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Vikas Prajapati

A Promotional strategy is a process that can allow an

organization to concentrate its limited resources on the
greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a
sustainable competitive advantage. Its a written plan which
combines product development, promotion, distribution, and
pricing approach, identifies the firm's Promotional goals, and
explains how they will be achieved within a stated timeframe.
Promotional strategy determines the choice of target market
segment, positioning, Promotional mix, and allocation of
resources. It is most effective when it is an integral component
of firm strategy, defining how the organization will successfully
engage customers, prospects, and competitors in the market

To analyze the Promotional Strategies of Toyota.

To know whether the customers are satisfied with

the offers given by the dealer.

To know which kind of offers can attract the new


According to Cavusgil and Zou (1994), export Promotional

strategy can be defined as the means by which a firm respond to
interplay of internal and external forces to meet the objective of
the export venture.
The growing of global trade and sales activity in the world has
increasingly accentuated the importance of exporting for firms
and countries alike. Globalization process, global market
competition and the subsequent performance difficulties
encouraged by exporters cause the increasing interest in this
subject. Exporting is a fundamental strategy in ensuring firms
survival or growth, and firms may achieve competitive advantage
in international markets with a positive influence on current and
future export performance (Navarro et al., 2009) and so, many
companies have allocated a more attention and resources in
order to export their products to foreign markets Promotional
strategy is one of the major elements of export performance and
one of the key factors impacting export.

Research Design- Descriptive Research

Sample Size - 100
Sample Unit - Customers of Toyota Motors
Sample Area - Lucknow
Sampling Technique Simple Random Sampling
Universe - Lucknow
Data Collection Method Primary & Secondary

The present study can be extended to access the present

Promotional condition of Indian automobile sector.
The study can be used to design a proper product, price,
place and Promotional strategy for the market.
From the present study we can know the market share of
different products and accordingly formulated strategy
to enhance it.
The result of Promotional success can be interpreted to
assess the rate of employee satisfaction in various
This study can be applied to find out an effective
distribution channel to enhance the sale of various
products of Ford.