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Participating Informal youth group 'Healthy and Optimistic' (supported by NGO 'Nectarus'), NGO Youth Club Active, BASKENT GENCLIK HAREKETI EGITIM KULTUR SANAT SPOR GEZI VE
organisations YARDIMLASMA DERNEGI OportunidadEuropa, Ticket2Europe




Start date

End date

Activity duration
travel days)







Activity Programme


Non-formal & Informal learning methods used



Arrival, setting up, getting falimiar with environment, ice-breaking activities


Ceremonial watching the sunset

Ceremonial tea sharing, while being in harmony with the surrounding nature as the sun go
DAY 2: Introduction



Ceremonial greeting of the dawn

An early start and preparation for the day

Partners' introductions, presentation of the main targets of the exchange,

evaluation of personal expectations, going through the whole programme
together (including "The Healthy Rave" and possible preparation required)

Everyone comes together to make sure objectives, principles and timetable are clear,
possibly amend them depending on situation, also finding out more about parters

Further getting-to-know-each-other activities, allocation to the groups

All participants will be allocated into 5 groups, containing a pair from one country and a
single individual from each of the remaining countries, allowing them to intermix and learn
form each other in the most dirrect way. These groups will be used for some of the
activities as well as food-making and national dance workshops (please find more detailed
description at the bottom of the document)

Orienteering game

Completing tasks at several points located throughout the area as a way of sticking the
group together and breaking the ice inside of it
DAY 3: Day of food



Partners from Turkey would lead an interactive seminar introducing on importance of the
Workshop on the influence food has to ones health, introduction to the food
healthy food and what it is. Here each partner can show how this is tackled in their own
workshops that will take place for the 5 following days (see below) ; The
cultures. Also, to strengthen both knowledge and experience on this topic, also to get rid
first day of the Vegetarian challenge
of prejudice, we suggest all paricipants to take up at least 6-day vegetarian food challenge
Seminars about ayurveda

Lithuanian youth group would lead a seminar about ayurveda - what it is, where it is
comming from, what knowledge does it bring and how can it be applied in everyday life

Summing up and evaluation of the day

Giving time for participants to go through the whole day as a way to help them "digest" the
new information and experiance, also allowing leaders to get feedback and possibly make
necessary amends
DAY 4: Day of healthy mind


The aim is to get participants to use their head from the very start of the day as well as to
show them in the fastest way the advantage of organization of one's activities, setting up
concrete targets and keeping the focus on them (results will also be discussed and shared
in the evening)

Setting up targets for the day

Creative problem solving workshop on raising general awareness

Ecological workshop; evaluation of the day

All groups will come up with (or will be given) a problem of international level related to
general public awareness and will have to come up with sollutions (or share the sollutions
they know already being used) and present them to the rest of the exchange in a creative
way (posters, acts, etc.)
Ecological workshop - learning of the ways to reuse everyday products, old things. Led by
partners from Belgium

DAY 5: Day of physical body


Interactive discussion on importance of physical activity

Spanish parners would provide information about the benefits and necessity of physical
excercises, all partner countries will explain how they deal with this issue and teach each
other their own ways of keeping fit.


Physically active games and other similar activities

The main point of this is to drain participants in a interesting and fun way to show them the
joy of healthy physical activity and body muscles working. We planned sauna right after
this so they can have appropiate rest. The activity would be prepared by Turkish partner

Sauna and campfire rituals together with the evaluation of the day

Sauna and campfire including culturical rituals, possibly walking on cinder

DAY 6: Day of relaxation


Meditations throughout the day, massage and self-massage seminar

Led by lithuaninan partners


Workshop on dealing with stress ; "The Brain Battle"

Workshop - parners sharing their own experience on creatively dealthing with everyday
stress and testing out each others' ways. "The Brain Battle" - a quiz on interesting facts
about healthy lifestyle

Evaluation of the day

DAY 7: Going out

All day

Thematic field visits to Kaunas

Sharing results from the visit, evaluation of the day

Thematic field visits to get to know communities, meet with local young people, visit
spaces and organisations promoting healthy life style.

DAY 8: Day of sound


Interactive workshop on what impact music and sound have on us

The effect of music and sound, together with words we are speaking, not only has already
been proven, but to certain level can be sensed by listening to it. We plan to introduse
theoretical knoldedge about those effect while having them to experience different sounds
in order to compare the sensation. This will also we carried out throughout the day with the
finishing touch of Gong Bathing.


Primary preparations of the Healthy Rave

Deciding on the programme of the event, what exact preparations are needed and
allocation of responsibilities.

Contact improvisation workshop

Music cannot be separated from dancing and contact improvisation, which is a dance
technique in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration
through movement improvisation, should connect those two things (music and dance) in a
way which is most relavant to our main topic of exchange.

Evaluation of the day ; Bathing in the sound of gongs

Depending on posiblities, there will be either few hour or all night bathing in the sound of
gongs which is said to have a similar deep relaxation effect as meditation

DAY 9: The Healthy Rave


Preparation for the evening programme

Event involving local commutinies. Programme should include a formal part where
participants would briefly introduce the knolgede and experience gained through the few
past days, showing examples, inviting audience to join in, try it for themselves. Informal
part would be a sober rave (including games, dancing as well as intercultural dances).

"The Healthy Rave"

DAY 10: The Closing


Reviewing the experience and Evaluation of the Youth Exchange

Summing up the whole camp: discussing if the set targets have been met and what could
have been done better, going through all the media collected during the exchange and
discussing dissemination, looking through all the new experience and knowledge gained
and how it all can be applied to everyday lives.


The closing event

This will mostly depend on what participants want and most likely be a calm sit-dow by a
fireplace discussing all the new experiences and spending the last evening together with
freshly made friends
DAY 11

All day

Packing and leaving


All workshops It is important to note that vast majority (if not all) of the activities will be conducted by the participants themselves with leaders only assisting whfor participants to have
and discussions
enough time to properly prepare.


The idea is to have each partner group to prepare at least one person to be able to prepare a healthy meal (best case scenario, it would be related to their national
cuisine) and two other people to be able to teach a few of their national dances. Throughout the days 3-8, there will be time delegated for these prepared people to
teach the rest of the group they will be allocated to and then the whole group will lead an event where they will show it to the rest of the participants. Everyday different
group will make a healthy meal for everyone to try and and one other group is going to lead the dances.


Every morning (starting the day 2 and up till the end of the programe) will start with morning excercises, yoga, meditation. In order to keep diversity and share
knowlegde, each prepared group will have an opportunity to lead those excercises in their own way.