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Spring 2016

Parsons Beach Crescent Surf

Parsons Beach

300 years in the new world

And Still Going Strong.
Welcome!! This is a quarterly newsletter for
the family and friends at Parsons Beach and
Crescent Surf. Updates, Projects, Vacations and
more.Follow the link to our website to
upload your calendar! Please pass your updates
and news on to so you arent
left out!

Its been a slow winter here. The snow is piling

up and it is below 10 one day and 55 the next.
That is Maine. But as usual, the property is
beautiful and awaiting spring and summer
visitors.Next Newsletter will go out June 15,

Featured Cousin

Blast from the Past


John Burns due to graduate

from American University in

This time we will look back at

George and Charles Parsons.

Family updates, hellos and

goodbyes.Send in your
updates and calendars!

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Spring 2016

Family Updates

John Robert Burns

John graduated from Kennebunk

High School in Kennebunk, Maine in
June 2013 with an International
Baccalaureate certificate in English,
Economics, Spanish, and
Mathematics. Born and raised in
Maine, Burns worked for U.S.
Senator Angus S. King, Jr., an
independent from Maine and after
leaving Senate employment in 2014,
founded Young Moderates for
America, a policy-based think tank
that unites young people around
compromise and civil discourse. He
is currently working on a book titled
The Wit and Wisdom of George
Herbert Walker Bush and will
graduate from American University
with a Bachelor of Science degree
in Interdisciplinary Studies C.L.E.G.
(Communications, Legal Studies,
Economics, and Government) in
May. John currently works as a
Document Clerk for Williams and
Connolly LLP, a litigation law firm in
Washington DC.

Spang: A little news from Spang

family. Clayton Spang has been
promoted to project manager at
Spang Builders Inc. And Jameson
Spang has recently left her job at
Citizens bank in Boston to
become an assistant coach at
Wheaton College for the women's
lacrosse team..Burns: Mikayla
Greeley (19) is back at Hamilton
College after a semester in
London. Robby Burns(19) is a
sophomore at Rollins College (Fla.)
and studying Latin
America/Spanish/Business (tango)
in Buenos Aries, and Jackson
Greeley(15) is at Beaver Country
Day School. Julia (Burns) Riley is
working as an Associate
Professor at Simmons College
and at the University of New
Hampshire. She is due to
complete her masters degree in
Theology in May..

Parsons: Bill Parsons (son of

William Parsons, Jr.) left Capitol
Hill after 12 years in order to
become Executive Director of the
Juvenile Diabetes Research
Foundation's Greater Chesapeake
and Potomac Chapter, the global
leader in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
research. As his son Will was
diagnosed with T1D when he was
three, this is obviously a cause
and mission that is near and dear
to him and the rest of our
family Alling: Abigail Alling
Horan, married to Tyler, gave
birth to a baby boy on December
22, 2015. Wallace McMaster
Horan arrived weighing 8 lbs. 7
oz. and is a happy and hungry
little boy! Abby and Tyler live in
Alexandria, Virginia. Abby's
mother is Charlotte Alling

Spring 2016

Charles Parsons

Charles was the 7th child of William and

Mary born in Alfred, Maine on February 6,
1892. He spent his boyhood chiefly in
Alfred and Kennebunk. He received his
early education years in Kennebunk and
Yarmouth Academy. In 1850, he went to
Providence, RI with his uncle Dr. Usher
Parsons. At age 23, Charles set out to New
Orleans and purchased his first ship and a
cargo of cotton. During this he was
engaged in shipping several products to
northern markets from Savana, Georgia. In
1862 he entered into a partnership with his
brother, Edwin, in New York City. In 1880,
he became the Chairman of a Purchase
Committee of the New Jersey Mildland

George Parsons
George was the 4th son of William and
Mary on November 1, 1826. He married
Sarah Elizabeth Eddy. He spent his
boyhood in Alfred, Maine attending school
during winters, helping his father on the
farm during the summers until he was
sixteen years old. He, subsequently, spent a
year with his uncle Dr. Usher Parsons, in
Providence where he continued his studies.
He closely associated with his older brother
Edwin. They had business ventures in
Savannah, and were principally involved in
banking and cotton. After the Civil War,
George and Edwin made their headquarters
in New York and gave their attention to
railroad and mining interests. George was

George Parsons continued.

Charles Parsons continued.

Railway Company, which he stewarded

successfully, becoming president. In 1883,
he was elected president of the Rome,
Watertown and Ogdenburg Railroad,
which office he held until his death. Charles
took charge of the railroad and increased its
mileage by the purchase of other railroads
in that part of New York state. In 1894,
with his brother George, he became
involved in railroads in South Carolina and
Georgia and he continued in the railroad
business until his death.
Charles, according to Henry Parsons, was
naturally a reticent man. He made no
boasts of his achievements; he quietly met
the issues of life as they arose, always
adjusting his talents and energies to the
exigencies of duty and thereby mastering
the vast majority of circumstances. Charles
married Sarah Shepley and they had nine
children. He was a member of the Lawyers
Club in New York, the New York Chamber
of Commerce, the New York Historical
Society and several other similar
associations. He was also a member of the
New York Stock exchange for many years.
He resided in Kennebunk and in New York
City at 40th and 99 Park Avenue. His
descendants include: Liversidge. Fluke.
Martin. Hutz. Alden. Parsons. Smith.
Weld. Burns. Greeley. Cutler. Merrill.
Miller. Oleynick.

