton; according to the
Broadway League, almost
80 percent of Broadway
ticket buyers between June
2014 and June 2015 were
Caucasian, and the average
theatergoers age was 44.
A film version of the musical would undoubtedly increase ease of access for millions of people around the
world. Miranda, who seems
to work non-stop, has expressed his desire to film the
show with the original cast.
But while reaching a wider
audience would be an unde-

niable benefit of a movie, the

shows presence on Broadway allows it to provide an
educational experience that
a film would not.
For young people who
have the opportunity to see
Hamiltons original cast,
many will never have seen
a show on Broadway before.
That's just what musicals are going to look like for
them," Miranda told Newsweek earlier this month.
"Of course it's a cast full of
actors of color. Of course
it's music that uses hip-hop
and contemporary music
but also tells a story. That's
just going to be their default
experience of what a musical is.
This show has the potential to inspire young adults
to do things theyd never
before considered, giving
hundreds of thousands of
audience members onstage
heroes who actually resemble them. This type of diversity is much needed in the
midst of a Broadway season
when no new plays were

written by women or people

of color. While a film would
undoubtedly reach a wider
audience, the traditionally
highbrow nature of the theater and rituals associated
with show business allows
Hamilton to influence people in a different way.
Although attending the
musical is next to impossible for most people, Miranda has worked hard to
make his work accessible.
Miranda offers a free 5-minute pre-show performance
known as Ham4Ham outside the theater during lotteries for $10 front-row tickets; videos of these variety
shows are widely shared online. In October, the Rockefeller Foundation and the
shows producers subsidized
a program that will give
New York City high school
juniors the opportunity to
attend certain matinees for
only $10. The show will soon
open additional runs, Chicago starting in September
and San Francisco in March
2017, which will allow many
people to see the show. In
addition, the entire Hamilton soundtrack as recorded
by the original Broadway
cast is available on YouTube
and Spotify.
And finally, millions of
Grammys viewers will have
the opportunity to see the
opening number from the
show tonight. For most
of us, that will have to be
Brook Nasseri is a sophomore from Topeka studying microbiology and English.
Edited by Skylar

MIKINSKI: Criticism of Beyoncs halftime

show stems from lack of understanding

On the eve of Super

Bowl 50, in a classic move,
Beyonc surprise-dropped
her new single Formation
accompanied by a video
depicting strong allusions
to the Black Lives Matter
movement. You know you
that b---- when you cause
all this conversation, she
sings towards the end of
the track. What she says is
true. Beyoncs music (and
Beyonc herself) always has
a wider impact than just her
fanbase. After the songs
two quick references to Red
Lobster, the chain reported a 33 percent increase in
sales. Only a day after releasing the video and song,
the 20-time Grammy winner performed alongside
Bruno Mars and Coldplay
at the Super Bowl halftime
show. Beyoncs appearance caused a different,
misguided conversation.
About halfway through
the show, Beyonc appeared flanked by dancers
in costumes reminiscent
of the Black Panther Party,

an organization founded in
1966 to counteract police
brutality and other types of
oppression Americas black
community faces. Though
the Formation lyrics
themselves dont explicitly
mention police brutality or
Black Lives Matter, the costumes were enough to send
many Americans, including New York Mayor Rudy
Giuliani, into a tizzy. This
isnt about equality, said
Tomi Lahren, a political
commentator for The Blaze.
This is about ramrodding
an aggressive agenda down
our throats and using entertainment value to do
so. Other critics equated
Beyonc and her dancers
costumes with wearing Ku
Klux Klan hoods and robes
onto the field.
Last Saturday, "Saturday
Night Live" weighed in on
the controversy with a skit
"The Day Beyonc Turned
Black.The skit, stylized as
a horror movie trailer, turns
white Americans' opposition of the song and video
into an apocalyptic panic.
It's a perfect dramatization
of the controversy the song

and performance faced.

