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The adrenals are a pair of pea-sized glands

located atop each kidney. The adrenal

gland consists of two sections: the medulla
(inner portion) and the cortex (outer por-
tion). The adrenal glands release certain
hormones that allow us to be able to deal
with immediate and long-term stress.

These glands and the hormones they

release allow us to be resilient to day- to-
day stress. Adrenal fatigue may lead to all sorts of unwanted health conditions
including severe depression, suicidal tendencies, asthma, chronic upper respi- About Dr. Rodger Muphree
ratory infections, hay fever, skin rashes, colitis, gastric duodenal ulcers, rheu-
matoid arthritis, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, fainting spells, obesity, heart Visit Our Online Store
palpitations, edema in the extremities, learning difficulties - the list goes on
and on. Health Concerns

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How much Stress are You Under? Points A score of 100 or more is
enough to bring on adrenal fa-
tigue, especially if any of the
1. Death of spouse 100
following apply:
2. Divorce 73
3. Marital Separation 65 - I’ve been under stress for long
4. Jail / death of close family/friend 63 periods of time.
5. Personal Injury Illness 53 - I or my spouse works over 50
6. Marriage 50 hours a week.
7. Fired from work 47 - I work full-time
8. Marital Reconciliation 45 - I have one or more children
living at home.
Persistent, unrelenting stress will
9. Retirement 45 ultimately lead to adrenal “burn-
- I’ve been unhappy for more
10. Illness of family member 44 out”. Adrenal “burn-out” and ex-
than 2 months.
11. Pregnancy 40 - I’m unhappy at work. haustion render the person de-
12. Sexual Difficulties 39 - I’m overweight. fenseless against the continuous
13. Addition of new family member 39 - I have a chronic illness. chemical, emotional and physical
14. Business/financial change 38 - I have a nervous stomach damage that occurs with chronic
15. Change line of work 36 - I have been on a low fat diet stress.
16. Arguing with spouse 35 this year.
17. Large mortgage 31 - I do not exercise.
- I exercise more than 14 hours
18. Foreclosure of mortgage 30
a week.
Here’s More Information
19. Child leaving home 29 About Adrenal Fatigue
- I drink more than 2 cups of
20. Problems with in-laws 29 coffee a day.
21. High personal achievement 28 - I drink soda pop on a daily
22. Spouse begins or stops work 26 basis.
23. Beginning or end of school 26 - I smoke.
24. Change in living condition 25 - I drink 2 or more alcoholic
25. Revision of personal habits 24 beverages a day.
26. Trouble with boss 23 - I cannot sleep at night.
27. Change in work conditions 20 - I get < 7 hours of sleep a
28. Change in schools 20
- I eat sugary foods on a regular
29. Change in recreation basis.
or church activities 19 - I’ve had surgery in the past
30. Change in social activities 18 year.
31. Small mortgage 17 - I’ve had more than 1 surgery
32. Change in sleeping habits 16 in the past 2 years.
33. Change in # of family reunions 15 - I’m a professional or family
34. Change in eating habits 15 care-giver.
35. Vacation 13 - My spouse does not under
stand my illness.
36. Christmas 12
- I take prescription or over-the- Adrenal Support
37. Minor traffic violation 11 counter medications to “lift
me up”.

200 points or more in one year’s time highly increases ones risk
for adrenal fatigue and serious illness.

Asthma is a disease of the airways and lungs Adrenal Cortex Glandular

where airflow both in and out of the lungs is re-
stricted. Its symptoms are shortness of breath,
wheezing and coughing. Most asthmatics are
symptom free until they have a flare-up. Some
asthmatics however, are never symptom free.
Over time, the inflammation in the lungs and dam-
age to the tissues of the lungs becomes more and
more pronounced.
Conventional asthma drugs such as inhaled ste-
roids are effective in reducing inflammation but do
nothing to heal the tissues of the airways. These
drugs also have potentially serious side effects such as cataracts, osteoporosis
and decreased immune response.

In the study mice bred to be prone to chronic asthma were divided into four
groups: control, placebo, ginseng, and dexamethasone (a steroid). All mice
except those in the control group were sensitized and challenged with ovalbu-
min. Then, mice in the ginseng group were given 2 gr per kg per day of gin-
seng and mice in the dexamethasone group received 1 mg/kg per day of
dexamethasone for 1 week.