Spring 2016

active in the development of iron and coal

in successful in all of the industries in which
he was engaged. George was also active in
Birmingham, Alabama. He was a director
of several railroads and was excellent in all
of the industries in which he was engaged.
George was very fond of hunting and
fishing and often went for such purposes to
Wassaw Island on the coast of Georgia
near Savannah. Later he bought this island
and built there a winter home, which he
visited for a portion of each year for over
forty years. It is said that he was a genial
man with a keen sense of humor who
enjoyed the companionship of his friends
and especially fond of his relatives. Much
of his time was necessarily spent in other
parts of the country, but Kennebunk was
his home and it was there that he spent as
much times as possible.

He has been described as a wise counselor

and friend. He lived a life which combined
honesty with success and modesty, and that
the simplicity of his character and the
modesty of his conduct stacked him as a
man of unusual greatness! His descendants
include: Dwight. Alling. McMaster. Hildt.
Spang. Stevenson. Kelly.

Family Updates Continue.

Allings: Gail Alling re-located from RiverWoods Retirement Community in Exeter NH to Sentry Village in York,
Maine - her move took place July 2015. Gail is liking her new residence very much. Beth Alling is flying to
Barcelona, Spain January 17th to lay the groundwork for a Congress of distinguished Quebec Labrador
Foundation ( alumni from all over Europe that will convene in November of this year. Brad Hildt
was recently elected to the Board of Directors of Windrush Farm ( located in North
Andover, MA. Windrush Farm is a non-profit horse farm specializing in teaching physically, emotionally and
learning disabled children and adults to ride and work with horses - more than 2,000 people benefit from their
unique programs and services.. Charley Hildt has recently received and accepted an offer to join Altenex in Boston,
an energy management network firm helping very large corporations sourcing clean energy for their energy
portfolios. Charley graduated in May 2015 with a BA in Economics and Business from St. Lawrence University,
and received this offer following a 6 month paid internship. Fluke: In October Beth was elected president of U.S.
Delegation For Friendship Among Women ( Every other year the Delegation travels
to a country to foster friendship. In September she will be going to Mongolia. Hutz: Eric joined Reed Smith LLP as
a partner in their Wilmington, Delaware office in May 2015. Debbie recently received her Delaware Counseling
license and is working in private practice for Associates In Health Psychology in Wilmington, Delaware. Andrew
currently working (a law firm) and living in Philadelphia, and is in the process of applying for law school. Maura
currently in the cognitive neuropsychology masters program at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Michael
currently a sophomore at the University of Delaware. Mills: The projected completion date is getting closer. The
Mills are looking forward to opening their house to enable all Crescent Surf friends and neighbors to share in their
excitement over their new home. "As we look forward to a mid-May completion date, we want to thank everyone
for their patience during the building activity. We hope that all of our neighbors will share our excitement for our
new home. Certainly, we feel special to become part of the Crescent Surf campus." John Mills.

Please send in your updates and vacation schedule so we can plan

some fun events this spring and summer.. We will add a calendar
to the next publishing!
Christopher Read Cutler -June 1963-October 2015
Born in Chicago to Dr. Robert W.P. Cutler and Dorothy Granada of Matagalpa, Nicaragua and was half
brothers to Robbie, George and Aaron Cutler. Chris earned attended UC Santa Cruz and studied biology with
emphasis on ecology and natural history. He worked as a marine mammal observer on US government
research ships and also as an educator and guide on expedition ships. He was an amazing photographer and
he was known for his wisdom, humor and kindness.

Spring 2016

Parsons Beach Crescent Surf

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Lots of fun old photos
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Parsons Beach and Crescent Surf do not belong to the Parsons family; they belong to
them. The members of the Parsons family are the caretakers and custodians of Parsons
Beach and Crescent Surf. We are responsible for the maintenance of the property from day
to day and from generation to generation. In this respect we must ask individually and
collectively to help carry out this task.
In order to help carry out this task we have formed the Parsons Beach Association through
which we act as a group and through committees. In this way, opinions, plans, and ideas
are exchanged and current challenges can be met by sharing effort and expense.
The Association creates no legal obligations, but does encourage unselfish moral and
family incentives to act in the best interest of the property. The primary mission of the
Association is to maintain Parsons Beach and Crescent Surf as ecological treasures kept
respected, unified, and viable forever.
William Parsons