Critics of Beyoncs performance are completely
missing the point, starting
with the Black Lives Matter
movement. As has been argued time and time before,
by people who have way
more influence than me,
saying that black lives matter should never be a controversial topic. In October,
President Obama spoke
about the movement on a
White House panel.
Everyone knows that
all lives matter, he said.
I think the reason that the
organizers used the phrase
'black lives matter' was not
because they were suggesting nobody else's lives matter, but rather what they
were suggesting was there
is a specific problem that
is happening in the African-American community
that is not happening in
other communities.
By promoting the Black
Lives Matter movement in
her video, Beyonc isnt implying that any life is less
important than another,
shes simply drawing attention to a particular issue.


letters to Write
email subject line.
Length: 300 words

The submission should include the

authors name, year, major and
hometown. Find our full letter to the
editor policy online at

The backlash her message

has faced is evidence of how
oblivious Americans are
concerning the struggles of
over 13 percent of the population.
Comparing Black Panther Party imagery to that
of the Ku Klux Klan is a
complete stretch bordering
on ignorance. Though the
BPP has been associated
with violence in the past,
the groups actions dont
even come close to rivaling
those of the KKK. According
to Tuskegee University, between the years of 1882 and
1968, the terrorist group
lynched a total of 4,745 people3,446 of whom were
black. Additionally, one of
the main goals of the BPP
was to protect and better
the lives of black America.
At the partys inception,
their Ten Point program
laid out their goals for the
organization: We want
land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice,
and peace.
This is a marked difference from a pamphlet distributed by the Klan in the
1920s, which reads, All of

Vicky Diaz-Camacho

Gage Brock
Business Manager

Christian Civilization depends upon the preservation and upbuilding of the

White Race, and it is the
mission of the Ku Klux Klan
to proclaim this doctrine
until the White Race shall
come into its own. The
BPP fought for equality and
an end to oppression; the
KKK championed (and still
does) an ideology rooted in
hatred, violence, and prejudice.
Beyoncs halftime show
performance is not a message of hatred or a call to
retaliation against the police. Its a symbol of the early origins of the Black Lives
Matter movement and what
that movement has come
to represent today. Anyone
who misunderstands this
message simply misunderstands the history and current political landscape of
this country.
Maddy Mikinski is a senior from Linwood studying English and journalism.

Edited by Deanna
Members of the Kansan
Editorial Board are Vicky
Diaz-Camacho, Kate Miller,
Gage Brock and Maddy




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Aries ( March 21-April 19)

Read, write and study over
the next two days. Keep
written records, as communication glitches may arise.
Learn new tricks. Choose
privacy over publicity. Concentration comes easier. Put
your charm and affection
into your work.
Taurus ( April 20-May 20)
Compute expenses. Over
the next two days, theres
cash to be made. Ask for
what was promised. Send
invoices, and organize accounts. Learn from an elder.
Travel beckons. Work it out
with your partner.
Gemini ( May 21-June 20)
Energy surges are predicted. Youre more powerful
and confident for the next
two days, with the Moon
in your sign. Get creative.
Innovate at work. Come
up with a new way to do
Cancer ( June 21-July 22)
Finish a project in private
today and tomorrow. Slow
down and consider options
before making plans and
decisions. Avoid reckless
investments. Youre in
charge, remember? Determine what you want. Get
into a pensive phase.
Leo ( July 23-Aug. 22)
Social activities occupy you
over the next few days.
Group and community
efforts go far. Networking
opens new possibilities.
Share your thoughts and
dreams. Creative work
pays well. Strengthen your
infrastructure. Listen and
Virgo ( Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Focus on professional
opportunities for the next
few days. Forge ahead.
Anticipate changes. Keep
your wits about you. Prepare for inspection. Dress
the part. Avoid someone
elses ego battle. Reach for
the prize.
Libra ( Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Travels and studies keep
you busy today and tomorrow. The news could affect
your decisions. Follow your
itinerary, and keep to the
plan. Do complete work.
Add illustrations. Avoid
buying stuff you dont need.


Sara Kovacic finds her zen through

patterned textiles and industrial design

tress, anxiety, depression.

Each of these can
factor into any students
life but one University student Sara Kovacic, a senior
studying textiles, finds her
zen through art.
Kovacic is from Wichita
and started at the University as an industrial design
student. She soon realized

that it wasnt for her, she

said, after she'd created a
work that wasnt making
her feel happy as an artist.
I wish someone had taken me by the shoulders and
shook me awake six years
ago and said, Hey you,
make patterns,' Kovacic
said. Once that clicked, I
just knew what I had to do.
Industrial design wasnt
in vain, however, as Kovacic
uses the basics to make her
patterns for the textiles she

loves so much.
Im very geometric and
structured in my work, and
I think that comes from being in the design school and
[needing] the structure,
Kovacic said. It also helps
ease stress and anxiety,
drawing triangles over and
over again, and those could
evolve to hexagons and so
on and so forth."
She added, "My art is a
process and I couldnt tell
you whats going to come