All of the chronic changes of airways in the ginseng group were significantly
improved when compared with the placebo group. When compared with the
dexamethasone group, the ginseng group had significantly lower numbers of
mast cell count. Mast cells are a type of cell that triggers the inflammatory re-
sponse of the immune system. The study concluded that ginseng is effective in
resolving the established chronic histopathological (disease process) changes
of the lungs in of asthmatics. -- Source
"The secret of health for both
mind and body is not to mourn
for the past, worry about the
future, or anticipate troubles
but to live in the present mo-
ment wisely and earnestly."
- Buddha
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a condi-
tion that causes uncontrollable twitching in "Patience serves as a protec-
the legs. It can lead to insomnia and other tion against wrongs as clothes
serious problems. It’s a common complaint do against cold. For if you put
for patients with fibromyalgia. on more clothes as the cold
increases, it will have no
Earlier this year, scientists discovered one power to hurt you. So in like
of the causes of RLS. According to their manner you must grow in pa-
report, RLS is caused by a common gene
tience when you meet with
variation. This discovery proves the condition is real and needs to be treated
as a serious medical condition. Not as a mental problem.
great wrongs, and they will
then be powerless to vex your
Unfortunately, the discovery doesn't answer all of our questions about RLS. mind." - Leonardo da Vinci
That's because not all cases, and in fact most cases of RLS, are not geneti-
cally based. Most cases result from nutrient deficien- "Stress is an ignorant state. It
cies. In fact, I've seen most cases of RLS clear up with believes that everything is an
in a week or two after the patient starts taking the right emergancy."
- Natalie Goldberg - Wild Mind
Research shows that an iron deficiency can cause
RLS- even if you don't have iron-deficiency anemia.
Iron deficiency in the brain is a well-established factor
in RLS patients. Have your doctor run a ferritin blood
test. If your levels are less than 50 mcg/l, your RLS
could respond to iron supplementation.

But your RLS is most likely also due to a magnesium

deficiency. In a number of studies, both oral and intra- "Dr. Rodger Murphree is the doctor of
Complete the future that Edison spoke of. Drawing
venous magnesium effectively treated RLS. Magne-
Multivitamin upon his medical, chiropractic, and nutri-
sium deficiency is common, and difficult to identify.
Blood level magnesium tests aren't accurate. Magne- tional background, Dr. Murphree uses
sium is depleted with stress, and RLS is a stressful some of the most sophisticated, yet
condition, I give all of my RLS patient’s magnesium before anything else. It practical,
usually solves the problem rather quickly. scientifically based, nutritional therapies
to prevent and reverse even the most
stubborn illnesses."

"Part Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Murphree

uncovers the biochemical glitches,
medical myths, and drug dangers that
prevent patients from enjoying optimal
health. Part Christopher Columbus, Dr.
Murphree is a medical maverick who
boldly explores and implements the lat-
est breakthrough therapies-years before
According to the VT attorney general's report for FY 2007, "84 pharmaceutical other doctors even know they exist. Part
manufacturers reported spending $3,138,794.00 in Vermont on fees, travel Miracle Man, he often helps the 'medical
expenses, and other direct payments to Vermont physicians, hospitals, univer- misfits' that other doctors, including
sities and others for the purpose of marketing their products. That represents a those at John
33% increase over reported expenditures for similar expenses in FY 06, and a Hopkins and Mayo Clinic, can't.
42% increase over reported expenditures for similar expenses in FY 05."
Clearly, pharma doesn't think Vermont is too little to care about.

"Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell

released a report on pharmaceutical mar-
keting efforts in Vermont that shows eleven
psychiatrists received roughly 20 % of
these funds. However, the second largest
aggregate amount went to cardiologists.
Two cardiologists shared payouts of Dr. Murphree’s Books
$312,898, or an average of $156,440 each,
no small potatoes.

An interesting finding is the medications that were promoted. The top ten
medications promoted were the following:

Strattera (ADHD)•2. Metadate CD (ADHD)•3. Januvia (Type 2 Diabetes)•4. Lex-

apro (Depression)•5. Cymbalta (Depression)•6. Lantus (Diabetes)•7. Seroquel (Bi-
Polar Disorder and Schizophrenia)•8. Namenda (Alzheimer’s)•9. Vytorin/Zetia
(Cholesterol)•10. Benicar (Hypertension)."

I find it a bit hypocritical that our society is all for the “just say no to drugs”
campaign yet we are largely mute on the potential dangers of allowing phar-
maceutical companies to go unchecked in their aggressive marketing (bribery)
campaigns. Make no mistake Big Pharma’s goal is to get as many people tak-
ing as many drugs as humanly possible. Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia
and CFS, by Dr. Rodger Murphree
If you doubt this, please read “Generation Rx” by Greg Crister

Drug companies and their sales reps are happy to pay off anyone needed to
sell more and more drugs, weather they’re needed or not.

Read How Pfizer Got Caught With Their Hands

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Heart Disease: What Your Doctor

Won’t Tell You,
by Dr. Rodger Murphree

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