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After landing in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport - reaching city center

Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) is situated 12 miles, (19 kilometers) outside of Tel Aviv city center.
There are several ways of reaching the city center from Ben Gurion Airport, either by public transportation or by catching a cab.

1. By Public Transportation
The airport train station is easily accessible at the lower level on Terminal 3 (one level below the arrivals hall). It offers good
connection to many parts of the country, including the city of Tel Aviv, with a single-ride ticket to the city for only 16 Shekel ($4).
Buy a ticket from the cashier or from an automatic machine, and use it to enter the platform area. Keep the ticket for use to exit
the electronic gate at your arrival station. The train service operates around the clock on weekdays, with 3 trains per hour most
of the day and one per hour at night. On weekends and Jewish holidays, from Friday afternoon till Saturday evenings, it doesn't
operate. Trains stop at all four Tel Aviv stations, with the exception of late night trains that stop only at Tel Aviv Merkaz/Savidor
station. The stations are, in order of arrival from the airport: Tel Aviv HaHagana (8 minutes travel), Tel Aviv HaShalom (13
minutes), Tel Aviv Merkaz/Savidor (18 minutes), Tel Aviv University (25 minutes).

2. By Taxi
Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is the most comfortable and of course, expensive way to reach the city center. It is
obligatory by law to use the taxi meter, unless agreed otherwise by the passenger and driver, and a typical ride to the city center
should not take more than 20-30 minutes, without heavy traffic.
The taxi companies based at Ben Gurion Airport are under the supervision of the Israel Airports Authority. We recommend that
you only use these licensed taxis, operated by on-site dispatchers, rather than those which do not belong to these companies.
The taxi stands and dispatchers booth are located at Terminal 3 on the ground level (G) of the multi-level road.
Taxi drivers are required by law to use the meter on all trips. Unless you know the accepted rates, do not be tempted to set a
price beforehand. For long trips, the driver must charge passengers according to the Ministry of Transport price list posted in all
A 25% surcharge for night trips is in effect from 21:01pm until 5:59am as well as from 4pm on Fridays and holiday eves. Trips out
of Ben Gurion Airport are charged an additional NIS 5.00, and passengers pay approximately NIS 4.00 for each suitcase. Passengers
who request use of Road 6 (a toll road) will pay an extra NIS 11.00.
Passengers are advised to request a receipt at the end of the journey.

3. By private transfer
You can use private transfer for getting to the center. provides a reliable and courteous Chauffeur Hire
Service and helps you with travel planning.
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4. Your hotel
Your hotel Dan Tel Aviv Hotel is located on 99 HaYarkon Street,Tel Aviv, Isreal.
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