Scorpio ( Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Compromise comes easier
over the next two days.
Work out budget issues,
and decide on priorities
together. Dont lose what
youve got to get more.
Scrutinize something nebulous. Research financial
consequences before
Sagittarius ( Nov. 22-Dec.
Collaboration percolates
over the next two days.
Work together. Make
changes as necessary. Find
new commonalities. Who
would have ever guessed?
Patience with practical
details serves you well.
Make sure your partner
feels appreciated.
Capricorn ( Dec. 22-Jan.
Handle work issues
today and tomorrow. Take
charge, and provide great
service. Dont neglect your
health to do it. Cut stress
with a walk outside. A
friends expertise comes in
Aquarius ( Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Take time for love today
and tomorrow. Get together
with family and friends.
Relax and play together.
Prioritize fun. Generate
enough to cover expenses.
Practice your game to
increase your skill level.
Follow your heart.
Pisces ( Feb. 19-March 20)
Make home upgrades
today and tomorrow.
Delegate some elements
to an expert. Put your own
talents to best effect. Read
up on best practices, and
determine style and colors.
Your family appreciates the
all photos contributed

Emily McGowan, a senior from St. Louis who is
also in the design school,
said she might not know
what Kovacic will do next,
but that there will definitely
be a next.
Shes the hardest working person I know, McGowan said. She makes me
feel so lazy in comparison;
shes always working on
something and thats kind
of helped me learn how to
get better.
McGowan said she has a
hard time moving on from a
difficult project, often getting caught up on what she
cant accomplish and hitting a road block.
Saras taught me how
to take a step back and
work on something else for
a while when I hit a wall,
McGowan said. But shes
definitely taught me that
you have to come back to it.
She never gives up and I really admire that about her.
Starting to hit a roadblock herself, Kovacic recently switched up her
style, adding a new medium
to her fabrics.
Over the break I became really stagnant and
stuck. So over the Christmas break, I just started
using watercolors which
was a new medium for me,
Kovacic said. In a lot of my
work I think I try to find the
balance between what is
precise and very well constructed and what is unpredictable and fluid.
Kovacic said working
with watercolors bleeding
into the fabric and running
where she didnt know it
would run has helped her
work on her anxiety.
I use my work as more
of a coping mechanism than
anything, Kovacic said.
I definitely have a lot of
stress and my work is very

cathartic and working with

fabric, which is very fickle,
helps me to learn how to
be able to accept what you
cant control and not being
able to do exactly what you
Kovacic wont let her
anxiety keep her down, she
said, as she plans to move
to Brooklyn after graduation to be closer to her boyfriend.
Im moving to Brooklyn to be with my boyfriend
who is a video editor for the
NBA after this semester,"
Kovacic said.
She said she'd love to
keep producing her own
work, but has no idea what
shell be doing after the
"You never know where
youll end up, and if I spend
anymore time obsessing
over it, Ill drive myself crazy," she said.
Kovacic said she knows
shell continue her Instagram regardless of where
shell be. She will continue
using it both as a way to
reach out to potential clients and to also keep her
I love my Instagram for
a lot of different reasons,
Kovacic said. Its mostly
for my art and it keeps me
going, it keeps me doing
more. Im not trying to get
likes, but the more interested people are, the more you
want to keep doing it. Of
course, if Im not sure about
a project I can always gauge
how the audience feels,
which is useful.
She added: "I am never
regretting my decision to
become an artist. Actually,
I dont think I ever made
the decision to be an artist;
thats just who I am.

Edited by Shane



































Missy Minear/KANSAN
Sophomore guard Devonte Graham smiles early in the game against Oklahoma. The Jayhawks beat the Sooners 76-72.

