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Dialogue on Medical Surgical Nursing

Hypertension Care

Ayuni Selviana as a Patient Hypertension

Isti Fauziah as a nurse Isti
Mia Audina as a Nurse Mia
Ovi Apriasa as a
Dialogue 1
Ayuni aged 39 years had been treated in the Bougenvil for 3 days in the hospital Siti
Mirza. He was in the diagnosis of disease Hypertension. Sister Isti that this morning in charge of
caring for patients Ayuni come to give drug therapy acts Diuretics (anti-hypertensive medication).
Nurse isti

: good morning mam.


: morning sus.

Nurse isti

: excuse me mam, Im nurse isti on duty this morning. How are you today?


: My head is still spinning sus. Her dizzy like spinning.

Nurse Isti

: Well mam. Then I will examine first the blood pressure.

Nurse Isti check the patient's blood pressure ...

Sister Isti: Well bu after I check the mother's blood pressure turns the mother's blood pressure is
still high.
Patient: What is my blood pressure sus?
Sister: 160/140 mmHg, it is still high bu, I will give antihypertensive drugs on the mother as has
been instructed by the doctor.
Patient: It medicine like what sus?
Sister: The drug is given by way of injection or injected bu. Later my procedure will insert
medication into the syringe or the injection and then I will make sure in the injection there is a
bubble or not after that I will clean the area to be injected with alcohol and cotton directly inject
drugs on maternal ibu.Apakah willing?
Patient: Let sus, I am willing.
Sister Isti also perform actions on Capital Injection Intra Muscular ayuni.
Sister: Drug therapy has been completed I do bu I gave her medication. My advice mother should
be more rested and not too much that at Think.
Patients: yes nurse, I'll be a lot of rest.
Sister: if the mother need help please tell me to call my mother's family in the nurse's office.

Patients: yes sisters, thank you

Sister: equally bu.
Sister Isti Bougenvil left the room and returned to the nurses' station.
dialogue 2
In another room came a 22-year-old woman and asked on behalf of the patient's room to nurse
Ayuni on guard at the nursing station.

Ovi: sus Excuse me, sorry I interfere.

Sister Mia: Yeah yeah, what is it?
Ovi: so sus from, whether nurses can tell me the room with the patient's name Ayuni.
Sister Mia: I might know, what is the name of the patient's room ayuni huh?
Ovi: Bougenvil sus room.
Sister: oh room bougainvillea. From here ya straight road there will be a T-junction turn right past ya ya
walk straight again at the front of the room LOTOS that Ms. Bougenvil room.

Ovi: oh I do not understand sus. Can nurse ushered me?

Sister: Well ya.
Sister Mia was delivered to the room Ovi Bougenvil. Upon arrival in the room, visible Ayuni
patient is asleep, and woke up when his sister Mia and Nokia entered the room.
Ovi: Assalamualaikum me what they say?
Ayuni: Thank God had a better son,
Ovi: It bu I bring fruit for Mom. Mothers want to eat anything?
Ayuni: please bring the apple mother, mother to eat apples.
Ovi: Let bu.
When Ovi're picking apples, sisters Mia asked Ms. Ayuni.
Sister Mia: I'm sorry ma'am, are you've washed your hands?
Ayuni: not nuns, because my hands look clean.
Sister: Although the mother's hands look clean but many germs are not visible. So if you eat,
mothers do not forget to wash your hands first for the health of mother too.

Ovi: sisters, my mother developing hypertension is there any foods that should not be eaten sus?
Sister: for hypertensive patients are advised not to drink coffee and milk. Do not eat the meat
dishes, breads and snacks.
Nokia: the food sus suggested what to eat in hypertensive patients?
Sister: foods that are recommended for patients with hypertension was like spinach, fried fish,
bananas, soup, cucumber and avocado.
Ovi: sus thanks to his advice.
Sister: yes equally. Hopefully ayuni mother a speedy recovery.
Sister Mia left the room Bougenvil ....
dialogue 3
On the fourth day the mother Ayuni treated, it turns Patients Ayuni been allowed by doctors to
return home. Isti Sister and Sister Mia came to my room to tell the mother Bougenvil Ayuni and
his family.
Sister Isti: Good Morning Mom.
Patients: am also sisters.
Sister Mia: Fresh Looks Ayuni once ya mother this morning.
Patients: yes nurse, looks like I've had better.
Ovi: My mother had wanted to go home sus. When is it about my mother could go home?
Sister Isti: Ms. arrival so we both came here to tell you that the mother had allowed Ayuni profit
Patient: What really so sus? I've been allowed to go home?
Sister Mia: Yeah right bu, mother already looks better and healthy so the doctor said the mother
has been allowed to go home.
Ovi: Then I'll take care of the cost of the hospital first.
Sister Isti: if the paperwork, Ms. please to administrative space in front of ya. Later there will ya
get clear information.
Ovi: yes sisters, thank you for taking care of my mother well.
Patients: yes sus, I am also very grateful same isti sisters and nuns mia has been treating me very
Sister Isti: both bu, it is our responsibility.
Sister Mia: yes ma'am, we also apologize if our service is not good, we've been providing our
best services.
Patient: Yes Sister, thank you back.
Finally Mrs. Ayuni can return home safe and sound.