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Jakarta , February 10 2016

Mr. Yudo Heru Pribadi

Jl. Trisula No: 3B RT011/01. KOMP. TNI-AL DEWA KEMBAR
Jakarta 14130

To. Mr/ Mrs Personnel Manager

Dear Mr / Mrs ,

Iam 36 years of age , and of excelent of health . I was graduated of bachelor

degree ( S1 ) from university of Jayabaya - Jakarta for majoring of technical industry for
study of electrical engineering at years of 2010.
I have skill and knowledge at electrical installation for a distribution /
transmission , power plant with renewable energy for construction and project such as
micro hydro plant and photovoltaic ( PV ) application , electrical installation and
application for sector industry/ manufacture / property ( building ),


instrument and control system, building automation system and I have also for project
construction for M/E ( Mechanical & Electrical ) at Plant / building , and the last I have
also experience at management and analyze / appraise of risk or claim , technical
preventive maintenance for M/E installation , design & calculate for electrical protection
system .
In addition to the above qualification, I have succesfully completed an intensive
for three months of course refrigeration engineer for level advanced , thus I was
intensive for a four months of course of motorcycle engineer by YAMAHA Motor Mfg
and the last I was intensive one month of course technical analyze for the marine cargo
insurance policy by Widya Artha and I have also follow training short time for electrical
system .
Currently , I was as a profesional workers with experience of works more than
10 years with various and difference of jobs from some the company and I have handle
all the jobs with very well & excellent .
I en close my CV, my references copy of documents / Certificate and others to
vouch for my character and capabilities .

I Hope I may granted an interview at which I would be pleased to provide any

further information you may need , thus you will consider my application and give me a

Yours faith fully

( Mr) Yudo Heru Pribadi



2. Date of birth : April 14 , 1978 Jakarta
3. Religion : Islam
4. Address

: Jl. Trisula No. 3B RT011/01 . KOMP. TNI-AL DEWA KEMBAR

Jakarta 14130

5. No. phone : 021- 33991202 / 4419601 and HP. No.085218599884

6. Education :
a) Primary school ( SDN SEMPER 17 JKT) 1984 - 1990
b) Junior high school ( SMPN 143 JKT ) 1990 1993
c) Senior high school ( SMUN 73 JKT ) 1993 1996
d) Diploma degree ( D3 ) ( STT- PLN JKT ) 2001 2005
e) Bachelor degree ( S1 Teknik Elektro ) 2007 2010

7. Skill and knowledge :

a. English language
Intensive English course (IEC) Jakarta
b. Refrigeration Engineer
c. Electrical installation and distribution network LV / MV
laboratorium of STT-PLN & UDIKLAT P.T PLN ( persero)
e. Planning Protection and switch board for low and medium voltage
f. Application electrical instrument & control
Udiklat P.T PLN ( persero ) and Laboratorium of STT-PLN

g. Motorcycle Engineer
YAMAHA Motor Corp Training Division , Jakarta Indonesia
h. Technical and Analyze Marine Insurance Policy
Widya Dharma Artha Insurance training college , Jakarta .

8. Experience of work :

1) I have been working for position operator production ( OP ) since January 1997
until june 1997 at P.T INKOASKU , Sunter Jakarta . my job just operate and
maintenance of machine and keep that machine production stil clean and normal
for operation also have responbility for get target of production with good
quality .

2) I have been working for position senior technician work shop since May 1999
until August 2001 at P.T DUNKINDO LESTARI , Jakarta . my job is repair ,
maintenance and check for all material , components and parts mechanical and
electrical in production processs , utility of building ( ware house and counter)
and the others .

3) I have been working for staff QA for Assembly and checker since 4 August untill
25 August 2003 at P.T UNI MAKMUR ELEKTRIKA , Cibinong Bogor . In there
I was checked for material , operation and function , standart for quality national
based on PUIL or PLN standar for commisioning and international standart
based on JIS , IEC , JIS , etc in the process of assembly a few component and
instrument in main switchboard distribution or protection system for low
voltage ( 220V / 380V ) and medium voltage ( 20 KV/24KV) , we also made
switchboard for electrical controller

power plant / transmission system ,

industry and high rise building.

4) I have been working for senior engineer since May 2004 until June 2005 at P.T
Karya Elektrik Gema Aircon, Jakarta. my job is maintenance and repair for AC
unit, installation electrical and plumbing , main switchboard for distribution and

control , fire alarm and pump hydrant system and the others Mechanical &
Electrical ( M.E ) equipment and utility at building / factory ,house , etc.

5) I have been working for General Maintenance since October 2005 until October
2006 at P.T Astra International ( Auto 2000 Head Office ) , Jakarta. my job is
maintenance and repair for AC unit, installation electrical and plumbing, main
electrical switchboard for distribution and control , fire alarm and pump hydrant
system, telecommunication equipment ( PABX and data networks ) and the
others Mechanical & Electrical ( M.E ) equipment and utility at building
/ showroom , etc.

6) I have been working for senior surveyor of claim & risk , since October 2006 until
December 2011 at P.T Mclarens Indonesia , Jakarta . my job is verify and survey
for the risk and loss , then I was made analysis for amount of loss based on
survey result , than I use my technical skills, experience and knowledge
backgrounds for made decision a cause and liability of loss, I have investigation
& inspection for find of cause of loss /claim , I have must have provide data or
analyze , statement , etc based the truth and objectivity.

7) I have been working for site engineer for electrical works and installation , since
February 2012 until 8 April 2013

at PT. Ketira Engineering Consultants

Jakarta. my job is plan , estimated / calculated , budgeting ( RAB & BQ ) and

assessment for protection system , cable , lighting , grounding , control on
electrical system for project building , plant / fabric or power plant . I have also
inspected and clarify all of material based on public / government regulation
was used such as PUIL 2000 / SNI or international regulation such as : IEC , VDE ,
JIS , KEMA or request of the clients and I have also coordinate , made progress
report , evaluated work, made target for finish of work , and make the quality &
standard of works .

8) For the last I have been working at PT. Indo Electric Instruments ,
since April 2013 currently now , my job was supervision for a construction
power plant with photovoltaic system such as off grid or on grid system , made
design & calculation of system and material with standard regulation ( PUIL /

SNI , JIS , IEC, IEEE , VDE , KEMA or custome regulation ) . I have also service for
maintenance and repair for all trouble shooting at for all ours project /
installation / application of PV System for home, industry, etc.

9) I have been working for electrical site engineer at Project Apartement GCNM
with 57 Storey & premium classs, since September 2014 Presents at Project
GCNM with HYUNDAI E &C NKE ( JO ) , Jakarta. my job was planning &
estimated / calculated/ analyze for drawing than I have also execution and
assessment electrical & electronics Installation for temporary & perment on site
thus I have also cordination with all subcon or suppler on site, I have also test &
commisioning for all electrical & electronics installation

based on national

regulation and the contract of works before hand over result of works to the
9. Motivation at work

: Team work , confidence and friendly.

10. Others Interests

: Reading , Travelling , Drawing and Play basket ball

11. Salary

: Rp. 9,000,000 Rp. 20,000,000. ( negotiable )

This is my CV was made based a truth about of me.

Jakarta, February 10 , 2016.

Yours trully

(Mr) Yudo Heru Pribadi