Devonte Graham emerges as leader for Jayhawks



orman, Okla Seven years ago, the

were faced with a possible
conference altering road
game against the Oklahoma Sooners. In that game,
then-junior guard Sherron
Collins carried the Jayhawks with 26 points on
5-of-8 shooting from beyond the arc.
years, and it was another
No. 4 that carried the Jayhawks. With the college
basketball world talking
about Oklahoma senior
Buddy Hield, Kansas sophomore Devonte Graham
won the individual battle,
and, as a result, Kansas won
the game.
Grahams career high 27
points on 6-of-9 shooting
from beyond the arc was


Instead, it was the man defending him, Graham, who

lit up the scoreboard.
All the stuff [Graham]
did today was big time, junior forward Landen Lucas
said. He was a man today.
He carried the team.
Graham knocked down
three three-point shots in
the first half, letting out a
yell after each one. Senior
forward Perry Ellis added
10 points on 2-of-2 shooting from distance, and the
Jayhawks seemed poised to
build up a big advantage.

just enough to give No. 4

Kansas a 76-72 road win
over No. 3 Oklahoma.
It was big time, junior
forward Landen Lucas said
of Grahams performance.
He was a man today. He
carried the team. We all just
tried to do our part and he
finished it for us.
With 3:18 remaining
in the second half, junior
guard Frank Mason III
fouled Oklahoma junior
guard Jordan Woodard on
a made three-pointer. After
Woodard converted the free
throw, the Sooners took a
69-66 lead. That foul was
Masons fifth, as he was
forced to exit the game.
Without their floor general, the odds were stacked
against the Jayhawks. But
Graham took it upon himself to ensure his team
didnt leave Norman without a win.
I went up and told him

(Mason) I got you, Graham said. Ive just got to

put the team on my back
In the last three minutes
of the game, Graham scored
eight of the Jayhawks
10 points, including two
three-pointers, which were
arguably the two biggest
shots in the game.
Its big, Graham said
of his late shots. I just try
and enjoy the moment like
our coaches tell us. When
youre on this big of a stage,
going out there and having
fun is key.
Although the late game
heroics stand out, Graham
was consistent for the Jayhawks throughout.
He sparked the Jayhawks hot start with seven
of their first 20 points when
they built a 20-6 lead. In
the second half, every time
the Sooners were going for
the knockout blow, Graham

punched back and kept the

Jayhawks close.
With the Jayhawks
down 57-52 and just over
eight minutes remaining,
Graham knocked down a
pair of free throws to cut the
deficit to three. Then, after
a Mason steal, Graham assisted on junior Brannen
Greenes layup to pull the
Jayhawks within one.
Just three minutes later, the Sooners were once
again threatening to put
some distance between
themselves and the Jayhawks. After Hield hit a
three-pointer that sent
Lloyd Noble Center into a
frenzy, Graham responded
with his own personal 5-0
run to put the Jayhawks up
He played great, Oklahoma coach Lon Kruger
said of Graham. He made
big plays when they needed them, especially when

we had a bit of a lead and

couldnt get a stop.
Even though Graham
was the leading scorer in
the game, he was also the
guy forced to work the
hardest on defense as the
primary defender on Hield.

However, foul problems

kept the lead within 10 for
most of the period. The Jayhawks committed 14 fouls
in the first half; five different players had two or three
fouls as the game went to
We know were going to
get a tough whistle on the
road sometimes, but I felt
like they called it fair, Lucas said.
The second half was dramatically different. Oklahoma knocked down two
of its first three shots to
start the half, both of which
were threes. The Sooners

took the lead on the second

three, which was Hields
first basket of the game.
Lloyd Noble Center
roared to life. The Sooners
kept battling and quickly
found themselves a couple of baskets ahead at the
midway point in the second
[We] kept scratching on
a night where we werent
making shots, Oklahoma
coach Lon Kruger said.
For Kansas, the most notable drop off in the second
half came in three-point
shooting. After starting the
game 6-of-10 from three,

the Jayhawks made just one

of their next 10 from distance, many of which were
wide open.
But Graham, the hero of
the first half, kept Kansas
in the game with a barrage
of offense from all over the
court. After hitting a three
to put Kansas up two late in
the game, he pounded his
chest three times, staring
down at the other end of the
His role would get even
bigger as the game went on.
With just over three minutes to play, Mason would
foul out of the game, giving

up a four-point play.
However, there wasnt
a moment of panic. Graham walked over to Mason
and told him it was all under control. Junior guard
Wayne Selden Jr. recounted the conversation being
quick and to the point.
DTae told [Mason]
hes got him, Selden said.
[And] he did.
Graham backed up the
talk, knocking down two
three-point shots and hitting a pair at the line to ice
the game. He scored eight
points in the last three minutes of the game, as the Jay-



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He was a man
today. He carried
the team. We all
just tried to do
our part and he
finished it for us.
junior forward

Hield did score 24

points, but it was on just
5-of-15 shooting. In the first
half, Graham played a big
role in holding Hield without a field goal, which was
the first time hed failed to


hawks held on.

