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Statement of Purpose

The first rule of any technology used is that automation applied to an efficient operation will
magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will
magnify the inefficiency. The great lines completely justify the progress in the technological
advancement to simplify work. I immensely believe that a masters degree inMaster of science in
information security, network and computer security (MS-INCS) with Newyork Institute of
Technology will greatly aggrandize my long term goal. I have pursued my undergraduate
course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with one of the well known college in the state
St Anns College of Engineering and Technology
My undergraduate studies have equipped me with diverse yet essential concepts in Electronics,
Computer Security and Information Technology. I lerned software packages linux administration
and java. I have been an avid reader of Cyber Security and Networking Research Papers on
IEEE Journals. I did study some Networking subjects like UNIX and Shell Programming,
Computer Organization, C Programming and I always fared well in them. I have some hands on
experience related to Network systems and Network Administration. There are not many job
opportunities in the core area and hence I have decided to have a Professional Qualification
which is globally recognized so that I am prepared for the industry and as well IT is a global skill
which can lead to job opportunities in plenty in any part of the world. As such I have chosen to
study the said program in your institute which commands very good respect in the Indian student
Community in terms of learning outcomes and graduate employability after successful
To the other side of my theoretical knowledge I have also alleviated my practical knowledge by
doing some projects in my B-Tech life. Out of these projects one was my Speed Control of
Three Phase Induction Motor by using Cyclo Converterin which the induction motor speed
is controlled by Cyclo Conveter. This method is used to control the speed of the induction
motor .The speed control by this method is simple and can be made economical by using
different methods to control the operation of cycloconverter which in turn controls the
performance of motor. The formula for speed for induction motor is Ns=120f/p. from this
formula we can conclude that the speed of the motor can be varied in two ways, one is by
changing the number of poles and the second method is by changing the frequency. The speed
control through the first method is uneconomical and the number of poles cant be varied under
running conditions and the size of the machine also becomes bulky. These problems can be
overcome by the second method. In this method the frequency can be varied under running
conditions also and there is no change in the size of the motor. In this method the frequency
changing device is cycloconverter. A cycloconverter is a power electronic device used to convert
constant voltage constant Frequency AC power to adjustable voltage adjustable frequency AC
power without a DC link. In among all the methods this method is simple, reliable and

economical. The various speed of induction motor is obtained by varying the supply frequency
by using cycloconverter.
My active participation inside and outside the class has fetched me very well. I balanced my
academics and extracurricular activities by participating in sports and talent exams. . Being an
avid Cricket player, I was the leader of one of the finest teams in the history of the college. This
whole adventure has been a nice learning opportunity for me with respect to leadership,
management and diplomatic approach to problems besides deepening my interest towards the
game. Apart from the extracurricular activities I had even actively taken part in the technical
events and attended many seminars.
I have dedicated ample time to do my research in finding the best place for my Masters degree
Newyork Institute of Technology suits my needs. I am also eager for the opportunity to
develop and expertise where Information Security involves. Having lived my entire life in India,
I also feel the malleable lifestyle in vancover will surely provide me with the proper balance
between academics and research. It is my strong belief that Graduate Study is indispensable for
acquiring a deep understanding and insight into the subject.
I wish to aver that I will make maximum use of all the opportunities bestowed upon me
and shall pursue my goals with whole hearted dedication and can live up to the standards set by
the university. I am very confident that with my sincerity and dedication, I will be able to meet
the high expectations of your university.
I decided to pursue my Masters Degree and I searched for the Universities which provided the
courses of my interest in-depth and I Newyork Institute of Technology matches my profile and
the course curriculum matches my area of Interest and I decided that studying at Newyork
Institute of Technology will definitely help me in achieving my dreams. I conclude with an
assurance that I have the necessary personal motivation, intelligence and academic aptitude to
successfully complete the proposed program in your college. I, therefore, look forward to
positive outcome on my application.
Yours sincerely,

Manoj Kumar Koneti