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Infinigy Engineering LLC Agricultural Data Statement Attachment A

Description of the proposed action to include: (1) Size of parcel or acreage to be

acquired and tax map identification number of tax parcel(s) involved; (2) The type of
action proposed (e.g., single-family dwelling or subdivision, multi-family development,
apartment complex, commercial or industrial facility, school, community or public service
facility, airport, etc.) and (3) project density.

1. The size of the parcel in question is 128 acres.

The tax map identification number of the parcel is 79.00-3-1
2. The proposed action involves the construction of a new wireless
telecommunication facility by Infinigy Solutions, LLC (Infinigy) on behalf of the
Albany County Sheriff. Infinigy proposes the construction of a new one hundred
eighty (180') foot tall self-supporting lattice tower contained within a 50 x 60
(3,200 square foot) fenced compound area with all necessary appurtenances,
cabling, and fixtures. Associated unmanned equipment will be located within the
fenced compound as the base thereof. The facility will be capable of supporting
the co-location of additional wireless tenants. The facility will be accessed via
existing JansenLane via an access driveway/farm/forest road with an approximate
2400 x 10 area comprised of permeable gravel with improved drainage per local
3. The project density would encompass approximately +/- 0.49 % of the total
parcel. The project is expected to use approximately 0.07 +/- acre(s) for the tower
and compound and 0.55 +/- for the access road to be improved, existing.