With the lead, we
couldnt get a stop or two,
Kruger said. Graham of
course was great during
that stretch.
With the win, Kansas
moved into a tie for first
place in the Big 12 alongside
West Virginia, who won its
game earlier in the day. The
team is now 3-3 in Big 12
play away from Allen Fieldhouse, with road games at
Texas, Baylor and Kansas
State remaining.



for sale

make a shot from the floor

in a half all season.
He didnt get tired,
Kansas coach Bill Self said.
That doesnt seem possible
to me. He did a great job
on Buddy (Hield). Then for
him to be our best player offensively, by far, and make
about two or three plays
down the stretch. I think he
grew up a bit today.
For weeks, Self has said
Graham needs to be the
Jayhawks vocal leader because thats his personality.
On Saturday, Graham was
able to assert himself when
the Jayhawks needed him
most in the biggest game of
their season.
Theres a lot of players
out there that are really
good but they may not have
the it factor, Self said.
(Graham has) got that factor walking around campus
everyday with his teammates.






Entering this year, pitching seemed to be the biggest question mark for the
Kansas softball team. After
the five-game Jacksonville
Tournament, it still seems
to be the biggest unknown.
The Jayhawks finished the
tournament with a 2-3 record, with one loss coming
against ranked NC State
and the other two coming
against 4-1 UNC Greensboro. In the Jayhawks last
two losses, they gave up a
combined 18 runs.
The tournament started
off well for Kansas, they
went 2-1 in the first three
games with wins against
Jacksonville and Coastal
Carolina. Unfortunately,
the inexperienced pitching staff caught up to the
Freshman pitcher Alexis
Reid, who started two of
the five games, was credited for all three of the losses. She had nine strikeouts
in just over nine innings,
but shed also given up 10
The bright side of the
pitching staff has come
from the Virginia transfer
Andie Formby. Formby has
started three games and
has a 2-0 record. Opposing
batters are only hitting
.224 against her and shes
given up just four runs in
13.2 innings.
Offensively there was a lot
to be excited about, most
notably sophomore Daniella Chavez picking up where
she left off last season.
Shes currently batting .588
(10 for 17) and has 10 RBIs
with a home run in three
straight games. To put her
10 RBIs in perspective,
the rest of the team has a
combined 14 RBIs.
Sophomore infielder
Jessie Roane added four
RBIs and senior outfielder
Shannon McGinley added
three. Senior outfielder Briana Evans is second on the
team in batting average,
hitting .385 with the teams
first triple and stolen base.
In the first game against
NC State, Kansas fell
behind 3-0 before scoring
its first run in the seventh
inning. The one run was on
Alexis Reids first hit of her
Kansas career, a solo home
The second game of the
day against Jacksonville
looked a lot more like
last years Jayhawks. The
Jayhawks scored 9 runs in
five innings on their way to
a 9-0 shutout. Jessie Roane
and Daniella Chavez both
finished with three RBIs
each and Andie Formby
threw five shutout innings
and gave up one hit.
On Saturday, the Jayhawks split the two games
again. The first against
Coastal Carolina was a 5-1
win, highlighted by home
runs by Chavez and junior
outfielder Lily Behrmann.
Against UNC Greensboro,
the Jayhawks fell behind
6-1 after a four-run fifth inning. The Jayhawks started
to rally but ultimately fell
short by a score of 6-3.
On Sunday, the Jayhawks
looked to bounce back
against UNC Greensboro.
The Jayhawks held a 6-3
lead over the Spartans but
the Jayhawks surrendered
nine runs in the sixth
inning. The Jayhawks lost
Edited by Deanna

Missy Minear/KANSAN
Kansas senior forward Perry Ellis smiles in the game against Oklahoma Saturday. The Jayhawks have a short turnaround, facing Oklahoma State on Monday.

Jayhawks look to avoid hangover in

rematch against Oklahoma State

ansas is coming off

an emphatic road
win over Oklahoma
by a score of 76-72. Sophomore guard Devonte
Graham led the way with
a career high 27 points on
8-of-13 shooting. He outperformed the front-runner for National Player of
the Year in Buddy Hield,
who had 24 points on
5-of-15 shooting.
After the game, Graham
was the center of the celebration in the locker
room. He was mobbed by
his teammates as they celebrated their third conference road win of the
The win put the Jayhawks back in the driver's
seat for at least a share of
the Big 12 title. The game
itself and the postgame
celebration had an eerily
similar feeling to the last

time these two teams met.

Back on Jan. 4, Kansas
outlasted Oklahoma in
a triple overtime thriller, by a score of 109-106.
After the game, many
were anointing it as the
best collegiate basketball game of the regular
season. Those same people were ready to crown
both teams as the top two
teams in the nation.
But something happened
afterward. Kansas was
brought down to earth,
losing three of its next five
games. Even in their two
wins, the Jayhawks rarely
flashed their true colors.
It was most notable when
Kansas topped Texas Tech
69-59 in a sluggish victory
immediately following the
Oklahoma game.
Now after another statement win over one of the
premier contenders for
the Big 12 crown, Kansas
is once again center stage
in the college basketball

landscape. Some national

media members are making an argument for the
Jayhawks to be the top
team in the country.
This all means Kansas
is once again under the
spotlight, a place where
it struggled just a month
ago. But all that can be
completely forgotten if
the Jayhawks avoid any
hangover and handle the
Cowboys in Allen Fieldhouse on Monday night.
The last time these two
teams met, Oklahoma
State got the best of Kansas in a decisive 86-67
victory in Stillwater, Okla.
The Cowboys shot 50 percent from the floor, and
were led by Jawun Evans
who had 22 points on
7-of-11 shooting.
Meanwhile for Kansas,
no player scored more
than 14 points and the
team shot 42 percent from
the floor, including an
abysmal 27 percent from

beyond the arc. The Cowboys were an impressive

52.4 percent from downtown during that game.
But of course, that was
on the road and during
a stretch where the Jayhawks lost three consecutive conference games
away from Allen Fieldhouse. In Lawrence, it's a
different story.
Kansas is undefeated this season at home,
where the team has won
all 14 games. Currently
the Jayhawks have won
their last 37 home games,
the longest active home
winning streak in college
Whereas Kansas sits
atop the Big 12, tied for
first with West Virginia,
Oklahoma State is ninth
with a 3-9 conference record. On paper, the Jayhawks should have no
problem taking care of
business against Kansas
coach Bill Selfs alma ma-

But given that the game
will take place just over
48 hours from the conclusion of the Oklahoma
game, Kansas fans cant
help but wonder if there
will be some kind of hangover effect on the players. Winning on the road
in conference is no easy
task, particularly in an
environment such as Saturdays against one of the
best teams in the country.
If the Jayhawks can
avoid the hangover and
control the Cowboys on
Monday night, it would
display the growth this
team has made over the
course of the season. And
for a team trying to win
their 12th straight conference title, that growth is a

Edited by Matthew

Missy Minear/KANSAN
Left handed pitcher Ben Krauth throws against Utah. Krauth was named as one of the teams captains.

KU baseball names 2016 captains:

Krauth, Moroney and Wright

The Golden State is sending its West Coast flair to

Kansas in the form of baseball captaincy this season.
announced today seniors Ben
Krauth, Joe Moroney and
Colby Wright will be captains for the teams 2016
campaign. This is the first

time each player will represent Kansas as a captain.

All three hail from California.
I am excited about this
years group, manager
Ritch Price said in a KU
Athletics release. They are
not only outstanding baseball players but even better
Krauth is a left-handed
pitcher from Concord, Ca-

lif., who last season was

tabbed as Big 12 Newcomer of the Year with a 7-5
record on the hill. Krauth
was also named All-Big 12
Second Team and finished
last season with a 3.65
Moroney is an outfielder from Pleasanton, Calif.,
who is a three-time recipient of the KU Hustle
Award and holds a perfect

1.000 career fielding percentage. Last season, Moroney started in 21 of his

39 appearances.
Wright is an infielder
from Castro Valley, Calif,.
who was sidelined with
an oblique injury for 16
games last season. Of the
40 games he did appear
in, 38 were starts. Wright
went 4-4 on stolen base attempts last season and was

expected to sign an MLB

contract but has returned
to the Jayhawks following
his injury.
Kansas baseball opens
its season Feb. 20 at Arkansas-Little Rock before
returning for a two-game
homestand on Feb. 22 and
23 against Northern Colorado.